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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

(12.00 KB 524x123 5e9da96fd2e.png)
funny choachan cafe posts Anonymous 12/13/2020 (Sun) 16:59:01 No. 239
posts that made you giggle
(119.53 KB 592x438 ss.png)
(5.17 KB 595x75 5700575.png)
another gem from the txt thread
>>241 >soybean kek
(101.38 KB 1000x1000 1EfyBRY2.jfif)
>>242 i'm definitely calling him that from now on, i hope that anon knows what she has done lol
(17.05 KB 756x333 PmVUoLW.png)
(12.82 KB 646x181 kek.PNG)
>>245 lmfaoo
>>343 oops forgot you had to do it another way lol
>>345 you're supposed to post screenshots nona...
>>346 No you can link the posts lol Sauce: I created the thread
(18.70 KB 590x374 00.PNG)
>>348 I lol'd, I appreciate some ratmys self awareness
>>703 i lol'd too much at this one
(11.14 KB 417x241 22724.png)
(58.65 KB 796x330 Screenshot_20201216-225830.png)
(355.72 KB 1080x1417 20201201_012602.jpg)
(163.10 KB 1042x588 dklc2df06b86f3bbe6.png)
(128.68 KB 383x601 3cc227e0c43.png)
(8.97 KB 410x161 23cd3df06b8754g.png)
(7.36 KB image.png)
(208.73 KB 540x445 ratmyposting.PNG)
>>881 omo
(28.13 KB 796x138 Screenshot_20201227-222842.png)
>>2397 omooooooo
mostly txt and bts threads kek
(23.51 KB 650x219 111.png)
(133.14 KB 1366x552 lol.png)
(125.77 KB 662x367 topkek.png)
>>7609 from jopping thread 7, a thread of many keks..
>>11566 Haram I pray to allah that she may be saved from her sinful lust
>>11570 topkekkkkkkkk
>>11566 whoever that anon is, you're not alone
>>934 this got me
(9.82 KB 1492x106 moas.PNG)
how come bigshitters are the worst and the best posters consistently?
>>11672 i just realized this was a copypasta from lolcow
from confessions/unpopular opinions thread this hurt
(141.94 KB 476x588 1.png)
ive been reading prev. threads and TOPKEK
(118.93 KB 442x361 2.png)
(20.36 KB 490x347 3.png)
>>933 topkek that lucas picture is iconic,anons repost it a lot
(65.41 KB 840x446 ikekd.png)
>>934 This is the funniest post in the short history of ccc
(191.32 KB 429x449 why.png)
apologise to day6
>>20383 KEK BEST OF
>>12653 this post made me cry laughing
>>18423 i laugh every time
(3.99 KB 410x76 CZBSZal.png)
i'm sorry anon but this sent me
(135.32 KB 340x269 1539653042193.png)
>>21016 i miss shit edits like the ones ppl posted on lckpc
>>21020 im cryin lmaooooo someone pls post this on twitter lol
(31.78 KB 101651911834.png)
soobin lovato
the sm unnie saga
taeyong creep slideshow
not choachan but
>>21020 >>21024 >>21025 Nctzens being based with knowing how to use movie maker >>21021 kinda hope it doesn't happen but if it does...let me know
(42.49 KB 962x121 lol.png)
i like minho but this made me chuckle
(14.21 KB 1013x196 ccc_based.png)
(57.68 KB 1872x208 cursednctpost.png)
(115.33 KB 969x356 navy seal.png)
nct thread always takes me out
(224.20 KB 1087x405 Screenshot 2021-01-28 200524.png)
(276.04 KB 1831x631 knc.png)
>>22980 >>22982 hyperventilating
question for /nctg/fags: why are we like this?
(298.05 KB 1861x440 Screenshot 2021-01-29 092123.png)
not fanfic actually happened I saw it
(393.12 KB 1319x596 kek!.png)
>>22977 rip jarmin thread
(240.61 KB 1350x603 dongsis.png)
>>23878 based and shindongpilled
(304.15 KB 1319x568 1.png)
(379.28 KB 1323x621 2.png)
(125.29 KB 777x357 kek.png)
>>25580 rip teumechad
(69.97 KB 1366x288 k.png)
omo indeed....
(268.77 KB 1357x556 pooman.png)
>>21022 why is this so accurate
(8.37 KB 747x79 9WYZDp0.png)
>>37756 kek glad it made you giggle
>>37757 The fetus mark pic only made it funnier
(38.67 KB 709x260 IMG_20210111_112952.jpg)
duality of ccc
(41.94 KB 740x590 ooo.png)
(186.25 KB 1327x1481 cockandballtherapy.png)
newfag autism in the bts general
(355.42 KB 1080x1557 Screenshot_20210224_013056.jpg)
it's funnier without context (who is this btw? someone from nct?)
>>46574 looks like that uggo treasure kid who got the mc gig
(29.87 KB 1040x262 dawn.png)
(494.74 KB 978x1192 oh no.png)
(83.43 KB screenshot.jpg)
scammy destroyed sm
(1.18 MB 2790x1268 keb.png)
>>56954 unfunny can't believe the bts akgaes are the funniest ones... rip ccc your stand-up comedy career is going nowhere...
>>56979 i thought it was funny
>>56595 a rare purple theme user
>>57023 purple theme chads rise up, its the superior one
>>56979 >bts akgaes >funny
>>56979 and that's why no one likes ratmys going out of their way to reduce other and stroke their own ego
(130.03 KB 565x350 jyp.png)
(127.96 KB 989x351 k.png)
(166.77 KB 500x420 keb.png)
(6.72 KB 545x64 moonbae.png)
(52.97 KB 1357x217 underage.png)
>>60301 wtf 2008 was she like 10
>>60302 i'm wondering where she came from... ugh i hate the fact that this place got linked in so many sites: 4chan (gaypg, mukpg) , reddit, vigilant citizen (kinda based ), twitter (yikes girlflux), that lesbo gossip site, lipstick alley, crystal cafe( the only one that makes sense), lolcow , also this: https://www.somalispot.com/threads/do-you-guys-use-any-other-internet-forums-message-boards-beside-sspot.100532/ Also I saw another site that posted a lot of imageboards and ccc was one of them but I can't find the link now. Anyways newfags are annoying, the reason I stopped posting less
>>60304 let's take this over to the dumbass shit thread
>>60305 thanks sis but i was just about to leave, have fun though
>>60304 you're probably a newfag too if you think ccc getting linked in lc cc and gaypg is weird lol
>>60308 lmao right. how would crystal cafe make sense but lolcow doesn't also >vigilante citizen (kinda based) stop shilling for your schizo website paranoidsis
>>60353 god is always watching
(34.88 KB 901x111 hongjoongers.jpg)
(54.63 KB 569x249 hul.jpg)
(6.81 KB 475x69 lucas.png)
i liked this post >>63328
>>60301 kek was this in dumbass shit 52
>>63450 kek not even close >>23578
(219.07 KB 393x313 sad.png)
>>60301 >>63450 nevermind but im not actually twelve this was just a very stupid joke i made when the dumbass shit threads were going real fast
>>63467 kekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
(229.85 KB 1200x901 D0Y1ZwFXQAAQMkr.jpg)
(490.43 KB 622x606 old.png)
(37.07 KB 430x480 hendery.png)
(39.67 KB 1017x161 choachan.png)
(165.42 KB 1045x345 stimulus.png)
(12.98 KB 676x116 66666.png)
>>66867 topkek
(124.34 KB 589x358 kek.png)
(109.83 KB 424x363 jyani.png)
(152.00 KB 410x365 11.png)
>>70896 >Just now girl did you post this and then screecap it yourself
>>70904 I'm not that shameless
>>70932 my apologies
(98.62 KB 769x599 heechul.jpg)
>>70971 founding father lookin ass
(221.84 KB 1440x1666 Screenshot_20210321-011220~2.png)
(103.55 KB 533x359 nap.png)
this thread now is just tbz turbofags posting themselves....
>>75329 >>75388 then contribute ss's of your own?
>>75782 TOPKEK
(251.71 KB 2880x1020 gay.png)
(45.46 KB skz.jpg)
(226.13 KB 1212050472986.jpg)
>>76989 Shit that was my post and i realize just now that i've written Korean Americans instead of Korean Australians, kill me
(84.08 KB 720x584 IMG_20210324_032744.jpg)
>>77058 crying
(90.78 KB 1037x1031 block make it pop lets go.png)
(48.52 KB atinys.jpg)
(152.47 KB rhino.jpg)
(252.80 KB 720x873 IMG_20210329_134809.jpg)
>>82207 >>82325 actually some funny ones for once
>>82207 >what's your sexuality >pigeon
(112.58 KB 406x341 a.png)
>>239 Why is choachan funnier than other female imageboards? I laugh out loud browsing this board lmao
>>86003 we're all autists into kpop so we don't take ourselves as seriously as let's say... lolcow
mildly amusing btsg akgae brawls
jkfags fighting over succjin
(40.26 KB 1444x146 1617495646121.png)
meanwhile exo-ls...
(195.17 KB 720x799 tumor's new testament.jpg)
>>93157 shoulda been the spoilered version
(107.51 KB 1509x683 Screenshot (664).png)
can't decide who's more retarded, the "ew you dumb straight women"-side or the "shh! don't say gay, it might destroy their career!"-side both def underage tho
>>93564 this thread is for funny posts not cringey ones
choachan cringe thread when
>>93700 it would be a 1 to 1 repost of btsg kek
>>93700 >>93704 it would be this entire site...
(58.29 KB 720x362 IMG_20210410_223419.jpg)
made me snort
(84.48 KB 2594x648 madonna.png)
jyp brainwash
(238.99 KB screenshot (4).jpg)
not choachan but
(114.39 KB screenshot.jpg)
i laughed
(100.54 KB 2112095.jpg)
(84.04 KB 1752933590.jpg)
(58.94 KB 472108925135.jpg)
>>103445 legit
(9.35 KB 1871x87 delusion.png)
>>103991 that is hard to read
(112.94 KB 796x508 Screenshot_20210423-195417.png)
(653.34 KB 1479x1061 dayyum.png)
no context just this
(179.86 KB 1052x844 crop.png)
(173.88 KB 445x351 unknown (2).png)
(94.55 KB 439x354 unknown (3).png)
(181.39 KB 1091x355 unknown (1).png)
(48.88 KB 1091x195 unknown.png)
not ccc but close enough
>>137258 >>137260 lmao what??
>>137263 why so many replies what happened here? is this gaypg
>>138133 mental illness and yes
>>137263 this wasn’t even funny it was just sad
>>137263 was this in response to tumor or something?
>>138617 it was the mental breakdown of a rape victim
>>138618 wtf...
>>138619 she's making shit up, don't trust everything you see or hear about gaypg
>>138622 how could you say that. I bet you’re the one who raped her
>>141388 literally was about to post that kek
(206.99 KB 877x613 tomholland.png)
(405.14 KB 2874x1034 the sad life of felix.png)
(200.90 KB 1080x1165 Screenshot_20210520_182459.jpg)
in the same vein
(53.48 KB 760x752 EU8uvMIWkAIV-6E.jpg)
(28.76 KB 719x223 20210514_061947.jpg)
(116.85 KB 720x854 20210514_062209.jpg)
(34.97 KB 720x223 20210525_213943.jpg)
(92.23 KB 720x498 lu.jpg)
(111.80 KB 720x437 mork.jpg)
(82.86 KB 720x468 jumil.jpg)
(217.04 KB 720x970 IMG_20210526_001226.jpg)
>>138616 What happened there ?
>>150492 It’s a schizo
(58.52 KB 411x165 Untitled-3.jpg)
(57.17 KB 1080x356 Screenshot_20210528_150352.jpg)
(66.08 KB 1076x428 kek.jpg)
>>934 a sequel
>>152844 ayy kek
>>152844 outdid infiniteanon mental illness congrats
>>152844 KEK >>152849 She never made mentally ill posts. What are you even talking about.
>>152855 ok infiniteanon
>>152855 >she never made mentally ill posts she filled more than one thread (1000+ posts) completely by herself...
>>153049 ...so?
wow i thought infiniteanon had already left us
>>153049 what thread
>>152844 kek what’s the context of this i’m crying
>>153049 it was only 8 threads, and she only pretended to be more than one person once
>>153114 hi infiniteanon when did you come back
(491.78 KB 1250x1118 nightmares.png)
(598.95 KB 1538x1564 hivemind.png)
>>153105 anon posted a pic of her body in btsg asking if any of the members would fuck her
>>156802 btsg sounds crazy
>>156983 it’s the containment thread for a reason
>>152855 >>153055 Found infinite nona
>quotes 2 different nonas
>>158829 stop self-posting. the tbz jokes are not funny
(7.76 KB 724x91 relaxed body fat.png)
epidemic solved
>>158897 shut up it was funny
>>158897 wtf not self-posting it just made me laff
>>153065 >>158481 i'm not her. curb your autism
>>166640 looksmatch
>>166640 I was expecting it to say jeno but jimin works too
(6.73 KB 430x88 11.png)
the jenokin saga
(56.57 KB 1021x530 nosferatu.png)
(17.60 KB 447x354 cockballtherapy.PNG)
>>44084 >>193105 parallels
(153.50 KB 1078x398 16324101748745.jpg)
(17.89 KB 586x126 oh no.JPG)
it's sad in a funny way at this point
(74.78 KB 744x686 phd in juyeon cocklet.png)
>>194307 as it should be
>>194307 all those long performative meltdown posts we had sound like the same anon
(368.02 KB 1011x1488 Screenshot_20210626-010040~2.png)
something happened here
>>207680 is this from yesterday....
>>207722 most likely the ugly deep fake kebs
(410.48 KB 2154x1467 barey tyos.png)
(228.02 KB 1078x629 22.33.png)
(492.59 KB 640x480 lv_0_20210619124901.mp4)
(40.22 KB 1052x136 brutal.JPG)
(290.75 KB 720x1176 IMG_20210628_161527.jpg)
>>229435 wow glad that made you kek
nvm i'm retarded i meant to quote >>224332
(274.08 KB 1569x742 wth.JPG)
(26.69 KB 501x87 screenshot.jpg)
(45.38 KB 1562x89 monkeys.JPG)
(220.22 KB 720x1186 IMG_20210728_200049.jpg)
(91.05 KB 720x523 IMG_20210802_141543.jpg)
(167.26 KB 1076x949 084656.jpg)
(468.39 KB 1080x1548 7182018.jpg)
(18.19 KB 602x338 israelite.PNG)
(718.25 KB 2048x944 Screenshot_20210808-234840.png)
beautifully written
(7.31 KB 438x91 222136.png)
its funny because the reddit tard censored it kek
(79.98 KB 828x1100 9pxc9oa.jpg)
great infighting ladies
(23.44 KB 547x206 Screenshot_1.jpg)
(9.98 KB 653x73 69742152911.png)
>>340828 i cant, the ending hit
(318.60 KB 757x659 chuckled.jpg)
(27.69 KB 823x190 sixguys.JPG)
(572.56 KB 1831x1261 sincerity.png)
(29.75 KB 1429x218 and now da breakdown.png)
(365.64 KB 2192x1148 kanye vs. hendery who will win.png)
nctg's on fire
(140.63 KB 1096x454 amen.png)
>>411255 lets fuck
>>392086 showed this to my bf and he said what's worse a dog or a spaniard KEK
>>412282 jeez i thought that was tao before enlarging the pic...
(225.91 KB 848x448 Screenshot (191).png)
(201.95 KB 1480x442 Screenshot (216).png)
(37.55 KB 1522x404 Screenshot (220).png)
>>414989 this shit made me crack up
>>414989 >>415125 and that roastie left right after that post lmao, pathetic
(77.22 KB 1080x460 Screenshot_20210915_212143.jpg)
(40.29 KB 1394x104 Screenshot.jpg)
(58.34 KB 760x241 Screenshot-20210918-135641.png)
(16.96 KB 541x375 btsg.PNG)
(90.34 KB 1435x774 professior yiff.png)
(12.50 KB 1290x107 Catfish.PNG)
(38.12 KB 921x235 comeback.JPG)
(101.80 KB 1080x471 w.jpg)
(65.82 KB 720x363 IMG_20211012_153545.jpg)
(77.15 KB 720x503 IMG_20211019_045734.jpg)
(26.17 KB 923x399 unwashed fleshlight.png)
(541.10 KB 2085x720 sad (2).png)
(61.64 KB 1478x684 Capture.PNG)
(19.84 KB 559x223 Screenshot (81).png)
(62.20 KB 927x622 0283048208340283049823.JPG)
>>524641 kek which thread was this from?
(36.94 KB 1113x103 hungrybitch.jpg)
(64.11 KB 1320x542 023840238940723490710834018.JPG)
>>533484 it's san that's the league nerd but this still made me kek
(306.89 KB 4000x2500 zyTR563FGbvH9k-min.jpg)
(86.03 KB 1116x717 Screenshot2.jpg)
(57.75 KB 1080x438 Screenshot_075317.jpg)
>>934 finally some taste 2 electric boogaloo
(37.13 KB 872x295 pettythread.JPG)
(229.51 KB 2128x1431 y'all bling.png)
(54.55 KB 674x690 btsg.JPG)
for context fans trampled security guard in the video
(65.88 KB 1080x506 IMG_20211110_185045.jpg)
(53.17 KB 1080x430 IMG_20211110_222451.jpg)
>>542098 im kekking so hard
(35.63 KB screenshot.jpg)
(16.22 KB 567x110 sc.jpg)
(70.80 KB 1080x464 hybeshitting.jpg)
(15.37 KB 847x199 kgfl.PNG)
btsg thread
>>1111 omo
>>575833 posting your own post here is kinda embarrassing
>>575833 cringe and not funny
>>575833 you should be banned for this shit
(11.93 KB 621x203 neurodivergent strippers.png)
>>575833 an esl wrote that
(4.80 KB 303x82 194636.png)
>>576070 finally a good post
(7.00 KB 448x169 p.png)
(106.92 KB 930x729 buffwayv.png)
(52.99 KB 957x372 181354.png)
>>578109 KEKKK
>>578109 i can’t read this shit
(156.60 KB 1080x358 esl.jpg)
>>579557 can you stop with the unfunny ratmy shit
>>579783 nta but people even memed this one on dst, take the stick out of your ass nona
(61.27 KB 1526x233 stimtoy.png)
(27.03 KB 819x183 btsg.JPG)
>>593874 this isnt funny
>>593874 cringe
>>607706 kek but why
(151.91 KB 1080x970 IMG_20211126_081808.jpg)
(706.19 KB 1542x788 it boi.png)
(311.16 KB 1066x1385 Screenshot_20211129-195352~2.jpg)
>>616923 kekkkkkk
(19.63 KB 665x125 Capture.JPG)
>>21020 what the fuck is this
>>624009 you had to be there
>>616382 topkek
>>616923 knowing his past with snsd this made me kek sm despite being a svtfag
>>579557 >this is 2021 male and femal can friend
(171.85 KB 980x477 20211214_135614.jpg)
(119.23 KB 1078x830 020513.jpg)
>>348 based
off to an excellent start
>>698970 fucking kek
>>698970 everything in this made me kek
>>698970 kek what even
>>698970 >praying they don't die edition >hope pooga dies lmao
>>698970 been a while since an actual funny btsg screencap was posted
>>698970 this made me cry from laughter
>>706129 Me and Ted were small And riding bikes along the wall, Stealing things and breaking things. I had my back, he had his, Each one had the other's. Doing things that made us whole, And somethings close to brothers. Time changed as strangest things Have become matters of contention; Some of things we've had to do, I'm not about to mention. I won't second-guess something Done in the panic of the moment. I'll admit, the scare requires Something like atonement. The men I answer to require Answers of this town Get your folks together, Ted The shit is coming down when I'M RIDING BIKES, AH! I'M RIDING BIKES, AH! I'M RIDING BIKES, AH! I'M RIDING BIKES, AH!
(256.66 KB 1820x405 80745550_p0.png)
>>725658 kek. based yotsu 2 user
>>740834 kekkk
(25.31 KB 740x138 Screenshot .png)
(82.81 KB 1080x520 Screenshot_20220112_102326.jpg)
esl huefag samefagging again
(13.69 KB 439x275 icookadapizza.PNG)
>>789937 not funny
>>803227 nta but it is
>>803338 nta but your maeum
>>766119 pls which thread
(517.13 KB 1080x1597 02892892.jpg)
(2.82 MB 1080x1178 InShot_20220205_132241902.mp4)
(243.29 KB 1440x925 Screenshot (493).png)
>>820726 >>825066 its a funny thread and these are not even close to being funny
(439.13 KB 1256x1398 yeonjunate.png)
(438.62 KB 819x794 lmaoooo.PNG)
not sure if someone posted this already, but i thought this was so funny lol
>>831711 it’s not
>>831711 its really not
>>834382 she is not wrong.
none of you are funny
>>834382 spilled
i think most of these are just funny if you were there. with that being said, anything produced by btsg is never and was never fucking funny.
>>834542 >posts that made you giggle >you
>>839695 poor sense of humour
>>839695 you say that while posting the most unfunny post in this thread
why the hell is this thread so toasty. gonna dump my whole folder of unfunny shit
this one isn't that funny but i just love it
(117.58 KB 719x385 PicsArt_12-03-11.38.56.jpg)
i'm out
(950.96 KB 1080x1850 rawr.jpg)
it made me kek
>>845020 i love this post
thinking about seungmin's big fat girthy juicy pulsating throbbing hard dick plowing me
(156.38 KB 1080x766 Screenshot_20220219_094758.jpg)
>>866108 >>867338 hehe both of these are mine
(244.86 KB 1920x1506 20220220.jpg)
>>824824 literally all the way around retarded
>ah, we have anotha comment hehe. it seys "chanwhodidyewvotefoh-" oeugh, who did i vote foh? haha well [tightens lips in a punchable smile] aoim naut a fool kurian citizn saur... haha, uhh yeah. haha "chan but i thought you were born in korea?" OH! well, [tilting his head to the side] eummm... [looking away from the camera towards the cieling, swiveling in his chair] saur- [sighs] it's kind of complicated? i AM a citizn, baut i have dooal citiznship. saur actually [perks up like a dog when you say "ball?"] i did vote ahahaha i just wasn't sure i could say this. of kause i voted blew like jaein hyung~... "hew is jaein hyung?" aaah! hahaha surry, i mean president moon. the current president ahaha. yeah, we're pretty close
>>834382 based
>>698970 kek mine is in here
(28.63 KB 510x87 Screenshot_13.jpg)
(13.72 KB 676x202 Screenshot (99).png)
>>996872 cringe
(184.93 KB 1072x1361 20181.jpg)
we need to expand the hiv ban to the screenshot thread, are you seriously not embarassed to post this embarassingly unfunny shit
hivposters please make your own screenshot thread on your board for your posts. you have a whole board to use now
>>1010716 lonjinsis missed this sad
>>996501 we're never escaping the pest control
(4.95 MB 1440x1080 IMG_1027.MP4)
(9.67 KB 814x110 the harsh swedish winter.png)
(34.89 KB 638x461 knowledge.png)
(4.28 KB 466x78 Capture85.PNG)
not from here, but another post that made me laugh from a diff imageboard
(42.86 KB 1362x130 sticker.png)
(3.43 KB 496x154 297ec08d4a802d2.png)
(47.45 KB 1077x267 riggers.jpg)
(11.37 KB 525x241 funnycccerig.png)
(95.84 KB 873x511 cutehusbando.png)
(23.51 KB 639x77 yeosang phone home.png)
(756.15 KB 2107x972 dough boy.png)
(131.59 KB 1080x686 IMG_20220713_230941.jpg)
(28.69 KB 755x555 ocean vuong.PNG)
(457.88 KB 1080x2061 IMG_20220721_222819.jpg)
made me snort
(27.07 KB 1192x247 rip wayv.png)
(43.33 KB 1428x398 damn.png)
(175.15 KB 1077x638 IMG_20220726_234348.jpg)
(91.32 KB 1440x550 Screenshot_20220725-192006~2.png)
(52.15 KB 834x299 boats.PNG)
(72.13 KB 876x360 autism.png)
(172.62 KB 902x990 megamind.png)
(341.50 KB 1206x726 Screen Shot 1.png)
pure absurdity
(360.58 KB 795x780 jinjja sad.PNG)
(408.85 KB 902x720 hello kitty.png)
(459.42 KB 868x660 kek.png)
(156.15 KB 598x89 primal scream.png)
(11.35 KB 565x210 goblin lol.png)
>>1484351 this but jongho
(44.93 KB 762x322 mork green eggs and ham rap.PNG)
(30.75 KB 510x365 ideal kcon.png)
(15.05 KB 505x355 the frizz.png)
(10.81 KB 480x359 Screenshot_20220819-131342.png)
>>1492832 this is so fucking funny to me
(42.36 KB 872x192 pink elephants.png)
(11.04 KB 820x92 siwald.png)
(61.54 KB 580x327 image_2022-08-23_233005394.png)
(182.05 KB 1080x889 IMG_20220822_222555.jpg)
(401.44 KB 1080x1828 IMG_20220824_161703.jpg)
(300.42 KB 1080x2046 IMG_20220827_13.jpg)
made me piss myself a little
(447.85 KB 1080x1523 IMG_20220826_193721.jpg)
(8.25 KB 628x90 you treat me like a boy.png)
(102.01 KB 726x441 rhino.jpg)
(256.63 KB 1080x286 drag race.png)
(528.54 KB 782x665 sorikun.png)
(28.90 KB 1192x149 si.png)
(6.95 KB 715x93 the ideal ccc.png)
(762.30 KB 2160x1424 IMG_20220903259.jpg)
immortalizing the newfag
(514.16 KB 1440x2019 Screenshot_20220912-115236~2.png)
(27.98 KB 660x300 aids.png)
(92.13 KB 719x268 Screenshot_20220917.jpg)
>>1650590 how is this funny
(59.51 KB 1012x354 kekked a little.PNG)
made me laff a little
>>1655548 it doesn't have to make you laugh. it made me laugh
>>1650590 Maniac wasn't good, but everything else is true
>>1676858 moroni
(20.72 KB 993x227 newfags.png)
(14.21 KB 1034x98 kek.PNG)
(400.28 KB 720x877 Screenshot_20221003.jpg)
(1.77 MB 1142x1162 ken doll stacy.png)
(82.83 KB 1080x469 IMG_20221011_191637.jpg)
made me cry laugh
(122.67 KB 767x706 autiny.jpg)
>>1765480 i was just about to post this
>be jyp intern >have to wear pipi costume again >head to room for filming contents with tray lids >god this fucking bites >be bored out of your mind >you were instructed not to talk the entire time you’re in the room since they’re filming everything and it’ll give editors a headache >realize feliz is in the room >he says hi >wave back >he starts talking to you like he knows you >you think this is part of the script, don’t speak, and play along >suddenly he’s being really flirty >”you know, you’re so sexy when you give me the silent treatment, when you make me feel clueless about what you’re thinking” >wut.exe >felix starts palming his cocklet over his pants >no way this shit is part of the contents, right? >realize felix is straight up jacking his shit now >”i love how you watch me” >felix cums >cleans himself up >walks up and hugs you >”i was really nervous today, but seeing you always makes me feel better…” >he leaves >what the fuck just happened >stay frozen in the room for 10 minutes before leaving >you were in the wrong room >wonder if felix meant to be doing that with someone else >ask your superior who else has been assigned the pipi costume >she says you’re the only one
>>1768552 this is kiling me
>>1768552 wtf is this please explain
>>1768552 HULKEK
>>1780282 sheesh the las one kekk
(115.55 KB 1440x470 Screenshot_2022-10-17_130806~2.jpg)
(140.89 KB 1440x1571 Screenshot_20221019-092935~2.png)
>>1736427 whats funny about this
>>1797891 it's when the teaser dropped and everyone was saying it sounded/was going to sound like shit
(476.06 KB 1150x890 pipi.png)
>>1798059 and theyre right
>>1798059 >>1798523 i guess to seethers its funny
(38.28 KB 1027x592 nona's lizard.png)
(332.20 KB 2212x906 skzreact.png)
(598.93 KB 1946x432 staycel.png)
(348.02 KB 734x804 epic rap battles.png)
(850.23 KB 1020x1085 campeao do mundo.png)
(413.41 KB 1080x1499 IMG_20221202_194247.jpg)
(92.84 KB 1080x500 IMG_20220929_192658.jpg)
(483.08 KB 2184x856 wrong fucking pic.png)
(29.53 KB 726x134 seasonal color.png)
(73.02 KB 480x391 happy little jeno posts.jpg)
(29.82 KB 1056x164 hgfdsdcvbjkollk.png)
(150.68 KB 1080x450 leodicaprio.jpg)
(824.79 KB 874x1478 garfield .png)
>>2074771 and this happened after i said i don't need to organize my gaypop folder kek
>>2047508 i had random thoughts of shingles inferno in my head for a whole day after i read this and i laughed in public like an autist
(23.03 KB 573x283 screenshot 1.png)
(6.41 KB 489x137 screenshot 2.png)
(133.14 KB 1080x1061 Screenshot_20230115-133151~2.png)
this whole collage
>>2092484 with 200mil i could have multiple husbands
>>2096776 is this the collage someone made about us being weirdos
>>2104616 no it's a different person making a collage for a different reason. retarda
>>2104619 nta no reason to be aggro
(10.69 KB 478x188 semen.png)
(583.36 KB 1080x2146 bustedandblue.jpg)


no cookies?