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Western Celebrities Thread Anonymous 04/02/2022 (Sat) 13:48:16 No. 993484
discuss or sperg anything about western celebrities here
(980.10 KB 220x264 elijahpetty-azealia-banks.gif)
>>993484 BASADA
good threadpic
did nicki peg ariana?
>>993484 someone recommended azealia banks to me and i must say she has some absolute bangers
i lov poldano
girlies are we ready for bjork and anya taylor joy in the new rob eggers viking flick im shivering and quivering with excitement
>>993552 are we getting a return of actress bjork? why the fuck is this my first time hearing about it
>>993559 indeed, i think she’s some type of shaman character. she’s in the trailer
>>993484 incredibly based threadpic. first for timothee
>>993588 his pale emaciated torso makes me feral unironically
>>993552 had no idea about this but i saw the trailer and im interested
>>993603 i loved the vvitch and the lighthouse so i think it’ll be kino. i think rob eggers is the best of the crop of a24 horror directors. & i love the actors he chooses to work with
>>993588 i watched little women just for him
i can’t take it anymore girlies i need to hug his cute fat belly
(54.14 KB 750x928 yfhm6mibjdo81.jpg)
vamps we are here
i like harry's latest song
here for my wpop wife can't wait for the re-recording of speak now
goodnight girlies i’m going to try to conjure up a dream about paul dano being a local drugstore employee and making wild animalistic love under the fluorescent lights <3
way back i had a light crush on cillian murphy, and i like his voice
>>997028 he is very cute
>>993552 yes bitch yes
>>993552 they creep me out, not because of looks tho
>>993512 he cute >>997028 he also cute
we need to christen this thread with the one and only
(276.94 KB 596x696 Batmanyaoi.jpg)
paul dano sisters have a treat
>>997612 riddler is a cute masochist
>>996927 i’m kinda nervous for it, speak now is so perfect and i think she might ruin it
the grammys were boring
>>996927 oh i love her. speak now is my favourite of hers im excited to hear how she has re recorded it especially dear john i feel like the emotion was so raw back then
i knew she wouldn’t win but i wish taylor had won for evermore. the songs are that album are so beautiful like champagne problems, right where you left me and especially willow, it’s one of her best albums imo
(99.53 KB 1200x900 2400.jpg)
finally finished the kanye doc. part 3 was a bit all over the place but i can't blame coodie for that. i wish we saw more of the recording side of things though. it was cool to see the behind on the kids see ghosts sessions - i'd love a doc about cudi too btw netflix pls read this part 1 and 2 are more inspirational than any shitty self help book i've slogged through. the american dream is a load of bollocks, but kanye's story is probably the closest you'll get to someone achieving it. it made me want to believe in myself. also the scenes with donda were incredibly touching. made me cry a lot. you can tell just how much he loved her, and i think her death is the one thing that truly fucked him up. i love kanye. i think everyone should at least watch the first episode. (also he was so handsome when he was younger. still is, but wow. he had me twirling my hair and kicking my legs in the air at some scenes.)
>>1001596 yes agreed, willow is one of her best songs by far
>>1001620 thanks for sharing your thoughts, nona. i want to watch too. i think kanye is fucked up & i hate how he treats women, but i do think he’s undeniably immensely musically talented and i’ve always weirdly respected the way he respects and esteems himself. it’s aspirational in a way to me. i would like to feel that level of confidence and pride in myself and my work.
>>1001765 i get that, as a fan it's hard to forgive his porn addiction and the way he treated kim like a doll. i still think there's a lot to learn from him in terms of attitude though. he's never been overconfident imo; he just recognises his own ability.
(378.51 KB 1644x2048 FPgrpnvWQAEVydO.jpg)
clean sweep
>>1002264 deserve! congrats to the duo. i’m surprised their whole album wasn’t nominated. it’s been overplayed everywhere the whole year but their song sounds definitely magical and sonically interesting
i love paul dano
jodie comer is so fucking gorgeous
lover is taylor’s worst album
(1.31 MB 1344x1078 jodie.png)
>>1007671 jodiesis... she's so attractive
paul franklin dano
>>1063719 wtf hes showing a little bone structure in this photo
>>1050097 agree but some of the songs from lover are my favourite like daylight. as a whole it’s her worst
>>1063882 kinda disturbing isn’t it
(383.93 KB 864x578 letterboxd-FRUNnhhVIAIQ_eD.png)
we are so excited
>>1077029 i had no idea greta gerwig was directing this, now im excited
(24.66 KB 349x450 yearbook.jpg)
seth's memoir was hands down the most entertaining audiobook i have ever listened to. over 80 people worked on it and it feels like a movie. my favorite chapter was when he talked about his friendship with kanye. and maybe also when he met up with tom cruise. overall a nice thing to listen to when you're on a roadtrip or cleaning the house or need a pick-me-up
looking back, why did dawn fm get so much hate? it's a solid album and wasn't drastically different than what you'd expect from the weeknd
speak your truth old man
(6.86 MB 1032x596 b1gfjYmtATa0aBAy_1032x596.mp4)
why doesn't mick jagger have his lips anymore. where did they go
>>1161946 you lose facial fat with age
>>1158266 thanks for the thread. i will never understand femoids standing with depp. even if he isn't an abuser he's still a disgusting creepy typical ugly ass moid
>>1158266 he's literally on trial now and was on cross examination. not a shitty twitter post, a cross examination that was broadcasted to the world. Yet they had nothing but shitty text messages to confront him with. Amber on the other hand is not fucking injured the dates she said she was, was "r worded" with a bottle but never went to the doctors. she took pictures of everything except for her injuries. she took picture of a mirror but didn't take a picture of herself in the mirror despite being beat up. Fuck that.
>>1165227 uri little lost boy just wants to crayon in peace!!
>>1165227 youre stupid and fat
>>1165227 are you from kpopmeme? i remember seeing an insufferable poster there too who wouldnt shut up when defending jd
>>1165227 depp doesn't bathe regularly and his teeth look disgusting
>>1165405 nta but alogging is allowed here? interesting
>>1165726 are you gonna tell the teacher on us
>>1165726 yes it is. go back
sickening the way deep reacted to being recorded. anyone who has been in an abusive relationship or grew up with abusive people can recognize how shitty he must have been
>>1166915 never been in an abusive relationship myself but grew up in a household where one parent was an alcoholic and abusive to the other and..yeah just watching him storming around slamming things made me feel that same anxiety. an unpredictable alcoholic man is scary as shit
>>1165227 you're brave and i respect you nona
did amber really lie about donating all the money? does anyone have a thread debunking the updated depp's version of the story?
>>1167821 yep. people who don't pay attention to any of the details just blindly support her cause she's a woman. i did too back when the allegations first came out, i believed her. but this trial convinced me that she fucked him over and accuses him of things he never heard. and i believe not because of i like him better, but his evidence versus her lack of evidence, her admitting to lying both in the voice memos and in court "i said i donated the 7 mil but actually i have not yet"
>>1167816 this is an anonymous site and i couldn't care less about some obese nobody telling me to kms because they're excited about defending gold digger amber.
>>1168125 kekeke
>>1168125 kek get her
>>1168124 the ACLU said that she they established a donation plan together where she was actually ahead of schedule until the whole lawsuit started and she had to stop her payments to pay for lawyer fees. ACLU never said she didn't pay or wasn't going to pay. you're trolling and being a retard who hasn't actually read anything let alone the facts and it's a bit sad anons are so quick to fall for you
>>1169546 nta but you don't understand how pledges work. it was never going to be a lump sum because she wasn't getting a lump sum from depp.
>>1169581 no one cares she said she donated it and she didn't and she admitted to it. that's lying.
>>1169581 oh and it's not like she paid ANYTHING to the charities. she paid 0 dollars. so your argument's kaput
>>1170555 i mean there is record of her donating money in her name but under one of Elon musks bank accounts. does that mean she didn’t pay anything at all? there’s a thank you note she received for donating 350k. the claim is that musk paid for it all but under her name not that nothing was paid ever at all…
>>1170649 the point is she's a liar because she said she donated 7 million and she has yet to do that. and she said said she couldn't donate it because depp sued her. that means she's using the money on her legal team and won't pay it. if she wins the trial she has to but i hope she won't. her crocodile tears can't fool me.
she treats her supporters like the braindead fucks they are https://youtu.be/MAIjaQCgU1E
>>1170840 she never said she would pay in a lump sum? she just said she would pay 7 million and had started making payments under her name. you can't call her a liar for something that was never claimed. you have a really naive sense of how finances work and how donations/pledges work. >said she couldnt donate because depp sued her >means shes using the money i mean... it IS her money. she pledged to donate it and she had started donating but at the end of the day it is her money and if she has to use it to defend herself in lengthy legal battles then that's her right kek. what are you even trying to argue? that she wasn't abused by him because you think she lied about money? that depp lost money because of her? because she allegedly lied about money? >shes horrible she didnt PAY the FULL SUM >i hope she loses and goes broke so these charities never get anything like what. you're psychotic
>>1170886 she's a rich millionaire actress if she wanted to donate money she could but she didn't
>>1170888 her net worth is 2.7 million. she wasn't a very popular actress and her biggest deal was aquaman which she had literally JUST gotten when depp started suing her. you know nothing about this case besides the dumbshit you watch on youtube and tiktok kekekek
>>1170886 i hope she loses because i don't believe she was abused. there's pics of her 1 day after the dates she said she was abused and she doesn't even seem injured at all. and she's so confrontational in the recordings that there's no way she'd leave out the fact that she was r worded with a bottle but complain about how he spilled wine on her three times in a row. i mean you're a minority that believes into her bs. i don't want a not guilty man, a brilliant actor to vanish from they industry because this gold digger played him. i hope those charities get donated anyway, but my priority is justice. idk why you'd believe her cause she's not convincing at all but go ahead.
>>1170893 ironically depp got her that role
>>1170893 oh nooo she only had 2 million dollars?? how could she afford food or rent? people who make 20,000 a year still find the time to do charitable things yet she does nothing
>>1170893 >her net worth is 2.7 million >believes everything she reads on google nothing further your honor
im confused what this whole donation thing has to do with her being raped and abused by johnny
>>1170902 >>1170903 >>1170904 >1170907 jesus you're so fucking cringe and moronic. stop samefagging with the same retarded arguments that have been disproven 200 times. > i don't want a not guilty man, a brilliant actor to vanish from they industry because this gold digger played him. tells me all i need to know about you kek. go outside and stop seething and shidding your pants all over this thread because one corner of the internet doesn't agree with your braindead opinion.
>>1170908 it proves that she's a liar. saying she did something and then admitting she didn't.
>>1170917 uh.... okay
>>1170917 >literally ignores how people tell you you're wrong >has no proof >has no solid arguments ay dios just give it up
>>1170915 so many gorgeous talented women in hollywood and you simp over the bedshitting racist abuser kek
>>1170915 im in awe of your retardedness and wonder how much more i can dig out. turns out its limitless when you're a braindead feminist. go ahead. you're right, i won't be arguing with you anymore because you're set to hate him and no evidence will change that. sad.
>retardedness i think the word you're looking for is retardation
i know amber is a narcissist and i hope she loses. but now im worried about men comparing women to amber every time women just come off strong/defensive. im not very sure if its just me over thinking
confused, are we not supposed to talk about the case?
>>1170925 >>1170927 >>1177057 I don't have a dog in this fight but what is this ban for? Are people not allowed to have an opinion on this case?
>>1177087 no depp defending
>>1177081 >>1177087 not to minimod but i think its pretty clear that depp shouldnt be defended here as majority of the women on ccc are either radleaning or hold a gender critical stance. twitter is a great place for depp supporters to go as there are many of them there
>>1177087 just invites infighting and brings forth gems such as >braindead feminist
>>1177096 atp after the public cross examination i think there are depp supporters pretty much everywhere
>>1177290 they were everywhere before and i watched the cross exam and still think he’s a lying abuser so now what? just drop it and go to Twitter or Reddit or Facebook or tiktok or 4chan or even lolcow. You have so many options where you can be annoying on please don’t hold back
>>1177999 i was just saying theyre everywhere.. kek
>>1179119 >after the cross exam implying they werent being obnoxious all over the place before that. you're not subtle
>>1179125 yeah because thats the truth? the case got more popular and people siding differently after it got public is what i meant
>>1179143 sure ok
yeah so this dropped recently
>>1179412 well pick it back up
>>1179412 amish
(36.88 KB 1169x645 20220621_162305.jpg)
well, it's ogre. i always supported normani from the beginning, even back in her 5h days and she decides to star in chris brown's new music video essentially as a video vixen and kiss him. i don't understand what happened. it's been alnost 4 years and we still don't have an album. when the nation jokingly asked about the direction her career, she replied back in a defensive manner. i always wanted the best for her but my support for her ends here. going as far to uplift fans of that abusive scrote and ignoring how her fans feel is a slap in the face to her fanbase
>>1248166 sad. theres people who spend energy nitpicking fujos or whatever trivial thing instead of spending that time trying to run chris brown off of all social media
normani we freaking dropped you
(50.52 KB 680x680 FbTNZmuXoAA_tLA.jpg)
>>993484 taylor is dropping her 10th album on oct 21
>>1562507 i’m so excited for this. i’ve been listening to evermore and folklore a lot recently and i realised that’s the kind of music i like from her, but i’m excited to see what she brings
>>1248166 this still makes me so upset, it doesn’t seem like she’s dropping her album either, wild side was supposed to be her lead single and who knows what happened
>>1562507 we should listen to it together
>>1564283 imagine having all those industry giants putting you on, supporting you, even supporting ariana grande (at her peak) when she was on tour and… still not doing anything? She had a start many women in the industry wish for. So much wasted potential with Normani. I was a fan and was looking forward to her debut but I’ve come to realise that it is her fans that want her to be the next black superstar, Normani is perfectly fine being an influencer/socialite.
is this the beginning of harrys downfall? praying
>>1601360 god i hope so i can’t stand that man
>>1601360 i hate that he turned out to be such a desperate attention whore
>>993484 Ariana is releasing two more perfumes this winter
>>1652256 oh intriguing, i have cloud and i really like it more than some of the more expensive ones i own
(109.59 KB 828x800 FczR3dsXwAE5Z4J.jpg)
thick is out, skinny is in (never really left)
>>1653619 sa shes slim here but u guys get what i mean.
>>1653619 >>1653623 isn't it in to be skinny-thick
>>1653898 nta its going out of trend here. being skinny, not even slim thick is coming into trend again. i mean skinny has always the ideal standard but you get what i mean
>>1653967 in burgerland? cause in europe its still a trend to be skinny-thick
>>1653979 in burgerland, yes. even in my part of burgerland where being thicker is nore embraced, i've seen it. a lot of zoomers have lost weight to become thin or are on skinnier side and celebs are losing weight. celebs like doja, lori harvey, and kim k and khloe have become thinner
>>1653619 i saw someone say she looks anorexic which seems dumb considering her arms and legs look pretty much the same size. she looks maybe a few pounds lighter but it is a fact that bigger boobs make you look heavier than you actually are imo especially if they sag a bit (as they do) so obviously it'd give the illusion of massive weight loss if you get rid of those
>>1654030 >>1654056 i'm curious how long the trend remains, for example if a famous singer is going to be skinny-thick again then it will be famous again
>>1654094 it's considered to be more high fashion to have a sort of waif like silhouette. i don't think skinny-thick ever caught on in those fashion circles and we all know the kardashians really tried it with vogue and all that kek think the celebs that are becoming thinner are just trying to elevate their look into something hollywood considers "classier"
>>1654129 yes true but to me the kardashians have always been thick instead of skinny-thick and yes if you are thinner then it seems classic in hollywood and the world i guess
i thought this was a super light skin / albino black woman at first kek
>>1562507 apparently it’s going to be 70’s inspired, anticipating
i love azealia banks i feel like she'd fit in perfectly here tbh
https://youtu.be/qExVlz3zb0k liked the song but didnt care much for the video
>>1654661 this woman is deranged
streets say rihanna in november
>>1729471 i'll believe it when i hear it
>>1729471 honestly not even anticipating anymore. if she drops music then great i don’t expect it
rumor that olivia is releasing something before the year ends
>According to reliable insider, Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' sound a bit like 'Melodrama' by Lorde, and says it has an experimental and alternative pop production. this is a big win for me
>>1788598 melodrama was good way better than solar power, green light was a brilliant single sound wise i am excited!! maybe shell release something that finally tops style for me
>>1789272 style is my favorite too, 1989 in general is my favorite album of hers
>>1789515 based us
>>1790477 hell yeah the greatest thing harold's ever done for music is be taylor's best muse
thoughts on taylor’s new album? i do like it but for me it’s not her best. still good though as expected
>fiesta single is gonna be anti-hero
>>1798516 the only songs i like are karma and mastermind.
rhino wants to watch anime on his bday fucking weeb
>>1811360 >>1811368 you're not in dst my sister
>>1811357 i do like karma. i’m disappointed but oh well she has a ton of other great songs to listen to it’s not like blackpink where they have a limited discography
https://youtu.be/H1_icnjg6MY new sigrid snoozer and i take this opportunity to post these of hers https://youtu.be/4j7LGMc9ZGU https://youtu.be/1uHt2LrCSWg and her most known one https://youtu.be/cIriwVhRPVA
new taylor just dropped https://youtu.be/b7QlX3yR2xs
its lame as fuck that taylor gave in to hamplanets. she shouldve never removed that scene.
>>1812475 i like sigrid, i discovered her because of skam and i was obsessed with dont kill my vibe
(28.61 KB 432x572 Capture.JPG)
>>1823615 ayrt taylor had a scene in anti-hero that was about her body dysmorphia that she had during her ED. despite being skinny as fuck she "looked" fat. in the mv she stepped on a scale and it read 'fat'. fat activists accused her of marginalizing fat people & she removed it
(61.13 KB 640x1057 un60exgb1vx91.jpg)
>>1844838 i believe him
>>1836061 i dont believe him
>>1844872 >taylor is mtf back to vc with you
(102.27 KB 905x905 Fgsi5EAWIAEcbb2.jpg)
(194.71 KB 640x1333 image.jpg)
>>1846008 >>1846009 the most upsetting thing about this is that no one really disliked meg until she came forward and said tory lanez shot her. then suddenly she was public enemy number one i would maybe, maybe, maybe understand the people against her if she was accusing an actually talented rapper of shooting her. i'd still be on her side, but i'd sort of understand the animosity. but tory lanez has never released a good song in his fucking life. people will really just ride for anyone if they've hurt a black woman
(1.00 MB 576x576 7162946940546649345.mp4)
(207.14 KB 640x1156 ih7gufmbd8y91.jpg)
>>1861481 >Francia Raisa comments "Interesting" on Selena Gomez saying Taylor Swift is her only real friend in the industry, also unfollows
(127.05 KB 960x745 bj3h81p01fy91.jpg)
(98.82 KB 640x828 1667952693740.jpg)
they just let anybody be a model (if they're kamala's daughter)
>>1861481 the social worker is the one at fault here also sleena wasnt going to stab her and get that kidney she agreed to it herself
>>1862918 sa if the social worker was the one that disclosed that information without the donors consent
>>1862918 yeah but why would she not call her a friend after doing that for her, i thought the quote was just taken out of context until she doubled down like a bitch. also it's one thing to agree to get tested to see if you're even a match and it's another thing entirely to make the decision to be a donor. and the doctors are at fault for letting selena know before francia made the final decision (which is a hipaa violation) but selena is the one who called her and told her to her face and i think she's old enough to know that she was pressuring her she just didn't care cause she's used to using people and getting special treatment. doesn't mean francia wouldn't still donate either way it just says a lot about selena, who btw still continued drinking after getting a kidney transplant
it's weird how it hardly crosses anybodys mind that the reason the doctor viloated that code is because selena must have bribed him to do so. do you think he's such a big fan of her that he did that for nothing? of course she paid him. and when she called "omo we're a match, now i don't have to die!" how the hell was a "friend" supposed to say no? usually the donation process with psychologists goes on for weeks, while francia had to do everything in a day. she even wrote a fucking will... and now twitter is called her a fake friend who did everything for clout, so sickening.
(287.43 KB 640x897 1668431335466.jpg)
azealia going off again damn i didn't know kanye's mom died from complications of plastic surgery that's fucked
>>1878244 once again most of what she's saying is absolutely correct but damn she just signed a major label contract for the first time in almost a decade... i appreciate her for speaking her mind but at the same time i don't want her to fuck up another chance at success just because she chose to involve herself in something that doesn't have anything to do with her
>>1878244 >damn i didn't know kanye's mom died from complications of plastic surgery it wasn’t even mere “complications”, his mother was wrongfully served by a negligent surgeon and was a victim. that doctor ignored what was wrong with her and essentially let her die on the table. everything ab said was right though


no cookies?