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(35.13 KB 253x609 cvs-receipts-2.jpg)
retail therapy thread Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 17:48:55 No. 167782
what did you just buy? what do you want to buy?
i want to buy a new laptop and more ikea stuff as well as plants and cute decorative things for my home but alas i am poor. the last thing i bought that wasnt food related were cleaning supplies </3
i just bought a new moisturizer and some instant lipton ice tea kek. i want to buy a new cleanser too because i feel like the one i'm using rn is too harsh for my stupid sensitive eczema-prone skin
going to buy a new tv stand this weekend, much bigger expense but hopefully will buy a new mattress by the end of the month. mine fucking sucks
i want to get a new laptop sooo baaad
i bought a new coffee grinder, i hope it's alright
about to buy some cheap but good quality makeup to soothe the soul. what i really SHOULD buy is some more storage because my makeup collection is getting out of control but that's less satisfying to spend on kek
bought a new frying pan. kept needing high heat from my nonsticks so i got a regular stainless
new phone's coming in today and i'm really excited
>>199249 man congrats i need a new one so bad
i made my bf buy me hair oil it’s nice
i bought airpod pros through amazon bc of prime. it was 190 when it's normally 250 so that's not bad right
>>200127 airpod pros are totally worth it if you use apple products imo, i love mine
i bought underwear that says superdry on the ass so reverse wap
trying to buy a house in the most expensive city in north america </3
>>409360 canadian by any chance? rip. i bought last year, but i would suggest trying to take a look at first time home buying programs if they're available to you in your area. have you already been pe-approved for a mortgage?
(165.74 KB 1024x804 D7CmI6aVsAALFaL.jpg)
>>409582 you know it rip i'll definitely take a look around for them! and haven't been preapproved yet - thinking we should do that soon but bf is trying to pick up another job for more income glad you got in the market when you did though
>>410772 good luck sis. it was a long process and i learned a ton in that time, but i'm very glad i did it. wishing you and your bf an easy time of it


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