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fashion thread Anonymous 02/28/2021 (Sun) 02:08:14 No. 50196
post your inspos, wishlists or discuss kpop styling here
(7.99 KB 189x267 DEEP FRIED.jpg)
first for mark's limitless hair nonas how could i hypothetically recreate this mess
>>50201 hold up a metal rod in a lightening storm
there's a fashion thread on /kpop/... or did it get deleted...
Ah but this is a fashion general i guess
>>50205 i just checked the catalog and i think it got deleted
>>50205 that was my thread lol, it died when a bunch of older threads got accidentally purged i've been too lazy to recreate it but i'm glad someone started a new thread
what are the chanches of finding a dress with a similar look at a vintage store nonners
>>570228 i’d say low
>>570228 a silk pink lace cap sleeved shirt? just keep googling until you find a dupe kek
(99.45 KB 427x640 paco_rabanne_aw18_0082.jpg)
>>570244 fuck how do i cope the bottom looks ugly and is probably expensive anyway and all the somewhat similar dresses i found look like cheap aliexpress material
>>570228 i found kinda similar nightgowns in thrift stores but you would probably have to take it to a seamstress or get crafty if you want it to make it work as an outdoor dress
(107.06 KB 1042x719 hanbok-evolution.jpg)
korean hanbok
idk why people can't differentiate kimono, hanfu, hanbok and quarrel over if they are copied from each other. modern kimono: has a thick waist belt, the cushion at the back is a dead giveaway. rectangle shaped. hanfu: usually a-line shaped or body contour if it's manchurian qipao. lots of variations due to changes in dynasties. hanbok: bell-shaped skirt with a 'cropped cardigan' top and side tie. if it's modestly shaped like a bell = hanbok. if there's a cushion at the back = kimono. if it's figure-contoured/bodycon = hanfu.
does anyone have an ID on this dress? dahyun’s been wearing it for scientist and i want one just like it but i can’t find it
(84.03 KB 500x814 1_WqVo_1SrF8XebhpkhFyV7Q.jpeg)
>>574291 >body contour if it's manchuria Trad Manchu clothing isn't codycon. You're thinking of the 20th century ROC adaption popularized by the upper class in Shanghai.
>>619449 Bodycon*
>>588843 maybe tom ford? idk
>>588843 try looking at twice style twitter accounts, you could probably even dm them to ask
(45.00 KB 386x483 qipao.jpg)
>>619449 oh definitely pre-modern qipao was loose, 'manchurian qipao' is to note the manchurian origin (an ethnic minority in china like koreans, mongolians, uyghurs). manchurian clothes was popularised in qing dynasty but it's not hanfu which literally means 'han clothing'. some koreans think qipao is the national dress of china not hanfu 汉服 which sounds similar to hanbok 韩服 but it's not the same word, hanfu originated during the han dynasty in 202 bc while korean hanbok was influenced by the tang/song/ming dynasty clothes in 600ad to become its own unique thing. same for paocai/kimchi, korea adapted plain paocai pickles common in china (olden kimchi had no red chilli) then made their own unique kimchi pickle with chillies later on, but they'll kill you if you say korea was inspired by china kek
>>574291 I think people can differentiate, it's just that South Koreans hate China so much and refuse to acknowledge the Tang Dynasty influence on their hanbok (which is a winter-friendly version) and current woke netizens hate China too so they sided with the Koreans. It's alright to say it did not originate from China, but to say there's no influence at all when Silla court is actively trading with Tang Dynasty during that era (a thousand years before hanbok started their full skirt version btw) is just plain stubborn
(49.74 KB 749x733 FI4E2SGWYAEXtMc.jpeg)
cool shoes
(52.95 KB 827x923 FI4E2SIXEAEtaob.jpeg)
i like gucci even though it has been memed as a soundcloud rapper brand with ugly clothes, i'd wear this shit if i was rich
i love mugler's designs so much. literally fierce.
okay i'm done
(129.13 KB 799x1200 ElE_23BVkAE9E-b.jpg)
>>798269 i'm not though. seriously, what a pioneer
(327.60 KB 1280x1920 dtt3gnir43a51.jpg)
crazy shit
(414.21 KB 1280x1897 oxoeq0hYvm1vj479ho1_1280.jpg)
i need my husbando in this
nicole miller’s fall 2022 like what stayc would wear
i want some gg to do a video game concept and go all out


no cookies?