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(735.24 KB 1600x1180 456456.jpg)
Complaints and Suggestions Anonymous Admin 10/24/2020 (Sat) 00:37:46 No. 7
Please use this thread if you have complaints regarding moderation/bans or you have suggestions for the site itself. Complaints outside of this board are subject to being banned and deleted. If you have questions, please post them here as well. For technical queries, please use >>8. For banner suggestions, please use >>9.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 10/24/2020 (Sat) 00:42:26.
Can we make a Kpop critical or does it go into the general thread?
Not to be a bootlicker, but thanks admins for your efforts! >>10 You can make it but there are so much threads already, I'm afraid we won't have movement yet for both General and Critical.
>>12 same; thank you so mods!
are we allowed to post this site link to lolcow? a lot of people in /meta complain about not having a kpop general there anymore. also do you think you could add a jpop/jmusic board?
Admin please make the navigation banner thing larger and give space it looks compressed
I think it would perharps be better if we had a sage button/tickbox like we did in CC. Incoming twitterfags won't know how to sage and maybe a rule about saging extreme low effort/milkless posts
>>10 You can make whatever threads you like as long as they follow the board rules! >>15 I wouldn't link it just because lolcow has a rule with no advertising. As did crystal.cafe but I think Admin there really wanted us out so she made an exception? I'm sure word will get around nontheless. >>17 >>19 I'll see what I can do about these things tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestions.
Admin just so you know there are a lot of male posters who have found the kpg on cc and might migrate here and integrate among us Idk if you can tell but most of them are from Gaypg and kpg in 4chan I’m kind of wavering rn since this Imageboard is advertised not as a female Imageboard lol Inb4 the huge Twitter migration
>>23 Global rules state that any obvious male posting will be banned. If they make it obvious that they are men please report them and they'll be banned. We very much wish for this to be a female-only imageboard but it's hard to keep men out if they learn to make themselves less obvious. It's something we will have to deal with, unfortunately.
One thread per group just like we have one thread per cow on LC please. Multiple threads dissipate the discussion too much and the catalog/searching threads will be chaotic in no time
>>24 Thank you I was concerned you might be annoyed by the mini modding and reports
>>25 We've let anons go a little crazy today, but we'll delete duplicate threads if they don't get any replies.
>>23 girl please, gaypg is full of virgin horny girls
>>7 How many replies before autosage, admin?
Is there a meta on here?
>>15 >also do you think you could add a jpop/jmusic board? You're welcome to make a jpop/jmusic thread in /ot/ for now, depending on activity we're open to making a board for it in the future. >>29 1000 posts. >>30 This is our version of /meta/, it's just a different name.
What’s your opinion on the influx of 4chan gaypg posters Ngl they makes me anxious because I can’t tell if they’re horny girls or gay twitterfags And some of them using Incel lingo while posting on male threads also get me in a tizzy
>>33 >And some of them using Incel lingo while posting on male threads also get me in a tizzy The fuck you're talking about? Also, they are probably trannys.
>>34 Still men.
>>33 gaypg is literally 95% females. there's only one confirmed male on there the rest is all fujos and one ftm tranner
>>36 Eh my problem with the fujo posters is that they keep writing in the same manner male posters in 4chan KPG do So it’s impossible to see whether it’s a male/tranny or just a unhinged Fujo Hope that clears it up.
>>37 the simple difference is that fujos post about men, kpg scrotes and trannies post about women
>>19 The idea of saging here is so weird. I got used to /ot/ where it didn't matter.
>>38 Doubt because gays exist Either way 4chan has found us so prepare
>>40 Wait, wait. /mu/ or /kpg/ is one thing, other boards are much worse.
>>41 Yes but they’re probably just gonna leave us alone
>>42 Nah they can't let women have things
>>43 The lack of female idol threads and the engagement in them is just gonna make them disinterested
Would you guys ever think of making a hidden Sasaeng or NSFW board
>>7 would you consider making a jpop and cpop board?
>>46 Not admin, but she answered your question up thread: >>31 >You're welcome to make a jpop/jmusic thread in /ot/ for now, depending on activity we're open to making a board for it in the future.
sisters, the number one way to make scrotes fuck off is just simply not replying to them, report and move on. they'll fuck off. if it looks like bait, it probably is. don't fall for it anons, just report. godspeed to you guys and the admins for making this site as well
>>49 It’s hard when it’s so obvious they’re 4chan kpg moid refugees and continuously derail threads except the fujo ones We should post gay idols to make them fuck off I loathed the Gaypg girls but now I see they’re effective
>>50 Damn, you're so thin-skinned it hurts. Truly a hivemind retard.
>>51 Hivemind is how imageboards work lol Are you a moid because I literally can’t see how you could get mad about my statement.
Should I make an off-topic thread about beauty and skincare stype stuff? Or would it be too dead?
>>51 You'd have to spend time on the same spaces as them to *not* be thin skinned. Go back to your moids.
>>55 Why not? Dead threads can always end up being active later on
would it be all right to make a thread for idol pic spam? i'd like to post, but i don't want bog down any of the other threads. i'm thinking of making it unisex, like the one on lc was before it wen t inactive, unless anons would prefer separate threads for male and female idols. i'm also considering putting it in ot, since kpg has so many threads already. if anons have any feedback or suggestions, i'm all ears!
>>60 Feel free to make one. We can always consider making a board for idol spam if it's popular enough and anons are bothered by the thread(s) being in /kpop/.
>>63 of course! thank you admin <3
(617.23 KB 1529x1675 custom.jpg)
i'm not here to complain but just to thank the admins for making this spoiler picture, it's god tier
>>67 Kek, yes I cackled when I saw that.
Hey mod, can we have a gaypg thread? Many of us came from there and would like a thread to simulate the experience.
>>70 I'll be making an announcement regarding that later today.
I can't test this since I'm phoneposting right now so I thought I would ask here instead. Are webms allowed? >if yes What's the maximum filesize? Do you support VP9? >if no Would you consider implementing this feature in the future? Thanks.
Is it possible to make the linked youtube videos be shown like on lolcow/crystal cafe instead of these simple links?
Hi, could you allow more images to be added in one post? I think it would be useful.
>>73 Is it really that difficult to click the embed button? Although that said it would be nice if hovering over the link showed you the video thumbnail like on 4chan, so you could see what it was before clicking
can we have a dumbass shit thread on ot?
Can I report a bunch of posts or am I going to be temp banned for being annoying? 4chan moids have occupied the BTS thread and now we have a lot of autistic spam with one liner posts saying shit like "I'll eat your ass". Not sure if your announcement >>71 will tackle this issue but hopefully we'll have a solution by which we can maintain the LC/CC culture in most threads.
I was against it when LC farmhands decided to merge kp general and critical, but honestly I think it works better. Yeah, sometimes there are circlejerks of xfag accusations but we had a more varied discussion and the thread got busier. Some anons actually miss being called out for their twisted taste in manlets and such, so that kpg and kpc is needed for the evolution of us kboos
>>89 i'd say maybe half of the users came from 4chan because the link was posted there. moids have no interest in bgs, actually they hate when bgs are posted in kpg. the thirst posts are from women.
>>91 yeah those bts posters read as girls to me kek ive never seen a moid interested in bts ever
>>92 we had a thread in chen2 for months last year and it really looked like the female counterpart of kpg
>>91 Gaypg had gay men and women thirsting over bgs specially txt and the infamous moafag Anyways BTS thread is better now so i'll stfu but it'd be good to know if admins are allowing gaypg and kpg autismo or not
>>90 i see what you mean but the idea was just not to fear being ejected from a different image board, which means creating a new one and it's impossible to have a simple thread on an ib, people will create others threads inevitably.
jsyk the last time gaypg found a place off of 4chan to post it got raided with spam, loli, and photos of infected infant genitalia every day by an autistic ban evader for literal months
>>95 I'm not saying to nuke all threads though, just to merge kpg and kpc like LC did. It's not something hard for moderators to do either... but anyways just a suggestion since a lot of ppl are missing one central thread
>>97 the level of autism in the merged kpc/kpg threads was off the charts, feel like thats why it was nuked
>>97 >since a lot of ppl are missing one central thread One central thread is a very nice idea.
>>98 It was pretty ok in CC except when it became nct central or moafag came, but here they have their containment threads. CC admin just didnt have the time/want to mod since it was by far the most active thread there And LC sometimes was just too heavily modded on the other hand, they had zero tolerance. A little nitpicking and infighting should be fine. That's why shit is going down there now, everybody complaining mods ban for nothing.
>>100 >except when it became nct central that's what it was 90% of the time lol
>I know this might annoy some of you but we would like the board to focus more on the content rather than the posters behind it. What’s up with this and why are you handing out bans to the people reporting suspected male poster anons in a female oriented imageboard? It’s just normal reporting and not engaging with suspected male posters.
>>113 Maybe the board owner and mods are TIMs. Isn't CC like that too?
>>114 Lol don’t get banned anon
>>115 I honestly think that some TIM is making a social experiment with k-pop fans, because hosting a forum is not something you do out of kindness, especially men.
>>113 I suppose I could've worded that better but reporting the posts isn't what would get you a warning. Just accusing people in the threads. >>116 I'm not a man nor is anyone on staff. Paying server bills and setting all this up for a social experiment seems kind of odd too but this is where it's my word against yours. If you truly think that then there's nothing stopping you from not using the board.
>>118 Do you even like k-pop, board owner?
>>120 honk
>>120 Based Chanpilled Board owner
>>118 I don’t think it has anything with your wording, it’s just very odd how you touted you would make this a female oriented board then say something like that. There’s a lot of male posters since this board was posted in the Kpg in 4chan idk why you’re just choosing to ignore the reports just because they’re vague. I suppose you can see into past postings from the poster that’s being reported, so why lol. Is it too much work..?
>>123 I can indeed see past postings and everything that's been reported so far as "sounding male" have just been regular posters. Males are still not allowed here I just don't want you guys yelling scrote at each other because an anon said they'd like to smell Jimin's feet
>>126 I've been aware of this and other mentions on /mu/ and /r9k/. >You will be banned if you reveal yourself as male and/or post in an obviously male manner. (i.e. robot posting) Posters like that will still be banned.
I like it here thank you admin sunbaenim
Some clarification for my announcement made here >>>/kpop/3570 To add a bit of context, the anons that made me suggest adding the rule in the first place were all some of the most frequent posters in the general threads of the groups they were posting about. That did make their posts read more as an attempt to spam their special interest boy groups site-wide than a legit contribution to the discourse. As for the question of what is and isn't allowed to go outside the genrals... here are some examples. Drama like: >Suga sampling Jim Jones speeches >RM pissing off Chinese fans >Chen babby >Jaehyun, Eunwoo, Jungkook and Mingyu larping as 14th century plague rats in Itaewon >Period blood letters >Ilbe lurking >Dating scandals >Drug scandals >Enlistments Etc. etc. can be discussed in /kpc/. Those are issues that made waves in more than just their own fandoms. Posting drama surrounding relevant groups like Bts and Exo in particular is not a big deal. But we encourage you to keep things like: >Oppar looked so hurt when so and so asked him to stop saying the n-word at a fansign today ;_; My poor baby, it should've been me at that fansign instead! >I've seen the same woman stand near oppar at least three times now, why hasn't his company filed a restraining order yet??? I'm getting scared... >Oppar #1 hasn't sat next to Oppar #2 in a couple days, do you think they had a falling out? >oppar is gay not clickbait >Attention everybody: a sasaeng said oppar has a 5.8 inch penis (VERY LARGE by Korean male standards). Big if true. ...In the group generals. Even when they may technically be on topic outside them, petty things like this just fit better in the generals where there will be more people who know/care what you're talking about and engage in the discussion. Hope that clears things up a bit. The board has only been up for a couple days, none of us were expecting this amount of traffic right off the bat and we're still figuring a lot of things out. Moderation will improve as we find our footing. p. s. We'd like to hear directly from you instead of hearing things second hand and being told to "go check cc". We can't address complaints or improve things if we don't know about them. No one is going to get banned for asking a question in this thread. Thank you for cooperating with us.
>>72 Webms are allowed. It's been fixed so it should allow up to 10mb now. >Do you support VP9? Sorry to give a non-answer, but I'm not sure. You can feel free to test this in the technical issues thread and let us know if there are any issues with it. >>74 I'll up the limit so two images can be included in one post. >>73 >>75 I'm not sure if we can include linked youtube videos as the thumbnail like cc/lc does, but we can look into displaying a thumbnail when hovering over the link as 4chan does. Nice idea. >>79 Just for general shitposting? I don't see why not. >>90 I'm not against merging kpc and kpg if this is what anons want. Kpg is very slow compared to kpc too. I'll make a post in those threads and ask for opinions. Sorry for the late reply on these. I'd just like to add on to >>129. I'd like to clarify first of all that there are TWO admins and we use different capcodes. The admin that does the tech stuff uses the board owner code and I use the admin code. Global volunteer is used by mods. We're currently working with a skeleton crew so it's difficult to curb all issues that anons may be having. Board owner is going to be busy for a bit so we're going to be more short staffed than usual. Sorry about that. If you'd like to help move the site in a better direction, you can apply to be a mod with this form: https://forms.gle/1VYhWi4Pg1NSVTH18 Please don't forget the numbers on your discord, an anon applied but forgot the whole code. If you're "flapjack", you can email me the rest of your discord code. If you'd like to have a direct line to me and talk about any issues, you can contact me on discord at ami#7202
Edited last time by REDACTED on 10/27/2020 (Tue) 15:53:16.
regarding >>>/kpop/3842/ i think that merging kpc and kpg would be fine. it's what a lot of cc users wanted anyway
>>131 i think so too, it would help with more discussion as long as mods are good about warning spergers
>>3842 i think the best option is to limit the number of thread, the least there is, the more traffic there will be. i vote for the merge.
>>133 I disagree with limiting threads while agreeing with the merge. Not to be a political retard, but it gets to close to censorship.
>>134 agreed, i feel like as long as there isnt redundancy i dont see any harm in allowing new thread topics to be made, if anything maybe admin could pin the big discussion threads (kpg-kpc merge) for easy access if the concern is that the big threads get lost
Don’t merge! the kpg was obviously made by men in 4chan style, this will only encourage them to come here more
Merge and maybe even include the sasaeng thread in this merge. I all threads concerning breaking news, scandals, rumours, gossip should be under kpc/kpg
(271.08 KB 1919x904 1603816084151.png)
>>129 I agree with that division but I think banning the users for posting the NCT fancall drama was a bad decision. They were not even shilling their oppars, just making fun of western fans/oppars for all the issue, see pic related. Plus, this was a kinda milky drama that's being talked about in other communities so idk i thought the ban for that was a bit harsh
>>137 should the plastic surgery thread be included too?
>>138 In retrospect I definitely shouldn't have banned those two anons before making the announcement at the very least, my bad. I'll be sure to listen to what anons have to say instead of implementing new rules out of the blue like that from now on. When I said >the anons that made me suggest adding the rule in the first place were all some of the most frequent posters in the general threads of the groups they were posting about Those two anons I banned were a prime example of that, and they were the only two who seemed interested in it. That was why I banned.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 10/27/2020 (Tue) 17:44:43.
Lol they’re calling us Kpop femcels
>>141 >>142 I hope there's at least one mod online right now, because this might be the start of a raid.
>>141 >>142 Where did you even find these from? I know the caps are from Twitter, but these people look like literal whos.
>>144 kek anon searched up "kpop imageboard" >>141 >>142 >raid >two tweets from days ago what???
(17.84 KB 759x631 2358439.png)
The results are in for the kpc/kpg merge. It seems as though merging the threads is what most anons that voted want, though it wasn't by as big of a margin as I thought it would be. Some reasons given in favor: >force debate and discussion >troublesome to follow two threads when all the info could be in one >should be a main thread Some reasons given against: >merging will cause infighting (given various times) >thread will attract newfags from twitter and drive away posters Since it was voted for, I'm happy to have the threads merged. The name will still be kpop critical. What will change? Kpg is already slow and most users seem to be happy using kpc, so I don't think much will change. We have various group threads that could be used for any general discussion or stanning. Infighting should be less of a problem since people won't be crammed into one thread as they were in lc/cc - I feel like this in particular caused a lot of issues. The specific rules to /kpop/ still apply: 1. Don't sperg if someone has a different opinion to you. 2. Don't sperg if someone likes/dislikes an idol and you disagree with them. 3. If you can't stop your own infighting within a few posts, you will receive a short ban. These rules in particular should help against issues that were prevalent on lc/cc. Responses to other thread merges >merge sasaeng thread It's a lot of unconfirmed rumors that would end up being mixed in with actual milk in kpc. It can stay as its own thread. Any confirmed milk can obviously be brought over to kpc. >merge nct threads I'll merge these after making this post. Let me know if there are any issues.
Hello. I'd like to request a theme like Tomorrow or this Halloween's Special, a dark theme but with the text box brighter than the background, instead of darker. Thank you.
The merge for critical and general didn’t work. All of a sudden this board is dry as fuck.
>>158 the activity at the start of this board was kind of unusual for a new board. it's more normal for a board of 1/2 years to have activity like that. the current slowness is more regular. just gonna have to put up with it until more people use it
I'm happy with the site but why has the activity been decreasing a bit lately?
>>160 I feel like people don't really use the kpc thread as the replacement for the crystal cafe thread that it was meant to be, there's less random chatter. Plus with NCT sperging contained elsewhere it will be much slower since the cc thread was usually at least 50% NCT, and with a slower less interesting thread then older posters are probably drifting away.
>>160 This is more activity than usual for a new imageboard. The burst of activity at the start was extremely unusual.
Hey admin this is gonna be a weird question but can you permanently ban me?
Can we have a 18+ section, no porn or anything, just like the 18 plus OH threads. Make a hidden board like CC nsfw where we can dump the sasaeng, nsfw stuff etc
>>166 please no, that'll attract scrotes. cc's nsfw board is full of them
>>167 seconding this
>>166 The site is already 18+, if you wanna post kinky info or whatever just put it between spoilers
>>167 Fuck I didn’t know that >>169 Yeah I just thought it would be out of place to talk about nsfw stuff in a general thread lol
I have said this a lot, but why won’t you guys create another board for off topic “on topic” Kpop stuff? It’s much needed
>>171 Give an example of what you mean?
>>172 Like some place where these threads can be put Conspiracy thread, Sasaeng thread, Psycic corner thread, Twitter cringe thread and other content that might be brought up Also do mods not regularly check the threads anymore to keep anons on topic and stuff, omly thread that does not shit post and contributes is the Nct and Bts thread Kpop critical is a mess with all the newfags
>>173 all of those are generally related to kpop, I don't see why they shouldn't be on the general discussion board
>>173 I think most of these are fine on the general board apart from maybe psychic corner but I don't think that would be worth creating a whole new board for. Anons can chime in if they'd like discussion separated into the general group threads and all other stuff. Remember that the board is still relatively slow. >Also do mods not regularly check the threads anymore We rely on reports and barely anyone is using the report function. We go days upon days with zero reports.
>>175 Even if nobody reports it’s ridiculous that mods don’t do their job which is to moderate, it’s not like the threads move fast.
Can you fix the annoying bug that says “IP known as spammer” whenever someone uses a VPN or browses in different IP’s I was in the library browsing on here and tried to post and it said the same shit
>>7 Can we have a random video thread for fancams, live stages, funny videos, etc? I feel the idol spam one is only for pictures and I would love to see live performances or variety shows I've never seen before from other anons, or favorite fancams. Don't want to oversaturate with too many threads so I'm asking if people want one.
>>176 Please report. I'm regularly checking KPC so it could be just a case of having a different tolerance threshold. If people show discontentment then I might take action sooner.
>>177 It's not a bug, it's because the IP is on a spam list. I recommend changing to another location on your VPN, there are a lot that aren't blocked. >>178 Go for it, those would probably fit better in another thread anyway.
Hi, I have a few questions: 1) How do you spoiler text on here? 2) Does ♥️ count as using emojis? (It shows up as text for me on PC but on mobile it comes up as the red heart emoji.) If so, what's the correct code for typing out a heart? 3) Do only threads that hit the bump limit get archived? I noticed that some threads have begun disappearing from the catalog, but only the ones that hit 1000+ posts were archived. Would you consider archiving smaller threads as well? Thank you!
>>186 Hey anon, 1. See the posting guide here, we have two methods of spoilering text: https://choachan.cafe/.static/pages/posting.html 2. I'm willing to give ♥️ a pass since it shows up as text. The same thing happens on lolcow with it showing up as an emoji, I'm not sure why it does that, but they're allowed since they show up as text on pc. If anyone receives an emoji ban for that, just appeal and I'll lift it. 3. Yes. I actually didn't realise some of the threads had been archived already, another staff member may have done it. They're supposed to archive automatically when they hit 1000 posts but we haven't been able to get it to work yet. We want to add the archive to the nav bar but we haven't got around to doing it yet, sorry about that. You can view the archive here: https://choachan.cafe/archives.js Which threads have disappeared? None should've been deleted. Some of them may have been merged so maybe that's why they went missing? Hope this helps anon.
>>188 I used it since you said it was OK
>>189 Thanks
>>186 I was going to ask about the disappearing threads too, do threads get automatically deleted?
>>199 I hope that's not the case
>>199 They shouldn't. I don't know why these threads have disappeared, I can come up with three possiblities: 1. The OP came back and deleted them for whatever reason. I've temporarily disabled the ability to delete posts until I figure out the issue. I don't want anons being able to delete very old posts either, which is possible to do and I'd like this to get fixed. 2. Staff deleted them, though there is a VERY LOW possibility that this is the case. There's no reason for them to delete the threads and one of my mods was the OP of one of the threads that went missing. 3. There's an error in the settings and the threads timed out. This is probably the most likely answer. Board owner is busy today but going to take a look into it later. I don't see anything indicating that threads time out on my end but I could be wrong. Update: It seems that there was an error in the settings, a thread limit was set so I believe it was removing the threads that hadn't received replies in the longest time. I've removed the limit and I've tried it out on a test board and it seems as though it's working fine now. I'm really sorry if your thread got removed, the limit had been removed on the /kpop/ board settings but not on the global settings which is what was causing the problem. If there are any further issues with threads getting deleted, please let me know and I'll take another look.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 12/12/2020 (Sat) 13:56:43.
>>201 Thanks for the reply!
>>187 Hi admin, sorry for the late reply but thank you so much for your help! I was trying to remember the names of the threads that got deleted, some anons who noticed the same thing contributed so among the list of those that got deleted were The Boyz, plastic surgery, and K-pop merch threads (there may be more, though). I read the response you gave to that other anon though >>201 , I'm guessing there's no way to bring back the deleted threads but that they won't be deleted anymore in the future? Thank you so much again for all your help.
>>203 Also Ateez and Bigbang threads
>>203 Yes, unfortunately there's no way to recover deleted threads but they shouldn't be deleted in the future. That was my mistake, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
>>205 At least they won't get deleted in the future, thanks for your help
>>205 That's okay! Thank you for all your help.
>>205 Hi admin could you delete this post please >>25703
(4.10 KB 379x127 k.PNG)
>>217 anon... have you tried this
>>218 yes i did, it doesn't work
>>219 >>218 nta i tried deleting a post but it won't let me >>205 admin can you enable deleting posts again since the thread issue has already been fixed? thank you!
Test? mods feel free to delete this since i don't think i can afterwards
>>222 Oh okay I'm unbanned now lol. I don't think my appeal went through before it wore off but I just wanted to explain, I wasn't trying to infight! For me, I was just having fun playing around with the other anons but I can understand why it came off the wrong way. I'll be more mindful in the future, didn't know that anon got seriously offended by it!
>>223 Lol which thread are you talking about?
>>120 lmfaoo
>>116 and the plot gets thicker (?)
>>231 btw nona don't get me i'm not accusing you of anything but i'm wondering why this place exists, the site doesn't even get good traffic
>>232 *don't get me wrong
>>232 did you not come from crystal cafe? every other imageboard was banning kpop threads due to our autism so it was basically make a new site or be banished forever.
>>234 oh ok thanks yes i did come from cc but this place seems too good to be true and that's why i asked
>>235 Why are you bring this up now tho? Imageboards are passion projects, board owners gain nothing from creating them kek
>>236 ok thanks for answering
>>235 i get that, i'm honestly surprised this board got made at all but i'm grateful to everyone who made it happen paying server bills for a bunch of stranger's autism is no joke
anons, when is the delete function going to be back?
>>239 We need to add a time limit so anons can't go back and delete old posts, board owner hasn't had time to look into it yet so it's down until then.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 12/15/2020 (Tue) 19:05:58.
>>240 ok, thanks for responding
>>232 For fun. Traffic is irrelevant. It's nice when there's a lot of activity but at the end of the day this place runs no ads so the amount of people on here really doesn't matter. For people wondering about the delete function - I'll start working on the site again some time this weekend. I'll also add the archive to the nav bar. If there's any other wishes (themes, other things you want added or removed etc.) let me know and I'll see what I can do. The site may be down sometimes depending on what I'm doing.
>>242 thanks board owner-nim, this place is comfy
>>242 thanks nona for answering
Would it be possible to have the boards listed at the top? I know we have a "Boards" option but I think it would be far more comfortable to just have them in sight, kinda like in lolcow or cc. Thanks for everything admin, I'm seriously enjoying this site lol
>>250 if you 'star' the specific board you can see at the top
>>251 How come I never fucking noticed wtf, thank you!!
Board owner is a queen for updating banners at lightspeed
Any chance we could get unique IP counters for individual threads?Thank you!
>>266 sus
>>266 good idea
>>266 time to reveal that it's only been 5 people posting in a thread all along
>>269 me and my four devices
>>269 bangtan thread...
Pretty sure it's only me, infinitefag and one nctfag posting
>>266 No. The unique IP counter is pretty inaccurate anyways. It updates once every 24 hours and doesn't include any VPNs or proxies.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 12/17/2020 (Thu) 12:04:48.
>>274 Thanks for your hardwork as always
oops i actually wrote this>>275 as a reply to this >>242
can we have a containment thread for gaypg or can there be bts thread with a no horny shitposting rule? not even trying to be a partypooper and ban gaypg posters. it's just getting difficult to go through threads because they spam so much everyday with the same googie poosie and jimin's fat pink labia lines kek
>>277 before it was 99% sperging about jungkook's tattoo artist fuckbuddy, now it's 24/7 hornyposting with nasty fujo kinks. i don't know what's worse
>>278 kek i definetly know which one is it maybe a containment thread would even be more comfy for them because they post here but then keep complaining on gaypg about ccc culture and nonettes. let them run wild and free in their thread.
>>279 what is there to complain about if that that thread is just 99% gaypg posters anyway. i love bangtan but at least we were able to bash and make fun of the members from time to time in the first few threads. now it's just "sperg with me about oppar's cute feet and juicy thighs or gtfo"
>>280 shit talking is always welcome
(26.30 KB 961x198 Capture.PNG)
>>277 Are you the anon complaining on lolcow? kek
>>282 >she's never seen a thirsty woman before
>>282 unrelated but i loved this color scheme
>>282 the hornyposts (mostly the nasty ones and the ones about the uggo members) annoy me from time to time as well but @ lc complain anon: why don't you just hang out in the critical thread here? it's pretty much the same thing. yeah most og lc/cc posters are gone but they were the same ones nitpicking every single idol for no reason and infighting everyday. no one's stopping you from posting bts milk in other threads anyway also >disturbed by horny men kek why can't women get horny for some boybands
>>285 lc's site culture generally shames and discourages any thirstposting to begin with so that would explain why there was no hornyposting in their crit threads, so when women do actually thirstpost they think its men (the bts thread reads as horny degenerate fujos to me?) i also dont see the issue with just using the crit thread here, i figured farmers werent interested in any of the general threads since they all acted like they hated kpop and were better than stans kek
>>286 Gaypg posters are doing the same as farmers now though because they'll shut any conversation that isn't thirstposting like >>280 said. if you dare to say their husbandos are ugly they'll just derail and start talking the nastiest shit to send people away >>285 sometimes there isn't actual milk and when we just want to sperg about our oppars traits, dating history etc which we cannot do in kpc by board rules
i've never seen horny-chans unironically get offended when someone trashes oppar here
it's annoying when we're discussing something random and then some anon from kpc starts being annoying and shit on anons for liking the group?? criticizing is okay, but the group threads aren't for that only.
>>289 Show when anons you don't even know if they're from pc or not being annoying. Some people do like the group but wanna bash and mock them every now and then. Or they don't like some members and would like to voice that. You literally have the entire internet to sperg about how much you love oppar unconditionally. Meanwhile anyone if a minimal critcism can't even dare to say ratmon has an ugly ass face on reddit and twitter. Sounds like besides gaypg this site was raided by overly sensitive twitterfags.
Posters are getting to comfortable complaining about different opinions. It's a rule for /kpop/ board that you should suck it up as long it's not infighting.
>>288 Then you don't fucking know then because not only they'll start nasty posting but will also complain about ccc on gaypg
>>292 *them
actually the only reason gaypg btsfags are here it's cause not even gaypg wants them, that's the level of their autismo. same for a few moafags. so I agree with a containment thread or two different threads.
I've read through some of the complaints, and all I can say is that I don't want to purge or overmoderate either side of this argument. Technically yes, myself and the other Admin run this place and we enforce basic rules along with our mods, but overall the way the board and the "culture" goes is up to you guys. You have an entire board to play around on and you're free to make whatever threads you want, so if you want to make a BTS Thread (no gaypg hornyposting edition) then you're welcome to do so. They can stay in the current thread and if they try to enter the new one they'll catch a ban. >>287 I think gaypg users are more than capable of having actual conversations in the middle of their degeneracy and shitposting. If they are genuinely trying to shut down conversation, report it. As per the /kpop/ board rules: 1. Don't sperg if someone has a different opinion to you. 2. Don't sperg if someone likes/dislikes an idol and you disagree with them. 3. If you can't stop your own infighting within a few posts, you will receive a short ban. If anyone breaks these, please report it when you see it and bans will be handed out accordingly. The reality is that we have two (very different) userbases here who are going to have to come to a compromise and learn to get along with each other. We've been reading the lc kpc threads from the start and need anons to take off their rose tinted glasses regarding this, by the end the threads were very unpleasant and there's a reason they got booted. If anyone is interested in modding any particular threads we can open up applications again.
(4.02 KB 376x402 blue.png)
Sorry to come in while you guys are having this discussion but >>242 Thank you for all your hard work as always! I know we already have Cold and Yotsu, but would you consider making a pastel blue theme like pic related? I think it could look really nice. If not, it's totally fine. Thank you! I'm just trying to think of some new themes that might look nice. Maybe a light green one like what Crystal Cafe had would be nice as well.
>>295 Thanks Admin, you're very reasonable and we're not complaining about you (well except that lolcow bitter betty kek).
>>296 Sure! I'll start working on both of these. Shouldn't take too long so expect them by monday and let me know if you want any changes then.
>>298 Thank you so much!! Thank you to the admin >>295 who is responding to the thread concerns too! I wasn't a part of that conversation but just wanted to give a shout out anyway. We really appreciate everything you guys are doing for us, thank you!
will archive be added to the navigation bar?
Merry Christmas site owner and mods!! Hope you're doing well.
Are the girl group threads going to be merged?
>>300 Yes, it's being worked on along with some other requests, board owner is just busy. >>302 No, we're not merging any threads. >>301 Thanks anon, I hope everyone had a good christmas and has a good new year.
>>309 thanks for answering,good to know
Mods please delete the Infinite threads
>>311 And yes I'm sure
>>311 lmao why
>>313 i changed my mind i don't want them anymore they're embarassing
>>314 There's nothing to be ashamed of, Infiniteanon :( A lot of us have posted more embarrassing stuff on this site.
>>315 im seriously ashamed of my spamming i really want them deleted
>>316 girl you're anonymous stop whining
>>317 i made the threads and now i want them gone
>>318 kek
>>318 umm well we'll see what happens but if you can't get them deleted i wouldn't worry about it too much, we're all anonymous here and the threads are in the archives anyway don't worry about the haters, ok?
>>320 ok nonas as long as you try to delete them its fine
>>318 No.
>>325 ok,i knew it was possible for you to reject.i just wanted to ask.thanks for your patience with my autism regardless
>>326 i want to pet you on the head so badly
i have a few suggestions for functionality and ease of browsing and posting and not sure what it would look like to even implement these, but here goes: a quick reply button accessible by the header or bottom of a thread. found we end up replying to posts we don't mean to because we forget it's in the message box a way to alter length of the refresh countdown in settings. some way to indicate which posts are yours and some sort of indication if a post made by (You) has been replied to.
ban the fart porn anon i accidentally played that shit in public
Could we have another dark theme that isn't pitch black? Maybe one line >>282 (lc dark theme) or twitter night mode
Site back up (obviously), just some issues with the server which caused it to go down for a while. Requests are still being worked on, it's just been a busy time for myself and board owner recently. We are here and seeing your requests.
>>332 i was wondering what was going on earlier today.. thank you for all that you do for us on ccc! <3
>>332 Thank you for all of your hard work!
what's up with the japanese ad spammer on the confessions thread it's creepy
>>336 i was going to ask what that was all about lmao
/gif/ board
Hi admins/staff, I just started an ot conversation on >>>>/kpop/50768 if you want to check out. I think >>>>/kpop/50785 made a good suggestion of holding a town hall so maybe we could tackle this issue. It doesn't need to be as bureaucratic as lolcow, just setting an hour a date for us to discuss on /site/ would be good I think. I'm by no means complaining about the staff btw, I think you're all very chill and reasonable. It's just so we can discuss how we can make this board more active and fun to everyone and avoid a slow death.
>>339 to continue off this the bursts of activity are slowing down and even usually active threads like bts/nct are slowing down, some threads like tbz, exo and skz are ded. i suggest we start merging threads (i.e. one for girl groups, another for bgs that aren't posted as often)
>>340 i think one thread for discussion is the way to go... ggs are barely posted anyways. maybe just leave picture spam, confessions and some others as a separate thing, but not one thread for each group. Idk if I explained it clearly.
>>341 maybe keep nctg and btsg as containments and everyone else in the same thread
>>339 >>340 The site isn't dying and it's not going towards a slow death either. I know most people here are used to rapid conversation because you're either from Twitter or two more popular imageboards (4chan, lolcow) but the activity for a rather niche audience imageboard that's quite new is above average currently. The belief that I won't pay server bills if people don't talk about my favorite group or something is silly too. I'm not running this place for my own benefit & I'm not quite sure why that's so hard to believe. If the board activity slows down even more then that's fine with me. I don't mind, people come and go. I'll still pay the bills for the place. You don't have to worry about this place disappearing any time soon. That said, if you guys want a town hall esque thing I can set up a poll with times or ways to organize one. You can also just throw in suggestions of what you want done here and I can make a poll listing them and people can vote on what they agree with so I can gauge interest. I feel like that'd be easier than organizing a townhall because I doubt more than 2 people would show up. Either way I'm not really interested in merging anything or forcing discussion into one specific thread. If you want to make a nugu or girl group general then you're free to do so. You won't catch a ban for making threads here. We aren't as strict as lolcow staff and we aren't trying to be either. I'd also like to apologize for not getting around to doing requests yet. I've been busy with studying and life in general but it's on my to-do list.
>>344 >I'm not running this place for my own benefit & I'm not quite sure why that's so hard to believe. If the board activity slows down even more then that's fine with me. it's just that other kpop imageboards died because of that so the slowdown, even if working as intended, is concerning. personally I just want more nonas to post with because a dozen more people to talk about stuff, ot or kpop (and not just about my #1 group), is always good, and there's a feeling that there is a negative ratio of people coming and going. >I'd also like to apologize for not getting around to doing requests yet. I've been busy with studying and life in general but it's on my to-do list. don't ever apologize for being a functional human being kek
i'm from gaypg and have been crossposting here. i suggest being more lax in regards to this rule >7. When discussing an image or video, upload it so other users can see what you're talking about. sometimes i dont post things because i would have to screenshot the tweet or article otherwise i could get banned. i noticed mods have been more lax about it recently so maybe you're doing it already kek
>>344 Second >>345. Don't apologize for not being NEET and thanks for your work here. >I'm not really interested in merging anything or forcing discussion into one specific thread. If you want to make a nugu or girl group general then you're free to do so That was my only suggestion kek >one general thread to discuss all groups (but leave idol spam etc alone) >one general thread for all groups but nct and bts same as above for the rest You wouldn't have to ban people if they dont follow that arrangement, just lock the thread or merge it. I don't think it would lead to more work to staff, just leave a message at the pinned thread informing this and people will get it. Maybe once in a blue moon a new poster will unknowingly make a thread for their turbo nugu but that's it.
>>345 i think you're being a bit too alarmist, personally. since the site started there have been periods of high and low activity, and i wouldn't even call this the deadest it's ever been. it's normal to have one or two days where the board is really slow and suddenly it picks up again. it's one thing to discuss how to generate more traffic, but the board owner said she wouldn't be shutting down the board either way so you don't need to worry about that. also, i actually feel like we've had an influx of new people here recently, or maybe they've always been here and are just becoming more vocal/identifiable by writing style lol. so that's why i don't feel like the site is dying personally. some people may have left but some very vocal newbies have taken their place.
>>347 i personally don't think we should merge all the non-bts and nct threads. i think the kpop critical thread was supposed to emulate the feeling of one united board by how it supposedly acts as a "kpop general" but because of the name and general negative attitude nobody wants to post positive things there. i honestly feel like keeping the name as "kpop critical" was detrimental to its intended use. i just don't want to see things become like ccc where people start getting angry bc they see something they dislike being discussed in the thread and they feel like they can't escape it bc we forced them all in one thread. that's why i like how there's a containment thread for every group.
>>349 sorry, not ccc, i meant crystal cafe (cc)
>>347 i really don't dig this idea. it's a recipe for posts getting talked over and groups getting filtered at best, infighting at worst with only the same couple of groups getting talked about over and over again. it creates fatigue and that's what ends up making people leave. the other anon mentioned kpop critical, but take a look at gaypg on /ot/ for a trial of this. it usually broke down into being skz/tbz/nct general
>>351 Of course the most popular groups will be talked more about it's only natural. But that doesn't prevent other groups being talked about either, posters just have to do it. And they'd probably get more interaction this way than having their separate thread which no one will bother to look and it's just two anons talking to each other.
>>352 nta but if they weren't getting interaction in their original threads, i highly doubt talking about it in the new thread would help. it'd just make people who aren't interested either ignore them or get annoyed if they keep talking about it
>>353 not really, if anything people get more annoyed at nct and btsfags kek i post on gaypg too and there's more variety there
>>354 i didn't read all of the threads but from what i saw anything that wasn't skz/tbz made the posters go into a rage
>>354 not the anon you're replying to, but i'm also a gaypg native. why would i go to a forced combined thread when i can just do that on /trash/ and also not get banned for when i veer offtopic? gaypg here was an experiment and, for now, it failed.
>>355 you mean when they were here? they got more annoyed with nct spamming. on lolcow it was like this too when there were too many posts about bts/nct peole would complain. i really think it's better for discussion and with active mods like we have here infighting etc wouldn't be a problem. on lc mods hated the thread and when they showed up they would ban people for days over the mildest shit. Anonas in general have been chiller too so it helps. >>356 i'm not saying this for the sake of gaypg natives though, it's just what i personally prefer and think that works better in the end.
>>357 yeah i was talking about the threads here
We don't have to pander to gaypg or whatever group of potential posters. We should do whatever the majority of ccc posters (or admin because she's not obligated to hear us at all kek) thinks is more fun and beneficial to the board on the long run.
>>349 nta but the overall attitude wasnt ever even negative here people just have some serious PTSD kek Maybe changing the name of the thread would help a tiny little bit but nothing game changing. Idk what would boost activity, maybe we're just lazier, busier or less autistic
>>360 maybe negative wasn't the right word, but the thread is exclusively used as kpop critical. which i don't have a problem with, i just think the merge with kpop general fundamentally doesn't work. it's only been a few days that the board has seemingly slowed down since the gaypg thread died and even then /kpop/ is still pretty active. i wouldn't worry about it too much.
honestly it kind of comes down to newfags being less afraid to post in threads like dumbass shit/gaypg/kpop critical. or maybe they are lurking to lrn2post kek >>359 agreed, gaypg's nigh eternal horny fujoposting gets annoying fast so if they don't wanna change the style to post in other threads that aren't fujo general (like the one we had on /ot/) they should leave, same for the crop of twitter/lsafags who think this is a safespace where no bad talking is allowed.
Hello, can we update the rules to ban pedophilia and zoophilia images and discussions in the threads? Nobody wants to see posts about fucking kids and animals and there are some fucked up bitches on here
>>372 Wouldn't that fall under >Do not post anything illegal under United States or EU law. Also where did you see the pedophilia discussion? That's crazy.
>>373 no federal us law bans bestiality apparently. it was an animal fucking post i saw, but I included pedo because i definitely never want to have to see that shit so just in case.
>>374 I understand, the thread's kinda been going off the rails lately, sorry you had to see that as well.
I don't know how possible this is to implement but it would be nice to have arrows that scroll all the way up or down the page. Sometimes I open a thread and scrolling all the way down to see the newest posts can be a hassle. Also ty admins I've been really enjoying CCC
>>376 There should be two arrows on the top right corner. They are blue (assuming you use default theme) and are next to the catalog button (nine small squares making up one big cube)
>>377 Ohh I’m such a dummy, thanks!
i'm going to make an unified girlpop thread since their discussion is spread too thin, what do you think mods admin board owner? can we try?
>>474 not mod obviously, but i don't think the gg general would help much with discussion since the activity in the individual gg threads is sporadic as it is
>>474 they already said we could but no one bothered >>344
Is CCC being indexed by google and other search engines?
(27.01 KB 723x464 2323.png)
>>478 I don't think that's a good thing. Are the admins okay with that?
>>479 elaborate
>>480 she's asking whether choachan should show up on search engines
>>481 why should it not?
>>482 nta but i'm guessing she's afraid of twitterfags finding us? because that's what happened with lc and the kpop critical threads showing up on google searches
Admins... are we ever getting the deletion option back? Might be bothering mods too much about deleting my posts because of my dyslexia and phoneposting kek
>>492 Sorry, I promise it's on our list to do. It will come back eventually. If you make a double post just report it and we'll delete it, it's not a problem.
Sorry the site was down for like 6 hours Admin didn't tell me about it because she was mad you guys keep talking shit about Hyunjin
>>502 topkek thanks for keeping us posted owner-nim <3
Sorry about the recent downtimes everyone, we'd like to upgrade the server soon which will hopefully fix the issue.
Admis..can u make a new sasaeng thread? Pls.
>>549 No. We don't make threads for people. The userbase decided not to make another since it attracted unwanted users who are unable to integrate with the rest of the site. Stop ban evading and shitting up the BTS thread with requests for a new sasaeng thread. It's completely unrelated to the topic and interrupts discussion.
board owner nim and admins i really love you and appreciate you Buuuuut Buuuuuuut Maaaaaybe Would you consider adding a 2nd dark theme? Something like the one in lolcow... if you're really busy maybe i could help by giving you all the hex codes needed for the theme?? Idk just a thought
>>551 Been meaning to add a bunch of new themes. Sorry I haven't done much but it'll be added eventually and your suggestions are noted! As a side note, I upgraded the server and bought more space for the site so there shouldn't be any more downtimes.
>>552 thanks for the upgrade board owner!
>I upgraded the server and bought more space for the site so there shouldn't be any more downtimes hehe
>>577 Famous last words
>>578 kekkk
Hi! Is there an option to edit my post for a certain amount of time, eg if I made some spelling mistake?
>>580 no, unfortunately
>>580 Hi, post editing is only available to staff. If you want you can retype the post and report the original so we can delete it for you. Post deletion will be back eventually.
hi admind and mods i was wondering if we could add some no rehashing old news rule to btsg or at least that summary of past milk and drama already discussed in the description of the thread. some anon did a poll about it but i guess she forgot to come here https://www.strawpoll.me/42978399/r you've probably already noticed the annoying newfags from btsg so pls help us
>>586 I'm all for a hell week in btsg. Clearly ignoring hasn't worked so maybe an intense week of weeding out the newfags clogging up with their shitposts would do the trick.
>>586 different anon here, but i also noticed a lot of off-topic/blogposting going on in the last few threads. could we get more moderation on that?
>>588 not all bans get redtexted so they probably got banned and you just wouldn't be able to tell
>>589 if that's true then the bans are either too short or they're ban evading
>>586 Just do it then. Do you want us to do it? Because we won't. Put a summary in your next thread OP who cares
now that you're deleting everything anyways can we have the delete option back too
>>615 I'll turn it back on in a few weeks
Can the old dst threads not be immediately deleted in the future? They only last a few days before being maxed out, but they have more content worth archiving than some of the dead threads. I think it’d be better to keep them archived for through week after instead of immediately deleting.
(9.83 KB 259x224 5912360.png)
Some clarifications: All threads will automatically 404 after they fall below page 10 (adjusted from page 5) this was only done because we were running out of server space and our current host has complications with upgrading the space so we would have had to switch to a new host after reaching a certain amount of GB stored. As to the weird mod drama soap opera LARP that was going on - mods and janitors can not see IP addresses. The minimum role required to be able to view IP's on choachan is Admin. If you have any questions on how we run things, feel free to ask here. We do not run a deep web IP trafficking ring based on who posts about being attractive >>>/ot/140592 (what?). Nor do we comb through post histories. None of what is posted on here is all that interesting. It's a k-pop board. Nobody wants to know the approximate area of your residence. Delete option is currently offline because right now it allows posters to delete their posts at any given time. I'll try to adjust this to a 30 minute time window. Just haven't gotten around to it. Mod applications are closed now, as well. We have gotten 3 new staff members to the additional 4 we already had (including me and admin). They'll focus on cleaning up the BTS general and cracking down on off-topic posting. Hope this answers some of your questions.
mawma i need (You)s
just wondering when the btsg thread will come back? tia
>>626 Gonna be worked on this weekend >>627 It's back
Saw an ad for this site in /ot/ on lolcow. This place is comfy.
Are we doomed to see this place devolve into libfem land where scrote speak and pickme takes are the norm? I thought it was only btsg that’s full of it but it’s seeping into kpc and other threads. Most of the israelites haven’t integrated, they’ve changed the whole board culture. There’s gotta be a good middle between non stop sperg hate for oppars and unironic groupie behaviour in threads dedicated to certain groups.
>>643 Yeah israelites are a problem. We are trying to work on some solutions there on how to get them to integrate better. We've been cracking down on them at least
>>643 noticed that in btsg too we can’t criticize anyone and they’re all woke now
is it the same 2 or 3 posters trying to start shit past few days? can they be given temp bans or something?
can you add that this is a female forum in the faq for the israelites
are jannies power-tripping? instead of giving a legit reason for a permaban they post things like "get help" or "dilate", or "schizo", or whatever. just say which rule am i breaking like you're supposed to
>>660 This isn't lolcow. If you're annoying enough to get janitors to permaban you then you don't deserve a proper explanation. This is a k-pop imageboard with minimal rules. Not being permabanned should be quite easy. From what I can tell you got banned because you hoped another anon would get raped by their father, so in my opinion: Deserve
board owner-nim... any chance of increasing the file size limit?
(82.64 KB 1327x142 Screenshot_1.jpg)
>>661 don't see where i'm "hoping" for anyone being raped. oh well, no banter allowed at this good christian god-fearing place
>>663 Get help >>662 I'll consider it. It won't go back to 10MB but I have been thinking about upping it a little bit.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 06/16/2021 (Wed) 20:46:54.
If i make a khiphop or show me the money thread would it go into ot or kpop?
>>668 theres already a khiphop thread on /ot/
>>661 >>663 I don't have a dog in this fight but how many other imageboards have you used before? This isn't "minimal rules" by any standard that I'm familiar with.
>>670 I know you're used to /trash/ rules (aka none) but most boards on 4chan are pretty well moderated if you exclude /tv/ and other more controversial boards. Our rules aren't all that expansive and you have an entire thread where hardly anyone gets banned for longer than 5 minutes as long as you don't post weird pedo shit. It's minimal compared to the places we splintered off from.
I've lifted most range bans and permabans that were done over the last few months. We've had a lot of spam bots so a lot of range bans accumulated. It'd help a lot if people could report them when they pop up because I don't want to ban any country from posting (yet). Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you guys can continue to shitpost within the rules! Also, I was wondering what you guys would think about captcha to stop spam bots? I know you guys like to post a lot and very fast so let me know if you're okay with seeing weird japanese furniture ads once in a while in favor of easier posting.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 06/26/2021 (Sat) 08:17:38.
>>674 I personally don't mind the occassional spambotpost, captcha would be such a pain in the ass. I try to report sus posts when I can.
>>675 I'll probably try to code some other workaround for it eventually. Sorry for being a bit lazy lately.
>>671 If you're saying that wishing death upon someone gets you permabanned on 4chan you're either lying or a complete israelite. No one is saying rules are a bad thing but be upfront about the level of moderation you do. Also I don't browse /trash/ ever.
>>677 I wasn't saying that. I was speaking in terms of 4chan context. Our context is different because we were never associated with 4chan. I hope that clears things up for you. Also nobody here has ever gotten permabanned for a-logging. 90% of our bans are 5 minutes long.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 06/27/2021 (Sun) 01:03:14.
will threads get deleted during maintenance?
>>683 No! Nothing's gonna get deleted. We are just looking into upgrading the FE and maybe finally getting (you)s to work
(22.75 KB 387x235 youuuuuuu.png)
As you may have already noticed we got (You)s. If you're not a fan of that feature and would rather not be reminded of the fact that you post on here then just untick the box in pic rel Also if you can't see the (You)s yet, make sure to refresh the cache in your browser settings.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 07/01/2021 (Thu) 19:01:31.
>>685 is there a way to turn off the (you)s on mobile? I can't seem to find a settings tab on mobile
>>686 I've noticed this problem and I'll try to find a solution for this. Until then, you'll have to go into desktop mode on your phone when visiting the website and then click on the settings option and then revert back to mobile mode.
>>687 I managed to figure out how to do it, but it won't disable them. unclick it, then I refresh the page, check the settings again, and the box is checked. it won't stay unchecked. grrrrr
>>688 Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.
can we just ban everyone in the sasaeng thread? it does nothing but attract israelites who won't integrate and post their low tier fanfiction all over the threads.
>>691 Lol what You sound like a twitterfag that wants to censor everything because you're scared your idol will be targeted More so than ban everyone that participates in the thread it seems more rational to put down some rules and ban everyone who doesn't follow and/or disrupts the thread
Apologies for the unexpected downtime - I'd like to note that board owner is currently on vacation so if there are any server issues it may take longer for me them to get fixed. Thank you for being patient.
why are there 2 girlgroup threads? the one in /kpop/ was slow already. idk if the /ot/ is meant for shitposting like dst but right now they're pretty interchangeable and the same things get posted in both.
>>705 The /ot/ gg thread was made as users in dst would start fighting when ggs got posted. I think the people using that thread are just dst users who go there when they want to talk about ggs instead. To my knowledge a lot of dst users don't really use /kpop/, so even if there was no /ot/ thread they probably wouldn't bring any extra traffic to the /kpop/ thread, and vice versa.
>>707 i see, thanks admin!
the (you) function is buggy as fuck, sometimes OPs will show up as (You) even though i didn't post that... only with OPs, though
>>709 do you use vpns?
>>710 no but i do have dynamic ip if that changes anything
How would you guys feel about merging some of the less active threads on /kpop/? Currently my suggestion would be 1) merging all flopped bgs threads in their first edition with less than 200 posts with the boypop general. 2) merging all cringe threads into a cringe general. I think too many separate threads about subjects that could be easily fit in existing threads or lumped together ends up being detrimental to the boards activity and discussion in an ib with a small userbase like ccc. Mind that I'm not saying that you should prohibit people from making new threads. I'm simply suggesting that mods merge threads if they fit into an existing general when noticing they've been inactive for a while, just to keep things neat and optimal.
can anyone please ban me till the 14th i need to focus on something important
>>745 thank you, i owe you one
>>748 A while ago there was some manufactured drama in which someone posted screenshots from some discord server which is completely unrelated to the site, pic related. This user gremlinator was pretending to be a mod, saying she knew everyone in the server's IP addresses, knew the IP of an anon she hated, etc. She is not and has never been a mod. This was a larp. Mods and janis cannot see IPs. All in all it was a very embarrassing and cringe larp. Hopefully this clears things up if anyone has questions about this in the future.
pls stop banning my vpn ip addresses
Dracula, Eoduun, and Eyesore all have smaller header ratios than the other themes, on mobile. Can they be modified to match the specifications that the Cold theme has? They’re the best themes for night use but it’s harder to navigate with them.
>>785 Sorry about that, I have noticed this and I have no idea why they do that. There are some features that are missing on mobile like the settings button so we need to work on optimizing mobile browsing. I can't make any promises when it'll be done but it is on our to-do list.
>>786 Thank you!
can there please be rules against minors being sexualized? like, this should be common sense, but i regularly see gross posts about wonyoung, yuna from itzy and the stayc girls who are 16-17 years old. it's really fucking creepy and uncomfortable. anons using words like "roastie" and sexualizing minors is giving big scrote vibes. please do something about it.
>>796 Sexualizing minors is already against the rules. We've banned over it before, but please also report it if you see it.
how can i delete my duplicate post, it asks for a password i want to delete this >>>/kpop/392636
>>800 You can't, just report it as a dupe post and staff will delete it for you.
For the mobile browsing I see the redirecting /kpop/ and /site/ links are both back, could /ot/ be added too?
>>829 Are you referring to the boards being pinned at the top on the toolbar? When viewing the board, click on the star next the board name and it should pin it.
>>832 omo Yes that’s what I meant. I didn’t know the stars had a function. I must have clicked them previously without understanding what I’d done. Thank you!
is there a way to bring the quick reply popup back up after you've closed it? sometimes i close it because it gets in the way but it's annoying having to scroll back up to reply. sorry if i'm just retarded and this is already a feature
>>839 I think the fastest way to do it right now is to just click on the post number of a post at the bottom of the page and then remove the number from the box before you write out your own post. We don't have a quick reply button on its own but it's something I would like to try and add one day we can be quite slow with adding or fixing things, sorry.
>>840 this is what i've been doing, it just gets annoying when i wanna read whatever post i'm replying to while i'm writing. but take your time admin, it's very much a third world problem. it's only on mobile that i really have to close the quick reply tab anyway.
>>841 Oh I know what you mean with mobile, I also have the same problem. We need to work on optimizing mobile browsing on general. Thank you for being patient anyway.
>>840 this is what i do and it works pretty well for me
why was moapg locked?
>>848 yes, please tell us
>>848 thanks for taking one for the team
>>848 short break for cleanup. will be back soon
>>851 thank you board owner nim
>>851 take ur time sis
thanks for opening up the txt thread. also why did ot and kpop switch around on the index page?
>>785 aw hell not the cold theme. i was even planning on asking why everything was so huge on phone with the cold theme, i love the colours but can't use it because it's so weird. if the specifications are to be changed can they all be made like the default theme?
we want the poocas spoiler warning back! he is not a criminal deserving of complete erasure and ostracism. bring him back home!
>>858 >can they all be made like the default theme I do not want this. Cold theme is best optimized for mobile because everything is big and easy to see. >>859 >we Speak for yourself estupida.
>>859 we want you banned for a-logging actually
mods will you bring back the juyeon spoiler pic or will you do another festive one for the holiday season?
>>860 it's not optimized unless you're like 80 years old. everything is ridiculously huge it's unusable
>>863 It’s not unusable.
>>864 just put on some reading glasses granny
I don’t know if this question will make sense, but how much space does the size take up as it is? Is it a big imageboard server end even with slower threads/small amount of archiving? I guess what I’m trying to ask is how much space do entirety of the boards take up, and how much would it have taken up if threads were never deleted.
>>865 Reaching into the corners for tiny arrows is uncomfortable. I don’t need glasses for mobile, the screen is easy fo see. I want the arrows to be bigger because my bones are brittle.
>>868 i agree the dracula and eoduun themes need bigger buttons but not as big as the cold theme because the buttons there are so big they dont fit in a single line and it makes the header bigger and take up too much of the screen. the posts are huge too and it makes it exhausting to scroll so much
>>867 we aren't that big rn. we would most likely be over 100GB by now if we archived every thread. you guys talk too much haha >>868 >>869 i'll look at mobile themes at some point idk no promises on when
Thank you for the mobile update.
why was dst locked
wuz going on with dst
(53.44 KB 682x682 Eva07VYXIAkVyPD.jpg)
>>926 >>927 I'm sorry, one of my mods made a boo boo and archived the wrong thread. I can't unarchive it either...so, I recommend making a new one. I'll leave it up for longer as compensation in case anyone ones to read it.
>>928 This was from me. I can't even get the capcode right today.
The site is really lagging a lot today is it my issue or from your end?
>>930 i haven't noticed anything. are you on mobile? how was it lagging? were pages loading slowly or were replies not working? etc
the israelites are out of control lately (see >>>/ot/641332) can the bans last longer at least
>>933 no i was on laptop and using on incogito
ive noticed an uptick in spam links recently. any updates on the situation?
i have complaints regarding btsg moderation. they are ignoring death wishes directed to one member
>>972 which one?
>>973 yoongi. the last 2 threads there were alogging about him and she ignored but banned alogging for other members. there isnt pooga alogging in the current thread, yet
>>974 >there isnt pooga alogging in the current thread sa well kind of
>>972 >>974 Btsg is busy and alogging is dealt with when we can get to it. For clarification, "rip pooga" posts are not alogging.
>>976 i know this but there was for ex one nona who wrote entirely in block capitals wishing death to him and his fags and nothing was done also implicit death wishes like "hasn't xxxx died yet" should be considered alogging imo
i have an idea: everyone who asks stupid questions in the thread gets banned without redtext
>>977 >"hasn't xxxx died yet" is not inherently an “implicit death wish” nor is it alogging. stop being oversensitive
>>977 not alogging
>>989 for 'hasn't x died yet', not the other one
btsg doesn't deserve husbando banners after what they did this morning.
>>994 what did they do
>>995 "raided" dst
not sure if it belongs here but i've been thinking about making a dashchan module for ccc. would that be a good idea?
>>1000 That sounds cool. What do you think the advantages of it would be?
tell your rarted googiejani to stop deleting every post. just redtext like in any decent ib
>>1002 You should be grateful we gave you moderators that actually read and enjoy your thread because if I did what I really wanted to do I would nuke the entire thread and permaban everyone who posts in it. Have a good day
got banned on kpop for alogging but i don’t know what i said that counted as alogging, can someone go over what it is and i will keep it in mind. thank you
>>1008 if you got banned and are now ban evading how are the mods meant to know which alogging poster you were
>>1009 noo i was just banned on /kpop/ not here, only when i try posting on there it says i am banned
>>1010 Not sure, but I've removed your ban for now. It seems you got caught up in the mass btsg banning. If you're engaging in the "ooga booga jani" posting, don't do that.
>>1011 thank you admin nona!
can btsg jani stop deleting posts please? i comeback to full discussions without knowing what is happening since original post is deleted.
why is dst locked? are the janis cleaning up?
why is the staff spoilering all txt pics in dst. we didn't do anything!! it's abuse of power
>>1029 deserve
can you guys stop making ban messages so cringey. just ban me and tell me why i got banned, you don't need to throw in a twitter tier "clap-back" kek
are we ever getting a new thread on btsg?
>>1042 You can have it back, for now.
>>1044 thank you admin nim
im bored give us more themes
>>1041 you can also stop whatever you're doing that is getting you banned so you won't have to see those messages
did you guys change something? i used to able to post videos from my phone with no problem but when i tried today i got a pop up message that the file was a format the server didn’t allow. i post on iphone for reference
>>1059 We haven't changed anything recently. Is this a video you've posted before or is it new? If it's new, what's the file type? Since you're on iphone I'm assuming you're posting using safari, I think I may have seen a couple of comments about posting from safari but I'm not sure why there's any issues on there.
>>1060 it was something i’ve posted before, the file will usually be something like IMG_1234.mp4 and yes i use safari, i’ve been a long time user and never had any troubles with posting until now
>>1061 it's a .mov file. convert it to an mp4 for it to post right
>>1061 i post from apple devices and it's a hit or miss with videos sometimes they come out in a .mov format and sometimes .mp4. if they're .mov just use a website to convert them to mp4
>>1062 >>1063 thank you i’ll keep that in mind
are you deleting kpop critical now? if you could give a heads-up the next time.....
>>1068 ay dios the new janis
>>1068 no, we're not
>>1070 thanks. i was just trying to bring myself up to date the jae controversy but the previous thread was gone
>>1071 sorry about that, after looking into it I think the thread may have autodeleted since it was in the catalog for too long without being archived
can we lock the sasaeng thread again? ratmys don't know how to act.
>>1075 yeah or delete the last posts of the screenshots
>>1075 ffs stop trying to get the thread locked its an ssg thread for a reason if anything just delete the last few posts if its causing problems
can someone do something about the moacripples in btsg
can you please add /tin/ in the catalog for easier access
>>1079 sorry not catalog i meant board list
>>1080 It's not listed because it's a hidden board. Click on the star at the top of the board to pin it to your toolbar.
>>1081 thanks
can 🤏 become a non bannable emoji outside of the emoji thread? it's such a petty yet simple gesture used by k-feminists and i love it
>>1083 it's a slippery slope
this site is becoming more and more like LC with these dumbass scarlet letter bans
>>1085 what did you get banned for this time
how do some anons here know that staff turn off their capcodes when posting anonymously on threads?
would you consider revamping the purple theme so it looks cuter like the newer themes
>>1098 >newer themes where?
>>1099 i meant the latest additions eoduun, dracula, megalian
>>1098 Yes, that is on the to-do list (as well as Dark and Cold) along with finding a solution to the spam problem and fixing (You)s.
Sorry about the downtimes today but I have some good news! We've successfully improved our anti-spam capabilities which will hopefully curb the persistent spam we've been getting lately. If you accidentally get caught in that new system somehow and catch a ban you can appeal it but as it is right now it shouldn't be an issue to regular users. Frontend/cosmetic changes to the site will be done tomorrow but that shouldn't cause any downtimes.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 03/17/2022 (Thu) 20:04:34.
i literally didn’t know there was a /tin/ board until today. why isn’t it on the overboard?
>>1107 because its a containment board i think
>>1108 so it is essentially /trash/ but for ccc?
>>1109 kind of. it was made for conspiracyfags to tinfoil freely
>>1107 its a hidden containment board because nonas were being retarded on the old ssng thread, it serves as a space for schizos to sperg freely in
mods can you please have >>>/kpop/215620 moved to /hybe/? and will you be accepting hive related banners for the new board as well?
>>1116 understandable. thank you
>>1116 nta but no to the epidemic thread being moved, or no to the banners?
>>1118 banners
could a mod edit the queendom thread, please? the nona who made it accidentally entered the thread name in the wrong field. thanks in advance!
can we make banners related to hidden boards? i wanna make /tin/ banners
im seriously getting tired of mods wrongfully banning just because someone has a different opinion to another. its abuse of power.
>>1131 not a post but go post somewhere else retarded anachan
>>1132 not a mod*
>>1132 you sound underage
>>1131 examples?
i'm not sure if i should post this here or in technical issues, but creating threads on the hybe board does not require a captcha which i'm assuming is an oversight(?)
>>1139 You're right, thanks for letting us know.
pls add how to red text in the help section
>>1135 it happened in /hybe/ a couple days back
>>1142 idiota you were banned for infighting and spamming, not for having a different opinion
>>1141 if you know you know
What do you think about creating /gg/, a board dedicated to discussing girl groups? Maleposting could be allowed there and only there, or maybe also on /ot/.
can my ip range be unbanned pls. how long do "cp" bans last
>>1155 what on earth made you think this was a good idea
>>1161 pretty sure that was a scrote nona
we should ban permabanning
>>1163 you deserved it
>>1155 kindly kys incel
is there a way we can filter out /hybe/ when looking at the overboard?
>>1166 I don't think you can filter out a board but you can filter subject fields. Filtering "bangtan", "hybe", "moapg" and "tag" should suffice.
>>1167 oh i didn't think of that thank you!
we should allow emojis on this site
i got range banned from all boards and i did not even post anything. how do i fix this?
>>1160 i have this too and idk why
i got range banned to. how long does this last?
hi admins! i wonder if you could lift this range ban? it reaches the biggest telecom company in the biggest city of latin america (sao paulo)
>>1171 A range ban means that your range is banned. As in, everyone who uses that IP range. It most likely had nothing to do with you and it was someone else who ruined it for you. We aren't unbanning any ranges until next year when we review it because we have to figure out some security measures before that. I understand this is a major inconvenience and I'm sorry you and other anons have to deal with this currently but until I give an update on that I recommend using a VPN to post from now on.
>>1174 my range that got banned is in the biggest city in the US kek
board owner/admins…why have i been banned when I am pretty sure that i have not posted anything schizo. in fact i have hardly posted much besides some pics in the last few days
>>1180 scroll up literally two (2) posts
>>1180 most everyone got caught up in a ban because of one poster (schizo) vpn hopping. just scroll up
>>1176 >I recommend using a VPN to post alot of them dont work for this site and keep saying your ip address is a known spammer can you guys do something about that
>>1183 also how do you use a vpn on your phone
>>1184 just download a vpn app and turn it on >>1183 there's a lot of free vpns that have been used up by trolls (who got them banned). just find one that works, there's tons to choose from
are you guys gonna do something about goofag making tik toks about this site???? her videos are gaining views and soon there will be an influx of nufags. its as if she wants more people to come here, its suspicious.
>>1187 who's goofag?
>>1187 what do you want them to do retard they dont own tiktok
>>1187 what do you expect them to do about a chronic ban evader on an entirely different platform?
>>1189 >>1190 lock moapg
just like last time
>>1191 yeah that'll stop her (you?) from screen recording
>>1193 >(you?) what?
>>1191 in case you didn't notice she just goes into whatever threads for her content
>>1188 she's the beomgyufag on moapg. the one with a weird obsession of fatman fucking the txt members
>>1191 she said she would leave moapg once txt announced their comeback
>>1197 i know but she's still making tik toks because i saw her latest one so that means she's lurking. i just don't get the point of it all. why bring so much attention to this site? its weird
>>1198 shes surprisingly not underage so she's just a troll
>>1199 how do you know she's not underage
>>1200 a nona pointed out she had a uni app on her homescreen in one of her videos + she talked about her uni a few times
>they don’t know the tumour lore
bumgoo tard is flopping hard on tiktok, those numbers are nothing. start worryinf if she ever gets at least 500 comments in a video
>>1203 even the videos that did get slightly more engagement, most of the commenters didnt even mention ccc and just talked about the topic at hand. they probably dont even understand what it is. i wouldnt worry about it
can mods do something about ha sungwoon shit posting on btsg? that fag keeps posting his pics and music and i cant filter out that shit
>>1205 she's been posting him since a long time kek now you choose to complain?
wtf does this even mean
>>1207 I have no idea, I've removed the ban
>>1206 better be late than never
imma need whichever mod who's in hybeshitting get their position taken away because this is ridiculous. she clearly isnt doing her job and seeing that MOAFAGS are the ones larping and the cause of infighting in that board. they've joked about pedophilia and a trainee a member having sex with a minor yet they weren't banned. this is now my 5th time getting banned for telling her to do her fucking job
>>1214 samefag but you have moafags posting shit like this and calling us pedophiles for liking a trainee group whenever we call them out yet mods seem to be asleep. is she a fan of that group or something?
they are mentally ill im not even joking
(136.12 KB 1080x531 10901001011.jpg)
i agree with anons post. i understand we have our own containment board but the least mods can do with their privilege is check who's really causing the problem here. they shit up the thread with their larping, spamming, baiting, and weird posts joking about pedophilia regarding trainee a or whether the txt members are circumcized. mods don't even ban their baiting, here's just one example in picrel.
(47.76 KB 1080x253 019100101.jpg)
another one. baiting and larping is a serious problem over there that moafags cause but mods do nothing
>>1218 she didn't say anything wrong though, if you are over 18 you are kinda weird for being into this group of minors
>>1219 seriously can't tell anymore if this is bait yet i'll respond since we're on /site/, im 19 yet im younger than the oldest member in the group and around the same age as a couple other members so what are you talking about. ive members are underage. does that make their fans weird for liking them and enjoying their music?
>>1219 on top of the fact that the group doesnt even have any music released yet
>polluting /site/ with their autism heol please lock moapg again or keep that thread cyclical from now on. they are worse than btsg
>>1222 these aren't moas moroni
>>1220 nta but thats not a good comparison to argue against the other nona. we're only a woman-only site, and theres no reason to immediately suspect strange intentions of a woman becoming a fan of a gg after listening to their music, and hoping they will continue to release music and mvs they like with their support. note that ive actually does have music and mvs released after a debut and first comeback. and ggs often appeal more broadly to the gp or casual listeners
>>1224 *we're on a woman-only site
>>1221 except the second oldest member who’s 19 has released a song and they have tons of content showing their dance performances and them rapping/singing. they literally have more content showing their actual talent than some debited groups so what’s wrong with liking them? most of us aren’t weird, there’s one or two who ruin it by posting weird shit so you think it’s all of us
>>1226 calling underage trainee a members handsome is bannable so if you were doing that and got banned it wasn't a mistake
>>1226 maybe you're genuinely not weird but you can't call that opinion bait when it's just reasonable and common place
>>1214 modding in /hybe/ is lenient all things considered. there's a lot of underage/autism/newfag bans that could be handed out that would kill all the threads but they aren't that frequently. if you don't agree with your ban just appeal it and if you think someone's baiting or shitstiring report them. (note that things you disagree with don't necessarily mean bait)
>>1227 no one was doing that we know not to sexualize the members in anyway, even in our own thread. usually we just post cute pics of them but its moas who make it weird
>>1229 >if you think someone's baiting or shitstiring report them i was until in the middle of me reporting i got a message saying i was the one banned for sperging while the other bait poster calling us pedophiles is still roaming free
>>1228 nta they implyed that a 19 yr old in the group was a pedophile because they wore an evangelion shirt, and then made jokes about him dating and having sex with a minor the new gg serafim. how are they in a "reasonable" and "common place"?
>>1224 >note that ive actually does have music and mvs released after a debut and trainee a has song and dance covers as well as a lot of other content from their yt channel to keep the fans engaged tf? how is it such a weird phenomenon to you guys for us liking a trainee group? and i wasnt suspecting strange intentions for ive fans i think they're pretty normal and don't sexualize the girls in any way so why can't it be the same for us
>>1227 > calling underage trainee a members handsome is bannable learn the difference between complementing someone for their looks and sexualizing them. and if we're going by your logic than anyone who's calling underage wony beautiful on this site should be banned as well.
>this 15yo boys posts tiktoks of his dance covers and raps, therefore it's ok to be his fan! banned or not, you are very, very weird...
>>1235 are you clinically retarded or functionally illiterate? we are talking about this post >>1218
>>1237 someone as a person above age of 18 (presumably) calling a 13/14 year old boy handsome is creepy, sorry if you don't feel that way and don't have weird intentions but it just comes off that way. if wonyoung was 14 and her looks were talked about like that the person would get banned as well.
>>1240 nta but i’m pretty sure the youngest ones are 16, i know that doesn’t make it less weird but just to clear it up they’re not 13 or 14
>>1234 it's hard to keep up and read back all the infights in hybe threads so sometimes not everyone that deserves the ban gets it. also you can get banned for responding to the shitstirrer and encouraging the infighting to start instead of just not taking the bait
>>1241 oh my bad, i thought he was younger. either way though, refrain from calling underage idols handsome if you want to avoid getting a ban
The vast majority of non-btsg reports I receive from /hybe/ are nonsensical. Baiting and shit-stirring are not inherently against the rules until it escalates to full-blown infighting. It's great you can recognize it for what it is. Don't respond. If one of your buddies keeps responding then report both the instigator and the person giving them the incentive to continue baiting. Someone responding to the most obvious bait in the world is nearly just as much a problem as the one instigating as the latter will just ban evade to continue doing it. We go entirely off of reports for most of /hybe/. When users are just reported for saying "your mom", or get reported for typing out a dollar sign in their post as an "emoji", they get dismissed because they're absurd. There are reports for the complaints in this very thread right now as "baiting". Those all get dismissed. You're not being targeted for being called weird and you will have to deal with the fact that most users on the site think that following the every move and rumor mill of a bunch of teens, my understanding about half of them being underage, is very strange. The posts sexualizing underage idols do get permanently banned when they're actually reported, but those are often serial ban evaders.
mods, can you do something about the influx on btsg? users are constantly going off topic and refusing to integrate. btw we’ve been leaked on twt again.
(82.88 KB 919x458 998kxjj.jpg)
can you lift this ban its already been a year
>>1249 i suspect its the moacripples causing off topic posting
>>1251 i think so but there is an influx of newfags asking about stuff, not integrating or indulging in ot debates. moacripples definitely brought up the circumcision topic
>>1249 >btw we’ve been leaked on twt again how do you know? do you have a screenshot?
>>1249 it's a containment board they wont do anything
>>1249 try bullying them
>>1253 just search on twt
>>1256 there are more newfags then the old posters at this point and they keep spoonfeeding or throwing fits
>>1257 i did and there was nothing new so what are you talking about
>>1259 someone posted it on an acc called btstarot
>>1260 yes and it hasn't gotten any likes or interactions whatsoever in 1.5 month moroni, now stop camping in here as if anyone cares what happens to your shit thread
>>1261 keep seething dumbass, there were screenshots posted on other accounts too and some of us on btsg reported them, looks like they are gone now. we can report an influx if they are not integrating so shove it where the sun doesn’t shine
i just got banned for using “hahaha” what the fuck?
>>1263 what do you mean?
>>625 >mods and janitors can not see IP addresses doesnt it say in your rules that mods can though?
(75.17 KB 824x684 3.png)
>>1265 No, it sure doesn't say that anywhere and it says the exact opposite in the FAQ if you'd bothered to read it properly.
(252.05 KB 1440x622 IMG_20220509_165655-1-1.jpg)
what was my ass banned for? it says autoban, for WHAT?
(294.28 KB 1564x671 IMG_20220509_165858-2.jpg)
>>1270 samefag, this was my last post. was it that egregious?
>>1271 You must've posted something that triggered the autoban. No worries, it catches people it shouldn't sometimes. Just appeal and it'll get lifted. I've lifted yours now.
>>1270 >>1271 Auto ban means it was the system that automatically banned you and not a human. You probably used a phrase or symbol that's in the autoban list. Next time just e-mail us with your ban ID and it'll get lifted.
>>1272 >>1273 thank you, that's helpful, it'll probably help out other posters too
Too many threads are stuck on autosage, it’s most of /kpop/ and /ot/. Can the bump limit be raised back to 1000 as well?
>>1312 >most of kpop and ot >theres one thread on ot thats bump locked ????
>>1312 It's fixed now. Shinee thread can be bumped again as well, to the anons asking in another thread.
are the old themes gone forever?
>>1314 I meant post limit, but the autosage portion rang true >>1315 Thank you.
>>1316 No, they're just out of order right now because I need to fix their codes. They'll be back in a bit.
is there any way we can make it so that if the image you're posting doesn't upload, the accompanying text won't get posted by itself? sometimes when i try to post a gif the upload won't work - because they're too big, i assume - and only the caption will get posted and not make sense. not sure if it's feasible but if there's any way we could be notified that something can't be uploaded, that would be amazing
>>1319 >if there's any way we could be notified that something can't be uploaded, that would be amazing that does happen. but what you’re posting are webps, and this ib isn’t optimized for those
>>1320 webps? i must not have noticed, my bad. thank you for explaining
can the useless threads be deleted? they're not going to have any more than like 20 posts anyways
>>1383 mind your own business
>>1384 i'm asking the admin, not your commoner ass
>>1383 not an admin but if no one post in them they're going to be deleted anyway so just don't mind them for now
(80.58 KB 2828x266 post.png)
why was this post banned? i get that she was being annoying but it wasn't against the rules as far as i can tell. i don't think just having a retarded opinion should be enough to get you banned
can you please move the idols being cringey, bad dancing thread, and the unflattering photos archive back to /kpop/ i think they deserve to be there
>>1393 Why? Lqk serves as a board for archiving threads as well as bad/lq threads.
>>1393 >>1394 idols being cringy, bad dancing and singing thread should be on /kpop/ because there is a little more than just pic/video posting there
>>1395 also because idols singing live ans idols trying too hard to be sexy and other similar ones are still on /kpop/ so it will be hard to remember which thread is on which board
seventeen thread should be on hybe. i know theres dst drama about it, but they are objectively a hybe group and people should be less rarded about it
>>1397 No.
>>1395 kpop unmasked feels out of place in lqk too because it's more discussion and sperging based
>>1400 that ones on there because it’s bad
wilson thread should be back on /kpop/ as it is a thoroughly researched labour of love and is very important for cultural preservation. it is infinitely more important than Aespa vs Blackpink vs Itzy Shitflighting General Part #182: No MY Unnie Is This Gen's It Girl Electric Boogaloo
board owner why did you ignore my question :(
>>1395 >>1396 >>1400 Will discuss this and what threads go where with the rest of staff over the week. It’s a new board and needs some time to settle with rules and direction but I’m taking your suggestions into account. >>1403 Great points made but I’m afraid I’ll have to reject this application for now. Try again in 7 business days. >>1405 What question?
can you please hide /tin/
>>1409 seconding this, tin being in plain view will only create more traffic and trouble like the ssng thread, it should stay hidden
>>1409 >>1410 We are trying it as a public board for a bit. If it bothers you on the overboard we have filters for that.
just curious, i thought tin was a hidden board, why did you choose to make it public?
>>1412 nvm you answered the question already ignore
yes finally thank you for making tin public
>>1393 >>1395 seconding this please move them back to /kpop/ we need at least some funny threads there
>>1415 use both boards???
can you please capitalize the board names for /tin/ and /lqk/ on the boards page? so instead of >/tin/ - tinfoil >/lqk/ - lqk which is how it looks right now, it'll be: >/tin/ - Tinfoil >/lqk/ - LQK all of the older boards have capitalized names, like >/ot/ - Off Topic >/kpop/ - Kpop General and it'll look better if the boards are capitalized consistently.
>>1418 we love an ocd queen
>>1421 kek
>>1406 >What question? >>1391 i'm asking because it's not the only time someone has been banned despite not actually breaking any rules
>>1419 >>1420 I’m not moving threads just because you would enjoy them more on a different board for arbitrary reasons. >>1424 I ignored it because I’m not heavily involved with moderation. Admin or one of the mods would be better suited to answer that question.
mods would you consider changing the title of the jpop thread to japanese entertainment general? i feel like it would have better engagement that way and most of us talk about other j-ent stuff in there anyways.
>>1391 This anon has been permabanned multiple times and we have reason to believe that it's actually a man. >>1427 Done, though we can't edit the name field so that still says it's the jpop general.
>>1428 thank you, appreciate it
>>1411 ntayrt but if you ever do consider in the future to make tin a private board again that would be great thanks
delete charts thread juseyo
>>1433 seconding this
>>1433 >>1434 It’s on the correct board why would it be deleted? Because you personally don’t like it? I hope you can understand in the future that this isn’t how this board is run so you don’t waste your time asking these questions here.
>>1435 GET their whiny asses
mog thread was a staple just like the cringe thread in /kpop/. idgi moving all catalog to a new board mixing threads that have some content with others that are just husbando pic spam. are you ok?
mods i made a typo in a thrrad's op i think i self reported it but not sure if it did work, could you please delete it so i can post it again?
>>1442 Could you explain to me why you think that thread belongs on /kpop/ which is centered around general discussion for kpop groups and not on the board for more arbritray opinion threads where the posting quality is sketchy at best? Anything other than "it's a staple", "i like it better on there", "it's always been on there" would be appreciated.
>>1443 *thread im so sorry ahhh
>>1443 I edited the typo, I'm leaving it up since there's already posts in the thread
>>1446 thanks nonita bella
board owner I know you want it. close ot for a week
>>1444 if you can allow the underrated l/ controversial visuals thread in /kpop/ then you can allow others back
reeeeeee why did you move overrated idols thread to lqk
>>1452 can you not scroll up and see the answers board owner gave to multiple similar questions
>>1451 what a horrid argument kek they probably just haven’t gotten around to moving it yet but i’m sure this post will make them move it so you played yourself
(3.64 KB 220x145 33333.png)
Quick update on the global rules We added a rule that no irl porn is allowed to be posted on any board. This includes lookalike and deepfake porn. Porn centered threads will be deleted from now on and posting it will earn you a 5 day ban. I've also made /tin/ a hidden board again. Missing themes are back tomorrow.
>>1457 bless
>>1457 im good with this rule, kind of lc, right? happy about dark theme coming back
kind of like*
when you guys ban someone, can you explain why
>>1457 based
>>1457 yesss ilysm
when someone gets banned and you get that text box saying 'appeal your ban' - does anyone actually read what is sent in there? cause i've wrote some absolute bullshit there. not a complaint, just curious
>>1465 appeal your ban means you're supposed to write why you think you don't deserve the ban. and yes mods read it
>>1466 i am so sorry mods
Can we have hag autocorrect to queen please? It doesn't have to last forever, but hag is being used like how newfag used to and this might help israelites integrate better
will you ever reconsider allowing txt banners that aren't bean?
why was the hybeshitting thread deleted?
>>1500 Sorry, I think I deleted this and btsg by accident...feel free to make a new one.
why do threads have to lock after 1010 posts instead of just not being bumped anymore (until they eventually get deleted). sometimes arguments are brought into new threads because they were locked out of replying in the old one
>>1502 They were supposed to auto lock originally but never did. ventually we figured out the issue and it fixed itself.
>>1503 thanks i hate it
>>1501 oh ok, i wasnt sure if it was like hybeshitting was no longer allowed thing or what. thanks!
>>1502 >>1504 have you considered not posting on hybe? i think that could fix your problem. hope this helps
>>1506 i didn't need to consider it since i'm talking about dst but thanks
can mods please stop banning shitposting in the dumbass shit thread, please? it's not the first time and it's getting ridiculous. at this point they're literally permabanning for not breaking any rules and just because they felt like it. >"hmmm i don't like this post" >*deletes a post* >"hmm i don't like this post" >*permabans* it's so chaotic and volatile. some really questionable posts i've seen are okay and some are not as if mods roll a dice on what to get mad about today. it gets really hard to shitpost when your ip's fate depends on some janny's mood on that day. at least give temporary bans for shitposts and jokes you didn't like, long but expiring bans. don't just call everyone schizo and permaban. thank you
>>1508 i think most of the time they have other reasons to do it since they can see that poster's history butttt i asked here >>1461 if they can at least give a reason because to us it just looks like they're being banned despite not breaking any rules
>>1509 it was my one and only post in several hours. i didn't start any fight, i wasn't "annoying" (some jannies use this exact excuse to ban), i wasn't baiting, wasn't racebaiting, wasn't talking anything bad/criticizing about ggs (another popular topic people get banned for), wasn't saying anything hiv/tin worthy. i made a shitpost about fags and boom, i'm "schizo" and permabanned (without appeal). mods need to unclench and stop being trigger happy
>>1510 yeah i agree
>>1510 you were probably sounding like schizo who frequently talks about gays in that manner
>>1513 if she's not schizo, as seen by her post history, and isn't breaking any rules, then there's no reason to ban her
>>1514 sometimes people use vpns and dont have a post history
>>1515 well then the ban is still unwarranted
>>1516 no it's not, if you sound deranged like schizo you get schizo treatment
>>1517 nona says she just made a shitpost about fags
>>1507 have you considered not posting on dst? that could fix the problem. hope this helps
Not this anon >>1510 but I also noticed that the staff can be ban-happy on multiple occasions. You have good rules, enforce them truthfully. Don't ban those who are not breaking the site's rules. It's an imageboard so Poe's law will be at play. Please clearly specify which rule was broken while banning someone.
(12.02 KB 1043x100 unknown.png)
>>1508 >>1510 I'll lift the ban but if you don't want to get treated like schizo then don't post like her. If I saw this I would think it's her and based on the thread's reaction they also thought it was her. I'm sure you've been around long enough to know how she posts by now. >>1516 If you post exactly like schizo with no previous post history it's extremely suspicous and absolutely warrants a ban, though this is probably not the case in this instance.
>>1521 the nonas are shit detectives they think everyone is schizo
>>1522 do you know who schizo is
>>1521 christ....
>>1523 do YOU know who schizo is
>>1525 yes but clearly you don't because otherwise you'd know about her obsession with prolapsed assholes
>>1526 so a girl can't mention prolapsed assholes even once? at least make it two strikes and you're out
>>1521 based, thank you. also thank you to all the girlies who vouched for me
>>1519 do you have an issue? have you considered minding your own business and growing up? that could fix your problem. hope this helps
>>1529 mad as hell
>>1535 bitter janny
Is there a reason mp4 limitations have changed? I tested with my usual settings and it’s been unsuccessful every time. >original save, mp4, 889 KB, unknown codec A file had a format that is not allowed by the server. >resave, mp4, 3.7mb, H.265/HEVC loads to 4%, connection fails >resave, mp4, 4mb, H.264/AVC A file had a format that is not allowed by the server. The final setting is usually what works for me, but as of this past week I’ve been met with a “not allowed by the server” message. What are the new specifications?
can the mods of /hybe/ consider limiting trainee a as a topic until they debut or have some content as an official group. their posters seem mostly underage and constantly shit up threads and cause infighting, and they’re not even an actual group yet not to mention a bunch of minors so it doesn’t really make sense for them to have an entire thread
>>1545 the board needs more moderation in general tbh there’s so much twtfaggotry infighting pedoshit and underage shit lately that goes on for entire threads. some posters straight up refuse to integrate
>>1545 they have an insane amount of predebut content so i don’t see the problem in it. not all of the group are minors too
can the tin woosan thread be moved to lqk
why did I get banned for 4 days after getting redtexted to "integrate" when what I was banned for didn't go against the rules, are your jannies so retarded that they first of all ban someone for 4 days, and second not check someone's post history to see if they're a newfag? and your appeal should have a window to actually write something but it's not working for phoneposters so if you hit me with another ban for "ban evasion" u can suck your mom
>>1567 all the more reason to ban you for not integrating if you're supposedly not new
>>1540 I don't have any issues uploading mp4s and we haven't changed anything as far as I know, I'll let board owner know. >>1545 >>1546 We're looking into opening applications for hybe/kpop janitors soon so hopefully we can get some new ones that'll help. >>1552 The OP wanted it on /tin/ so it can stay there. >>1567 >and second not check someone's post history to see if they're a newfag? I just did, and there's nothing there except for a few months old posts which is normally an indication of a VPN or someone new using that IP. Doesn't really make you seem like you've been here before. >and your appeal should have a window to actually write something but it's not working for phoneposters It does, and I just tested it myself. Your appeal actually came through, you just didn't bother to backspace the "write your appeal" text. >u Also, >I abide by lc rules This is a different site.
>>1569 do you know what integrating means aspie-chan even so newfags retardedness shouldn't end up in 5 day bans >>1570 my ban didn't break the rules and clearly that statement wasn't serious as was rest of the posts the first ban didn't state any reason either and I did backspace there was nothing there for me.
since my post was so serious as my statement about following lc rules you can also take my very serious request of sucking my left tit
>>1571 do you know what integrating means? if you’re the anon i think you are then your post sounded like retarded twitterfag yass clapback shit kek
>lc transplants continuing to be schizo on meta no matter the site daebak it’s like being back home
>>1573 shit if that low effort shitpost sounded like a twitterfag jannies should also learn how to lurk moar with the ban reason they gave >learn how we type here >.< the typing niggas have arrived fresh off the boat from twitter
>>1574 ur all from the uretus of lc show some respect ccc-spermoid
>>1579 did you get banned for typing like a 12 year old sperg on there and that’s why you’re shitting up this place now?
>>1581 why are u minimodding what's it got to do with u lol u got alot to say just apply to be a janny
>>1582 you type like you’re poor and write letters to death row inmates jsyk
>>1583 okay its either that, a 12 year old sperg or a twitterfag you pick ur poison retard if ur pitiful enough to start derailing a meta thread then u can also become a penpal to a prisoner today as well mayhaps start with ur missing father
what causes an autoban? i have received automatic bans while making completely normal posts. i am confused about why this occurs
>>1591 You typed in something that triggered it, just appeal it and it'll get lifted.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 09/05/2022 (Mon) 12:21:01.
why did i get banned for spacing but not the post i replied to that had the same spacing
>>1597 throwing your fellow poster under the bus like this
>>1598 i'm genuinely kinda offended rn
>>1599 you got your wish
should lqk become a hidden board on overboard like tin? but it would still remain visible on the boards page of ccc. i dont overall have any problems with lqk or the idea behind lqk, it's just that even if someone hides every husbando thread currently on overboard, overboard ends up being shortened compared to what it was before.
>>1610 agreed
>>1610 also agreed
can i make a pro-ana thread please
no, stay gone.
>>1618 not board owner/admin/mod but i can answer this for you: no
>>1618 just go to twitter nona
>>1619 hide it if you don't want to see it. i can make it on the hidden board
>>1621 read survey results babe


no cookies?