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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators CCC second annual survey now live!

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Dead board Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 18:12:33 No. 41
How is this site dead if an active k-pop thread on LC or CC would be going non-stop all the time? How do we solve this?
>>41 someone could make a post on lolcow's /meta or /m sometime soon? /ot is currently locked and a lot of the userbase is really mad at the farmhands/jannies
>>41 what's dead? the site is really lively for it's first day >>43 why? no one there wants the kpop threads. anyone who did would've gone to cc
>>43 On /m/ would be nice. But I don't know if the farmhands would allow that
>>41 the admin on cc told us to find a different place to host us because she was going to stop allowing kpop threads. and tbhon for it's first day it's pretty active
>>44 people in meta complain about wanting the lolcow kpg/kpc threads back to act as containment and they were super active when they were open, so i think there's definitely a demand for it. plus a lot of people didn't know that there had been a migration to crystal cow
>>43 i checked lc and /ot should be open again in about 2 days
Seems like this board is pretty active already. I have no doubt part of that is due to an invasion of 4chan males, though. I'm not trying to keep this place a secret club or anything, but I think it's worth mentioning that if you posted the new board on Lolcow, you would experience a similar issue to what we had in the past where we would get an influx of underage/oversensitive Twitter stans coming to the site. It's easy to find the original LC Kpop Critical threads from Google searches. That's how a lot of Twitter stans found the Kpop Critical threads and ever since, it's been a constant infight between stans and antis. It might go a little better on here than it did on the critical or Crystal Cafe threads since there are now a bunch of threads dedicated to gushing over idols with like-minded fans and then a separate thread for just the critical, but I just think it's something worth noting if you care at all about preserving "board culture."
>>52 Agreed. There's already plenty of Twitterkins and scrotes that migrated here from LC/CC. More will discover this board over time so I don't see the rush in running this place into the ground. It's not inactive at all if you look at the number of posts. There's been over 2k posts over the course of a day which points to more activity here than on CC. It just looks slower because the posts aren't centralized to one thread.
Ironically enough the threads that have been accused of scroteposting have been a lot more well behaved and chill than the ones where it's obviously CC migrators. Ladies why are we so angry?
>>57 There seem to be a couple of anons who are either overcompensating for being newfags or trying to recreate the culture from the CC threads. They think you have to be snarky all the time when a lot of us just want to chill and talk faves.
>>54 >>57 The snobbishness and pretentiousness of LolCow posters is really something to be laughed at. Cows themselves. As if you all weren't fat NEETs wasting your time with gossip, something even more lowbrow than K-pop. I suggest that you visit 4chan's music board sometimes, or at least type your favourite idol's name on their archive, https://rbt.asia/. It's not bad, they are not bad. K-pop is bullied on 4chan and it's considered one step bellow cringier things, such as My Little Pony and furries. I posted about kpop there two years ago, and had a lot of fun shitposting. Something that I doubt you srs bznss dumbasses are able to do successfully.
>>59 Maybe this post would've hit the way you expected it to hit if you didn't sound like a snobbish pretentious asshole yourself. Not everyone here thinks 4chan is scary boogeyman and a lot of people crosspost. Please relax. You'll probably get banned for this later on anyways because you couldn't help but roidrage about how we don't shitpost enough >pic related It's you
>>59 oooooooo ladies behold she's not like other girls, she's a 4chan kinda gal
It's not dead at all, it's pretty active for its first day I'm having more fun here than the LC and CC K-pop threads tbh. The lack of people infighting and accusing each other of being stans on a fucking K-pop gossip thread like anyone else would care enough to partake in a thread like that, is pretty cool But you also gotta remember this kind of online community about K-pop isn't going to attract a crazy amount of traffic (I think the activity we have right now is already fine), you all know as well as I know majority of K-pop stans are over sensitive and would probably not post here. Or if they did they'd keep acting like it's K-pop stan Twitter
>>60 >>61 Yawn. You're so lame, it's just sad.
>>64 It’s basically a site affiliated w LC and CC at this point idk why you’re so confused as to why people dislike 4chan on here lol
(66.32 KB 689x690 original (2).jpg)
>>64 why don't you come hang out with us instead of being so big booboo mad. clearly half of gaypg is here already and they're "stealth" posting just fine. be more like them and less like a mufag
>>66 Yeah, you're right. I'm just rambling.
This board's doing well for what it's trying to do: become an anonymous imageboard for all fans of Asian pop. There won't be a big demographic for this type of stuff, considering most people prefer to use the larger social medias available and forum-type discussion already. Honestly, it's just a matter of gaining popularity in your own niche which this site's done pretty well considering its age.
> Posts in last hour: 3 yeah this place pretty dead nowadays
should we make some off topic threads?
>>122 That could be fun. But I don't think many choachanners (?) really check /ot/.
>>122 Confessions thread so u can help me cope with the fact that i'll never sit on my bia's lap
i thought we could make a thread like lc's dumbass shit thread, so we can post random shit, including confessions
>>124 koofag just post on lc/cc like the rest of us
>>126 since choachan's debut i forgot about cc's existence and barely post on lc
I'm not opposed to new boards or off topic threads, ccc is barely alive as it is, I feel like it will split activity even more
>>124 Pls a confessions thread would be funny as fuck lol
>>122 >>125 I think choa wold feel more organized if it were like lc, with /kpop/ as /pt/, just threads of k-groups, and /ot/ for the rest.
>>130 ...Isn't that what it's doing already?
A confession thread would be perfect lol. Also if there was some kind of thread for kboo encounters, storytimes etc...
RIP girl group threads
Is the site less active this year(so far)?
alive board
>>59 cringe
>>41 who is this girl?
choachan? real and thriving
>>177196 moroni
Great thread guys keep it up
oh well---


no cookies?