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(131.92 KB 800x500 Hot-air-balloon.jpg)
Life Goals/Childhood Dreams Thread Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 15:07:25 No. 44102
Share your goals in life and what you wanted to be growing up
>>44102 woah choachan first datamining thread?
bob the builders wife
im clinically insane
(123.50 KB 1200x630 9p8G1Hg.jpg)
i wanna be ded
i wanted to be famous
(495.08 KB 1366x2048 96937f1632c530e2f77b5153fbfde96b.jpg)
i want to be the first bimbo pharmacist
>>44485 >>44555 get married
I wanted to marry nicola sarkozy and steal money from the french nation
>>44559 very specific
>>44561 t.europoor
>be me as a kid, hardcore snsd and wonder girls fan >wanted to be a kpop idol, auditioned for jyp and sm thank god i'm over that
my goal was to coast in life i'm basically doing that now but i want to make a little more money to hit big in stocks and coast even more
>>44568 did you audition in person or online?
>>44581 online kekkk i lived nowhere near any major cities where in-person auditions were in my country objectively speaking, i had a good chance at getting accepted (being sea, skinny, pale and fitting korean standards) but i have zero singing skills. honestly i realized i really didn't want to do this kpop shit and put myself into university instead. god, imagine being over 16 and still lusting after the idol life kekkk
I wanted to be a writer rip :(
I want to be a kdrama director but don't know what to do
i wanted to be an artist i cant draw for shit
i want to be a dictator, make the death penalty legal in my country and quit
a fashion designer/professional dancer
i wanted to be an astrophysicist at nasa
i used to want to be a vice investigative reporter. back when they did cool shit
I wanted to win a Nobel prize, be a fashion designer and a mangaka.
wish i had a sea or a river in a mountain


no cookies?