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Translation and Language Learning Thread Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 13:17:07 No. 378534
Content you’d like to request nonas of ccc to translate, things you translated and want to share or have proofread, and general language learning tips and assistance. Guaranteed with 0% minimum inaccuracy! Some basic questions: >How many languages do you know? >How did you learn them? >What are you learning right now, and makes you stay motivated in learning another language?
hola is this the thread where i spam pics of my clapped husbando with 'mi esposo jajajaja'
nakamoto puta
>>392012 shut the fuck up no one knows what that means reeeeeeeee
>>392007 si y por favor >>392012 mi esposó de japones hormonas feminista y como se dice “estrogenic faggot” en español. pero muy machó y guapo
(3.45 MB 576x1024 975954401550814469.mp4)
before i forget >original Eu gosto de um velho Que faz acontecer Que me dê muito de tudo E que não falte o que comer Novinho é pros fracos Se liga no proceder Sento no colo do velho E eles que pague pra ver Sento no colo do velho E ele que pague pra ver Eu quero um velho bem rico Que me banque e me dê tudo >rough trans i like old men who make it happen give me a lot of everything and [provide so that] there is no shortage of food to eat young guys are for the weak pay attention to what i'm gonna say I sit on the old man's lap And make him pay I sit on the old man's lap And make him pay I want a very rich old man that will sponsor me and give me everything
(2.25 MB 576x1024 tbzhaseverything.mp4)
>rough trans >tbz has everything: >a slut (yh) >a cuck (juyeon) >a faggot (kevin) yup they use the non-pc word >a murderer (sunwoo) >a robber (eric with a gun) >a ghost (kyu dressed in that angry birds costume) >there is sex (sangric) >cheating (jumil) >an evangelical [christian] (jacob) >atheist (hak) >love triangle (bbang kyunyu) >swingers (98 liners) the kink thing >meinha (jacob and hyunjae) i forgot how u call that in english but its basically when men masturbate together in the same room. the literal trans here is "little sock" because they use socks to cover their penises to avoid making a mess with cum errrr >there is a son of a *cuts* (hyunjae)
>>392012 it's sakamoto puta
(6.25 MB 576x1024 6969187582974512390.mp4)
>rough transcription and translation welcome to the valley of homossexuals this is a wonderful and peaceful place where they play lady gaga and madonna [songs] everyday and all the sisters take over the dancefloor *** - run sis run! the new lady gaga single is out - I hope it's not country - let's go sisters run!! *pans to kevin* - oh... what is happening? - the straights have crashed our valley, girlie, and now they're throwing a little party *shows Juyeon* - friend, isn't that your crush Gustavo? *Eric with lustful eyes* - yup, that's him
>>392033 >>392052 >>392081 BASADAAAAAAAAA tenho 1 pão restante mas quero compartilhar com você
>>392099 kekk glad you liked it fren
i'm learning chinese right now and it sucks
>>392662 why are you learning it
i was learning japanese, took a japanese class two years ago and decided to pick it up again. i still struggle with grammar so badly. i just need to study more but it's kicking my ass
i hate learning german and russian and i'm almost certain it's because of the cases. fuck cases
>>378534 i really wanna learn japanese but i think that even if i get through hiragana and katagana there will still be so much more and things way harder so i don’t know if it’s worth the effort. I’ve watched a so much anime as a child and i recognize a lot of words ( i’m trying really hard not to sound like a weeabo) but how about you guys? Are you at an advanced level in japanese ?
>>393618 i love cyrillic letters. learning to read for ukrainian was one of my favorites. i agree about cases. i think its really easy to pick up for german from english but i mix them up all the time >>392662 don’t give up unnie! it gets more fun the further along you go >>393251 >>393622 i couldn’t learn japanese even if i tried. the most i could do is hear someone talking and think i understand 5 words. but i think there’s never a better reason to learn a language other than simply wanting to. pick it (back) up and keep pushing through regardless of whatever level you’re at! practicing conversationally is the best but this goes for all languages
>>395728 for me russian and german are on a similar difficulty level because for the latter knowing english makes it a little easier and for the former my native language having cyrillic and also having grown up with some russian music makes it seem familiar too. forming sentences is a pain in the ass either way even if you understand when others speak it though
>>393622 of course learning japanese is hard (assuming you don't know chinese and therefore isn't familiar with their logograms), but how worthy it is depends entirely on how much you want to learn. i learned kana in 30m, yes it's that easy. kanji are a different beast but keep a routine and immersing yourself in content and you will learn. here's a guide if you want to learn more. https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/guide.html
>>392033 >Eu quero um velho bem rico Que me banque e me dê tudo LSM tá te esperando
>>397960 amiga kkkkkkk eu aceito viu
anyone here speaks mandarin or is learning it? if so do you have any tips or resources to recommend? i'll be starting an introductory class at college but we will probably only learn the basics so i'd like to continue learning it on my own after that
why is no one talking about learning korean. surely there must be some nonas who learn it
>>553214 if you want to talk about it then you start the conversation
>>553214 i've been on and off learning for years
>>546118 learnt from 7-16, did british a levels in higher chinese. cdramas with subtitles, cnovels and manhua are ways to learn even though i mostly studied textbooks. chinese and japanese are harder than korean due to the lack of a phonetic alphabet, learn korean if you like kpop because mandarin requires at least 3 years or learning to read 1000-3000 characters for you to read a newspaper. it's hard for children who start young, the way to learn is handwritten practice and spelling tests. for adults it's even harder if you don't have time for handwriting practice to remember words. if you are tone deaf: don't learn mandarin, hanyu pinyin is tonal and the easiest way to write chinese digitally. if you have a photographic memory: why not, mandarin suits those who can memorise logograms.
>>553731 oh yes ankidecks are useful for chinese too i think, i studied french and case law with it.
>>553731 you don't need to know the tones to write chinese digitally, sometimes i feel like you barely need to know the characters lol i can write chinese just fine on my phone but if you ask me to handwrite something i have to look up half the characters involved cause i suddenly forget where the strokes are i'm also tone deaf so i can't actually speak for shit mandarin is fun
russian or arabic? which should i start learning, nonas? in both cases i would have to learn a new alphabet, which is exciting for me. this is just for fun -- no practical considerations.
learning basic mandarin what should i do?
>>694604 thanks a lot nonita
>>689768 i’m learning arabic right now and i enjoy the writing and calligraphy a lot - it’s one of the most beautiful alphabet for me. just know that it is not a spoken language per say as arab countries speak dialects and modern written arabic is only used in official/academic writings and medias, but it’s a good base to learn vernacular languages such as egyptian arabic later on


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