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Comics Thread Anonymous 07/05/2022 (Tue) 15:22:00 No. 1300923
For all forms of comics: western, manga, manhwa, manhua, webtoons etc. Discuss new releases, your favourites and what you're reading currently
my recs: the sunstone series, watchmen, batman: the killing joke, runaways, and x-men's dark phoenix saga
I liked Lock&Key a lot, even cried at the end. It's a shame that the adaptation is bad.
>>1313732 i really dislike the killing joke as a barbara gordon fan
>>1314532 that's understandable do you have any issues to rec of her?
(30.49 KB 321x450 9781648275968.jpg)
i read this because it looked similar to nagata kabi's works and it made me cry more than all of her works
>>1314529 I hated locke&key, as I was reading it I realized that there are still garbage writers getting published no matter how much time passes
>manhwa https://m.webtoons.com/en/drama/pyramid-game/list?title_no=2277&page=1 too sleepy to come up with a riveting description but it's a perfect webtoon to me. complex characters, virtually all female cast, interesting plot. i love it ^_^
>>1322474 you slept right through a name too
>>1322475 heol...it's the pyramid game
>>1322478 kek it's ok sis
>>1322363 why did you hate it?
fma, vinland saga (1-100), noragami, nausicaa
yona of the dawn
>>1397598 the writing is garbage, the plot id incredibly annoying the powers or whatever get revealed because the main characters are retarded and the art is inconsistent and ugly
idol recs
>>1594040 commenting on the ones ive read at least some of: -hunter x hunter - honestly someone is probably better off watching the anime adaptation for this one because the visual presentation of everything is better. i watched the 90s series up to the end of yorknew (i prefer how it looks) then switched to the 2011 series for greed island and onwards. still a good shounen if going with the manga -promised neverland - one of those that starts out with a promising first main arc and then only seems to get worse and worse. thumbs down -haikyuu - not bad, but didnt find it good enough to keep going either. dropped at some point from lack of interest
havent read a ton of western comics but i remember enjoying bone many years ago. a fantasy action adventure thats worthwhile. i kill giants is a short read but a good one from what i remember. the main character comes off as super chuuni at first but she has her reasons i tried reading saga's first two volumes way back when it was hyped but it didnt grab me at all
>>1594040 hxh - classic, mediocre art. not bad taste, tarmin promised neverland - starts off well, becomes shit kaiju 8 - enjoyable fun shounen so far. wolf children - idk this rascal/petite devil - idk this, but why does this look like an incel fantasy haikyuu - good stuff. love atsumu. noragami - seemed well-rated, but haven't watched. MHA - trash. typical basic taste that i would expect from jeno. naruto - honestly, my childhood. idk if it's withstood the test of time through, but it's a classic. chainsaw man - fucking LOVE this one. it's a bit edgelord for the first 20 chapters, but the rest of it is excellent and has amazing art and usage of the manga medium. it does attract a lot of incel types that misread the manga, but i will vouch for csm and am very very excited for the anime. aot - i can appreciate the ambition, even if the ending isn't great and maybe politically suspect solo leveling - the most basic of basic tastes,only interesting to moids with power fantasies spy family - perfectly wholesome and pleasant but kind of boring tbh penguin&house - idk this.


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