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Japanese Entertainment General J-pop General 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:47:32 No. 25
Post anything relating to Japanese Entertainment here.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 07/14/2022 (Thu) 09:23:36.
>>25 J-pop as a music genre or just idols?
>>26 Genre
(227.27 KB 445x305 aya.png)
can any keyakifag/akb48fag explain what's going on in picrel? i casually kept up with keyakizaka and liked their music and concepts but i never really got super into them so this came as a surprise
(1.44 MB 812x1163 moritakae299a5chisato.jpg)
Also, 80s idols are something else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GewWg-T29Js
(329.17 KB 1280x1277 wink-3.jpg)
This song is a Kylie Minogue cover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gK4GRsBWGk
>>33 Wink are amazing
>>30 hey anon, i also follow keyaki casually and just recently got back into them when this happened. basically, >management makes techi (hirate yurina) center every single to the point of injury >as a result of this the general public only knows of techi when they think of keyakizaka >techi is finally fed up and announced she's leaving the group without a grad and resumes activities as an actress full time >management panics as keyaki is basically finished without her >half of 1st gens graduate between techi leaving and this announcement >management announces to the group at their online concert that their group name is changing to sakurazaka46 and their final performance as keyaki is in oct >sakurazaka46 is a new beginning for keykaki, where they will actually rotate the center and every member gets spotlight >even have a 'sakura eight' similar to akb's kami 7 and will have a fixed 14 members performance for each song they officially became sakurazaka46 this october and have a new show as well as 2nd generation members.
>>29 i love aya. watashi no sugoi houhou is one of favorite songs of hers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaIL1PExfWk >>33 i genuinely think they did this way better than kylie, i prefer their cover more than the original
>>35 thank you for explaining this to me, anon! a lot of the jidol scene (specifically akb48 related stuff) confused me since i didn't understand the graduation system thing or senbatsu (it's not as big of a thing in kpop). i remember being sad that techi decided to leave since she was obviously being overworked, but i really liked that keyaki didn't have the "typical" j idol concepts/sound (stuff like the heavy rotation music video). i'm guessing techi leaving means that sakurazaka won't be as tomboy-y or edgy/angsty?
>>38 no problem, i'm happy to help! tbhon, i didn't know until a few days ago that sotsugyou meant graduation, it's definitely not that big of a thing in kpop, i think afterschool was the only group that had normalized graduations. >i'm guessing techi leaving means that sakurazaka won't be as tomboy-y or edgy/angsty? honestly, a lot of fans worried about this, and thought they would turn into nogi or other 48groups. the concept seems to be more elegant, but after watching the performance of their debut single as sakurazaka, 'nobody's fault', i feel the keyaki sound and way of performance is definitely still there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w65-CFKiwJs[Embed]
(106.05 KB 800x1200 DnybtiiXoAEg1VW.jpg)
I found out about =LOVE recently and I am really enjoying their songs especially Cameo
>>51 i only know of this song from them, but i was deep into 46 and 48groups at the time. this is the group sasshi produced right?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIjPbF-dKQA i was so obsessed with this song that i played it at my hs's japanese club christmas party. i was so happy when my mom bought me a new scarf that was longer so i could do the dance
>>55 >this is the group sasshi produced right? It is That's so adorable. I used to dance to jpop and kpop songs all the time back when I was in school.
(324.18 KB 1935x2048 step and a step.jpg)
does anyone like NiziU here? i'm really not sure if they're considered jpop or kpop since they're apart of JYP and Sony Music and also released a korean version of make you happy. they're biggest thing in japan at the moment after everyone watched nizi project and had constant appearances on sukkiri.
>>70 It's funny, they are considered jpop by knetz and kpop by jnetz. The fans don't care either way so that's cool. My favorites are Mayuka and Riku, I find them cute and nice.
(158.69 KB 1378x1378 4bb77ab455abb5f6b9e440583d0aab13.jpg)
The newest Johnny's group is so ugly, it's no surprise that it's kpop and not jpop who's gaining worldwide popularity. It seems that lately Johnny's and the likes are also trying to cash in internationally by having an official youtube etc., but it's simply too late now. >>32 >>33 80s/90s singers are so beautiful to me, they gave off a much classier and interesting vibe than idols nowadays.
>>94 At least these guys look natural. No botched nostrils, chin implants etc. We're so used to plastic and perfectly polished idols that guys like these are ugly now. They'd probably look better with nicer hairstyles.
>>94 i consider myself a johnny's fan and i find them ugly. i'd say shintaro is maybe the only mildly attractive one. it's insane to me how they broke a million sales on their debut single. i'm kind of bitter at the treatment they gotten compared to the group i like, and also because of the disgusting scandals some of their members have gotten into. back in 90's johnny's used to be so much more handsome. but now there's only a handful of people i can count on hand that are actually attractive. >It seems that lately Johnny's and the likes are also trying to cash in internationally by having an official youtube etc., but it's simply too late now. i agree, johnny's finally has decided to start using the internet, but it's really quite late, and aggravating at least, when fans desperately want them to move to digital music platforms. i purchased a ticket to watch one of their online concerts and it was nice. but everytime johnny's takes a step forward, it's like they go backwards. i'm a newer fan, so i really didn't have to struggle much compared to johnny's fans that have been fans for decades. but i do agree with >>95 , at least they're natural.
Can someone recommend me Arashi's best songs? I know nothing about them.
>>94 don't japanese idol groups have a different "business model" than kpop ones? kpop idols are more model/celebrity type pretty, while groups like akb48 are tend to lean into the "cute girl next door" schtick so that moids won't find them unapproachable. the difference in skill and "concept" between japanese and korean trainees on produce 48 really emphasized this
>>100 yes, jpop idols in general have a different business model. idols in japan focus more on personality than talent, thus there being idols that can barely dance or sing. how funny you are and things about you are more important than your ability to dance or sing. it's one of the things i love about jpop when i need to take a break from kpop. i think in general japan's way of fashion and sense is different from korea's and it's really reflected in the way idol's look. akb's business model was relatively new and different from most idol groups when they were formed, basically catering to moids with the whole "idols you can meet" and handshake sessions. i honestly have trouble supporting 48groups after all so many girls from their own respective groups have faced harassment or threats and the agency doesn't do anyrhing until causes a commotion or reaches the news. there are groups like e-girls RIP and momoiro clover z that are totally different from akb though
>>98 >back in 90's johnny's used to be so much more handsome. Nagase Tomoya could still get it lol >>100 >>101 That's true, but since it seems that they want to find success internationally too, and because people there are already used to perfect k-idols that old model might not work anymore. As far as I know niziu and izone are doing rather well, right? They're also japanese girls but polished by the kpop factory and young japanese people, especially girls/women, seem to love that. Only old otakus are still sticking to their "she might be untalented but she's 13!"-idols.
>>99 in the summer monster crazy moon sakura happiness troublemaker love so sweet GUTS! truth these are a few of their hits. their music is on spotify and apple music, as well as youtube and they have a twitter: @arashi5official. hope that helps anon! >>103 >Nagase Tomoya could still get it lol oh yes. definitely. >As far as I know niziu and izone are doing rather well, right? They're also japanese girls but polished by the kpop factory and young japanese people, especially girls/women, seem to love that. Only old otakus are still sticking to their "she might be untalented but she's 13!"-idols. yes! niziu is a huge hit among women and young girls in japan. several famous actresses, idols, comedians, and young celebrities have expressed their love for them, and they've gone completely viral in japan. i think izone is the same as well, but have more male fans. i definitely think this a this a thing japan is shifting towards now, especially with the creation of JO1 and newer groups like ORBIT and BxW with the former contestants from produce 101 japan.
(139.80 KB 849x650 15252-3woznmum84.jpg)
Oh my god, the nostalgia. I used to be super into jpop before kpop became the standard, HUGE Johnny's fan. Favourite groups were NEWS and KAT-TUN, I remember having my heart broken when they decided to get rid of Ya-Ya-yah and instead debut Hikaru and Yabu in Hey! Say! JUMP. Then I had my 2nd heartbreak when Yabu's voice hit puberty and went from angelic to nails scratching on a chalkboard. I just recently found out that Tegoshi left NEWS, and while I was sad because that means no more Tegomass, I'm crossing my fingers he will release a solo album because boy is legit a great singer. I also saw he released a book and Koreans were pissed af because he mentioned that the reason BTS and TWICE became internationally recognized was due to basically: a) being able to speak English b) marketing c) having foreign members (TWICE) which helped gather a bigger fanbase, and that had JJ bothered to teach them English and actually promote them internationally they would probably have been able to make it big as well. I kind of agree tbh, I remember that during their prime everyone was a weeb and was either into Visual Kei/Morning Musume/Johnny's Jimusho, but the fact that it was nearly impossible to get any content and Japan kept blocking all their stuff made everyone lose interest at some point. I don't think they would make it nowadays tbh, while I still think Japanese idols have more personality than Koreans, it's also true that they are generally less talented/bad or below average at dancing/incredibly outdated/not attractive enough. Probably unpopular opinion but Teogshi (pre-lip fillers) and Jin would have done great as Japanese members in a kpop band lol both were funny, easygoing and attractive enough to be noticeable. Then again both were basically kicked out for controversies so...
>>159 i recently just got back into johnny's two years ago, i became a casual fan in 2013-2014 for arashi. man, i really liked ya-ya-yah songs, i was really surprised to see the difference between yabu in HSJ and yabu back then. his voice is totally different! while i'm not a huge kat-tun or news fan, i LOVE jin. he's still releasing music today and it's great. tbhon, i really don't like tego all that much because of his attitude and the events leading up to his departure from johnny's and the release of his book, >he basically told two members from the younger groups (sexy zone and king & prince) that they wouldn't have panic disorder if they were happier people but, the man can sing. i LOVE ai nante and his solo song DOLLS. absolutely beautiful. news doesn't sound right without him. massu's still hanging on of course, but they've dwindled down to 3 members, i just feel bad for them. it was pretty hard for me to actually find johnny's content but i got the hang of it. it's all on livejournal still. i was humbled after being into kpop for so long. despite j&a's efforts to promote arashi internationally right now, i really feel like they missed the mark with trying to connect with international fans or the international market since they shut them out for so long and fans say they're still getting region blocked on youtube, even though their mv's finally started getting posted to youtube. plus english translations for jweb got discontinued and international fans cannot join the fanclub. i feel like tego was pretty right there. japanese idols are usually seen as outdated and not good at singing and unattractive (some of the new johnny's juniors are horrifyingly ugly, but i honestly like the natural looks of jpop idols.) so i feel like they couldn't compare to kpop unless they improve if it's their goal to promote overseas. jpop idols definitely have way more personality, and i pay more attention to them currently than kpop at the moment. i don't like the 3rd gen/4th gen sound in kpop right now, but i always hop in and catch up with current groups when i want to see a good performance. and i feel that tegoshi and jin would've been extremely popular if they were in a kpop group. jin probably would have ended up leaving the group while tego might've stayed in his group despite the controversy he had. he reminds quite a bit of heechul in a way. that reminds me, korean arashi fans really hate ohno because they think he's the reason arashi is disbanding going on hiatus lol. i really wonder how jin and tego would've been perceived if they were in a korean group. and tegoshi has/had lip fillers? i just thought he was obsessed with pursing his lips
>>161 Sorry for the incoming sperging but it's been ages since I've had someone to talk with about this shit lol are you perhaps an older anon? I ask because most of my friends that were into Arashi are now in their middle/late 30's (no shame, I'm an older anon as well). Speaking about Arashi, my friend got to meet Matsujun in a party while working in Japan back in 2010 I believe. Someone casually introduced them and she said he was pretty rude, then she noticed he was only rude to foreigners. >>i was really surprised to see the difference between yabu in HSJ and yabu back then. his voice is totally different! His voice was amazing, fucking puberty did him so wrong. I was very into Yax3 because I religiously watched their show and basically grew up with them. I always thought Shoon looked a lot like Jaejoong btw. Could never listen to HSJ because I felt personally victimized by their sole existence. Oh boy, I had a massive crush on Jin and could never understand why Kame was more popular. The moment he left KAT-TUN they were done for because he was the only decent vocalist, plus with him gone KT was a visual void. Junno kinda aged well but man, it took him a while. I've always wondered if he had something going on with BoA because I remember they were super close for a while. >>while i'm not a huge kat-tun or news fan, i LOVE jin. he's still releasing music today and it's great. Thanks for letting me know, I didn't knew he was still releasing music. I love his voice so I'm definitely gonna check it out >>i LOVE ai nante and his solo song DOLLS. absolutely beautiful. news doesn't sound right without him. massu's still hanging on of course, but they've dwindled down to 3 members ia to everything. Young Tego was a sweetheart but fame got to his head and the rest it's story. I swear to god Tegoshi and Massu singlehandedly carried the whole group, now that they're down to 3 it's sad but I'm sure NEWS will be disbanding soon. Massu didn't have a great voice but he seemed to be the only one who legit enjoyed being an idol and kept working on bettering himself. Boy was ahead of his times lol if I remember correctly he was the only one adding choreo to his solos. I could see him in a kpop group too, maybe he didn't had the looks (although he was my bias) but he was the only decent dancer and overall he seems to be unproblematic, I don't think he's had a single scandal. >>despite j&a's efforts to promote arashi internationally right now, i really feel like they missed the mark with trying to connect with international fans Yeah, I honestly think they missed their chance and it will be nearly impossible to take over kpop, NiziU might be doing fine but that's because they are basically a Korean group with all Japanese members. They really need to step up their game if they expect to gather an international fanbase because so far they aren't offering much. Have you seen the new group they debuted? Those are the most generic, normal looking dudes I've ever seen. At least they seem to be finally getting with the times and giving them a more decent styling, mostly I just appreciate they're getting rid of the bad anime hairstyles. >>i really wonder how jin and tego would've been perceived if they were in a korean group. Same, I feel like they would be popular until they got into a huge dating scandal. Ryo, Shirota Yu and maybe even Taki Hideaki would probably have done good too. No, you know what scrap Ryo, I feel like he only kept being an idol because he loved Kanjani8. >>tegoshi has/had lip fillers? i just thought he was obsessed with pursing his lips Maybe it wasn't his lips but he definitely did something to his face because he hasn't been looking like himself for a while now
not necessarily related to jpop, but was anyone here into jrock/vkei?
This thread is so dead but I recently came across this Jpop group called girls2, their are from ldh like egirls. The girls are so pretty and amazing dancers. They have way more potential than niziu https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FNcyhCDt9-k https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vJxxx0jEhvw https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IzWTVTxQSOU
(163.49 KB 2048x946 IMG_20210405_101511.jpg)
johnny's fans just constantly continued to get cucked... genki immediately opening an instagram to flirt with scooter and now keito has left jump while keeping his fathers connections staying in johnny's to be an actor. i can't take this shit anymore
(67.00 KB 650x513 yayayah-1.jpg)
>>89551 holy shit poor Yabu and Hikaru, they used to be such cute kids
>>101698 yeah they aged a lot. hikaru at least looks better than yabu (and even chinen at this point) kek
is anybody a fan of mackenyu here? never watched anything of him, but read about the rumor of him having had a child when he was just a kid too and now he's rumored to be dating a retired actress? one would think he'd stay far away from older women after what happened to him... his career in the us also doesn't seem to work out
>>291166 i was fan in the past, i somewhat dislike him after he sicced his fans on another fan for posting fc (fanclub) content on ig. the rumored retired actress is said to be very beautiful but it's bit concerning after his previous rumor
why are most japanese idols ugly? Jpop rly drops the ball esp when it comes to the guys
>>304270 Kek I think its because japs are ugly people in general. Like the british
>>304286 their uneven teeth is definitely something in common
>>304270 i think part of it is just not having try as much. pretty big music market so its not as big of a deal for a group to find a way to bring in some profit
>>291286 he did what to his fan? the way i read it, it sounds as if the both of them cheated on her husband... i don't get it, he's by far the hottest japanese actor right now, why does he go after an older married nobody
>>313825 >he did what to his fan? on ig he posted a screenshot of a fan uploading his fc content to ig, and then his fans went and and started attacking the account and she felt really bad about it to the point that she felt suicidal. the fact that she was posting fc content means that she paid for it and the money is still going towards him so i don't understand why he did that other than to just be an asshole
>>314568 all jap artists are somehow so anal about that. don't know if you know visual kei groups, but dir en grey's vocalist basically said he's no longer gonna post on instagram as punishment for fans leaking fc content...and dude is in his mid 40s.
so today mackenyu's dad died of covid at age 82 i always knew that he was a child of nepotism but had no idea who exactly his dad is and that he's so old already... sorry but fathering a child at nearly 60 is just selfish
>>347368 apparently his dad wasn't vaccinated but he also pretty old. >sorry but fathering a child at nearly 60 is just selfish i agree. mackenyu and his brother are young too and neither of them are married. i feel bad for them
>>347787 i already meant mackenyu when i wrote nearly 60, his dad was 82, he is 24, that's just not right...it's basically setting your kids up to be alone as soon as they're barely adults (or even younger, chances would have been that he didn't make it til 80...)
>>347820 what's more, the expectation that a child in their 20's should be taking care of their elderly parents...
>>304270 isn't it because j-idols are supposed to be more like girls or boys next door and normal rather than polished celebrities
ladida-do ba-badida ladida-do ba-badida
wrong thread sorry
apparently gackt is so sick that he can barely even talk anymore, much less sing
wtf nana komatsu and suda masaki are married
I saw mackenyu mentioned and wasn't he close friends with cheateryeol? this is a major red flag. and i think he has some sort of trauma that's why he is so obsessed with much older women
>>573221 >close well as close as you can be with no shared language tbf he's in his mid 20s now and his rumored girl is like early to mid 30s, so nothing sleazy. his mom and dad obviously lived the opposite way, maybe thats something he also wants to avoid
(651.42 KB 2048x1326 20211218_200104.jpg)
it's been a whole year since marius went on hiatus, i hope he had fun this christmas and baked his little german cakes and ate wurst with his family
>>700169 did he state a reason for his hiatus? i remember that he was the ultimate pedobait when he started but now the white moid genes broke through kek
>>700430 >did he state a reason for his hiatus? johnny's said he went on hiatus for health reasons, while tabloids said that he was rushed to the hospital because he accidentally overdosed on prescription pills, managed to throw up most of it, and he called fuma for help and was found crouched on the side of the road. all that is really known is that he was in hospital, maybe he might say something about it once he returns to sz though his mom mentioned on her blog on how he was suffering from burnout and was juggling taking online classes at stanford at night since he lived in japan + being an idol during the day and that it took a huge toll on him >i remember that he was the ultimate pedobait when he started but now the white moid genes broke through kek true though it seems like many people still baby him as he's the youngest in the group. there were way too many people that were waiting for the day he turned 18. poor child has practically has been working his whole life
anyone like zoc here
>>722088 i do, but i'm more of a casual fan
(665.50 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20220102_234810.jpg)
>>722240 i've decided to pick them up. was gonna get into them because of katy but then i found out she already graduated but i like karen too
(67.42 KB 766x1024 IMG_20220102_031250.jpg)
>>724185 sa but i also picked up katy's new band https://youtu.be/_mQw985xYS4
>>724185 >>724203 really liked their style so i checked out the group but why is the first pic of them that comes up a pic of them posing with a giant glitter penis
(608.41 KB 1536x2048 FHb2Z4TaAAAMpRG.jfif)
>>724185 >was gonna get into them because of katy but then i found out she already graduated but i like karen too katy brought a lot of people to zoc, i love her. i like maro since she was in angerme and their newest member, jonah. she has a voice that suits jazz really well tbhon i think katy did good by leaving zoc because they got embroiled in a bunch of shit on how seiko ran the group and kanano doing drugs, nishii giving stds to married men, etc. i still like zoc and love their music but seiko gives off a weird vibe with the strange things she does to promote the group. >>724185 i honestly thought when katy left she wasn't going to do anymore music related activities and was happy when she formed haze. it my first time listening and i enjoy the song a lot. i enjoy katy and zoc's singing style too much >>725729 can you share? i can't find it but i wouldn't put it past them since it's very on brand for zoc
(121.80 KB 1368x2048 IMG_20220104_180018.jpg)
>>728224 yeah jonah might be 2nd fav. i'm new to jpop and i was reading up on the thing with seiko and i don't like her. probably making a mistake getting into a group with a history of scandals kek. this is haze's other song and i like it too https://youtu.be/DxStuEwQnQ0
(173.57 KB 1080x1346 IMG_20220101_223827.jpg)
also picked up atarashii gakko and am thinking about getting into asp https://youtu.be/YD8VNZwN1mM
>>728780 i love atarashii gakko i discovered them a month back, i love these two songs from them https://youtu.be/ye5v9mOkDh8 https://youtu.be/k18g-12B9h4
>>724203 omg i didn’t know katy was in a band i followed her insta ages ago i’ll def check them out
(462.48 KB 2048x1366 IMG_20220101_232250.jpg)
>>729089 baaased i found them through tiktok
(1.23 MB 648x360 pbhON2QTUhiqLTvF.mp4)
>>728766 warning for vidrel, it has screaming towards the end >i was reading up on the thing with seiko and i don't like her. probably making a mistake getting into a group with a history of scandals kek. probably kekk when i got into zoc i thought everything would be fine after kanano left (i still like her and i honestly think she really did nothing wrong) and everything with her and seiko died down, i was completely wrong there was an audio that was leaked on what sounded like seiko yelling at maro in a rage over something she sent over LINE and was saying something about how she had an "ego problem". while maro was crying in the background and then seiko apparently pulled out a boxcutter and it's when maro started screaming and ran away. it was alarming to hear as seiko's the leader and holds power over all of the girls, on top maro dealing with her BPD diagnosis maro said she was fine, and that she had recorded the audio to look back on and that she hadn't leaked it and only shared it with former members. seiko later explained with maro at a concert that it was the first time that seiko yelled at her and that she deeply regrets what happened and that she and group will work together to improve their communication. she apologized to maro for it and her reasoning was that she was going through a lot with covid halting a lot of things + became distanced off from everyone and wasn't able to communicate properly when she went off on maro. along with the weird promotion tactics as a few months after that articles were released saying she went on a date with junnosuke watanabe (a married man) at disneyland but maro stood far away from him as if she was waiting for tabloids to take pics already >this is haze's other song and i like it too thanks for the song rec nona. i also enjoy kanano's group that she made with her sister. this is one of her recent songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKOpfhFe7-Y&ab_channel=femmefatale
(610.14 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20220103_222055.jpg)
>>729525 yikes...maybe i'll just be more of a karen and jonah solo fan. thanks for the rec nona i'd heard of this group but hadn't looked into them yet
(445.81 KB 1675x2047 IMG_20220105_210837.jpg)
is it common for jpop idols to post pictures of their self harm? i'll be scrolling down their twitter and suddenly see it. as someone used to kpop idols it's been kind of a culture shock
>>769808 i've seen it amongst indie or underground idols very often. it's very alarming and usually a cry for help
insane banger mogs all girlpops https://youtu.be/j4CtCiotXRU
(316.02 KB 732x1272 20220330_020951.jpg)
if sexy zone doesn't return to being 5 people by next year, i may lose my mind. i thought coming back to gaypop would help me feel better, but just seeing my husbando's face brought back all the wonderful memories i had loving him and sz for 3 whole years. marius is probably in spain going on a date with a cute boy studying and probably has an ambition to join the UN or be some huge global warming/feminist ally activist. i already knew it when he mentioned reading simone de beauvior, talked about sustainable clothing, and went to that M.I.T camp. sexy zone went through hell because of the fucking faction war and johnny as soon as they debuted and finally when they were together again as five people for maybe 5-6 years, souchan developed panic disorder and he had to recover for almost 2 years. we only had 3 fucking months of them together all again until marius had a mental breakdown. all marifags know he's studying in spain now but at least saying something could make fans feel okay. we havent heard anything from him and his mom posted cryptic shit online along with all of those strange articles from tabloids. i just want to go back to before the coof even existed i'm not strong enough for all of this
(449.65 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20220103_221714.jpg)
>zoc changing name to metamuse honestly hate it so much. anyway new haze https://youtu.be/d-i0ssoE_EA
>>32 Jpop idols peaked in the 80s | 90s
(73.32 KB 800x600 asukano.jpg)
i'm really enjoying ashita, watashi dareka no kanojo aka asukano. it's a drama that's really popular at the moment that shows the realities of prostitution, being a host/hostess, abuse, bullying, and self harm. my favorite characters are yua, moe, and aya.
>>304270 japanese people aren't as superficial and anal about setting beauty standards as koreans japanese are superficial, but koreans take it to a new level, they are the most superficial nation in the world
>>1058297 i'm really happy to see the two girls i liked from zoc the most being successful in their respecrice groups. this is my favorite haze song too jonah left zoc metamuse not too long ago so seiko still hasn't quit with her power harrassment
>>1332713 https://youtu.be/VDTaFpJB3sw samefag forgot to add the collab kanano and katy did i listen to this all the freaking time
can malding weebs who wanna sperg about godtier japanese actors please revive this thread and not post in c-ent, jdramas and jpop need people like you
>>1337932 if you noticed nona that was one person who was purposely baiting and shitting up your thread to get a reaction out of you
>>1337947 >shitting up your thread it wasn't even that, it was literally 1 short post that got ignored by everybody but her
>>1337947 >>1337997 the cent thread isnt the place to argue about japanese actors, do excuse the long list of people who dont find jmoids hot due to redacted ww2 reasons. to stay on topic, jdramas are underrated but japan is truly a bit too out there with their drama plotlines >>1332183 there was a ramdom jwebdrama airing on my cable about a ugly moid student and hostess angels?humans? who got summoned to help him unincel, there were wtf scenes where the girls wore lingerie and the camera zoomed in on their t&a even the moles and had the girls lift their skirts, it was literal softporn without a plot and starred ex akb idols. til now im wondering why a softporn webdrama catering to make fantasies aired on cable in my country
>male fantasies
>>1338499 >the cent thread isnt the place to argue about japanese actors why dont you go tell this to chinafag who decided to write a dissertation in response to a days old post when it was a dead conversation anyway
(95.49 KB 1200x1200 EXgkxJAWAAEmD5E.jpg)
wish this thread wasnt so dead. i miss takkisis and tiarasis
that retarded argument reminded me of kento yamazaki in alice in borderland. i enjoyed it
>>1338561 chinafag can write cent dissertations in the cent thread, and weebs can drool over godtier japs here, get it? its telling that the only actors anyone can name are from 20 years back. id appreciate if someone csis that ex akb idol nugu.webdrama, it's so degrading the girls but i bet the girls werent paid well. jdrama plots are so degrading in the 21st century its a no-brainer they dont sell too well internationally.
it's so degrading to the girls
>>1338669 good for you or sorry that happened
>>1338669 talking about yourself in 3rd person is a sign of schizophrenia
(38.38 KB 678x678 FB7mwyfX0AANcNS.jpg)
>>1338657 same i liked his character. the first few episodes were really good but alright/meh after that, i was expecting a completely different story. overall a good first season, i think they're working on a second one?
>>1338755 theres a bunch of chinafags in the cent thread and its good that weebs are reviving this jent thread, stop malding off topic and post about jactors or dramas
>>1338821 yeah when people say chinafag they're referring to one person. anyway i know you learned the word malding 2 hours ago but you can let it go now
>>1338821 take your own advice and go back to your containment thread >>1338786 yeah they're making a second season it's already been confirmed by netflix. it makes sense since the first season ended on a cliffhanger and the show did pretty well which always prompts netflix to add on seasons kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeHdTPtlIFg
>>1338832 who revived this dead jpop containment thread you ingrate? gooks are kinda right, nobody outside japan watches any live action jmedia shows except for jav. internationally japans most wellknown actors are in jav and if start fangirling some godly japanese actors nonjaps will look at you funny. well japan did it to themselves and cant blame anyone.
>>1340697 thats nice queen
gonna spam some irrelevant nipponese uggos
(40.36 KB 640x444 0 (1).jpg)
(46.90 KB 600x401 Kimi-wa-Petto.jpeg)
>>1341816 this was so based
(20.79 KB 440x330 tomoya02.jpeg)
(23.73 KB 371x584 TDYxvyZv2zkXaHd_yQMNb_3229.jpeg)
(454.44 KB 287x161 tumblr_lm76mu7K7T1qbdrf3540.gif)
(61.03 KB 814x1024 7u2NlrE5x3wmcwv_FwKnb_59.jpeg)
(25.29 KB 512x384 Ds8lqKqU0AAtuul.jpg)
(29.19 KB 459x482 EtKuQIMVoAAqpuM.jpg)
(212.39 KB 972x1200 D5VBE47UIAEeGeL.jpg)
(122.53 KB 1080x809 DsDmGCKU8AAsvPL.jpg)
>>1341849 all i'm asking for is there tapes
>>1341850 sister we don't like mackenyu anymore but i would like to see the tapes as well
(69.25 KB 828x553 ECoaJgkU8AAJVwJ.jpg)
(36.61 KB 638x360 x360.jpeg)
(162.31 KB 1125x805 DcHYad8V4AALNC3.jpg)
>>1341865 sadly bad quality
(42.16 KB 564x789 DyKUrZ7UwAYElat.jpg)
>>1341918 omo i love haido
(279.73 KB 1644x2105 FXtad7HaIAEESRm.jpg)
micchi is the future it-boy of japan and johnny's. it's been a long time since johnny's had an actual ikemen if you leave out meguro ren.
>Japanese man by the name of Mitsuo had his dreams turned into reality when he married his favorite idol, Yuki Tomoe, who is 27 years his junior. Singer Yuki Tomoe first met her husband Mitsuo when she was 17 and he was 44, according to Nikkan Spa. The year was 2020, and Tomoe had debuted as a new member of an idol group in Osaka. cant believe ccc still has weebs passionate about a country where gravure and porn are mainstream and idols date old men, not to mention the denialism of ww2 sex slavery
(2.75 MB 960x720 aRmrGBiEr90gnbuM.mp4)
smile and wave nonas
>>1332183 i just finished watching the drama, i'm really satisfied with how it ended and i hope it gets another season. i can't wait for the anime adaptation as well
(1.20 MB 1280x720 13vjrPWIDjgqLx4n.mp4)
my husbandos are finally going to tokyo dome. i'm so proud i could cry it would be amazing if i could manage to get tickets if i even hit the lottery and see them this december
are there any worthy Jdramas these days? Japan really fell off when it comes to good dramas. I remember I used to watch them all the time pre 2010 but they never evolved and still use the same style from 20 yers ago which makes them terrible for modern audiences.
shows like simpsons and american dad are "joking" about japanese tv shows going as far as murder, when in reality they come up with much more fucked up shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWWK05t98os a man was locked in a small room for 15 months, naked, just provided with water and had to try and win his food (sometimes only dogfood) + ~9000 us dollars through magazine sweepstakes to be let outside again - and 17 million people watched this every sunday on tv. just let that sink in.
knew japan would be salty about squid game winning at the emmys because its like a korean version of alice in boderlands packaged for netflix's western viewers, like if alchemy of souls won an emmy chinese xianxiafags would be similarly annoyed too. kpop was inspired by jpop and johnnys so the japs must be pissed that korea keeps deriving elements of their culture but repackaging it according to global tastes. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/09/japanese-death-game-genre-enthusiasts.html >Article: "We are the original creators of death games" Japanese reactions to 'Squid Game' winning 6 Emmys >Source: Asia Economy via Naver >Article talks about how the 'death games' genre has mostly been led by Japanese content like 'Battle Royale' and 'Kaiji' but none of which achieved the kind of commercial success like 'Squid Game' has. Journalist Matsutani Shoichiro had to say, "'Squid Game' is of the 'death games' genre where characters are playing games with their lives on the line. It differentiates itself from Japanese works, however, by also portraying the problems in its society. The show's winning of Emmy awards has shown the weaknesses of Japanese works in this genre. It's an opportunity for us to think about why Japan's 'death games' works have not achieved worldwide popularity." >Other netizens said, "I personally think 'Liar Game' holds its own to 'Squid Game' but most Japanese works are catered to its local audience." "Japan's 'death game' works are usually focused on provocative scenes, which fail at connecting relatability with the viewers. Most viewers worldwide are more interested in how the content they're watching reflects and criticizes the ongoings of our society." A critic said, "'Squid Game' reached its fame by word of mouth from its viewers. It has shown that there are no borders when it comes to entertainment, and it's time that we learn that anyone with a creative idea can be given opportunities."
its nice that comment 8 didnt get that many upvotes, too underhanded to shit on japan while they ripoff japanese ideas. >1. [+1,601, -49] Okay but you guys have an amazing anime industry >2. [+683, -32] Okay but you guys have an amazing roster of Nobel prize winners >3. [+425, -35] Their pop culture is way~~~ too childish and on the nose... Nandayo!!! Kakkoi!!!!! Nani shite noyo!!!! And their acting style is also outdated and over the top >4. [+292, -12] Yeah but you guys are at the top for anime with no room to budge >5. [+221, -41] Japan's style is too otaku weab-ish ㅋㅋ not very mainstream friendly >6. [+65, -1] I think Japan struggles with making mainstream content, whether that be 'death games' or any other genre. Even something seemingly normal will end up going down some niche genre or fetish topped off with some serious life lecture... ㅋㅋ >7. [+42, -1] Japan and China just have terrible actors. China especially only cares about their characters looking pretty and handsome with no regard to the actual acting. Japan's acting style is so over the top with exaggerated gestures. Just terrible. >8. [+41, -2] Okay but you guys have an amazing AV industry
https://youtu.be/CqPZrzgLMso hey say jump started uploading their mv's for their 15th anniversary. this song brings back so many memories i used to listen to this during winter all the time
>Japan and China just have terrible actors. China especially only cares about their characters looking pretty and handsome jap and chink actors act better than song kang, rowoon, cha eunwoo and dont hide their foreheads, korean actors pushing 45 will still use bangs to make their face smaller and childlike. j actors are getting pressured to style themselves like that but k actors look too samey with bowl haircuts and ps.
>>1643663 especially 5 & 6 are so true. jap works always turn out so fetishy and edgy for the sake of being edgy
(32.04 KB 577x577 babymits.jpg)
>>1582075 micchi is so cute


no cookies?