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hair care thread Anonymous 01/19/2022 (Wed) 20:01:18 No. 776588
recommend, review, discuss hair care products, share tips and tricks, ask for or give advice
how do you moisturize your scalp?
>>776615 i like to use argan oil to moisturize my scalp! about once a week, maybe more if it’s particularly dry. however, dry scalp can be a sign that you need to wash your hair more often so aware of that too
how often do >we wash our hair
>>778234 once a day, it's enough for me. but i feel like i've been using the wrong shampoos, because it looks kind of dry
2 times a week for me personally I have straight, medium thick hair depends on your hair type though
>>778234 once a week. i use a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner and my hair seems to retain moisture the whole week but i might start washing it every 4 days
>>778252 what shampoo and conditioner do you use?
>>778234 once a week
>>778257 tresemmé moisture rich shampoo. it really works so well
>>778276 samefag shampoo and conditioner**
does pre-poo really do anything?
when i was in my late teens i could still go 6 days without washing and now it's sometimes already oily on the 2nd day, i'm so tired of it. and if i see one more fag on the internet claim "you just need to wash less!"...
>>778234 every 2 days how do you guys manage to wash it only once a week mine gets too oily...
i never leave my hair unwashed long enough to notice when it starts getting greasy but it just feels wrong not washing my hair after i work out and am all sweaty. so i wash my hair like 6 times a week
>>780463 for me, my scalp is dry. like it doesn't get oily but it gets criminally dry if i don't wash it sooner
>>780212 try deep-cleansing once a week but using a cowash or cream cleanse on your oily days
>>780577 >cowash or cream cleanse never heard of that?
>>780648 it is washing with conditioner
(517.47 KB 683x1024 Benefits-Of-683x1024.png)
>>780648 what >>780652 said, but to elaborate -- the general goal is to remove excess oil and product buildup but not strip the hair completely nor dry out/strip the scalp. generally, black, curly, and thick hair benefit the most from cowashing; however, it can be used on straight or thin hair. in the case of straight and thin hair, a little product goes a long way and i would absolutely recommend investing in a product labeled as a cowash. most standard conditioners are not going to achieve the same results, especially for straight/thin hair.
what helps with hair loss
(124.93 KB 960x582 h2xr69ac6ft41.jpg)
using gel makes all the difference for my curly hair. it's similar to picrel
>>778234 Every 4-5 days. Sometimes I'll push it to 6 if I'm not going anywhere.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYttd9GgVoM&t=0s has anyone tried that baby hair cut/face framing technique? i guess it's a middle ground between curtain bangs and natural baby hair where they cut the top front piece of the hair to frame the faceshape and hide the hairline (see vidrel). i've been tying my hair really tight for ages and my hairline receeds a bit on the sides making my forehead very square-shaped. seen a lot of korean hairstylists/idols do this and since i can't commit to bangs i may try this out
>>874970 late reply, but i've been doing this since ~2 years now. i even bought a small cheap straightener but since i'm not asian, my hair isn't completely straight and therefore looks naturally fluffy even without styling it like she does. i would recommend it but you have to be careful, there are 2 major mistakes that happened to me so far: 1. if you have an actual M-shaped hairline, never take hair right from the middle of your forehead. after a while i started getting bolder and wanted to go for a look like pic but my hair was just standing to the front and upwards, completely messy, and now that i'm growing it out it's constantly in my eyes. try to only go til around the middle of your brows.
(155.64 KB 1080x1578 963168270b4af86929c290de35c05f1c.jpg)
>>898023 2. never take hair from too far on the side/back or you will create the illusion of having a bald spot at the side of your head + it looks like two thick sideburns or something lol
>>785729 nutritious food, supplements, vitamin c tablets
>>785729 i have a genetic condition and strted loosing my hair at the age of 17. i am 27 now. while i dont sport bombshell hair i will list what worked for me and helped not getting completely bald by now. 1. minoxidil 2% 2. redensyl serum 3. biotin supplements 4. argan oil combined with sesame oil and coconut oil 5. investing in good quality conditioner and shampoo. i have been using bonacure range for a while and it works for me
if anyone's available, does anyone know any solutions for dandruff? ive struggled since i was younger and used all sorts of shampoos (head and shoulders, selsen blue, etc). I have dark thick hair so the dandruff can be seen sometimes, but im more annoyed about it being in itchy clumps now am i doing something wrong here
>>941426 i had this struggle and it was so bad during the past year. a dermatologist prescribed me ketaconazole and it changed my life fr. dandruff is not my problem anymore. go visit a dermatologist and get your scalp checked nona, it could be psoriasis or a fungal infection or just protein buildup. whatever it is, a derma will know how to treat it for sure
>>941426 find something with zinc and ketaconazole 2% as its main ingredients and your problem will be solved. i will also advice to get a scalp analysis from a good doctor. if you are facing massive hairfall with dandruff then it might be an indication of an onset of hairloss cycle
i struggle with my hair so much despite endlessly putting time, effort and money in it reeeee
>>1420024 same except ive currently given up putting as much effort into it and keep it tied up if i go out. took too much time to make it look decent due to how its normally textured
(427.35 KB 1536x2048 FWjIlUIaUAAvP_m.jpeg)
irene's recent hair is my dream do you think she has slight curtain bangs or is the hair framing her face just curled back?
(214.40 KB 1298x1298 FY5caY0aAAAGVWT.jpeg)
>>1423269 and just soft layers, right?
>>1423269 heol this is her current hair? she used to have some of the most fucked up hair i've seen on a girlpop
(52.40 KB 447x625 FPpuctqVEAYkL0a.jpeg)
>>1423288 yeah, i remember. i guess not bleaching does wonder now it's great, def no extensions either
i guess i can answer my own question now, she does have shorter layers framing her face i'm always too scared to get those cut because i worry that they're only gonna be in my face and annoy me, or that i'm not able to style them right


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