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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

(194.80 KB 1366x2048 EVxVp-vXgAAymK1.jpg)
gaypg 6 Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 02:13:41 No. 19992
claiming this thread for fat fucking eyebags
(50.42 KB 367x903 Haechan-Feet-5000691.jpg)
we need to talk about this
(72.65 KB 650x975 20210114_020300.jpg)
top 10 for our guy kebin
(31.34 KB 834x877 IMG_20200813_010316.jpg)
posting a gremlin for good fortune
(291.64 KB 1366x2048 136620481627.jpg)
eyebags mentioned
>>19999 his gamer posture
there goes me getting the last post in the thread yet again, sigh
>>20002 the dark time where one anon referred to them as eyepussies for like a month
>>20004 it's okay anon it was a good post
>>20005 insert jaehyun eye pussy here
haechan asking me to finger his butt while I suck him off but doesn't want to take the strap cause it's gay
(37.83 KB 398x482 EhgxCzOXsAAjwK1.jpg)
>>20001 primest bussy in the land
>>20006 thanks nona <3
(403.16 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20200904_233931.jpg)
>>20010 they sell these at costco for like 20 bucks for a pack of six
Haechan fattest cock in nct conspiracy. it's why he's so happy and full of energy all the time. Fullcum.
if any of you nonas take “hendery is jerma” outside of ccc I will personally shit on you and hendery will never forgive you who am I kidding he’s a gamerfag he probably watches him.. fuck this life...
(25.75 KB 720x720 EUak12XVAAAXlE9.jpg)
>>20012 wtf on my way to costco
>>20014 not even joking nona but I’ve seen this posted on Twitter before tbh
>>20014 my twitter oomf made the joke like 6 hours ago sorry friend
(2.97 MB 250x400 hey.gif)
wanna grope dk thighs
(31.91 KB 779x780 IMG_20200817_014512.jpg)
>>20015 grab me a hot dog
why is it that when haechan does fujo shit with the members i don't find it sexual but when jungwoo does it its gay af?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9wno_TUdeI
>>20018 >>20017 crossover I absolutely never wanted going to end it all
just found this
(107.86 KB 749x1024 DFbQJvwXsAYZMl.jpg)
>>20019 give me a turn when you're done
whe Henderson is sus 😳😳😳😳😳😳
>>20023 white hendery school shooter vibes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>20027 wayv school shooter concept
have we ever seen josh and hendery in the same room together
>>20021 maybe cause he's considered the maknae?
>>20027 it's actually amazing that the more it looks like hendery the more it looks like a spree shooter
>>20028 dreamy already took that concept
(30.27 KB 828x600 20210114_022644.jpg)
aw hell naw they got my boy sunwoo in the WoH fit
>>20030 nta but i think it's just widely known and accepted that haechan is a mischievous little turd who knows how to rile up everyone
nct mass shooter line
>>20033 sunwoo looks different in every picture choose a face and stick with it bitch
>>20033 smudged whore eyelinder is based pabo except maybe the woh lyrics might be too fitting kek
great class is cancelled because the school security officers have to search his locker again
>>20033 beomg..
haechan had no sexual vibes until recently when he got man tiddies and his shoulders got broader. he just looked like a kid hugging his dad compared to any 127 member.
haechan just isn't sexy at all but i really like his skin. a shame
(86.19 KB 749x1000 IMG_20190901_023822.jpg)
>>20025 just think of this edit every time
>>20033 bring back this kind of makeup..
>>20043 bring back k-emo 2021
i wanna play with you you wanna play with me
>>20031 it’s just in his genes. if he ever procreates he’s going to make little sociopath children. cute
>>20021 haechan pure innocent baby
>>20038 hendery when he’s called to the principals office but mr. soo-man doesn’t know he’s got a shiv in his front pocket
(2.73 MB 1220x680 1602118099089.webm)
>>20047 >pure innocent sure nona
is it possible for any of the jokes here to have applicable twitter reach or would we all get canceled for the insane level of retardposting I don’t want twitterfags here I just want to know if I’ll get blacklisted and suspended for saying hendery looks like he would eat human flesh just because he “wanted to know what it tastes like”
>>20048 i'll deal with the shiv in his front pocket iykwim
>>20049 there he is
>>20051 yeah that would probably get you cancelled. twitter nctzens are fucking braindead anyway
>>20051 nah they would try to cancel me for making nct dream school shooter edition
>>20051 had the same thought nona. I’ll never rat you guys out, my Twitter is private and only one other person follows it and is vehemently opposed to imageboards. the hendery conspiracies will stay on ccc and ccc only
>>20051 i managed to be pretty popular on twitter for about a year with inane 4chan-level shitposting until I got cancelled for saying faggot so who knows
>>20051 where tf did you come from anon gaypg is used as a receptacle for all of the things that you can't say on twitter and probably shouldn't say as a general rule
i only have a twitter account so i can search my husbando but also block accounts
>>20059 same i only use that shithole for autistically amassing pictures of hot people
>>20045 she’s a movie movie star
i save pictures from twitter fansites and i dont even have an account
we should be "generally safe" from twitter shit but if I see anything from my fanmade video I'm gonna go spastic
>>20060 amen. i wouldn't even need to block accounts if my husbando didn't have a name-alike but it is what it is
twitter come here i want to you know your thoughts on voring sexy gaypop midgets
would anyone like to tell me why nobody has made this comparison before >milly rock on your block got a glock make it pop let’s go
>>20050 Oh god does anyone remember that moment when taeyong was making gestures explaining something and it looked like he was giving a blowjob somehow and Haechan's eyes start darting back and fourth I need that gif nonas
(46.45 KB 567x756 20210114_023734.jpg)
bring him back reeeee I miss when he wasn't a whore
>>20066 i have, but on /trash/ gaypg. fun fact i used to live in ct and i was in hs during sandy hook. even our school shut down early. i don't know why i said that was a fun fact.
>>20069 dang nona that’s scary. I relate with your desensitization
that's the opposite of a fun fact damn
>>20065 actually twitter is all for voring sexy kpop midgets, but you just can't call them midgets because that's ablest
oh shit here it comes again the confusing simmering lust i feel when i listen to woosung - face
I only found gaypg and ccc by obsessive searching “hendery autism” “hendery aspergers” on Google and going back to the oldest posts. I think it would take an equally spergy mind to get here
(329.52 KB 1200x1800 20210114_024018.jpg)
my tall beautiful sexy wife on the left Get out the way eric you gay midget
>>20074 obsessively** ugh
(33.21 KB 1280x1400 20210113_024234.jpg)
>>20074 based
>>20074 fucking kek
>>20051 Everyone hates Hendery on twt now so you can probably say whatever you want
the sexual tension between me and the one hendery akgae on my tl...
Jaemin is the GOD of fanservice but even he can be seen dying inside while having to hug this korean fag moid https://twitter.com/JAEMJENcut/status/1349386539927625728
>>20080 lets skip this question
>>20080 good point anon. nctzens were suggesting that army’s throw acid onto hendery instead of yuta kek. school shooter bf really is the black sheep of the family
>>20081 I was on hengni twitter, I wonder if I was one of your oomfs nona..scary
Kfans even more degenerate than gaypg? Gotta make sure pedobait has no body hair as to not ruin the fantasy
>>20082 Aaaaw cute
>>20086 giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming its because they think pit hair is gross
>>20084 memes aside, it's disappointing to see because i do think he's a sweet kid and has a lot of promise
>>20088 its quite normal for men in korea to have it its not like a cultural taboo
>>20089 he lost most of his ifans so he needs to start appealing to the chineses fans asap
(61.72 KB 1221x687 ErNUAVwUYAEsSzi.jfif)
haechan can be easily dominated by like any member
>>20089 agree nona. it bothers me that he literally was one of the only members who hadn’t screwed up in some way and the recent stuff just completely invalidates everything good about him. dude is just vibing
if an idols hasn't gotten into at least 3 retarded twitter scandals ion want him
>>20093 yeah he looked hot in that hat
>>20094 scamfag
>>20092 true.he doesn't seem to give a fuck and keeps being annoying. I'd hate to piss jaemin off irl.
>>20097 forgot the link that went with my commentary https://twitter.com/jaeminpic/status/1347555221749248003
*cums in felix's ass*
>>20058 cc >>20054 >>20055 sad! >>20056 >>20057 I was only on kpop twitter back in the day as an egg fan but left before saying crazy stuff could get you in trouble I guess. I don’t speak about nct to nctfags anywhere else but here despite knowing a small handful. I know one uses imageboards but the rest think all boards are for maladjusted 4chin males. As much as I like talking to you ladies and wish there was more of us I would not invite them here because they are unbased and thus afraid of based retarded fujo terf memeposting. Such is life
>>20099 his meal of the day
>>20100 yeah I don’t want any twitterfags here either. makes me nervous
>>20094 suju
hendery when you pull his mask off
>>20103 shindong want poptart
(161.18 KB 1124x1612 20210114_005139.jpg)
he so goofy and quirky bros
whats with you mfs and school shooters this is getting weird
Haechan making Jaemin angry to heighten the sexual tension for angry sex later in the day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTNeMKwWzGw
>>20080 >>20084 I’ll be henderyshitter martyr or die trying (by his hands)
wax figure
>>20110 madame tussauds is thinking outside the box
(925.05 KB 1514x2691 gaypghusbando.jpg)
inauguration of gaypg husbandos, democratically elected by the people
>>20112 where is shindong
>>20113 shindong is passing the baton after serving a long term
>>20112 because my votes didn’t count I’ll firmly get behind kun as the mogger of this list
(191.47 KB 1024x1280 DbY2cYaW0AA1Y8V.jpg)
>>20115 your sympathy vote was casted with good discretion
>>20112 take kai out koreans only
>>20107 we are retarded and we're just waiting for someone to snap
>>20112 COUP D'ÉTAT TVXQ Yunho should be in Kai's place kek
aespa did the school shooter concept yesterday so why can’t wayv. I think sm unnie is spying on ccc
>>20119 yeah i was gonna say kek. yunho got more votes than kai
>>20120 sm unnie doing her best
>>20119 Meh he only got 3 votes and didnt even have that many good pics so I took the liberty, sue me! Also pretty sure my votes weren't counted because the Counter Official said he received only 2 votes and I voted for him like 4 times.
>>20112 who the fuck are half these people
>>20112 omo. This list is actually solid. I would just include poocas and someone else I'm not remembering right now
>>20120 Kek i thought that when i saw the pics
i recognize all of them and the only ones i can reasonably expect someone not to know is juyeon and maybe the 2nd gen idols if you only got into kpop recently
>>20124 are we lying now the only nugu in that list is that the boyz escort
>>20112 I want to cum inside juyeon!
>>20112 eunwoo really is so ridiculously boring looking compared to the others. he looks like he was lab generated
>>20110 his eyes look made of glass
>>20112 SM party completely mogged and secured a majority, let's see who they'll select as House Speaker
>>20132 I nominate kun because he’s a better talker than spergie scammy. I say that with love
>>20112 Juyeon is the hottest one here
>>20134 i want him to wonpil me so bad
>>20133 Suho is a good speaker too and is well-educated, i think he suits the position
>>20135 what does this mean you want him to fuck you till you're cross-eyed?
(131.99 KB 1597x1123 CcH50FdUEAAgKji-orig.jpg)
>>20112 >no kyungsoo
>>20006 >>20137 yes anon, ‘wonpil syndrome’ is the new ccc term of the day. also used when an idol is just irreparably cross-eyed
>>20139 did not mean to tag the first post oops
the only wonpil syndrome i want is wonpil's bepis in my mouth
(393.67 KB 1600x1065 MCQPE9S.jpg)
>>20112 I can agree with the majority of these but swap Jaejoon with Lucas because Jaejoon fucked up his face majorly
(126.25 KB 707x883 jj_1986_jj-16077989590761.jpg)
>>20142 those veneers... But he was lookinh good in this recent pictorial
(59.77 KB 743x510 boss5.jpg)
Old Jaejoon with his old nose and old face was remarkable. Lets just pretend he only existed up until this moment.
idc jaejoong can still get it nowadays
(86.48 KB 580x435 jj.jpg)
Final fantasy jaejoong
jaejoong was only hot to me when he was in the army
>>20142 omg when did he meet beomgyu
I hope jaejoong 2.0 never does anything to his face and just keeps it as is
jaejoong 3.0 is the blandest of the jaejoon's for me. I wonder if sm has another one on the shelf for the new boy group.
>>20150 he's been pumping it full of fillers for years where have you been
>>20151 I think his unabashed robot personality is endearing. he seems sweet and the fact that he barked during his official introduction to nct shows that there’s more to be seen
>>20151 he's cute, he looks like a deer in the headlights
>>20151 good teef
>>20150 His best face was during empathy before they really started overworking him
Meh. I only really like the og jaejoong, the clones are kinda uncanny valley and/or botched. Present day jaejoong isnt worthy of the husbando title though, shoulda been someone else from 3rd or 4th gen
>>20151 this has no basis in logic whatsoever but ... sungchan is [at least half] Japanese conspiracy. like I’d bet money on it. it’s his teeth and nose I think
(240.96 KB 1184x1776 20210114_041517.jpg)
why is this pic so HD its making me uncomfortable
kyary pamyu pamyu is sungchan in drag conspiracy
>>20152 imma need proof of that because if anything his nasolabial folds are getting more prominent and his face has thinned out
>>20159 is that a pimple on his bottom lip
hollup lil mama you tweakin a bad bitch puerto rican
just saw a birthday ad in a chinese subway for an 07 liner, feelin kinda icky now imagine having enough of a fandom to buy you subway ads when you turn FOURTEEN
>>20164 what the fuck who is this i didnt know they were debuting toddlers
(1.88 MB 540x960 ext_tw_video-3.mp4)
petition to get juric some bitches
poocas ingrown toenails
>>20164 but isn't that kinda normal in china? close to all celebs (also many chinese kpop idols) started out as kids, and now every company simply hopes that they debut the 2nd tfboys
>>20166 i mean kinda based but at the same time this trend is funny and they managed to make it unfunny
love the harness trend in gaypops
>>20170 sadly it's no longer 2016
>>20112 >reeeee this place is overrun by sm stans!!!
stop calling skz ugly reeee perceptions vary
i feel it deep within it's just beneath the skin
hendery as joffrey
sungchan me his deer eyes still looking absolutely horrified during sex
you forgot the part where he pees himself during the act
>>20176 >>20177 *wacks him with rolled up newspaper* bad! bad pup!
lucas cocklet
>>20175 coming from henderyshitter, this is the only one i vehemently oppose
stray kids onlyfans
seeing lots of clips from felix's vlive on the tl today and goddamn half of that dude's face is missing 'diet' and 'losing baby fat' my ass
felix brazilian butt lift
felix was always a terminal jawlet though
>>20185 bang chan read this post and passed out in a fit on excitement hope you're happy
perpetually in a state of getting horny by hyunjin's mere existence
>>20187 bang chan cant read
>>20184 i like the guy but someone who has never touched up their face wouldn't get as offended as he did by ps rumors
>>20190 and you know this because..? i dont doubt he mightve gotten stuff done but people really think theyre inside someone's head huh
reporting live from felix's head right now he's thinking about penis
>>20191 it's more likely for someone to get defensive if they have gotten surgery and are insecure about it. if he knew he never did anything he wouldn't feel the need to compensate for it by elaborating on his diet and shit
>>20193 think you ended up in eric's head by accident
>>20191 you don't need to be in his head to see through the insecurity in his anachan meltdown
>>20194 well thats not true. some people really do get very frustrated when others have the wrong impression of them
>>20196 hes obviously insecure but i dont think someone defending themselves is proof that they got work done. if i was natty and people started circulating videos saying i got surgery i would be pissed lmao
>>20195 felix and eric share multiple braincells now after playing so much cod together
(168.38 KB 1232x1384 Ejf3NLnU0AE8r1r-orig.jpg)
what did kevin mean by this
>>20112 i'm in love with all husbandos. i want to print this list and hang it on my wall
>>20166 isnt eric still with cherry bullets jiwon?
felix clap is clap not clap natty! what are you dumb bitches gonna say next, that kylie jenners lis are because of her lipgloss?
>>20203 i-it's just p-puberty! he went through puberty at 18-19, nona!
>>20202 we haven't seen them together since nancygate so who knows
>>20204 me watching chan's room....
>>20206 that was in 2019 right? kinda doubt that their relationship would last that long they were probably a fling
RM and Bang Chan Fight Each Other to Death for the Last N-Word Pass on Earth
>>20208 second half of 2019... q and nancy lasted...
does bang chan know about poggers
>>20210 he said NINJAS fam
>>20210 gdragon appears at the last minute and kills both
yeah but q is straight as a rod whereas eric went on a wonderful discovery of self-realisation culminating in him embracing his bisexuality and sucking some old man dick
>>20215 cheated on her like every man...
gdragons uncanny side profile
felix.... your hairless butthole.... it's so pogchamp...
(13.01 KB 543x271 images (53).jpeg)
pogchamp is dead
skz nct dream love shot hnnnnnnggh
>>20221 nightmare fuel
to cover love shot you gotta have some semblance of an ass now i've never looked at nct dream's asses cause i'm not a pet of files but everyone in skz is concave so please rethink your post
first for kissing ryujin on the forehead
dayum i thought we accidentally killed another imageboard...
>>20225 think again
based CCC back from the dead
skz has some asses, i will now proceed to post evidence
skz doing love shot would be terrible just because they don't have the right horny vibes
(49.61 KB 750x1334 EHxa_B5XUAESHrH.jpg)
hyunjin's isn't big, but it is shapely and nice
(1.21 MB love shot.mp4)
hyunjin love shot
(247.47 KB 1320x2048 1604689860313.jpg)
>>20225 think again about nct dream
(13.63 KB 306x315 EmoCakLVkAI2q7Z.jpg)
rhino can love shot me any time, any day
(59.56 KB 828x1253 EL8O0_8X0AIC_iM.jpg)
bang chan has Ass Potential, he just needs to stop starving himself and needs to wear the right pants
hyunjin's ass is FLAT stop spreading lies
(355.51 KB 1271x1907 1602041815437.jpg)
(546.65 KB 1365x2048 1609693315441.jpg)
>>20241 as is his chin
(9.81 KB 256x256 Eab_nYNWAAA6g0X.jpg)
>>20237 they got cake
*rattles a tin can* gib fatbin's ass blease
(221.57 KB 656x1132 Eqc7uK-VQAE1R9y.jpg)
and of course changbin, the fattest ass of them all
(12.28 KB 219x394 EqQDDOLWMAEgJS-.jpg)
stop spreading the lie that he's flat
>>20249 >this >not flat lmaoooo
>>20231 based and resurrection-pilled
(433.97 KB 2000x2999 1606009524587.jpg)
hyunjin's ass isn't super fat but he's got a nice lil cake
>>20229 >>20231 >>20251 appreciate what you have gaypg sisters
we love this human mattress
>>20252 looks ugly with those pants
>>20250 you can't use the likes of haknyeon to set the standard for asses, he is an outlier
>>20235 the things i would do to fuck this cute slut...
(152.34 KB 1058x2048 IMG_20200125_071820.jpg)
*bonks thread* this is real cake moronis
(98.77 KB 1080x1080 20201022_180457.jpg)
>>20253 i do, i am very grateful for this schizo and yozoh free paradise. thank you ccc mods for this based imageboard
>>20258 finally some good fucking food
hyunjin is lucky to be surrounded by 5 ft manlets making him appear even more like a sex god
(185.51 KB 978x1134 1602604231714.jpg)
the body the face THE CAKE
>>20262 can't not look at the faces in the background every time this is posted
(632.72 KB 2048x2048 Enwt917UYAEuj26.jpg)
hyunjins ass IS flat you dumb shits
>>20262 what was even the point of running this through remini......
(39.48 KB 406x696 1602320170130.jpg)
>>20263 kek i forget about it every time
haknyeon's face is so plain and basic, it's kinda sad. the only thing standout about him is his ass
>>20265 training the ai to make ass in hd
(38.69 KB 636x632 EjBzelsWkAErZYl.jpg)
>>20265 tried to make the ass hd....
>>20267 aint nobody looking at his face my friend
>>20267 imo he looks like jin but actually a visual
(96.73 KB 1080x1347 1604512268054.jpg)
the actual fat ass king
>>20235 lackluster compared to the original but hot
(146.45 KB 681x1024 IMG_20190611_234128.jpg)
ass mogging younghoon
>>20272 right click save
(73.75 KB 622x829 1605733383406.jpg)
wait wait i got the real tonka truck fat brap wagon right here
younghoon always looks like he'd rather be napping based sleepy king
bang chan has the best body and fattest ass. lee know is a fridge, changbin.... yeah, hyunjin flat, han is really weirdly small, felix literal washboard, seungmin fridge, and I.N is an alien
>>20277 i loved him in the reveal relay dance where he refused to actually participate in the relay
rhino me alien fucking
>lee know is a fridge time to pillage that fridge
>>20276 oh no no no no
jeongin me alien fucking
gathering up all the gaypop ayy lmaos, recording the sex tape and selling the footage to the us government
me fatbin hoejin eiffel tower
>>20287 it'll be more like the leaning tower of pisa
>>20288 leaning tower of pisa A sexual position similar to an Eiffel Tower, except one of the two males is a midget, making the tower lean to one side.
bang chan coming in banging on the door yelling at them not to fuck in the dorms whenever someone tries to fuck in the dorms
(92.76 KB 480x1036 oKoGqVXa6fIGZGg4.mp4)
moments before disaster
>>20291 read that as burgers and for some reason i didnt question it
pooga uggo
>>20292 why does he sound like an evil russian count who collects dead animals and hasn't seen the sun in 15 years
>>20274 im supposed to be looking at cake but my ana brain is mirin those legs
bang chan just trying to make his burgers in his house full of horny zoomers....
bang chan cockblock scandal
bang chan in a hawaiian shirt and sandals with socks in front of a grill
(149.82 KB 1067x1600 b818762483092c02377bbb0eddfa0ff6.jpg)
>>20294 both uncalled for and slanderous
>>20112 based
(55.99 KB 658x658 Erswj0NUYAM7QCf.jpeg)
the absolute state of me having a tbz album on my cellphone... nonnies i've gotta a problem
for some reason i never realized tbz had so many members
my driving playlist is like 90% kpop
>>20304 i specifically have a driving playlist just for kpop and a driving kpop that's not kpop depending on how i feel
>>20303 yeah and just like exo i hope they drop two more members so their average increase... won't say who cause don't want to upset dawn
>>20308 the fattie should go first
>the gayz >all visuals >and kevin
(1.36 MB 720x720 twitter_20210114_173342.mp4)
haknyeon fat ahjussi
>haknyeon fat a...ss... word
(33.97 KB 289x873 DIYGcZPVwAAqEz7.jpg)
stay mad anon haknyeon is here to stay
haknyeon fat ass awakening something
was minho the lucas monkey prototype
lucas neanderthal agenda kinda hot
(37.60 KB 452x679 images (23).jpeg)
>>20317 i lost the montage in which someone shopped poocas on this kids face
(24.56 KB 480x308 images (32).jpeg)
>>20315 I could never like a fat person
>>20321 unbased anachan
(25.36 KB 350x350 EijmLZEWoAIxmoY.jpg)
>>20321 sad for you anatard
>>20323 soobin should teach him fasting
(96.26 KB 768x1152 IMG_20200111_124710.jpg)
>>20324 sure anatard
(25.08 KB 800x533 ErqG4UjVgAQ7MEB.jpeg)
i have nutted to skz over two hundred times
>>20327 that's so sad lol
>>20327 why are you keeping count
>>20327 tell more
>>20327 was it because of god menu? me too...
>>20327 i imagine you keeping tally next to your bed on the wall like prisoners do in movies
(47.42 KB 990x747 sub-buzz-13874-1508435037-3.jpg)
>jacked off to a kpop idol >goes to bio >he just turned 17 kpop for this feel?
>>20333 can't relate i can't fap to an idol i'm not emotionally attached to
>>20334 *i'm emotionally attached to
>>20327 this except exo
>>20333 wait are we really finding peace to kpop idol? It wasn’t just for memes? nonas...?
>>20336 when korean idol’s future han jisung says his “lick it malhae bón” line it makes me tingle
>>20333 it's okay, god will forgive you
>>20333 the very first thing you do when finding an idol attractive is go and quickly read over his profile
how do you even jack it to a kop idol
>>20344 you fantasize about them in a sexual context i assume
(645.05 KB 2000x3000 200030001821.jpg)
*purifies this thread*
>>20333 how could you not tell that he might have been risky before? is he that hot
>>20347 no i did it without thinking i saw a twitter edit and i was too horny
>>20340 leave hannie alone
>>20346 soobin is NOT pure
>>20344 you imagine his sex face and listen to a moaning track of him.
>>20333 why don't you take a seat right over there
>>20344 for me it's fancams or fanfiction
>>20355 nah, it's a meme hype song about being musical geniuses or something and using cooking metaphors for it
>>20355 no its just about making sick beats and mogging other people with your music
>>20355 no it's about the purest form of love (bangers and food)
first they released gods menu, that symbolizes for eating ass. then they released back door, which symbolizes smashing ass. i wonder what will come next
(239.12 KB 890x1317 89013171.jpg)
>>20351 black haired soob is
thinking about the cumming metaphors in cherry bomb. that entire ep was really horny
>black haired soob is for stonning word
songs that should have been given to another group?
>>20344 i've nutted like a handful of times reading fantiction idol x reader but just once i could finish without an additional visual stimulus
>visual stimulus you guys dont just close your eyes when you blast?
>>20366 i do
>>20365 kind of get it, but even as a skzlewder myself the moment they try to release a sex song about how they're smooth sex gods i'm going to cry tears of laughter
>>20366 i meant i cant get there there without watching porn... not without a vibrator at least. the exact moment i blast i close my eyes too than i'm immediately consumed by guilt and shame kek i love being a woman it's awesome
a lot of nct lyrics sound like they could be about psychosis
>>20370 i sometimes watch porn but i dont really masturbate afterwards. i usually just lay down and close my eyes and think about whatever i feel like that time
>>20369 there is no way they will do that ......right?
idk i never got the post cum shame but i do get the post cum "what the fuck did i just get off to"
i was excited to see baby dont like it live but then during the concert i remembered scammer was rapping his christian PG version of the verse lmao
>>20363 jopping exo
>>20375 anticipate stray kids' album of sex jams where we suspend our disbelief while felix and changbin rap about having eight inchers
>>20369 i won't mind a hot concept but i can't imagine them trying to come off as fuckboys lmao
i think stray kids or management know well they cant pull off stuff like that. they dont even sing about romantic love
what 4th gen group do you guys think could genuinely pull off a sensual concept? tbz wouldn't be too bad aside from it being a little weird that there's a fuckton of them
>>20381 han did
>>20386 han also has the sex appeal of a walking stick
>>20387 it wasnt sexual, it was romantic love like you said
https://youtu.be/3Vb0v-Fvifs?t=93 bang chan doing this sexy or cringe
>>20389 im not the person youre replying to, what i meant was that they dont really have romantic concepts
(146.76 KB 1080x597 IMG_20210114_235647.jpg)
eunwoo just keeps getting thiccer every single day...nice
all skz sing about is how badass and hardcore they are like theyre edgy minecraft kids or something
>>20394 taemin debuted in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen
back door is about anal sex
>>20395 this is on brand
>>20397 this is also on brand
>>20395 they pull off the "we're not like other guys, we're edgy misfits" thing well
i never thought their concept was not like other guys. i always thought they were supposed to have a relatable next door concept like yeah we go through all the teen turmoil you do
>>20393 Bless
>>20385 tbz could stealer was hot but more on the playful side... but their hyung line sure can take it one step further
>>20401 >>20402 i get a little bit of both of this depending on the concept
cleasing front page~~
i thought the boyz were turbo nugu with a few million views on their mvs at most i'm surprised to see they aren't that unpopular
skz were snubbed so hard on mama 2020 it's actually weird. they easily had some of the best releases last year fucking dynamite
theres always next time for a nomination
cant post in the other gaypg but teeth do not smell like bones
>>20308 kick you down a flight of stairs faggot
before i knew anything about them i thought itzy's shin ryujin was jap because her name kinda sounds jap
>>20276 dinner is served
>>20412 if she was jap her name would be something like miyamoto arisa
>>20412 if she was jap her name would be something like miyamoto arisa
>>20373 AAAAAAAYE WE COOMING WE NCT Jaehyun "The Feeling of Perfection" | 21+ oneshot | WEAR HEADPHONES TOGETHER
i'm cooking mozzarella ravioli, anyone want some?
>>20417 sounds tasty but we're making beef chili. let's trade a little bit
jk mingyu unu and bread really sat down in their gc and discussed "yes, this is how we get the most attention"
97z gangbang
>>20420 not a single one of them can get it up sober
>>20407 they'll rise abovr after kingdom... i can feel it in my left tiddie
>>20420 just mingyu for me thanks
>>20418 sure. might as well make some all'arrabbiata sauce to fit the spicy theme
>>20424 >all'arrabbiata sounds delicious, might make that tomorrow
what was his point doing that?
>>20426 no lewding the birthday boy
i admire skz for at least appearing like they actually enjoy their job
what is the love shot in love shot
>>20428 yes lewd
>>20430 i have received one of those straight into my eyes... fortunately it got red for just a few hours
>>20430 gun full of piss
>>20433 bad puke and piss nona...
>>20430 syringe full of heroin
ate some pistachios now my nails are bleeding and shattered..
i don't really care for pistachios, do they do that to everyone or are you made out of papier mache
>>20436 why don't you open them up with your teeth
i think i might be calcium deficent and i dont want to risk my teeth either
>>20437 never bled because of pistacchio she must ve gotten some really tough ones
hold on anon i'm coming with milk and i mean that platonically but i may have also spelled coming as cumming the first time i wrote it
>>20440 just crack them up with a hammer
(8.72 MB 800x640 fded7b351085.gif)
happy juyeon day
which human organ is armie hammer eating now... makes you wonder yknow
eating my husbandos organ, if you catch my drift
>>20451 Grilled or fried?
(1011.54 KB 2048x2048 ErCpzOiVkAE72jV.jpg)
hello gaypg
>>20465 hello friend welcome
>>20465 new wonho/mxposter?
(758.46 KB 1536x2048 EqZjWU1UcAI20eP.jpg)
>>20467 i guess
(20.05 KB 484x634 images (39).jpeg)
>>20468 cool i like that
(130.25 KB 1125x1500 9ef9f904ffbaa29570f742e629f0d7a4.jpg)
ill post the only wonho pic i have
>>20472 enjoy your ban larper
>>20476 why is he gay bros life is so unfair
(745.15 KB 1080x1080 ErrTXEHVoAIjC42.jpg)
detective exodad coming soon
(65.42 KB 563x844 Ea0DYAcXYAIgC48.jpg)
>>20479 i dunno people say he isnt. i dont pay enough attention to him to claim i know for sure, though he does read faggy as hell to me
>>20481 wish he would investigate me anally
investigating suhos oenis with my tongue
>>20482 anyone would read faggy in that getup
>>20483 probe or no probe
imagine koreans hearing open-mind knowing that in konglish it means dtf
Boredpg on both sites
>>20489 after the peak of autism from a couple of days ago it's kind of nice
>>20490 i wasnt online when the shitstorm went down
does wonho say bad words
>>20491 trannyspammer came on throwing a fit amidst all the usual retarded shit that happens toward the end of a thread. we got up to like 1100 or 1200 posts before the thread finally died lmao
>>20492 he says naega
>>20493 oh damn i missed trannyspammer? fuck i havent seen that guy in ages
(1.87 MB 400x260 4002601.gif)
>>20496 he didn't out himself but the only time i've ever seen the words "cum deposit" it was from trannyspammer and then coming in hot about how he was going to "ruin our general" again before getting bored after about a half hour like he always does
>>20497 cute lil buddy
>>20498 haha..... that crazy guy
and if i dm armie hammer then what
(71.76 KB 1125x633 ErVQC7fXEAA-ML2.jpg)
>>20501 this
>>20502 sounds nice
should've shit on armie hammer's stupid ass name more when i had the chance
(176.31 KB 1080x2220 1610651681032.jpg)
what a nice and totally sane person hahaha
(181.25 KB 1080x2220 1610651932672.jpg)
why hasnt he died of salmonella or somethin
>>20506 there was one screenshot where he admitted to wanting to rape someone. he's deranged
how do we know the screenshots are real
>>20507 Kek there are so many last time i checked it was "just" drinking blood but today it's already sashimi of human organs
>>20508 A girl screenrecorded some of them but yeah we won't know until police handles it i guess
are humans actually good tasting/nutritious or are most modern cannibalists perverted people
>>20508 the girl that posted most of them showed a video scrolling through the conversation which i guess is better than screenshots. there is also an audio of him defending himself and talking about his texts being leaked
>>20511 i mean it's definitely the latter regardless of how good human meat might be
>>20496 I don’t visit 4chun so I’m not in the loop, by trannyspammer does that mean there is a tranny fucking up gaypg or is it a normal person spamming lisa Either way I’m sorry that happened nonas
>>20515 trannyspammer spams photos of dead trannies
>>20515 hes called that because his modus operandi is spamming gore pics of transsexuals
today i explained the entire history of gaypg complainers and spammers to someone it was hilarious saying all that stupid shit outloud it sounds so much more absurd
>>20515 as the others said. he starts spamming them if he sees boy groups posted on /mu/ kpg >>20518 lmao i love doing that
>>20518 did you talk to them about youfarmer
the new lore is the yozoh larper
yozoh larper is funny, i can imagine yozoh seething
i didnt mention the yozoh larper but i set it up in a way that when i reveal og was bangchanbro all along it had some real impact got a gasp from my audience and everything
wonder if og is a honkbro in hell
og complainer was the bang chan guy????
>>20516 >>20517 Wow I hate him >>20519 >he starts spamming them if he sees boy groups posted on /mu/ kpg jfc men are weak
>>20525 yeah even i knew that and i was only there just before he left for china
yeah lol and i used to talk to him on discord i literally only realized while searching for something in the archives
>>20526 we actually like him because he terrorizes mukpg
what i've found it is even our retarded bullshit is pretty normal for most 4chan generals. for every three you'll fall into one sometimes completely crippled by debilitating mental illness and weaponized autism
>gaypg weird >other gaypg talking about gaypg can someone please release soty or smoke weed or usurp jyp already
yeah ive entered some trash generals out of curiosity and theres always retarded infighting and baiting and falseflagging just like in gaypg
>>20529 kek i picture him as this goofy turkish kid who thinks he's a shitposting mastermind until his mom calls him for dinner
>>20531 kpop is going to be dead until kingdom or spring bangers start getting released like last year
(144.27 KB 1364x2048 20210115_031829.jpg)
kpop will come alive when cix comes back please anticipate
>>20535 inside me? yes
>>20525 wait I think I was friends with him for like 1 month in a discord server life crazy fr
cumming alive when seunghun's hair isn't ugly anymore
>>20531 ilhoon's sacrifice is already forgotten.... sad
>>20534 when does kingdom start
>>20541 it's supposed to start filming either at the end of this month or next month but i still don't think they have enough groups to really make a show about it >>20540 it's probably really shocking in korea to be fair. it's just that none of us give a shit about btob
kpop will become exciting again when i finally feel the gentle skim of qian kun's palmtop against my unsteady fingers as he corrects my shallot cutting technique
90k on weed is shocking anywhere dbh
>>20543 some more famous groups should consider joining since i dont think touring will be possible until at least the second half of this year
>>20540 is it really sacrifice if he was getting his cut tho...
>>20546 rumor has it that kingdom is a money sink. famous groups won't stand to benefit from it but mid-tiers with decent money in it or investors courting them have the most the gain
>>20544 thought this sentence would go another way
>be an sm stan >start liking tbz >turns out theyre just poaching sm employees ok based
>>20550 are you me
*marinades felix's ass with my baby batter*
But what do they hope to achieve spamming you with this shit in a thread where every other pic is idol boy fancam. Is he not insane? I hope he’s the worst retard you’ve had to deal with
i'm going in for a new glasses prescription tomorrow so maybe i'll stop being such an uggoshitter
>>20553 >I hope he’s the worst retard not by a loooong shot
>>20553 i would say hes not the worst lmao other spammers cause more infighting or spammed worse things imo
>>20548 lol how it is a money sink? buying premium plastic props?
>>20553 have you never encountered an internet troll before
>>20548 than cjenm gotta consider taking from its own pockets. I want this shit now god darn it
nvm just read he doesn’t spam gaypg only kpg
>>20557 they're going to give them mama-tier props and have them all do retard dances around chariots or tombstones or some shit and you're going to like it
>>20557 i guess payin the song producer, choreographer, stage directior, wardrobe designer, etc
>>20562 yeah imagine how much that sm team charged the boyz it was lit tho
(53.95 KB 684x873 EpaSUTgXcAAJ9EV.jpeg)
is this really corpse wife
(774.72 KB 1867x2048 20210115_020456.jpg)
jacob I need you to drop your pants immediately this is an emergency
>>20565 kevin...
>>20564 i only know what corpsewife is thanks to gaypg so i wouldn't be able to tell you
>>20564 >>20565 same person?
>>20568 SHUT UP
kevin blasts to corpsehusband audios
>>20568 heol
>>20571 no no no no no NO you fucking idiot he blasts to squudward spongebob yaoi and rm's motivational speeches
>>20571 >>20573 you're both wrong he only blasts to his boyfriend keeho
>>20573 >rm's motivational speeches but that's even worse
>>20574 close, keeho fingerblasts him
>>20574 me cago en tu madre
*rm voice* AH ME
the first out of the closet gaypop couple will be gyopo for sho
dawn telling herself kebbers only blasts to silly /co/ porn is the equivalent of kpop stans telling themselves their husbando is gae and would never touch a woman
they call me autist they call me idol
>>20580 it'll only happen because the boyz will hit daebak and kevin will forget people suddenly give a shit about them and will get caught giving a handy to keeho at a baseball game or something
(86.59 KB 917x917 20210112_070834.jpg)
>>20581 what does this mean
>>20580 yes it will be keeho and kevin. anticipating the sex tape
>>20585 why would they be at a baseball game faggots don't understand baseball 2/10 terrible post
>>20588 >trying to tell me faggots don't understand catching and pitching dawn pls
>>20588 faggots love baseball its the slap your teammate's ass sport
nct were at the baseball game
(166.00 KB 527x359 pog.png)
yo check out how fucking loud i can piss
first there will be a picture of all the gyopo faggots hanging out together in itaewon à la 97liners but fruity
there's three hundred thousand members of nct you peel back the drywall and there's an nct member between your support beams
>>20577 cállate kevinfag
(911.21 KB 2000x2000 EnvNvpSVgAUkWJE (1).jpg)
>faggots dont understand baseball explain this
>>20592 I thought about this edit earlier today and burst into tears
>>20592 jacob i wanna ruin our friendship
>>20596 >group of straight chads and a bisexual kangaroo what's there to explain
>>20596 completely heterosexual and also i require changbin to be bent over my lap for his punishment this instant
>>20576 you mean tickle his balls
>>20601 keeho's saving that for jimbo
>>20600 hyunjin? straight? KEK
(149.88 KB 527x359 moonbaee.png)
heres the non homestuck version of the edit moonbae 100% real no fake
>>20594 this post reminded me how cracked my drywall is..
what happened to yuta
tfw no bisexual kangaroo to go boing boing boing on my non-existent penis
>>20606 ran over by a car
>>20606 mutated hansol...
>>20606 he's never been more relevant
>>20603 wasn't he all up in somi's shit
>>20604 what is real about this they are simply standing next to each other IDIOT
>>20611 wasnt it yeji
(80.99 KB 601x751 D2k9vyGUcAE5JHR.jpg)
>>20606 he got cute
>>20602 that two-timer, i hope kevin beats his ass into oblivion
>>20614 that's the same person? how? Looks like Q
>>20603 >falling for it oh no anon...
and if it's keeho and jacob... then what kevin?
>>20614 idk who this is but hes getting added to soobin lookalikes list
i must further my moonbae knowledge follow moonbae accounts study moonbae literature
falling for a stranger good gracious
>>20615 keeho's probably fucked half the gay idols there are to fuck by now
(31.19 KB 328x638 IMG_20200816_202333.jpg)
also i wanna fuck lady jacob
>>20620 minhyuk the blueprint
(53.95 KB 750x750 20210115_034928.jpg)
jacob trying to kill kevin REAL NO EDIT
>>20617 he veers from kinda cute to super ugly a lot thanks to the snow app and knowing his good angles
>>20625 who is this fat lesbian
kevin and jacob sex would be so weird like wtf would they even do bump their crotches together a few times and then kevin writes a song about it while jacob cries
>>20623 here's to hoping keeho has a private ig soon so we know the group of faggs
(168.87 KB 876x1313 Ervg7kGXEAEJMDU.jpg)
i smell BOYPUSSY
>>20625 trooncob OUT
>>20629 jacob servin dana scully realness
>>20625 she looks like huawei lady posted in other gaypg
>>20632 this food is so fucking flavourless lois
>>20632 not feeling the hair on felix but this look on hyunjin is fucking great
>>20632 gonna eat hyunjins pussy on god
sick of them shoving hyunjin and felix together i want FELIX ONLY fuck off hyunjin
>>20639 this but the opposite
>>20630 mods can you dkeete this post on my behalf please it triggered a mental breakdown
(123.69 KB 960x1200 1597603588272.jpg)
delectable blond slut
>>20625 this is just jessica without the plastic surgery
gaypg why is sometimes it blond and sometimes blonde
>>20632 miley cyrus doppelganger omo
i hate blond hyunjin haters fuck you fuck you we should have had 6 more months of blonde bimbo slut
>>20632 that chess game doesnt even make sense
>>20644 it should be blond for men blonde for women but people mix it up all the time or forget or dont care
(415.93 KB 2048x2048 Ei6IeSuU4AUhk_4.jpg)
>>20644 blond is male, blonde is female
blond hyunjin ugly
>>20647 if you put a chess set between hyunjin and felix and they don't just start playing checkers with it i'd be damned
some weeks I think hyunjin is an uggo other weeks the mere though of him stirs an awakening in my loins sigh
you can use blonde for either. only weirdos actually bother to change it to blond for dudes
(89.98 KB 828x893 proofs.jpg)
now wots all dis
I thought blond was burgerland version and blonde was british
(220.15 KB 1365x2048 Ea1XhDFWAAI73kI.jpg)
my trophy wife who bleeds my dry financially
when i look up blond on google i get women pictures
>>20641 it was a great and accurate post
i just say blond for everything blond
>>20660 the aids virus gotem
saying blonde to feel fancy
>>20643 stfu taeyeon
can you call a cat blonde or is it for humans only
>>20664 >Cats don't have brown eumelanin, so they can't be blond cat police have spoken blonde cats are not real
(753.41 KB 1500x1200 EjAFzScVoAA6Th4 (1).jpg)
kek forgot i had this
>>20665 how much for one night
all this hyunjin posting but there’s no way he doesn’t have a small penis
what's with straykids and all the honkers?
>>20670 a requirement to get in as well as being a manlet
(355.19 KB 895x750 ErtRuCBXIAAk--_.jpg)
no honker in sight here
>>20668 depends, how many kidneys you got
>>20622 i might even fly out to vegas...
fuck it 11pm waffles
>>20673 *cums inside him*
>>20671 banana munching bitch
we love cocklets here
(134.94 KB 1080x1080 EquTbBiVQAM4oM3.jpg)
hyunjin has a massive cock but he doesn't use it, pillow princess bottom that he is
concave >>20665 >>20671 anon did you google hyunjin pretty
>>20673 i feel like dangly earrings idols wear keep getting longer
i find headcanoning the way idols are bad at sex way more entertaining that serious sexual fantasies
>>20683 in my head my husbando is a genuinely terrible kisser and i wouldn't have it any other way
henderyshitter is in the building
(135.46 KB 1280x1013 20210115_040035.jpg)
>>20685 deadass built like hes 13 years old
>>20687 frail little Victorian era manlet
tfw youre an idol and your penis is broken from too much gay fanservice and you cant get it up with a girl anymore
>>20685 cute chink
im looking for moonbae gifs and kevin is kinda adorable i see the appeal dawn hes a bit like a cat
>>20685 evening comrade
>>20685 tasteful
>>20688 Is tim burton based and henderypilled?
oh wait lol armie hammer is in call me by your name? lmao i had no idea of who tf he was ive never seen that movie
>>20695 i only know him as the dude who was two dudes in the social network
i only know him as the dude who almost has the same name as baking soda
>>20691 >the boyz covering like a cat OMO
the boyz covering cat and dog
going to be real with you all i had no idea this guy existed before today
>>20699 tbz dropped
>>20697 thats literally his name arm and hammer is his family's company his real name is armand hammer
>>20702 if i was this dude i'd probably go nuts and start eating deer hearts too
>>20699 if they do q should be the one doing soobins meow part
POV juyeon notices your affeminate mannerisms during summer camp
>>20705 so i shove him in a locker to assert dominance
>>20692 >>20693 good evening fellow intellectuals >>20694 also hell yes
great news! hendery casted as armie hammer in the biopic set to be released in 2024
>>20705 i'm chanhee?
>>20708 bro what the FUCK
(2.68 MB 250x373 dd14288.gif)
>>20706 watch it faggot
(2.80 MB 900x720 ext_tw_video-4.mp4)
this video is so hot for no reason
(180.49 KB 1440x1080 69fb21c229239ea6f75a306c37d0f0ac.jpg)
>>20707 thank you for posting my aspergic son and his kindly handler
>>20713 i havent meet anyone in months so touch starved this made me feel something rip
>>20713 because juyeon is sitted in an inviting position for riding
>>20713 i don't get it
>armie hammer >literally named after arm & hammer yikes
(2.75 MB 268x350 400.gif)
this is so fucked up this is so sick and twisted
>>20717 I want to sniff chanhee
>>20718 maybe his stupid ass name was what triggered his psychopathy
>>20721 or the people who chose to name him that way are psychos in the first place
so he’s filthy rich and from old money. no wonder he’s a cannibal freak
would be based if this unearthed an entire cannibalistic baking soda empire cult
(159.56 KB 1200x900 D38VWDyVUAE-mWZ.jpg)
>>20714 the pleasure is all mine fellow spergshitter
>>20723 armie hammier american psycho au
>>20702 oh that explains a lot
(268.57 KB 1414x2048 ErvzcAlVcAARjAG.jpg)
gaypg would you fuck her
>>20728 hard no
>>20728 Would hold hands with in a coffee shop maybe
>>20728 HARD PASS YE
>>20728 no but I bet she sell some fire weed
>>20728 she looks like michael myers is about to hunt her down on halloween
>>20733 apologize to young jamie lee curtis
(1.26 MB 480x480 IMG_0413.mp4)
>>20735 eric put down the video editing app and go to bed
(6.28 MB 1920x1080 to catch a predator.mp4)
me when chris hansen is hiding in my closet with a camera crew and the police are stationed outside my front door armed with handcuffs waiting to pounce on me for my inevitable arrest
>>20738 LMFAO
>>20738 lmao what is this from??
>>20740 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIApeXe-4ew ten and yuta were sweet but gosh i cannot help but feel uncomfortable by johnny's presence here
>>20741 i think he was trying to be nice but it comes off weird, the others were cute with the kids though
>>20742 agree. maybe i just have a bias against americans even though i am one
tiddies hurt
scammy the type of nigga to ignore his mom, dad, siblings, homies, hooes, everybody for a gay business meetup
scammy probably has a 3 incher lets be reak
he's a bottom he doesn't need any more than that
reeeeeeee i missed the hyunjinshitting
blond hyunjin was the most beautiful amongst all of the male idols who have been trying to go for the long blond hair greek good aesthetic but he truly became a sex icon and not just a basic instagram thot by dying his hair black
(357.11 KB 2048x1221 20210115_113345.jpg)
chanhee you stupid femcel
>>20754 what a horrifying unreadable chart
>>20754 imagining the kind of person who sits down and makes something like this
>daewhi with the most friends based social butterfly faggot
>>20737 juyeon I wanna ruin our friendship
is eric really thirsting after juyeon cock or is he just turning on the fanservice mode with the most popular guy so he can borrow some relevance
what does hard stan soft stan mean
>>20772 hard = horny for idols soft = not horny for idols (at least openly)
>>20772 hard stan wants to fuck the idol they stan soft stan pretends they don't want to fuck the idol they stan
soft stans lying
>>20773 >>20774 kinda stupid
(441.07 KB 720x720 gay.webm)
>>20771 nah he just horny
sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo
>>20778 changbin in this outfit..... omo
>>20785 brb about to buy a subscription to and immediately get banned from bubble
hyunjin is hot
i like hyunjin
cute ho
(94.33 KB 670x875 Eq7GywAXYAAIB9k.jpg)
precious little cumslut
(7.87 MB 3840x2160 457657.png)
oh to be fatbin and have my fat sausage fingers around bang chans neck
>>20798 >jeongin making chanchang do vaguely homoerotic stuff for his amusement learned that me and jeongin are the same person
>>20800 triangulated your location and i called the military to your house you sick motherfucker
does fatbin have stretch marks and cellulite and shit? that was a pretty big weight gain
cellulite is unlikely but i wouldn't be surprised if he got stretchmarks between the weight and muscle gain
>>20802 omoooooooo
>>20713 baby lotion sales spike exponentially so juyeon can sniff me like a dog too
hyunjin is ruining my life
hyunjin ahegao
>>20806 changbin just stop spending money on him
when will a mad lad< amongst the gaypops do ahegao
some gaypops have done ahegao, whether it was knowingly ahegao or not is another story entirely
hyunjin's soft plump lips
hyunjin's soft plump lips
>>20811 this is the ugliest post on this entire site. And we have a stray kids thread.
back when exo was still called sexo...
(625.89 KB 2731x4096 D8zC-h_W4AM49pR-orig.jpg)
>>20819 pcy has such weak pipe game lmao
she don't love me naegen artificial love
can't trust this
you got that
geojit miso, artificial love
>>20821 5 dozen flight attendants disagree
geojit nunmul, artificial love
geojit sarang, artificial love
when will one of these new bgs do a dance cover of artificial love
(1.94 MB 500x267 original.gif)
never they just don't do dances like these anymore...
bang chan doing an artificial love cover by himself because he's the only one who could pull it off
post suho artificial love pls and thank u
bacon has the hottest voice after egg i wish he wasn't an ogre
making plastic babies with my hot ogre bacon wife
imagine learning that dance with your bros
chanyeol might be a serial cheater slut with no standards and ten different stds but at least he's not homophobic
>>20839 who are we vagueing here
>>20840 exos that aren't as woke as our lord and savior chlamydia
(34.17 KB 663x767 Een2nOGXYAEhufo.jpg)
pcy coming out as gay to save face
that cringe juric tiktok has over 3 million views noooooooooooooo we lost deobibros
>>20844 based fag
>>20811 putting this into my manifesto as we speak
>>20833 wym bacon is cute
>>20848 invest in big optometry
(335.01 KB 1536x2048 EryJfJ9VgAIwG9p.jpeg)
I want Juyeon to [redacted] my [redacted]
#morejuyeon making me tingly but on like a spiritual level
eric posts on ccc conspiracy theory
and if i started shittalking day6 jae on /v/ would he see it
shit talking vernon on /mu/ and /fa/
(215.86 KB 1920x1287 Ef2xJrdU0AAkDwT.jpg)
juyeonie is not for lewd
>>20857 then why he does things like that?
>>20855 set up a trap saying ccc has a thread fangirling his solo endeavours and then link the post of people saying wonpiri pabo is better than him under every possible metric
(183.32 KB 1000x1478 ab904ddb26f1ce06ba5cb64a0533c8a9.jpg)
>>20839 chlamydiamaes begone
(1.43 MB 320x284 2ahUKEwjEpOP3p.gif)
>>20851 seethe moroni
>>20839 bros i swear i saw once on twitter a "molka" video of chanyeol kissing (more like a peck) a man in some random private party... but then when i was looking for ways to download the video that shit disappeared
bacon gilf
eric is gorgeous and handsome bacon enlist and cross over to the other side of the dmz
>>20862 prob a sponser kek
>>20864 pls no pitting queens against each other
>>20865 it was someone around his age he was holding a cigarette with one hand and holding the dudes face to kiss with the other. or maybe i'm tripping but i remember that everyone looked drunk and the video was lowkey hot
>>20864 dumbo eric has fucking mark tuan as his idol... why and how
>>20862 next time just google twitter video downloader sis
>>20866 based photo op, 3rd and 4th gen bgs with a chad concept
>>20866 thank you we stan a pacifist queen
>>20869 Kek i googled but it was enough for the video getting taken down. Nowadays i have a twitter downloader app so it's fewer steps
based ccc for being taken over by tbz fags i really think they will blow up this year
>>20866 Even without knowing they all probably got scouted by the same woman the boyz look more like exo juniors than nct ever could even if you stuck 12 of the most exo-ncts in here How did sm start letting in Uggos and still ended up with a far more untalented bg than exo? where did it all go wrong?
>>20874 what's the cre.ker tie with sm that everyone keeps mentioning? besides the sm team who were/are their producers during kingdom
(2.08 MB 500x244 2ahUKEwiM2.gif)
>>20863 get it baconsis
(61.19 KB 474x711 download.jpeg-2.jpg)
chañol bisexual king kek
>>20875 the boyz were sm's bastard children that they had to give up for adoption and cre.ker adopted them
chanyeol gives me degenerate bisexual coomer who will fuck anything with a hole vibes
>>20877 >chañol i'm wheezing
>>20875 Some talent management woman who scouted Jessica, Krystal, Park Yoochun, Yunho, Go Ara, SNSD, and Exo left sm and started the boyz as an exo 2.0 type project. They also have nct’s old creative team and an exo choreographer who did all the kingdom stages and they share some music producers. Other than that they don’t have any ties to sm.
>>20877 the glasses remind me of logic
If he popped up again with a dadbod and a tan I’d be willing to forgive his whorish ways
>>20881 >exo 2.0 omo. No wonder I like them
>>20867 lololol i 100% believe you nona and im also losing my fucking mind kek remeber when dispatch said that there was someone in exo that was dating a man in 2016 and then never reveled who it was out of backlash lmaooo
(66.43 KB 864x485 ErsGGbTVkAEU9EE.jfif)
haechan spreading 'em
>>20883 >dadbod you're rewarding him for being fat? come on anon
>>20887 He looked buff and huggable
>>20883 just wear a condom and hwaiting
(25.56 KB 367x382 53e8fe09eaccd5dbc.jpg)
>>20886 whore.
>>20885 kek chanyeol and raiden...
(99.94 KB 800x1252 ErqGzruU0AEL1xF.jpeg)
>>20881 but why this bitch dropped the ball after scouting bermuda line
>>20892 And sunwoo and Eric and haknyeon (who she could’ve never predicted would get fat) and new and q
(416.15 KB 1365x2048 Er0ogM8VkAEHnyh.jpg)
why couldnt they have found good looking faggots for this group
>>20894 who are they? center dude looks 40
>>20866 kevin is so freaking busted
>>20894 sm unnie be brave enough to steal this concept for the next 127 comeback please
(16.94 KB 720x426 images (42).jpeg)
>>20893 My 4th ranking is Sangyeon, but I understand why he isnt popular kek This lady also has a type because I find that Sunwoo, Jacob and Haknyeon have very similar features
If the boyz is exo 2.0 is chanhee supposed to be luhan 2.0? but more botched and fem
(141.86 KB 799x1200 pw3qeiF9Qy1riav2to1.jpg)
>>20894 guy on the right reminds me of chanyeol lol
>>20894 macabre..
(234.33 KB 2048x1152 Erw6y2LUcAEPO_q.jfif)
teaching my hendery son how to emote in an authentic manner
>>20894 >>20895 center dude givin me edward avila vibes
(443.00 KB 1536x2048 20210114_094520.jpg)
>>20896 you misspelled your own name there, friend
>>20899 New is sehun with softer features
>>20902 he's learning how to mask
>>20904 that scratch on his knuckle? it came from beating keeho's ass
>>20907 beating the shit out of him cause he's an annoying faggot who stole kevin's whole shtick YASSS
(2.38 MB 2403x3561 EjEylakUYAEIKu6-orig.jpg)
>>20905 but younghoon is literally sehun's lookalike wut
(68.00 KB 640x960 Ejq84dPX0AERwnG-orig.jpg)
>>20908 since you asked so nicely
>>20910 No he just looks angry and has the same haircut as him New is the true sehun clone
>>20910 kek i see hyunjae as the designated sehun younghoon also hot some of his features but is more a suho in the sense that he's also got that classical beauty/actor material
>>20912 luhan
and instead of chenbaeksoo tbz got new and kevin... company lady just gave up...
>>20914 Sehun
ladies, ladies eric is sehun. they're both talentless faggots who like to fuck dads
(316.77 KB 865x1280 original (27).jpg)
>>20915 >new and kevin wow daebak cre.ker truly hit the jackpot....
(140.86 KB 750x1334 ErbSiNgVcAQWcLI.jpeg)
group is incomplete without an egg equivalent
>>20919 haknyeon >short and fat
>>20918 >walking in sync kind of cute
>>20920 blasphemy
>>20896 he’s mogging chenbaek let him have this
>>20923 bacon for superior rat wife
mash-up demasiado basado https://youtu.be/eBi-YeskqAw
would this mv be seen as problematic by today's standards? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xQHDzgGlK8
>>20927 it's problematic enough solely on the ground that i have to stare at zico's hyung ugly face
this shit would absolutely not fly today. 10/10 https://youtu.be/sLfRdyqxXJk
>>20929 loona got flak for much less
>Rappers BewhY And Khundi Panda Criticized For Rude Behavior On DAY6 Young K’s “Kiss The Radio” How dare he be rude to my husbando? Now I'm glad that he didn't make to the finale sucks to be you bitch
>>20925 cool instead of 1 good song made from 2, it sounds like 5-7 different songs blended VERY badly
>>20932 sounds right up my alley let me listen real quick
>>20931 and jae said khundi panda was going to win topkek
which one of you the boyz posters owns this blog? https://kevinmoonfanpage666.home.blog/2020/06/18/oprahgif/ and can i have the password for the top 10 scandals post? thank you
>>20935 how onew
(19.33 KB 608x150 1587568684936.png)
>>20935 it's dawn's
>>20935 how onew
why have mukpg been raiding gaypg again
i cant stop me cant stop me
>>20902 >>20906 kekekekek
>>20931 wait what did they do
*coughs all over this thread*
>>20943 coronabro...
>>20938 Is this the password I wanna read it
miss dawns blog queen write again
hyunjin's enormous fingers
(78.38 KB 480x702 haruto_go_solo_king.jpeg)
now i see why treasureroastie left she was mad that her husbando will always be last place kek
>>20937 the tweet that destroyed a nation.... >>20935 it's fuckATEEZbtw
>a washed up jhope i could never write this about any non-jhope idol with a straight face
(3.09 MB 371x498 tenor.gif)
chanhee might be a little botched (which idol isn't) but he's nevertheless genuinely cute meanwhile jhope has and always will look like a monster, a true horseface vs chanhee's round face
chanhee came out looking like a plastic fairy twink at least jhope has an entire list of why he looks uncanny, not just a plain or bland kind of ugly
chanhee is taller than bts kek
(41.23 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
BoTShed making it in murica was a glorious thing, those candid pics are exquisite
spoiler that shit
>>20954 chanhee is tall and elegant
sucking kevin's dick into opposite sex attraction
>>20929 the indian jihyo prototype https://youtu.be/TDcQooUmihw
>>20961 thank you for your service
(423.28 KB 1536x2048 20210116_130012.jpg)
undeniable proof kevin is straight NOT CLICKBAIT
>>20965 the only thing this proves is that hes got no lips
(441.98 KB 1536x2048 20210116_130014.jpg)
>>20966 FUCK YOUUUUU doesn't even matter anyway I just learned the shirt he's wearing is from a merch line created by BM where all the profits go to lgbt charities and shit
>>20967 LMAO
>>20967 so kevin like big tiddie men maybe he is the one responsible for jacob's bimbofication
>>20969 wait he likes rm..... noooo it's making too much sense THE VOICES ARE THE VOICES ARE BACK THE VOICES ARE BACK THE VOICES-
hyunjin thinks he's hot shit and he's not wrong
this was peak jo
i'm going to eat the ass of every gaypop who said they watch dead filthy frank videos
>>20949 i cant read mandarin...
>>20954 really? he looks smaller because he has a tiny frame and is so skinny
>>20965 masc king
dawn give us the password pls
(283.35 KB 1080x1389 20210116_140735.jpg)
morning gaypg how you doing fellow kids? using drugs that are untraceable on drug tests or are you like hsh and freely use meth because your rich parents will buy your way out?
>>20981 fuckATEEZbtw
(152.73 KB 783x1200 EgQ81NgX0AAHbHa.jpg)
>>20979 i guess he's as tall as v and jk he's just thin and babyfaced
>>20983 I would post sad pepe but the ill be banned for yozoh larping...
>>20984 the boyz cocklets
>>20984 i want sangyeon to choke me with his thighs
(23.46 KB 360x360 ErtGX3PUwAE2HWb.jpeg)
>>20983 thankss
>>20988 Sangyeon underrated king
>>20984 Damn She Thicc
(71.09 KB 564x903 EeEwRZ0U4AE_MpQ.jpg)
skinny body, long legs, tiny babyface mogging
>>20992 mirin those legs
(113.31 KB 800x1200 EgQh47EXgAIOu31.jpg)
(346.88 KB 1200x1800 EXlv9OUUEAA3l9a.jpg)
(1.40 MB 2048x3138 20210107_165058.jpg)
body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, little waist
(191.99 KB 1000x1500 100015001.jpg)
og thinspo king
>>20997 legs so thin they broke and made him a cripple
>>20997 shame he got roided #bringbackfrailhwallie
>>20997 i miss him his fancams were such good thinspo
(128.25 KB 610x890 610890014.jpg)
chanhee and kevin using haknyeon as fatspo
(68.53 KB 428x1007 428100702.jpg)
maybe if he started dressing up more like hwall..
hwall BL when
>>21004 its already airing i think
>>21002 they should use each other as inspo so both can reach a healthy weight
when do we get to the epic fucky wucky make out scenes
>>21007 apparently never the characters are minors i think
>>21008 this is the worst day of my life
>>20997 naw that's fug, he looks like a turbo bobblehead chanhee is a beautiful thin
(92.88 KB 735x1104 IMG_20190417_200329.jpg)
>>21013 blind bitch
(45.70 KB 474x711 8DB57RFI.jpeg)
wtf i was away for like 20 hours and there was only one post in that time
>>21029 everyone was having a masturbation break
hyunjin isn't blond anymore
sumeul gotto chatji motae naneun
piharyeogo aesseo bwado
geobujocha hal su eomneun
nege gacheo beorin na
sarangieottamyeon jeongmal
saranghaetteon georamyeon
naege ireojineun mara
her whisper is the lucifer
the lucifer
If you tie me down and trap me Then the love is also tied down The future is also tied down It can’t grow anymore Freely empty yourself and look at me I’ll fill you only I’ll completely fill you only
the things i would do to have my husbandos dick in my mouth...unspeakable
>>21048 his whisper is the lucifer
(368.33 KB 900x600 20210118_022845.jpg)
how the FUCK does yunho remain so fine ever after all these years changmin is alright as well but his mouth area is kinda off-putting imo
my favorite gaypop graduated from husbando status into waifu status please congratulate
i keep having delusional dreams about my husbando maybe it's time to drop kpop
>>21054 are they lewd dreams
>>21055 only sometimes. i don't mind the lewd dreams that much though
>>21056 sounds wild
is there going to be 7th gaypg on here
only got 2 hours of sleep tonight not doing good
I submitted my essay about ‘kick it’ to my english teacher and she watched the video and emailed me saying that the music video was inappropriate??? LIKE IM SORRY? We live in America where all of our music videos consist of just gigantic asses and you complain about being absolutely blessed by Johnny, Taeyong and Yuta’s beautiful torsos like I will not tolerate this slander against this gift to the world that is this music video My teacher definitely hates me lol. Ms J, I sincerely apologize for the class laughing at me for presenting the punch video and you not defending me and for not having the same taste in your classical rock or whatever is, it’s almost like people have different taste in music or something and also for making a scene by defending myself from a distasteful boy who thought I was showing the punch mv was supposed to be a joke by saying the words “I like music like this” Also, for exposing your innocent, pure 39-year old soul to the horror that is the male torsos of 3 beautiful men and intoxicating your mind with the disgusting phrase of, ahem, “lemme introduce you to some new thangs” and excuse my absolutely terrible essay on how kick it is a homage to Bruce lee but also not such a serious song to the point where you have to question your life over it because that’s apparently how every song i listen to should make me feel And finally I’d like to formally apologize by binggeul binggeul round what comes around goes around i dosineun jungle spin around real deal dear Yes feel real igeon real jinjja dolgo doneun kkumui round (I’m not actually that mad I just think it’s funny that I’ve embarrassed myself about 7 times in the first two weeks of school and I really hope those on this sub will all get a good laugh out of it lol)
i need to have sex with zitao
>>21060 baby we go wild aye yeah yeah one two seven sqwad
>>21052 we'll hit daebak daebak when he gets jacked
>>21050 Yunho gets a bit weird when he opens his mouth tho... i hate veneers Idk which one I prefer I think it's changmin oppar
>>21029 It's been slower here and 4chngaypg... are people actually having a life? nah...
>>21065 that and kpop has been boring as fuck lately
k-pop will be dead until the next blackpink comeback
i have a feeling kpop's hype is dying out
>>21068 bts killed it by consistently releasing horrible shit
>>21069 nah, it was bound to decline eventually. the awful music just sped up the process. same thing's happening to billie eilish and bieber
>>21070 wonder who will be the trendy names of this new decade and who from the latest will survive
>>21071 dua lipa and harry styles are here to stay almost everyone else will be a one hit/era wonder propelled by tiktok and will fade into obscurity eventually (olivia rodrigo, billie)
k-pop needs to make a new gangnam style for the '20s
>>21073 at the very least, we need a new bboom bboom or love scenario
>>21064 based changminsis, the man's an incredibly sexy muppet
>>21071 Hopefully it isn't olivia Rodrigo the world doesnt deserve a new taylor swift
why did this die so hard
>>21719 they went back to 4chan,let the thread die in peace
(381.84 KB 1152x2048 ErXEz7cVQAMZDbH.jpeg)
Can't talk in 4chan because I am banned for 3 days so I'll post the news here. SOPHIE died girlies, and I am sad RIP
>>23073 who is sophie
>>23075 a tranny popstar
>>23073 how did you get banned for 3 days?
>>29447 this, you gotta fuck up pretty bad in order to get banned from /trash/ of all places
>>29542 maybe she posts in /pol/ and /mu/ too since a lot of ppl do, but i'm still curious
(304.20 KB 1108x1478 Ermi-2lUcAMNTWM.jpeg)
>>29447 got banned due to shitposting on /sp/ love my kpop mvs between nfl commercials!
>>29542 i got banned from /trash/ for 90 days for allegedly being underage. it was a misunderstanding, but i was really confused. what was the janny thinking? that i'll grow up and become legal in these 90 days?
got banned from 4chan for a week because some dick on gaypg reported me for posting a link (probably yozoh). i'm never posting in that shit thread again
yozoh is such a shitty name what does it even mean
>>32834 kek did you just come rolling in from /site/
wtf is happening in the gaypg thread...why are they talking about ccc so fucking much
>>48893 the same thing that always happens on gaypg. either a nutjob talking to themselves or two nutjobs hyping each other up all day until they realize everyone's filtered them and then move onto the next topic
feels very complainer-esq
hello girlies
(6.94 KB 325x254 isejtjnrifje.png)
*pees on thread*
awnnn it was juyeomis birthday


no cookies?