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gratitude journal Anonymous 08/10/2022 (Wed) 13:45:56 No. 1456307
share things you are grateful for today, be it big or small. caught up in life, we often forget to take a breather and count one's blessings. no negativity, only positive thoughts.
i'll start. i'm grateful to not be living in a shithole and had university guaranteed. grateful for my parents for pulling us up to a higher economic status. grateful to be alive and healthy
grateful i have clean water, and for the tea i had today
today im grateful for a delicious soup that i made for dinner.
i'm grateful to be close my family and to laugh a lot every day. i'm grateful for my dog and the green leaves
im grateful that everything worked out for me today and i am not sick
>>1456444 goad youre healthy nona
grateful i could sleep comfortably grateful to have friends who care about me even if i’m not great grateful for the fact that i have the option to eat when i want to
grateful that it is under 30 degrees out today
grateful that i have a job and i can help my mom out and occasionally treat her to something nice
>>1457551 this is so sweet
i’m grateful to have strong female role models in my family who despite us being from a culture where women aren’t valued as much as much as men, never made myself or my female cousins/siblings feel anything less than worthy
today i am grateful for my parents who are very patient with me and let me live with them even though i eat their biscuits
grateful i have a clean home where i can feel safe and comfortable
today i am grateful that nectarines exist
grateful for onion, cant imagine life without it
>>1462710 garlic too. makes any food taste 5 times better. I love garlic.
i'm grateful that my husbando is the most beautiful and talented man in the world
i'm grateful to live in a time when kpop exists
today i am grateful for my friend who helped me get some photocards i needed and i am also grateful for my new friend who sends me cute messages that make my day
today im grateful for feeling better than yesterday
i am grateful to have access to the internet
im grateful to have people i can rely on im grateful i live in a time where streaming is a thing im grateful for red velvet, even yeri
grateful for my parents, who help me with many things grateful for watermelon (i hope i have another one to eat soon) grateful for NyQuil sleeping pills...sleepy time soon...
today i am grateful for these cinnamon donuts
i am grateful for the kindness of strangers. i am thankful for the people who make me hopeful, resilient, and strong
grateful for carne asada grateful for my parents grateful that my dog didn’t die of rat poison
grateful my favorite takeout place is still kicking!
grateful that op started this thread and grateful for feeling good this past week!
grateful for my job that doesn’t make me feel like blowing my brains out grateful for my cat grateful for my good teeth
today im grateful for my best friend for sticking with me through thick and thin
i am grateful for my sister who always accommodates me and trusts me enough to share her thoughts and feelings with me
today i am grateful that i was able to buy a few things that make me happy like this peach soda and gaypop dolls
today im grateful for my parents, their love and support
i'm grateful for ccc
grateful for the donuts and sandwiches my mom gave me as a gift
i'm grateful to have a warm bed to rest in
grateful for this small desk i have, i love putting my stuff on it when im on the floor, its cute, wooden and was a gift
today im grateful for a lazy day at work where i was able to binge watch 6 episodes of cdrama
today im grateful that i have reasons to smile and live happily
i'm grateful that i have tomorrow off
im grateful to have people in my life who understand me and make me feel accepted
i'm grateful that i live in the modern age
im grateful for ccc, i love talking about kpopshit and other shit with nonas
today im grateful that i have a full fridge
i'm grateful that i was able to make bowel movements today
im grateful for fresh corn today, jalapeno and dominican frying cheese. and my parents for making sure i knew how to cook
grateful for my moms genuine support whenever i need her
today i'm grateful for the cool weather and the birds chirping while everything is so still, i'm grateful for calm moments like these
today im grateful for meeting so many good people
i'm grateful that i'm able to take my mom on vacations once or twice a year
today i am grateful that i live a comfortable life
grateful for libgen
today im grateful for my family
>>1496029 same sis
today i am grateful i am lucky enough to get higher education
today im grateful for my persistence. everything around me has fallen apart but i refuse to give up.
>>1501750 i hope things can start looking up for you nona, you deserve that
>>1501759 thank you nona and today im grateful for the rain,it's been too hot these day
grateful for my old ink pen still kicking!
grateful today that yesterday me decided to clean up the house a little
today im grateful for all the luxuries i have in my life
im grateful for innie and his smile, it always makes me so happy
today i am grateful for flavoured sparkling water
today i'm grateful for atzg and the nonas who post there
vyvanse. it goes so crazy; i have literally never completed a checklist this easily before...yeah i do often think "uhh why don't i go fuck off elsewhere?" when i'm on a certain task, but it's way easier than before to block those thoughts out and focus. and even if i do lapse (like i am now) it's a brief 5 minute thing then i'm back to work. gonna try and up my dose a little more but i hope this continues, it feels good to get things done
grateful for my parents, i complain about them a lot for good reason but it could have been so, so much worse. i love them and im thankful for them.
today its a little hard to be grateful, im so exhausted but then i remember that i have my nice comfy bed
>>1539827 its those little comforts nona, i hope things look up soon, this too shall pass
i am grateful for potable water
today i am grateful for caffeine, particularly this grape flavoured energy drinks that make it possible for me to function
thank you mother earth for cauliflower
thankful for electricity... what i would do without a fan in this weather...
today im grateful for youtube
grateful that i can finally go back to working out again
i'm grateful that thrift shops exist
i'm grateful that it's cold again so that my cat is cuddling and sleeping next to me
i'm grateful for today. nice weather, fresh air, tasty food, good energy all around. i also met a frog and gave it a little pat on the back.
grateful for ripe pineapple, my cats and iced coffee today
grateful for cabbage
grateful i have no college today so i can get some work done around the house
today i am grateful for having working air conditioning
today i am grateful nonas didnt save the chans creepy stalker prompt
im grateful for work from home
today i am grateful i was able to get out of my funk and be reinspired
grateful that today was a good appetite day for me, i ate all the food i should be eating easily without having to force through it and i didnt have to make smoothies to supplement calories. hope this lasts for a while without it going dead again
i’m grateful for having loving siblings who care about my well being and what’s best for me


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