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Book Recs Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 20:08:26 No. 21908
book recs
(6.72 KB 134x200 750915._UY200_.jpg)
It could have been a common street accident that put Dr. Georg Amberg in the hospital, but for the five weeks his doctors say he has been in a coma, recovering from a brain hemorrhage after being run down by a car, he has memories of a more disturbing nature. What of the violent events in the rural village of Morwede? The old woman threatening the priest with a breadknife, angry peasants with flails and cudgels, Baron von Malchin with a pistol defending his dreams for the Holy Roman Empire—how could Dr. Amberg ignore these? And what of the secret experiment to make a mind-altering drug from a white mildew occurring on wheat—a mildew called Saint Peter’s Snow.
Franz Kafka-Metamorphosis
Albert Camus-Stranger A recommendation for nonas that don't fit in..
sorry for the double post ladies
(108.45 KB 882x1346 61UG2wWk+TL.jpg)
omo today I would like to recommend dracula by bram stoker, it's a fun read and good if you like vampire books and you wanna know how did the christian aesthetic came to be mixed with it
>>21918 forgot to say that this version is good because of annotations, which helps in understanding references nobody but dumbass dead irishmen would get
(29.81 KB 291x450 beauty.jfif)
The Picture of Dorian Gray
cute scammy, and i think nonas would like flowers for algernon it made me cry and i really like it
>>21986 this is such a great book,, i especially like the ending.. he got what he deserved.
>>36284 read it as a preteen... hated it, might read it again
>>36287 i didnt hate it i just wonder what'd happen if there were females too
>>36289 i think the author himself said the situation wouldve been different if it was girls instead of boys but maybe im misremembering
bookfags rise up
>>36294 he said women are superior
>>36302 he didn't lie
i dont think its about gender i think its about the energy a person has (men usually has worse energy tho)
i finally went ahead and bought war and peace (hardcover, even) but after learning about how sophia lived and reading excerpts from her diary i feel guilty reading the works of her husband
but im still very confused about the gender stuff
>>36311 it's okay he's dead, he can't benefit from your purchase
>>36314 but his legacy lives on everytime u read his works
>>36314 ur right but still, is a man who treated his wife like that really someone who i should read the works of? and get moved and inspired by? i should probably get over it but it irks me
>>36317 a huge amount of great artists have done very reprehensible things during their lifetime, but it doesn't diminish the quality of their art
(131.48 KB 893x1360 710glEdDlfL.jpg)
(32.05 KB 506x606 images.png)
>>62707 Hi hendery
>>62727 this one is really good
Dead Poets Society
(868.69 KB 1727x2250 91AO1XFO5ML.jpg)
(26.95 KB 312x500 41M8eBM0wgL.jpg)
(98.15 KB 907x1360 1643089717186.jpg)
(353.28 KB 775x1195 81NNsLYgc3L.jpg)
a multi-generational novel encompassing the 19th-20th centuries in martinique. dense, complex, and engaging. a must for nonatellas interested in history, linguistics, or urban planning
>>793329 The climax part of The way of Kings was one of the best
someone tell me what is the ending of daddy long legs
>>36302 essentially yeah
off campus and briar u series by elle kennedy and pwmov and beach read by emily henry
any audiobook recs? here are some that i really liked: >the goldfinch by donna tartt >sadie by courtney summers >the henna artist by alka joshi >pachinko by min jin lee >the huntress by kate quinn >the good daughter by karen slaughter
>>831196 i need to start reading donna tartt and karin slaughter i keep hearing great things
>>832437 i only read the goldfinch from donna tart but it was very good. i heard her other books are different i like karin slaughter's books a lot. one thing is that they tend to include very graphic detailed depictions of rape and violence against women, tbh it's borderline gratuitous in some cases so if you are sensitive to that i wouldn't recommend her books
does anyone have any recommendations for kind of weird off beat books? i read “a touch of jen” and liked it, something like that?
>>1043132 it's more horror but definitely weird i'd recommend i'm thinking of ending thing by iain reid
>>1043139 thank you i’ll download it now!
>>1043132 the vegetarian by han kang
>>793041 This is unexpected.
any sitcom-like books, I know there are comics but how about some light hearted, non plot heavy books? was wondering if there are any good ones
I need a light novel that is not crime themed
>>1189214 not sure what a light novel means for you but how about a room with a view by e.m.forster
>>1189219 Something that diesn't put my brain to work much but is entertaining, notihng heavily phylosophical or hard to understand eg. non linear narrative
>>1189224 *doesn't sorry
>>1189224 hmm how about some YA then? i liked six crimson cranes by elizabeth lim
>>1189230 will check it out also thanks!
books that seem like sitcoms? yes I like chit literature idc
has jb's facial paralysis got anything to do with his drug use
>>1221137 >book thread
gonna give hitchhicker's guide to the galaxy a shot
the call of cthulhu is sickk
>>1224047 halfway through it, it is fun and kind of cute
>>1224047 >>1234836 if you like the hitchhiker's guide you might also like terry pratchett's discworld, they have similar funny and endearing styles but where hitchhiker's guide pokes fun at science fiction tropes discworld does it with fantasy tropes
>>1234844 thanks! saving it for later!
(78.16 KB 979x871 14h65ds4j65.png)
this is fun, getting email updates every few days from your friend jonathan harker as he gets terrorized in dracula's castle. great book, as nona >>21918 already said
dracula is one of the shittiest books ever written
>>1234664 have you read any of lovecraft's short stories?
>>1239493 i haven't do you recommend any?
>>1239513 nta but read color out of space, its a really good one and is quite popular too
frankenstein mogs all classic books
>>1239522 i wouldnt go that far but the parts where the creature yearns for family and belonging and fantasizes and then despairs... that hits a certain spot
i haven't tried reading that many classics but frankenstein was so easy to read and i couldn't put it down, unlike when i tried to read oliver twist. i also love wuthering heights and jane eyre, but couldn't get into emma
(64.95 KB 265x400 57933306.jpg)
to the nonas who feel their attention spans are getting shorter, give this one a read. it's not the be all end all on the subject but it's still quite interesting.
>>1239513 >>1239521 yes i'd rec that one, the outsider, and the shadow over innsmouth
that one short story by stephen king where a gay dude gets stuck in a porter potty is legit, i read it again randomly
thoughts on ernest hemmingway?
a lame thing to be happy about but after like a year i am finally able to read somewhat again. currently reading circe and really enjoying it so far
>>1328500 it's not lame that's great to hear nona
>>1328500 not lame at all happy for you!!!
does anyone know any books similar to big little lies?
>>1359688 gillian flynn books are sort of similar vibes such as sharp objects and dark places. i heard little fires everywhere is supposed to be somewhat similar as well but i haven’t read that
jealous of jenokin's social life
...wrong thread
(73.97 KB 640x1032 3325_persuasion.jpg)
finally read it. loved it
>>1360314 i’ve read all those already noooo kek. thank you though! by the way little fires everywhere is pretty decent
>>1359688 you might like megan abbott novels
>>1373351 top tier angst
i finally read red white and royal blue and it was cute and i get it's mindless escapism but the main character going on about how his family and his mom specifically are different types of politicians and one of the good ones just makes me rme like your mom is the president of the us she's a war criminal too no amount of escapism fantasy is going to get me to enjoy any media that depicts politicians as not that bad. also the author didn't use the word penis/dick/cock at all even during sex scenes which made me kek.
les misérables the count of monte cristo my year of rest and relaxation
>>1396399 the count of monte cristo helped me a lot to go through hardships, would recommend
(163.74 KB 455x738 deeplight.jpg)
i recc deeplight by frances hardinge if you want a one-off easy to read adventure story that has an ocean setting. it's YA but it has minimal/no romance and is focused on the setting and adventure parts the aspect of the setting that interested me is that everyone on the islands is living only a few decades after a huge event where all their ocean gods clashed and died, and their dead remains (which are valuable) are scattered around the depths of the ocean. the event and the consequences are still very present within the memory of the people living there
kafka has no idea how big of a figure he is in modern lit... its kind of insane... he lived and died in obscurity....
speaking of books that got me through hardships i wouldn't say the midnight library got me through hardships and yes it is cheesy but it's a good book to remind yourself that hey, c'est la vie, just do the best you can with what you've got it's gonna be alright
read about 1/4th of war and peace so far and i dont think im going to be able to get through all of it, i just dont care enough
>>1395838 yeah rw&b's sex scenes were very kept back i'm surprised people thought it was too much kek >>1412456 word (if you have the chance withcindy gives it flack but her reaction is hilarious)
currently reading troy by stephen fry (i am reading them in the wrong order) and it's a really insightful and fun retelling of the trojan war. reading books that aren't a struggle to get through is nice
(150.72 KB 645x1000 71fWNpQMi4L.jpg)
made me insane >Looking at it this way, the major losers of the twentieth century were those who believed too sincerely in the existence of a liberal international order, those who trusted too much in democracy, or too much in what the United States said it supported, rather than what it really supported—what the rich countries said, rather than what they did. That group was annihilated.
>>1464772 based and truthpilled
>>1464772 this book is really amazing
this book sucks. it's literally just "dude imagine if gender roles were reversed misandry would suck and it would be identical to current and historical misogyny" which is idiotic for many reasons and it throws marginalized oppressed women under the bus it's poorly written none of the characters are compelling and should've been a short story no more than 10k words. don't read it
>>1464772 anyone from a third world country could have told you this, the fact that democracy developed over the course of centuries for western European nation states and later the united states, you can't just apply that model to made up post-colonial Frankenstein states and expect it to work, pretty much all the rural population will vote for whoever their local feudal lord tells them to vote for, the urban working population will vote for whoever can give them a hot meal at the end of the day, so the rich parasites that devour my nation don't even have to give an incentive or promise for votes, they know they'll get votes without any effort or having to do anything for the people and the state,
>>1465574 somebody didn't read the fucking book
compared several chapters of two popular english translations of war and peace: maude translation (oxford world classics) and briggs translation (penguin). briggs i like a good amount more and id recc this translation if anyone else plans to give it a shot one day. im more compelled to continue through it now after trying the briggs translation, since i had started out with the maude
(33.06 KB 270x379 Suicide_(novel).jpg)
read a novella called suicide by édouard levé. it's a brief novel in which the narrator itemizes selected fragmentary details of the life (and death) of a friend who killed himself some twenty years before; these details vary from anecdotal to philosophical. what makes the book especially interesting is the fact that the author committed suicide only ten days after he submitted the novel to his publisher. it makes you wonder about if this friend ever even existed (maybe the book was more auto-biographical after all?). thought it was very moving (even though the non-chronological order of the book was a little jarring at first)
someone suggested i drop a rec for these in this thread. its great ya magic with female leads and i love the world building. basic premise for the first book is a girl who has been trained as a necromancer (the good kind) but raised in a boarding school with limited magic goes in search of her missing father who is head necromancer (known as Abhorsen) in a magic-ruled land. she’s heroic but not unbelievably so and even though it was written by a dude, he isn't creepy about or dismissive of the female characters.


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