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movies Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 21:07:13 No. 152882
rec movies talk about movies complain about how all your favorite gaypops only watch capeshit and pixar what have you watched and what's on your watchlist?
(37.37 KB 338x500 51JRZD0UqkL._AC_.jpg)
best movie ever made
>>152917 unironically yes
>>152917 duhhhhh
>>152917 the studios should've all closed after this
shrek 2 > shrek 1 = shrek 4 >>>>>>> a wall >>>>>>>> shit >>>>>> shrek 3
>>152917 shrek 1 mogs tbqhwyf
gotta come clean, i've only seen shrek 1. will you guys take me as i am?
>>153022 no. get out. you clearly havent witness cinema greatest like shrek 2
>>152917 It's rare when a sequel can top the og movie. Shrek could do that, and toy story as well
(623.06 KB 1199x1724 7e34892209de6748599a68e616a29da9.jpg)
i just finished watching road to the el dorado i liked the characters but i'm afraid to sound like a massive sjw it just that it feels so wrong to me, i was happy when i could recognize many temples that i have seen irl and the inspiration from the indigenous cultures but chel is so ridiculous sexualize (she probably sucked Tulio dick) she reminded of all the horrible history of indigenous woman and white dudes, the bad guy is the darkest and his punishment was being taken away by the conquistadors (i would have preferred him to get killed tbh), the white dudes i mean they are funny but they are like the good guys and saviours of el dorado. With that being said chel is so hot and the backgrounds were amazing.
>>155787 the animators definitely had too much fun making chel... it made me uncomfortable watching it as a child. i really like the music in it though but that might just be bc of nostalgia factors.
(232.52 KB 914x915 1619529047554.jpeg.jpg)
i enjoyed it
>>242225 this movie tempted me to start drinking alcohol
>>242225 Name?
>>242390 another round
nosso lar
(19.95 KB 739x415 images.jpeg-6.jpg)
I liked it a lot, but it kind of hits too hard at some places where I related to the lead to the point I was uncomfortable that I could find her relatable.
(303.89 KB 900x1278 81Sv4NqjhlL._SL1278_.jpg)
i love this movie and have been wanting to rewatch it but last time i tried i started tearing up the second i heard the opening theme
(176.13 KB 1200x900 persepolis.jpeg)
i saw persepolis (2007) when it first came out and i remember thinking it was objectively good, but boring. i was definitely too young to get it. throughout the years, though, i'll randomly remember moments from the movie. scenes will play in my head when i least expect it. ultimately one of the most impactful movies i watched as a kid, even if i didn't realize it at the time.
>>1322726 i love this movie a lot. and same, that scene where eye of the tiger is playing pops up in my head often. or her grandma soaking her chest in ice water
>>1322726 This is one of my most favorite movies of all time. I loved it so much, I remember first seeing the trailers when it came out and thinking "this looks very adult, but fun." being pleasantly perplexed at an animated mature movie. When I watched it I left with tears. I went on to reread the events of the film in the first and new parts in the second book. It's one of the most impactful works I've ever gotten to experience. I highly recommend reading both if you get the chance. I choke up just seeing this jpeg kek
>treasure planet >everything everywhere all at once >matilda some movies i like
>>1322762 eeaao is definitely one of the best movies this year
>>1326893 i keep meaning to watch this. any thoughts? i’ve heard mixed things
>>1326791 rant incoming i didn't even hate it at first but the more people praise it and the more i think about it the more i dislike it. it's literally a marvel movie made for the a24 crowd. it's a live action rick and morty episode. it's like a late 2000's youtube sketch with 'lol so random xd/ le epic bacon' humor. with a puddle deep message of 'positive nihilism' and 'being kind' like every disney movie ever. i can't believe grown millenials are calling it moving and life changing and shit. like, is this the first time you hear about optimism? plus hate how it's literally telling you that your life sucks because of your own individual wrong choices and nothing else, no other outside factors. and that you should just accept it and be happy and complacent. and i just love how all the asian american movies always play into their own stereotypes. always with the overbearing mom who can't accept her own children, the generational trauma, the conservative parents. oh and they run a laundromat of course. the script was apparently written in 2009 which makes sense but i thought we've since moved on from this buzzfeed article, reddit tier shit but i guess not. stupid multiverse movies are the zeitgeist and stupid marvel and disney shit infected the whole industry for years to come and people still eat it up. like, it's fine as a mid, feel good movie you watch with your parents but it being praised everywhere and getting perfect ratings on every site like it's the new parasite ticks me off so much
has anyone seen thor love and thunder?
what's a nearly universally acclaimed or liked movie that didn't hit for you? for me it's dear poets society and burning. both are boring and pretentious imo
i like apocalyptic shit and i watched "awake" on netflix and it was good
>>1332854 agree on burning, didn't watch dead poets. i love horror movies but i didn't like exorcist or the shining. also snowpiercer
>>1332854 eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i just was unable to even give a fuck about the premise, let alone the movie
>>1332771 i might later just because capeshit is fun to watch in 3d
i didn't know ridley scott directed house of gucci wtf happened
>>1336038 name a single good movie he made after alien
>>1336312 shut up contrarian retard don't pretend like any of those movies were house of gucci tier schlock
>>1336443 where did you read contrarian or aggression from my post please reign in the bpd
>>1333777 hard agree >>1336312 the last duel
>>1332450 i think you have fair criticisms and i can see how the praise makes you hate it even more, but i don't think people tout it to be an original idea in regards to the optimism (at least myself), but having a brighter message in a time where life and the world sucks is going to inevitably stand out and stylistically interesting in using maximalism where minimalism is often preferred in modern moviemaking
(2.15 MB 1851x1651 250.jpg)
>>1332854 all movies in the top 10 (except replace blade runner with 2049) didn't really do anything for me


no cookies?