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bragging thread Anonymous 05/16/2021 (Sun) 15:56:26 No. 135607
talk about the good things you have going on in your lives, recent successes or wins, progress you've made, or just things you feel good about so we can celebrate with you
samefagging, but to start it off, i've maanged to get such a good hold on my debt and i've managed to save a lot of money in the past few months
my favorite groups’ album collection is almost complete! I only have 2 left for each. I also bought some really nice clothes and have homemade frozen yogurt waiting in the freezer.
>>135834 grats on the collection. what do you use to make frozen yogurt? i also make my own ice cream at home
>>135619 I don't have devt at all because im not a burgerfag thats my brag
i can finally do whistle notes without losing my voice for a whole day. i want to be able to fully sing emotions by mariah carey but the whistle notes would always mess me up i think i can now it’s been like after weeks of practice.
>>136661 queen shit, i always wanted to sing that song but it's been years since i stoped practicing
>>136714 you should keep going nona. there are so many videos now about how to whistle note and it’s so fun to do. i think anyone can whistle note even like really low cher type voices.
ive started selling some of my old games that were collecting dust in my room, some guy yesterday offered to buy a lot for over a hundred bucks i felt relieved ive been feeling pretty low cause of other things irl im glad im getting the extra cash
>>139706 nice anon, hope helps out a lot
want to cry. my job offset some ridiculous process we had to another department and now my workload is more than halved
i just completed my masters program!! woo no more school forever!!
>>227391 wow congrats anon!!!
>>227392 thank you! <3
>>227391 holy shit, that's amazing anon


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