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Videogames/Gaming Thread Anonymous 11/03/2021 (Wed) 01:12:38 No. 536379
talk about anything related to videogames in this thread. what have you been playing? what do you want to play? have any of your favorite or least favorite games been on your mind recently? do you have questions about a game? or even post some of your favorite videogame art/memes/screenshots/clips
(938.68 KB 960x747 1573781432470.png)
i have some thoughts i want to write up later to post, but for now take this cute pokemon pixel art fanart
(349.63 KB 3124x3124 1621193995815.png)
I started a new island in ac new horizons, but it's been slow going. I'm not even sure if I'll keep my interest long enough to even consider buying the dlc
>>536386 there's dlc? what does it add? i haven't picked up ac in months
i'm excited for the update on deep rock galactic this thursday for new weapons and the free season pass
>>536393 >subscription based dlc no thanks the rest looks cool tho
>>536400 no you can pay a one-time $25 fee! it's just that if you buy the deluxe online subscription (which is a total scam) you also get the dlc.
does anyone know what is the video game that came out recently (at least after 2018) where you are a rockstar of some sort trying to kill the moon(?)? it was all pixelart and an adventure/action game with a heavy music focus
>>536393 idt id buy the paid dlc right away maybe if im still playing the game a few months from now. i wanna try to get either shino or marlo on my island
very excited for the acnh dlc this friday, i think i might pre-order it. i'm getting my wisdom teeth removed on friday so i will just stay in bed most of the weekend and play... honestly some aspects of the update are disappointing (kapp'n island and no work at brewster) but i'm still looking forward to it. other than that i've been playing (and watching) league of legends like a total virgin, but that's about it. i don't have a lot of time to play nowadays. i skipped on botw for some reason but i've been thinking about buying it, but maybe i'll just wait for botw 2. honestly not a big fan of extremely open world games. my favorite zelda was wind waker.
>>536408 oh i'm retard thanks for clearing that up >>536408 transistor?
>>536411 I've had my switch for almost two years and still haven't beat botw. I'll be more motivated to once there's a concrete date for botw 2
tbh I like previous animal crossing entries better than new horizons. Everyone makes overly intricate islands, and I just don't have the creativity or patience to do so.
>>536426 i like new horizons for new features into the series but i feel you, no matter what i do with my island it looks like utter garbage
>>536386 i feel like for many people after playing a lot through the 'grind' of dailies in an ac game and knowing everything there is in the game, its going to be difficult to get back into it again and stick around for that long
i hate that many games nowadays are online based or force you to subscribe to an online service if you want to play it to the fullest, i dont want to pay extra for a sub
>>536498 yeah it comes off as blatantly trying to suck out more money from you for the sake of it
>>536414 >transistor no, it was an indie game and the moon was a humanized-ish character. the colors were mainly purples and blues as it was set in space. iirc the moon wore a leather jacket
animal crossing sisters, the update dropped early! i am downloading it right now
>>540555 thanks for the heads up sis <3
(308.72 KB 1125x1536 GsCoverArt.jpg)
some miscellaneous thoughts ive had about golden sun and jrpgs i haven't played a ton of all the jrpgs out there but i think ive played through a decent amount in my lifetime. a while ago i replayed some golden sun for nostalgia. ive seen golden sun get fair criticisms about how lengthy some of the dialogue is and being easy, but the main ideas it has are pretty good imo. one of them being that you actually get to use magic powers to interact with a lot of the world and environments instead of only using magic powers in fighting monsters. the monotony of jrpg turn based battles is broken up by the various puzzles that need your characters' powers in dungeons to find the right path, change something, or find hidden treasure. it's simple but it works and it makes exploration better, the dungeons feel more elaborate and larger in scale (also because they tend to have several floors) even though it's all limited by being a gba game. the effort golden sun put into that aspect of breaking up the pattern of fighting monsters all the time with environment interaction stood out to me more when i thought about legend of heroes: trails in the sky (only played the first one, not the sequels). it was good enough to get me to finish the game (although i did consider dropping it at points) because there was enough interest in the battle system it has, but man the dungeons could get so monotonous. outside of what the backgrounds are painted to look like, theyre just long empty hallways with monster encounters where sometimes there's a branching path where one is a dead end. i wouldnt say i was really enthusiastic about the game even if i did like the characters and others seemed to rate it highly. ive played several others that are like this, where basically there's only long hallways and big rooms to serve as dungeons. i remember mario & luigi superstar saga being decent with being able to interact with the world as well, another game on a simpler system like the gba that managed to include that aspect. environment interaction isnt as big of a deal if theres actually lot going on in the way the battle system works to hold attention ig. but i dont think i can go back to basic jrpgs that only do the bare minimum (or nothing at all) with environments and dungeons even if i loved one of them as a kid and they have a lot of nostalgia value.
>>540555 haven’t played in almost a year i’m so excited to pick it up again! the update is everything i was waiting for
YES. I'm a real gamer. The game I play? Superstar SMTOWN. 50% on normal and 50% on hard mode I'm THAT good.
(1.83 MB 500x272 34463.gif)
i fucking love gravity rush can't believe the last one was released almost 5 years ago already
>>542365 post your top five and are you tired of the halloween event yet?
(489.75 KB 2280x1080 SuperStar SM.jpg)
>>542418 kek i am tired of the halloween and im not even trying to pass the missions. i simply wont play a song i dont like 3/5 times i am sowy SM my top 5 this week. notice that im an elite player at the big ranking of Bronze II. powerful.
>>542465 omo cute our top fives are almost the same
>>542365 >>542623 based dalcomcucks. i only play on hard mode and i’ve tried every ss except the produce ones. my favorite is sssm for the catalogue. i didn’t like when they introduced single-group versions the first time, but i prefer it now when it comes to events. otherwise, i like having the supply of scrap cards from groups i don’t care for. though it can make having a solid and reliable top 5 difficult from too many cards. i don’t like playing songs or groups i don’t like either, even when muted it’s too tiring after the first time. my first 2 accounts i tried to 3 star every song on every difficulty, but by the time yg evobeat came out i grew tired of it. >>542418 my top 5 for ssm are boa, fx, shinee, and 2 nct groups. on my old accounts it would have been exos instead of nct. i remember trading my tao cards for boa when she left, and my S sulli cards are still on my old account too. i’m not participating in the halloween event because the rewards aren’t good enough either. do you collect limited themes? when i finish the rest of missions but somehow still have cards left, i give up kek.
>>542793 samefag i meant to add after only playing on hard mode, that i wish the game gave more perks for harder modes. i noticed this in rhythm hive before they added battle to ss, but even when you get full combos/perfect combo, you can only get so far if your cards aren’t better. it’s annoying, but i guess it’s good for dev wallets if things stay essentially p2w and people aren’t instead selling 3 star plays to manipulate their rankings or introducing harsher hacks to win. what the communities seem to want the most now are better themes. i’m glad that now you can upgrade cards as long as it’s the same group and member, before they had to be the same theme too. what i hope they add next is better perks for superperfect and stronger combos. it doesn’t need to be enough to completely turn the game, since it’s easy enough to run a program to clear hard and hardest for you. but i think it’s unfair if someone with full combo of 500 SP loses to someone who did easy with 170 miss because they spent money on cards and rp and they didn’t even have a theme bonus
>>542402 i wish i could play it but i don't have a playstation :/
>>542797 in my experience it’s usually the opposite. i have decent cards/better than my opponents but i lost a lot of battles because i have shitty reflexes and suck at actually playing the game. >>542793 i collect le’s for everyone but suju and nct. too many nct groups to make it worth it.
>>544016 >in my experience it’s usually the opposite the only time this happened to me was with a few battles in jyp where i have close to no decent groups for anything besides day6 kek >too many nct groups to make it worth it yeah, i genuinely hate how they have so many groups. it’s a pain in the ass and part of why i stopped playing eagerly
>>542623 reading the other posts I realized that maybe you meant to see my top 5 card books? kek im sorry i've been playing for like 2 weeks so im still very nufag at this >>542793 i tried playing with the jyp one the other day but they have a lot less songs i like and the ones i played didnt have a satisfying beatmap like ssm. >>544016 suju and nct annoy me so much with all their subunits. i wish we could choose to not get cards from at least one group and then i'd probably pick suju. do you guys have any tips at acing long notes that go in a zig-zag/or other weird shape? thats my main weakness for now.
does anyone remember the SHAKE games? they were like superstar, but single groups, and the gameplay required your phone to be vertical. there were 2 modes, shake and tab. the tab version was nearly identical to superstar, and the shake version had you play with a vinyl record looking control, steering it in the direction of the notes to the left or right. i played iu and snsd a lot. you had to pay to unlock songs in packs, and the card upgrading system was more about collecting. iirc there was a big bang version too >>544168 jyp is good if you like twice, day6, skz and itzy. the rest of the options are pretty shit, i hate the miss a and 2pm ones lacking better songs. i don’t like itzy either so being almost stuck with them in a top 5 because of cards sucks kek the games are better when you play what you want, when you want >acing long notes that go in a zig-zag/or other weird shape i’m not sure what you mean, like when they’re in a sort of L shape and such? or like ︴? my advice for the latter, the actual hitbox isn’t that small, you can get away with really minute movement counting for the press. and as long as you bring it back for the second half of the long note, it should still count. good luck nona!
>>544168 like nona said if you hit the start and the end of long notes it doesn’t really matter if you go a bit off during the middle it’s a pain in the ass to get all these random nct u groups to r level. they need to make superstar nct a separate thing at this point
(219.16 KB 500x375 cwfzlnitlhq71.png)
bros are we hyped for goty of the year
>>544181 >>544191 i decided to watch a thumb play video to understand what you were talking about and realized i've been hitting those notes in the most retarded way. embarrassing! hope i see some improvement now. thanks unnies
>>544428 good luck nona
>>544428 have fun! good luck
(2.89 MB 640x360 qIpw7MKM7hRh9kNi.mp4)
okami is one of my favorite ps2 games. i love the ink brush style of how it looked, and although its been a long time i remember it being pretty fun. i want to go back to replay it sometime soon
(1.60 MB 1309x734 11-orochiwallpaper.png)
(1.04 MB 905x627 9-9tailsbattle.png)
halo infinite is fun. that is all.
are we excited for the new update genshinsisters?
(334.93 KB 1200x1200 FE3giPdVcAwR1gs.jpg)
(131.39 KB 336x345 9t62puf78f481.png)
the new ezili skin is absolutely beautiful. btd6 heroes have had fun skins before (namely sushi ben and alien etienne) but i feel this is the first one where loads of effort has been put into the design
phasmaphobia update today whoo
I have a nintendo bday coupon, what do i get on switch store? i kinda want a pokemon
>>662536 what games do you have already and like?
not even an R dilf card can carry me through the 8 million notes in out of control on hard
>>662536 get professor layton nona. happy birthday <3
bloons td battles 2 you’re so buggy and unplayable i hate you so much but the pussy game ridiculous
>>676285 what league are you in? im hanging onto lead camp by a thread
>>679106 moab pit! everyone is so ugly here. people just spam ZOMGs/DDTs/BADs as early as they can. custom monkey names (including my own) stopped being visible to me after i installed the update but if you see a sniper monkey named haechan that's probably me. don't worry too much about trophies and leagues. your trophies will reset at the end of the season anyway. just stock up on exp
>>675996 yeah i wont clear that one until i have 5 R cards or something
new daily eric event, store packages, and play event in celebration of /our guy/
new whiplash event
(637.95 KB 2243x1008 Screenshot_20211229_Battles 2.jpg)
achieved 2.6k+ eco before round 25 and an unbeatable base (in the current meta) before round 30+. the opponent sent me a fortified BAD and it cleared midpath monkeys used: 1 2-5-0 sniper monkey 14 2-4-0 sniper monkeys 1 5-2-0 sniper monkey 4 4-2-0 sniper monkeys 1 2-5-0 spike factory 6 2-4-0 spike factories 1 5-2-0 spike factory 1 4-2-0 spike factory 1 5-2-0 dartling gunner 1 2-5-0 dartling gunner 1 0-2-5 dartling gunner and a level 20+ ocean obyn sniper-dartling-spactory is op and will be nerfed when nk holiday break is over. feel free to abuse it while you can
>>704009 i have 0 idea what this game is like but congrats
>>704009 meanwhile i just got my ass kicked out of lead camp back into white wonderland
>start game with full DDD >all C’s >theme is fucking uggo >use them for powering up other cards, except kevin >grind nonstop >finally, daydream set is fully collected >grind to get them all B’s or higher >”i’ll only keep 1 of each DDD and not bother making them higher grades” >get prism rewards >it’s for DDD >get S rewards >it’s for DDD >get R reward >it’s for DDD suicide fuel
prism rewards are a fucking joke btw
>>708537 >>708543 sstbz demands a lot more hustle. on sssm i get a bunch o freebies. on sstbz theres a lot less prizes and the upgrade and level up costs are so expensive. also im going to be demoted to bronze II this week because the korean sisters all bought premium packages. everyone ranking higher than has R 10+ cards...
>>708560 i thought the grand opening event was going to be hard to complete because on ssatz it felt so easy to get those 300/500k RP. and iirc with sstatz, by the 300/500 diamond portion you already could have amassed 1k. but with sstbz it felt like it took forever, and i only had 800 something. i only finished it a few days ago, and the music and card events after. i’ll probably never finish whiplash but dalcomsoft is fucking shit for making the cards never appear. in the past you could get limiteds from simply playing the songs. it’s bullshit, but i don’t care for limited cards as much as profile pictures. and is it just me or are the R’s on sstbz fucking impossible to level up? i have both week 1 and 2 of star pass waiting for me to level up an R card 10 times and i’m fucking stuck at 8. i’ve probably lost 50-70k rp in the process. the maps did get easier over time and i suspect they did tinker with some of them, but still. it’s expensive and retarded. i didn’t rank up last week (also bronze II kek) but i’m at #6 with 9.2m. the game has changed a lot because i can recall when 8m was in the margin of the top scores globally for sexo and tvxq. i can’t even blame the korean sisters because dalcomsoft makes it so easy. even if you complete all the rp rewards from the new years event you won’t have enough to do everything. i can’t complete the eric event either because i don’t get cards for the first, the sphere, or the start. it’s hard and the ads make it tiring. i’m getting bored of playing a song before it even loads, even when i really like the song, just from knowing i have to go through the “get more rewards” process for extra rp to make playing worth it. i hope the upcoming events next month will have substantially more lucrative rewards. remember to save your juyomis for his bday event nona
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiPcRCWzcGo the upcoming 3d kirby game seems so cute i might get it
(707.46 KB 2048x2027 E-mniu0UUAMF6as.jpg)
i'm like 5 years late but my brother bought me botw for my birthday, i'm so excited to play it >>789824 looks awesome!
can't get into ac3. played the last game into the ground but this version is meh
(166.72 KB 324x400 AI2_324x400_r2.jpg)
I'm looking forward to playing this, this year.
after learning how to mod skyrim these are my reviews on a few of the most praised quest mods that i played for the first time forgotten city - i enjoyed it, although finding some characters and running around was annoying and tedious at times. definitely more interesting than like 85% of the normal skyrim quests with its time travel mechanic project AHO - slow start but fun because theres a lot of treasure and new items, and the new areas to explore seemed well made. also lets you wipe out all the slavers if you want inigo - actually a follower mod but theres also a short questline you can unlock. i can see why this mod gets a lot of praise, its way better than the typical followers in the game who usually dont have much to say. he comments occasionally on whatever youre doing or the current quest, and has some backstory to him that you can choose to look into or ignore entirely
anyone play the new pokemon?
nintendo is beyond retarded shutting down eshop, i have a list of 3ds games i never got to play. they wouldn’t be the same on an emulator since the ones i have on my wishlist can only be enjoyed with the 3ds hardware and touch screen, this fucking sucks
>>856020 WHAT? no way...I guess I should buy everything I want before it's too late
>>856052 make sure you have enough space in your memory card unnie! depending how much storage i have in my current one i might buy another
>>856115 yeah i'll have to have a look into it, what a shame. i normally delete them when im finished to save space, hopefully i'll still be able to download them again even after the eshop dies?
>>856123 i wouldn’t count on it, if they’re killing the entirety of eshop i’m assuming you won’t be able to redownload any content you’ve purchased. better to be safe than sorry and just download everything you know for sure you’ll miss
>>856020 what the fuck? is there realistically even a fraction of CSI’s for the massive library of content they’re deleting?
any nonas also into smt? i was thinking of caving in and buying strange journey redux and devil survivor record breaker before eshop croaks, physical copies of anything with the smt name is overpriced it’s awful i blame personafags
(392.30 KB 760x1050 FMlpI-PaAAMgTzJ.mp4)
on the fence about getting and playing pokemon legends due to nostalgia poking at me
is it haggy to still play wow
>>856052 you should homebrew your 3ds!!
trouble in paradise for hyunlix...
>>1105269 i hope felix left him
(2.16 MB 1598x902 brat.png)
he's such a haughty bitch it makes me dislike him a bit tbh
(2.25 MB 1600x926 actraiser.png)
i really like the flavor characters they added
would you play a kpop gacha?
>>1142204 isn’t that just the superstar games?
(257.46 KB 1920x1080 FVEoeWHWIAAq3Nr.jpg)
>more than 1000 planets on starfield bethesdabros we are not believing in that lying little man
WHERE IS ELDER SCROLLS 6 YOU BASTARDS ITS BEEN OVER TEEEEEENNNN YEARS I WANT MY NEW TOYBOX ALREADY >>1225496 it's easy to believe 1000+ planets. the caveat is that the majority dont have to have anything good on them
(2.97 MB 1920x1080 833858-1599113988.png)
ive now played several hours with the top 4 popular skyrim voiced follower mods (inigo, auri, kaidan2, lucien). and they all have some level of cringe to them. despite that i really enjoy playing with the inigo mod, best khajiit in skyrim
(3.27 MB 1920x1080 angry.png)
damn i knew i should've finished ffvii og before i tried this. this game was clearly written for the old fans
any games you nonas are buying during the steam sale? i'm thinking of getting hitman 3
(439.05 KB 740x790 ts3stacyy.png)
sims 3 stacy heol im not good at making sims in this game
>>1416626 this looks like hue omo
suzerain-anon tysm for recommending this, i’m having a blast. on chapter 3 now & just going off the rails
>>1516754 KEK i went communist in my first route too but i tried really hard to still please everyone, happy to see you having no reservations like that. i still got a pretty interesting end but i'm excited to do a full megalomaniac run soon. did you manage to pass a new constitution?
>>1519575 i did! i teamed up with PFPJ & sweet talked the moderates into it. i also just sent my stupid failson off to military school. how many playthroughs have you done? this game seems like it has crazy replay value
>>1519809 nice, well done! i lost the vote by one on my playthrough TT i tried being a sweet dad even though the son would probably be a degen twitch streamer living in the basement if computers existed in the 1950s. i've also only done one playthrough, actually. there are 10+ different paths but the first hour or two is pretty much the same every time which turned me off playing it again. it's been a few months since i finished it though so i'll probably start a new game later today. feel free to keep me updated on what happens in yours, i'm excited to see how you'll handle some of the events later in the game
>>1520561 RIP. i was assassinated during an election speech. i think i pissed the oligarchs off too much. also the economy was in the shitter, all my advisors resigned and lucian turned against me, and i was ousted from the party kek. i started a people’s party and promised to develop a nuclear arsenal. not sure if i would have won reelection if i hadn’t been shot. this was so fun overall, i’m definitely gonna play again. what happened in your first playthrough?
>>1520700 kek i kinda figured this would happen when you posted that screenshot of you basically giving the finger to tusk and coronti. the game can be very unforgiving but i like that about it. i took a chance on funding a pro-bludish welfare state by pretty much gutting police and army funding right before war seemed to break out but luckily i managed to get a peace summit with rumburg by basically being their little bitch and appeasing them at every turn. i managed to get re-elected in the end but i really wasn't certain i could pull it off because it seemed like i was pissing people off no matter what i did (which is pretty true to real life politics i guess)
>>1521369 which quadrant did you end up in? i think for my second go-around i’m gonna try to dismantle the old guard & probably work out a deal with koronti while still nationalizing most of the economy. nothing ended up happening with rumburg in my playthrough because i kept de-escalating lol but i want to go to war this time around. i wish there were more games like this - i don’t care about civ building or resource management like you see in most political simulation games but the CYOA-style gameplay & cold war setting here is so fun.
(162.54 KB 1080x1257 Tumblr_l_899391718012532.jpg)
for the nona on dst who wanted to know more about him this is ryuki from ai: nirvana intiative. he's a detective with a strong sense of justice and despises criminalsdue to his brother being killed by one, which traumatized him a lot. he can be pretty hot headed and rushes into things, but he's genuinely well meaning and overworks himself noticeably. he makes weird all might references (from my hero academia but this is an english translation thing) and other characters notice this and think it's pretty weird. he looks up to his mentor kaname date who helps him not to be so hard on himself, however people interpret some lines of dialogue directed towards his mentor as him being gay but reallyit's because he kind of betrays him for plot reasons. honestly though i think he's pretty straight regardless. him being a schizo is more for plot reasons but he kind of blacks out at different points in the game for several hours and even ends up shooting someone accidentally. also he's into bondage and it helps him clear his head kek.
>>1675565 picked up instantly. please tell me everything i need to know about him and or direct me to any resource to absorb more of him besides playing the game unnie
(30.47 KB 524x524 Tumblr_l_898172427032685.jpg)
in short i originally thought he would be a stereotypical annoying shounen-esque character, but him being a cringe weird schizo endeared me to him, and i loved his relationship with tama.
>>1675569 sadly he's just in that game with no additional side content as far as i know.if you don't want to play it yourself, i recommend watching someone else on youtube. there's in game character profiles with a tiny bit more information (likes, dislikes, stuff like that) if you want to know more about him, but other than that there's not much else unfortunately.
(129.23 KB 1089x692 v.jpg)
Too many save patches. I'm gonna blow it all on childe and possibly his weapon on his upcoming rerun.
>>1827488 god i see the self control you have granted others
is anyone playing anything interesting right now? will you be buying anything in the steam sales?
>>2015836 i’ve been playing tabs and sudoku recently
>>2016149 i am freaking obsessed with sudoku too. what website or app do you use?


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