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(86.88 KB 400x400 ao3.png)
fic thread Anonymous 06/16/2021 (Wed) 21:14:55 No. 189858
make fun of fics talk about tropes you love or hate stress about your stats reee about how that ship you hate has more fics than that ship you like when yours is clearly superior in every single way
>>189858 please someone recommend me a fic like must be sunny by alainamill. the best piece of shit I've ever read and I've read a lot
i dont understand why the shit ship chanbaek is so popular
>>189869 >First fic ever, bare with it. kek
rec some good exo or bts shit please. any pairing, doesn't even have to be fujo. i just want to read something good and engaging. don't care for smut and romancey stuff, just want quality shit
hate that there’s so many xiaojun and hendery fics or kun and ten and no xiaojun and lucas or ten and yangyang reeeeeeee
>>190996 welp have you even read it?
>>191042 samefag, even though it's her first give it a chance. even though it's her first fic she's so so much better than well known fic writers. promise you won't regret it nona. it is actually on some house of cards level
i hate when the top pulls out of the bottom and the bottom whines or shudder at the sudden feeling of loss or whatever, it plagues every fic i hate it
can dudes really cum from prostate simulation only bc it happens so often in fics
>>191051 I mean you actually feel full and don’t want him to pull out sometimes even after he finishes so idk I find it relatable
>>191639 really, maybe can’t relate bc i don’t like guys finishing inside
>>191052 they can with training but the likelihood of a dude not primed for it is as good as none. even then the ones with training wouldn't be able to do it successfully every time
>>191653 I get you, I don’t necessarily let them finish without a condom cause I’m a paranoid piece of shit, but something about them staying in till they’re soft really pleases me
>>191899 Samefag, maybe it’s the intimacy that comes with it. But in fanfics this is written usually really bad
my fics are flopping hard lately across different accounts. wonder how much of it is the content vs the timing
>>191025 in the territory of the dragon king by curledupkitten. one of the best exo fics i've ever read and it's 120k+ words
>>191927 join fests if you haven't, you'll have more exposure that way
>>191025 must be sunny-taekook house of cards-legend taekook with a side jimin ain't no rest for the wicked by charmander- jikook black rabbit by vlevxn-jikook ukiyo-yoonmin
>>193051 inc by minverse-yoonjin
>>192719 i actually have decent presence in the fandom and my last few did really well, just striking out this week for whatever reason, ah well.
>>191855 damn then why do the virgin bottoms always come from it. i don’t even think it’s sexy because i feel like the orgasm wouldn’t be as good
is it weird i like hyrbids fics where one has dog or cat ears kekekek
>>193722 not at all catboy hybrids are my favorite extra if they have a tail
do you guys jop to smut? i will but i cant cum to it, makes me feel weird to go that far KEK so it’s like foreplay for me
>>193726 omo ill read this later >>193727 eh not really ill get excited while reading but i cant coom alone from it i can only jop to videos i need a visual
>>193728 please lemme know what you think! i read it like three times it’s very sexy
i freaking love a/b/o that takes place in modern day society, sick of shit like wolf packs just give me salarymen going into heat in the middle of the work day or something
>>193735 heavy agree
>>193729 omg i loved it i live for brats and humiliation the branding part was rly hot
>>193746 yessss it’s so good glad u liked it. please share some hybrid recs if u have any
love power bottoms so much, 1000 times better than dominant tops
>>191025 kamikaze on ao3 is a really good jikook fic if you’re into unhealthy/toxic relationships
>>193727 nope, i'm a visual person so i can only jop to vids/what i see right in front of me kek. plus my conscience won't let me jop to idols who didn't really consent to being jopped to, unlike porn actors
>>193786 interesting take nona, do you still read it though?
>>193727 i can and i do fairly often
hate when the character is described by their nationality like “the american boy sat down” idk why
>>193787 yep, i do! i'm fond of them and actively seek them out too kek
>>193805 it's one of those shitty epithets writers keep using when they want to avoid names. and it's a bit insulting to be referred to solely by your nationality, isn't it?
hate established relationships bc i want the build up and sexual tension
>>193906 i agree with this so much. a lot of the ones romanticizing established relationships haven't been in an ltr so they don't realize how dull it actually is
>>193920 omo thank you unnie it was so sexy! loved the threesome one. also i love how in cam fics they always end up meeting either at a coffee shop or as neighbours kekeke
>>193750 thanks do you have any more bts recs? I love toxic relationships and angst btw
anyone got any long romantic fic 😭
>>194231 emoji ah what fandom or ship
noncon fics amen
>>194234 any fandom or ship is fine!!
>>194439 based i love them. well actually not explicit rape but i like dubious consent
>>192705 seconding this rec
what’s the grossest fic you’ve read and ENJOYED
>>196646 The one jm and v kidnaps jk, slave “train” him and make him murder someone
this thread
>>198222 well exactly
>>196646 age play fics like peeing in a diaper
>>196646 yoongi getting gangbanged in the woods by an alpha pack or smth
>>193918 established relationships can be kept from being dull if the writer's abilities are good enough, i think...which most fanfic writers just aren't
>>198222 those celebs are being paid well for their trouble. they can't prevent people from being horny enough about them to write wholeass fics about their asses getting destroyed
>>196646 some reader insert where hyunjin bullies and then fucks the reader. it wasn't tagged as noncon but it felt like very borderline. too bad the writing was close to wattpad level because i didnt hate the concept
>>196646 noncon blackmail fic it was a train on the self insert and they took pics the author wrote out the main chara as a masochist to justify it
writer nonas how do you motivate yourself to write? i started writing for my own entertainment and had a draft collect dust for 2 weeks swearing id get back on it but my mind goes blank
>>200876 it's not so much about self motivation is it is building up the routine and getting into the habit of writing every day. you have to find what works for you, but i outline so everything is there for me already, i just have to fill out the prose
>>200817 oh damn…what group
>>200371 for me it’s not so much that’s it’s dull but that the tension of new relationships is too fun especially if one or both characters are “straight”
>>200986 ateez…not my greatest moment
>>200999 >>200817 kek was it the one where they're in a karaoke room? cause i've read it
>>201019 yes omfg i actually tried to be vague
>>201020 the hivemind knows all
>>200876 i created a playlist for the specific purpose of writing, so each time i play it it induces a pavlovian response of sorts–i feel motivated whenever i play it. also i write as much as i could (every day as much as possible) and it really helps if you've already outlined the beginning, middle, and end so you won't feel lost and it's easier to get back on track if you ever took lengthy breaks. reading other fics/works of literature inspires me to work on my own, too
Overly feminizing stuff like pitched voices and soft cheeks. People blushing all the time even if it's out of character. The panicked gay vs confident gay nonsense.
>>239457 hate the stuttering nonsense with the panicked gay
im here to revive this thread and to recommend a jar of hearts by pulsefire on ao3 it's an au where each person only has five hearts and when all five hearts have been broken/no longer red you lose love in your life leaving you empty a txt fic the ship is taehyun and beomgyu it's such a good read i think even non txt fans would enjoy it pretty long but that's the good part about it, you get so attached to the story it feels like you're in it i have never felt this much comfort/warmth from a fic it's taking me a while to get over it anyways it's really well written you should give it a read!
>>272444 you can also read it on Twitter
>>239457 this shit is always written by the type of cringe straight fujos who call themselves heckin gay and have he/they pronouns on twitter
why is hockey RPF so good… linksy on ao3 has a bunch of abo and theyre very plotty and very sexy and usually have a lot of pining. i’m reading the incomplete “wanna love you in the daylight” right now but “burn our fingers and change our names” is finished and one of my favorite fics of all time.
hockey fujos are on a whole other level
what is it with fujos and sportsmen
>>191025 https://archiveofourown.org/works/32867575/chapters/81563224 i worked so hard on this exo 300k+ fic and i just put it up, hope you appreciate it as much as i did while writing it kek
why do i read angst and hurt myself ? ughh
>>282768 masochist nona..its ok i do the same
writer nonas, where do you get prompts when your inspiration is dry?
>>285940 from fic fest masterlists and such, or i just combine random different ideas together
>>285940 i go back and forth with friends and they might give me an idea
https://kpop-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org found this kinkmeme recently. it's somewhat active and very chill. prompts are closed but fills are open.
>>310461 samefag but also for >>285940 if you like writing smut
(222.77 KB 800x1468 image_2021-08-08_170946.png)
it's that time of year again. any nonas writing for kinktober? if you'll be reading, what days are looking forward to because thatsmyfetish.jpg?
>>311129 i don't understand why it's the same kinks every year
>>311129 in theory i'd like to do this but in practice i will do two of these and then try to pretend i never started
>>310461 thanks for the link, nona. ouch @ there being kris prompts from the months before the truth about him broke out. i like this prompt >I'm fascinated by the idea of somebody as sensual as Taemin being a virgin uninterested in penetrative sex. He's never had sex that involves swapping fluids, and has some complicated personal rules about chastity. But, his partner/s are accommodating. might have to fill it. love the idea of holy!virgin!catholic!guilt!taemin.
CCC fic rec thread. request your weirdest/most niche ideas for fics and hopefully a kind anon will either find you something that matches, or write you something themselves.
as long as nobody posts the BTS norovirus fic...
>>330234 the what
rec some good skz fujoshit please, preferably with the twinks
in desperate need of femdom readerfic. in any of the following fandoms: svt, ateez, a.c.e., tbz, onf. aside from that, as long as it feels like it's written by an adult, i'm down for anything. recs?
angst or hurt/comfort recs? i could go for a good sob session, the group in the fic doesnt matter
i can’t stand this colour system nonsense in fics
>>498399 what is a colour system
>>498563 its a safe word system but with colors (green/yellow/red think of traffic lights.) some people prefer to use it for kink play because it’s easier to remember and communicate opposed to a designated safe word. the dom will often ask their partner their color, then at moment they can respond with: >green im ok, go on >yellow i need a breather/slow down >red ive hit my limit, stop whatever is going on the problem with the color system in fics is that it interrupts the mood and flow of the scene at hand, its an annoyance to readers
color system is less cringe than random safe words but i prefer it when the author just puts a disclaimer at the beginning that its all consensual
>>330267 holy water by lixie420
>>510099 >top story on kpopfanfiction’s front page being 8yrs old
>>498710 realistic bdsm scenarios in fanfiction are sooo stupid. whoever came up with the idea that fanfiction has to portray safe sex should be shot
>>202056 this is old as fuck but i just wanted to say that this advice really helped me a lot thanks based nona
send a good lesbian fic juseyo
you know when you read a fic whether fluffly or smutty or a bit of both and it makes your stomach hurt? this happened to me for the first time in ages last night and i felt shots of electricity go down my legs just reading a cute fic with a light amount of smut. it was yeonjun/soobin from txt. idk. i missed that feeling but something about those fics were so satisfying to my brain. please tell me other people have experienced this
how do you guys sort fanfictions on ao3? i always go through explicit fics first, then mature. filter out all other fandoms except the one i want to read because i hate crossovers and sort out any AU tags. also sort out m/f. then sort from most to least kudosed. also sort out mpreg
>>523513 pick fandom then word count minimum: 100k exclude: [other fandoms] sort by: bookmarks
>>523513 category m/m exclude t and g, certain aus like high school and uni aus, and just go through everything from oldest first. that's as extensive as i go since i can tell most of it is worthless from the summary, and for the few i do click, i can tell they're bad a few paragraphs in. i don't do sorting, too many gems just uploaded at a bad time from new or anon accounts, too many turds with a ton of attention for reasons beyond my comprehension
i am so ashamed but i can't stop reading cringy cliché normie-tier tbz x reader fluff fics. my two favorite at the moment: https://sankyeom.tumblr.com/post/632609326506360832/lets-play-pretend-ljh https://honeybyz.tumblr.com/post/665896626005671936/more-than-a-crush
>>523520 we only live one life read x reader fics to your heart's content without shame anon
>>518967 i know the feeling, i get it with fluff but even moreso with slight smut mixed with fluff too. i don't get any satisfaction from reading straight up fluff. coincidentally, i also got that feeling from a yeonjun making out fic.
>>523521 thank you unnie, sometimes it seems like every other female kpopfag has taken the fujopill but i can't bring myself to.
>>523522 i meant, no satisfaction from straight up smut. i do enjoy fluff on its own
>>523526 me too.. i enjoy fluff with smut or fluff that has hints of smut but doesn’t get too into it. like that fic of taehyun of txt making out with the whole group
>>523523 im more of a fujo but theres hidden y/n gems that written well that i find myself omoing over, y/n gets a bad rep because of underage writers and marysue ocs
>>523565 so true for the underage writers but marysue ocs are so difficult since expectations are to work with a blank slate and people hate it when you add too much detailing into y/n /shrugs
reading y/n just doesn't work for me, i can't picture the girl character as myself so I just end up reading about husbando fucking a random girl and it does nothing for me
>>525938 agreed. the best part of fics is seeing how the characters interact with each other and really realistic ones that are perfectly characterized are so omo. why would i want to read an idol fucking me when i don’t even want to fuck him. i’d much rather read about him fucking his groupmate
i'm down bad please rec me good x reader fics nonas...preferably fluff but anything is fine. no penetrative sex if smut please.
>>560733 what fandom/members you interested in nona?
>>563264 i am a fervent hyunjaesis but anyone from any group will do
>>517600 kek you're welcome, glad to help. i still practice this and i've written 300k in six months
>>518967 this is just the right mix of sugar and spice and yes, i feel this too. too much of anything whether smut or fluff doesnt induce impactful feelings in me
>>611174 hockey player jeno fic rec'er from dst i hope you see this i added your rec to my tbr list i also rec'd nshitty fics above and any of those authors are pretty solid i'd also recommend anything by tyonfs (she's big in fandom i'm assuming you've read at least a few of her fics) do you have any specific members or tropes you read for?
>>612563 kek idk how i saw this so quickly but i did. tysm i will look over your recs. im a dreamzen mostly but i read jaehyun fics sometimes too. my favorite trope is e2l and anything to do with sports. also lmk if you like the jaehyun one when you finish it!
>>612590 do you like smut in your fics or do you veer away from it? and i will! i've been behind on fics in fandom but winter break is coming and i plan on getting through my tbr
>>612636 im fine with smut, i like the perfect combo of smut + fluff kek but i also don't mind if there's no smut. and same, i need to make a tbr too i always just kinda find them as i go along
(43.34 KB 828x552 FCgxx8WVgAU9xEg.jpg)
>>612644 word i love smut and fluff we are one nona
>>566474 nona i looked more into the last tumblr in your post and she wrote such a cute sheep fluff fic https://nctsworld.tumblr.com/post/662194958239989760/skateboard-love
the skzfic where felix is literally the devil bc of some weird cult ritual when he was a baby
i hate demon aus i dont get the appeal
>>612675 bruh i searched up tyonfs and realized i already read a lot of her fics. my favorite one was this jaemin one https://tyonfs.tumblr.com/post/633666517952839681/cat-mouse
>>612765 yes that fic was so cute! there's not enough sheep fics >>613934 yes i assume everyone's read at least that one and her jaehyun one! tyonfs is a queen i will read all her stuff
>>614235 good stuff
>>614235 ty nona will save these for later
https://choerrypuffs.tumblr.com/post/186390139973/master-of-all-elements dreamzen nonas i really recommend these they're well written demi-god aus
(90.56 KB 818x717 FFQxHtJX0AANIYC.jfif)
>>614513 kek writer nona do you read your own wips too. i feel like writing is so cool because you can make the exact fic you want to read
>>615008 fuck yeah if i ever finish my wips i reread them shamelessly no one else will be writing what i want to read
can fic writers please stop writing smut where one character doesn’t cum? like even if it’s just them finishing in their pants and getting a handjob. it makes me feel bad for them and the other character always offers but they “wave them off”
girlies who create 15k+ word fics of gaypops then deactivate one day of nowhere, completely erasing their body of work from the internet why what is the reason
>>652293 yeah id like to know that too even for the ones who write short oneshots. are they afraid of being doxxed or something of the sort?
how do nonas like texting to be transcribed in fic? special formatting? italics? quotes? special characters?
>>652293 i hate it so much so many of my favorite fics were erased like this its so annoying because most of the time the writers dont put their personal info on tumblr/ao3 or whatever so no one could find it anyway
>>652627 i hate when they assign the characters cringy pet names like "baby *emojis*". i just like it straightforward like character 1: bla bla bla character 2: bla bla bla
>>652293 when people just write for a stakeless hobby or to let off steam deleting everything doesn't feel like a big deal
(584.05 KB 2480x1748 FFcNHicagAUFuld.jpg)
can i talk about my anime ships here because that's all i really write for (or intend to)
>>653958 if you have fics to share or talk about, sure. we're in ot
(142.08 KB 1075x1182 FEY2qcRakAI3xBx.jpg)
>>653961 sweet. before i post any: is anyone into jjk
>>653980 girl just post what you want to post. nobody is going to answer a question like this
feel like writing something. any f/m or m/m smut prompts unnies
https://pesiko.tumblr.com/post/641583439788802048/fic-recs-main-masterlist this user is so based nctzz/exohags/moacripples get in here
>>654098 something like trying to get attention from the gamer husbando
>>654098 enemies with benefits > both get in a serious relationship with other seemingly perfect people > they still cant help but to cheat on their partners with each other. fl is seeing this guy > he presents her to his friends > upon seeing the ML she realized she chose the wrong guy in that friend group > its mutual but they dont want to hurt the other guys feelings something like one arrives at this small gathering/party and the other takes them to another room to fuck but they're unsure because it might be too sus/awkward to the friends outside so they have to do it quickly and try to muffle sounds
>>654282 >enemies with benefits > both get in a serious relationship with other seemingly perfect people > they still cant help but to cheat on their partners with each other. wtf i love this
>>654139 i liked this and i don’t even know this anime or any anime thank u
>>654187 wow she has tons tysm nona
>>654187 kek i can't believe this is what's gonna get me to read fanfics, that's quite the arsenal
>>654139 this was so good nona i was dripping wet by the end of it
i miss the really long super well written exo fics. the fandom really had some of the best writers
>>657125 are you being serious
>>657130 it makes me wonder what draws good writers to a fandom/what creates a culture of good fanfiction in certain fandoms but not others
>>653958 >itafushi nona freaking based, i love them
i'm about to hit 400k...it's insane how exo ships drew this many words from me. they have the best and the most prolific writers
selfcest isnt that bad
>>687985 selfcest is kino i’ll die on this hill
someone post a good bts kink dom would be the best
>>693453 hetero or you mean ship?
do pets still exist in hybrid au
are hybrid aus like bojack horseman, where aquatic hybrids have their own cities underwater? do aerial hybrids have their own cities on mountaintops or in other areas not easily reached by those without wings? have hybrids always existed -- and if so, were there hybrid kingdoms and empires or have hybrids always been an oppressed group?
>>693639 anything
>>702728 ok, fratboy jungkook enemies to fuck buddies to lovers https://btssmutgalore.tumblr.com/post/149376226446/monster (there's 18 parts this is the 1st one, go to her masterlist for the other 17) jungkook + v + reader threesome smut (this is just the first part, again go to her master list for the other 3. 1st part is V dom, 2nd part is jungkook dom, 3rd part is y/n dom and 4th part is a mix) https://btssmutgalore.tumblr.com/post/152812187851/business established relationship jungkook dom https://httpjeon.tumblr.com/post/181469213796 jungkook enemies to fuck buddies kinda, jungkook dom (2 parts) https://minlucent.tumblr.com/post/178220122517/block-party-m-01 football player jk x journalist reader enemies to lovers (this one has more story) https://iamtaekooked.tumblr.com/post/190845855654/au-enemies-to-lovers-football lmk if you want more kek
>>703207 thanks a lot nona but do you have something in tentacles or hybrids?
>>694216 sometimes it's only a select few who get to be hybrids, the rest are either just animals or humans
*pot clanging* wake up nshittizens tyonfs dropped cherry girl https://tyonfs.tumblr.com/post/672269351965065216/cherry-girl
>>719604 THIS IS NOT A DRILL brb
in dire need of good fanfic suggestions >bts x yn >ml or namjoon >dom preferably >smut with plot
>>720640 also i have tried tumblr but its so hard to find anything im looking for there. so it would be great if good ones from tumblr are posted. im going through the ones already mentioned above
>>720642 here's a couple >>703207 some of these have plot and some don't she has a lot of bts y/n smut ones https://kpopfanfictrash.tumblr.com/post/189262032296/my-personal-favorites-disclaimer-anything https://btssmutgalore.tumblr.com/post/149784444181/masterlist she has good smut and smut with plot. the ones i've read smut with plot: monster (jungkook), zaddy (taehyung) both dom/sub oriented especially zaddy, sin city (jimin) smut with no plot: business (v and jk and reader 3some), benefits, lightweight... sorry i mostly only read maknae line fics so if you're more of a hyung line ami search through them themselves, both of these writers have hyung line fanfics too
>>719657 i'm back that was so good. also i found a long cute haechan enemies2lovers fluff fic with no smut if anyone's feeling like having a light read https://jenoloqy.tumblr.com/post/663362721113309184/romancing-lee-donghyuck
>>720683 tyonfs never goes wrong with a jaem fic nor with her smut >light read >23.7k word count nona... i'll still add to my tbr kamsamnida
>>720689 KEK sorry i meant lighthearted.... also true. i'm patiently awaiting this one
i've been into kpop for 5 years and in the anime fandom before but i could never get into fanfics. i'm kinda bored now and i would like to try some. can you please give me recs. i ult(ed) exo, bts, nct, txt but i know most poular groups so anyone is fine. as long as it's not horror or too dark, anything is fine.
>>723850 reader or ship? any specific genres and/or tropes?
>>723898 don't know so just your best one i guess
does anyone have any exo x reader story recs? i’m a loser who wants to be loved.
does anyone unironically read and like neopuppy's works?
>>729643 i've read a couple i think but i prefer plot with my smut kek
>>730041 kekek
>>723850 i'm reccing this 400k exo fic https://archiveofourown.org/works/33857512/chapters/84177940 hope you enjoy nona
>>747371 is this actually good nona? the premise is kinda cringe
>>729643 what are their works like? never heard of them before
>>748423 abo and hybrid smut fics if people want to enjoy the kink/concepts i'm all for it but i don't understand how popular her fics are when they're written so cringey with incomplete sentence structure
if only my husbando was a more popular member my fic would have more notes reeee
>>748343 yeah it's better than it sounds
anyone know any good female oc or y/n the boyz fics? preferably hyunjae, eric or sunwoo
what’s everyone reading these days? i’ve been in a slump for a few weeks and was wondering what’s good.
nshittizen nonas any good y/n fic recs lately?
>>862732 not really. waiting for tyonfs to release more stuff kek. if you've found any good ones in the meantime please link them i'm starving
anyone carats have good y/n fic recs? i’m starving these days.
>>868562 i only read on ao3 so this is all i got >femdom reader x hoshi https://archiveofourown.org/works/21559447 >wonchangyu x reader https://archiveofourown.org/works/28799880/chapters/70629000#workskin
nonas ive been on a writers block for like 2 months and i feel like im getting worse bc i set too high expectations for myself making a fic bingo last year. also maybe partly bc my fics are flopping as fuck right now but anyway. sorry for the rant i just dont get the same feeling i had the last time i was writing and it sucks when you have a deadline
>>894340 idk how it works for writer but if writing makes you happy try not to quit
>>894340 as someone who's participated in several collabs (and not posted on time kek) you just have to be real with yourself and be okay on not making it it happens to the best of us and your writer's block will pass it just takes time - don't force creativity
>>961957 what are the chances that we've read one of your fics before queen
as an esl, can you recommend me some fics with good writing to improve my english?
>>963402 kek likely i have one or two relatively well known fics in my main fandom
>>964119 if you're into nct/reader fics, i recommend anything by these authors >>566474 along with tyonfs, ppangjae, and lunena
>>964760 kek i said ppangjae i meant jeongvision
aauuughhhh i hate social media aus that mischaracterize my husbando so bad just fucking stop. if you still write or read socmed aus whats wrong with you fr.
>>965726 coming off a bit underage
>>965726 >aauuughhhh i hate social media aus that >that no need to elab all social media aus suck
>>961956 ty nona i read it, it was good
kinda new jeno fic dropped earlier this month https://tyonfs.tumblr.com/post/677756757648572416/fight-club
fic authors itt do you guys read back the fic you write after posting i literally can’t bring myself to re-read any of my fics even the ones that have gotten a good response cause it feels so embarrassing and cringe-inducing and like everyone is probably laughing at my shitty smut oh god
I need a good straight non-y/n non-smut fic
>>979217 this did excellent things for me and my psyche. my only complain was that it wasn’t longer
>>987624 yes seonghwa i read my fics after i post them your works are gold and i'm sure they're worth the reread
>>987646 i'm sure there's some out there but you can also download a chrome extension that lets you switch out words and then switch out "y/n" for a random girl name and "you" for "she" and you can read any y/n fic as if it was an x female oc
>>566474 nona idk if you're still around but i finally read these and they were cute, thank you! i kinda have a parasocial crush on bread too so that was good
>>1001256 yay i'm glad you enjoyed it ||and we all have a parasocial crush on bread kek||
>>1004339 kek i tried to spoiler it like discord i'm a retard
>>1004340 cringe
>>987624 i read it a few times specially because it always ends up needing editing and then i'll grow tired of it after a week. one month after it gives the cringe
sometimes the fic is legit good until the man opens his mouth during the smutty scene. its all going well until the "so wet and i didnt even touch you" comes out. cant they please develop other personalities? enough is enough. even if they are virgins is that all you can imagine as sexy male behavior? please please please lets do better authors
>>1007081 word. i get that a lot of people don't read smut for the characters and you have a lot of readers who click on smut for the tags, not the fandom -- e.g. the phenomena of people who read teen wolf smut despite never having seen an episode of the show. but when i want fic for a series i really love, all i ask is for some good in-character smut. if this character would stutter and stammer during sex, write that. if that character would say some goofy shit during sex, write that. if this character would be silent as a monk -- well, that's something to explore! there are ways to make these things sexy, it just takes more effort than copy+pasting cliche daddy dom dialogue points.
>>1007081 kek it's always that line
>>1007094 for the past years its been impossible to find fics without a dom/sub dynamic and its all the same old script. god forbid people engage in sexual activity as equals too! not even talking about vanilla sex, you can do all sorts of deranged shit or the whole kama sutra without the sub/dom play. the worst is that it seems to have become the standard, people eat this shit up and there is no sort of bad feedback making rounds. they write their christian grey variety and the fic immediately gets clicks and likes
any good fic where gaypops eat pussy. it doesn't have to be y/n but it absolutely cannot be troon shit
>>1007154 which gaypop/group? i swear most smuts these days have pussy eating kek you can probably find some earlier in the thread
>>862732 check out sundaysundaes on tumblr
>>1024905 i think i've read a couple of their works and it never really hit do you have any specific recs for them?
>>862732 very late kek but i really like this writer and she just posted a new 15k y/n jarmin fic https://choerrypuffs.tumblr.com/post/679140229284790272/the-starlet i already poster her dream 00 line demigod series here >>614461
>>1097809 posted*
ao3 fic collection https://archiveofourown.org/collections/jopping_101 the collection is not anonymous in this case to accommodate those with existing works up so if you do want to add to it please make a burner account. otherwise, as far as content goes please add whatever you'd like
>>1259823 awwe thank you for adding mine
does anybody have some good yncel fluff any gaypop minus busteds
>>1328820 did you check out the ones already itt?
i am coming to you with the specific request of a y/ncel smut fic where the moid is a virgin
has anyone noticed how dark fanfics have become? like i remember dark! fanfics and mafia fanfics were popular when 1d and 5sos were ruling wattpad and tumblr, but i see a shit ton of yandere fanfics. i’m very curious on why it’s appealing to people on a psychological level. maybe the thought of someone doing whatever it takes to love you? feeling protected and cared for?
>>1359671 word yandere and stalking fics are the norm now at least in my circles. but feeling protected and cared for doesn't really apply to yandere fics - i think the obsessiveness and doing whatever it takes to love you as you mentioned is likely the cause.
thesaurus fics are hilarious https://chateautae.tumblr.com/post/689988123836416000/maybe-i-do-one-week-without-sex >How you ended up in this erotic situation? >His salacious eyes told you a carnal tale once you visited him for a minor report check, and now your boobs lasciviously jostle against him, spilling out of your top he stripped open, your panties carelessly flung across his chair. >Your pussy juices incessantly flow out of you
>>1359756 >“I’m trying to make a baby with my wife,” kek wtf how does this have so many notes
whats everyones opinion on the alpha/beta/omega verse
>>1433795 weird but i don't really care for it i prefer it over odd hybrid and yandere fics
>>1433795 three to four of my least favorite tropes are baked into the premise, and four to five of my least favorite tropes are frequently featured on top of that. i filter it out.
any y/n smut prompts, nonas?
archiveofourown.org/works/22936825 scorching hot hyuckil fic
>>1534216 having sex with another person (member) watching
>>1571745 nta but omo


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