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(122.22 KB 1000x811 europe-map.gif)
europoor general Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:44:49 No. 45445
burgers begone edition
>>45445 more like we should make a burger general since most of this board is europoors
i'm 1/4 yuroslav can i post here
>>45590 sure, go ahead! it's kinda dead atm, but i hope there will be more posters in the future
has any gaypops went to eastern europe besides russia for concerts
>>46078 Day6 has been to poland and i think some other acts too
>>46078 surprisingly enough, there have been acts hosting concerts in ukraine, poland, hungary, turkey, greece and even bulgaria kek
>>46088 in second gen visiting turkey was a thing but idk if it is anymore. I remember when jaejoong visited, good times. so bad he turned out to be a shitty person though Idk about concerts but we still get fansigns,from groups like ace,dongkiz (2nd tier gg or bgs) or from nugus who try to break out. exid visited here when they were nugus and even were on a shitty morning show
super junior were on vacation in my country at some point and i can recall stray kids, got7 (rip) and bts wanting to visit
(282.29 KB 1080x1298 20210222_210008.jpg)
god, I hate middle aged conspiracyfags that call themselves reporters sm...
>>46132 glad this piece of shit was arrested
>>46078 ateez came to poland & hungary
what use is living in one of the bigger countries that get gaypop concerts when you don't have any gaypopfag friends...
europoors run this shit
any potatoes here?
>>375616 yes, dia duit a chara
>>375317 same nona i want to sing along and feel awkward in a sea of teens with someone else...


no cookies?