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Dumbass Shit Thread Brand Reputation 211206 Anonymous 12/06/2021 (Mon) 18:30:35 No. 643636
I did this over threads #613 to #617 which I believe was close enough to a 24 hour period.
My arbitrary rules were as follows: >I only counted original posts (no replies), BUT I would count a reply if it had a photo attached >OP picture didn't count >General group discussion (i.e. post your top 3 ATEEZ songs) didn't count >Pictures of ships/posts about ships counted, 3+ members was the cut off point >I tallied my own posts too, so I dialed down my husbando sperging a touch >Negative posts counted too, which is why Jae probably scored higher than your oppa >Lyricposting for soloists didn't count which is why Vernon and Kai took big fat Ls I did my best with the Xdinarily Shite members, some people I straight up just didn't know (sorry E'Last and onlyoneof girlies). And I tried to keep up with the Produce shitting last thread, I really did...
30 of those eric posts was me being a tbznyufag
(149.10 KB 794x1112 20211206_183207.jpg)
Some observations: >I had to open every single mp4 to verify who was in it. I never want to see another Tiktok again. >The spread in NCT posting was unsurprising. What was surprising, however, is just how much Jenosis managed to dominate simply by being an autist. Slay. >Juyeon fell off hard. >EXO and SHINee posting fell off hard... or maybe our resident grannies were just having a recharge day. >Felix whooping everyone in SKZ was a genuine surprise. I thought the posting was a bit more centralised. >TBZ posting was the most centralised of all 4 main groups, with a few fan favourites. >ATEEZ were in the lead up until that last thread. Sangric really changed the game. >Atinys are more autistic than me. Congrats SAN! I am never doing this again.
>>643650 girl 1. im scared of you 2. 24h is nothing
this only tells me ateezsisters were free this sunday/monday
there's my fellow sexochad nona who constantly posts peaches and i constantly post about my love for unu but you somehow ignored us, hm...
>>643668 song lyrics are not a kai mention
>>643668 i thought i only seen one eunwoo pic during my travels. and i wasn't counting BABY GIRL UR LIKE PEACHES posting
i love this and the idea of this kek i wish we could automate it somehow so we can track per month
>>643659 >autinys at maximum horniness on the lord's day yeoksi
>>643650 was it my san vids spam...i'm so sorry
(100.45 KB 1920x848 ranking sample.png)
i liked the idea of this project and i had a massive depressive episode so to distract myself i programmed something quick and small. it scans through dst threads, filters common english words (30k+ words) and ccc/ib lingo ("nona", "moroni", "nonita", "scrotes", "husbandos", etc) then it tallies the remaining unfiltered words, which are almost always names. i made it account for all ccc nicknames and closely related terms i can think of (sans lyricposting), so, for example, "rhino" counts towards lee know, "fatbin" counts toward changbin, "autiny" counts towards ateez, anything with suffixes like "-sis", "-fag", "-poster", "-wife" counts toward the respective gaypop, so on and so forth. sadly, it's limited to text and filenames, and there could be some inaccuracies with regards to nicknames. like "mango" counts towards mingi and "pancake" counts towards taeil but someone could be talking about literal food in their post. "babygirl" or "baby girl" for xiaojun could also refer to the bang chan inside joke. anw i'll add more nicknames as i come across them and maybe i'll post rankings every month or week. sorry for the autism.
(23.28 KB 1050x587 omokek - heol sample.png)
it also creates an omokek-heol index, which accounts for every variation of omo, kek, and heol
>>649159 >>649160 do not apologize for this. the numbers are beautiful. you’re counting “hul”s in the “heol” right?
>>649159 >>649160 this is beautiful. looks like we need more omos for balanced harmony with kek
>>649162 >you’re counting “hul”s in the “heol” right? yes kek i am actually a hulnona myself >>649163 >we need more omos for balanced harmony with kek for sure. love omos thanks for the kind words nonas <3
>>649159 kek the funniest is that for some of these gaypops you just know its 1-2 people making all posts. shows how small we are... a core userbase of 12 people maybe
nona this is amazing. hope your depression gets better, and don't beat yourself up
>>649159 women in stems.. thank you nona that’s really interesting and you’re very hot for doing that
>>649159 >>649160 this is really cool sis, thank you for taking the time
>>649159 felix hitting melon rooftop! i can't believe my autistic tallying in a notepad inspired this. super cool nona
(735.63 KB 4333x1829 rankings dec2021 - week 2.png)
i wasn't able to tally the mama thread (dst #629) because it got deleted before i went online but hmm i guess it's fair to the groups who weren't there >>649304 >>649308 >>649446 thank you all <3 >>649606 thank you for starting it and creating this thread kek i would have never thought about this idea otherwise. autists unite
(84.21 KB 2018x765 omokek-heol dec2021 - week 2.png)
>>669991 dawg i gotta stop posting my husbando so much
>>669991 >>670046 i will spam mine more inshallah. thanks again stats sis
>>669991 wow i didnt know it was possible to scan our husbando posting this is so cool nonita!
>>669991 my husbando only has popularity on dst god bless


no cookies?