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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

becoming leo 06/27/2021 (Sun) 21:14:47 No. 213077
i want to become leo from t1419
i’m being serious. i want his haircut. especially his jaw. how do i achieve this? i’m so depressed.
this guy looks like fucking leafy
he is so flawless nonas. i am getting chin surgery soon
Becoming Leo thread soon??
>>213099 this guy should really stick to bowlcuts
girl why are you fixated on that unfortunate kid
you mean to tell me that's a man
>>213509 because it’s funny
saving up for the chin surgery and getting my hair done like his. scared.
lame, jeno skinwalker is funnier
He’s a chinlet. Why do you want to be a chinlet who looks like he is cosplaying early 2010 Justin Beiber? If you are a girl, you will end looking like Ellen.
>>214570 why do you care what i do? he would look good as a girl. it makes me happy. he is my age and has a cool style and personality.
>>214571 >he would look good as a girl He’s an uggo and if being so visually unfortunate you look like leafy was a disease then he’d be patient zero. His nana played “got your nose” with him as a baby and never gave his chin back. He told his barber a little bit off the top and the barber did the opposite: everything off the bottom. OP pic is in the very middle of Wendy and Yuta’s anti-vision boards. That being said, why not try to become vivi loona instead. Same weak chin. Has never looked like >>213099
>he is my age!!! why do so many close to underage fags always mention this? doesn't make your taste any less shitty either
>>220310 get her ass unnie
>>220310 do you want me to not continue with my personal journey all because some vivifag told me to not continue?
>>213077 just realized he kinda looks like if rap man and choa from aoa had a baby
>>392997 KEK he does


no cookies?