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/kbg/ k-beauty general Anonymous 12/17/2020 (Thu) 16:14:14 No. 846
Discuss, review and talk about korean make up and skincare products and practices.
get this shit back in stock tonymoly I HATE YOU
>>854 does it work? i thought tonymoly was just one of those cutesy brands that isn't all that effective
>>925 yes this is actually the only product from them that i've tried that worked and it worked well too. so of course it's the only one out of stock for months now...
I don't use an asian sunscreen currently, but did anyone else read about the purito spf 50 sunscreen apparently only having spf ~20 when tested in practice? Now people are saying to make sure the sunscreen you get is waterproof since your skin is always sweating in tiny increments and can disturb your sunscreen.
rebooting this thread - anyone got any cleanser recommendations for combination skin? i've used the cosrx low ph cleanser so anything other than that
>>21124 Is French skincare ok or do you require k beauty
>>21190 Kek just post its not like you'll be banned for it
(567.83 KB 1200x1200 reineblanche.png)
been using this one for a couple of weeks, and it's good, my skin is oily and exfolliating twice a week helped a lot tbf I'm just worried about its "illuminating" properties because I'm brown and I don't wanna end up looking like an sm idol post snow app
>>21191 I just want to be helpful anon Sanoflore's mousse magnifica or gel Aciana botanica are both good on my combo skin. Mousse is formulated for oily/combo, gel is for sensitive skin.
>>21124 The only cleanser that worked for me consistently is the philosophy purity one. Hada labo aha bah is also amazing as a cleanser/exfoliator.
>>21190 >>21192 >>21193 anything is fine, thanks! i'll look into these >>21204 i tried the purity one but felt like it was very stripping, that was years ago though so maybe they have changed the formulation since. i've heard great things about hada labo so i may just try it out. also been thinking of trying the senka perfect whip
ngl everything about my skin improved when i dropped most of my asian beauty routine and just used the ordinary products. the only thing i kept is the cosrx snail cream and melano cc vitamin c serum
(13.37 KB 640x640 SILA207_open_1200x.jpg)
this isn't korean but i've finally decided to get into wearing makeup glossier and jill stuart's makeup products interest me the most. i really like how jill's concept of her line is that all the products are jewel-case like while glossier prides itself on a more natural makeup look. i've also been thinking about buying the clio eyeshadow palette aespa's been promoting but i'm not sure what fits me yet
>>946 i don’t use asian sunscreens anymore because of the scandal and i realised the protection with asian filters isn’t high enough for european summers. i just stick to european spf now


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