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dumbass bgshitters #1 Anonymous 06/13/2021 (Sun) 22:02:42 No. 180639
for all of us respecting the larping bis during pride month
wait a second let me get my popcorn to watch this brawl
>>180640 i think you're going to be disappointed on just how dead this thread ends up being
post juyeon jebal
(35.00 KB 720x402 E2Y5QJ6X0AMWfrd.jpeg)
thank god
bgshitters lets respect ggposters safe space
(1.83 MB 4096x2716 1623618887546.jpg)
love oppar simple as
>>180648 stop falseflagging
(50.69 KB 1280x720 1621303654187.jpg)
(502.91 KB 1536x2048 1618199933480.jpg)
>>180678 more like lucas amirite
(490.41 KB 1451x2048 E2PSaTLXIAAb9mk.jpeg)
>>180688 others cant drag your oppar if you drag him first!
>>180695 disgusting
(254.20 KB 2048x1358 E2PSZ0dXoAMnarN.jpeg)
>>180702 if by disgusting you mean handsome then yes
we already won bros
>>180695 why does he look so weirdddd??
>>180713 giant ears, giant eyes, giant nose, and giant mouth on a small face. might as well be deformed
(55.51 KB 1024x681 DUzLzf8WsAI5en2.jpg)
mukpg found us
(22.90 KB 573x535 images (12)7.jpeg)
jawnee's dick's pov:
(31.58 KB 500x388 EmAqvU4VcAIAdl_.jpg)
comfy thread
(7.24 KB 210x210 E2-rZ5SXMAkiw7e.jpeg)
comfy maleposter-free thread
(12.81 KB 468x489 1610322273665.jpg)
thought you were tinfoiling but now im not so sure wtf
>>181066 same *nervous laughter*
vibez are off
>>181103 idk i thought it was some shitstirrer
the great scrotum scare of spring 21
guess we're here tonight
ok now its over the charts sus
i don't have susing memes
(494.75 KB 561x580 .................png)
choachan.cafe is no longer based and redpilled
>posting the most posted yeji pics on mukpg lol they're doing it on purpose arent they
>>181210 yeah it's almost as if a gaypgfag took a trip to mukpg and saved a couple of pics to troll ccc, which is easier than baiting twitterfags. though that might be the same thing
>>181217 doesnt change the fact that its trolling idk what your point is kek
(63.16 KB 674x674 E2zAYGUX0AQLroa.jpeg)
>>181217 well you sure are giving them the attention and meltdowns they're craving with this aren't ya
>>181267 why are you so pressed lol
no fighting here only girlies posting gaypops
>>181294 love soob!
(30.29 KB 594x750 FGGb-NvXMAQTG9t.jpeg)
hello ladies
(2.44 MB 246x275 1599679204000.gif)
i dont come to ccc to talk about war tbqh
bye guysz hi ladiesz
(33.44 KB 521x521 20220223_210155.jpg)
(35.07 KB 731x731 20220219_173117.jpg)
what the hell even happened to cause this thread
>>885289 the great ggposters vs bg-only posters war of 2021
(32.53 KB 446x445 FJ7gMeiXsAAvM-I.jpeg)


no cookies?