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MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS Anonymous 12/11/2020 (Fri) 05:57:52 No. 196
For recommending movies
I'll do one for a movie with beautiful soundtracks: Requiem for a Dream Plot: Sara Goldfarb, a widow who lives alone in a Brighton Beach apartment, spends her time watching television. Her son Harry is a heroin addict, along with his friend Tyrone and girlfriend Marion. The three traffic heroin in a bid to realize their dreams; Harry and Marion plan to open a clothing store for Marion's designs, while Tyrone seeks an escape from the ghetto and the approval of his mother. When Sara receives a call that she has been invited to her favorite game show, she begins a restrictive crash diet in an attempt to fit into a red dress that she wore at Harry's graduation. At the advice of a friend, Sara visits a physician who prescribes her amphetamines to control her appetite. She begins losing weight rapidly and is excited by how much energy she has. When Harry recognizes the signs of her drug abuse and implores her to stop taking the amphetamines, Sara insists that the chance to appear on television and the increased admiration from her friends are her remaining reasons to live. As time passes Sara becomes frantic waiting for the invitation and increases her dosage, which causes her to develop amphetamine psychosis. Tyrone is caught in a shootout between drug traffickers and the Sicilian Mafia and is arrested despite his innocence. Harry has to use most of their earned money to post bail. As a result of the gang warfare, the local supply of heroin becomes restricted, and they are unable to find any to buy. Eventually, Tyrone hears of a large shipment coming to New York from Florida, but the price has doubled and the minimum purchase is high. Harry encourages Marion to engage in prostitution with her psychiatrist, Arnold, for money. This request, along with their mounting withdrawal symptoms, strains their relationship. Sara's increased dosage of amphetamines distorts her sense of reality, and she begins to hallucinate that she is mocked by the host and crowd from the television show, and attacked by her refrigerator. Sara flees her apartment and goes to the casting agency office in Manhattan to confirm when she will be on television. Sara's disturbed state causes her to be admitted to a psychiatric ward, where she fails to respond to various medications. She undergoes electroconvulsive therapy instead. After the heroin shipment falls through, Harry and Tyrone travel to Miami to buy heroin directly from the wholesaler. However, they are forced to stop at a hospital because of Harry's gangrenous arm. A doctor realizes that Harry is a drug addict and calls the police resulting in both Harry and Tyrone being arrested. Back in New York, a desperate Marion sells her body to a pimp, Big Tim. She subjects herself to a humiliating sex show at his request, in exchange for more heroin. Sara's treatment leaves her in a dissociated catatonic near-vegetative state, to the horror of her friends, who weep and try to comfort each other on a park bench outside the hospital. Harry's arm is amputated above the elbow, and he is emotionally distraught by the knowledge that Marion will not visit him. Marion returns home and lies on her sofa, clutching her score of heroin and surrounded by her crumpled and discarded clothing designs. Tyrone is taunted by racist prison guards while enduring a combination of manual labor and withdrawal symptoms. Each of the four characters curl into a fetal position. Sara imagines herself as the beautiful winner of the game show, with Harry—married and successful—arriving as a guest. Sara and Harry lovingly embrace. -- Many people think this movie is aboout drugs but it's actually about capitalism. -- Also I'd recommend Mr.Nobody too
>>197 you spoiled the entire movie
>>198 You're right, sorry about that Would delete if I could, I wish there was an option to edit posts
>>199 but you can delete your posts nona
>>212 Not after a certain amount of time has passed.
>>213 If the cookies still match time doesn't matter
The Exorcist (1973)
my own private idaho
Dead Poets Society
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>>443813 i fucking hate this hack


no cookies?