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How did you discover choachan? Anonymous 12/24/2021 (Fri) 22:49:56 No. 693020
a lolcow/crystal cafe refugee, a gaypg migrant, wherever you came from feel free to share how you got here in this thread
there was a post on reddit about it
>was a long-time lurker on lc for a while and found out about kpc >checked lc after a long break to read threads and learned kpc was moved to cc >kept up with the thread on cc and then came to ccc once the site was created basically been here since day one
>>693031 where? didnt think we'd ever get mentioned on reddit
>>693052 pretty much the same except i didn’t keep up with cc for a while and thus found ccc way later
I've been here since day one after lurking for a long time on lc. I used to hateread threads about 127 because they were entertaining and now they're my ult.
google keywords: 'hendery' 'autism'
i was told by lc admin it was a thing after i begged her to bring back kpop threads
gaypg migrant, been here since day one but refused to fully migrate thinking i'd get banned for hornyposting kek
>>693068 there was a reddit post with dst screenshots complaining about how vile of a place we are or something
kpg told me to go to gaypg but gaypg was dead and the posters there at the time kept complaining about a certain ‘ccc.’
I lurked gaypg for a while last year and then people kept mentioning ccc for some reason, I can't remember why. I decided to check it out and now I'm here.
google keywords: 'bang chan' 'liposuction'
saw the link on pannchoa
>>693216 explains the state of this site
>>693216 i fucking hate you
when it was advertised on /ot/ >>693203 kek we talked about it here. there was a drunk nona who kept whiteknighting the site on the thread
kpg kept complaining about ccc and then i found my new home <3
i had left gaypg for a long while and when i returned there was only what seemed to be underage moacripples and posts complaining about choachan. and then i ended up here
>joined kpc around thread 15 >migrated to cc kpop thread >joined ccc day 1 the idea, that there are some nonitas i conversed with on and off for years but still are complete strangers with them scares me lucas pic for the sake of old times
referral from my ib dweller friend who took pity on me not being able to talk about gaypops freely
>>694521 oh it's crazy to think just how many years i've been posting with some of these people
>>694521 my story is exactly the same
>used to post on mukpg during gaypop hours because i thought that was the only kpop thread on the site/never bothered with /trash/ >figured gaypg was just a term for those hours since most people talked about chendul as a deceased site >drifted off from 4chan in general >searching for other imageboards, come across lc >lc's kpop general said it was orgre, told posters to head to cc >cc's kpop general said it was ogre, told posters to head to ccc
>>756985 link?
>>756985 wtf elab
>>756985 kekistan elab pls
>>756985 anvil
>>693020 gaypg and I don't even like kpop. I just wanted an imageboard that focused on Asian related things with less /pol/ or /a/ derailing.
>>807583 we really need a /kr/ board
Lurker from lolcow, took a break and came back to see the kpop threads locked on there kek. Ended up here
Discovered the lolcow kpop threads, when those got banned i moved to crystal cafe but also discovered and browsed gaypg around the same time too. Basically been here since day 1 but ive taken breaks as my fixation on kpop waxes and wanes
someone was spamming the links in ratmy curiouscat accounts without any context and i came
>>953542 girl. kys
>>953876 cope and get mad at the spammer dumbass
I believe I found it from a lolcow.farm thread. It was briefly mentioned but I don't remember where
was looking for information about two idols i thought were dating, ended up here, haven’t looked back.
i got sent an anonymous message on livejournal kek
lolcow refugee who hateread posts about nshitty and ended up ulting them
>>1300840 kek same, i was keeping up with them for the drama and started liking them
>>1300339 based omoma sister
>>1300955 *omona
i was googling things about Choa from AOA, i used to be a big kpop stan back in the day... im 22 now just now getting back into it... anyways one of you guys said the exact same thing i googled about choa so it came up! im glad i found this place. needed some new image boards to regular
>>693215 KEKMAO
google keywords: 'felix' 'jaw shave'
>>757004 nta but there's a moid with an acc dedicated to ccc
>>1300955 actually omona never accepted me kek but i was on ontd
>>1480075 really? they usually accept you if you inform you are from ontd. but its deqd anyways. ontd kpop posts get more comments
>>1480095 yeah i didn't bother appealing because it's so dead. glad i'm here though because ontd banned me sucks
Lolcow. I miss the kpop critical threads and wish admin wouldn’t ban them.


no cookies?