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K hip hop Anonymous 01/30/2021 (Sat) 21:25:47 No. 25473
I really didn’t want to like the genre and this guy too much but I did. Anything k hip-hop, smtm related thing or recs are welcome.
>>25473 Who do you think this is? I’m lowkey thinking jay park?
>>25519 Tbh other than code kunst everyone looks like a fuckboy in aomg
>>25519 >>25521 is this deuxmoi or just a similar insta?
>>25618 is it that teaspiller kpop account? they submitted it to deuxmoi a few days ago. half their posts were from allkpop though lmao
>>25619 Oooh now it makes sense
who is in the threadpic? hes so ugly
(178.57 KB 1079x1739 Es6VMBNVkAIw0h3.jpeg)
>>25668 Girlie I’ll never meet one so? Acting like your average Korean men aren’t misogynistic kek
>>25635 That’s woo wonjae, he has good songs
Khip hip is so juicy and has so much more gossip and cows. Now even drama youtube channels and translating sites have appeared !! Bumping this thread
No:EL aka Jang Yongjun is a huge cow >politicians son >rich af grandfather was a politician too >made fun of feminists on instagram >propositioned prostitutes on twitter and instagram at like 16 years old >was a delinquent >became a rapper and got a DIU and paid off an "friend" to take the fall for him >got discovered avoided any punishment and just got probation >booted from his record label afterwards >got into this street argument/fight recently >got into a diss track battle recently too >still has a shit ton of fangirls due to not being totally ugly and having a bad boy streak video of his recent scandal: https://twitter.com/dropthekhhtea/status/1365713676829818881 This is my tinfoil but his friends and label mates associate themselves with a known and open ganster in Korea. There was a thread on CC about it, but they are all very close and chummy and the "friend" who took the fall for him may have been an underling in the gang who NOEL called.
>>97746 Whoa he was an ilbe? I knew the bullying and I want my mom dead scandals but still
>>97723 This
>>99524 He had a story about the spycam protests that talked negatively about it I think he called the woman protestors crazy. Idk about him being truly ilbe but he also did have an Instagram story where he aligned with his dads conservative people power party political ideals.
The biggest cow in khiphop history is Owen Ovadoz. I don’t even know where to start on his cow like behavior
>>99559 Shame they didn’t cancel him but nafla
whats the name of that khh group who always tries to sleep with black girls?
>>99559 now his statements about ryujin lol what a cow
>>99585 all of them are try-hards, what do they look like?
>>100230 what did he say
>>100232 >Original comment: Honestly, I think our Ryujin unnie‘s rap is better than yours… Owen: Yup. Her rap was conceived and birthed by my sperm.
>>100233 eeewww
>>100240 at least he didn't say I want to rape those bitches like before. owen was always the weakest link in mkitrain so these stupid statements are the only way
>>100233 Owen Ovadoz is a grade A degenerate who hates women. He's talked shit about female idols before fully well knowing they can't say shit back. He's born in 1991 so hes around 30 years old and behaves like that. Ovadoz Milk >was a fan and Dahyun from Twice and made comments about her when she was just 16 years old >Left a comment on Seolhyun's instagram "listens to Beyonce once" after Seolhyun had her feminist scandal >Said he wants to rape "white bitches" >said that spreading nudes of underage fans is okay He's also made tons of comments about women being gold diggers and unloyal on his instagram account. I follow him and he never ceases to entertain. His last relationship with a model lasted like 3 months max and he talked mad shit about her on instagram after they broke up lol.
Also Owen once made an offhand comment about rapper Swings on instagram and Swings called him out. Later when the two met on Show Me The Money with Ovadoz as a contestant for the 13th time, and Swings as a producer/judge, Swings again called him out and asked what his issue is and if they have beef. Owen acted like a LITTLE BITCH and totally backtracked and made it seem like it was just a misunderstanding. Owen doesn't have the balls to take on anyone who actually has some power like Swings, he can only make shitty comments to female idols and female fans on instagram because he knows they can't do anthing to him. Typical fucking loser.
>>100445 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZxT_HitN10 Here is the clip. After making so many snide bitch remarks about Swings on instagram he apologizes and then said he doesn't remember posing them LMFAOOOOOOooooo
Owen's instagram story lol. His gf isn't allowed to smile at other men.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjZrFa0gSho I wonder if he ever regrets joining YG instead of another agency. he released two songs under yg iirc? and then his release after he left sold like 1k copies. >>99585 wasn't that won nation? or is it someone else
>>103266 should be thankful someone is willing to date him >>103448 yg is so incompetent its amazing
>>103448 One had potential. He is good looking and had a "artist" vibe. He could have filled that void between idol and rapper. YG could have marketed him in a soft hip hop way but nah....
Iron was another cow
I’m just here for my husbando Also hbd to jay park
(1.78 MB 1178x1179 xcvzxcvz .png)
I have this huge Tinfoil that the Just Music kids Hongwon and Osshun Gum are meth heads? I've noticed that they both have these horrible acne like things on their face but it doesn't look like acne it looks like meth sores? Osshun Gum Story >Was a tall, fairly good-looking main character contestant on High School Rapper 2017 >Joined Just Music >In the beginning made an insta story about crashing a car while shooting a MV in LA >Not heard or seen from for a while afterwards >No music/activity for months and months >Went to compete on Show Me The Money. Completely fucked up and embarrassed himself forgot all his lyrics. >Released and album? and because he was so inactive nobody cared it flopped hard >starts asking for money on instagram talking about how he has debt and can't pay hospital bills. Considers selling his instagram handle >unfollows everyone on instagram except for his fan accounts >makes weird ass youtube videos now and seems unstable and unhinged No idea what happened to him, but he literally went from being a favorite to not doing anything for years. Back to Hongwon- Here in this Hip-Hop Playa interview he looks horrible. He has all the face spots and he looks so out of it. The dude is a huge alcohol consumer but I don't know if alcoholism causes the face spots or the weird behavior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp3RbKZ78oI
he just started a company and released a new album too
(146.20 KB 1080x1045 E0HKTcKWEAg0z_G.jpg)
https://twitter.com/malsonjiwoo/status/1387606251589279744?s=21 Rapper Munchman accuses members of MBA for forcing him to sleep with prostitutes, beating him, abusing him and being pieces of shit. Also calls BTS's favorite Khiphop rapper, B-Free, a thug and asshole kek
>>113665 damnnn this is milky are we sideing with him? he seemed wholesome in SMTM and his friendship with Mirani looked cute. https://youtu.be/yIrEBuF556g i liked this ek song a lot kekk rip me. he's saying that both ek and bfree are idiots.
(113.99 KB 1440x883 xocdFLN.png)
Owen Ovadoz being a milky ass bitch and threatening to sue two Youtubers for posting videos about him. https://www.reddit.com/r/khiphop/comments/mzjkf4/pls_show_some_love_to_our_boiii_won_3/ A Youtuber called ShowmeTheWon who goes though diss battles, SMTM and does informational videos on some controversies that rappers get into. He's super respectful and basically posts things that everyone already knows and that are facts. Owen's fucking bitch ass threatening to sue. Wasn't Owen the one talking shit about BTS, told RM to go on SMTM? and talked shit about female idols too? Now he's threatening to sue people for RECOUNTING FACTS???
>>113666 EK is saying munchman is lying and that he will sue him for defamation lol https://twitter.com/MAlSONJIWOO/status/1387633817242976257
>>113667 kek thats south korea for you. easy way to make money sue whoever for defamation! on a side note... bts on smtm would be interested kek provided that they dont rob the results like yg did with bobby and co >>113668 MIRANNIII tell me who should I believe sister. But i'm betting all sides probably have done some shit so...
>>113669 I beleive munchman tbh. A lot of the krappers are scroty as hell. they act hiphop but are a bunch of unemployed alcoholics whose time consists of trying to fuck thotty instagram models. a lot of them don't make any real money only ike 5% of the krappers out there make any legit money. Basically lowlives with little prospects who think they are thug and cool. I can totally see the bullying and hierarchy shit being true.
Swings signed with P-nation, what happened to Indigo? Also nonas, who are invested in khip-hop. What do you think of Kid Milli, is he normal or pos like many? I kinda like his flow and voice tone.
>>114125 Super weird. I can't tell if Swings is making genius moves of losing his marbles. After Jvcki, Osshun and Noel left Indigo really lost it's luster. Swings is great at fining talent but terrible at managing artists.
>>114125 nona on CC tin foiled that Kid Milli is involved with gansters lol
>>114580 thanks nona, i searched back and now remember i read it back then, but wasn't interested in khip-hop. it's indeen interseting that after only one year of his participation on smth 7 he just got the opportunities to become a judge in high school rapper and smth 8. i thought it was because he was popular, but still choosing such a newbie character...
>>114580 was he the one friends with han seohee (the actress from twotm)?
Munchman almost OD on drugs. He seems to be going through a mental breakdown. Fans alerted police and he's now in the hospital. I wonder if it's due to the abuse or if he talked about that due to his mental breakdown.
I noticed that a lot of Show Me The Money contestants go through something similar (mental health, breakdowns ect, developing panic disorders...). They shoot up in fame and then have deal with fans, being watched, public scrutiny after living like normal citizens. They also get no media training like idols to prepare themselves. It happened to Chillin Homie, Hongwon, Osshun, Bully Da Bastard and way more. I also think that getting money and fame so quickly at young age brings a lot of weird people in their lives from those that want to use them to groupies to drug dealers ect...
>>119528 This is anonymous how did you figure out it was wonjae?
>>128288 Sorry because his ig is munchinthepool I thought it was woo
>>110764 this is actually pretty plausible
Does anyone who he is? I have tried a lot but can't find who he is? content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1620963541143-633335591.png
>>132251 girl did you just direct link us to your folder on your computer
>>132251 >content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1620963541143-633335591.png virus
>>132252 >>132253 A sorry i will send again
(611.77 KB 1280x957 Studio_20210514_101326.jpg)
This guy pls tell anon who he is I m tired of finding him He looks even better than bts v
>>132257 that's yunho from ateez
(152.84 KB 960x960 tu0nt4dzqy171.jpg)
bloo on a kpop fest disappointing
>>181363 same fag, I feel like he's not respected as a hip hop artist and he's not given much in khh industry especially after that weed scandal, that's what's disappointing
(81.36 KB 486x601 pic unrelated.png)
>>181363 he must be strapped for cash
>>181365 the dudes an actual legit alcoholic
>>181527 mokyo is actually a good producer and lyric writer. he deserves to be more famous
>>181515 yeah that's what doesn't sit right with me. he was loathing idol and idol rappers. >>181567 is his financial situation that bad? he has a family in the states his sister is friends with cl's sister etc. can't he just fly off to usa and financial security like nafla did?
>>183208 I don't think he's rich or anything, but I don't think his alcoholism has anything to do with his financial situation, I think he's just addicted to alcohol and that probably fucks with his productivity. He was a fangirl favorite for a while kind of straddling that line between idol and rapper tbh, but he fucked it up by associating with owen and not playing the role up a bit more. Rappers like HAON, Jay Park, Giriboy and even Vinxen have a shit ton of fangirls and their futures are pretty secure. I don't know wny bloo wouldn't play it up. Even that NOEL kid is able to survive and keep being a rapper due to his unwavering fangirls support kek he was even dissed for it by another rapper.
this bitch better stay unproblematic
>>183796 and NOEL has a whole lot of controversy. loopy was also associated with owen but I guess nobody cares about him. bloo couldn't ride the downtown baby wave but I wasn't expecting that much of a downfall to be honest
what did you think about jaebum and yugyeom's releases honestly?
>>183796 i get the sense that some in the khh really think they're too good for fangirls beyond fucking them. they think fanboys = legitimacy but men just don't spend as much as women do.
>>184104 Yup. They are almost offended at having fangirls. One the one hand I kinda get it because some of those fangirls will only like good-looking rappers and at times try to place the idol fan culture on rappers, but on the other hand I feel like they look down on women fans. Like thinking that female fans are only capable of liking their faces and not enjoying their music. I also noticed a lot of them tend to be rude to their international fans too.
samefag but liking khiphop for a while made me really appreciate idols kek. They work hard and have enough media training to treat all their fans with respect (for the most part). we all know they are in in for the fame and money and the fancy life. rappers pretend like they are different and true "artists" only to be exposed for fucking their underage fans and scamming people for money kek.
>>184430 >>184434 is that shameful if girls want to fuck you so bad that they throw money at you no matter your music? not say that's even the case, i'm sure a lot of the fangirls enjoy the music too, but the pretentiousness over fan genders is ridiculous. also the irony at them trying to be true ~artists~ when they're rude to international fans. as if hip hop and rap were created in korea kek
i think most of them also hope one day to be as famous as gaypops
>>25473 listened to his album its good
>>184556 good luck getting that famous without women i guess
>>184528 most of the khiphop artists have nothing to be arrogant about tbh. They copy western rappers from flow, music style to trends in clothing. Korean rappers even got face tats now kek. There are legit good rappers like Bewhy and interesting ones like Hash Swan, Changmo ect but Khiphop is lacking severely in originality and oomph in my opinion
>>184528 who has acted rude to international fans?
>>184576 which one nona? >>184589 I like khh but that's a hard agree. I generally like hip hop music from all across the world (especially 90's era) so I keep listening khh too but they don't show the actually talented people and try to make more copy-cat fuckboy gangster wannabe types famous. nucksal,punchnello,jvcki wai comes to my mind, they are actually underrated
>>185242 jvcki wai had such a cool vibe and concept I loved her!! I'm so sad she just disappeared.
>>187421 fuck indigo seriously. hope she comes back :( I hate harsh and nasal female vocals in rap (overused imho) and her childish/boyish voice was a breath of fresh air
>>189783 + she had one of the best verses in imjmwdp
>>185379 taste nona hashtag,noise and a fence were my favorites devita also added a nice touch to noise
(287.67 KB 828x490 E4B2jZlUUAAr-sG.png)
KEK Jay Park wrote a whole ass paragraph to justify his dreads
>>187421 she was the only one with themes like "to lordfucker" and troubles of the society true queen shit
>>189833 hate him and he's not even a good rapper
(235.43 KB 1350x843 Ez94rk2UUAMqb62.jpeg)
>>191081 my two faves being best friends warms my heart also idc what anyone says wonjae's hot all the time
to anons looking for female rappers would also recommend swervy https://youtube.com/watch?v=RJK6Jb0beQM
>>193509 wtf undercover angel really goes hard? if you have other recs for female rappers I'd like to hear them
>>193567 bryn, she did a collab with jvcki at some point and uses similar vocal processing https://youtube.com/watch?v=Iykqzxn6R-0 https://youtube.com/watch?v=z2hFdaqWwWA would also rec yunhway, giant pink, yezi, miryo, lil cherry, there's not a lot of female rappers that aren't idol rappers but I love some of the idol rappers too
(321.66 KB 1283x2158 E3qI95eVcAI3SfV.jpeg)
B-Free being milky once again kek
(35.13 KB 827x1253 E3n750VVUAAhDkv.jpeg)
>>193736 i mean... is he wrong
>>193739 he isn't but we are all slaves. We all work for capitalistic bullshit at the end of the day. He's been so fixated on idols and kpop for years now like these people are just making a living. He needs to let go.
>>193741 he's not really dissing the idols here though? i mean, i don't know his history with comments about k-pop but this post is directly attacking the scummy industry practices which i don't see anything wrong with
>>193742 no he is, especially male idols it seems. "we will erase your wrinkles and c*ck". Sounds dumb and bitter. I would be kek x1000 if he liked gg.
>>193743 yeah the cock comment seems weird....
nah compared with youtuber and tiktoker idol is a stable and decent job for semi-talented art students who desire to be famous. not that many people could become an actor and singer
>>193745 that's not even what it's about... sure it CAN be stable if you sign under a proper company (let's not even begin to open the can of worms that are nugu companies) but the pressure to get plastic surgery, lose weight, insane work hours and paying back fees before you make any money are uh... not really something one can defend
>>193743 most of the korea is homophobic so I'm not surprised at the cock comment
thoughts on yugyeom?
>>194471 I Want U Around is so good. Haven't listened to the rest of the mini yet tho
>>194471 deffo better than jay b
>mokyo ended his contract he stayed in h1hgr snd you.will.knovv. for a short time
>>25519 Gray or Loco based on how small the censor bar is but its not small enough to cover Jay's name
>>110764 Wtf is that Osshun, he fell off so hard Swings fucking killed this man's soul, I remember him begging Swings for a deal because he was dead broke Literally every young rapper who joined Swings label got fucked over
>>204563 Isn't Gray in a long term relationship?
>>202283 is he self produced now
>>204564 idk about hongwon but osshun is in a big debt and saying he didn't gamble n shit. seems like drug related issues
>>204564 I used to really like and respect Swings but then he started dating that instagram model that's like 9 years younger and parading her around and bragging about dating her.... it was so distasteful and kinda reminded me of choiza. Like wtf lol you are 30 years old bro do you need to brag about landing a hot 20 yr old chick so badly? He also sucks ass at management and Just Music could have been so huge and amazing but they lost jvcki and osshun and noel. All of those were the hottest rising rappers with a huge and growing fanbase and nothing came out of it. Jvcki disappeared too and so many people tinfoiled about her doing drugs due to that one weird performance she did. He has so many artists in his label doing nothing at all. When giriboy leaves swings will die.
>>205531 maybe this is sac relig but the more i read about khh rappers the more i think half of them should have just sucked it up and went the idol rapper route. more stability, more recognition, more money.
>>205546 Being an idol is about representing a pre-made brand and entertaining via content. Most rappers don't want to do that, they want to make music and come up with their own concepts and have creative control. idol life is probably way harsher and more fucked up than we know. Khiphop rappers just air all the bad aspects of fame openly. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of idols has lived just as messy but companies and managers can hide it. Super successful ones like changmo, and ash island keep quiet and seem to have more self diciplein although changmo seems like he's an alcoholic at times (but then again, so are our idol faves most llikely)
>>204745 yeah he debuted at 2019
>>205556 isn't Changmo religious/Christian too (no I'm not thinking of BeWhy). A lot of the disciplined people in khiphop are. re: the fandom talk. man, Bloo has so many fan girls. I was watching a clip from his set and the fan chant was basically all female. So many more have the same demographics like all the pretty ones and some uggos like Kid Milli etc. Honestly it's funny some people and rappers themselves think khiphop is superior because it's above the weird parasocial relationships but they really aren't lol women probably carry a lot of their profits and they have to pander to them too. Honestly it's the same with bands too? I got to know some really small korean bands and they too hold fansigns and shit and it's all females attending.
>>213665 sis... women are more than capable of being fans without the parasocial relationships shit. I'm a huge Kanye fan to this day even though his weird bs and I never imagined myself in a relationship with him. Rappers dont really pander except for maybe showing the occasional titty. Even NOEL put his relationship on his insta and he's as supported as ever. VINXEN has a shit ton of fangirls and he was in a public relationship the entire time he debuted. Basically, all rappers flaunt their hot gfs, smoke and swear. But someone with mediocre talent like Bloo.... maybe you are right, he may depend on his sadboy hot aesthetic to keep his fans interested.
>>213692 >women are more than capable of being fans without the parasocial relationships shit never denied that re-read it
>>213600 I love his voice Best news of july so far kek
>>213665 There were also makeitrain vlogs when they were pretending to be waiters and I assume bloo was stopped by every female customer and was invited to take a shot
>>225803 he isn't even that good-looking wtf the standards for men are low af
>>226100 they were going for the fame i suppose. dude is aging like milk
this feels like a kpop show https://youtu.be/kGWoDKIuoAY
>>262531 even then he couldn't ride the wave
the new dpr live album is so good, he's on his hot boy summer shit https://youtu.be/cbK7jW458fE
>>300974 a cute bop
tired of hwasa everywhere
>>301306 she's based
>>300974 dpr live drops the bangers I also really love his laputa
ph-1 is actually good? who knew
>>344473 HE'S BACK
https://youtu.be/-qT8f3ba21Q he's got no game i lost any attraction for him after this kek
new dpr live mv. the dpr guys are so good at making music videos, it's so fun to watch https://youtu.be/00uzprkOeJQ
kid milli - cliche khh AOTY
why didnt dpr live keep this girly style he would be hotter than most gaypop if he fix his teeth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1_E2xz5r3Y
>>372749 it's actually cringy and cute plus he pulled tiffany so I'm assuming he has some kind of game
>>373031 *adds it to videos to watch when high
>>378431 these mofos payed him to sing the song and singed it all by themselves
>>369388 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBMXxEdLo-E good song also naming your album natural high after that scandal kek, I love him
>>379752 the fart comment... like why.... so many 4th grade clapback i cringed all the way through
make love by gray...
nochang is one of the most unique hiphoppers. underrated af
they are covering woowon "we are" and VVS on girls planet 999 lol
woo won was a guest judge too kek he looked good
he is a rat
>>432046 I havent been here in ages was it good
went down a youtube wormhole and finally listened to lee youngji, kinda meme-y, idol wannabe rapper but she has some good stuff
(125.86 KB 827x827 FHSAzCKXIA4YVi2.jfif)
will any nonas be checking out the new bighit bg since they have a rapper in there who was on smtm
watched smtm6 fell in love with wonjae realized hes gay
>>1235233 he came out for realllll
>>1252161 nope and he dont need to its obvious
>>1252202 take it to tin hes had gfs and seems messy with them
>>1252748 ok but what's the tea sis just one more before the tin thread
>>1252748 are they pretty
>>1277017 he has a new rumour now with meenoi


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