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Made by CCC Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 20:15:43 No. 152864
A thread for anons to show off your creative talent. Can be videos, gifs, edits, writing, etc. Anything goes and does not have to be humorous in nature.
(774.65 KB 720x720 IMG_5054.MP4)
(1.26 MB 480x480 IMG_0413.mp4)
(758.77 KB 924x1609 oie_qF0n4L0ypHIz.jpg)
>>152866 I didn't make it, I've found it on twt
(268.55 KB 1705x1200 20210529_131623.jpg)
>>152878 dying at this
(116.21 KB 1200x1200 20210529_131249.jpg)
sigh....should've saved more of the vids....
(106.79 KB 494x535 the crazies.jpg)
>>171032 are you aware of the drive folder?
>>171439 i'm aware of it and got it but I don't think it got some of the newer vids that were made like the hendery matrix one
(2.36 MB 1280x720 matrixdery.webm)
>>171032 >>171034 kek i love seeing my old relics on here. and don't worry nona i got it right here >>171841
(4.83 MB 720x720 fly high angel.webm)
might as well drop this bad boy here too
>>171875 thank you nona, there was so many hendery edits.... >>171877 this was the only one I saved kek
>>171882 golden age of nctg...
>>171889 i love this one
quintessentially nct
>>171877 my sides hurt, thank you for this godsend supreme editor nona
only 11 jarmin x scammy works on nct...pitiful
>>171877 I can't breathe
>>171877 Dear God.
I fucking lost it at racist ni88as and then psycho ni88as comes up kEk
(700.67 KB 909x622 nct D.I.E.png)
welp nonas I think I did actually lose a jarmin edit I made long ago cause it is not in my trash but luckily I still have this
>>195844 >hendery >6'0"
for aespa nona. not my best work
>>235956 ^btw didn't make the majority of this, just tweaked some of it.
I love making trippy ass phone edits esp if it involves fire
i made this poem for yeonjun i know you don't look the same anymore and they somehow botched your face but to me you're hard to ignore and i hope you çum on my face
>>235956 BASEDDD this is exactly what i wanted. it’s one of my ringtones now thank you so much. i love you.
already posted on dst but i'm just gonna keep it here
(345.80 KB 640x360 realgangstalkmingfoortage.mp4)
terrifying real footage being archived by request
(576.24 KB 865x679 it's a bop.png)
(61.55 KB 500x693 IMG_2630.jpg)
for the nona who wanted to see the sexo memes i'd had back in 2013, these were some of what i had left
(98.56 KB 597x447 IMG_3242.jpg)
(101.68 KB 241x320 IMG_3293.jpg)
(118.44 KB 320x238 IMG_6605.png)
(1.67 MB 768x1024 IMG_7465.png)
this one has some lore to it. the picture on top iirc is some chupacabra replica some guy made or some shit, i'm pretty sure it's a meme on it's own. but then it has the "what did you just say about me" quote added on top and water in the background because it's actually from the philippines. and then jongin's mixed race speculation meme + blowing it up because the creature was actually working against him, even though it was related to him. but it was based on another girl in the group who was in fact filipina, and she used it as her profile picture >>447862 this was from a long running joke that luhan was demonic/satan. i don't know how it started anymore. i think it was the faces he'd make? kek >>447861 kris' predebut photos were also a favorite back then, the way dst memes eric is how he'd get treated. only instead of weed and a lisp it was weed and yaoi hands
(164.08 KB 320x320 IMG_3292.jpg)
(4.19 MB 720x720 IMG_0965.MP4)
(3.77 MB 720x1280 IMG_1879.MP4)


no cookies?