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(134.40 KB 828x645 original.jpg)
Becoming Lee Jeno Anonymous 05/01/2021 (Sat) 20:09:18 No. 147924
A thread for us who want to become our idols or take on their personas. >who do you want to be? >what persona do you want to take on? >how to use idol marketing and image making irl >how far have you come in your journey? >how has it worked out for you?
jenosis you're losing it
Okay so, I'm on a personal journey to be Jeno. Why Jeno? Well, we have some things in common like a big nose, small lips and shyness and honestly, Jeno was just one audition away from being like me though. When you think about it, Idols have a huge amount of resources dedicated to making them successful. Without that careful planning and resources they would probably be as fat, ugly and annoying as the rest of us. What if the average citizen tried put as much effort in their own image making? in dieting and looks? Could they become as charming? Anyway, idols appeal to use because they make themselves appear like characters in movies and novels. they want to seem otherworldly, not just like regular people. Everyone likes interesting and charming people. What if some of us started living like that? Living like an ideal? I feel like it would make people's lives more interesting and better. You would basically be the ideal you stan anyway.
>>147925 come join me on my journey, with your own journey? who do you want to be sis?
(87.14 KB 1124x1124 Ez0VMSQUUAA5APy.jpg)
the hardest part will be the amount of working out I'll have to do. I'm so lazy and love to eat. Jeno has like no body fat and is all muscle and is rail thin. Jesus, this will be ALMOST impossible to achieve but I think I can at least become thinner and start working out regularly. Jeno also apparently doesn't eat lunch and sticks to just two or one meals day. I think I'll do something similar.
>>147927 hmmm i don't want to be nobody tbh but i'm rooting for you. hwaiting~~
i need to become jimin
>>147930 hi oli oppar
I'm planning on dying my hair white like Jeno had, but I'm scared of the damage. I have virgin hair rn so I think I can do it without completely destroying my hair.
>>147932 I forgot jeno had white hair, why not just dye it black
>>147933 I already have dark born hair and black hair would make me look like a goth chick.
I want to become BTS Jung Kook.
>>147935 what parts? And how will you do it?
>>147936 i want to possess his body
>>147937 Astral projecting into his body and knowing what it feels like to get pounded with rapemon cock
>>147932 nona i wanted to a long time ago but i’m scared because i have jet black hair and people say it suits me more but i want the white hair
>>147938 Go into halsey’s body if you wanna do that
>>147940 as if she would topkek ratmies are delusional
>>147941 Have u seen her boyfriends do you think that woman has standards
I am now successfully jeno. Thanks
>>147942 she does. her standards are white people not cocklet gooks
>>147939 DOOO ITT! You only live once and hair grows back. Idols truly try out all kinds of styles why can't the common folk?
>>147944 >normal term for white people >rAcIsT term for koreans Don't think we don't know
>>147928 nona you're a girl, why do you wanna look like jeno who's hypermasculine?
>>147947 I want to be fit and skinny like him and be as dedicated to working out. like even if I worked out a shitton I'd never have those kinds of muscles regardless
(953.68 KB 2285x2560 workoutw-scaled.jpg)
>>147947 I feel like girl version of Jeno would be intense fitness girls and I think they look amazing.
>>147949 this is not even intense tbh shouldn't be too hard if you are already thin
>>147951 kek you can do it nonetheless
(1.62 MB 1854x946 32933.png)
how are you going to cope with not being able to make or understand jokes, jenokin?
Jeno >white straight teeth and a pretty smile
Jeno both represents the classic desirable male standards and the deviation from it. At the surface level he is a pretty good looking acceptable young man. Well mannered, nice physique, manly disposition, normally dressed, nuclear family, basic upbringing in his culture. If anything, he is a bit too plain and boring for an idol. He is the base standard of every man. You can start with Jeno and then add and deduct what you like to create a plethora of different personas. Jeno remains the base marketed as the "boring" and "unfunny" one. When you get into NCT Dream he is the background character. Initially you can place whatever desires you want on him like the typical "prince" of every group. As the story of each Dream character unfolds you see that Jeno is marked by contrasts. This is the selling point of his charm as an idol. His manly look is contrasted by his soft personality. His masculine, large facial features are contrasted by his constant eye smile. Additionally his muscular body is contrasted by his smaller body frame, small face and hands. He has physical hobbies like bike riding, working out and his physique is very strong. This is contrasted by him being very affectionate and cuddly. Contrasts fascinate humans, both in physical appearance (blue eyes dark hair) and in personality. It draws people in and keeps people guessing adding mystery and intrigue.
>>147953 I am also unfunny, so it's okay.
>>147955 you're fucking incredible jenoclone
>>147955 kek new copypasta
>>147955 to continue... sm marketing remains superior. Taking Jeno's physical looks (intense features, older looking, masculine) creating him as the default manly/masculine character and then adding contrast to create allure. How to use this in real life to create the same effect? It all starts with your own "image". Your natural physical disposition and the feeling you give off with your expressions. I think sm marketing looks at that first. people actually make up their judgements about others in like less than 30 seconds. Looks play a huge role. Being good-looking is the first step but you can be a little ugly and still charming (chenle, Baekhyun ect...). Take your base looks, decide what to emphasize and what to change for optimal attractiveness. For example Jeno works out all the time and has to remain muscular because his face with a twinky body would be gross af.
>>147959 probably the funniest thing about this whole thing is that you're basically still calling jeno lackluster and average
In my quest to be like Jeno I bought hair dye to lift my hair color so I could eventually be a cute light brunette like Jeno was at one point but I fuckedup and now I'm stuck with brassy orange hair just like the gif. Tragic. I stared to ride a bike in the evenings like Jeno and I see the appeal.
i want to be ten. BE HIM. i wish i was born as him. if i could switch bodies with anyone, it'd be him. we are already basically the same, same taste in music, both artfags, both catparents, both faggy. he is tiny flirty and cute. that little fruit... i want to be him so bad. the thing about him is that he decided what he wanted to do with his life even before he escaped his mum's uterus. that's why he's so good. he's had lots of time to practise. i have not. i need to turn back time or practise 19 years worth of skill really quickly. i hope u nonas support my journey to be ten. my first step is getting a nosejob to make my nose as cute as tens.
>>147962 Yesssssss. Don't get a pinocchio nose tho please make it look natural.
(150.07 KB 800x1200 DiRErnDXkAYL0T9.jpg)
>>147963 yeah that's true. i'll have to make it look slightly more feminine too to match my face. the struggle is money cos there's a lot of other things i'd like to get done too.
>>147964 What procedures were you planning on doing?
i started losing weight so that's a start
>>147949 this is what i want to be. i would skinwalk her so fast. good lord kind and minght, give me abs without eating kale
(172.74 KB 1365x2048 ae33417582162d8b1eea4b7820f2bd6f.jpg)
>>147965 thanks for your engagement in my journey fellow nona. i need to remove the baby fat in my face bc i'm already skinny but my face is kinda round. want that slender shape like 10. then i want blepharoplasty for a smoother upper lid. and i want a breast reduction, not bc i'm trooning out just bc i think they're uncomfortable when i dance. after that i'm on a good way to becoming chittaphon. on another note i wonder how OP is doing on her jeno-journey. i'm waiting patiently for her updates
>>147968 >>147962 lmao why do i have such a hard time believing jeno wannabe and ten wannabe are 2 different people it's written too similarly
nonas why do you wanna resemble kpop dudes? why not strong girlies like CL or something if you are bigger sized? >>147949 no offence she looks butterfaced and fug, her waist isn't even that defined. i am skinnier than her and i don't work out other than occasional badminton. >>147967 you don't need to eat kale for abs just put down the cake >>147968 >blepharoplasty for a smoother upper lid, and a breast reduction nona are you asian, i doubt it since asians don't get breast reduction, why are you trying to get asian lids you'll end up looking like oli london kek
this thread took a decade off my lifespan
>>147970 >why are you trying to get asian lids you'll end up looking like oli london kek dear god no i just want more lid space for makeup. i have hooded eyes
>>147968 i ghostwrote this
>>147967 can't do it without kale sis sorry to inform you. ingesting unholy amount of kale and spinach in order to be Jeno rn
My journey is at a bit of a standstill. Operation white hair Jeno has failed. My hair is still brassy and it looks like I will need to shill out 300+ dollars to get a nice blonde balayage at a salon. Picreal is the soft light brown I'm going for. I think that going light brown --> blonde--> white is a solid plan and wont make me bald by the time the summer is over. This way I get to be three different Jenos over the next six months. Now its just a matter of my poor ass self gathering the funds for my transformation.
>>147975 wanting to look like jeno = looking like a karen with balayage hair in the west kek pls seek help this thread is mental illness personified at least oli london wasn't trying to look like sunmi or smth
>>147976 Whats wrong with balayage? It looks nice and natural if you go to a good stylist. One color all over looks too artificial in comparison. Oli followed his dreams and we can too.
>>147968 Nona do not remove your baby fat!! Especially if you are only 19. You will look like 50 at 30. Maybe be you can get botox shots in your jaw to give a slimmer appearance in your face. The one thing we can take away from idols is to never overdoo it. Even Ten overdid it with the nose and it looks cartoon like rn.
>>147977 well some nona wanted a breast reduction which is kinda mental? i mean you're obssessed with kpop now, but wanting plastic surgery to look like some twink is dumb. you'll regret it. if i met someone who isn't asian and got surgery to look like a kpop boy I'd think they are crazy. like oli london but it's not like he got a boob transplant. so pls don't get a boob reduction unless idk you're ftm trans
I personally wouldn't advocate for major ps, but for some people it's what will make them have confidence. What's the point in living and being ugly and hopeless anyway? Thinking that we can't change our lives and our selves and that we have to just accept whatever has been given to us? Its a pathetic way to exist. If you feel like you want to change yourself then do it. If you want to be like someone or emulate someone then do it. Jeno was created by sm entertainment through effort. If he didn't work out and eyesmiled all the time in order to be pleasant he would just be some average dude in sk that nobody cared about. The worst thing in life is to do nothing and be still.
>>147980 You must be over the age of 18 to post here
>>147979 nta but to add on to this, hell even trannies have a bullshit reason to get mastectomies. Seriously, unless you have actual breast pain/discomfort or breast cancer, don’t bother. The risks are never worth it just because of your obsessions and or mental illness. >>147980 Grow up. Even after sm’s intense guidance and treatment, crimson chin isn’t even perfect to majority of people. Are you going to get let your mental illness convince you to get nose injections and look like an imbalanced lovecraftian nightmare? Accepting fate doesn’t mean you become a loser who refuses to improve herself. There’s more to these people than their looks. If you can’t match up to them in skills first, then you might as well give up now.
the negativity... Anyways. I bought two 20 lb weights today so I can start weight lifting like a pro. I tried lifting my bike above my head like Jeno but I couldn't even lift it off the ground. According to twitter Jeno weighs around 60 kg so I'm going to lose 31 kg. It will take an eternity.
>>147974 kale and spinach. yuck, well once more into the fray I go. I've decided, mostly because of this thread, to try Chloe Ting shred and eat healthy for 1 month. Shouldn't be too far from my goals- I just want to drop 8 pounds.
>>147978 nona is right. don't take away the babyfat.
>>147983 jenosis good luck with the weight loss, just focus on that and forget about surgery. losing a lot weight will change your face shape and even your nose, my nose was bonier/sharper when i was at my lowest anachan weight.
>>147983 Are you as taller than him? Wtf 31kg
>>147987 i mean if she weighs 90kg then losing any amount of weight is good for health. also knetz are right don't get plastic surgery if you're fat, it won't look good if your weight fluctutates a lot
the jenosis mythos expands every day. she’s a 200 lbs ?nineteen? year old with apparently bleach blonde hair
>>147988 Of course it’s a great idea, I don’t disagree. I’m just shocked she’s that obese. Being taller than him would explain the weight better, but if not... I wonder if pre-becoming jeno was her lowest point. If the chittapon anon is fat too she should try to lose weight before surgery. >>147989 This sounds like an ateez fan kek but jokes aside the lore expanding really gives a glimpse into her mental illness. This is a lot to work on for someone this young.
>>147924 bro ur halfway to crazy but pretty inspirational. i need to lose weight too, and using ana idols as inspo is a pretty good idea (if they can lose 10lbs w no body fat then tf am i doing? u know?) stats - i think i'm like 5'2-3" (pretty short) and am around 165 atm, will workout everyday for the next month (even if it's tiny stupid shit) and will eat under ~2000 this week, and then go progressively down each week until i reach 1200 (to make it stick) thank u for the inspo and we will do this together jenochan!!
I'm not taller than Jeno btw, I'm just really fat. Jeno hasn't talked about his dieting much but fitness is a core part of his persona. bike riding is his hobby as well as acrobatics. This is all part of his image as a perfect man who is Becoming Jeno--> Get a fitness hobby. Jeno also has a very delicate frame on top of having low body fat so he appears very slight and small. >Body frame size is determined by a person's wrist circumference in relation to his height. For example, a man whose height is over 5' 5" and wrist is 6" would fall into the small-boned category. I wonder what his wrist size is? I need to measure my own too.
>>147991 try keto and try to change your eating habits slowly. any change has to take a month or more. recently i gave up diet coke for good after kidney pain (my gp said it was uti but i didn't tell him i was chugging 1.5liter of diet soda a day for caffeine) and it took 1 month to get rid of cravings. my weight is always 42-45kg 1.65m but i had cravings for juice and fruits i gained a bit of weight until i started chugging cold green tea as my new beverage. don't eat too much aspartame.
>>147992 Learning their choreo would make you more like jeno and also make use of practicing acrobatics at home. Jeno enjoys lean meats and sandwiches. His diet isn’t particularly limited towards a certain specification. Do you have any diseases besides obesity? If not, adopting a basic muscle building diet (fit for cardio, low carb and med cal account for your body) would be good. It’s important to realize Jeno would never be anachan by choice, so don’t fall down that path either. I think it’d be efficient for you to lose weight and focus on hobbies and socialization that match up with his in your free time. Also, for the sake of your future, you should dedicate time to skills that would put you on par with him both presently and in the future. You must remember that in the time it takes you to reach Jeno’s baseline, he’s already improving beyond that point. Work on your language skills and diction. You’re poor, right? Are you planning to go to university? There are a lot of options to save money on the non-material aspects of becoming Jeno. You should think about what studies are most Jeno-like that you would enjoy and feel comfortable building a career off of. Architect (builds off his mechanical skills and 3D mental visualization) or Occupational Therapist as examples. If your teeth aren’t white and straight you should start that part of the journey now, rather than later.
>>147994 nona can't you tell her to do what's right for her own future and interests rather than to copy jeno. he's a kpop idol with no non-idol aspirations, can't she do what she wants instead of mechanical engineering or architecture. idk why fans gotta be so weird
>>147995 She’s clearly deranged and retarded. If she’s going to “become jeno” it might as well be in a way that doesn’t guarantee her a future as a fuggo theybie looking freak with no skills or degree and an eating disorder. Her alleged “interest” is becoming jeno ffs.
jenosis don't listen to these jealous roasties keep updating us on your progress, you're our favourite lolcow, hwaiting!
>>147997 Agreed! Jenosis be sure to update us with progress pics, I’m in a similar place as you and I want to be like Jungwoo.. your story is honestly really inspiring to me.
>>147990 nona im not fat im anachan and extremely mentally ill
we're gonna have a new nct subunit made up of ccc nonas at this rate
>>148000 nct hollywood
>>147991 ok bro an update: i did not calculate calories nor did i exercise but i DID, i did not eat any crazy big portions/ junk food today!!
>>148371 nice nona!
this thread is pure mental illness loool
I have not given up or let go of my journey but I am moving to to bumblefuck nowhere in a basement studio because it’s all i can afford right now so I have been busy. I weighed myself and it’s 207lbs wtf I gained 7 pounds. Looking like Jeno is difficult right now as my focus is to be less poor so that I can go and bleach my hair. I thought about jeno’s mbti and how he’s an ISFP the adventurer. >They tend to have open minds, approaching life, new experiences, and people with grounded warmth. Jeno took a lot of risk in being an idol and although it came with downsides it comes with the reward of excitement. Not only risk but hard work and dedication. I want to have the work ethic that jeno has. To take risks and have an exciting life. I want to do all of the things I’m scared of and work tirelessly towards my dreams too. I’m going to move! I’m going to leave this basement apartment and this town with horses on the street and go to a major city. I’ve been applying to jobs all day and I have a friend who is willing to be roommate so housing costs won’t be insane. I have no savings and I’m untalented but i can make it work. I want to leave the spot I’ve always been at and the only way to do that is to take a risk. In a big city with a lot of competition for jobs and many interesting personalities it will be even more pertinent for me to be like Jeno to make it. To embrace the daily challenges with openness and warmth. This is the internal aspect of being like Jeno. If only i could be as calm and sure like him. I have zero confidence.
is this like a copy pasted thread from /fit/ about looksmaxing
Hi i want to become Jungkook
>>168326 This is the face i’m getting
>>168330 Outfit
>>168326 don't even have to do much just pretend to be retarded
>>168328 pick someone hotter
>>168336 I think it’s just the angle she looks like jungkook
Planning on jungkook tatoos
>>168340 she just has an ugly big nose
>>168328 >>168330 >>168332 so you just want to look like a boring christian fall girl
>>168332 horrible, sorry anon
>>168328 >>168332 >>168340 ruined the thread. get out.
>>165402 girl you can do it. it's good that you are taking risks but make many plans and revise them lots so you have a good solid plan and a backup ready to go. half of achieving is presenting a consistent front to others, including at work.
I'm copying this entire makeup look. Pink lips, eyeliner with a slight pink shadow, and straight, defined eyebrows.
>>169627 for foundation and concealer, make very thin layers and apply them over and over our skin. but do it after a good skincare routine
How to hide my deteriorating mental state and keep working and appearing normal like Jeno does? How does he do it?
>>174322 tbf he's not hiding it as well as he used to, maybe you should work on becoming a better version of yourself instead of jeno
>>174442 Those are nice words, but I don't want to be myself at all, hence becoming Jeno.
jay leno nona- u ok? just concerned :)
these faces are all photoshopped by an anon here for the ai meme and i really like some of them... plastic surgery goals for me tbh
>>194571 if you're serious that sounds difficult unless you already have a similar facial structure
>>194571 you should find an actress model or singer with your face shape or structure already if you want to do that. with your eye shape and face shape.
Jeno lives in the most important city in his country and has an exciting life and career. I, on the other hand, live in a sad and shitty place with horses, am poor, and am doing nothing important at all. The Jeno prototype is one at the center of things. Any Jeno in the world would be living in a known city, participating in work that is "high status" or exciting or even alternative, but never boring, or dead-end work. To truly be Jeno I have to change the very basis of my life. I have to become a city girl, career girl, ambitious girl. So, I embarked on that journey sisters. I have been applying like crazy and got a call a week ago that I have a job in Washington D.C. I was so excited and started to look for apartments. I want to live in the city and do things like riding the bus and wear business suits. The job offer I received doesn't pay much and it isn't a fancy government job like the snobby, rich people in D.C have, BUT it is a way for me to change my location, to live in a city and have an opportunity to gain some fancy job in a years time. I am now looking for apartments, but life has taken a shitty turn yet again nonas, the company has not sent an official document confirming my employment which I need in order to get an apartment officially. I hope to God I wasn't job scammed or something... I hope I can receive it soon and finalize an apartment. If it all turns out okay I will be in D.C by July 14th and one step closer to becoming Jeno.
>>212334 Jenofag nona congrats for being yourself! You are more successful than Jeno in my eyes. Also taking the bus or train in the city isn't all it's cracked up to be lmao, maybe I'm a city girl who takes it for granted.
>>212334 hope everything turns out great for you jenofag, hwaiting
>>212334 good luck sis
>>212334 i'm glad to hear you are improving your life, good luck and i hope everything works out for you fighting nona!
>>212334 yaaaaassssssssss happy fo you jenokinsis
I have started to try and capute the Jenosthetic. It was very hard for me to find and group imagery that explains the Jenoessence. This is what I envision for Girl Jeno: https://weheartit.com/electricforever/collections/183458104-jenokin Wholesomeness, simplicity, clean lines, a touch of sportiness, boring with a sprinkle of a tragic backstory. Jeno is like that back character in a movie that is never fully explained or explored but is facinating nonetheless.
I didn't get job scammed nonas! I got the documents today and I'm going to sign an apartment lease by the end of today. Inching closer to being Jeno. I'm making no progress on the weight and visual aspects... Once I move in and start working I'm going to focus on that 100% along with emulating the Jeno persona. I'm gong to buy a pink suit just like Jeno's and go to work with it.
i'm getting another piercing, so i'll have 10 piercings in total just like ten. i'm also saving money for a nose job and tattoos but i still have uni so i can't work that much right now (plus it's really hard to get hired post covid where i live, but im hoping the situation is going to be better in a year). as for now im giving my hair a rest but i'll dye it black when summer ends, because i like the vibe ten has with his longer black hair. i am trying to take more time to practise drawing and listening to my creativity, like ten. i already have two cats, so in that sense we're alike. i really want to embody his cosy, yet grunge-y, aesthetic, art, cat owner persona. i don't have as big work ethic as ten but i am working on it now when i kind of have realised more what i want to do with my life. i just wish i had done it earlier like ten. but best for now is to get inspired by him and go from here. >>213279 >>214154 i got inspired by you jenosis so i made one too. https://pin.it/NL1wnr5 i really like this vibe and will try to further embody it. i am really rooting for you jenosis and i think you'll look amazing in that suit. good luck with your new job and apartment.
(354.30 KB 1536x2048 E1BWYZ2VcAA2wZe.jpg)
>>214154 grats jenofag! have a cuteno and my sincere wishes on your journey to become jeno
>>214525 You made me realize that Anne Hathaway has a similar type of side profile to Ten. I like your board and see what aesthetic you are aiming for. Ten's work ethic is insane, everything he does he does pretty well. It's fine to start late, as long as you start. Here is a YouTuber I really like that talks about ways to increase productivity and accomplish your aims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK-sZjuXA6A
Congrats on the job and apartment. Although I kind of always assumed you'd want to be famous/a musician too...? >I want to live in the city and do things like riding the bus kek this sounds so weird but as a fellow countrysidefag I totally get what you mean, if you grew up in a small remote town even stuff like taking a subway, takeaway food or the streets being welllit and busy past 5pm is kind of exciting.
(528.77 KB 1331x1125 jenojenojeno.jpg)
I’m in the city. I did all the things I wanted to like using public transportation and sitting outside of a cute and chic cafe. Now that the thrill has worn off I’m realizing how expensive everything is and my job doesn’t pay that much. I’m a bit worried about my bills and making it here. I walked around in the downtown area and saw some very impeccably dressed people. It was such a difference from where I’m from. I also realized my own place in the world. I’m a fat and ugly person in a big and competitive city with lots of impressive and overeducated people. I want to be Jeno more than ever, but I’m as discouraged as ever. I’m trying to think positively and think of all the things that I’m going to do, instead of worrying that I can’t do them. For example, I’m going to go to the apartment gym and work out tonight. Jeno keeps his schedule tight and busy. I’m going to do the same. On top of my job I want to volunteer or have a part time gig. This will keep me from walking in self pity and maybe it will open an opportunity later. I’m going to make going to the gym and physical activity my hobby like Jeno. One of he few free and cheap things is to just walk around. I can’t afford a bike right now, so I can’t take up biking but I’m close to the White House so I plan to walk around every day and visit various neighborhoods and sight see. It’s quite pretty here so I think I’ll enjoy it. I’ll see how the apartment gym is and if it will do, but if not I’ll get a gym membership and that can be my second hobby. I don’t think I’ll be able to go out much considering my budget, so that sucks. Honestly, I’m a bit intimidated to go out too. Like I said, I’m very unattractive and I nightlife isn’t that fun when you are ugly. No matter what I’ll keep going. No matter what it takes.
i'm actually interested in persuing a similar journey now. i support you jenosis
>>243166 i believe in you jenosis, you've already made a huge life change so that's something to be proud of. hwaiting!
>>148371 ok am back! haven’t been on this site for a while, but i’ve been going to the gym all week AND been eating pretty well. btw i want to start a weight lifting program, but no matter what time i’m there, there’s always a bunch of guys around the weights and that’s like super intimidating - so does anyone have any tips on how to j ignore them? bc like most of them are actually muscley and a few of them are legit cute so every time i go up to the weight room i walk up the stairs to the weight room, see a bunch of guys (and sometimes cute boys which is totally bad bc like thts awkward dawgsss) doing the weights and shit, and inevitabley just make my way back down the stairs. pls help me mature nonas! i do not know how to deal with boyssss
no>>243166 OMG NONA I LIVE RIGHT OUTSIDE OF DC!! so u j moved here?? that’s p cool - BUT just a note, i’ve grown up here and like just a warning (while not everyone) a lot of people are v up their own asses around here. so don’t take everyone totally seriously (even if they say they’re some lobbyist or a professor or whatever the shit, just remember, MOST people are retarded and there is def no exception around here - there might even be an exemplary amount from what i’ve seen!), and don’t put ur self down bc ur ‘different’ or whatever the fuck from the people u think populate this place.
>>243235 wait disregard the no in front of the number thing, didn’t mean to write that there!
what male idols suit a goth aesthetic
>>243235 Yes, I'm learning that people here are extra and a bit snobby. Very all about connections and befriending "important" people only.
(158.13 KB 1200x1200 D-o2GvzW4AAF0Vg.jpeg)
Jeno's hands and nails are so pretty and clean. I used to bite my nails to the point that they got bloody. I haven't bitten my nails at all this week and I cut my cuticles. My nails now look like Jeno's short, clean and healhty. This is a small victory for me for the week. I can't afford to get my nails done professionally so I'll have to keep them nice myself.
(260.73 KB 2048x1152 E6aCkvVVIAEdWAF.jpeg)
Week one of dieting has been a success so far. I have only eaten the most healthy foods like chicken, oatmeal, eggs ect... I haven't used any sugar, salt, or anything on my food. The reason is that I want to eat for nutrition, not pleasure. My entire food budget is also very little, about 200 for the month, so I can only afford to eat plain food and veggies, not make very fancy meals. I haven't eaten out at all so I'm staying on plan and on budget. I started doing stretching and working out in 20-minute increments. I've also taken hour to two-hour walks in the the city. There are bikes you can rent here to get from place A to B so I want to try that next! It's nothing worth taking a picture for because the changes are very little but my stomach is less bloated after two weeks of eating very well. I want to stay on my diet and exercise for another two weeks and then measure my results. Although the dieting has been going well other parts of becoming Jeno are slow to come to fruition. I don't have sweetheart vibes and it's very difficult for me to be very social. If I didn't push myself I'd just stay in my room for days on end. I know that Jeno is introverted too so I'm wondering how I can emulate his likable personality and soft image. This is by far the most difficult thing. I can't seem to hide my messy mentally ill state from anybody. My roommate introduced me to her friends that live in D.C. They are all people who make a shit ton of money like 80k+ and are a bit up their own ass. Most of them are guys. They are all about working out and succeeding, investing, going to trendy places ect... I've been in their group chat for months now and we have gotten acquainted pretty well. I stand out in the group chat as the only fat and poor person... Both me and my roommate are new to the area and recently they invited my roommate to hang out and show her around the city, but only her, not me. I know this shouldn't bother me because nobody owes me their time or friendship. I'm just part of the group chat If I'm not the kind of person others want to be around then that's on me. I'd be lying tho if I said it didn't make me feel bad. I want to lose 50lbs and get a job that pays 90K, and if they ever invite me to hang out I want to say "No thanks".
>>253194 >if they ever invite me to hang out I want to say "No thanks". based. you can do it sister. thanks for keeping us updated, always nice to hear from you
>>253194 sis you can use seasoning in your food, just don't overdo it. eating for nutrition only will turn you miserable and more likely to relapse. >I started doing stretching and working out in 20-minute increments. I've also taken hour to two-hour walks in the the city. There are bikes you can rent here to get from place A to B so I want to try that next! It's nothing worth taking a picture for because the changes are very little but my stomach is less bloated after two weeks of eating very well. I want to stay on my diet and exercise for another two weeks and then measure my results. based! i used to weigh myself weekly when i went to the gym. look into joining one, it will also give you an opportunity to socialise
What would Jeno do? I feel like if Jeno was in my situation he would do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He wouldn’t take his time or have lazy days or get too invested in what people in group chats think. I can see Jeno working out until his entire body hurt. Working out twice a day. Setting appointments on time, getting a second job to pay for things if he had to. I can see him learning everything he isn’t good at instead of just complaining and feeling sorry for himself. From now on whenever I’m feeling insecure or doubtful or afraid I’ll ask myself what Jeno would do in this situation and do it.
when are you transitioning jenosis ?
It has been 17 days since I moved sisters. In those days I have eaten so well. I’ve been eating small portions like a bird and only eating very healthy foods. I slipped up three times and had restaurant food when hanging out with others, but it was kind of unavoidable. I started weight lifting and my ass has never hurt so much in my life, I can barley sit in my car without pain. Like Jeno I want to work out until I pass out. I want to be lean and fit and have muscles. The big issue is my stomach... even though I’ve been eating so little it hasn’t shrunk much in size. It’s super discouraging, but I think I have to start working out more hardcore and incorporating cardio as well as weights. Whatever it takes. The diet front is going great, but socially I’m failing as Jeno. My own insecurities keep me from making connections and being Jeno. No matter how I try I just can’t seem to play the role and be liked by others. I need to analyze Jeno once more and get into character properly.
>>274022 just be careful so you don't develop and eating disorder jenosis! <3
things aren't going so good. if you asked a few days ago the answer would have been yes. but things shift so quickly it's tiring. anyway, i still haven't found a job which means no money = no rhinoplasty. i need to get my nose as cute as ten's asap. if i want to achieve that sultry cat vibe ten has i need more angles in my face. right now im more like a troll with my potato nose and round cheeks. like every facial feature on me is round even if im not fat and i hate that. ive also gained a little more weight due to eating properly and it totally destroys my journey to becoming ten. the more i gained the less refined my features get (duh) and the less ill be ten. im not as good at analysing ten's persona and marketing as jenosis but what i see in ten is hardworking, confident and graceful, but still small and cute. he expresses himself through fashion and accessories which is something ive been more and more doing even before i started my journey. but what i need to work on is to be brave enough to put myself out there, like ten.
(87.40 KB 749x631 ttt.jpeg)
>>313941 found a pic that i really liked bc it looks similar to me except a prettier nose. it's the kind of vibe i want. cute but still sharp. so ill use it as a reference when im envisioning my true ten self.
>>313947 This is really nice, she looks artsy but not an ugly liberal art student artsy. Ten's face would be really hard to adhesive if you have naturally round features so maybe go for this. Can you dye your hair like this as a first step?
(236.43 KB 900x1200 Ezli2bYVgAEtLk3.jpg)
I'm 196 lbs right now. All together I lost 11 lbs last month. My goal is to lose 10 lbs for this month as well. I work out every day and manage my eating like crazy. It's do difficult but Its the only thing Ive got going right for myself in my Jeno journey so I won't give up no matter what. I'm going to go to the gym every day no matter how I feel. I dyed my hair black, so I'm living black haired Jeno life. My hair was brassy and disgusting for a long time and using box dye multiple times has made is gross and dry, so I will have to stop dying it for a long time so it can heal.
>>313941 apply to jobs Tensis!! If you apply to just one a day, in a month that will be 30 job applications. It's not that hard.
I want to be in the background like Jeno. Shining like him, being beautiful and quiet and mysterious and sweet. I want to say nothing but have people still pay attention to me. Jeno has his unique signature which is his eye smile, but I really have a smile that is quite ugly with small teeth. Every idol has this, some unique feature. It’s not always really beautiful either like a gummy smile and stuff. Idols pick a unique aspect of themselves and market it as charming and unique. I though that perhaps my super pale skin could be my unique charm. I’m extremely pale and cool toned to the point where I stand out in every photo. In the US being super pale isn’t desirable but I though t I could make it my charm by taking care of my pale skin and not tanning. It’s a way to stand out and market myself as unique. Jeno also has skin that is kind of pale for a Korean and he’s cool toned as well. His cool tone really goes along with his calm persona. I, like Jeno, am a Boring homebody that doesn’t talk a lot. Jeno has made these typically undesirable characteristics charming by utilizing good looks and creating an air of mystery around him.He’s written himself as some sort of brooding main character that is waiting to be discovered. Most of all, I want to achieve this. I want to escape my fat ugly quiet goth girl reality and market myself in a different light. My next weigh in is on Monday and I will see what this weeks workouts have resulted for me. My goal is to reach 190 lbs by the end of the month. Once I hit 180 lbs I will feel like a human being. There is still a long ways to go to reach 130-140lbs like Jeno, but I will be all the closer.
It’s hard to keep going. Everyday I am miserable at my low paying job. Every day I go to the gym and try my hardest. I sweat a lot at the gym through my T-shirt’s and don’t have any cute gym outfits or anything. Why do all the people at the gym already look so good?? I’m the only obese person on the stair master and everyone else is a gym bro. Yesterday I microbladed my own stomach, thighs and arms so that to don’t get lose skin as I lose weight. That’s one of my fears and I use a AHA body lotion too and I ordered tretinoin to help with my skin issues and make me look better. I’m still saving to afford clear braces for my teeth. Everyday my weight is in my mind. Losing 60 lbs will take so much time and effort. It takes so muCH of my mental energy. Every day I think about my weight and how it slowly goes down. I want to be Jeno so I can fit into society. But the way that society rejects me is hard for me to deal with. I was left out of an event once again. A nice and fancy event where my friends dressed up. I don’t have many fancy and nice clothes and even if I buy some they look bad due to my weight. I find it embarrassing to put on lots of makeup and squeeze myself into something tight and fancy while being the size I am. I feel like a stupid clown. My stomach hangs and my arms are too big. It just looks so bad. My friends don’t know I want to be Jeno. They think I’m trying to lose weight to better myself. They encourage me a lot and hold me accountable, they tell me to dress nicer and try harder which is good, but the fact that everyone is rooting for me to lose weight and giving me so many suggestions also makes me realize that in many peoples eyes I’m not really a human being. I’m not worthy just yet. They are excited for me to become a person worth going to nice places with, worth taking pictures with worth standing next to eventually. For now I’m not really there. I wonder if Jeno feels this way too. If he knows how shallow the world is how shallow all the love he gets is. At least Jeno is able to wear a mask well. I have a hard time faking joy and people around me can tell that I’m not very happy. Maybe I’ve been ugly for so long that I grew comfortable and now I’m realizing how terrible I actually look. I force myself to go out and be social and smile and make small talk. I pretend I’m Jeno and that’s part of the job, but it’s so exhausting. I wonder if Jeno feels exhausted too.
At the end of this month I weigh 193 lbs. I'm 3 pounds over my goal of 190. At the end of September I want to weigh 182 lbs. Good luck everyone else! You can do it. Even if its painful just do what you need to do every day.
>>378202 how did you lose weight? what's your diet like?
>>378274 I imagine being Jeno and being an idol. I make my weight and what I eat a priority so everything I eat weighs heavily on my mind. Even when I'm out with friends I debate what to get on the menu and I get the lowest calorie thing. When I order coffee I think about the calories in a latte versus an iced Americano. If I eat something very fattening or a big meal I work out extra hard to burn that for the entire week. This level of dedication is what it takes, honestly. Its pretty exhausting, but if you really want to lose weight its not going to be easy or a pleasant thing. It's a pain in the ass to be conscious of your food all the time and to go to the gym and sweat and suffer hardcore for 60+ minutes, but it's what it will take. My daily diet is three meals, no snacks whatsoever. No sugary drinks, no sugary foods (including fruit, it has a lot of sugar) no real milk (almond milk instead). All meals are low carb. The carbs I do eat are oatmeal with nuts and no sugar, whole wheat wraps, sweet potato, greens like Kale and Spinach (you need carbs to survive, but you can actually get them all by eating greens and whole wheat options). I avoid refined carbs most of the week and sometimes when I'm out with friends I get a pastry, but it's rare and only once a week. Most importantly is the size of meals. I eat a small or medium plate of food only. If I eat chicken it's just one breast or I cut it to be the size of my palm. When I eat oatmeal I follow the serving size in the back and use only 1/2 a cup. Vegetables are always half of meal. I live in burger land and people are obese because they eat huge portions of food. In places like Europe people eat a lot of carbs and sweets too, but their portions are super small so they are able to be at a healthier weight.
(41.60 KB 720x628 AFTER LIFE of SoraTen.jpeg)
>>317265 i live in a very small town so there's not many opportunities, but i did get a job. been there for a few weeks, working around 15-20 hours a week. i really really want to keep this job for the money, but its so stressful together with uni. all i do is study and work, which makes no time for self-improvement, diet starvation or artistic outlet. im really not close to my ten goal right now. but im thinking i either have to postpone reaching my full potential and just focus on getting money. or use the money i have saved and instead focus on the things i truly love doing, thereby embracing and reaching my ten-goal on the inside. but at the same time im stressed bc nows the time to be the best me, before im getting old. when im 30 im gonna be old and haggy anyway, so why does it matter if i have a cute nose then? plus, i need to start learning the skills i want to learn as early as possible. ive already waited too many years. but right now i really dont have time for any of that (music, dance, art) bc of work. work is hard and very tiring, lots of only standing around and running. (im waitress and bartender). but it does pay good (i dont live in a country where waitresses have to live off tips) so i guess i just have to power through. i dont know how my mental health is going to take it tho. i think ten would just power through, and somewhat still have time to do the things he likes. his work ethic is impressive, but im just so tired all the time.
>>411751 You have to do what ten would do. I’m sure ten is tired all the time too, but he powers through it. Imagine how horrific the schedules are for all of not or bts. They work until they feel like passing out and throwing up. Start by forcing yourself to do at least one thing a day for at least two months. Then add one more thing. If you keep using “I’m tired” as an excuse time will pass and you won’t be any less tired as the years pass, you will be more tired.
I will be Jeno. I'm manifesting!!!
I’m going to go to therapy nonas.I picked a place and I’m going to make my payment tonight. My mental state has deteriorated and I may lose my job on November. Good luck to everyone else. I’ll message you all when I’m 180 lbs.
>>483302 good luck sis, hope it is beneficial
>>483302 Take care nona, hope it helps
I’m finally 180 lbs nonas. 40 lbs to go in order to become Jeno. I’m starting weight lifting hardcore so I can be toned and slim like Jeno. Building muscle and getting Jeno’s look is exhausting. I can barley get through a workout but I do understand why he works out so hardcore. The feeling of pain and tension and struggle is exhilarating. I wonder if idols ever get addicted to the feeling of struggle and overwork. Not eating a lot and forcing myself through a workout is so satisfying. If I was an idol, I would be a trainee right now. Stuck inside a Dungeon working out and trying and struggling. Competing against others and waiting for my chance. I’m sending out job applications and signing up for volunteering and learning second languages but I’m getting nowhere and becoming discouraged. If I could just get my dream job that would be my debut.
>>555017 good job nona
>>555017 >I wonder if idols ever get addicted to the feeling of struggle and overwork. Not eating a lot and forcing myself through a workout is so satisfying. Jeno debuted as a little boy while you're an adult woman. Kids and especially young men don't have to do anything to not be overweight. Jeno also has people doing literally everything for him (maybe besides wiping his ass) while you have to worry about work, rent, cleaning and so on. >Stuck inside a Dungeon working out and trying and struggling. Just look at Poocas. Even SM idols obviously have plenty of freedom and freetime. Your Jeno and all the other oppars likely work a 10th of what they claim to ("muh 25 hours every day!"). Your last posts sound worse and worse, I hope this is just somebody baiting.
>>555361 stop ruining jenokins thread /kpop/fag
>>555361 this isn't about you roastie
>>555422 >>555504 you wanna witness her crash and burn huh
>>555361 fuck off leave her alone
>>555017 nona, i think you're great. keep going. what kind of volunteering are you trying to do? >>555580 her whole post sounds honestly very healthy to me, she's just trying to improve herself and that's great. the jeno front is bizarre but i'm pretty sure it' mostly for comical effect.
>>555629 she'd made up this head canon version of jeno who's a silent background character and constantly suffering. that's def not a healthy goal
(581.39 KB 2002x2002 FFfvY-BXIAMAwtZ.jpg)
I'm still only 180 lbs but I went from wearing a xl to being able to fit into M. I also went form wearing size 16 jeans to 12 and almost 10 now. This makes me happy. I'm still overweight and its obvious, but when I take pictures I actually look okay. Also nonas I got a new job with an international brand!!!! My pay increased by 15 thousand dollars. I feel like I can do everything I want now. I had been loosing sight of becoming Jeno... Life got way toohard for me to focus on the ideology of being Jeno. I'm just trying to get through each day. Work is really really busy and stressful every day. I want to become Jeno and be my own ideal persona. I want to live in my own world and create myself after my prototype. This way I can live on autopilot and get what I want instead of living like a scared little mouse who is confused all the time.
>>624130Also people around me keep forcing me to date men, because being at my age and having never been on a date is seen as weird. So, Nonas I'm going on a date with a man on Saturday. I just want to live my own life being Jeno. I don't want to be genuine or vulnerable or whatever. Actually, Nonas I can tell that men don't consider me a catch. They consider me an easy option because I appear to be shy and wholesome and homley. So they think that I should be grateful for their attention and be a doormat if they choose to give me the time of day. The only reason I got a date on Saturday is because I downloaded this app Hinge. and I was determined to show my friends that I CAN date men so I tried really hard and chatted up two dudes and now I'm going for coffee with one in the morning and seeing on at night. People have rating systems these days, especially men. I hear people say things like "she's a 4, 8, 6". In this world I'm excepted to live and date and enjoy myself?? I'm not wholesome or shy. Actually, I went through a lot of shit for the past year that almost defeated me and left me in a bad place. But I'm not some dumb doormat. Even becoming Jeno, I know many of you think it's crazy, but I think it's brilliant. I don't think I've properly explained why I wanted to mold a persona for myself based on the Idol industry. the idol industry generates billions by playing up on people's desires. by creating ideals that people want in the form of personalities, looks, aesthetics. I want to do the same thing. I want to play up on peoples desires and manipulate their judgements by crafting a personality, look and aesthetic for myself. Jeno, to me, is the base prototype. He's like an empty vessel of sweetness and quietness. You can place what you want in him. His aesthetics are acceptable, plain and classic. He is acceptable in every way and the type of personality that invites everyone. This is what makes him likable and adored. This to me is the ideal I want to be. I want to be just like that. I have already changed my wardrobe to be more Jeno like. Dark, cool colors. Classic cuts, like turtlenecks, straight cut dark pants. Classic and appropriate jewelry, but nothing too much. Glasses just like Jeno has and I'm growing my hair out and keeping it natural.
>>555361 My posts sound worse and worse because I had a terrible work situation going on but I left my old work place and got a really nice job now and I'm getting back on track!! Despite sounding crazy on here my life is actually getting better. I have made friends, I go out regularly, I lost weight, I'm saving for my retirement.. ect..
(181.65 KB 1800x1200 Ev7xmLiVEAANz_h.jpg)
>>624130 basada i'm glad to see you're doing ok sis, just remember even jeno self indulges sometimes (in his case, playing games with lolo and dery) so you should also remember to take some time and do what YOU want
>>555629 I'm trying to find social media and communications volunteering so I can build my skills more in that area. My goal isn't to be healthy nona, it's a sick world we life in. I'm just trying to survive.
i'm kinda autistic and i can't tell if this is serious or not
>>624602 no1curr
>>624620 get help jenosis before its too late
>>624635 its already too late
>>624130 >>624131 happy for you, this is weirdly motivating me to flip my life around too
>>624131 >the idol industry generates billions by playing up on people's desires. by creating ideals that people want in the form of personalities, looks, aesthetics. >I want to do the same thing. I want to play up on peoples desires and manipulate their judgements by crafting a personality, look and aesthetic for myself. i get that but why didn't you pick some female kpop idol? wouldn't it be easier to become like another woman than a man?
>>643097 she's a jenofag it's probably easier to aim for someone you already love
>>643097 Jeno's persona could work for both men and women. He doesn't have an overly sexy or manly persona, so I don't feel alienated. If my bias was Johnny or Jaehyun it would be difficult for them to be my inspiration. Jeno also has the illusion of innocence and sweetness around his persona which is what I want to embody too. I like girl idols too. Like Sana and Tzuyu and OMG Jiho's personas but female idols in kpop are always restricted and have to act all cutesy in a very out there and feminine way and it's just not that inspiring to me. Bella Hadid is my female celebrity inspiration tbh. She just created her whole face but it looks nice and she's super conscious about her body weight and really works for it. She was the ugly sister who worked hard and made her dreams come true. I don't want to become a man but I think Jeno's look translated to a girl would look really nice.
>>645911 jenokinsis how is your journey going? update us
>>646596 I fell behind on my progress. I started off really well but got sidetracked so now I’m working on finding inspiration once again. The good: 1. Lost 27 lbs 2. Got a job at brand I wanted 3. Increased income 4. Made friends and have a social life 6. Threw out my oversized ugly clothes and dress more like Jeno 7. Became more comfortable in social situations, leading a group of people and meeting new people and charming them. Things I need to work on 1. Getting to 160 lbs (20 lbs weight loss) 2. Getting a lip flip or fillers 3. Getting jaw Botox to have a snatched and smaller face 4. Dressing better. Fitted and classy clothes like jeno 5. Fixing my skin issues with a laser treatment (expensive) 6. Taking on the Jeno persona so it becomes natural and seamless. I have a lot of insecurities and that comes out in the form of negativity and uncertainty. I want to work on being confident, likable, dreamy and charming. Untouchable and otherworldly like idols are. There is a long way to go. T The first step is to break down my big goals to smaller ones. This month I will be sure to work out everyday. Regardless of what workout, where or how long. I will work out every day. This month I will also do something social every weekend. Wether it’s meeting men for dates, making new friends or hanging out with old ones. I need to get out there and work on charming people. I will also do a lip flip this month no matter what!!
Now more than ever I need Jenospiration. I gained a bit of weight in my stomach area and struggled to get to the gym. My waist measurement is 34 inches and it makes me sad. My excitement has worn off for many things... I went on a date with a man I really liked and wanted to see again but he’s been very hot and cold via text and around three weeks has passed now and we have not seen each other again. He says that we should meet again but something always seems to come up. Ive never dated before and my self esteem is weak so for a while I bought into the excuses and thought that it was just me thinking overly negative. I realized that the sporadic and vague texts the ambiguous plans is how you treat someone you aren’t really into that much. Like maybe he enjoyed talking to me a bit and didn’t want to be mean and outright reject me so he just dragged it out politely. I don’t know why I got rejected exactly but I think weight/looks has a bit to do with it. Being an overweight woman isn’t going to make anyone’s heart beat if I’m being honest. I’ve heard horror stories of being the second choice or the string along girl and I never want to be in that desperate state. I’d rather die alone than be some guys “maybe” girl. Besides physical looks I think a barrier I have is my lack of confidence. When others perceive weakness or low social standing they are either repulsed or feed off that weakness. I don’t know how men’s brains work, but I can’t see any respectable man liking a very incompetent woman that he isn’t impressed with at all. My connection with Jeno is fading. Becoming Jeno feels out of reach. I never knew it would take so much work and be so hard to mimic and copy what sooman perfected. Being that Jeno copy irl is harder since Jeno only exists when cameras are rolling and in official time.
>>684337 im scared of muslim men
>>684341 kekkk wrong thread sorry jenokinsis
Just have a very trivial question >why is this thread in ot and not in kpop general?
>>703820 i guess cause it's to do with op's private life journey not kpop in general
What does Jeno represent? In NCT Jeno represents a personality type that is supposed to attract girls that are afraid of typical machoism and typical men but still are attracted to males form their community. Jeno is the sexless pure version of a traditional, quiet and handsome Korean man. He is the "quiet and studios class president" that is a character in nearly every Korean high school drama. Liked by everyone. Non-offensive. Mysterious.Safe. He attracts girls who are afraid of men in their society. Girls who expect a lot but are disappointed. It doesn't matter that in reality he's a child start who only knows how to dance and entertain. People ignore that reality. His image and marketing build his character. When I decided to become Jeno I wanted to capture that pure and lovable image. That chameleon characteristic he has to blend in anywhere seamlessly and be inoffensive and liked immediately. I went on four dates with four different men and realized that I had, actually, become an idea of Jeno (minus the beauty standard). I asked two of the guys why they decided to ask me out and they answered something along the lines of "you seemed nice and open". One said that I seem kind and I didn't have too many requirements of what I'm looking for in my profile. All of these men asked me to "get coffee" and didn't take me on a proper date (only one did but he's another lesson). They acted like I was in an interview for the application of being their girlfriend. Two were pretty mediocre looking and short. Two had good jobs and two were in America on student visas. They had their own stories and were nice enough, but I realized that these men had something wrong with them one way or the other (introverted, unstable future, nerdy aec) and they hit me up because I seemed safe and malleable enough. A "nice girl" who isn't like the hot bitch that they are too afraid to ask out on a date. I had mastered the inoffensive and nice aspect of being Jeno, but with none of the glamour and none of the mystery. Dating men was eye opening to realizing how I'm perceived and what I'm lacking.
(57.70 KB 960x540 Dho8CGMV4AIfgmN.jpg)
Jeno is a prostitute of emotions. Like Lucas. Like every idol. He sells a fantasy and plays the part of a boyfriend to women who are willing to pay. He seduces using age old tactics adding a dazzle of unique persona. Like a geisha or sugar baby or social climbing escort. This is a way of life for many people. I used to be so fascinated with idols and idol culture. How millions of people would be seduced by their carefully crafted personalities and how they would use those personalities to get what they want. I recently got into sugar baby/ escort culture and hypergamy. I've been obsessed reading all the tips of manipulation and getting so many book recommendations. So many things make sense to me. The kid bits of advice I've gotten are amazing and Lee Sooman 100% read The Art of Seduciton by Robert Greene and built his empire on that. The escorting world and the idol world are the same world. Using the same tactics and filled with similar people who use the weakness of human nature and emotion to their advantage. To get what they want at any cost. More on the tips later but I'm so inspired. I want to reach other level. Beyond nice girl. I want to know how to get people obsessed with me. How to detach myself. How to live in a fantasy life where I get what I want.
there is an idea of a lee jeno. some kind of... abstraction
>>795330 Any book recs? This sounds interesting ngl
>>796086 some that the hypergamy Tumblr gals recommended are: The Art of Seduction- Robert Greene Shanghai Girls- LanLan Be The Prize- Kim Postell The Art of Social Climbing-Lincoln Kerney Men Don’t Love Women Like You- G.L. Lambert Why Does He Do That? INSIDE THE MINDS OF ANGRY AND CONTROLLING MEN- Lundy Bancroft Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential-John Neffinger and Matthew KohutThe Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success-Kevin Dutton Out of all of these honestly The Art of Seduction is the best. Its a huge book and you can pretty much learn everything.
"The Importance of CUNT: Mind Your Manners I’ve previously gone over the definition of charisma and two ways charisma can be seen that we’ve discussed thus far is in your digital and physical appearance (which will be linked below for the slackers). The last part of the charisma section is your manner. I don’t anticipate this being as long as the previous parts, but who knows? Real quick, let’s define “charisma”. Charisma is “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” This section is probably the first thing you think about when you hear the word “charisma” - the way you conduct yourself." - https://li-nacha.tumblr.com/post/672856661910749184/the-importance-of-cunt-mind-your-manners
One of the most eye opening things in my journey—as I've forced myself to get out there and talk to people and make relationships—is the fact that people will dismiss you for very little and superficial things. Like a date dismissing you due to looks when you could actually be excellent together. Or a person dismissing you based on "vibe" when you could actually be great friends. Nobody believes in working towards things anymore. They don't believe in effort and accountability. People only believe in fantasies and "magic". In love at first sight. In main character energy. In manifesting. They feel entitled to things and think they can take have shortcuts to everything. Like everything in life is supposed to be so easy and grand like we are in a Kpop music video. Think of the gross losers on reddit sharing tactics on how to pick up women and manipulate them and that this will magically get them a girl that's "girlfriend" material. Or the losers on FDS feeding into the idea that they have to be constantly vigilant and hyper-suspicious and that this will somehow get them a "high value man". I like the sugar baby advice because it's realistic. The goal is money and the tactic is lies. There is no illusion that you will be happy only the idea that you will have money. It's superficial and risky and sad and many spell that out for you in the get go.
I'm weighting myself every five days now instead monthly or weekly. My goal is to get to 160 lbs by the End of April. I'll have to lose 20 lbs by that time. Right now still dead at 180 lbs.
>>147928 Jeno has the right idea when it comes to weight and body maintenance. I have been reading about all the benefits of fasting for 18 hours a day and reducing meal frequency and it's incredible. Everything form health, beating the early stages of diabetes and even looking younger are attributed to fasting and reducing meal frequency. The trick is to still get all of your nutrients in the two or one meals you and up eating which will be hard for me because I can't eat too much at one time. If I fast for 18 hours I have 6 hour window to eat and I can simply eat a few meals during that time. Jeno also does a lot of weight training and stretching and acrobatics and those are ideal for weight loss and creating whatever body shape you want. I'm looking forward to obsessively going to the gym and starting weight training again.
wtf is this thread
>>828011 you just had to be there
joining you kinners, obligued I will work hard please take good care of me!
Ramadan Kareem to all. My third eye has opened and at the end of the month I will be 170 lbs. and go on a new journey. See you all later.
>>1000683 hwaiting will be anticipating
I did it. I'm 170 lbs. Now I wear a size M. A whole month of fasting will really do it nonas. Now I'm closer to my ideal and I will become the idol that I want. I threw away all my old clothes. I bought new dresses. No black or dreary colors. No pants. Just clothing like I'm the female heroine of a nice slice of life Korean drama. I bought a new bag. I bought $ 145 neck cream. I changed my scent. I stopped wearing baggy and athletic clothes. I wear sunscreen every day. I stopped drinking coffee and started living the fasting lifestyle. I bought new makeup and stopped biting my nails and started shaping them and taking care of them. I'm just at the edge of my transformation and I want to leap into the void and let go of the past completely and blossom.
Also- my mindset changed. Even though I could lose more weight for sure to look better, I'm not going to put off living and being what I want. I'm going to wear whatever I want and dress up and act beautiful and mystical. If you want to change you simply have to act as though you have changed. You have to convince yourself and stop being afraid and do the things you wish. Everything will align from then. Even if you aren't the perfect weight yet, or have things you still want to improve. You first have to have belief in yourself and your vision and then act. Action is proof of faith and without action you won't change your mind of feelings about yourself. The world is all in your head. Think about it, nobody can ever know all your thoughts and experiences and memories. You could never share it all no matter how much you tried. Nobody can ever know another person entirely because we experience this world mostly alone. We experience it though interpreting it in our minds. However you see and interpret the world and your own existence in it becomes your reality. If you spend your days consuming negative material and talking negative to yourself you are bound to be pathetic. You shape your world based on assumptions about it you chose to believe. I believed that losing weight was hard and would take a long time and for almost four months I couldn't get to 170 even while doing to the gym almost every day. Then during ramadan I simply basked in how pretty I was getting, in how good I would look soon, I was delighted that my clothing was smaller. I knew I would lose weight and would imagine myself getting smaller and more delicate. Within that month of not even working out once I lost most of the weight.
i wish i could get jenokinsis to point out all ways i could improve and draw me a roadmap to get there. happy for you sis, also you should think about starting a glow up consultancy for femcels. there's a huge market for your services
>>1128970 >>1128882 this is really nice to hear jenokin, congratulations on the weight loss!
Its been a while nonas. I now live in a really nice neighborhood where Obama and Ivanka live. This happened in almost accidental way that just bamboozles me to this day. I live in a nice ass building with all white walls and tall ceilings. My friendship circle is expanding and now I'm getting invited to parties and get togethers and brunches and all that. All the people around me are successful ( much more than me). It's honestly kind of wild how much my life has changed in only one year since I decided to move. I stopped weighing myself so I can't tell you how much I weigh but I can now fit into a size 8 dress. It's wild going from having to buy XL shirts to wearing a M crop top. As life has improved I've really come to value beauty and perfection more and more. The creation of idols represents mans yearning for perfection within himself. Man sees himself as sinful and imperfect never being able to reach what he imagines as ultimate beauty and truth. So idols are created instead to be worshipped as well as a tool for self punishment. But why? Why do we think that we can't become perfect and beautiful? Deep within all of us, we yearn to meet people like the idols we worship. We wish to be like them. We wish life was like a dream. If we can imagine and create such perfections from within our own minds then why do we assume we can't ever become that? Beauty and perfection are not outside of man and unobtainable to him. They are within him. Too many people decide to spend time feeling sorry for themselves and being miserable than just deciding to embrace their own perfection within. Everybody has the capability to reach unprecedented heights in every aspect. This doesn't mean changing yourself entirely or carving yourself into a mold you can't fit, but it means discipline and refinement of yourself. Jeno was the idol that inspired my journey a year ago and since then I've learned so much. The same perfection that I value in Jeno is obtainable to me.
>>1335813The world is only a temporary dream. We will all die eventually. Death is our shared destiny. These 70+ years you have on this earth (if you are lucky) will pass so quickly. In this time you can figure out the secrets of life or you can lay dormant and let life drive you mad. The secretes of life are within everybody and can only be discovered if you live each day with an open heart and mind embracing life and viewing it as it is: An illusion, a temporary place, a reflection, a test. I'm still learning a lot, but the more I learn the more I wake up each day happy looking at everything around me with no fear and no expectation. I refine myself every day and try to be kinder and softer everyday in thought and action. My life changes around me and it all felt like a dream and unreal at times.
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>>1359936 hwaiting sis. people will resent you and mock you but that is only because they do not see the vision. they will only understand when it is too late. as long as you believe in yourself you will make it
not looking out to kin anybody in particular nowadays, might pick someone later, but i need to become a better version of myself and that im going to achieve with improving my sleeping schedule for starters. Since the bar is underground im gonna raise it to the flooe and from today on gonna attempt to sleep between 1:30 am and 2:00 am and going to bother everyone with regular updates
>>1588716 floor
I weighted myself and still at 170 lbs. I'm going to lose 15 pounds to be at 155. I'm so happy to be starting exercising again and watching my diet. It's always so motivating and other tings in my life line up as well. So much has changed and there are so many changes coming up in my life, a new job in the next 4 months. Love and dating and marriage. I'm becoming so pretty and I'm so happy with the way that I look. I started a retinol regiment for Fall and I'll keep you updated on my results. My hair grew back and it's thick again and not falling out as much after I started scalp massage and hair serums. Summer was incredible. I went to Europe. I bought a floor of a property while there YOLO kek. I have decided I'm going to be rich and beautiful and the kindest and softest person. I'm going to live my life completely on my own values and terms and nobody can stop me from doing anything. Nobody can move me or change me except for myself. I believe in myself and that I know the truth. I'm filling up with light and joy. No matter what small matters happen in my life I'm just going to laugh and tackle each of them with grace. I wanted to become a capable and ethereal person initially. A person like and idol. For the past year I've moved towards my goal and I'm still going and going. I'm just happy to live each day being able to have these goals and being able to change my life little by little until I am so happy and satisfied with myself. Hope you are all well and becoming better and better!


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