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Official Album Art Thread Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 03:54:04 No. 628823
Post your favorite >Album covers >Album posters >Album inclusions (stickers, photo reels, etc.) Does not have to be K-pop
first for her
the pixel art pcs and film CD art were kino
(258.03 KB 1500x1500 _nw.jpg)
(239.69 KB 1920x1920 complex.jpg)
(198.17 KB 850x850 img196.jpg)
(231.10 KB 1200x1200 71tHirocwXL._SL1200_.jpg)
(20.08 KB 300x300 NCT_127_-_Sticker.png)
I really like the cover for sticker for some reason.
(39.99 KB 554x554 images (2).jpeg)
(42.00 KB 739x415 images (3).jpeg)
a true beauty
ngda great posters
(1.11 MB 720x720 juyeon_sparklingpc.mp4)
>It depicts a young girl with a gold crown covering her eyes, and a black balloon strung tightly to her wrist, painted in multiple, intersecting views, expressing that the "truth" is in the eye of the beholder. The child whose vision is obscured by a crown represents man's blindness caused by displaced values and desire, while the balloon embodies the possibility of escape and signifies the human need to transcend physical reality. The back cover features an oil painting of the same young girl seen from behind. Both paintings are inscribed with sculpted Braille poetry. >We talked about ideas, life, and art, and seemed to share a clear idea of what we wanted to do from the start. The child with a crown obscuring his/her eyes is a recurring symbol in my works and represents power and success that often renders people "blind" and obscures their true values.
so good
>>628882 >>628883 so pretty
(569.71 KB 1155x1600 blockbuster.jpg)
(186.94 KB 600x595 R-1129862-1210619682.jpeg.jpg)
(782.12 KB 715x715 black-milk-no-poison-cover.jpg)
(195.71 KB 600x814 101095121.jpg)
(50.96 KB 660x660 244691.jpeg)
(333.14 KB 1481x1482 9cf82bb45dea6f8fbc65537339e94ca9.jpg)
(307.91 KB 1000x1000 tool-10000-days.jpg)
so fun
lenticular cover art
deck of cards inclusions, full deck with both versions
nothing can top pink tape
(99.29 KB 1000x1000 NCT-127-NCT-127-Neo-Zone.jpg)
i love this queen, it's the plastic foil effect and the orange colors that do it for me
>>629194 the cards are a cute idea >>631717 beautiful
>>646404 very gimmicky but i like the ar thingy. i wish they at least animated the water so you could feel like you're actually just one portal away from kwangya kek
>>646404 super fitting gimmick for the group's concept kek
(4.78 MB 2362x2362 cover.jpg)
(117.76 KB 1000x1000 Frances_the_Mute.jpg)
(158.46 KB 1000x1000 cover_593416842017_r.jpg)
wish i also liked the music
(3.48 MB 2000x2000 cover_KM0016090_1.jpg)
really love billlies covers, this one reminds me of pmmm art style a lot
(78.89 KB 640x640 rv icc.jpg)
(114.59 KB 640x640 gain end again.jpg)
(144.91 KB 640x640 tyler cherry bomb.jpg)
(80.62 KB 500x500 61Ux0gaSYLL._SY1000_.jpg)


no cookies?