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food & cooking thread Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 15:20:46 No. 19141
Share food pics, your favorite recipes, recipes you came up with, cooking tips and culinary adventure anecdotes, what you’re craving and anything else food
everyone should eat this at least once https://www.foodiecrush.com/gnocchi-with-pomodoro-sauce/ Making it spicier with extra heat elements elevates the flavor and experience, it’s SO fucking delicious. You don’t need canned tomatoes and using fresh ones makes it even better because they taste so acidic. And then the cheese... It’s perfect.
(70.48 KB 590x472 chamchijeon.jpg)
One of my favourite Korean recipes is chamchijeon, it's super quick and easy, and it's really good. I like to add chopped vegetables (like carrots, spinach...) to the batter. https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/tuna-pancakes
>>21037 I've made something similar to this but it was literally just a can of tuna mixed with an egg kek (still tasty)
Really wanna try some gejang recently
i never had korean food i'm a failure as a kboo
>>32489 thank you for your input
>>32526 depends on your taste for it but my taste doesn't appreciate it past the bbq and noodles
(105.73 KB 525x350 VOLOVANES.jpg)
I miss my hometown food
(89.67 KB 640x640 23435011_0_640x640.jpg)
>>51679 Why did this post make me snort
>>51685 redbull is life
>>51679 t. anachan
lion granola. i remember devouring that shit until they for some reason pulled it off the shelves. theres nothing that can compare to that taste. i miss it so much. why did they stop selling it wtf
(77.96 KB 1200x1800 Smothered-Pork-Chops-IMAGE-46.jpg)
smothered porkchops with rice and french green beans. a southern classic. there's no way i could make it from my dorm
(101.70 KB 1200x800 nugget-gravlax-horiz.jpg)
I have spare <24 hr garlic bread loaf so I put an egg on it and baked it. It softened the bread and the taste of yolk is nice with garlic and spring onion. I'd try it again with brined and grilled carrots or some variety of "bacon". if i still ate it i know it would be perfect with gravlax. prosciutto came to mind too but it's too strong
>>32526 you're not missing out tbh
https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/honey-cookies-recipe-1927386 tried this honey cookies recipe for the first time and it said bake for 10-15 minutes so i baked the full 15. the taste is good but the cookies came out too dry... i only made a little batter to try the recipe so tomorrow or the day after, i'll try it again baking for only 10 minutes and taking out a little sugar to add more honey
i made rice because i wanted to eat curry, but my curry was older than i thought it was. i’m sure it wasn’t spoiled, but it was old. instead i ate mi goreng with an arrangement of vegetables, an egg, and a little meat. it was good. it was not spicy even though i add pepper flakes and gochujang to everything. i like the taste of heat even if it isn’t hot food, which is why i didn’t add any peppers i prepared tea with many spices as well. sometimes i add too many and you can’t identify the flavours anymore. i enjoy mixing up a concoction for tea. i made a milk tea using soy milk, earl grey and a variety of black tea, basil, ginger, and iirc cinnamon. cardamom would be best, but i have none. i prefer honey over white sugar with earl grey, but the honey was too cold and hard to scoop i want to bake bread, and make vanilla syrup. i have saffron to experiment with but so far have not experimented at all. i’m afraid to waste it on a poorly thought out dish. i would like to put it in a dessert i’ve never had before i like cranberry cheese
my mon got me toaster bags to make grilled cheese. i'm making two rn
>>32526 i havent either but ive tried japanese and they seem good
>>819694 add spinach to them it’s good
how do i teach myself how to cook. like where do i start. what are some things that are simple and healthy
>>829361 pinterest is the place to go. make some greek chicken gyros that ones a banger and easy to make
>>832030 mwah thanks
>>829361 youtube! you can search “5 easy healthy recipes” and get a shit ton of results. a lot of them have their own websites you might have to go to for measurements and a written recipe, but that info is usually in the comments or video descriptions anyways. i always find it easier to watch people make something and then try it instead of only using recipe books
>>829361 youtube like the other anon said, but what do you like to eat and what tools do you have to cook with?
how do i stop hating vegetables
>>834339 salt, oil, roast them. if that still fails, cover it in cheese.
(157.86 KB 535x487 20211119161448767386.jpg)
i bought various flavours of this instant noodle brand that are supposed to be on the lighter level of spiciness, but damn... i put only half of that spicy sauce but just one bite and i had such an awful burning stomach, and after finishing the noodle i felt even hungrier than before. how can these koreans eat spicy foods like this?!
>>854063 i had the original version and i could only use 1/3 of the sauce packet, i had the shits for days. there’s one in red packaging that’s even spicier, i like spicy food but i have no idea how koreans can enjoy these noodles regularly it’s insane
>>854063 kek i eat the 2x spicy one all the time. you build up a tolerance for it
>>834339 season them well and if it dont work then chop it finely and hide it in your favourite snacks/meals or puree them and make a sauce
>>854063 you are literally so weak how do you live with yourself
>>854063 >>854218 >half of that spicy sauce >only use 1/3 of the sauce packet i'm weaker than both of you
Do anons here watch mukbangs? I really like Hamzy. Her videos are so comfy to me and I really appreciate how she eats decent portions. Plus her dog is pretty cute. https://youtube.com/c/HamzyASMR/featured
>>1099601 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMFuJEewW1E i like watching this chinese mukbanger. i probably wouldn't enjoy most of the food she eats but i like her vibe, she's very chatty and mostly eats outside at random food stalls at night.
>>1099601 i had a mukkbang phase but hamzy is the only one i still watch, i love her long cooking videos
do all mukbangers spit and edit? find it gross to imagine how the likely have a pail next to them whilst filming.
>>1100385 hard to know for sure 100% but ive seen some where the portion size seems reasonable for them. like its still a lot of food for 1 meal, but if thats their 1 meal of the day its appropriate for their size. the ones who put in effort to cook the food themselves seem less likely to waste it all
>>1099729 Thank you for this recommendation, anon! >>1100311 She makes me want to cook, lol.
>>1099601 >Do anons here watch mukbangs? no, i hate mukbangs. videos like in >>1099729 are really unappealing to me >>1100385 a lot of them probably do, if not they might spit after
>>1099601 i do watch gongsam table. his portion sizes are okay and he cooks well. the beat part is the soft background music that plays while he eats. pure eating asmr just dont do it for me and i cant stand female korean mukbangers moaning while eating as if someone is eating their pus under the table.
>>1100703 hate mukbangers except for the ones who do it ironically or humourously like sangyoon who obviously doesnt eat all the food and doesnt pretend to https://youtu.be/LVC0tSioPFY


no cookies?