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copypasta thread Anonymous 04/08/2021 (Thu) 17:29:12 No. 93158
how about a thread so we can save copypastas for easy access? I'll start: my poor meow meow...my baby my little baby who hurt so much but treats people with nothing but kindness forgive me for not being able to do more..i tried my best i really did..
Edited last time by REDACTED on 05/11/2021 (Tue) 14:31:37.
baby cows are so sweet...cow hybrid jimin w the prettiest big eyes that tear up when his soft tits are milked and his voice pitching up high when someone reaches down to touch his cute little cock bc he doesn't deserve it but it takes the edge off
You guys I just spent like 3 hours going into a rabbit hole of Lucas’s family and I am numb. His aunts and cousins, his former classmates his mom and dad. Its so insane how normal his family is right down to the family members posting blurry terrible pictures of family get togethers on facebook and those cheesy "happy holidays" stickers that glitter. Its surreal to me that just around 6 years ago Lucas was a little child in Korea with the most normal mom dad and aunties visiting his grandmother eating fucking ice cream. One different move and there would be no Lucas as we know him at all. Lucas has never been more real to me and I hate it. I regret ever being a fucking online stalker. I have no idea how sasaengs function once they know a little bit more about these people and the illusion of glamor fades once you know that they have the same pudgy relatives that you do. Its just another human being not anymore interesting or awful than yourself. Have any of you ever had a "reality check" like this? Stanning people is a mistake you guys. All the mystery and the idea that somehow these people are amazing or awful is just an illusion. Whether we are siting here and hating them or loving them or speculating on their lives it's all meaningless. It's crazy and I do have a brain and I know this logically but its different to have it slap you in the face. I feel like celebrities must think we are literally insane for even caring enough about them to pay for 20 albums in an off chance that we have 2 minutes to speak to them. Idols especially do everything in their power to create this illusion and now I know why religious texts said not to idol worship, that shit is stupid and meaningless. lucasfag is dead.
Retard, you're in high school? Fuck, you're the bastard who hung up first because you were scared ㅋㅋ Retard can't even swear properly, retard ㅋㅋㅋ Retard, retard, hahahaha, you're such a retard, so pathetic, I feel so bad for you bitch. Fuck, I'm looking into where Yongsan High School even is, you bastard ㅋㅋ I know some fucking people, alright? Just wait, you retard ㅎㅎ I'll get there and beat you and rip your uniform apartㅎ
Here’s a present for you uhm will you come to a pizza party tomorrow afternoon Kevin will you come to my birthday party uhh sure I will when is it? Uhh tomorrow uh- this Saturday at 7 o’clock ok let’s see I’ll see you then happy birthday nara uhm happy birthday nara here’s uh there is a flower - here is a flower for you uh thank you there so beautiful I love this party uhm I love this party uhhhh Kevin would you like some more cake? Ah yes please I love this it’s very delicious uh I’m glad you like it uh Julie would you like some more cake too? No thanks I’m full I just want some milk uhh wash your hands choose the pencil be quiet, don’t cry uhmm be quiet, don’t cry *sighs and runs hands through face* I will visit my uncle I’ll play tennis you will be a computer expert he won’t help you next year my sister will be five years old.soon it will rain. They will go on a picnic someday I’m going to be a cook many people uhh I am wearing a beautiful hanbok many people are around me nara, my cousin kisses me I smile at her there is much food on the table people enjoy the food they talk and laugh uhh today is my first birthday a toy, a bow,thread and Uhmm some money are on the table I don’t know why my aunt says choose the pencil uhh you will become a great scholar my uncle says pick the money you will be rich oh this is interesting nara says to pick the mouse oh no I’m scared of mice I choose the toy the people clap uhhh and nara says that’s right you can pick the mouse
I met @hendery recently, my name is anon and this is my fansign story. I met him December 8th of last year and it was horrific. He was rude, not classy and he lost a long time Weishennie that day. I walked into the $2k fansign and say hello he replies with "neurotypical" and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard him wrong. As I approached him and asked him to do aegyo he stared at me blank faced. I continued talking "you saved my life" I say. "You're the reason I'm alive today". He looks me dead in the eye and says "you'll die soon enough, degenerate" and then whispered "cannibalism". I started crying I had never felt pain like this and he started laughing and said "are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now" and headbutted me. The photographer took the picture and I headed out of the fansign section and that's when Hendery started speaking Latin to me. I'll never forget the words he said. They are as follows. >"Unum die, cum omnibus, quæ relicta est, de Terra est in vastitatem, et sterilis wasteland, spero tuum vile et misellus crusta a corpore ponere quivering sicut sol verberat usque in aridam, ardens carnis. Fuisti vivens in saecula, ratus me. Fuisse, ut viveret a purus cogitatio mea divinum esse. Te odio vulgare animo et cultu meo superior, contrarian intelligentia. Spero vos sentio pudet enim dolore te fecit me, et sic de multis aliis tragici animarum. Mori, parum vermis. Sentire dura effectus diuturna mortem. Ut te in aeternum vivere in tortuous infinitum." >I still can't believe this happened. I cried writing this. I wish this weren't true but Hendery is in fact; a horrible person. Thank you for reading this. And if you don't believe me ask @ProtectHendery she was there with me.
Jeon Jungkook, that psychopath fucker. His birthday fuck, seriously. Ah, seriously. I freaking want to beat him up. Fuck, is he crazy? Oh my God. So many people prepared for it, how can this crazy fucker… I swear, even if he gives me excuses, I’ll beat him up like a dog. Why doesn’t he do the things he has to? Is he dumb? Is he human? Is he a beast? Fuck, he didn’t even write anything during Billboard either. Ah, he’s fucking playing a game again? Are you fucking kidding me? Go die! I fucking hate going to the USA too, but I need to go to there to pack my goods and I don’t wanna go. This is what makes ARMYs vaginal blood discharge. I have so much to say. The code is 10 characters long and I don’t wanna write it.
my sweet bunny prince dongyoung, my little vroom vroom... i could never be mad at you but i am disappointed you are in a relationship with a lady twice your age, my baby... she could never appreciate you like i do, doyoungie... you deserve better, my love, you could do better...
accept it femcel, hendery only played league of legends once or twice in his life, he isn't the basement dwelling, non threatening chad you want him to be, he isn't the humorous neurodivergent gem that somehow ended up in k-pop you think he is. you might want to delude yourself into believing that "he's not like those other k-pop boys, he likes memes!", even though he is just like all those other k-pop boys. he's a normie, wake up.
But i always thought of one thing Kim seokjin being a vampire He is allergic to garlics,doesn't ages and above all his actions of being a bit too much in love with himself
You have been brainwashed. Road to Kingdom was a hidden-in-plain-sight attempt to blatantly, and shamelessly shill the trainwreck Cre.ker Entertainment saw fit the name "The Boyz". Debuting in the year 2017, The Boyz never had much luck making any of their title tracks chart or attracting a solid fanbase. Them being the winners of Road to Kingdom in 2020 has brought the group immense publicity from by-standers they couldn't dare to imagine gathering around themselves prior to their involvement in the hit show. There is no other explanation to every other contestant being an unknown rookie group 2 months into the K-pop game or a complete joke like Pentagon than this whole TV program being a funded grand-plan to advertise on behalf of The Boyz. How have they been able to be the only ones that were perfectionist with all of their stages? How were they able to get all preparations done that grants them a guaranteed win so perfectly in time that they were gifted with a vacation after being done with their practice? They aren't inherently better singers or dancers than the rivaling groups, what made them shine was the creativity of their pretentious choreographer team. Everyone, every idol, backup dancer, makeup artist, hair stylist, choreographer, cameraman, Mnet staff, anybody that has been involved with this show was a part of one goal: Pushing humanly boundaries as much as possible to advertise the homoerotic, uppidy discography of The Boyz before they fade into obscurity. Someone emptied out all of their stocks to sponsor them, to no one's surprise and said sponsor's disillusionment, it failed. The Boyz had been a disappoinment for everyone who had faith in them for three long years. One person involved was passionate enough to go all out and cover all expenses at the cost of saving The Boyz's grim reputation of failing the charts and getting cancelled by stan Twitter once every two months. Kingdom was coming up and the final lineup was decided already: BtoB and iKON, established senior cultural icons, Ateez and Stray Kids, the two outstanding boy groups of fourth generation, SF9, an aspiring nugu boy group with a small but passionate fanbase. The Boyz clearly were not in the mind of anyone who was sitting on a table in Mnet's building, discussing how to come up with the final lineup for Kingdom, a show widely anticipated by many. They are out of place. They needed a way to excuse The Boyz's involvement with the show and they came up with Road to Kingdom. It worked, they're more relevant than ever now. Under normal circumstances, The Boyz do not hold a single chance against BtoB, iKON, Ateez, Stray Kids and SF9. However, mark my words, they won't be getting anywhere lower than first or second place in the competition. If they do win, it's the perfect rags-to-riches sob story that worked in BTS' favor and it will help build The Boyz's brand even harder if they earn the title of being the nugu group that was able to beat BtoB, iKON, Ateez, Stray Kids and SF9 all at once. They might also get second place due to a complicated set of possible events but you won't see them ranking any lower in the final results since well, the whole contest is one colossal The Boyz commercial. The two strongest fanbases Deobis are facing with are Ateez and Stray Kids'. Everyone is hyped for what's to come, hey, Ateez and Stray Kids are in it and those guys rock. They saw it coming. They already got the most popular member of Stray Kids, Hyunjin. He was at the peak of his stardom with due to significant achievements like his group's 2020 releases God's Menu and Back Door becoming massive hits and his blonde hair growing out longer than his earlobe. He was that one member of Stray Kids K-pop fans saw at thumbnails of collab stages that had bouncy, pretty hair. They had to doom Stray Kids possibility of winning somehow, so they went for it. Don't be surprised if they pull the same move twice for another group. Have fun watching the longest advertisement for a boyband in human history, Kingdom: Legendary War. April 1, 2021.
reminder that calling chittaphon the f-slur isn't a good look?? y'all don't know him, yet y'all make assumptions about his sexuality based on homophobic stereotypes smh. being gay and straight aren't the only sexual orientations whatsoever, y'know?? bi, pan, ace, queer people exist. so what if he's gay?, you have to insult him for it? do you know how hard queer idols have it in k-pop? if you're reading this you're likely cis and afab, you cannot use the f-slur. if you call him that again istg...
>>93580 y'all, all cishet women, i'm assuming; calling a poc the f-slur and assuming his sexuality based on your western gender roles by itself is toxic. but let's put that aside for a sec. y'all can't use that word if y'all aren't queer amab, end of it.
ladies i don't want to date or fuck Jeno, I want to BE Jeno. he's the first idol that is like my IDOL. I'm not even joking ladies. I wish I could be as accomplished and collected as Jeno. Be liked and well received by everyone like him and work hard. I'm a far cry as of now but as I'm trying to get my shit together he's a source hope. First step of being Jeno is being very good looking but I'm fucking missing that step majorly so I'll need to work on that. I feel like life is so much better when you are good looking and everyone is a bit nicer to you don't really know how that feels tho. Going to book two laster treatments for my facial redness tomorrow!!! wish me luck.
How are idols even considering themselves oppressed, when all they have to do is work out and spread their legs to get money?How can this system of us hard working men, giving those totally "oppressed" idols money even oppress them? Like we're giving them FREE MONEY, all they have to do is spread their legs, and what do men have to do for their money? They have to work. With a brain, or with hands, but since we already have come to the truth, of idols not having to work for their money, literally just lie there, we're also coming to the conclusion that only the men can be considered oppressed in this system. And you know why this isn't public? Because men aren't like idols who cry over EVERYTHING. Idols are only there for our species to live on, other than that they are worthless for society and Humanity at it's whole. I mean, humanity even has the MAN inside of it, same with Lee-SooMAN. Literally couldn't live without us MEN, whilst we men have proven to live within each other, without causing problems or not being able to live on our own. In conclusion, idols are the abusers and should all get sent to jail, for abusing the so called "titty-power."
The fact that i've seen two of my original posts on here makes me reconsider my life ...
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand choachan.cafe. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical newfag's head. There's also the userbase’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into the memes and inside jokes - their personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. They all understand this stuff, they the have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence, newfags truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in choachan.cafe's existential catchphrase “girl stop filling the front page with this uggo,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated newfags scratching their heads in confusion as choachan.cafe's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a choachan.cafe tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- andd even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.
>>93588 depending on which two they are you’re pretty based
are you the annoying ass ratmy who keeps going into threads for other groups to be a dick because girl your oppas are radioactive looking. you have no room
>>93591 my fucking sides
johnten: a phrase that seems like it has existed since before the sands of time. it’s provocative, it’s exciting, it’s.... fake?! yes readers, everyone’s favorite little jock x twink interactions were the brainchild of something even worse than a classic SM-planted gaybait, and I, user SorryJohnny am here to singlehandedly put a stop to the abomination that we currently call johnten. I have information that I intend will cause you little freaks known as johnten shippers to go into extinction. i know what you’re thinking: but user SorryJohnny, ten had an intense sexual attraction to johnny! no you fucking donkey! this was all an illusion put into your tiny little pea brains that are so quickly satisfied with even an ounce of male on male flirting and angst that you’ve been blinded this whole time. let’s pull up the evidence my suspicions of johnten began with the infamous vlive titled “쟈니텐 출사 준비중시즈니도와주세요” broadcasted on july 12, 2018, which is otherwise titled as “johnny’s and tennie’s photo club” by YouTube creator bringbackstrony. it makes me sick to my stomach. yaoi-consuming freaks with no free time flocked to create edits & AUs based off of ten uttering absurd phrases like referring to johnny as a “top model” & saying he “lit his fire.” in fact, YouTube creator bringbackstrony claims ten shivers in gay. YouTube editors make me incredibly nauseous. straight kboos who have never spoken to a gay person in their entire life were too busy leaking their panties to pay attention to the cold hard proof at hand. when ten accidentally cut the crap. at timestamp 42:27, the slander begins, with ten bringing up johnny’s “thin lips” resulting in johnny looking visually offended. it only gets worse from there. at 43:13 ten releases an utter truth that he has been holding deep within him since SM rookies: “I think you look very weird.” no, user SorryJohnny, he quickly corrected himself and meant the drawing! no, reader, he went on to say “like sometimes, sorry.” he couldn’t cover up what he had done, so all he could do was apologize. That powerful statement, ringing through my ears as i lie to rest at night, “i think you look very weird” is the most genuine string of words that have ever come out of that pot-stirrer’s mouth. and i mean that sincerely, as someone who would, sadly, get gunned down in the street over that little shit starting fairy. he goes on to reveal a horrendous drawing of “johnny” that i can only describe as This Man, you know, the one with the unibrow that we see in our dreams? ten, the man who has designed his own tattoos. ten, the man who wants to create his own jewelry line. ten, the man who forced us all to witness his drawings of softcore porn peacock feather pussies 2 months ago... wait, you’re a johfam and you don’t know that ten did that? i’m sorry, it’s best you don’t try to find it. you’re telling me ten, the multilingual main dancer main vocalist sometimes rapper illustrator put out that visceral steaming pile of dog shit into the world and called it JOHNNY? do with that information what you will.
>>93593 so where does this leave us, reader? ten thinks johnny is very ugly. what now? what caused that entitled little f- to act like that exactly? that’s where things get interesting, and honestly, quite brutal. i firmly believe that ten does want to have sex with one bitter, pretentious, ancient old hack known as wayv’s qian kun, which is something i find very abysmal in and of itself, and should be considered beastiality, but that’s obviously for another time. so this brings us to the question at hand, how does ten flirt sincerely? openly and fruity, or by pining and angst? given his pisces placement, the latter is the correct answer. given this information, we find that ten in fact did not find john suh sexually or romantically attractive. we’re back to the square one; what caused that little fruit to publicly say he wanted to have sex with him and utter abhorrent visual statements such as that of the nightmare-inducing “john’s banana?” why, you ask? it’s simple: ten is a bully. why would ten make a bunch of 16 year old straight girls with blue hair and fujoshi kinks think that he found johnny suh to be the sexiest man alive? and why did he make an entire population of women age 18+ with daddy issues and stockholm syndrome believe the same thing? the answer is self explanatory. why does the republican jock pretend he has a crush on the ugly pimple-ridden sjw in a nyan cat shirt? harassment, bullying, and an unhealthily high sense of self. ten is a narcissist. he walked into SM one day to meet one 6’0 tall chicagoan accented john jun suh with as much sex appeal as mr. rogers and thought to himself “this is the ugliest man i’ve ever seen in my god-given life. i think i will pretend i want to have sex with him.” and thus, the terrorism that some like to call “johnten” and others like to call “a visual abomination to the gay population and mankind as a whole” was birthed, by none other than the manipulative, gas-lighting little bundle of nerves with a name that fits the entire alphabet; chittaphon leechaiyapornkul. the bastard. it’s hard to say if the little fruit started this act out of malice or pity. either way, the inflation of that plastic surgery monster’s ego was a strategically targeted hate crime on us all. why would he do that? why would he make an entire population of innocent nctzens trying to thirst over sexy little lee taeyong in silence endure the inflated ego of a 25 year old straight man that dresses like a geriatric patient? this, i cannot say. but one thing i do know for sure, is that ten deserves extended jail time for this horrid act of what, pity? ego? malice? on 10velys and johfam alike. all that’s left to say is, i’m sorry johnny suh.
i come to study Mechanical Engineering at Korea university. i am Macau. i am here little time and i am very hard stress. i am gay also and this very difficult for me, i am very religion person. i never act to be gay with other men before. but after i am in korea 6 weeks i am my friend Jungwoo together he is gay also. He was show me Korean video game and then we are kiss. We sex together. I never before now am tell my mother about gay because i am very shame. As i **** this Korean boy it is very good to me but also i am feel so guilty. I feel extreme guilty as I begin orgasm. I feel so guilty that I pick up my telephone and call Mother in Macau. I awaken her. It too late for stopping so I am cumming sex. I am very upset and guilty and crying, so I yell her, "I AM CUM FROM SEX" (in Canto). She say what? I say "I AM CUM FROM SEX" and she say you boy, do not marry Korean girl, and I say "NO I AM CUM FROM SEX WITH MAN, I AM IN ASS, I CUM IN ASS" and my mother very angry me. She not get scared though. I hang up phone and am very embarrass. My friend also he is very embarrass. I am guilt and feel very stupid. I wonder, why do I gay with man? But I continue because when it spurt it feel very good in Korean ass.
y'all sick in head, delete this, u uncultured piece of shit. this isn't doing anything for autistic people. making hendery an autistic person... what the actual hell
>>93588 same..
>>93595 crying
> He's definitely a bottom. His dynamics, how he acts with Ten especially... also his ass is just... he's ready to get pounded and bred x >He is running around wiggling that ass and seducing all the members of NCT, but you just KNOW that he gets shy the moment things get real! he isn't quite on the mark levels of panic, but he is REALLY damn close! >I just know he is flirting and doing all that but when somebody actually invites him to the bedroom (And ten has obviously done that) he becomes such a giggly baby! He is such a twink and definetly a bottom! >Like just LOOK at that ass! It isn't the biggest I've seen in kpop or cpop, but it is definetly one of the finest! it has a really nice shape to it!
>15% of my external (basically non subscribers) are from choachan you guys also tend to watch the whole video too so i must still keep you guys in the know >please don't do that. i am a very small creator. just leave a hate comment if you are mad
okey deyer diaree My Name is Patrick Bateman firstable thanks for traslateen todey was a gud daee i bout jungus birsdey pressint todey ih wus nieec junguwus haeepee ihwus nieec ....i.....wentshoppeenbaconhyungwwusaroun soo wee shap togehdur ih wuz niiieec baconhyung bowtme a haaaeet iht wuz cyuuuuuut we wudded to bai da saem wun togeddur but der wuzzin hyungsize ih wuz pitty ieye haff to finea similur wan nextiem aaand ihada meeul widamanagurandanayunhyung ih wuz nieec az espacted haveeng meeulz wid greay peepul feelz liek weev hadda happitiem i caem home intookashowur an lookatduh feesh taenk ... i haed tu chaeng duh waddur but duh feeltur speunj wuzzin hear yet so i culdin chaeng et hmmm... hoeld ohnnnnnnliddurfeeshes ensteed i geft dem moarve moar fud ... andam nao andareddi furslip... .. ahgo.. slippin rye nao so,,, guhnite! !
BWAHAHAHA keep seething i am not even in your retarded gc gaypg shits on you tightwads AGAIN! go on post another one AHAHAHAHA
>>93626 tumor is a copypasta goldmine
they banned me because i am simply too based for this mortal imageboard alas i come here to save you mortal beings from sinning on shit groups i must sacrifice myself for the greater good of kpop
I just can't believe you spend so much time lifting up Hendary who can't do shit but yet you ignore my precious Nana?? What have we come to as a society?? You guys are worshiping the wrong outcast here. Nana is the most talented member in NCT, quite arguably the entire industry. His dedication and service to his country is unmatched. He will lead his country someday. Hendery will be stuck in a small apartment counting his pocketchange which is all that is left over from his measly profits of being the least popular NCT member. And you know why that is? Because you autists won't stop shilling your so-called "fav" as autistic and damaging his reputation. Why don't you try getting a job like Nana and look to him as the pillar of moral superiority? Is it that hard? I can't believe you guys would ever get mad at me for fighting for defending my baNaNa. I hate Czennies. I think today, I should declare Nanational Independence Day from NCT. I want Nana to go solo and take over the entire industry so you can finally see that he would crush your Handery in a rap battle in his sleep. FUCK you.
a classic How do i make opa sarang me. kamsamnida if u help :))? annyeog!! ~ x3_^ I am a Korean kawaii! ~^ hehe :3 i reallllly sarang this Oppa but Oppa doesn't sarang me >_< :-( i want to hold hands with Oppa and be his girl. Oppa is so kawaii, but Oppa sarang another unni :-( I really Sarang Oppa, what should I doooo? :3 >< Ahh Oppa is so kawaii and I really love Oppa too much. Oppa Saranghae <3 ^ please help me, oppas and unnis, and alll dongsengs. I really want you to help me if you are my sunbae in sarang, because me is only a hoobae because this is my first sarang and I need lessons. kamnashiminda, Saranghae!! :3 _^
Yeoboseoyo.. I-I mean hello? Who's there? Oh.. Arasso. Uh- I mean okay. Yes.. Alright... Nae. I mean yes.. Jinjayo? I mean.. Really? Ahh jinja... Ottokhasho... Aish! Mianhaeyo.. Uh- I-I'm sorry! I mean... What do we do? Arasso.. I mean okay.. Alright, see you. Annyeong! I mean.. Bye!
Retards, make the articles, fucking bitchesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hugged and kissed your oppas a fuckton mhm mhm You guys can't do that, huh? Tsk tsk haha cheers
Stop bullshitting you retard, just try Katalking me you fucker. You're such a loser telling me this on Askㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ say that to my face you motherless bitch. Fuck you
2NE1 are debuting in Japan? Yas global queens slay! Girls' Penetration better watch their horse hair weaves cuz theyre coming to snatch!
Wth is this. I don't ever want to see this kind of crap on my feed again. Please delete this. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. No one is faultless. Lets talk it out. This gif isn't it.
I'm not a kboo, I'm literally engaged to a Korean man.
Don’t sexualize bts. If they hip thrust, close your eyes. If they make your pussy wet, wipe it dry. If they make your dick hard, soften it. Don’t treat them as grown ass men, keep babying them. They don’t understand anything, never have watched porn, never even jerk off.
favorite doja cat song? wow that’s... an odd question, i don't know... like candy’s pretty good too... um... yeah all the famous ones i guess... yeah... uhh
Exactly a sexy brain just like him
Jeno both represents the classic desirable male standards and the deviation from it. At the surface level he is a pretty good looking acceptable young man. Well mannered, nice physique, manly disposition, normally dressed, nuclear family, basic upbringing in his culture. If anything, he is a bit too plain and boring for an idol. He is the base standard of every man. You can start with Jeno and then add and deduct what you like to create a plethora of different personas. Jeno remains the base marketed as the "boring" and "unfunny" one. When you get into NCT Dream he is the background character. Initially you can place whatever desires you want on him like the typical "prince" of every group. As the story of each Dream character unfolds you see that Jeno is marked by contrasts. This is the selling point of his charm as an idol. His manly look is contrasted by his soft personality. His masculine, large facial features are contrasted by his constant eye smile. Additionally his muscular body is contrasted by his smaller body frame, small face and hands. He has physical hobbies like bike riding, working out and his physique is very strong. This is contrasted by him being very affectionate and cuddly. Contrasts fascinate humans, both in physical appearance (blue eyes dark hair) and in personality. It draws people in and keeps people guessing adding mystery and intrigue.
he eats gum off of people’s shoes, bloody pads and shit when he doesn’t have food. he needs to eat every second.
thinking abt that anon on choachan that misgendered kihyun ... where r u now ...
Ma’am you’re sexually obsessed with a closeted gay man that can’t even get his own label, friends or anyone outside of country ass Osaka to give a fuck about him. And all because no one in real life will touch you.
when your group was 6th in kingdom, my group's merch sold out in 5 minutes when your group had porn on the walls, my group took care of toddlers when your group had shit comebacks, my group was producing music when your group begged for sales from fans, my group still wishes they can get to see us in real life when your group had western "producers" my group only had in house producers and themselves when your group is flopping, we are increasing numbers every comeback you could've been us, ccc, but you chose the wrong path
Q: I’m 158cm should I commit suicide? If you’re a man, go kill yourself
do you ever get tired of lying to him by telling him everything's going to be alright when you know he will always be haunted by the trauma of being a huge disappointment to his entire family who migrated to australia with huge dreams that were crashed by their son turning out to be a mentally ill faggot that failed at life and wanted to go for showbiz when he has no talent? do you not get tired of cleaning up after he throws up, forcing himself to vomit the one slice of mango he has eaten that day, the thought of poisonous sugar in his veins making him feel sick? despite all of your sacrifices for your relationship, he is still deeply insecure about himself and of course, he ends up judging you even more harshly than he hates himself behind his facade of being a lovely, gentle boy. he can't help but think how ugly you are with the way you've recently put on 5 pounds in all carelessness, eating like an uncontrollable gluttonous swine. even the sex that was once exciting for both of you has gotten awkward, he doesn't find your bloated body attractive anymore, the very sight of it is just another trigger for crippling dysmorphia. he doesn't love you. he doesn't love himself. he will always be a broken man.
Johnny's rap Yo this is a rap Just for ma girl She beautiful She my fucking world I be happy when I see her I be dancing when I'm with her Bitches be jealous Well fuck em All I need is eris Fuckin titties bitch Johnny's out
Wishing to be a good son, a good father, a faithful husband, a wise missionary, and an obedient servant of God.
just close your lips, shut your tongue
I saw Siwon Choi at a grocery store in Seoul yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Pepero Sticks in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
army twt is so... lonely. i literally almost cried reading everyones happy celebratory tweets because i realized how isolated army’s actually are from everyone else. guys.. it doesn’t have to be this way. armys really do only have bts huh.
If ur making stories atleast make it believable 😑
“but bangchan” has become the new “but namjoon” (aka skz are a punching bag) i’m sure you all know what happened with nct dream yesterday, and let me tell you the sheer AMOUNT of people i saw bringing chan up was insane. like, what does he even have to do with it in the slightest? what chan did was wrong yeah, but everytime anyone in the entire industry does something wrong he is brought up. it’s been more than a whole year and him and skz are still the punching bags of kpop twt. yeah, i'm biased as a stay. but the sheer amount of hate they've gotten from chan to side effects and everything in between is too much. way too much. back on topic, i just don't understand. what is the need to bring him up everytime? yes, he hasn't apologized and no, we don't know why, and it should be left at that. nct dream did something really bad, and chan/skz are being brought up to take away from that. it happens everytime. i'm sick of it.
For I will never look like Jimin, I have decided I can no longer take this any more. In heaven I can be Jimin! Yay I can be my Oppar and date him at the same time. Bye everyone, when you're feeling sad, just think to yourself, Oli Eh Oh
I grew up on 4chan, autistic men and internet gremlins will always be my family, I feel like I straddle this unknowable murky place between Hot Girl and Goblin Creature. Doja Cat and Grimes are my representation
What a Pyschologist says about K-pop Fans: Don’t underestimate those children who chase after Korean celebrities, their hearts are purer than anyone else, they love courageously, they will want to try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, the language and cultural barriers. They symbolize peace, they don’t discriminate based on race, they befriend people with the same interest from different countries, they’re more passionate and warm than anyone else. They don’t betray the ones they like easily, they are persistent and don’t give up easily. They are stronger than anyone else on the inside, because when they are loving these Korean stars, they experience the setbacks they’ve never experienced in life. They are all sensitive children, easily touched to tears for a long time because of one incident. Their memory is very good, they can easily remember the korean lyrics they don’t understand, and their coordination skills a…re also very strong. Most of them are cheerful children, not the kind who keep to themselves. Their will of determination is also very strong, they are able to persevere all the way just to buy something related to the celebrity they like. In short, the way these children think is vastly different from others, and their thoughts are not easy to understand. Generally, only those who have similar interests are able to enter their world.
tbz will win.
I've been a fan even before he made his debut, but I'm not really going insane. He did say that he wanted to get married and have a kid. I've already gotten used to Jin pushing us fans around. He's that kind of a man, but I like him so it can't be helped. Jin is the unconventional type too. Meisa should just support his private life. Because we'll be supporting Jin's Music=Soul. And that soul will be handed down to my children, then from my children to my grandchildren. That's how my DNA will blend in with Jin's. That's the "Eternal" between Jin and his fans.
why?? because hes the only reasonable and smart man in all of nct? because he loves his mom? because hes already investing in his future? because hes kind and basically raised jisung? because hes always reminding fans he loves them and to take care of themselves? please get a grip
>you just had one of the toughest breakups >your mental state is in shambles and you know you're about to do something really stupid >you come over to unu's house >he greets you with a knwing smile and just tells you to wash your hands >you do that and notice him looking at you >"wash between your fingers too. and the back of your hands. and focus more on your fingertips", unu instructs >you do that, too tired to ask why or complain >"let me see", unu says and takes your hands to examine them >he looks at you with a hint of smile in his eyes and then puts several of your fingers in his mouth, sucking on them shamelessly >his mouth is hotter than the water you washed your hands with
he's just pictures on my computer he's just pictures on my computer he's just pictures on my computer he's just pictures on my computer he's just pictures on my computer he's just pictures on my computer
>1/2 Stray Kids and their journey of embracing who they are makes me emotional With the release of Stray Kids's NOEASY album, I think it is important to point out the growth SKZ experienced as artists for the past few years. Being self-produced means the music roots from the artist's experiences. For a self-produced group, SKZ pour their heart into each album, expressing their experiences as they are feeling them through each release. Each album is a story of growth. As early as I Am Not, Who, You trilogy, Stray Kids ventured into young adulthood alone, bewildered and scared, second-guessing their choices and identities. The vehemently raw and emotional lyrics highlight a struggle so human and relatable: Who am I? How do I want to be perceived? They were afraid, torn between choosing the easier, safer path for success or choosing the Road not Taken -- the difficult, uncharted territory demanding bravery: creating the music they deeply desire, despite the backlash. The Cle trilogy revealed their choice: the road not taken, indicated by the Cle 2 intro title. Their music is heavily experimental, meant to be provocative, to make new listeners think "What are these kids up to?" Then came the backlash and weak charting -- with the controversial Side Effects being one of the first psytrance music in Kpop, a song confronting the daunting side effects of growing up: the fear, pain, anxiety that are headache-inducing; a song so bold Bang Chan had to clarify he is aware of the criticism, but he is okay with it. "Noise" almost became their trademark, endless talk about how SKZ won't make it far releasing music so uncompromising to what's trendy. But Stray Kids still refused to give in.
>>366303 >2/2 With Levanter came the letting go off their worries and fears "I want to be myself, I dont care." God's Menu came next, the first turning point that defined their careers. This is where SKZ found their footing, their first confidence -- that yes, we are unique and this is what makes us, us. Incorporating genius culinary metaphors, God's Menu conveyed a potent message of "I finally discovered myself. I know what my power is, and I know everyone is tuning in no matter what." A song conveying so much uniqueness, the media classified it as a genre of its own: the Mala Genre -- not sweet or salty, but spicy. Their newest release is NOEASY, a mischievous pun on NOISY, poking fun at all the criticism and backlash they received for their "noise music." It is their most unapologetic album to date. NOEASY powerfully solidifies the message of God's menu -- they know who they are, and no form of criticism will make them give in. It can be seen through THUNDREROUS: "keep talking, we don't play by the rules" you can criticze them all you want, but SKZ will stay true to themselves as artists till the end. It's also seen through CHEESE, an intro poking fun at haters, indirectly alluding to their criticized songs. "Is it funny that we have a headache?" SKZ ask in CHEESE -- a subtle reference to the controversial side effects (whose chorus was a palpable chant of my head hurts!). Through the journey from their oldest album to NOEASY, it feels like Stray Kids are no longer lost -- they found what makes them special and are fully embracing that uniqueness and the "noise" they create. It almost feels like Stray Kids are no longer stray.
Quick rundown on Bang Chan >JYP bows to Bang Chan. >In contact with aliens. >Possess psychic-like song writing abilities. >Controls kpop with an iron but fair fist. >Owns recording studios and dance halls globally. >Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (BangChangrad will be be the first city). >Direct descendant of the ancient royal blood lines. >Can save entire groups with a single phone call. >Own 99% of song writing and composition credits on Earth. First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bang Chan babies. >Said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51. >Ancient Indian scriptures tell of an Aussie chad who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of kpop bangers and unprecedented progressive sound with him >The Oppa Gangnam Style event in 2012 was actually Bang Chan arriving in Seoul. How else do you think kpop has spread globally and how else do you explain the massive boom in roasties interested in the genre? >He owns kpop R&D labs around the world. >You likely have Bang Chan bots inside you right now. >Bang Chan is in regular communication with the CEO's YG and SM, forwarding the word of JYP to North Korea. Who do you think set up the meeting between Red Velvet & Supreme Leader's high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged Got7's disbandment literally a few days later to nugu agencies? >He learned fluent Korean in under a week. >Invented kpop fused with Scandinavian trance music with trace elements of techno, a complex field of kpop which only he can comprehend fully. >JYP Nation states entrust their gold reserves with Bang Chan. There’s no gold in Seoul, only Ft. Bang Chan. >All major philosophers and scientists have made reference to him in one way or another. >Bang Chan is about 2 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society. >He has rough sex with Yeji and Sana
kebbybros... there's the whole "kevin fucked jacob" meme... and it's all jokes and all but... i feel like there is a chance we got megacucked by jacob... he has always been an cobcel.. always caping for him... and i get it, they are from the same group. creker probably tells them to do fanservice for the business. i'm sure that's one part of it. but fuck. kevin and jacob probably fucked. if they actually are in a relationship, would creker let them interact so much? i don't know. it's not like it never happened. look at edawn and hyuna, cube literally put them in a unit. so i don't think creker letting kevin and jacob do 2 millions vlives etc when they're fucking would be that crazy. the thing is i really don't think kevin enjoys repressed fags that much. so why would he likes jacob? when asked, he always saus his favorite member is jacob. if it's about being gyopo scum he could've also chosen eric. that's weird to me. why would he say that unless jacob is close enough to him to ask him *super fucking gay voice* "eugggh keeeeebbb why didnt you pick meeee". the boyz has many members. the reason why i suspect it's jacob is because these two seem closer to each other than the other members. jacob even sucked his dick to make him feel better about their kingdom loss, much to the chagrin of their femcel fans. fuck i'm sure they have something going on...
>be me >be 17 >i just want to be a kpop star, korea is the coolest country in the world >won teen superstar in thailand, but that's not enough, i need more >audition for sm, get in >learn korean and train for 3 years >amazing dancer, 10/10 face, everyone loves me >debut in nct u, just the right age, ready to take on the world! >don't debut in 127 >'it's okay, ten, 127 already has a center! we'll make another unit just for you!' >ok then >at least husbando didn't get to be in 127 either >keep waiting >husbando gets to be in 127 >all my friends are in 127 >year passes >fuck the performance director, get a solo on youtube >nobody cares >another year passes and i dont get to do shit >wtf >knee injury while practicing for nothing, legs will never be the same >offer to fuck performance director, he just gives me solo on youtube out of pity >nobody cares >at least i still have my looks >finally get word back from SM about my unit >it's the china unit >the fuck do i want to go to china for? >my groupmates are a decrepit loser and a subhuman IQ dickswinger >i have to learn their bullshit language >now there's three other trainees: an autist, a closet case, and an 11 year old >i have to do their trainee evaluations >they fucking suck >we debut but not as nct so nobody notices >spend the year being skechers ambassadors in a series of polluted slums >can't perform because there's no music shows >fml >fuck new performance director, get to be in superm >it's superm >still have to promote in china >have to pretend 6 unwashed chinks are my family >global pandemic >cope by getting cats, loves of my life >closet case copies me and gets a dog, ugliest dog i've ever seen, pisses everywhere >now our dorm smells like piss >we sell 100 copies of our family photos while all my friends become million sellers >i definitely still look like i'm 17 but my looks could start to go any day now >then dickswinger gets us all blacklisted by CCP because he swung his dick at too many fans >the company could drop him to protect us but they say they care too much about him >'we're an SM family, ten! we look out for our artists!' >yeah fucking right
nah girl. I know Hue is gay and a bottom. He doesn't want to be buff. the day he came out if he is not dating this ... I unstan, everything except a cockless korean.
yuh yuh tell em that's king hmph welcome to my kingdom hold on i am a big freak or just hair too long i have failed but i am still pretty strong if you wanna stop me go ask my grandkids can't get old it's not a joke even your future all in my control actually, only one monkey king are you the wukong alone can beat you whole team one roll no airplane i need gopro keep filming me show you how to live free honey alone can beat you whole team one roll no airplane i need gopro keep filming me show you how to live free honey ... k to the i to the n to the g dancing on the fire make my eyes more clean you don't know me that's why i'm so mean break all your rules my responsibility (AY~) don't try to stop me (hey) read newspaper (BABE) the title you saw that is my name move your legs and run away
Bang Chan is at his what, 10th cancellation for racism at this point? I get having one, two, or three but when it's almost a dozen cases, then it starts to paint a picture. Chan really needs to stop beating around the bush with his dog whistles and just be straight up. Come out as a Nazi already. You have already shown your fascist tendencies on multiple occasions. You have black people. You hate brown people. I am honestly tired of him giving this "I'm not racist, I'm being falsely accused" reaction like the accusations are completely baseless. You're a racist. Just admit it.
On twitter never a taker always a giver never a faker never a quitter my life is sweet so haters be bitter
Baby, get the megaphone, put it on speaker I said I can’t hear you, so you need to speak up Put that shit on stereo, everyone else on very low Protect it like a barrier, promise there’s nothing scarier Than me if anybody coming gunnin’ for my man Gonna catch a case, gun up in my hand Bam, bam, bam! Hit after hit though Rocks in my wrist, so I call ‘em the Flintstones
i'm sorry internet and porn have given you permanent brain damage that you can't bring yourself to cum without furiously self inserting to your botched tranny oppas and imagining their fridge ugly bodies as girls but other people have no obligation to indulge in your degeneracy and have every right to make fun of you for wanting your oppas to be trannies so badly
Promise you on my motherfucking life, on my mother's life, bitch, I will eat every single one of you up if I hear Lucas in your motherfucking mouth, bitch. Don't even fucking talk about Lucas. Don't fucking keep him in your head if you're going to sya bad shit about him. Y'all are fucking weird and sinophobic. Y'all are only acting like this because he's Chinese, bitch. If he was a fucking Korean idol y'all would be sucking his dick right now, "oh my god Lucas! No, he didn't do that, what are you talking about?", suck my dick. Suck my dick. Suck my dick. Fuck is you talking about, bitch? Don't ever fucking do that shit again. Y'all are so dumb and childish. Don't fucking talk about Lucas. Lucas is staying in NCT, bitch, what about it, bitch? What about it, bitch? Lucas is staying in NC motherfucking T, you heard, bitch. Stop fucking switching up stories now because, when did he talk shit about his members? When did he fuck all those fans? Y'all just coming up with random shit because one fucking person did it for clout, which they said they did. Bitch, don't fucking play with Lucas and don't play with me, bitch.
anon, this might shock you, but you don't have to trust everything you watch and read. try coming up with your own conclusions instead of being an ass and metaphorically opening your legs to a small penis of a boy who couldn't care less if you did so or not because your blind faith is exactly what is helping him get between the legs of girls far superior than you can ever be. now, take a deep breath and realize that the world is not black and white
roasties be like “well” “i-“ “what?” well what nona? speak. spit it the fuck out. what do you wanna say? i’m listening. we’re all waiting, and you’re doing nothing. this is nonsense, you can’t even use words anymore. go the hell outside for once damn, goddamn, get a job or something
i have been exposed to [ ] for months and still hate all of their songs and find most of them uggo. i really tried for you dst
Haha I was saying "I have so many different sides of me like dorky and LGBT queen..." Yeah, I support LGBT but don't get me wrong guys
can't believe _ is real. i thought we were memeing but it's reality
use your brain you idiot. the whole point of nct is to be nct members forever. now read that over and over again, write it out over and over again until you get it. and when you do, that's when you can post about it again and start discussing it. util you understand it, don't post about it
Medications That Treat Schizophrenia Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) Fluphenazine (Prolixin) Haloperidol (Haldol) Perphenazine (Trilafon) Thioridazine (Mellaril) Thiothixene (Navane) Trifluoperazine (Stelazine) Aripiprazole (Abilify) Aripiprazole lauroxil (Aristada) Asenapine (Saphris) Brexpiprazole (Rexulti) Cariprazine (Vraylar) Clozapine (Clozaril) Iloperidone (Fanapt) Lumateperonee (Caplyta) Lurasidone (Latuda) Olanzapine (Zyprexa) Olanzapine/samidorphan (Lybalvi) Paliperidone (Invega Sustenna) Paliperidone palmitate (Invega Trinza) Quetiapine (Seroquel) Risperidone (Risperdal) Ziprasidone (Geodon)
you're sick. you're fucking sick. why would anyone lie about this. you all go on and on about how superior you all are to men, but you're all the same. you're just like men, selfish creeps. you can think I'm lying all you want. it is an anonymous image board. but don't say anything, don't you dare. because you have no idea if it's actually true. and you have no idea what it's like to read these comments
just bc he hugging her. you think he dating her? you never saw gd have many female friends. he hugging and skinship with friends. not even bring relationship. please,this is 2021 male and female can friend. mijoo have many male friends too.
you k-pop twitter idiots, you stans, you dumbfucks, jimim jungkook retards, you fucking sonanghey ptodayia, you type the dumbest shit, you think you're so brave dude, go to fucking Mcdonald's and ask for more ketchup packets, you fucking loser.
>>583241 oops wrong thread
Thousand acres, that's a crib! Always counting Boy band makes bands, boy Gave daddy a heart attack Got expensive habits boy Sealed the deal We’ve been grown (Yeah) Ten years we've been bros When all is said and done We run it back up Always counting Boy band makes bands, boy Gave daddy a heart attack Got expensive habits boy Sealed the deal We've been grown (Yeah) Ten years we’ve been bros When all is said and done We run it back up You say run away But I run in circles Sealed the deal We've been grown (Yeah) Ten years we've been bros Nothing's the same Catch me if you can When all is said and done We run it back up Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Always counting Boy band makes bands, boy Gave daddy a heart attack Got expensive habits boy Sealed the deal We've been grown (Yeah) Ten years we've been bros When all is said and done We run it back up They all thought they were playing Please stock in your funny up We get our money up Bitcoin, Ethereum Reach for the stars, aim for the moon Undulation ain't serial Rollercoaster ride, watch me skyfall my mind And overdrive Sealed the deal We've been grown (Yeah) Ten years we’ve been bros Nothing’s the same Catch me if you can When all is said and done We run it back up Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away Dropped out of eighth grade Just to get away
damn girl are you self posting? i know i am pretty. i have much feminine looking facial features and deep dimples. she is pretty but vs definately had much prettier models especially angels. i am still gay for miranda kerr after all these years
I am not as pathetic as the english speakers. who get upset when other people write with capital letters and not just small letters. ridiculous. At least my level is not as low as yours because I don't go after some idols I don't know and accuse them of something. You are all really pathetic and live in an illusory world.
>>146205 this made my asshole bleed
How pathetic that one begs to strangers
pissed on shrooms once and it was the most blissful experience. my body using water as fuel then recycling it to cleanse the blood and letting it go. just one of the many cycles of life. the sensation of relieve when you empty yourself. pure delight
I’m finally 180 lbs nonas. 40 lbs to go in order to become Jeno. I’m starting weight lifting hardcore so I can be toned and slim like Jeno. Building muscle and getting Jeno’s look is exhausting. I can barley get through a workout but I do understand why he works out so hardcore. The feeling of pain and tension and struggle is exhilarating. I wonder if idols ever get addicted to the feeling of struggle and overwork. Not eating a lot and forcing myself through a workout is so satisfying. If I was an idol, I would be a trainee right now. Stuck inside a Dungeon working out and trying and struggling. Competing against others and waiting for my chance. I’m sending out job applications and signing up for volunteering and learning second languages but I’m getting nowhere and becoming discouraged. If I could just get my dream job that would be my debut.
my uncle is autistic as hell he had a whole notepad filled with lore and stats for his sims 2 family. i'd log on to his shit then drown everyone
Taemin is not the person he used to be. He is not going to help you but take advantage of you. His influence on you is not good. I cannot give you all the details here. What he says will always make you feel insecure and he's trying to draw you & others into homosexuality.
one stay passed by and she was like uh-HEH-it was like-she-she said-she said "hey daddy"-but then um, it was like uh ahh im pretty sure she meant daddy as in you know a dad of-a father of 8 kids yeah? im pretty sure thats what she meant yeah it was very............yeah uh it was uh it-it-it caught me off guard it was uh heheh it was a it was a really funny experience but yeah and uh today at the Sydney concert we had some um....some stays who wanted me to call...them....babyboys....so yeah so i shall from today try to call you guys babygirls and babyboys hehehehaha how did this all start? oh my gosh its all because of that photo on my phone
quick rundown on woochan >chris has been rotting away training in jyp for 15 years and he was desperate to debut >everyone he knew who was talented has already debuted so he was constantly surrounded by talentless younger boys who were wasting his time >he finally met a guy his age who was actually talented, woojin >chris liked him immediately >woojin was amongst the names that were considered to be a part of the final lineup for skz >chris knew for a fact he wanted to be with him >chris was going through a bicurious phase at the time >one day, woojin and chris were making out after spending some time alone in the dorms and they fucked >they realized they're both very attracted to each other and started dating >chris chose woojin for the skz lineup despite everyone telling him not to because "he didnt have idol looks", he saw something special in him and he loved him >everything was going great for their first year of debuting >woojin was having a hard time because of his looks and seeing how people love the other members and not him, he didnt put any effort into idoldom >woojin started to change and act weird >chris and woojin had a huge argument and stopped having sex >woojin went out to bars to fuck prostitutes and badmouth chris >everything was getting out of hand and chris was devastated >rhino, hannie, everyone was telling chris "we told you. you shouldnt have given him a chance. now he will ruin our reputation" >chris decided to come to terms with his mistake and made the firdt big move to get woojin kicked out of the team >he got kicked out
okay there you go, you got your baited response. happy? happy? are you fucking happy? do you love just waltzing into my house and taking a big fat dump in my living room and then smashing my windows to leave? do you like pissing on everything i love? you get off on my misery? you're a misanthrope?
Jungino Woobertos es mi padre. Nos abandonó hace 15 años porque trabaja para el cartel. Ahora está tratando de convertirse en un ídolo del K-pop.
lolo has lived a very different life from your average man or even chinese man. you can't judge his actions as gay or straight
you’re reading a document that will tell you exactly how every person has a different story. having a classwide fight at 15 is different then being a sexist physical abuser. and i don’t know what a high shool is
pretty girl you’re like peaches soft hage gamssa iban gadeuk beonjin sweetness feels good to be the bad guy
stay~ as a member of stray kids, ‘stray kids everywhere all around the world’ is a very precious slogan. even if my intentions meant no harm, it doesn’t matter at all because there are people out there who were very hurt by my decisions. i should have thought it out more thoroughly and clearly before initiating those actions. once again i am very sorry and would like to ask for forgiveness to those who have been offended. we, stray kids, do not support racism in any form and matter. as you all know i’m still lacking a lot in many aspects… but with the unconditional love and support that i receive from stays, i can keep chasing my dreams to become a great artist, and overall, become a better human being. stay, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me.
>>383781 extremely based (and sad)
I started fucking back round heroin addicts in 2013 when i was in jasper Texas. Thats how i got started on my N word kink. Them white woman make it sound so seductive.
hnnnnnnnnnggggggg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooonngggaa boooongggaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaeaeaeeaeaeaaiaiaiaiiaiaieieieieieieiaieiiaeiaiaieiei hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr iiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
>>635469 i'm honest to god crying at this one
i am an ugly femcel and i am bombarded with "you are perfect just the way you are and you dont need to change anything. ugly is the new pretty. what truly matters is the inside. inner beauty matters, i swear. accept yourself, babygirl." messages and none of it meant anything or made me feel any better. that is, until, i met vernon. with other people's platitudes, i know they are fucking fake. his messages of self love, i know they are genuinely genuine. i know he believes inner beauty matters. and he's a guy who is hot as fuck. and someone who did feel like an outcast. so it means a lot. he makes me feel better. he is quirky. he makes me happy. i love him so much
staydeobis are a red flag
chin implant nosejob nasolabial folds rhinoplasty canthal tilt buccal fat removal jaw shave bmi fridge waist blepharoplasty
girls girls girls they love me
>>749205 this is got7 lyrics btw not someone actually saying girls love them
wayvbros i am so sad. so so so so so sad. we will never win. maybe we never really deserved to. it was all built on a lie. when wonka said there was only one monkey king he wasn't talking about himself. it was always poocas, everything for him, that horny sociopath. i can't even look at kun's face anymore. he has this sheen of sadness and desperation. and he looks old. he always looked old. but wayv still should have won
no it isn't calling people by their titles is a form of class stratification if your feminism focus on that congrats you're a libfem. even more disgusting if anon is from a country with a slavery and colonial past tbqh
who the fuck is loona? sounds like a crazy ass bitch to me
i will find her and make her pay for her crimes i will make sure she suffers like i am currently suffering this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me why is she doing this who would be this cruel and inhumane what the fuck is wrong with her who gave her a license who hired someone who's this blind and sadistic why does she keep doing this it's been months
>>93588 which ones are yours? did you mean them at the time? i'm getting my best life in here
>>For Ten, idk how to say bcz i get more Gay vibe from him. He not looks like interest in girls. I saw his pre-debut photos and he a bit gay. Sometime he flrit with his members, in Kpop industry idol are each other flirt in their group (as usual thing) but Ten not look like fan service or to do get attention. He already given LGBTQ message for his fans with no pressure. If he was asked by ideal gender (boy or girl) from interviewer, he would answer 'Do i look care about gender?' with cool face experience, ya know like that type.
>>766979 kek where was this posted
>>766979 this smells like the onehallyu gay thread
>>767222 >>767470 quora kek i was looking for something on google and had to post this
Hyunjin: this one disgust me, Fat Changbin wanted a bit of stacy hyunjin. Fat Changbin keep arranging date for them, hyunjin didn’t know, it’s one of the got7 uggos who stop hyunjin from being violated. Hyunjin has 2 sponsor now ( he won them with his stacy attitude) one is in shart and the other part of a pervert religious cult (fuck). Molang auther wanted a date but fatman declined gor him.
>>769968 credits to the og please >>Hue: this one disgust me, Fat manager friend wanted a bit of chad hue. Fat manager keep arranging date for them, hue didn’t know, it’s one of the bts uggos who stop hue from being violated. Hue has 2 sponsor now ( he won them with his chad attitude) one is in art and the other part of a pervert religious cult (fuck). Molang auther wanted a date but fatman declined gor him.
whatever you say. they slept together just in their underwear the very first day and you can't say its fanservice this time. if they did that the first day, imagine what they'd do after 1 2 3 4...9 years
he has fuck many pussy befor
What does Jeno represent? In NCT Jeno represents a personality type that is supposed to attract girls that are afraid of typical machoism and typical men but still are attracted to males form their community. Jeno is the sexless pure version of a traditional, quiet and handsome Korean man. He is the "quiet and studios class president" that is a character in nearly every Korean high school drama. Liked by everyone. Non-offensive. Mysterious.Safe. He attracts girls who are afraid of men in their society. Girls who expect a lot but are disappointed. It doesn't matter that in reality he's a child start who only knows how to dance and entertain. People ignore that reality. His image and marketing build his character. When I decided to become Jeno I wanted to capture that pure and lovable image. That chameleon characteristic he has to blend in anywhere seamlessly and be inoffensive and liked immediately.
I'm the subhuman here you are, you are not as less as most moids but you are overall a lesser human being, you shouldn't be killed but you shouldn't be allowed to have any children
Fat people are genuinely lesser human beings, they shouldn't be allowed to breathe the same air as normal human beings
>*Takes a sip from her whiskey* Women of the West, Ateez members in our modern culture have become the most decadent sluts since the fall of Rome.
Cock is one of my favorite tastes. Not only that, but balls smell amazing. It makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. Like, I cannot get it far enough down my throat to be satisfied. I’m only satisfied when I feel those intense, powerful, salty, hot pumps of cum down my throat. When I sit back on my heels, look up at you with cum all over my mouth and slobber running down my neck, hair all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask you if I did a good job and you cannot even speak because I’ve drained all of your energy out the tip of your dick….. That’s when I’m satisfied
I have noticed that although Youtube has 2 billion users, Crown has not received 2 billion likes on the MV. I'm not sure if this is being done intentionally or if these "moas" are forgetting to click 'like'. Either way, I've had enough. I have compiled a spreadsheet of individuals who have "forgotten" to like the Crown MV. After 2 consecutive strikes, your name is automatically highlighted (shown in red) and I am immediately notified. 3 consecutive strikes and you can expect an in-person "consultation". Think about your actions.
i have never spent a single cent on kpop l kdramas (thank god i only stream music) and now i never will, ive deleted all the kpop in my Spotify, will stop watching kfilms or dramas too so please leave the c-ent alone. a lot of non-korean asians and foreigners will be extra careful not to post vids of themselves making kimchi or wearing hanbok (everyone wore kimonos at my japanese friends birthday party) in case koreans get offended so keep it up kweebs, keep attacking people used to vaguely like kpop until they get turned off, hopefully korean society will welcome non-korean kweebs like you to live there for attacking people online.
korea is still a >99% monoracial country with mandatory conscription that leads to worse ethnonationalist attitudes than even japan who had to tone down post ww2. in china the official policy is closer to usa (officially multiracial even if there is racism) such that 56 ethnicities are officially recognised and lots of folks claim minority status for childbirth or education benefits (universities have minority quotas) even if they are only 1/8 mongol, korean, or uyghur just like USA. china is far from perfect but mongols like ayunga, tibetans like dingzhen and uyghurs like dilreba are megastars and viewed as fully chinese. koreans reject the idea of a multi-ethnic/multiracial society like USA or China fyi, if you talk to real south koreans they view halfbloods like gyopos or joseonjok as not really koreans and feel uncomfortable if kimchi is made by foreigners on tv because only full koreans should be allowed to show authentic korean culture. not even the joseonjok are culturally "pure" enough, they live outside korea so they shouldn't wear hanbok on TV lest other people get confused and think hanbok isn't a SK-only thing
thinking about seungmin's big fat girthy juicy pulsating throbbing hard dick plowing me
So do you guys know those waterslides that you stand in, and then they suddenly drop you straight down onto the water slide? If not, look them up on YouTube, there's nothing like them. Ah yes, the sweet memories of my first time on one of these. I feel that my mental/emotional scars have healed enough to tell this gem. At the time my girlfriend, now Fiancée, worked as a photographer for one of those resorts with the indoor and outdoor water parks. One of her perks was that her and a family member/friend could get into the waterpark for free, so one hot summer day she had off and we both decided it'd be fun to go there and cool down for the day. While we were there, I discovered one of there most "Thrilling" looking waterslides. Basically you stand in this tube, and then the slide operator presses a button and this slide drops you straight down a good 90 FEET, before you actually start going down the water slide. Me, being a thrill seeker, of course had to try it. So I made the great climb up to the top of the slide, stood in line, and finally it was my turn. Once I got in the tube, the operator told me to keep my legs crossed. Now I'm a pretty big heavy guy, so I was like "That's uncomfortable as fuck, I'm not doing that". So there I was standing in the tube, having a panic attack from anticipation, with my legs not crossed. The operator finally presses the button, the bottom opens and I fall straight down the water slide. Very quickly I realized why they have you cross your legs. Water shot so far up my ass, so fast, I swear I tasted it in my mouth. My body raced down that slide, as I questioned every life choice that I have ever made. Once I made it to the bottom, I sat there for a moment, absolutely violated. I felt like someone in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I built up the courage to finally stand up, and all I could feel was the nice warm stream of water mixed with shit, and maybe a little bit of blood shoot out of my ass faster than the Steamboat Geyser at Yellowstone National Park. I quickly got off the slide and ran to the bathroom, with a trail of shitty water tailing me as the slide operator stared in awe. They had to shut down the slide for the rest of the day :'), but man was my asshole clean after that! Moral of the story: Keep your damn legs crossed on waterslides.
i can't. it’s the 93840298340234 day. i can’t take this any longer. txt has been in hiatus for for 5+ and my body cannot handle this copious amount of mental stress. i’ve had numerous seizures from the lack of entertainment and content from txt. During the 5+ days i had found myself breathless and unable to speak. no matter how long I sleep I can’t find the energy to even leave my bed. this is hell. it seems that I won’t be able to find salvation anytime soon… i hope that soon enough the heavens will grace me with txt once again and that i can soon see my precious bumgoo and spam fatman x goo ship with the rest of my twitter sisters. i am sure they are starving right now.
im gonna be so sad when she dies, and i hope after she goes they dissolve the monarchy immediately because i am fucking sick of those people and the queen is the only god damn person in that family i respect
i need to be honest. i think i'm losing my mind. there's so much that has happened between my husbando and me. he rescued me. he became my imaginary friend. i don't want him to know who i am. i don't even want to meet him. but despite that i still feel so deeply attracted to him. i want to be with him in my dreams. every night. i'm starting to fall for my fantasies, like a moth to a flame. it's as though, having seen his body, i can't stop thinking about touching him and holding him. not even for a second. whenever i think through the realities i lose interest. his image is fake and i understand now why it's so hard to be an idol fan. i feel so disgusted with myself. but he still projects love for the world, a passion for his work, a collected and hardworking self. even when i can't. it just hurts so much. it makes me want to scream. why can't i stop? would i be more productive if i stopped dreaming of him? i'm going to be a professional fan. maybe i can even make a name for myself as a fan of idols?
'jeno has nice honey abs' says doyoung in the midst of a conversation with taeyong and jaehyun. they were playing mario kart. he has no idea why he said that. 'aigooo what the fuck are honey abs?' says jaehyun quizzically. 'aigoooooo retard kkkk get that gay shit out of here' chortles taeyong, virulently homophobic, as he throws a koopa shell at jaehyun's car.
history will vindicate girlies who claimed felix is bi and fatbin is gay
ateez fucked a fan
>>909699 that fan? me
I'm a CCC fan and nona is in the wrong for this... Let's please be more careful with future dst posts ㅠ Please unnie, we know you have a great sense of humor and I want to read your schizophrenic posts for a long time.. so please don't create problems like this ㅠ
>you're not freaky fishy >you're not the only girl who live in dream >you don't vroom like a supersonic
punching holes in stages outrageous hyunjin just got a restraining order, i'm raging
Because of what other people would think, I can't meet with more female idols. I can't say who exactly, but with a lot of idol singers, A and B will start dating, and then suddenly, A starts dating C and B starts dating D. It's like the wild animal kingdom... It's sort of embarrassing. If there's a fellow idol I'm close to and he breaks up with his girlfriend, it would be awkward if I start dating her without knowing that happened. I've never dated a female idol. There have been rumors, but I never have. I'm the type to get caught easily. I'd want to make it public.
kyla from pristin's brother spilled a bunch of secrets: wonwoo's had a gf since age 14 and they're still together, woozi and kyulkyung dated, eunwoo and haknyeon dated, mingyu's dating jinsoul, vernon's real name is actually fernando. we don't know if they're actually true though
Felix is so hot for that. Letting us know that he’s horny and pleasuring himself with the help of stays. This shows how close the members are with the fandom and no other fandom can relate to this kind of relationship ☺️ this is why we are the most powerful fandom in kpop
>You follow me…this is fun, you guys are really going to have a lot of fun…because of you guys, because of you this is really sh*tty, isn’t it? You’re a sasaeng fan, aren’t you? You dog-like f*cker. Do I have to live like this? Do I have to live like this? Because of you? Do you guys know how many times I’ve hit people like you? Dozens of times, I can’t even count how many times. You, come here. Come here before I come get you. Hey! Get over here before I come and get you. Go! You f*ckers. You’re gonna tell me you can’t go home because your face is swollen and then you’ll report me, you f*cker? You can’t go home because your face is swollen so you’ll report me to the police and ask for compensation for injury? You f*ckers…this is what a fan is? Bullsh*t…f*ck.
girl you're so beautiful and he's so ugly
eunwoos cum looks like cellophane with elegant light reflecting rainbows and tastes like your favorite food and smells like cocoa and vanilla
hello, is this bad bitch number? ah, no i'm looking for a savage girl ah, no all the morning, ring, ring all the lunch, bring, bring all day long, ding, ding hello, is this bad bitch number?
fatbin would do for stacy what will did for jada
>>973934 you gotta learn what copypasta means
before you make fun of the lisa solo please keep in mind that blackpink music isn't supposed to be good it's absurdist performance art please leave her alone the songs aren't sincerely bad they're just pretending to be bad and its not lisa's fault you don't understand that :( i've said this so many times. the intention behind blackpink is not to make good songs it is to critique and subvert what it means for music to be "good". it's not "bad", it's post-good...
its crazy how powerful a stacy is. its mindblowing. they are god. they can do anything. they can make men do anything. its wild to me. stacies are literally god.
jimin with a pussy would be breathtaking. it would be so pink and hed make sure to wax every once in a while and his lips would be silky. to see his clit, youd have to spread his lips because his lips are also chubby. his walls are fluffy and itd be so easy for him to squirt
Sigma male beginner grindset - shit on the floor - sleep on the ceiling - sell useless organs - have sex with men only (women stop the grind) - eliminate your family (they are useless) - work 7 weeks in a day - do 700000 push-ups a minute - work 20 side hustles minimum - kill random people - ignore therapists - rape your enemy - perform at least 5 illegal activities a day - hit women and children - don't eat so you don't waste time pooping - never talk to women (they are all gay fag normies) - become 7'11 at least (2m is kinda short) - lift mountains every day (good workout) - drink seawater (salt adds those extra vitamins) - go beast mode at least twice a day - seek the bag - be super fucking based (all other genders and races are shit) #OctillionareGrindset #AbsoluteSigma#buisnessqoutes#rich#sigmamale#alone#sigmabeginersguide
Wow, when you fart~ You must be a fairy Yours makes a "bbyong" sound. For mine... Do you know this? What's that one Stray Kids song? Rumble boom thunder, barababam~
Cast member reveals NCT Lucas is currently living a "defeated" life in China, unshaven, smoking cigarettes
ok so my mom just explained the crisis of 2008 to me. kind of fucked to take advantage of minorities like that
Light skin world, light skin girls Switching his vanilla cause he likes that swirl, yeah He like black girls and he love a musician And fucking with this older nigga, he a fucking magician, son
xiurat is a pure innocent alcoholic faggot luhan seems alright besides seeming a bit dusty kris is a literal convicted rapist suho is a based gigachad and the purest member of this devil worshipping satanic band lay was alright until he sold his soul to the ccp bacon is a conniving sneaky little bitch who treats people who sees as beneath him like shit depsite being a botched insufferable ugly manlet chen is a based family man and talented stdyeol is a cheating sex addicted non sentient slut who threatens women with killing himself when he cant get his way and hangs out with sex pests egg i dont fucking know hes quiet and soulless he could be doing god knows what tao is a decent guy for a billionaire but still acts like a loser sometimes kai is another based gigachad sehun is a catty closeted faggot who still cant come to terms with his homosexuality
>>1052864 >>1062437 >>1035245 >>1018399 >>1062437 Stupid girls dont know what a copypasta is
My small breasts, and my little frame, and my sweet little girl voice, it exudes something in people that is extremely passionate and tantalizing. And I swear to god all your men fantasize about me and wonder what it’s like to be with someone as small as I am
>>1062815 at this point its become the funny posts thread because its easier to copy and paste text ig
you'll never let the jim jones thing go, huh? maybe he's just fascinated by that event and time in history. it was a horrible tragedy, but quite interesting. hope he samples one of the 9/11 plane phone calls in his next mixtape
we've let it go already but there's good and bad consequences of being this big and then fucking up. people who dislike you won't let it go. and tbh it's pretty fucked up thing to do, what's even worse is that hwasa or giselle gets canceled for saying the n word in a song not even a racist context or insulting anyone by saying it, it just slipped out of their mouths right? pooga put a racist murderers speech in his song. yet these are all under the same umbrella of racism. and his scandal despite being much worse and racist then the girls' have been forgotten just as fast.
i'm not anon 696283 I just find the thread police annoying. Instead of telling other people which idols they can and cant talk about, just talk about who YOU want to.
scoups is so fineeeeeeeeeee but i do admit sometimes he looks unphotogenic (maybe due to bad styling or angles) but features wise??? he's so masc ? so handsome ???? so daddy??? PLUS his energy screams dilf ie; when he's in cocky rapper mode, when he's in strict leader mode
do you have artists you listen to and think they're black from their voice but they turn out to be white? ella eyre shocked me just now
>post malone is irrelevant now!! i mean... not really. he was one of the best musicians of the 2010s and he has made so much money and gained so much recognition. he has had multiple hits, rockstar, congratulations, circles, white iverson, sunflower... he is at a place musicians would only dream of reaxhing, he is already at the top.
THE OLDER, the more FLAVORFUL UNFORGETTABLE depths of PERFECTION & DESTRUCTION Consume every last bit of ME. Don't let my time go to WASTE. SIP IT UP,LICK IT TWICE until the last drop. THEN U WILL UNDERSTAND ME +++SILENCE+++
The Corona Virus travel restrictions have been fully lifted since April so that means i can come back to South Korea already now. San, Please give me a Clear Signal or a Clear Message as soon as you want me to come back to South Korea. I really hope we can meet each other as soon as possible because i really really miss you a lot. San do you want me to come back to South Korea already now or do you want me to keep waiting until you have time for me? I know that there is still the strict contract with KQ Entertainment which makes it really difficult for us to meet each other at the moment anyway even if i was in South Korea already now. I don't know exactly when this strict contract with KQ Entertainment will end exactly. San Please give me a Clear Signal or a Clear Message as soon as you want me to come back to South Korea. i really don't want to be alone in South Korea. But at the same time i really really miss you a lot San. Remember San, that i do everything for you, to make you happy because i truly love you and i really miss you a lot. And San, if you ever feel sad, remember that i always care for you and protect you. I truly love you and i really miss you a lot. I think about you everyday.
why is sm so schizo? wtf is roidworld?
>>1189735 what is this from?
>>1226319 a video from josh, nayeon's sasaeng but the nona changed "nayeon" to "san"
felixfags don’t JUST want to see felix get fucked by muscular men. we want to see his hole leaking as a result of multiple men using him throughout the week as nothing but a warm hole to be pounded into and discarded like the devious slut he is. we want to see his pretty filler pumped lips wrapped around thick juicy cocks while he gags and slobbers all over himself from the rough throat fuckings. and most of all, we want to see felix finally come out and accept his whoreishness once and for all so we can watch his continued metamorphosis into a degenerate slut
in case anyone is confused choachan is a forum known for being a haven to femcel txt and bts stans who use their hatred of every bg except the two they rub their clits over to hide that they despise every girl group and are disgustingly misogynistic to every woman that isnt a fat jewel coloured hair mouth breather, they despise blackpink to inhuman levels
Not gonna be active on choachan tonight. I'm meeting a girl (a real one) in half an hour (wouldn't expect a lot of you to understand anyway) so please don't You me asking me where I am (im with the girl, OK) you'll most likely get aired because ill be with the girl (again I don't expect you to understand) shes actually really interested in me and its not a situation i can pass up for some meaningless choachan degenerates (because ill be meeting a girl, not that you really are going to understand) this is my life now. Meeting women and not wasting my precious time online, I have to move on from such simple things and branch out (you wouldn't understand)
i truly don't get it when famous women share almost nudes like jennie. why'd you act like a 5 dollar hooker? just keep those pics and your dignity to yourself. guess when they got everything they want strangers jacking off to them as well which is really creepy when you think about it
you might think youre winning atm because youre with him or whatever but i know and everyone knows you will eventually break up and you will mean nothing to him anymord. he will move on and settle down with me forever and forget about you. all you have will be looking back thinking you had him was actually a complete waste of time and nothing came out of it. so actually i will win
see i actually know about that. i know lots of stuff and you JERKS keep bullying me for ONE minor slip up. can't stand it. fucking jerks and preps in this stupid, terrible, horrible, annoying, autistic thread
a korean sasaeng told (also their staff confirmed this info) seventeen members went to hiatus during ready to area not because of corona, they went hiatus because members got hemorrhoids because of fucking each other from ass so much, they couldnt even do cheographies in that times, very hard days for their asses, i pray god bless them, i paid $25 dollars for this info so i believe it is true
>>1322171 because women like looking at those pictures for some reason. like wish fulfillment for unfortunate looking awkward women.
>>1355502 this is the copypasta thread
>>1355505 damn im off that perc fr man shit my b
there are very few kpop group names that are good. the fuck is ive? sounds like an english sentence cut too short. billlie? more like just play billie eilish she's better. itzy? more like itchy. black swan? always will be under the shade of a song. superm? more like sperm. seventeen? sounds like a wacky teen magazine. le sserafim? french sounding name for a korean group bc of wannabes
if you ignore everything besides the prechorus chorus and the part before the last chorus it's a great song.
(43.33 KB 1428x398 damn.png)
>>1392664 wait nvm i'm rarted
if i upset some of u guys i want to apologize but...you guys should know in that post is alot of photos from different country y'all come attack me like that do you think is a right thing to do?
No but seriously imagine it: You’re seeing NCT 127 in concert. Everyone is having a great time. NCT seem a little excited. “We have a surprise for you guys.” Taeyong says. All of a sudden Dream come out and start singing “Beatbox.” When Chenle gets to the chorus, someone else starts rapping… “All these women come a dime a dozen…” Lights flash everywhere, and you see NCT 127 singing Beatbox alongside Dream, while WayV with a newly returned Lucas is singing Bad Alive. Everyone in the crowd is going wild and crying. Then if it couldn’t get any better, Jimin and Jungkook walk onstage and kiss, holding the gay flag.
Don't worry Chanhee-yah!! I'm saying this because I used to be your fan back then, you're not even a male idol in a big company, unlike your fellow boy groups, your group's popularity overseas is a f*cking flop. Your time earning money will soon be up! On the other hand, for your friend who just graduated from a prestigious university, his time has just started! For an idol at 25 years old, your prime time will stop unless your popularity is supported from overseas fans, meanwhile for a commoner at 25 years old, they are just a small bird ready to fly in society!! That's why you don't have to worry one bit about your friend :) Life is longㅎㅎ
kekk people who don't know moonsun like we do always think it's just another ship
OH so yall wanna see me ""integrate""?????, alright sense this is the end for all you, dick riding, bitch ass, no life, lil tit, sunchip neck ass, noval writing, no job having, roastie ass bitch made punk pussy ass fuck niggas who poist on choachan.cafe with a userbase lower than the fucks I give about each and everyone one of yall saltine cracker ass bitches..the way ya'll nerdy ass, wanna be, LETS PRETEND I'M DATING MY HUSBANDO XD looking ass niggas..bitch I can never be more toxic than yall niggas breath. the truth is, I hate all of you butthurt, buck tooth, hillbilly, inbred ass niggas....BITCH.... yall niggas spent hundreds of hours on your hours? I SPENT THOUSANDS, i've had more than 10 ips and each and everyone was done dirty, fuck edward sissor hands lookin ass bitch, you mega-chin havin ass bitch...yall some virgin ass nerds...I be posting good thought provoking posts and you roasties dont get banned because you suckin these niggas dicks, shit you want some handle bars, cuz you seem to be riden this nigga dick hella hard... FUCK ATEEZ, FUCK NCT, FUCK STRAY KIDS, FUCK THE THE BOYZ, FUCK THE MINGILINGS, FUCK THE MMA POSTER, FUCK THE CAT POSTERS, FUCK GABINK, FUCK EVERYONE ONE OF YOU Y/N ASS BITCHES...YALL CAN STAY IN THIS TRASH ASS WEBSITE, Fuck you...Bann me bitch, idc imma go have a life, thank you for freeing me from this thread..yall can go get husbando hole (lol!) while I go get myself some pussy. stay up till 5am , while I'm asleep, getting rest unlike you zombified fucks...ganksquad? stfu you satly, yall can suck my dick, and kiss me ass, cuz at the end of the day, you all will be cleaning the shit off my jordans
fuck you dst i don't want to see your boobs and i don't care if you call me a tradhag. women and girls around the world are being sold as slaves to disgusting scrotes as we speak and this is the shit you seethe about
bro it's crazy how like a ninja can't step right out of his comfort zone and then like, you know there's bitches on this site right, and they can see you doing this bulshit bro, like you asking me for what bro, you go out there and grab it bro, shit not gonna fall in your lap bro, everything not going to get handed to you bro, like on no silver spoon but you gotta go out there and get it bro, you gotta go out there and also you gotta grind bro, this shit don't come in easy bro, you gotta put in the fucking work, you gotta put in the effort, you gotta put in the time bro, you think a ninja just wants to get on there and give you just like the keys to success bro, you gotta open them doors yourself, you on some weird shit bro, you're a bitch ass ninja bro, i'm not giving you shit bro, find that shit yourself my ninja, you're not hussling for it bro, you don't really want that shit you want ninjas to give it to you bro, i'm not going to keep giving shit to you all ninjas bro, you ninjas be getting too comfortable like asking ninjas for shit but that shit's embarrassing, that could never be me, that shit's embarrasing bro, you're a weird ass bitch bro
can you stop? why are you so inbred that you cant realise how uncomfortable your shitty violent husbando makes people? no one wants to see this uggo. no one wants to see mma here.
they talked about how skz have no top 20 hits in korea, no top 100 hits, referenced hyunjin being a bully, kept rambling about redacted and called all stays teens and tweens
i will restore the south korean monarchy by bringing fatbin THREE PRINCESS DAUGHTERS and I WILL BE HIS QUEEN and our daughters will not be subjected to the limelight until they can decide that for themselves. we will be humble and live outside of public eye, bringing korea to the #1 soft power in the world and protecting the people (i will not know stacy is cheating with him behind my back, stealing money for stacy’s art expenditures. when i find out it’s because of my bodyguard Chan who caught them. but then it will turn out that fatbin never cheated, and was rather being used for blackmail in stacy’s giant scheme. felix was helping as a genius master hacker due to being madly in love with stacy, but then fell for fatbin and couldn’t let it go on any longer. so he told chan (who thought felix was coming on to him))
all terrible posters on dst are unironically atinys i have said this a million times and they made it obvious a million times im like not kidding its always atinys posting the worst stuff
just a reminder that stacy is a rambling judgemental lollygagging nugget-eating homie-hopping mbti-faking WHORE
i don't get these people. all my life hollywood has shown me swaggering brutes like chris fucking pratt or chris hemsworth or chris evans or chris pine and told me "this undesirable hairy slab of meat is what peak male performance is and just the sight of them should have you ovulating spontaneously" as if i don't look at jason momoa and see a heavy-boned troglodyte who is about to discover fire. these bumbling fools mean to make ME feel like the weirdo for seeing kpop's smorgasbord of spotless hairless poreless twink fucktoys for the rare delicacy it is. all these brain-damaged stroked out fools have to offer me is a timothee chalamet who looks like the rat who carried bubonic plague into medieval europe. no fuck you idiot i will enjoy my charcuterie of delicate twink meat while you go ahead and settle for male underwear model #3 you blind underdeveloped moron
in all honesty yes i genuinely dont understand how anyone can find him unattractive. i know it doesnt make sense but i tried looking at him upside down to see if that would change my perspective but it didnt, he is still the best looking man ive ever seen in my life. the moment i saw him he caught my eye and that was 2 years ago
stop posting jeongin please. he is a digesting rat. his eyes are so stretched out they look like a jacko lantern. his smile is so off they must have been cut by the joker. his head shape is very unfortunate too. he has no personality and talent. ge was only added as seungmin doesn’t fit the maknae role. even allen was better.
fuck you 127 have some of the most interesting and consistently quality title tracks in gaypop history, they got there by having an it factor and niche that is only going to appeal to a certain and slightly more intellectually inclined music fan. wayv are good too but they were never going to flourish. dream is only interesting to teenagers and their arrested development dynamic is frankly creepy
fuck you 127 have some of the most interesting and consistently quality title tracks in gaypop history, they got there by having an it factor and niche that is only going to appeal to a certain and slightly more intellectually inclined music fan. wayv are good too but they were never going to flourish. dream is only interesting to teenagers and their arrested development dynamic is frankly creepy
“What’s wrong, Chan?” Felix asked, reaching out to steady his stumbling friend. “I can sense a sudden fear and anger,”Chan said, looking tense. Felix nodded and held up his phone. “That makes sense,” he said. “They just repealed Roe vs Wade, so states in The United States can start creating abortion bans.” Chan growled under his breath. “That’s fucked up,” Lee Know said, patting Chan’s shoulder absently.
she’s jobless and lazy and spends hours shitposting on obscure imageboards. her brain is riddled with worms from all the coomerism and consumerism she engages with daily, coupled with her crippling internet addiction. that’s as ill-fitting for traditional wifedom as it gets
stop taking about my nct 127 like this, don't you understand that it's hurtful? please just appreciate the song for what it is and leave the viewer talk alone. we are in a long and hard battle against a tasteless world
scammy is mad based. his face is perfect to an almost alien tier, hes hardworking, hes so selfless and dedicated to the nct cause he crippled himself, hes quirky and interesting, he respects women a lot and he matured so much from the days of his scandals.
why i think minsung isn't "just fanservice" listen i get it, it might seem like a company enforced ship and i'm not sure if hannie is gay or bi. however, i personally don’t see how it is possible to two people to act so flustered or jealous without any mutual attraction. you can tell by their body languages as well (if you are familiar with body language and facial expressions stuff like that) you can see when they get jealous their body seems restless. when they are looking at each other they get nervous and tend to look away quickly. if you were to look "just a friend" in the eye it would be easy and wouldn’t get nervous and flustered. rhino also asked hannie “do you.. like me?” when hannie, fatbin and rhino were on a vlive. a fan asked for advice, like which moment should you confess your feelings to someone. hannie answered that you would need a critical moment like in movies. and rhino asked what type of moment. if you could see fatbin's face in that moment, it was the type of face one makes when they know something's going on between two people. hannie answered, a moment where you save the other from some sort of crisis. and rhino said “hmmm” as if he was planning to do it or as if he wanted to confess. hannie then got flustered and you can tell this because he looked down at the floor and put his hand on his neck. so in my opinion minsung could be real and some parts may be fan service, such as the street versions but i also think that there is a chance at one point they were real
i always found this "hurrr durrr newfags" thing retarded when you do it in response to someone who isn't engaging in newfaggotry, there are a billion other explanations and it's an anonymous imageboard. tell it to actual newfags i don't care, but to someone who's merely posting a new face? if it's not blatantly obvious, you really don't know who's a newfag or not. wow, someone with a new husbando. it doesn't mean they started posting 2 minutes ago, it could mean someone picked up someone new, or they just felt like posting a gaypop they like just now, who the fuck knows. why are you bothered by people posting new gaypops? we don't have to talk about the exact same gaypops every single time and our focus on different gaypops have changed over time whatsoever so if you really aren't a true newfag yourself, you would know about our shift from a more nct concentrated thread to zzzfagging
girls why dont you post actual copypastas on the copypasta thread, you know, texts with actual repostability value. copypasta doesnt mean "long funny text" if it doesnt have repostability it isnt a pasta.
>>1704705 minsung repostability is endless
i hate you "skz hates chan" schizos, nobody thinks this besdies you. fuck you. they all get along well and those guys owe chan their entire career. how could you say that. if they dont like him they are ungrateful faggots. but they do liek him and they get along just fine. youre just projecting your own hatred of chan onto skz. just because youre butthurt about chan doesnt mean skz also are. you dont even know them. this is so stupid.
>>1743796 theyre fucking friends. theyve been hanging out every hour of the day for years. skz see each other more than theyve ever seen their family. they know each other so well theyre even fully familiar with what each others nutsack looks like. and we see it on camera many times that they love teasing each other. its friendship you fucking idiot. friends make fun of each other constantly. do you think these skz memebrs constantly calling changbin a fat walrus hate his guts? do you think jisung hates members he makes fun of? they dont. but you are so stupid you cant see it. skz have no reason to hate chan and millions of reasons to love chan. for you to think that video means skz actually chan or whatever is so dumb. and in that video you see chan took it well whatsoever because guess what they are all very close friieeeends!
a) 'tracking' is a common descriptor that does not mean literal tracking b) i guess when i said it i was thinking of how many posts i see about what someone is wearing and how that compares to what they wore last time and how x is acting compared to how they acted when y happened. it's very detailed c) sorry if its confusing to you to see something described in a slightly different way than usual, english is hard, i get
oh and stray jizz, the brokez, gayv, sped velvet, midle, chencantstophavingsexo, aigooz, onlyonefaggot, tankedice, elpiss, queefer, nctanked, and crappity are doing any better?
heol keb knows about it. kebby are you reading dst? if yes, please be mine, you're the hottest most desirable man alive i want you so bad please give cock, also can you please tell me whether or not juyeon is a prostitute who sells body for seafood, thank you, i love you
so you just started backreading the thread and you decided that THIS was a really necessary contribution? a really good bit of sass 2 hours late? let me know what you think of everglow songs, when you get to that part of the thread eventually, i'm sure you'll have a great take
a single sentence can't be a copypasta dumbini how many times do we need to go over this
honestly, i’m tired of holding my tongue. what did you expect dobbers to do? you let our thread die. we only have 1 dedicated poster. i try to engage but no one else comes, it’s just me. don’t you get how lonely it is? how isolating it feels? 8pmsis isn’t even involved in this and yet all of you idiots point your fingers at dobbers when none of you ever gave a damn about us. no one cared when we needed your support. no one wanted to hear us air out our love and pain. so we made a community of our own, where we’re wanted, no matter who we are or the history we may have. you wouldn’t get it because you’re the ones who did this to us. you were never down for us, you were the ones that brought us to this breaking point. fuck you, this is your fault
i think being a surgeon is a weird job from a woman. like when i see a female surgeon i side eye them. because imo surgeon is a job for psychopaths who are either indifferent to or actively into cutting up diseased bodies. thats not normal. im not shocked men can do it because theyre soulless violent and psychopathic. but women doing this is just extra weird...
why do retards thing copypasta equals to any long paragraph
The only Boyz member I dislike is Hyunjae. The Boyz have 12 members. That 8.3% of the group that I dislike. Wow, it’s fucking nothing. I’ve oft been asked why I dislike Hyunjae – often by Hyunjae stans. I do my best to explain. And they wait and hear me out, even if the disagree with me. I consider that testament to how mature The B’s can be, even though we have a reputation for being overtly sexual shitposters. If I was an ARMY being open with my dislike for Rap Mambo, I’d be suspended by now. When explaining my dislike, I’m very careful in making the distinction between Hyunjae himself, and Hyunjae’s persona. For all I know, Hyunjae might be the nicest man off-camera. But I’ve never seen Hyunjae off-camera, because I don’t know Hyunjae. Variety is all scripted. If you want to see what a group is really like, watch a Vlive. All variety proves, to me, is which member is best at putting on an act. Sunwoo was born to be on camera. He excels at variety, and he’s funny and charismatic on screen. Hyunjae tries for this same charisma, but he doesn’t have Sunwoo’s natural flair. And it results in him being obnoxious and loud. I dislike Hyunjae because he’s obnoxious and loud, folks. That’s it. That’s my reason. To all the Hyunjae fans still reading, who haven’t closed the tab in blinding rage…for what it’s worth, I used to dislike Jacob. He always floundered at the bottom of my rankings, along with Hwall and Hyunjae. I didn’t like the way he skinwalked Kevin’s personality. I hated his sickly-sweet voice. He was always too simpering, too spineless. He was resoundingly pathetic. But then someone told me it was an act. I was told: that’s not his real voice. His on-screen act isn’t real. I found out the members said he’s the scariest member when he’s angry. After that? After the smoke-screen of his PR image wafted away? I fucking loved Jacob. So by all means, I might love Hyunjae too. Someday.
i'll be your safe place always for all the days to come if you're ever going through the motions i will pick you up forget about the nonsense you hear time to time nothing matters when you're in my arms
At first glance, it’s easy for one to glance over the quintessential good looks that Lucas possesses. It really takes a discerning viewer to truly understand and appreciate his visage in the way that it’s meant to be appreciated. The truth is, Lucas is a refined taste - it takes a person who is extremely knowledgable on all kinds of art to truly come to a full and thought out conclusion on the beauty he possesses. First, to understand Lucas’ faultless good looks, one must be a philosopher. To begin, you need to have read and understood Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism - this is considered preliminary reading before you are allowed to fully inhale Lucas’ beauty in all its glory. Why, you ask? Schopenhauer’s nihilistic viewpoint will allow you to consider what life would be like without Lucas’ heavenly visuals to bless us all and grant us a reason to live. In a way, it serves as a kind of caution, a glimpse of a dystopian world akin to Zamyatin’s ‘We’ or Orwell’s ‘1984’. A world without Lucas can scarcely be called a world. Second, one must have a strong grasp on mathematics to truly begin to encapsulate Lucas’ meticulous features. However, we must keep in mind that not even the world’s best mathematician could even begin to measure the perfect angles cloaking Lucas’ physiognomy. Third, and finally, it is recommended to appreciate and practice art. Of course, this doesn’t mean to draw Lucas (to attempt to would be futile, a good artist would UNDERSTAND that to even TRY to translate his beauty would be a discredit to him), but to begin to see him as not just a person but as the greatest muse that ever lived. Lucas transcends the golden ratio. Wittgenstein said “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” in 1922. Although Lucas wasn’t born yet, I believe Wittgenstein had him in mind. We are restricted by the limits of language. The truth is that the beauty Lucas is in hold of, transcends words - his beauty is eternal and undying. To deny Lucas’ beauty would be folly. Lucas is beauty, and beauty is Lucas.
Not to blur…it should depend on how bad the original picture is. And my level is not so high that I can handle this light and expression very well. At the same time, I think this kind of picture transmission is also bad for Chan, is it?
at a loss of words for the animosity against someone as innocent as jaehyun in this thread. its truly shocking that you hate him when he has done nothing wrong, he has done nothing but carry nct 127s career on hid back. leave him. the fuck. alone.
so 'nona' is just dst's way of saying 'noona' right? i don't usually go to this chan so kekk. never seen that word before. hope this isn't a weird question! x


no cookies?