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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

No Stupid Questions Anonymous 08/18/2021 (Wed) 23:45:04 No. 344066
no question is too stupid, no answer is too dumb
did bobby REALLY beat women?
my question is: why can't newroasties click the boards button or just browse the site >>>/site/617
how much does felix weigh? >>344074 that’s not what the thread is for moroni
>>344069 umm... where did you get this?
>>344365 it's a running joke on dst
How much bigger can hybe reasonably get before it goes downhill, or are they more likely to become a future household name at this point? >>344365 Naver had up an article about it from a Sports Daily writer regarding a statement from Sohee and inside sources, with an upcoming official report to be included. there were a few Naver Blog posts regarding it too, before it was completely removed.
>>344452 the kpop bubble is gonna burst at some point. they know this too hence why they're buying all these damn groups and signing all these popular artists. once bts stop bringing in the money they have to focus on their business model
pretty girl idols always get caught dating ugly or non-gaypop dudes, meanwhile the pretty boys have dating scandals with normies, nugus, or prostitutes. what gives?
>>355843 i dont think many people consider chen or bobby pretty. meanwhile kai dated krystal and jennie and baekhyun dated taeyeon
>>355878 what i meant to ask was why aren’t pretty people getting caught together, like unu and jisoo. couples with 1 pretty person or turbo uggo scrote dating normies like those you mentioned don’t count
>>355888 how funny... your jisoo unnie is a skinnyfat jawlet with the personality of a used tissue, gtfo underagefag
>>355843 i can see why one wouldn't want to date another industry artist. both people have busy schedules and probably barely see each other. i'm sure some normalcy also seems appealing when you're constantly surrounded by entertainment people
Does choachan have a board tan?
>>367027 not officially no i dont think so
>>367027 >>367050 na but who are the two chibi characters that appear when the site is down?
>>367027 yes her name is irene
>>367053 soobin and bangchan
how old is ccc?
>>384166 started in late oct of 2020, almost a year old
>>384246 What does pph mean in those graphs?
>>384548 posts per hour
>>355843 A lot of these uggo dudes that the Kpop girlies date are rich. Does having a sugar daddy make you a prostitute?
why do nonas call taehyun bot
>>393556 he has uncanny eyes and face that makes him look like a constructed android
>>393556 hi israelite
>>355888 pretty boys are hardly ever worth the time tbh
have you ever tried running away from home
what even happened to dozen all i know is he fucked some rich bitch but nothing else
>>411253 summary >had multiple women >needle sized dick with shitty pipe game >shit talked his members abilities and worth >inappropriate workplace behavior like smoking, cursing etc. in front of people, including those higher up than him >nicknamed dozen but his inability to do anything well is in part because he’s tired from fucking the day before >live texted having sex to fans as “working out at home” >shitty pet owner >bisexual rumor with never before seen screenshot of lucas from a video >claimed his mother to be “too thai” to be invited to a concert >spent his money on himself instead of his family when his parents live in public housing >manipulative behavior, whining for gf to pay for hotel, his cigs, expensive clothes for him because if he uses his card his managers will catch him >weird use of language in texts that proves dozen shouldn’t speak. formulaically juvenile, using the word that contextually should only ever mean “baby” like areuh areuh and not a romantic pet name >extremely stupid, doesn’t care to remember member’s names >hated winwin and did similarly to what mina said jimin was doing >talked shit about his brand deal and industry, affecting the rest of the group >blew up the moon
>>412235 omoo thank you nona i love you
>>408716 i did and no one noticed i was gone
does haechan have gynecomastia?
what is remini?
>>470181 its an app that can make pictures hd. it makes idols look fucky and weird because it gives them double eyelids and super long lashes, so everyone hates it
why is fed called fed
>>470885 it stands for “federal agent”, as it’s rumored his entry to bh/blt title is in part to government connections and txt is a government funded group
>>472397 >government connections kek what made them think that
>>470885 >>472397 >>473851 it's how his name translates to english on google translate
>>472397 wow i thought it was a cruel way of calling him fat
>>473851 big hit has some government connects for a while now, since before txt’s debut. fed’s relative individual network is also proof of that. i wish i still had the pdf but if you start from the passports you should be able to find the trail pretty quickly if you need to check yourself. he went to a training camp when he was younger and also had to be versed in international communications. he’s slipped up mentioning names a few times too >>474360 it’s funny you say that because his (suspected) post history on the korean equivalent of mpa also revealed his nicknames for himself and other members, including cruel ways to call certain members fat
what’s your most favorite single color of all time?
>>1809001 #FCF695
>>1809001 i like blue
>>456687 Oh, that takes me back like 5 years. Look for "chicken chest" (or breast, I forgot) along with his name and that's how Mark used to call his condition.


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