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(1.72 MB 300x100 tstbanner.gif)
Banner Thread Anonymous Admin 10/24/2020 (Sat) 00:41:24 No. 9
Use this thread if you have any banners to submit! Banners should contain "choachan.cafe" Banners must be 300x100 Banners must be under 5MB
Edited last time by REDACTED on 12/15/2020 (Tue) 01:02:04.
(1.18 MB 300x100 5f93fd42a47c1878242381.gif)
>>9 it's not perfect but i wanted to had something to thank the admins.
>>56 Lmao, I like it. The admin made some pretty good ones too, the sehun dancing one is cracking me up.
(915.05 KB 480x168 giphy.gif)
I doubt it's understable but i love bad dancing too much.
>>65 lmao nah it’s rlly good i’m so used to idols’ choreos being utter shit that it didn’t even look that bad to me rip
(521.44 KB 300x100 taeyeonn.gif)
Is this okay?
(1.87 MB 300x100 ezgif-1-c0a2d5e62952.gif)
a moment too iconic to be forgotten
(863.81 KB 300x100 02154821231014.gif)
(941.23 KB 300x100 0127745444589545.gif)
(1013.02 KB 300x100 0125454548445.gif)
(842.99 KB 300x100 20201025_100237.gif)
My first try i hope it's not that bad.
>>81 god bless you anon
(1.81 MB 300x100 0215455124522.gif)
(1.06 MB 300x100 012453884564.gif)
>>84 Kek
(426.18 KB 300x100 02154845454453.gif)
(353.26 KB 300x100 015487545487.gif)
(1.93 MB 300x100 012458367545.gif)
(1.23 MB 300x100 02345454285.gif)
(542.21 KB 300x100 0234859653545.gif)
(694.71 KB 300x100 02568866854564.gif)
(875.37 KB 300x100 02345758454545.gif)
(1.17 MB 300x100 02154835844545.gif)
>>103 who is this
>>111 Golden Child's Tag
>>146 lol nta but it's Masaki Suda
(2.99 MB 720x1280 1603677097714.webm)
>>111 if you want to see the entire glorious moment, here's the vid
>>148 holy fuck that looks painful
(721.70 KB 300x100 32415482154.gif)
(1.13 MB 300x100 34572415482154.gif)
(1.79 MB 300x100 3478923572415482154.gif)
(346.95 KB 300x100 324578841428789.gif)
inspired by recent events
(360.82 KB 300x100 ezgif-7-d476718895f9.gif)
>>155 if you're gonna force this man upon us at least make him less squished
(3.27 MB 319x312 download.gif)
Can a good nona make a banner out of this? Kek
(1.27 MB 319x100 giffornona.gif)
>>181 I tried for you anon.
Can a nona do one for this gif? It'd be very much appreciated
>>184 Actually nona I'd like to request this gif too, could you please make a banner out of the one you like better I like both
(408.30 KB 300x100 banner.gif)
>>192 The last step of the Infinite agenda
>>192 I think I'll try to make another one again, I'll do one in lowercase
(266.77 KB 300x100 banner2.gif)
>>197 yeah this one fits all the requirements>>9
Sorry for my noobishness but can I ask which program/website you guys are using to make these? I'd love to contribute.
>>208 I just googled 'add text to gif' and 'resize gif' lol, I don't remember the sites but that's how I got to the sites
>>209 Thank you, I saw someone here used Giphy but I would prefer not to have to sign up in order to make gifs lol.
>>182 Forgot to thank who you anon. Bless, I cackle everytime I see it
(124.85 KB 300x100 jimmybanner.gif)
my first time making a banner, hope it's good
(2.84 MB 300x100 kek.gif)
(902.50 KB 300x100 choachancafe.gif)
>>227 lmao nice
(1.37 MB 300x100 choachan2.gif)
inspired by the PSA to the bgfags on the kpop board
>>229 lol that's good
(577.02 KB 300x100 mingyu.gif)
>>80 I need to thank whoever made this banner because it cracks me up every single time I see it. I spent the last hour googling who the fuck that guy is
(1.95 MB 300x100 ezgif-6-351ab8e2d307.gif)
(4.11 MB 317x320 download (1).gif)
>>247 I'm not sure if it looks good tbh probably needs a better editor kek if anyone wants to try here it is the original gif
>>248 I love it anon, that gif is iconic
(957.35 KB 300x100 ezgif-4-91c3badbdff4.gif)
for all you minseokfags out there
(1.43 MB 300x100 cccbanner1.gif)
based didn't realize we had a banner thread
>>254 This one is kinda low quality nona isn't there a better version?
(1.57 MB 300x100 cccbanner2.gif)
(1.17 MB 300x100 cccbanner3.gif)
(510.32 KB 300x100 cccbanner4.gif)
/end minispam
>>256 that was the highest quality version of that gif i could find. i'll look around a bit more
(1.40 MB 300x100 ezgif-1-957928ef9251.gif)
this is a bit better i think
>>259 cute bacon
>>246 Did you ever find out? Because it's Katagame Yushi from Produce 101 Japan lol Likewise, could someone tell me who the members/group in >>110 are? It makes me laugh every time I see it.
>>263 They're from Monsta X, Minhyuk is getting poked and Wonho is doing the poking
>>264 Thank you so much!
(1.09 MB 300x100 banner.gif)
my contribution nonas
>>303 nicee
>>303 aww is it possible to fit haechan's head into the frame more?
(5.40 MB 592x640 haechangif.gif)
>>305 i actually did fix it in photoshop at first, but i'm having trouble exporting so that's not gonna happen. here's the original gif if someone wants to give it a try
(1.24 MB 300x100 cccbanner5.gif)
took a whack at it
>>307 thats much better thanks for fixing it!
(896.43 KB 300x100 ezgif-1-c434f2b532bd.gif)
>>322 based
>>322 kek thanks nonnie this banner made me happy
(573.05 KB 300x100 gifmaker.gif)
(1.57 MB 300x100 scammy.gif)
might as well turn my fav copy pasta into a banner
>>364 lmaooo i love it
the more scammy copypasta gifs the better
(115.44 KB 300x100 makesweet.gif)
(364.40 KB 300x100 makesweet-2.gif)
(133.53 KB 300x100 ezgif-6-0b445cff1f6d.gif)
wanted to put the essence of the dream shooter vid in a banner
(652.26 KB 300x100 psyflag.gif)
(1.15 MB 300x100 like a movie.gif)
from when nugu group like a movie did wap challenge
(564.92 KB 300x100 1544371409654.gif)
(207.45 KB 300x100 cccbanner.gif)
just curious, can mods refuse to use a banner if they think it sucks?
>>379 i think so
>>379 yes, they won't say it outright but there's a few that have been posted here that never made it onto the site
>>381 They don't get added if the quality of the gif itself is too low, i.e. low framefrate, too squished, etc. >>155 >>213
>>378 jfc I HATE YOU ANON
(723.52 KB 300x100 163247942236.gif)
>>384 perfect
(1.36 MB 300x100 1654882387.gif)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>>371 Which group is this?
>>387 ......... the group name is in the post, like a movie.
(971.25 KB 257x275 1572828242072.gif)
more banner gif ideas
(2.98 MB 275x264 1574041463333.gif)
this is also great as a pt2 to a current banner
(3.00 MB 162x275 1572830887668.gif)
(3.94 MB 400x298 f4.gif)
(1.83 MB 300x100 banner.gif)
(2.57 MB 300x100 cccsvt.gif)
>>392 not sure who this is but I feel for her
>>395 omg this is brilliant
>>396 thank you anon, I apparently have too much time on my hands
>>395 this is actually kinda genius
>>394 i don't get this?
>>399 it's for the best......
>>400 please tell me nona i'm an adult, i'm allowed to know things
(1.09 MB 300x100 ezgif-3-8cafe5e14992.gif)
my contribution
(1.10 MB 300x100 ezgif-3-55e71f0031a3.gif)
>>402 oops typo kek
(1.70 MB 300x100 ezgif-3-93131cb8373b.gif)
(845.47 KB 300x100 ezgif-3-8f2a3e22db4c.gif)
>>229 >>395 Haha seventeenfags couldn't deny which group they're stanning
>>406 Kek the thread is dead most of the time sis, maybe with the baners my 2 or 3 fellow svtfags will remember to join me every now and then
>>401 one word: yozoh
>>395 kek anon this is premium content ilu
(893.07 KB 300x100 ezgif-7-e5e5466f9eb8.gif)
>>405 Sped it up
(1.01 MB 300x100 ezgif-7-b3309aad55e3.gif)
Sungjong acting kek
(1.36 MB 300x100 ezgif-7-880f10b0a352.gif)
Victoria acting
(598.82 KB 300x100 ezgif-7-4d0c05944407.gif)
(719.94 KB 300x100 125466898446.gif)
Jeno? >>414
>>411 nice
>>415 yep
>>414 jenofag i got your banner!! but i just noticed it has a typo in it... it says chaochan instead of choachan
(344.61 KB 300x100 ezgif-3-dbc31db24b34.gif)
spill the dirt seohee
(719.84 KB 300x100 123165415646.gif)
>>418 kek thank you for pointing it out...was persuaded that it was chaochan for some reason... sorry for making the mistake and here is a corrected version if one of the admin/mod want to put the correct one
(3.86 MB 300x100 bannerccc0.gif)
banner dump... admins dont have to use them if they suck
(479.58 KB 300x100 bannerccc2.gif)
(584.28 KB 300x100 bannerccc3.gif)
(880.09 KB 300x100 bannerccc4.gif)
(981.95 KB 300x100 bannerccc6.gif)
(729.43 KB 300x100 bannerccc5.gif)
(654.21 KB 300x100 bannerccc8.gif)
(457.94 KB 300x100 bufferingccc.gif)
>>426 rawr sexy
(929.65 KB 300x100 choachandery.gif)
i tried
>>430 aw cutie
(870.78 KB 300x100 CCC 2.gif)
(1.12 MB 300x100 sheep 2.gif)
(2.57 MB 300x100 ezgif-1-cfb773b457d5.gif)
fork slut banner
(697.79 KB 300x100 ezgif-1-fce552be6e56.gif)
tbz slow but steady colonization
(167.24 KB 300x100 ezgif-7-000f5113c7da.gif)
>>395 can you do one like that but with jackson reaction to jyp and hwada collab? Kek maybe paste one of those threads screenshots over hwasa and jyp faces
(841.32 KB 300x100 ezgif-7-edcd500451c9.gif)
(205.50 KB 300x100 ezgif.gif)
(1.31 MB 300x100 jackson.gif)
>>438 >>439 kek thanks sisters
(1.43 MB 300x100 ff8d1b1.gif)
>>436 sorry anon, I didn't make it in time but the ones created look awesome and made me laugh out loud
(493.14 KB 300x100 monalisa.gif)
(1.10 MB 300x100 ten.gif)
(1.12 MB 300x100 wayv banner.gif)
(1.26 MB 300x100 ezgif.gif)
(2.42 MB 300x100 ezgif-3-e880fa62a804 2.gif)
>>451 boring >>449 hilarious
(386.14 KB 300x100 yuta.gif)
(1.29 MB 300x100 taeil.gif)
>>428 his eyes seem so snake-y
(1.12 MB 300x100 09480234.gif)
petition to remove this banner >>367 it's an eyesore kek >>368 kinda ugly to look at too
>>458 kek both of those are mine surprised the admins even used them to begin with, they're so bad
>>458 agreed and we could also purge some nct banners or just take it slower moving forward kek just to balance things out...
>>459 lmaooo for what it's worth anon i like the campy johnny one, it makes me laugh every time <3
>>463 surprised this hadn't been made into a banner earlier
>>367 kek this is the ugliest banner
(168.39 KB 300x100 Jyp sexy aegyo back tat.gif)
>>468 No enough
can someone make a banner out of taemin's "i trusted you" please
(758.09 KB 300x100 WZPqqkvu.gif)
>>471 not that funny in gif format but i tried
>>473 >>484 i love your brain
(2.45 MB 300x100 cnYROoiM.gif)
>>486 kek why does she dances so stiff
>>473 kek i love this one nona it reminds me of ao oni
(2.26 MB 300x100 ezgif-2-a82341ec872d.gif)
>>494 if any charitable nona who has photoshop/after effects and would like to improve the quality of this a lil bit here's the webp
(1.59 MB 794x312 ezgif-2-64d5a6fbcd61.mp4)
>>495 ok i forgot webp wasnt supported here kek here's the mp4
>>105 source pls
>>497 do you have the original video? the quality here is kinda bad
(286.27 KB 300x100 kawaii.gif)
>>500 i love this thank you
>>500 i hate this f#ck you
(1.07 MB 300x100 triple h.gif)
(1.14 MB 300x100 i don't like frogs.gif)
(2.13 MB 300x100 ezgif-6-f9ff141b1fa9.gif)
(850.28 KB 300x100 ezgif-6-1932fd9f5350.gif)
(907.51 KB 300x100 ezgif-6-72eda81c9102.gif)
(287.49 KB 300x100 ezgif-6-fa05f9c467ae.gif)
(867.63 KB 300x100 ezgif-6-925b5693beac.gif)
were u on acid when u made these
(2.13 MB 300x100 shiny.gif)
(806.17 KB 300x100 ezgif-4-2a336013797e.gif)
put alot of effort into this one
(2.23 MB 300x100 ezgif-4-fc423a3c804f.gif)
also there is this one
>>519 i like this
>>506 NOOOO
(243.84 KB 300x100 father of an autist.gif)
(753.44 KB 300x100 ezgif.com-add-text.gif)
(369.00 KB 300x100 ezgif.com-add-text.gif)
(3.07 MB 300x100 kek.gif)
With all the recent scandals I have only one things to say: bang pd is sabotaging us all
>>528 one of your best works editor nona congrats
>>528 It's genius!!! LOL Who's the guy walking before DSP, and the other one running away from NCTzen? Also the guy kissing (?) in the right upper corner?
(3.16 MB 300x100 1dd0894259.gif)
>>529 >>530 thank you anons, your approval made me go back and try to fix some things that were bothering me lol As for the people on the on the gif, we have Op 1 and Mingyu. The guy runing away from the NCTzen is Taeyong, the ones hugging on the right are J seph and the hidden kards because after Somin's scandal they are going down. The one crying at the bottom is Stray Kidz Hyunjin. The B are kicking Eric. Kihyun from Monsta X it's the one looking a bit lost. And then we have Irene and Stylist A. I really wanted to add Somin there but I got tired kek
(731.51 KB 300x100 squirtle.gif)
(457.29 KB 300x100 rabies.gif)
(132.01 KB 300x100 ss suju.gif)
(1.17 MB 300x100 HAH!.gif)
(1.15 MB 300x100 sanbanner.gif)
(20.13 KB 300x100 papi.gif)
>>541 lmao hopefully he wont sue ccc
(1.04 MB 300x100 suju banner.gif)
(4.36 MB 300x100 qirene.gif)
>>553 love you gapjil unnie
>>553 what was irene degeneres laughing about
(620.83 KB 300x100 seungmincafe.gif)
(814.55 KB 300x100 16546541654.gif)
(1.02 MB 300x100 0213b32d2708.gif)
>>557 >>558 >>559 finally some good banners. you can remove the others mods
>>494 I kekkk every time I fucking see this
(721.17 KB 300x100 ezgif.com-add-text.gif)
>>562 lmao that was fat
(3.06 MB 300x100 ezgif-4-69dc41ba65a4.gif)
(2.33 MB 300x100 ezgif-4-8a8605fc004b.gif)
teeheee hihihi
(2.10 MB 300x100 ezgif-6-a1d0a62e115a.gif)
you don't need to use both heheh love you btw
>>565 kek
(384.93 KB 300x100 4b00b071cec8.gif)
>>570 thank you again
(312.51 KB 300x100 banner.gif)
>>574 thanks kek
>>574 most excellent
(1.84 MB 300x100 DJEKNFEJ.gif)
(3.59 MB 300x100 2win spooky.gif)
(548.63 KB 300x100 jew ass.gif)
(18.80 KB 600x315 bruh.jpg)
>>591 kekkkkk imagine seeing this at the top of ur webpage
>>591 TOP KEK
>>591 dyslexic nona...
(856.83 KB 300x100 ownfejcn.gif)
for nona
NCT banners are allowed again. Will upload any new banners that meet the requirements for the next few weeks! Alternatively also, if you really want a banner to be readded that was removed you can let us know in this thread as well.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 06/26/2021 (Sat) 09:01:37.
(1.74 MB 300x100 0289a3468009.gif)
(1.16 MB 300x100 2e514a227f3e.gif)
(405.34 KB 300x100 ezgif-3-7c54946f1e83.gif)
for your consideration:
>>690 i love this
>>391 who is this?
>>696 Nam Joohyuk.
(1.27 MB 300x100 16220848295245.gif)
(1.00 MB 300x100 wonk.gif)
(827.53 KB 300x100 ezgif-7-8e1f772823bd.gif)
i tried
>>742 kekkk i love it
(4.93 MB 300x100 ezgif-6-ecbe53258699.gif)
(1.22 MB 300x100 b12312312.gif)
>>753 kek where is this from?
>>754 teach me japan! ep 4
>>755 thank you
>>757 girl wtf make the letters smaller
>>757 >people with no aesthetic sense
>>760 thanks i love it now
>>760 kek
>>763 naur my sarah paulson meme... i had bigger fujo banner plans for it...
>>764 kek feel free to make something more fujo-esque unnie, i want to see one too
>>765 dw about it ive been lazy
(1.11 MB 300x100 ezgif-7-30ad261c44bf.gif)
(242.19 KB 300x100 pxcvB8Sq.gif)
(563.19 KB 300x100 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)
(2.30 MB 300x100 55555555.gif)
someone in dst asked for this i tried my best
(454.61 KB 300x100 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)
(435.72 KB 300x100 ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)
im getting addicted to making banners when i should be studying for an exam. anyway have this
(3.83 MB 300x100 redvel.gif)
(2.22 MB 300x100 ezgif-3-5f966b8d99eb.gif)
(2.70 MB 300x100 fed_dancing2.gif)
(415.45 KB 300x100 sassygoogie.gif)
(240.47 KB 300x100 googchew.gif)
>>991 >>992 you don't deserve banners specially those that are not even funny just his deformed face trying to be cute *barf*
(269.32 KB 300x100 intwar_1.gif)
as requested. i made a couple but i don't know which is the best
(2.40 MB 300x100 intwar_2.gif)
(1.59 MB 300x100 taeminnie.gif)
>>1037 kek i love this one
>>1037 this
>>1037 this one
(2.84 MB 300x100 ezgif-6-ca72db121b.gif)
(507.96 KB 300x100 16230215486514.gif)
(2.78 MB 300x100 ezgif-5-f6d1bcd6ee.gif)
(2.01 MB 300x100 ezgif-5-5820545a4a.gif)
(606.66 KB 300x100 cccbanner.gif)
(1.30 MB 300x100 seung.gif)
(367.18 KB 300x100 seungseung.gif)
(2.34 MB 300x100 ezgif-1-eb6a40e673.gif)
(1.48 MB 300x100 90963d7d9d.gif)
(1.61 MB 300x100 3-cc2e721fa0.gif)
(1.25 MB 300x100 3-a90481a717.gif)
(625.19 KB 300x100 1.gif)
(1.50 MB 300x100 2.gif)
(1.11 MB 300x100 3.gif)
>>424 who are these
>>566 sauce
>>1275 girl... that's nct... >>1276 around 2:50 https://youtu.be/6NBMNNBYCmA
(2.72 MB 300x100 in-banner.gif)
for inniesis
thank you kind nona who made this for me
(745.21 KB 300x100 ezgif-4-bb9257b551.gif)
>>1282 the pleasure is mine <3
>>1283 oh oops we posted at the same time kek <33
(4.84 MB 300x100 1622054861354564.gif)
>>1286 kek
(688.42 KB 300x100 1622021644.gif)
(800.24 KB 300x100 mcountdownhue.gif)
(3.03 MB 300x100 ezgif-4-06e92908f6.gif)
(1.18 MB 300x100 16287484417.gif)
(1.29 MB 300x100 hakkie.gif)
(2.63 MB 300x100 kun-frisbee-banner.gif)
(438.92 KB 300x100 gif.gif)
>>1130 who the fuck are these fags
(1.41 MB 300x100 unu.gif)
(1.05 MB 300x100 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)
for the jwiiverchads
>>1556 based
(1.74 MB 300x100 ezgif-5-69b5e61302.gif)
>>1558 yasssss
(562.08 KB 300x100 woozi_sweater.gif)
(104.96 KB 300x100 ring ma bellll.gif)
(1.12 MB 300x100 catboys.gif)
(734.49 KB 300x100 banner 01.gif)
(1.38 MB 300x100 banner 02.gif)
(503.86 KB 300x100 mahagridban.gif)
i had the idea but i don't know if the quality is good let me know so that i can change it
>>1608 looks a bit squished sis
>>1558 kek
>>1609 nta i like the squished look it's charming


no cookies?