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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

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Korean Language Thread Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 19:00:01 No. 42
Probably will be a dead thread but worth a shot for those of us interested
kpop sounds even more retarted now that i understand what's being said in the lyrics
>>42 i've read the english lyrics to songs, and some of the lyrics are kind of funny or dumb. do you have any tips for learning?
>>68 depends on the song. more often i'm pleasantly surprised. a lot of sm's lyrics were pretty disappointing though >>69 how far along would you consider yourself to be?
>>69 if you're not a complete beginner and can read medium difficulty texts, i know this might sound dumb but i would recommend frequenting korean online communities and watching their youtubers. "real" every day korean is soooo fkin different from the stuff they give us in textbooks to the point where even some basic grammar points are used differently irl or are barely used at all anymore.
>>71 >>72 i'm a complete beginner. i had an app installed in the past and was able to actually read the characters but i've forgotten all of that now
(834.33 KB 1000x1805 image_search_1603639414697.png)
For beginners trying to learn Hangul and the basics of Korean I think Lingodeer is the best app. For learning Hangul I think is not that hard if you try give it a immediate practical use like looking up at kpop groups names or idols and trying to read it out loud.
>>73 i know the anon posted the chart, but this is a great way to break it down for you https://ryanestrada.com/learntoreadkoreanin15minutes/. then just do a memory game online or something just until what character responds to what sound sticks.
>>68 Lmfao.
>>72 Koreans like to shorten sentences a lot which is why you'll have a harder time understanding than speaking Korean imo. Although the grammar is very tricky in some cases but not totally retarded like english grammar is.
grammar is the most fun part about korean. listening skills are hell
>>111 Any resource recs for korean grammar?
>>112 i learned through a frankenstein of different resources, but gobilly korean is really great at breaking down the grammar from the perspective of a native english speaker. where i really recommend starting is learning sentence structure first just to get used to how sentences look, but a lot of translating a korean sentence comes from understanding what its grammar does to the meaning of a sentence.
>>111 lol the thing is, it's not just us foreigners who complain about how awful koreans are at enunciation. ever noticed how every single video in korean has subtitles? they can't even understand each other kek (but it's good bc people who have trouble hearing can watch most content w/o any problems). even most k-drama actors have to work with a tutor in order to make their pronunciation as clear as possible. also, nowadays young koreans tend to speak v nasally. not only does it sound annoying af but just makes it harder to understand them.
>>116 you're right there. i saw an article where natives even complained they had trouble with the pronunciation in feature films. i actually do tend to understand younger koreans better than older koreans, but it might just be exposure to a bunch of stupid kpop content lol


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