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(293.90 KB 655x327 kpop-workout.png)
Weight Loss/Fitness Thread Anonymous 01/05/2021 (Tue) 16:33:51 No. 12990
Share your goals, progress and methods in regards to weight loss, fitness and living a healthy life! Please encourage healthy habits and be supportive of other anons (i.e. no encouraging eating disorders or screeching at others for being fat).
girlies doesn’t matter what you eat but how much, no matter how healthy and new and trendy the food is or what instagram influencers take pics with. ofc healthy food is better, but for your body and well being, not for weight loss per se calories in calories out, cico is the only way to lose real weight fitness i think is really fun if you’re into that, and it allows you to eat more do you guys do any regular work outs at home ?
>>13035 i decided i want to be more active, so im gonna start exercising. i want to lose weight and be healthier, but im not really concerned about a goal weight i just want to feel better i found these cardio dance workouts on youtube and i started yesterday. theres kpop ones too has anyone done the chloe ting workout challenge thing? is it just hype or actually good?
>>13067 i did the hourglass challenge, get peachy challenge, and 2020 summer shred. they’re mostly just a meme (as in you won’t really get an ass or a flat tummy from one month of working out) but they’re decent enough if you just want to get moving and shed some calories. her lower body/glute exercises are pretty litty if you have a resistance band too. right now i’m into pamela reif’s workouts - she posts schedules on instagram of varying fitness levels to follow along to (picrel, this week’s schedule). they’re more challenging than chloe ting’s and i like that they’re more all-round/fitness-focused rather than trying to target one body part
>>12990 what’s the best way to get a big bum? does running make it smaller ?
>>13123 lifting weights and eating enough calories. check out bret contreras
>>13123 Squatting is the golden standard for bums
>>13123 the key to growing a bigger butt is weights, whether you're doing squats or hip thrusts. you can use resistance bands if you're starting out or don't have access to weights. eating enough and having a high-protein diet is also key if you're looking to grow your butt. as for running, it could help tone it
making seitan at home has made eating high protein laughably easy, if none of you girlies have tried it yet then give it a shot. store-bought seitan is way overpriced but home-made is cheap and easy
>>13223 post ur recipe sis
>>13273 http://yeahthatveganshit.blogspot.com/2007/04/infamous-seitan-recipe-o-greatness.html?m=1 i sub more soy sauce for the olive oil cause i don’t want the extra calories and if im feeling extra lazy i just use a taco seasoning mix instead of individual spices lol
>>13067 I have done the Chloe ting 2 week abs workout challenge.It didn't work for me.
I finally lost the weight I put on from alcohol and parties last fall. It's fucking hard to lose weight you gained that way because it's apart from you regular diet. I already ate healthily and did a bit of exercise, so I stopped gaining but didn't lose when I stopped partying (thx Covid). I also didn't want to become anachan and count calories when I am already at 19 BMI. So it took so fucking long.
>>37789 congrats! i used to drink pretty often but hated what it was doing to my weight and skin so i stopped. alcohol bloat is terrible, makes you puffy even if you eat and exercise well
is this the thread
>>13067 Haven’t tried that challenge but I think learning to enjoy “healthy” food and their natural flavors would helpful
ok. i'm currently 61.5 kgs. i need to be 53 kgs and have a flat belly in 1 month. i'm doing cico rn. for exercise, i hate chloe ting bc of the background music. any reccs for getting abs? i want to lose 2 inches of my waist. 5 '8'
i'm finally losing weight, i'm so happy. it's not a lot but i've lost 6 pounds. my fitbit and doing cico (and changing my diet) have helped me tremendously, i wish i would've done this sooner. i've just been dancing to a lot of my favorite songs for 30 mins to an hour and somehow it's helping a lot. it's really simple but i really enjoy this dance workout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AFLfO-Pauw
>>167289 you can't target fat to lose
>>167768 seconding this, afaik for abs to be visible you have to have lose bodyfat
finally at 52 kg, i'm happy nonas
i really want to lose more weight, i know i will look really good once i do. i lost about 40 lbs last year but have been maintaining/regaining and losing the same five lbs ever since then because i'm dumb. gonna try to get back on the wagon and lose the rest of it, i want to lose at least 25 more. good luck/congrats to everyone else in this thread. nonas hwaiting!
>>169698 kek are you me? i lost thirty lbs last year and losing that last twenty has been killer. i've been getting slimmer despite the scale not fluctuating much but the numeration of the progress was nice
(258.14 KB 640x384 2107146top.jpg)
how the fuck do i stay skinny nonas? i lost over 20 pounds this year but my binging urges are creeping up on me. i'm 10 pounds within my goal weight and i do not want to go back to the fat lands
gained 6kgs because of covid and basically never going out for an entire year. managed to lose 3 in the last two months or so but i feel like the exercise i've been doing isn't enough..my diet is good, my only problem is being physically active but it's hard to stay motivated when i have to exercise at home. with winter coming i'm afraid i'll lose all my progress
help me nonas i need to lose weight but i dont know where to start again. i tried random ass exercises earlier this year but then i caught covid so all my progress just got obliterated. what exercises/diet worked for you and how long did you practice it for? i feel so fat as 60kgs
>>657128 if you're tall you probably don't really have that much weight you can lose. i'd look into lifting and i wouldn't consult your actual scale often because it's only going to drive you mad if you're shorter, what helped me was that i did an overhaul of my diet and cut out all snacking with a focus on cooking healthier meals and started a cardio routine every day for about 40 minutes to an hour. when i first plateaud then i cut cardio a bit and started lifting
are there any nonas here who wants to gain weight rather than lose? i need some advice
>>662806 Start drinking protien powder and lifting weights and doing booty workouts. You will gain weight and have a lifted ass and it won’t look flabby.
i hit my second weight goal and then lost a few more pounds because i became sick. but since coming home to my family i'm back at the weight of my second goal.. i'm a bit sad. though i lost it unhealthily, of course i gained it back as soon as i went back to my regular eating habits. either way i need to increase my metabolism through exercise and buy some weights. i really don't think i can sustain off of 1400 cal for the rest of my life
>>688028 don't be sad nona. that weight you lost most likely wasn't even fat. a few pounds is literally a bottle of water. keep up the good work!
>5'3 >like 165-170lbs so yeah i need to lose weight kek it will be one of my new years resolutions. i've tried to lose weight with unsustainable ways which ultimately led me to maintain an overweight bmi for years, so now i finally want to do it the right way. my bmr is slightly above 1500 so i think i will eat around 1200-1500 calories a day and exercise. i'm thinking of doing one of those chloe ting exercise challenges. i've tried them a couple times before but never made it past the first week because i found them too hard. i shall revive this thread with updates whenever i feel like it. i start tomorrow not on january 1st because why stall when i can start right away
>>705521 hey im the same. ive lost around 97lbs total and still trying to shift another 40, hwaiting to you too
>>705531 omo 97lbs?? that's crazy what kind of diet were you on? that's really impressive i applaud you
>>705541 at the start of 2019 i was following some weightwatchers type diet (i dont know if they have this in other places but its basically a diet plan type thing) and kept going until may last year when i kind of hit a plateau. i kept following it and didnt lose anything but i didnt gain anything either. i got sick of not losing anything and in april this year i switched over to eating 1500 calories and i lost another 35-40lbs or so. its been a bit slower lately and i get really stressed that im not losing quick enough but i just have to keep sticking with it
>>705551 that's really cool nona, it takes a lot of willpower to stick to a diet this long. i have an all or nothing mentality and no patience so i always end up going on diets that are too extreme but then quickly give up. it pains me to think i could've started this journey in 2018 and been at my goal weight now, but we move. good luck with the rest of your journey too, hwaiting!
>>705521 oh we have the same stats, hopefully we both can be healthier and more active in 2022. i used to go the gym several times a week but i have a full time job and i feel so tired and lazy after work
posting this here because i want to lose some weight and hold myself accountable. i might just cut off certain foods first like surgary drinks and drink more water as a start. becoming more active isn’t the main goal for me at the moment. will check back in if i’m successful at losing and keeping off any weight.
>>705551 nta but are you 5'3 also, or taller? 1500 is around maintenance for me.
>>859389 yeah I'm 5'3
>5'7 >125lbs do u think i need to lose weight? i used to be around 110 lbs last summer i want to be that again lmfao
nonas.. what do you eat for dinner? i always make the same three meals and i am sick of them
i recently tried making a shake with spinach and it tastes so good. heres the recipe : dried spinach yogurt banana almonds (honey if you like)
>>868886 i make my dinner the heaviest meal of the day if that makes sense, i usually do: beans+chickpeas with polenta potato or tomato soup kimchi fried rice with egg garlic pasta veggie salad with tofu frozen veggie mix with polenta noodles with sweet and sour sauce vegan curry sweet potato halves roasted in the oven with a bit of cream + garlic on top i only eat breakfast and dinner around 5-6pm, so this works for me
>>868886 sometimes i make broth in a slow cooker from lamb stew meat and bones and eat that with rice noodles other dinners i like: some baked potato with feta cheese on top rice with pan fried salmon 2 broiled chicken drumsticks with a portion of baked potato occasionally i skip over all of this for a bowl of canned lentil soup heated on the stove if im wasnt feeling like cooking anything tht day and i always have a portion of steamed or stir fried veggies (from a pack of mixed vegetables) to go along with any of these. im not big on seasonings besides salt mostly because i dont really think about it. i use hot sauce sometimes
>>869472 >>869523 >>869556 these sound great, thank you!
(66.41 KB 500x500 sippingbroth.jfif)
sipping broths changed my life, fr fr. sweet cravings have never been an issue for me. instead, i crave savory flavors -- especially savory flavors served hot. finding savory snacks that are hot, low-calorie, and satisfying isn't easy. replacing the urge to cook something up with simply sipping a warm cup of flavorful broth in the evening has helped with my diet immeasurably. picrel, the millie's brand makes really delicious, healthy sipping broths.
>>869523 they all sound so good. i have read a lot how your dinner should not be too heavy. breakfast is supposed to be heavy
>>873080 since i only eat breakfast and dinner i can't do too little for dinner because i'll end up hungry, but yeah i've heard about that as well
i lost a lot of weight due to covid and everything tastes weird. my taste buds and sense of smell are working but the stuff i used to enjoy doesn't taste good anymore. it's such a drag to find food i actually want to eat and my cupboard is full of food that doesn't taste as good as i thought it did :(
>>874842 it's called parosmia. i weigh 43kg and foods i usually enjoy e.g. pepsi, apples, dark chocolate etc taste odd. i made minestrone and didn't feel hungry enough to eat more than a few spoons it although the idea of minestrone was really appealing.
i think im going to log in my everyday effort here. im so sick of postponing everything
>>905054 do it queen, i'll cheer you on
>>906753 aw thanks so todays log 100 skips 25 squats 20 push-ups 15 seconds plank will gradually increase and im ana so i dont want to overdo
>>909009 are you sure you should increase the amount of excercise then?
it's been really cool slowly seeing the muscles begin to develop in parts of my body that have never had any definition before
>>910144 you are right. im not sure about increasing i want to be consistent and then see if its required
>>909009 yesterdays log set 1: 100 skips 25 squats todays log set 1: 100 skips 25 squats set 2: 15 crunches 10 push-ups
>>914911 keep it up
does anyone know or do decent workouts on youtube? ive heard some good stuff about caroline girvan but negative things for chloe ting and emi wong so i wanna know who else i should stay away from lel my new years resolution was to avoid the yoyo effect again so im trying to get fit. cant afford to go a gym rn but im planning to do so when i have more free time.
>>917829 caroline girvan is rly good i love her but u will need dumbbells. idk abt the other girls but just focus on getting movement everyday and u should be good><
>>915534 thanks >>914911 next day didnt work out kek yesterday 100 skips 25 squats today 100 skips 25 squats 10 pushups
>>917829 idk about youtubers but try to find hiit workout regimes.
>>925069 ugh i got my periods and couldnt update will do so from tomorrow
>>941235 rest well nona
anyone have a good video or playlist for stretch routines?
i lost 5 pounds and took some before videos and pics today i really want to get down to 120 pounds, i’m 160 right now.
>>941263 thanks and im back yesterday i did the same set-1 of squats and skips today i skipped working out and had a mental breakdown lmao but ill get back tomorrow
>>946908 probably a bit late (still hoping that you will still see this noonie) but these two were really effective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72MQmD8Z9Zw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_tea8ZNk5A
>>956792 never too late to change up or implement something new in my routine, thank you. i'll check these out when i work out tomorrow
i've lost around 16 pounds as of today. i have a lot more to lose but i've noticed i have a huge problem with my gut health.. i struggle with constipation very badly. for a very long time. when i was vegan a few years back, i lost weight, i made bowel movements regularly but the bowels were still constipated when you pair it with the bristol chart i was given laxatives by my doctor but i really don't like having to rely on them to make a bowel movement regularly and have heard of the results of laxative abuse too. and i'm tired of being in severe pain or not being able to make a bowel movement at all.. i'm probably going to cut out all gluten/wheat/breads/pastas. i was really depressed a few months ago when i was going through an episode of extreme stomach pain realizing i probably cant eat pasta and bread like i want to anymore. but i've really accepted it because i hate feeling like this everyday i like rice more but i haven't even started elimiating anything so i'm not sure if rice affects me either. but i'm hoping this can lead to me having a smoother and healthier weightloss journey and no more pain
>>964678 if youre willing to try it theres the AIP diet, it basically restricts someone from foods that commonly cause digestive issues for people. its not meant to be followed permenantly, its a temporary list of allowed and not allowed foods to hopefully give someone a rest period from irritated/painful digestion. then after a few weeks someone can try eating things like dairy or whole wheat bread again (one thing at a time, not all at once) to more clearly gauge how their digestion reacts to that food
>>964678 i had ibs during puberty, keep a checklist of foods that trigger indigestion. a high fibre anti inflammatory diet based around wholegrains, oats, leafy greens, nuts, oily fish the digestive issues will be better than relying on laxatives which will lead to gut inflammation and ulcers. now that im an adult i rely on double shot espressos to get my gut and metabolism going before a gym sesh kek. birds eye chillies also work like a natural laxative but only if you can take the heat.
just tried my first HIIT routine and i want to fucking die
>>964835 >>965208 thank you nonas. i have been avoiding pasta and bread since then it seems to set me off more than anything and i think its going quite well, besides the time i have ate them once or twice. i don't feel as horribly constipated as before i have to lose weight for my job since im a few pounds over the limit for my height, and i was reccomended to stop eating carbs or cut them down. i've been losing weight pretty slowly but i was given a time limit to drop the extra pounds by a certain date so i'm determined to meet it
>>1005437 unless you're a model, what kind of job requires you to lose weight?
poll: what’s a good weight for 5’2’ according to you? also, at what weight will you be considered chubby?
>>1014983 anywhere from 110 to like 130 is good imo, depending on how much you work out, how much muscle mass you have etc... i'm 5'3 and i appear chubby but not fat at low 140s
unnies i’m 4 pounds away from being in the normal BMI range again! for the first time in three years. hopefully it will only take two weeks. :D
>>1014983 yeah like the high 100s (105-109?) to the low 130s. but of course it depends on your body and what looks chubby will vary. some people will look chubby at 130 and some people won’t
>>1006352 im not a model is all i can say nona i was given three weeks to meet a weight goal and while i met the limit for my weight the interviewer for the job i want really didnt really make it clear if he wanted me to just get at least get down past my weight limit or get down to the other weight he reccomended to me to be by the time my job starts. i do plan to lose more weight but i dont think it was possible for me to lose 14 pounds healthily in 3 weeks... i managed to lose 4 pounds and i worked pretty hard. i honestly feel proud because i did it in a healthy way for once and ate lots of delicious food :/
>>1066433 nta but you are on an obscure anonymous kpop imageboard. nobody is going to find out if you post what your job is
>>1066433 are you a kpop trainee kek
>>1068108 >>1069316 i just want to talk about weightloss with every nona and no im not a kpop trainee kek im luckily not in trouble with my weight like i thought and spent a good hour on the treadmill today. i feel good
>>1006352 nta but stewardess comes to my mind
>>1054311 late but congrats!! i need to start getting serious about loosing weight
nona is probably a germanfag, if you want to work for the state (teacher, police officer, all kinds of financial and office jobs) you have to pass a physical exam during which they also check whether you're a healthy weight
got off the phone with my interviewer and he wants me to start doing weigh-ins so he can show his boss. he sounded pretty disappointed that i gained a pound heol. i have another date to lose more weight. its just a little hard when im also recovering from binge eating and shit. it always comes back when i get stressed out. ill stick to my healthy mindset as always though. no reason for me to freak out
wait a fucking second. is it true that even if just 1 member of jury agrees with amber, she wins? fuck that. hope its not true
>>1066433 she's a stripper
>>1100249 i feel like you're trying to get into the softcore non-real porn industry in kimchiland but then again no one but uggos post on ccc
>>1103768 im not. i guess i will stop posting my updates here
starting to see a real physical difference from putting on muscle. hoping i do make the progress to get lean enough to have visible abs. that's not my ultimate goal in this but it's just one of those things that'd be nice
did a pilates workout and i feel refreshed. i hope it'll help my core. i did some arm excercises too... my arms are seriously so weak compared to my legs that it worries me. i can barely do a push-up because of my arms. i hope they can become stronger as i continue to lose weight
possibly going to mill kyself lol after catching rona i find it so hard to become actve again i could barely get through a workout right now without literally hearing my own pulse on my neck aaughhhh
yayy i have a flat stomach now nonas. it was a new years resolution of mine and i'm happy i achieved it within five months. what i did (and am still doing) >intermittent fasting >follow this keto calculator for my prescribed intake https://keto-calculator.ankerl.com >jogging 2-3 miles every other day (takes 30-45 minutes for me. is that slow?) >practice roller skating for an hour when i'm not jogging that day >avoid sugar and alcohol completely >sleep at least 8 hours every day that's all. i'll just maintain this and maybe i'll try to build ab and muscle when i'm not so busy
my diet is seriously making me depressed kek but literally anything with a shitton of sodium makes me gain weight
>>1131710 hwaiting, nona
>>1108257 it is a little slow but as long as you’re not trying to run races and hitting PBs or working towards doing a marathon don’t worry about your speed or time. it obviously helped you achieve your goal and it’s good for your heart to get cardio in congrats!
>>1131710 then be more active and eat whatever you want
>>1108257 >avoid sugar that'd be a sad and miserable life for me
>>1108257 doesn't keto have many bad side effects
>>1151174 omo can you predict the future nona? i have been doing that as of recent and i feel much more better and am getting great results
Will the 12/3/30 tiktok workout give me results? I usually hate exercising but I want to lose some weight so I want to do something were I don't have to focus that much and can watch TV this way I will be more likely to commit to it
(163.59 KB 1133x1920 HealthySwaps.jpg)
>>1139505 thank you helpful nona! i did notice that when i consistently run i go faster bit by bit but if i break the streak (e.g., i go on vacation, i work overtime hence i can't set aside time to run) my speeds get set back by a lot. but that's alright since like you said it's about doing consistent cardio and not about speed or time for me atm >>1151175 it wasn't really immediate for me. i started out by substituting sugary snacks with healthier alternatives like picrel. my favorite one is eating frozen grapes instead of candy. slowly i started to not mind not being able to eat processed sugar at all >>1151176 >bad side effects which are...? i don't follow it in an extreme or meme-y way kek so i haven't really experienced anything negative myself. you don't have to completely cut carbs (the macro) out and just eat bacon and cream forever. for me i eat fruits, veggies (mostly boiled), fish, poultry, meat, and nuts then the keto calculator i linked helps me with the prescribed intake. if your current diet consists of a lot of grains and sugar ofc you'll have a hard time at first and it'll take your mind and body some getting used to overall though i feel nice. combined with enough sleep and some exercise i feel weirdly better and more energetic at my job and day to day life (with the added weight loss ofc)
i'm going to lose ten pounds before nct come to my country wish me luck nonas
>>1171932 good luck nona
haven't binged in 3 months even though i was really stressed and lost some weight. i'm really happy about it :]
>>1190672 congrats sis
going to try out 16:8 for a week and see if i like it or not. i started today and it went pretty well
just recently noticed that the pitch of my voice got even higher from losing weight. i didn't even think that was possible.
>>1273678 seriously? that's a cool thing to look forward too ig kek. i also heard people's foot sizes go down
>>1273828 yeah. to be fair, when i was at my heaviest i'd get out of breath easily and i would always need to take breaths while speaking so maybe that's why i sound slightly different >i also heard people's foot sizes go down ive heard of this too, and that sometimes your skin can even become lighter as well. it's crazy how our body changes and reacts to weight gain or weightloss
hot girl summer approaching. will try to run when i can in addition to my usual workout routine at home. going to also try to take more dance classes. pole dance classes have been amazing for arm strength and core so far.
>>1275033 how are you liking pole? it's something i want to try once i build up a little more arm strength
>>1275078 it's really fun! the worst thing for me is that my body doesn't trust itself to lift my feet off the ground so i have a hard time doing full spins but most beginners don't have that problem (at least what i see in my classes) i don't have much arm strength but i say just for it since you'll build it during the classes faster
>>1278161 just go for it*
>>1278161 might go for it then. i've been trying to get into learning handstands and i have the same issue when i try to do the crow pose where my body just doesn't trust that my arms can hold me up but i feel like that'd be a good addition
does anyone happen to own fabric resistance bands? i own the rubber ones and i tend to have problems with them slipping or bunching sometimes. are the fabric ones less prone to this?
nonas, what is a healthy bf% for a woman in her 20s? i'm currently at 24.9% right now according to my scale but my bmi is 26. i don't think i'll actually know my real bf% unless i do an inbody scan but still
i hate being a burger sometimes. i have to eat strictly homecooked food to lose weight because everything has an extra 100 to 300 calories in it.
i've gone one day without eating unhealthy sweets. i've just been giving in to my cravings every single time and letting it get out of control. i need to remember that these are just cravings, they're in my head due to habit, and that i can just say no. i hate acting like i need to eat nutella if it's in the house when i can literally go buy it whenever i want
(315.83 KB 857x811 Screenshot_20220723-091044.png)
>>1332126 genetics play a huge role too. in any case, you're fine. it's hard to gather because with what limited means we have measuring our bf is pretty inaccurate. if you have specific goals like seeing certain muscle groups you normally can't, you can cut and go lower temporarily but i really don't think it's good for the longterm
i'm getting chubby again and i need to hold myself accountable
i feel like i'm getting pcos symptoms ever since gaining weight. I'm at least 20kg over where I should be and ever since I got overweight I have lost hair at my hairline and eyebrows and gained hair in my sideburns and chin and moustache. It sucks. I lost the 20kg a year ago but put it back on because I didn't change my lifestyle appropriately. I'm going to try and keep off this time. Any nonas who have managed to reverse the pcos symptoms through weight loss?
>>1373511 same nona. the thing is if i don't eat sugar for a long time i don't miss it at all but if i have it then i crave it constantly. have to not keep it in the house at all
>>1391505 ok let's hold each other accountable, weigh-in at the end of the week.
>>1391550 in most cases pcos is really an insulin resistance condition so it makes sense that you're experiencing these symptoms. i recommend reading period repair manual by lara briden. you can treat pcos so that it is virtually cured
>>1392875 i should say *cured by healthy weight loss where you fix the insulin resistance
>>1392869 it can be so hard when you live with other obese family members who constantly buy that shit
>>1392869 are you me
i got a smart scale and it showed i have 32.9% bodyfat and bmi 29... i didn't think it was that bad kek but i seriously need to eat less
>>1393324 sa i meant i didn't think my bf was that high, not that 32.9% isn't bad, because it is
>>1393324 i'm pretty sure that using measurements or calipers is more accurate than a scale. the body fat scales can be inaccurate for some people. maybe try a different method if it seems like a high number?
i hate having emotional hunger at night... practicing willpower while recovering from binge eating is hard. even harder when you want to eat food and not snacks. i think the main problem is that the foods i've been making this week are a bit high calorie and towards the end of the day i realize i don't have many calories left. i have to work on that. i also need to work on going to bed early so i won't be in this situation kek
>>1393143 yes from another life. eating cherries instead of ice cream, how are you doing unnie?
>>1392877 definitely. idk how people can just have houses stocked with snacks but i guess they possess self-control that i lack
>>1406375 pretty much hungry all the time and in the same situation as >>1392877 so its kinda impossible to regain self control. for now im trying to replace it with something healthier and building gradually from that
>>1406380 you got this, hwaiting!
just worked out for the first time in months and it's crazy, i feel like i have so much energy and i'm craving a salad. gonna try to keep this routine going for as long as possible
https://youtu.be/hNIwLCXJOGo using oatmeal as a replacement for rice worked really well for me today i was really hesitant to it for a while and only used it for making desserts but i tried making omurice with oatmeal and it was actually really good and the texture wasnt all that different from rice. makes the dish more low calorie as well depending on the ingredients
>>1406376 same kek i eat all my snacks at once i have 0 self control
>>1465366 based i'm surprised more people don't do this but i cut rice from my diet a while ago and oatmeal pretty much always works as a replacement
i have thoughts of stuffing food in my face
i've been making healthier choices. i'm proud of myself for that. focusing on eating three square meals rich in nutrients, fiber, and protein has reduced my binge-eating habit. during my binges i justified reaching for the unhealthiest food in the house and cleaned up calorie-rich items like cheese, chips, and ice cream despite not wanting to eat those things or even enjoying it. i felt like shit after. never mind how periods of fasting followed by binges fucked with my digestive system. now if i feel hungry in the evenings i drink a glass of water or two and snack on a few nuts, fresh fruit, or veggies with a side of broth, kimchi, or dipping sauces depending on what i'm craving/the intensity of the craving. it's satisfying without the negative psychological defeatism of my binges. my ultimate goal is to lose weight, since i'm overweight by all accounts. despite the aforementioned pride in myself for reducing my binge-eating habits i haven't lost weight (in fact i've gained weight) but i think that was inevitable as my binges stemmed from skipped meals and attempting to reduce my calorie intake to unhealthy levels. at least the weight was gained while improving my eating habits.* better food means more energy, and more energy means i'm motivated to exercise. the aforementioned digestive issues also caused a lot of bloating, which previously made exercise uncomfortable. recently when i exercise there's less discomfort, faintness, and subsequent pain. even the soreness i get from my small ventures into fitness is different. i used to get very sharp/twisty pain, often accompanied by cramps, after a workout. whereas now it's the "your body thanks you" soreness i recognize from when i used to be fitter. i don't get out of breath as easily or see stars in my vision as often. my stride feels lighter and my physicality is more adventurous. tl;dr i'm gaining weight but at least my body is working properly again *gaining muscle weight is something i've done in the past but i know that isn't what's happening here
im at day 4 of cutting down on every sort of snacking and it goes well for now. what should i focus on in order to lose weight ? workout routines/exercises like pamela reif's or focusing more on endurance and long term like walking or biking ?
>>1496128 i would start with doing pamela reif videos as part of your daily routine and then supplement with cardio if you have the stamina (so both)
>>1496128 i also recommend both. if you're looking to lose weight sustained cardio is more effective simply in burning calories but for the actual shape of your body that's where those workouts come in. really, though, if you can get in two good cardio sessions a week you're fine
>>1496142 >>1496176 i will probably get back to one-hour biking sessions first then, thanks for the advice
>see jar of nutella >open it >smell it >close the lid >grab an apple i am god
how do i stop drinking milk and start drinking water like a normal person? im addicted to milk the only thing that stops me is feeling full (of milk)
>>1520174 would you be able to compromise by going with an unsweetened non dairy milk to keep away from drinking a lot of regular milk? since something like almond milk is less calories at least even though its not water
>>1520174 have you tried slowly cutting it with water? also people seem to lose their ability to break down lactose once they stop eating dairy, this has happened to a lot of vegans/vegetarians
bought some cauliflower rice today, im excited to try it tomorrow. since my body goes batshit when i eat pasta, the carbs i eat mostly come from rice and rice based products and i want to cut down on how many carbs i eat too because i feel like its getting a bit much
>>1543132 i've never had cauliflower rice but i fucking hate cauliflower. mind the smell when you heat it up, my roommate eats it and it stinks up the whole house kek
i made a post here like 8 months ago and since then i pretty much yoyo-ed up until a little over a month ago when i actually started sticking to my diet and losing weight so i'm down a little more than 15lbs since. i'm under 150lbs which i haven't been in yearssssss. my next goal is under 140 which will officially put me in the normal weight category. wish me luck nonas
>>1570146 you don't need luck sis you got this
>>1570146 nicely done nona, hwaiting
very interesting reading on metabolism and weight lost (great website by the way) https://darebee.com/fitness/guide-to-metabolism.html
another inch down on both my waist and hips. i don't have an specific goal but i'm just happy to see the progress
nonas what do i do? i used to mindlessly eat a lot. just to keep my mind off of stuff, especially when the lockdown happened. i cleaned up my act and diet but now i find that i get full easily, i barely eat 2 times a day and i dont get in enough calories to lose weight healthily. should i increase the calories in my meals so i can make enough to lose weight at a healthy set calorie amount? i just get full really fast since i actually listen to my hunger cues now and im not used to it.
>>1671664 on a dead appetite day for me, to add some easy calories without having to increase volume ill put some melted butter on the veggie part of my meal. smoothies with coconut yogurt, almond milk, some fruit, and spoonfuls of peanut butter is my go-to to make it easier to get some added calories, and im sure theres many other smoothie combos that might be helpful. sometimes tasting something sweet like honey gets my appetite feeling better and more hungry, but other times it doesnt work so well and makes the problem worse so i stopped that
>>1671668 thank you nona, your tips have helped me. my appetite is super dead now and just adding some butter to veggies or olive oil really helps


no cookies?