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(75.20 KB 640x426 street-woman-fighter.jpg)
Street Woman Fighter Thread Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 10:05:13 No. 372636
Discussion thread for Mmnet's new show ,,Street Woman Fighter''. This show features Korea's most popular dance groups and them fighting over who's the best dance group. What are your opinions on the show,the contestants and the groups as the whole? Who are you rooting for?
Seems like the tables have turned and S.Korea is copying chinese shows now lol
>>372639 korea deserves to steal a few shows from china after all the blatant copyright infringements
>>372639 as if dance competition shows were anything new. neither china nor korea invented them.
what's your favorite team? so far i like ygx, their boa performance is pretty good https://youtu.be/T3y9R-RANbY
>>374347 ygx >> wayb = holybang > cocanbutter >>>>>> prowdmon >>>>>>>>> hook = lachica >>>>>>>>>>>>>> want the last three performances had horrible styling and didnt really match the song otherwise their performances were kind of boring especially the want performance it just looked like a bad kpop cover, was bland and the ending was really random and didnt match the vibe kind of disappointed about prowdmons performance since everyone hyped them up only to be eaten up by almost every other group kek otherwise the 1v1 dance battles were really interesting and cool to watch
what do you think about the 1v1 battles? i think some of them were really obvious but the judges also kind of suprised me sometimes like with the gabee vs aiki one and i really didnt understand why gabee won she just shaking her ass really badly and randomly swung her extentions weirdly to the song while aiki delivered a solid performance i enjoyed watching
>>374648 this so much, she didnt deserve to win at all imo, she wasnt even dancing with the songs just one move after another, very disjointed
>>374347 ygx and cocanbutter
>>374654 preach i really dont know how she won? i was so suprised to hear that she won 2:1 because like damn she was just shaking her ass and everyone started praising her for running up the stairs and swining her hair and head like a retarded up there for 10 seconds which was so fucking retarded to look at and absolutely didnt match the song or her previous moves and was completly random kek also really got second hand embarassment from the battle with yell vs zsun like holy shit yell was so embarassing and acted like the biggest cringe and edgelord up on the stage only to be torn apart by zsun KEK
>>374648 the 1v1 battles are focused on who is the more engaging performer. aiki was better technically, but gabee spontaneously utilizing the entire stage locked in her win >>374347 cocanbutter or prowdmon. i like ygx and lachica too
>>374656 >yell was so embarassing and acted like the biggest cringe and edgelord up on the stage when they said she was the youngest in ygx i thought her behavior must be because she’s super young and immature and a professional competitor but she’s 21. she’s a b-girl but she looked like she was doing the same moves over and over, and when she lost she looked like she wanted to bite zsun in an enraged autist way
>>374661 i definetly agree, her moves looked identical and it wasn't that spectacuilar since she was doing it the entire time and wasn't bringing anything new to the table. she came into the battle thinking she is the shit because of muh olympics shit but almost everything she did was so embarassing and awkward to watch. especially when she tried punching the cocanbutter logo while it was zsuns turn
>wayb >cocanbutter >lachica kek the female versio of tryhard hephap bobby
on which day they release the new episodes?
>>378595 every tuesday, ep2 already aired i think
>>378596 probably not is 2pm in sokor
>>379234 (now)
im gonna shill the show for any bystanders around here curious about it >daniel kang as the mc >boa and nct taeyong as judges >IZ*ONE Chaeyoung competing as a dance crew member >EXO Kai hot dancer also a competitor >The crew Chung Ha works with is also competing basically a show me the money but with dancers is what im getting so far from the editing
im looking foward to the performances where theyre gonna mix up the groups to form new teams, sounds fun
>>374656 >>374661 >>374666 i was shocked that they snubbed the olympian would never guess that from koreans heol i also find her attitude a turn-off but then i remember this is a reality show and most of this over the top behavior is arranged by producers if not entirely scripted by writers kek
monika and lip j were crazy good at their battles, you can see they master the art of freestyling
>>380746 yeah, they're more eligible to be judges than boa, let alone taeyong lol i've no idea who's that chunky guy though
>>380746 i once read that nobody can be called an actually good dancer if they can't freestyle. and in kpop that's only jhope, lay, henry, jackson and wang yibo, and not a single non-nugu girlpop.
>>380757 >i once read that nobody can be called an actually good dancer if they can't freestyle. nah this is bullshit that doesn't apply to neither dance nor music. perharps the direct parallel here would be rapping since we are more on the street dance realm. thus, just because a rapper can't freestyle doesn't mean he is a bad rapper, most rappers don't come from this rapper battle scene. it's just one of the many forms of expression.
i hope they stop with the chaeyeon storyline
>>380757 idk, in illustration as an example there are some artists who can give you a good drawing on the spot with no prep and just 1 ink pen, and others who need to plan and sketch with pencil first but will still give you a final product that's detailed and looks good in the end
>>380759 same i get second hand embarassement whenever she's on screen they did my girl honey j so dirty i'm seething... no way noze deserved to be main dancer
>>380759 >>380935 its really embarassing and weird to see Mnet pull this sob story about~ how she is such a great dancer!!! and how much she is improving uwu!!!! and coodle and asspat her the whole time when her dancing is genuinely shit and she is always doing the same movements over and over. it wasnt a good decision for her to be on the show since everyone is annoyed by her sob story + it highlights how shes just a good kpop dancer but not a good dancer overall especially in comparison to the dancers competing there.
>>380935 i really didnt understand why noze got the main dancer position when she had the weakest cheoreography and they only picked hers because it was really easy and adjustable. i think she is thinking of herself too highly and pushed the narrative of muh beauty doesnt have to do anything with my dance i am just as good of a dancer as you are!!!! too much only to be bad at the end while undeservedly getting the main dancer position. dont know why they picked noze when honey j was the better one.
where are you guys watching it?
>>382328 i hope it's for storyline reasons and they're setting her up to fail like the girl from prowdmon in the preview >>382681 dramacool
rihey, taro, and rozalin should have won their first battles. adding scammy as a judge when they already had boa was retarded, but if it’s not mnet editing then all 3 seem to be incompetent. sometimes the rematches work in the dancers’ favor but it’s really unnecessary. cnb should have won the last battle too. the reactions to honey j and rihey are cute, everyone is happy for them including me kekkk kek i feel bad for simeez but hailey deserved her win. and mnet wants us to believe she was retarded enough to be saying simeez shouldn’t have been directing the performance of her own choreography and actually mean it? kekkk lee jung or honey j should have been the main dancer for noze’s choreography. they were 100% snubbed. i hope the ygx sub class team doesn’t get main dancer positions because they’re so petty kek. i want to see the seconds’ mi gente choreography too. it feels too long waiting for the next episode
im sorry but why is monika so fucking hot i start blushing whenever shes on screen
>>384728 kek why are you sorry? she’s based
tried watching but became too overwhelmed by all the botched noses
>>387204 how do you keep up with kpop
lip j come fuck
i keep replaying the battle between peanut and lip j, it was so fun
monika and lipj come fuck based unnies
loved when lip lost to the want girl and no one clapped kekkk you could feel the tension in the air it's like if you clapped you'd be murdered by monika and lip j
>>387469 >>389802 >>388630 based lip j fans >>389833 people did cheer for rozalin but i’d hesitant to clap too, it didn’t seem like one of those moments. rozalin deserved that win. lip didn’t do as much as she could have, i doubt mnet encouraged her to throw it either. i think they were shocked because it was deeper than what the show let on. i hope their relationship is repaired because it was clearly very emotional for both of them i kek’d when monika said she deleted rozalin from her life, and then it cut to rozalin saying she and monika were never a part of each other’s lives to begin with
>>389975 hmm i think the show conveyed well enough how serious it was. i think they just didnt clap because lip j is a turbo sunbaemin and it would be borderline disrespectful knowing that battle was that personal for her. they dont want to get caught in cross-fire.
i wonder if being insufferable is a requirement to work at YG. from idols to dancers, everyone there thinks too highly of themselves kek i already dislike aiki and the yg leader is on fucking thin ice.
>>390126 lee jung is cute though... but im seriously annoyed at the two girls from the subclass, so irritating. i really hope they dont get main dancer
(245.80 KB 948x747 Screenshot_4.jpg)
i fucking hate this annoying uggo (and her squid looking sister in itzy). daddy's and mommy's money can't buy you talent or charisma. get out
>>390945 her and noze both i cant stand. when chaeyeon showed her choreo, the other dancers were even very nice to her, they are much honest with their opinions when it comes to each other noze is such a pain too, her stupid ass
Chae is very annoying and so is her leader feeding her delusional dreams. Why was she was so upset about those "you have many other opportunities?". It's just the fucking truth. This girl went there and she doesn't even want to drop her idol career to be a dancer, it's just a side gig while she awaits her 2nd debut in the biggest kpop company at the moment. For the other women there it's this could affect their career and life for real. I like noze though kek and don't think her choreo is as bad as you're saying. She isn't a crybaby and spoiled kid like Chaer either.
>>390945 KEK >>390972 >>391047 get their asses. 1m is playing to win and it’s annoying. it’s like they’re canoodling with mnet >>390111 yeah i think you’re right too, but there’s a lot that mnet/the dancers didn’t spoonfeed to the audience that would have added more insight to why there’d need to be a storyline about rozalin proving herself to someone she hasn’t seen in 6 years. showing her side of the story to a her old teacher she allegedly badmouthed through a dance battle with no further details falls flat imo. it would have been interesting if they had rozalin implore further on what happened to her when she was a part of the junior team prior to her leaving >>390126 ygx as a group has been insufferable the past 2 episodes. lee jung is kind of haughty but behind the scenes the leaders were getting along pretty well and her personality is cute >>390515 the ygx subclass fucking sucks though, holy shit they’re annoying. if the show needs more drama i hope someone asks them about being dancers for a pharmacy
full vid for noze’s hey mama choreo https://youtu.be/4IxAaQ4wFM0 hailey pointing out simeez as worst dancer as retribution for directing her own choreography might not be bait, but apparently hailey got a school bully accusation earlier today so for her sake i hope it is kek. i don’t know if the professional dancing scene in kr is as harsh about this as things can be for idols, but the post was deleted and didn’t blow up so i think she’ll still have plenty opportunities in the future. also, do nonas want to watch the next episode the day after it airs with subs? it’d be the day after tomorrow, or some time over 24 hours from this post
>>391390 i dont watch swf but i just watched this vid. it wasnt particularly amazing, ive definitely seen better 1million videos. are all the performances like this?
>>391403 the team said they voted for this choreo because it was the easiest to execute so it wont be like only the choreographer will be able to do it better than others, i didnt like that decision personally. i havent seen the other performances though, just the freestyles
>>391390 >do nonas want to watch the next episode the day after it airs with subs? reeee id love to but ill be busy sobs
>>391416 its a bit early in the show to be underachieving
emma from want (1m team) dance mogging https://youtu.be/aU-Y6GM_KUI >>391403 >>391420 like another nona said, they picked the weakest choreo on purpose because there was a secondary opportunity to become the main dancer of the choreo and steal the spotlight. it was a competitive choice. this choreo wasn’t even finished when it was time to present (i think they had a day and a half?), it was bad but kek in the end, the choreographer won main dancer it was also created by the weakest/dancer that is least notorious as a choreographer of the teams, kai’s background dancer noze. the battles and second choreographies are more entertaining https://youtu.be/J2fPdiQJmrs the pretty savage choreo simeez made https://youtu.be/2qCHRU0c_S4 >>391417 rip it’s okay, we can still sperg about it itt kek
>>391420 exactly, they couldve done something harder. the song was fit for it but no, we got some kpop gg sort of dance
>>391431 gabi saying she doesn’t even care what choreography gets picked for the leaders as long as she’s main dancer kek
>>391444 this is how i dance to the exact same song in my kitchen hul she’s just like me for real
>>391430 watched the pretty savage vid and 2 girls were noticeably worse than chaeyoung. netizens had me thinking she was the weakest dancer when she really isn't
>>391446 rozalin...
>>391449 idk which 2 you’re talking about, but chaeyeon is undeniably the weakest one. that’s a <30 second choreography they had to learn in a short amount of time, to a song she already knows too. even the leaders made mistakes when it was time to choose their main dancer, and they are far from worse than chaeyeon. her choreography for the same song + her inability to freestyle to the same standard as the other contestants until she’d already lost 6(?) battles is proof that she’s good at learning but she doesn’t even have the basics. the other dancers and judges commented on this too her freestyle that gave her a pity vote first win https://youtu.be/o74uw1_9mec her pretty savage choreo https://youtu.be/jk31ObI-V0c
>>391453 KEKKK
>>391456 the girl in the cheeto top was way worse than chaeyoung. and there were some goofs with the other group like falling over. but tbh i didnt like the lachica vs prowdmon dance battle either, it just looked like a bunch of flailing. if you sped it up it'd look like one of taeyong's freestyles. i think this show just isn't for me, it's pretty underwhelming
>>391464 too bad, we couldve had another nona for discussion since i cant find any other english-speaking place to talk about the show with, even most comments of yt are in korean. if you liked the theme you could give sdc a try, i think im gonna watch some seasons of that after this
while waiting for the next ep, i watched their fullcams which apparently mnet hasnt made available most places reee and this guys commentary he supplies with his reactions is fun to watch. after watching the fullcams i have to say i really like zsun, shes pretty cool https://youtu.be/DrSyDqJNw6o https://youtu.be/skYrHHesBU4 https://youtu.be/Ft84dhG43Lk someone from pannchoas youtube comments section kindly cc-ed these in english
this yg girl is all ""swag"" and ott facial expressions but her bounce, precision and hip action are behind noze. she looks way stiffer.
>>393597 errr lee jung looks like a bg member performing here. really don't like her interpretation of the choreo.
>>393597 i think they both did well. noze was a little better for some of the moves like at 21 seconds but otherwise i dont agree that jung lee is way behind
(142.09 KB 1080x1526 E-vt6_9XsAMKRoq.jpeg.jpg)
i want that lit blond afro, but i'm gonna be canceled for cultural appropriation and racism
3rd episode is subbed!
spoiler for 3rd episode: i really dont like any of the wayb members they all seem too think of themselves too highly and overestimate their talent. lee su's performance was really underwhelming.... to say the least. another thing that strikes me is the annoyance and the ~ swag ~ and autism all of the ygx members have all of the fucking ~ you are so scared of us hahahahaha we are the best!!!!! ~ is so fuckign cringe and just sounds like something a 7 year old child would say. also the muh ~ uwu sad sob story ~ of chaeyeon continues and its just a bad look for her. probably everyone who is in the kpop scene heard at least a few times how much of a great dancer chaeyeon is and how she is the best 4th gen dancer. only to turn around and destroy her good reputation in the kpop scene while embarassing herself on national tv
>In other tangentially related kpop news, Street Woman Fighter is very popular in Korea right now with a couple of the professional dancers (Honey J and Noze) blowing up in popularity. It’s ratings are doubling from its premiere and clips are trending on pann/qoo weekly.
where can i watch
>>397594 dramacool
>>397591 cool if the dancers can get some additional opportunities from the exposure
>>397591 apparently its been a popular survival show in korea, a lot of celebs are talking about it too. good for them, since what monika said the show said it aimed to bring more eyes on the contestants. though seemingly only 15 people outside soko seem to be watching it kek
i'm watching ep 3, the filming for video mission is... not good. Gabee and Aiki are funny tho, i like them, also really like Jane
i love rihey nonas... when she squeezed aikis arm like that... i love her. also gabee. fuck, these girlies are growing on me
>>398031 kek its horrible, when there was a wide shot showing simeez walking towards the back while the other were doing their moves, but then unnecessary zooms in places where it wasnt needed.
what do you guys think about the elimination? i kinda dont want any of them to get eliminated, id like to see all of them till the end and there be one winner which will not be wayb inshallah the elimination thing sucks
>>398043 agree, it'd be more fun to let all the teams stay
spoilers for ep 3 ahead, based monika for not picking the wayb girl, i dont like her ass. honey j was really great. also, monika is such a damn show-off, lol, i cant not love her though.
>>398043 i haven't watched the episode yet, but who will eliminate them? the jury or the viewers?
since the next mission are 4 queens challenge, which ones do you think were better? https://youtu.be/gCfK_qWAhM0 personally i liked ygx here better, want was barely synchronized, though wants outfits are really cool kek https://youtu.be/e1ikpPKEA30 hook mogged https://youtu.be/vtZzI11oyqc holybang easily, i loved them. https://youtu.be/GEEpZ9SrvaE im not too sure, both were okay but prowdmons opening was better, though the other parts felt disjointed
>>396430 honestly chaeyeon is gonna get hella bragging rights out of this show
>>398155 ygx's performance is my fav, i keep rewatching it, their outfits look real nice but want's outfits stand out more cause they wore all white. Also the lighting for the stage is kinda distracting
love honey j simple as
>>396430 >chaeyeon is the best 4th gen dancer actually i heard people say this about her sister in itzy
(365.30 KB 1381x2048 E-rViyZVIAE2-xF.jpeg.jpg)
leading ladies
(410.34 KB 1381x2048 E-rViA1UcAIISgZ.jpeg.jpg)
pt. 2
>>400026 >>400025 so many noses whittled away to nothing. ironically noze is the only one whose nose looks natty
monika looks so much like lee dong wook its insane
(71.88 KB 959x957 Lip-J.jpeg)
>>398569 basado. she's extremly charismatic and cool without trying hard, it's the experience showing. i've really been enjoying the show thus far. the performances are great, the drama is fun but i'm especially glad to see these women showcased. girlpops, as much as i like them, cater to moids by acting cute, demure and childlike. it's nice seeing korean women being badass, confident and cool on top of being extremely talented.
(76.78 KB 1032x592 E-0II_bVcAQLaSj.jpeg)
episode 3 spoilers ahead >noze what she exceeds in looks she lacks in brains. tf girl the whole planet was rooting for ygs elimination but instead you pick Monika of all people kekkkk jugullae?? do you want to die? Kek i knew there would be twists so monika could have her pay back too that was so obvious >monika i love this woman bros what would be of this show without prowdmums they are pure entertainment. when she said "you are all dead" it sent me. based her for picking honey j instead of an easy target just bc she knew that would be good tv. >hook girlies honest they were kinda obnoxious to me but then i just realized they are all baby dykes so bless their hearts >chaeyeon girl can you just pack your things and go? i cant take her underdog arc anymore and we all know she wont improve soooo... its just pathetic watching her go against these true pro dancers. all of her performances are underwhelming and show shes not on their level >lachica i was finding them really cringe/tryhard in the first episode but they are all so entertaining and very talented too. Gabess reactions to battles etc are very relatable. i also really like smeez and rian. in sumn, love monika, lip j, honey j, smeez and rian. simple as
WayB eliminated, ratings gonna take a dive huh.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 09/15/2021 (Wed) 03:41:12.
>>411171 REEEEEEEEEEEEE next time spoiler it
spoilers for epiosde 4: i really enjoyed this episode and must say that coca n butter really delivered at the battles against wayb. the only suprise was that CL picked wayb instead of prowdmon and it really threw me off since i absolutely didnt expect that and found waybs performance a bit weak and boring to watch. nevertheless i really love the people that are starring in the show and hope that the show will continue to be even better. off topic but does anyone know the song from the group battle against wayb?
is this on youtube or do i have to use dramacool or something
>>411171 their practice dances etc were getting a lot of view on youtube too, honestly it is retarded on its own to do eliminations in the first place imo. if all the teams were present till the final episode they couldve shown us more of their styles and whatnot. sad!
i just watched ep 4. that part where cocoa & butter team tried to copy hook's cute dance moves is hilarious. i heard mnet just added the cash prize, they should have added more money smh
(229.95 KB 562x464 83416229.png)
coca n butter mogged hard. bye gangnam unnie
i really like the contestants as well, and i agree with everyone that the eliminations are stupid. aiki is so fun to watch and you can feel she cares for her team. apparently she's a mother too!
as far as i kow these battles weren't in the broadcast,where do they get it ? it's mainly a hook compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-NsS3lKEi0
aiki was based as hell for the wigs idea. when i think about the teams, theres not a single one i like the most, all of them are growing on me and really fun. honey j though, i really love her. when lachica and holybang were negotiating for the part they wanted to choreograph, and how honey j was like 'gabee was so convincing!!' it was really cute lmao
>>416064 mnet uploaded individual fullcams of all the battles, but they arent available in every place iirc
does this show have really shitty editing, or are the rips i'm watching just cut together weirdly...
>>418047 the editing is shit
>>418047 the editing in the 4th episode was specially shitty
fucking hate ygx
>>418138 it was so horrible. did no one play it back lmao
>>418139 kek why
coca n butter deserved honestly but im still surprised wayb didnt get ANY votes, i dont know kek i thought noze had worked with sm and all so they might rig it or something
for the mega dance mission, Prowdmon did so well, Holybang was good too
>>418250 lol you have no clue
>>418139 saaaaaame they suck
>>419110 well clue me in sis
>>418368 reee they arent available in my country, i want to watch too
rian is so pretty
>>419131 many there have worked more times/longer with sm
>>418243 nta but i also hate them. they are just smug to autistic levels. hated that they will keep including that bboy boring shit to try to shank others. anyways thanks noze for not eliminating them when she should have and then they basically eliminated her. jesus nozes journey from the 3rd to 4th episode was probably one of the dumbest stratgies ive seen in a reality show that backfired instantly. bless her heart.
>>420765 thanks nona loona's yves and weki meki's yoojung are dancers in want's crew (you can see them at the front around 2:00). if this round is also based on fan voting this is a desperate attempt from want to garner more kpop stans votes since they realized squidsis wasn't popular enough
>>420795 they also invited lee youngji (that rapper girl). i get it that lots of idols study in 1 million dance studio (hyojin choi is a choreographer there), but using them so blatantly is just cheap. i kind of pitied them and rooted for them to show something amaizing, but nah, they rather fight using clout instead of their skills. no respect anymore >>420765 prowdmon: was tight, really enjoyed their performance. monika is truly always a center lol ygx: they were also pretty syncronised, and even backup dancers have some charisma lachica: their performance looked badass, but idk, maybe it was just the song
https://youtu.be/Z-2sEOFg4qw monika and gabee on TMI news prowdmoms run this shit
i thought the WANT leader was around Monica's age but she was born in 93... explains why she acts more juvenile than I expect heh
honey j seems like such a sweet girl, hope she and her team get a win soon
(344.75 KB 406x720 HEY_.mp4)
>>430024 the "uhuhuhu" has had me smiling and laughing under my breath now and then for a stressful amount of time today
>>430024 kek i love them
>>426575 she is right >>429769 me trying to watch momae honey j fancams and the retardos keep filming jay park
(224.05 KB 1358x2048 E_aFUu3UcAUe6Cc.jpeg)
(242.78 KB 1372x2048 E_QvsIHVQAAityI.jpeg)
>>434850 >>434853 adorable btw you guys know any other english place talking about this show because there seems to be no one else grrr
>>437574 i haven’t been watching the past few episodes. i’ll watch them and get back to you nona. i know there’s a lot of talk about it on twitter and tiktok even though i don’t use those platforms that way @bbossommm
>>437622 oh my god this is so pretty
(1.61 MB 1280x592 heey.mp4)
>>430024 what was gabee saying about prowdmons? kek i cant remember. this is such a huge meme in korea rn it's crazy. that and noze's choreo. i wonder which moment is next
>>440147 she said when she was younger she watched prowdmon (dance) videos a lot and they’re really good
so proud of us for picking up this show since the beginning, ladies. we're ahead of trends
reposting idols covering nozes hey mama choreo
(1.22 MB 360x640 z6N3VLxsmNBb9pUi.mp4)
(2.15 MB 480x832 kuP4UseBtWn_qoFl.mp4)
>>442660 1 idol and her 4 lesbo unnie fans
>>443582 id say 3 lesbo unnie fans and her 1 stacy friend in black. wayb is so dykey is noze..... yknow... omo. i'd be the first in line >>442797 >>442798 these girlies were the most successful at their attempt
>>443597 yaaaassss hangyul, fuck it up king
engsub is out!
>>454374 how do we feel about scammy and im not talking about taeyong
>>454401 i see why she was “deleted” from monika’s life now
only watched halfway through yesterday but aw simeez is so cute, she was crying watching her mega crew mission
holy bang deserved those high scores, i love their performance, also jane is hot
>>454415 wait what did she do
i really liked holybangs, prowdmons and cocanbutter was also pretty fun imo. i feel like sooyoung kinda ruined hooks groove or something, when she came out i was like 'eh' and when she disappeared i started enjoying the performance again kek
>>456272 wow thats shitty as fuck
>>456272 yaaaaaasss Monika and Lip J were right as always Honestly this last episode didnt grab my attention much? Something was missing and the editing is still very convoluted I had really liked La Chica but that guy is probably right that they just copied Beychella. I haven't watched that in years so couldn't tell. My favorites were Holybang and Prowdmoms, cant pick one Love honey j, lip j and monika simple as,
i was today years old when i learnd that coca n butter's real crew name is cocain butter
>>458771 what?????
>>460162 ikr, i just wanted to see some performances of them outside of swf, and i got this reccomendation in this videos i can recognise bicky, and sometimes rihey https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nChsPVOBOdE also, this pool party they had, rihey's reaction when she walked in lol. i bet girls planet and smt cameramen are seething they can't work with these cool women https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r4UHeFe_DhM
find the odd one out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1csQLpEX0QM this show made me dwell into this dance scene kek btw did i become schizo writing in a thread by myself? where's y'all TT
>>467739 kek no dont worry sis, im here waiting for the next episode and same ive been watching so many battles also rewatching holybangs mega crew, its really so good im impressed they managed it in such a short time
episode 5 was the best. i loved prowdmon’s performance. i had no idea monika was in baam. i loved that choreography. i barely remember episode 4. i wish there was no elimination. i still think aiki is retarded, but she’s an excellent leader, teacher, and choreographer
for the jessi mission, i think holy bang and prowdmon performances are my favorite
>>472484 i liked holybangs leg move move when they were on the floor kek, it was cool
engsub is out nonas
(502.96 KB 540x810 image.png)
>[theqoo] 'SWF' NOZE, FROM BEING WORTH OF 2 MILLION WON TO SHOOTING 100 MILLION WON CFS, ASCENDS AS CINDERELLA Just two months ago, the unknown choreographer, whose ransom was only 2 million won, became a Cinderella in the CF world who earned 150 million won. This is the story of Noze (N0:ZE, real name Noh Ji-hye), the leader of the dance crew Wavy, who received attention through Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’. According to broadcasters and the advertising industry on the 6th, Noze recently signed 9 commercial contracts. It is said that Noze swept through the industry through CF contracts in various fields such as food, cosmetics, and fashion. The ransom has also risen more than 70 times. Before appearing in 'SWF', Noze was paid about 2 million won in advertisements, but it is rumored that they signed a CF contract of up to 150 million won thanks to the recent popularity of the broadcast. The industry estimates that Noze will earn about 1 billion won by signing 9 CF contracts (~836K USD). https://theqoo.net/index.php?mid=hot&page=2&document_srl=2190310717
spoilers for ep 6! holybang deserved the 1st place!! kek at simeez holding gabee back when she started twerking during wants team battle routine
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fuuuuuck i fucked up the spoiler
spoilers! man hyojin choi was so good in her battle, i wish we couldve seen more of just her in the show
who the fuck have they invited for the guys, im so curious omg im so excited for that mission kek
>>473165 jay park and jo kwon were announced
(99.17 KB 583x502 873yriuqyoir.png)
>>474438 hm... im not sure how to feel about it. watching kids wont be as engaging as watching grown experienced women. which is honestly what makes the show fun for me, the women are a treat to watch
>>474438 >>474455 yeah what I like most about the show is that the women there have a refreshing personality kids will just make it look like some produce spin-off. and im also not looking forward to teenagers being heavily sexualized either.
>>474438 pls pls pls if they're gonna twerk at least make them wear pants. if they come out in crop tops and booty shorts im gonna combust
>>474438 pedouncles are ecstatic, ratings are gonna be off the charts
>>474438 im still reeling over this... we wanted street man fighter with hot fit men
>>477218 word mnet is shit, we don’t want kids we want big men
i hope the dancers were paid a good amount for choreographing jessi's new song. swf is pretty popular rn so jessi must be getting that promo
videos for the male dancer mission are out, but i think u gotta use vpn to watch
the male crew with lachica was called... coming out crew...
glad we all miss wayb here https://youtu.be/jcjrAa8Kn-4
cold blooded mv with all the swf ladies! https://youtu.be/1JHOl9CSmXk
simeez you are such a cutie... u have my heart
>>487725 that part when coca n butter look down on the camera is so cool
pulling the stupidest shit with street girl fighter i cant
>>487815 yes, and holy bang as well with that nonchalant, one hand in the pocket dance
>>474438 eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
>>487725 holy hang girlies looked gorgeous with that curly hair >>474438 that’s such a shit idea, the show is interesting because you could see confident, grown women expressing themselves with an art form they’ve been perfecting for years. they are effortlessly cool and charismatic because of their experience. the competitiveness and cattiness was fine because they respected and already knew each other. i don’t want to see teen girls in a pressuring environment like that trying to act cool and dissing each other, for their sake also
i don't like wonhoe, but him having holy gang girls as dancers is based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJNWy8gEOHs
>holy hang >holy gang
NAURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR prowdmon were eliminated kms i wanted more lipj im devastated....
yeojin looks so good with orange hair, makes me wanna dye my hair too. I also enjoyed this episode battles more than the previous one
>>504535 im a little behind so reading this just makes me not want to catch up at all kek might as well just wait for it to finish and if yg wins i won't bother kek
>>508103 girl ygx is out of the race
i’ll assume you have caught up on the episode if not don’t read ahead. i’m sooooo disappointed for pm. it is fair because their performance was underwhelming dancing wise, but i like that they sticked to their guns and creativity til the end. their exit was a class act, really hoping those women encounter much success after the show. i feared that ygx would scout by on popularity and confidence alone and i’m glad they’ve been grounded. the girls have talent and are prob hardworking but lack identity and experience, they seem more like a branding than a group. the battles were great, peanut hasn’t been talked about here much but she’s been killing it since ep 1 i really recommend watching her battles outside of the show on yb. been warming up to lachica girlies a lot, their men/women performance was beautiful. with the two favorites gone I think we’re heading for an underdog winner storyline. holy bang for the win
>>515618 i can see either holybang or hook winning
we are live!
simeez is so fucking cute i cant i love her
cant believe im being this sentimental but im actually gonna miss this show and all the women... it was fun while it lasted anyways hey mama halloween version https://youtu.be/JOJSLi14RAs
>>518181 came here to post this friggen based i wish there no eliminations though the show would get more from it i think or maybe just like 3 midway
>>518181 the camera work fucking sucks tho reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
happy with the winner, hoping great things for hb members
ahh i loved this performance so much. really loved the costumes and hooks choreo here. sunmis song was fun too https://youtu.be/rYGGe2JA2ts
>>523222 me too. i guess it wasnt that badly rigged kek.
>tfw you will never study under jane on an mnet scripted reality competition fuck this gay earth
>>560497 ok guess i'll have to watch it if the coaches are uri unnies.... https://youtu.be/bs3XlpnNzL4 >aiki is married yaaaaaassssss >to a man NOOOOOOOOOO what the fuck
>>566310 i actually refuse to believe it. he is a decoy husband so that her parents stop asking when she’ll have a man and can live her life with her dyke dancers harem peacefully.
https://youtu.be/g3cT-IL68oc i wanted prowdmoms, holy bang or lachica jessi.....
>>580437 ugh disappointing, lachica or holybang wouldve been much more fun
they're having concerts! got recommended a noze fancam from "swf on stage" dance battle https://youtu.be/FGJxARtyqbk
swf nonas have you watched street girl fighter? is it any good or are there underage girls twerking like we dreaded? i miss the show and am tempted to try out this version
>>746548 i havent watched it but the clips i saw didnt feature any teens twerking. fuck, i miss swf. i might potentially watch street man fighter
should this thread be merged with the korean variety one
>>748890 unfortunately yes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39XAVQp22Bg this youtube channel started an undergound dance competition. there're various dancers representing different genres, if you can't wait until the street man fighter check this out! so far it look like an idividual competition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_gx8h4_bg0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs6J_4dBAWE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPtheHVAFZw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMScNRQPuDg
(5.76 MB 576x1024 98295392995003675.mp4)
sorry for tiktok video but this pretty much sums up all the idols who are auditioning to "Be Mbition" the prequel show for Street Man Fighter. apparently in this show men will compete solo and the winners will form a team compete in Street Man Fighter. they are really milking the franchise kek
>>1142450 eh, im not as drawn to solo choreos compared to group choreos. maybe ill watch the performances but thats it. i doubt the content in between performances will be as good compared to when a bunch of dance teams in full are put into one room
>>1142450 a prequel? seriously? i really dont want more than like 2 idols in smf
>>1142450 they gonna be destroyed, maybe hoya and that hotshot guy could keep up with the dancers
>>1142572 afaik Big Matthew has been competing in dance teams his whole life including during his college years. he might be better than people think
iirc samuel won that web series competition where the dancers competed wearing masks
(4.64 MB 1280x720 twitter_20220521_142903.mp4)
>Brother Bin (locking): We're people who only dance right? But people like them, they're not people only 'only' dance right? >Beagle (hip hop): Standing against people who came all the way here through only dancing, I wonder if it'll be hard on them? >Kim Pyoung-yah (hip hop): Street dancers really had to grind their teeth to arriver where they are today. Isn't there going to be a level gap? >Baek Jin (breaking, debuted idol): Who are they to dare say something like that? People who used to be idols dance way better. I can assure you that. >Kino (choreography, Pentagon main dancer): Whenever [idols] look at them, the level of expertise can certainly be lacking, but this doesn't apply to me. >BM (hip hop, KARD main dancer): Ok! It's fine, swear at me. But then, don't lose. >Noh Taehyun (krump): Isn't it going to be even more fun? Despite being an idol but winning against every dancer?
https://www.youtube.com/c/TheChoomofficial/videos this channel has lots of videos of the dancers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYJd8zG48TU there're some well known competitors (if you're interested in the korean dancing scene), like >jinwoo yoon - 1million sudio (ex?) dancer, choreographer >koosung jun - from 1million as well, and bff with jinwoo >cha hyunseung - sunmi's main dancer, also appeared in that dating show seems like some sme choreographers will participate too and some nderground dancers from that youtube show >>893676 , like the tutting-er guy, and the hiphop dancer called, 5000 or something anyways, this show will be fierce don't think sos because of the idols kek
do the girls who got famous of this show still dance or are they just variety stars/influencers now?
>>1167807 i think it's just noze who's more like a simple influencer now, she really hit daebak with the show and her dancing was mediocre at best anyways. maybe gabee appears in on/offline shows more often, the other girls and leaders like monika, honey j, aiki seem to be very passionate about dancing just to give it up. of course they milk this sudden fame as much as they can
anyone knows when this is actually coming out?
>>1181710 by this i mean the prequel show mbition
watching the first epi of be mbition and spoiler all idols are already tanking kek and absolutely SHOCKED that Kasper is a contestant he is 100% judge material but it's better promo to be a contestant i guess considering how the women hit daebak
(6.55 MB 576x1024 101722817837714715.mp4)
loved this choreo battle
>>1201029 this was fun but more cringe worthy than sfw
after (redacted) got eliminated my friend is considering dropping the show kekkk
started watching mbitious ep 1 - wah i feel so bad for that one 19 yr old high school student,, he practiced until he became a water fountain but no one told him for 30 minutes that he couldn't even compete... wasting his energy and effort also all the kpop idols getting nuked kek idk why mnet keeps letting them in like that one izone girl who got devoured... even in shows like show me the money and skz, idol contestants never get far. jack of all trades but master of none, stick to variety shows or u will be done (in the first episode)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyhTuWT3dLA it's random, but this performance is so awesome, the dancers of very different styles could work thogether very well
>>1202859 who do you mean by redacted?
(1.47 MB 1200x630 maw.png)
if anyone is interested, there will be a watch party for mbitious at 00:00 kst. i'll post the link then! it's going to start with episode 2, but might get to 3 as well depending on the time how nonas feel about it
>>1213394 i liked this, and you can tell the dancers are engaged and enjoying this too
>>1222029 a few minutes late but here's the link! https://hyperbeam.com/i/gu0qbhvL
so there is no episode 4? it ends on the third? what the heck
answering my own question yup no new episode. must not have paid attention in the end of episode 3 kekk spoiler pic is the ranking based on views + likes on youtube. there is still the jury vote so who knows who will make it.
mongolian guy a hottie
that ro tae hyun guy was pretty insane ahhh made me wish i could dance like that
if the crew is gonna be of 8 dudes then will there be so sort of competition and stuff?
>>1235199 yamakasi
>>1234957 yes, the crew is being made now, and street man fighter starts in august
>>1235833 so there will be other crews this newly made crew will compete with?
>>1237066 yeah, and chances are the other crews will have members who were eliminated from be mbitious as well kek
the be mbitious crew soon will be revealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6jlKL1Kbrs and it's insane mnet still milking the swfs, they'll have a reuniion performance-concert kek where the male crews'll be revealed as well
did you guys watch be the smf, final crew announcement? i'm so pissed yamakasi nor brother bin made the cut, instead we got fucking 12 yo ass jung woo
>>1317110 i saw this video, but there's no sub. do you know a place where it's uploaded with english subs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmjZwvXkI7Y i just don't understand what was the point of the first announcement, giving false hopes to half of that line up :/ and of course they pitted the two kids again lol
>>1317285 i watched it here, watch with adblock though https://watchasian.ac/be-the-smf-2022-episode-1/ they're really stretching out smg though, two freaking prequels, insane
how is anyone gonna compete with justjerk? im like miles away from dancing stuff yet i know of them, im excited
>>1317373 thanks for the link nona! finally had some time to watch it. i'm glad most of the dancers, who i wanted to see, could made it in the mbitious crew. but the jungwoo boy, idk how he'll compete with the big dogs of smf and the smf crews, wow it'll be exciting with all the different characters. i'm a little disapointed there won't be jack black tho, maybe as a jury don't want more idol nepo-jury, give us some professionals aslo iagine if they could invite les twins as some special guests
>>1323449 i soyfaced when i saw the kwon twins kek. mbitious looked sloppy, i wanted to root for them but that was mediocre
>>1324143 agreed, they give me the same feeling as 'want' in the first round in sfm, when they had to dance to ygx's choreo, a group made of bunch of individuals on a short notice. imo jinwoo hard carried this performance with his charisma, but don't know if it's good since he stood out a lot. pyoungya was memorable a little, his smile is cute, but the others were kinda unmemorable or akward (tarzan, ochan). also where's jungwoo, is he injured? anyways i hope they can improve their chemistry
>>1323449 i wish the songs they were given were better...
>>1323449 >eo-ddae vs b2b (bank two brothers) i liked eo-ddae more >we them boyz vs 1million not sure, maybe we them boyz takes the edge >prime kingz vs just jerk just jerk >mbitious vs ygx yeah i agree with others that mbitious is at a disadvantage when the other crews look like theyre much more used to and adjusted to each other
>>1335474 i didnt like 1million's at all, wdb had my attention
>>1335475 1m had silly parts but i kinda liked how dramatic they were in the first section kek
took another look at we dem boyz vs 1million, and 1m's entry does feel cliche'd by comparison imo. im not 100% sure how someone is supposed to use the terms groove and groovy for dancing but wdb came across as groovier where the songs called for it
i can't wait till the one on one battles
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bu5C51xuvyk trailer of the show sorry if it's not embedded, posting from phone boa was already confirmed as a judge, and the sm fest is still ongoing with a pinch of jyp. the only judges i can call truly credible are the guest judges, kinjaz also looks like we'll get a krump showdown between roh taehyun and prime kingz' trix, can't wait to see that this thread is not very lively but anyone interested in (weekly) watch parties
>>1422906 you can post embedded links from a phone
How? Teach me. I just copy pasted the link and it's like this
>>1422914 click share under a video and itll give you a url to copypaste that will embed
>>1422906 id be interested
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UjhUa1KKiI a preview of the first episode
street male fighter is a flop right? didn't even see anyone talking about the premiere and the first news I get about it just says they are being homophobic towards the faggot team
>>1498271 i was waiting to see if mnet would get it english subbed on yt. ill get around to it eventually but smf guys are 'some dudes' while swf had pretty unnies to watch
finished with watching the preview episode. some comments: -a large part of swf was seeing the women bantz at times and theyd cackle at or with each other, but most of the moids on smf come across as stuffy or stuck up so far. dont know if its just the mnet scripting/editing but lots of predictable scrotey posturing and chest puffing -one exception being bank2brothers. it made me kek a little that they seem a lot more soft spoken compared to other first impressions, and were sitting around listening to a meditation tool -eoddae also seem lighter than the others in all the posturing -personally not quite as interested in the 1v1 battles part versus group choreos but im willing to watch more for now
the sheer budget of smf compared to swf kek
didnt look into who mnet picked as judges for smf until just now. too bad, they could have brought on a few from swf as judges
>>1504090 seriously i dont want to look at the super senior hag
>>1504090 swf still has lots of clout, so they will surely comeback as some collaborators in a future episode, jut like how many of the smf gave a hand in a performance i think i can get over on eunhyuk being a judge but 2pm wooyoung?! like is he known for his dancing, i'd rather had hoya as a judge instead of him maybe that's why hoya sat on the judge's chair? kek
the editing/camerawork is really lame, i feel like barely anything is actually shown clearly in the first episode, regardless of how any of them are doing. i'm skimming until they get to the group choreos
>>1560365 first ep is out with the freestyles?
>>1560392 yes and 2nd ep should be out inenglish in the upcoming days with more (group) freestyle battles. btw every battle is on "the choom" youtube channel, even from ep 2
i loved wdbz crew battle with kick it, it was so fun https://youtu.be/65QCZaFUKWE
also we barely saw anyone from mbitious except for 5000, seriously...
the guys from we dem boyz, ingyo... is he getting paid extra to be annoying or because he knows it will get him more screentime?
>>1571161 the guy*
>>1571161 kek either is possible or kang daniel personally gave him some mnet special media training but this dem boyz and just jerk beef is getting boring already... actually imo, many of these on screen beefs are just for the story, like taehyun and trix: they know each other for a long time, and looked quite chill and happy during their dance battle, also taehyun knows how to put up a show btw, do they upload the rest of the battles somewhere? i'm so curious about the bank2bruva battles
banktwobrothers are so nice seriously, and they're actually pretty funny too, mnet really only showed 1 battle from them through out the entire battle round. i want them to have more screen time. also this team's music choices are so good
>>1580538 yes, they're the chillest. i also wanted to see more battles from them, since they were promoted as the battle experts. on the other hand, sadly i can't see them advancing much in the show, their style is too individualistic in group performances compared to other crews and in this show, imo, it's a disadvantage
>>1580538 its probably because theyre nicer and chill that theyre not being given more screentime by mnet kek
>>1580538 really annoying theyre one of the crews who are pros in battles (apart from pk) and we didnt see much of them at all
>>1577168 some people are speculating they will post the battles that werent shown on a chuseok special ep since thats what happened with swf too
i like ygx
fr the wedemboyz dude really makes me want to slap him everytime he opens his mouth. both his face and personality are ugly
>>1612370 god forreal, his part was really nice in the subleader's mv though, also in this interview he did with aiki he says he was seeing how he could get his team more screentime and all https://youtu.be/LhMD310jHvo
thoughts on the mvs? for me its subleader>leader>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>rookies>the two middles i wish they didnt choose that tiktok ass dance for the leaders, so boring
>>1612536 i didn't like any of them. it felt more like they were playing at being kpop idols rather than actually showing a dance. It would be nice to watch if these were handsome oppas but these are all 30 yr old uggos kek
episode 4 worst one by far, what is that editing? what was the point of the retarded backup dancer thing? why was everyone crying?
(189.95 KB 1200x1499 Ffo9k-bUoAEwcxh.jpeg)
ladies, did we approve honey j's husband?
(54.72 KB 726x646 Ffo9oOZUcAAv61o.jpeg)
>>1801611 >>1801612 cute, good for her
thoughts on vatas controversy?
nonas wish me luck. im up for my job interview now
>>1889554 good luck nona


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