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korean variety thead Anonymous 01/08/2022 (Sat) 09:57:01 No. 741578
here we discuss all things k-variety including idol variety. recommend shows/episodes, share memorable lines and scenes, or post your thoughts in general.
discuss, psychoanalyze scenes, make a lolcow out of the contestants, or share your thoughts in general
make a korean variety thread and then we merge it
just started this show and i want the really sporty lady to step on me
also moon se-hoon
>including idol variety that’s not how ot works
>>740847 >>740938 kekkk agree with both. sehoon screams theatre-loving gay. i love yeawon and soyeon's friendship too they deserve better
>>738416 i made one (sorry late) feel free to merge :)
>>741582 wait so knowing bros and weekly idol isn't allowed?
>>741586 no. make an idol variety thread on kpop for that
>>741994 dst also talks about kpop, it'll be the same here. it's not like this thread is gonna be popular anyway. might as well keep the idol stuff here
>>741999 dst is and always has been the only exception to that rule on ot newfriend
singles' inferno bros there are rumors that hyunseung and yeawon & jintaek and soyeon are dating irl based on their social media while jia and hyeonjoon are not. the latter makes sense, i really felt like the freezia/jia shilling arc was scripted or somewhat forced by the pd-nims because she wasn't exactly hyunseung's type and she never reciprocated hyeonjoon's efforts during the show. people are saying the show should be called jia's inferno and that she just used the show to promote herself and her fashion stuff kek
watched new world on netflix and it was really fun
(51.18 KB 360x450 New_World_Poster_1.jpg)
>>743923 same. I generally don't like this type of variety but they had really good ideas and the cast was well picked
>>742762 >she just used the show to promote herself and her fashion stuff kek literally every influencer on every reality show ever as for the love traingle thing: i believe jia and hyunseung had past history and that he would definetly date someone like her. but they obviously pushed the love triangle and friends rivalry for entertainment purposes. she wouldn't last with any of them though because irl she will aim for bigger fish like rich rich guys, actors and... kai kek
watching singles inferno soyeon is kind of obsessive. i wish she’d drop jintaek. another guy is coming, she doesn’t need to give him all of her attention. i feel bad for how shit her conversations with sehoon go. he’s even more pathetic than she is jiyeon doesn’t give off any particular impression. you can see a clear ranking among the women and scrotes, the one chasing after jia comes off pitiful and pathetic. soyeon, sumin and the busan girlie are my favorites
>>746499 girl you're male brained and might as well be sehun. what a shit take glad you're in the minority
>>748885 >shittalks soyeon for a whole paragraph >she is my fave uhhh ok tough love
>>749531 meant for >>746499
>>749531 uhhh unless you’re retarded how is that shittalk? the worst thing i said was she’s “kind of” obsessive. obviously editing is involved but she went around the island and talked about jin taek with multiple people instead of just finding a new partner she has options and could do better, why wait for the kind of guy who can’t even answer if he likes only 1 person…
what am i supposed to watch now that ive finished swf, sdgf, singles inferno and new world kekk
anyone into sports? specifically nfl? football is on right now in the home
Yaewon posted a video with Hyunseung today! Eng subs available https://youtu.be/Kxq_Oh4Y1GI
(256.82 KB 1074x801 Tumblr_l_136770634614251.jpg)
>>770304 this pairing makes me so giddy. there's just something about how playful they are when they interact. whitewashing does not fit them tho, they look better tan btw did you guys know hyunseung was a backup dancer for stray kids in kingdom? i don't think he mentioned skz
>>748885 nobody malebrained watches trashy shows like singles inferno. i haven't seen it but the whole song jiah replica fallout is hilarious, as if her entire face wasn't fillered up... idk why people are hyping up a plastic beauty as if she's kim taehee or something.
>>772109 proves once again who insanely high moid idols egos are, imagine a femcel taking pics with naked ps models, would never happen, yet your oppars...
hyunjoong blocked jia on instagram. and apparently she’s been giving away knockoff designer items and pretending they’re branded. rip
KEK she used a fake dior bag to do an #ad post for a dior perfume.... jesus im not sure if shes reckless or dumb at this point http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/01/freezias-reps-confirm-dior-bag-used-in.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&m=1
girlie could have just been a successful youtuber and instahoe but of course she had to get even more attention on go on tv just a couple days ago she only got comments like "omo i wanna be like unnie so much!!!" and now...kek
>>779886 i wonder how she looked like before the plastic surgery
>>779970 nothing wrong about going on tv her mistake was bringing her counterfeit clothes there kek she could have made some deals with local clothing brands and she wouldnt be in that position... >>780813 that tiktok doctor said she only had a nose job
>>783356 lip fillers too I thought
>>783356 she had fillers too
>>783372 >>783569 yeah but thats not surgery though kek
apparently people are now saying shes was being so pushed because her agency is funded by Chinese money kekkk they turn everything into a Chinese conspiracy in Korea these days, fascinating shit. i dont think she'll be royally fucked because at the end of the day shes got 2 mi subscribers but she very much hurt her chances of becoming mainstream and appearing on tv. it's all simply embarrassing.
why arent the other singles inferno contestants giving a follow-up? jesus koreans really arent suitable for reality tv...
>>786551 http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/01/freezia-posts-apology-video-halts-all.html wonder if she'll ever make a comeback. but yeah, what's with the whole Freezia = Chinese thing? When she was the hottest girl on some dumb reality show Koreans were super proud of her and praised her beauty as if she wasn't super plastic, now she's caught for faking her entire branded wardrobe they zoom in on the fact she called kimchi "paocai" (the translated Mandarin term for kimchi is hanguo paocai 韩国泡菜/Korean pickles, sauerkraut is also paocai but 德国泡菜/German pickles) and disown her? Shameless. Freezia's a symptom of Korean society's obsession with outward appearances, consumerism, and keeping up with the jones. Korea has one of the highest personal credit card debt ratios worldwide due to luxury goods and plastic surgery. She represents korean society to a tee. singles inferno made international news for colorism and korea's obsession with fair skin too. In China the red hot reality tv star of 2021 was Tenzing, https://china.usc.edu/discovering-ding-zhen-influencer-culture-and-myth-tibet-chinese-social-media a darkskinned illiterate Tibetan herder who went from goatherding to acting in dramas and appearing on variety shows with A-listers GongJun and Huang Xiaoming within a year. Such a person wouldn't even exist in Korea nor get popular due to his skin color/perceived uncouthness.
https://koreaboo.com/news/netflix-korea-skin-color-controversy-singles-inferno/ https://dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10437193/Singles-Inferno-Netflix-Korea-responds-colourist-backlash.html >>789896 running man, 1d2n and jttw are kreality shows that aren't trashy or at least don't expose the ugly colorist side of korea. dating shows are full of wannabe d-listers desperate for fame ew
>>792968 >what's with the whole Freezia = Chinese thing? her content is also posted on chinese platforms (RED, bilibili, etc.) by a Chinese team i'm assuming and she apparently used the tag "pao cai" for kimchi on of her videos. there was a huge controversy last year how the chinese were claiming korean things as their own, like hanbok and certain korean foods and it devled into a huge thing with xenophobia and all of that. but the the kimchi and hanbok thing pissed off a lot of koreans and people are questioning if she's korean because of that. i'm not sure if theres a word in mandarin specifically for korean kimchi but i honestly think it could just be a mistake with the way the video was tagged
>>793067 >running man, 1d2n and jttw these are (boring) variety shows, not reality shows kek >dating shows are full of wannabe d-listers desperate for fame ew thats the DNA of reality shows except for some of the talent competition RS
>>793551 Lmfao, do you get your facts from knets?
>>793551 as far as i understood, kimchi was translates in chinese, meaning it wasn't her doing anything but the person who did her subs. plus theres no way for her to check this (other than having no time) because she doesn't speak chinese. still don't feel sorry for her, we don't need any more vain and dumb rich kids gettinf admired. being so desperate for brands that you wear fake stuff while already in your mid 20s is beyond pathetic.
>>794231 what do you mean nona? i've literally seen her stuff on RED
https://youtu.be/uTBRDD3WqMw girlie was even so daring as to bring and show off a bunch of fake clothes on tv... if i see one more underage xxxfag defending her by saying >have you never worn abibas???! no..?
>>793551 calling kimchi "paocai" is just translating it into the chinese term for pickle though. paocai/pickles is a dish that exists in every country, so in chinese people say "hanguo paocai"(korean pickles), "deguo paocai"(german pickles i.e. sauerkraut), sichuan paocai (sichuan pickles) since pickled dishes are so common. 1. paocai is a chinese dish of pickles that originated in sichuan https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pao_cai 2. kimchi is referred to as hanguo paocai. There is no other was to call it in Chinese, it's like BTS is 防弹少年团 or Fangdan not Bangtan. 3. Kimchi in it's earliest reiterations was not made with chilli (which only came to korea in 1800s) ans very similar to sichuan pickles https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchi 4. the "china claiming korean culture" thing boils down to a large amount of ancient korean culture being inspired by ancient chinese culture. china was the usa or rome of east asia and neighboring countries would adopt their clothing (hanbok was inspired tang, ming hanfu but koreans evolved it into their own thing), writing systems, philosphy, music instruments, utensils (e.g. chopsticks) so chinese people see koreans as a derivative culture (aka your culture is a copy of ours even if you took our culture and did your own thing with it). koreans being nationalistic resent being told korean culture is derivative of chinese culture even if it was, so they fire back wifh insults or brag that kpop is more popular. that said, accuse freezia of being a chinese plant because of some subtitle is dumb. nobody in china gives a shit about her and her fake face. knetz are just embarrassed that someone koreans admired as a luxurious queen is all fake, and that they are dumb superficial losers who believed she was a princess lol
the whole paocai/kimchi debate is dumb. koreans now want china to call kimchi "xinqi" in chinese https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/xinqi-kimchi-new-chinese-name-cmd/index.html so kimchi doesn't get lumped in with all the other pickles in the world to be called paocai. doubt it'll catch on though, people call japan "japan" not nihon, china isn't called zhongguo, germany isn't called deutschland. koreans needs to take a chill pill and accept that kimchi is termed as "korean pickles" not some special unique name. because korean culture is so derivative (e.g. the south korean flag has more chinese symbols than the flags of china and taiwan kek) they are really sensitive and desperate to stand out as unique.
>>779886 this whole thing is so stupid. she fucked up with the fakes but this whole witch hunt is so drastically blown out of proportion. who cares that some youtuber wore fakes on tv. fuel this anger into witch hunting people who commit actual crimes.
(336.08 KB 819x394 9000 YEARS OF HISTORY.jpg)
>>793551 this, so much this Also, has China apologized yet for claiming Confucius was Chinese and not Korean?
lol i hope you're kidding, is confucius korean? he was born in qufu https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qufu and you can trace his descendents https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_tree_of_Confucius_in_the_main_line_of_descent
(158.13 KB 555x478 we wuz.jpg)
>>795496 Umm sweaty, the great Korean Empire used to govern a half of the world. All Asian and European cultures originate from Korea. The dirty Chinese, Japanese and Italians stole Hanja and pizza and claimed them as their own. https://streamable.com/zmkrbe One more thing. Christianity has been prevalent in Korea, do you know why? Because Jesus was Korean as proven by a Korean historian. Educate yourself, ignorance is NOT ok. vgh...Hwan empire...ancient rvlers of evrasia...dawn of civilization...
>>795496 sis is trolling, basically a lot of Korean ultra nationalists claim every Manchurian and tungusic peopeles were actually all Koreans(they even claim the first historical dynasty, The Shang were Korean) Its really fucking stupid and relies on the writings of 20th century Turkic nationalists
>>795557 oh lol im too dense. tbh i doubt they actually believe their crap since Confucius wrote in Chinese and invented a lot of idioms and chengyu, if koreans claimed him they'd be basically saying korea is part of china. even chinese ultranationalists don't claim that despite claiming korea is a vassal state or "thief country" for stealing chinese culture, by calling korea 偷国/thief country they are admitting korea is a country at least. chinese ultranationalists tend to consider korea a puppet state for being colonised by japanese and split apart into north and south korea by the US and USSR's proxy cold war, so if koreans wanted to get all ultranationalist they'd have to reunify and show they aren't split apart by outside forces. anyway freezia is done http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/01/rumors-brew-about-real-profession-of.html her dad apparently runs a room salom aka those bars where you can pay girls for sex.
>>795742 wow. the room salon thing is a lot bigger as a shock than the designer fakes. especially if she still is in regular contact with her dad and benefits currently in some way from the money he makes
>>795742 of course 97% of Koreans don't believe that shit, were talking about Ultranationalists here I mean look at this shit
Jia is fucked fr she privated all her videos and only left a public apology on. Korea goes hard with apologizing, can't imagine an American Youtuber giving up their income just to fight cancelation. For sure her main audience in Korea, but she would still gets tons of money with the new international audience she got from Singles Inferno


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