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Dream Thread #1 Anonymous 07/01/2022 (Fri) 21:41:55 No. 1284685
>Have you been having these weird dreams lately, like, “Is any of this for real? Or not?” Share your past dreams and nightmares, keep log of what you currently dream about, maybe even what you wish to see in your sleep tonight Goodnight unnies
okay so like i work in this place that gets donations from gregg's. and i'm the only person in the place who will eat their vegan sausage rolls. so i had this stash of vegan sausage rolls in my fridge. one day i had a dream that they'd went off and had green mould on them. i woke up and then checked my sausage rolls. they weren't mouldy so i ate them.
had a dream in a apocalyptic setting where i was gathering resources and food in a abandoned supermarket with felix, everything was going well so far until i was turning my shopping cart to the last aisle then he creeped up from behind, started to gnaw at my neck then dig his nails into my torso. he proceeded to feast on my body which was kinda omo
i had a dream about a month ago that i accidentally posted two pictures of orangutans on twitter and was subsequently cancelled. i got hate from strangers and lost my job
>>1284987 kekkk
i keep having dreams about catching my dad cheating on my mom or just my mom finding out about the cheating. i’ve had dreams where my little sister gets eaten by zombies, where my high school class is stuck in the classroom because there’s werewolves trying to eat us, about a huge black moth chasing me. basically i only have nightmares, i don’t remember having a good team
>stress dream where my parents forgot to set the alarm for their flight they woke up late and blamed me. super vivid and realistic, one of those dreams where you wake up in your bed within the dream (in the dream i even woke up at my normal time, which is noon -- i've heard a lot of people say concrete time is uncommon in dreams? not here, i checked the time in my dream and it was contextually accurate). except my parents where making a ruckus in the hall and as soon as i left my bedroom they started asking me why i didn't wake them up. >stress dream where my mom kept kicking and punching me i don't remember much of this one, but i do remember waking up and thinking my subconscious must have known it was unrealistic because even in the dream i was like "she would never do this..." and barely took it seriously. i didn't even attempt to fight back, simply waiting for it to pass. >stress dream where i left my dumbbells on a high shelf in the kitchen and they fell and crushed my mother's neck she was wearing one of those puffy neck braces for the rest of the dream and looked so gloomy. just kind of looked at me with this exhausted look on her face. this dream was actually less stressful because it's something i never do (leave heavy objects on high shelves, much less dumbbells) whereas the other dreams were things that could actually happen.
My grandma and I went to the zoo. That section of the dream was perfectly normal. Then we started driving home, which was a seemingly impossible task. It seemed to take forever. We kept driving through weird areas. Eventually we drove through a crime-ridden city and wound up in a small alley. Doyoung was standing against a brick wall at the end of the alley, dressed in a sort of peachy-pink sleeveless outfit. He made us get out of the car. For whatever reason at this point in the dream I either turned into a middle-aged Vietnamese man, or I had been the whole time and didn't notice. I was able to pretend I couldn’t speak the language. But my grandma didn’t get what was going on, and Doyoung shot her twice in the skull.
i toured a molasses factory that opened near my house. the interior was all light blue tile. it was built on the remnants of an older building, so they kept a tile mural of a cow from the previous but building which had cultural significance, although it was somewhat squished under the weight of the new construction. that was the only thing that wasn't light blue. among the smaller tiles there were huge glazed blue tiles on the walls with quotes engraved in them basically encouraging the employees to be good little workers or else their children would starve. the safety standard were awful. hot gusts of moist air kept exploding from an area that wasn't supposed to be releasing air and there were weird sounds the employees seemed concerned about. but i realized i'd have to work there.
>>1297779 samefag -- to specify the shade of blue, it was sky blue. because it was a very striking (and frankly beautiful) image.
i lived in some sort of communal witchy house and we got attacked by a rival witch. at one point a huge blue laser was shooting through the house from the back door straight through the house, forcing the people who were fighting the witch onto opposite sides of the house. i managed to escape and started slashing the witch's tires (kek). apparently she arrived in some sort of nice car, she was a rich technologically savvy witch. one of her minions who was guarding the car found me and threatened me with a pocket knife and tried to lead me to an unmarked van, but i grabbed her pocket knife and continued slashing the tires of the van kek.
some dreams from recently >volcano dream the volcano overlooking our town was showing signs of imminent eruption. we all made it to some hotels a distance from the volcano and stayed there. for some reason everyone thought this would be safe. the dream showed me what would happen when the volcano actually erupted, which was that the people in my hotel would be blasted by lava, and the people in the other hotel would be spared the lava but get the pyroclastic flow. >itzy dream don't remember much about this dream other than that i was a member of itzy. we were staying in some hotel rooms and the girls were wearing their colorful sneakers outfits. it took place in a hotel/conference area similar to the volcano dream. >snowstorm dream there was a snowstorm in an area with a lot of bandstands (people in the dream called them pagodas) and a main house. i spent most of the dream navigating the landscape and trying to get back inside to the main house. it might have been a school's grounds. the dream incorporated hetalia fanmusic. in the back of my mind i was looking for music that was sympathetic to prussia but did not valorize prussia, because i was suspicious of people who put prussia on a pedestal being neonazis. i found a group of people hanging out in the snow playing numetal-sounding hetalia fanmusic from speakers. there were some bangers. >doctor who dream i was in an episode of doctor who, during 11's era. i saw some snippets of the previous episodes before this one, and all of them were historical, which i thought was weird, since dw rarely does that many historicals a season much less in a row. the episode opened with us landing in a roman-looking area with some busted open/empty graves. amy and i went exploring, encountered a reanimated dog with glowing green eyes (friendly), then encountered a reanimated soldier with glowing green eyes (unfriendly). the soldier chased us along a beach. we figured out that we could say something that would stop it in it's tracks, but we had to say it literally repeatedly without breath or pause.
i was on an island with my bf jarmin and then the volcano on the island started erupting and there was lava everywhere and everyone was running and i fell into the water with my hand still holding jarmins and he couldn't pull me out cause i was too heavy so he just let go and left me to die
shinee performed sherlock in some sort of ninja assasin/make your move dance-action fusion movie. for some reason, nobody had ever uploaded the scene to youtube, not even in the modern digital age. there was one video on youtube of the scene, but it was somebody recording their t.v. screen and the video only showed shinee's intro and cut off before the song started. the movie looked gritty, like mid-budget action movies during the 00's did (for whatever reason, it didn't look like a 2012 action movie), dark and sepia-tinted, and everything was wet and shot in a warehouse/industrial setting with crates and chains hanging from the ceiling and shit. an actor playing a character called butler (who was the main character, i believe) jumped from a higher point onto the floor and did a superhero landing while note started playing. the movie wasn't on any streaming services, and i guess it wasn't even pirated anywhere, because i concluded i'd have to make an old-fashioned trip to the video store and pick up this rare and elusive dvd.
i was a member of nct 127, wandering around a performance venue (for a kcon type event i gathered). dressed in my casual clothes, complete with obligatory gaypop mask and baseball cap combo. looking at the shops and drinking some boba. just chilling with my free time. then i walked into a small room where 127 were dressed in stage outfits for kick it (black skinny jeans and royal blue satin bomber jackets) and staff were swarming around them, getting them ready to perform on stage. i was shocked and stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, boba in hand. the air was awkward and all of the members acted like i wasn’t there. i asked everyone wtf was going on. but they continued to ignore me. so i got frustrated with their strength in numbers and walked up to nuta, singling him out. i can't remember what excuse he gave me, but it was obviously an excuse, and he looked wide-eyed and guilty, like he knew they were doing something wrong. he kept trying to act busy with this mic so he didn't have to look me in the eyes. i thought to myself that johnny and i were going to have a confrontation about this later. apparently i had reason to believe johnny wanted to separate the wheat from the caff, and i was chaff.
>>1323557 you dreamed you were weewoo
i had to share my earbuds with scammy and i apologized to him because they were covered in ear wax
i keep dreaming about sharks this time there was one in my bathroom except it wasnt my bathroom and it grabbed my pet lizard except it wasnt my lizard it was my pet cat (i dont own a pet cat) and i was trying to save my cat from the shark but it wouldnt let go and the cat kept clawing me
i dreamt we requested my older cousin to shoot this man sleeping on my bed and he was like sure no problem and just came and shot him and i was crying and screaming because he didnt have suffer from the weight of having taken a life, and the whole bed was bloody and i was cleaning it up and was almost going to get caught by my neighbours... weird stuff, i felt so emotional in the dream
the airplane was going down and i kept wandering through different sections of it. the airplane’s layout looked more like a ferry, and was extremely spacious. eventually i found a cabin crew member and she commented on the “fresh air” before she opened a door to show me what was essentially a big ferry garage opening up on one side to reveal the sky. another cabin crew member was inside a car, driving towards the open sky. essentially, what i realized from my conversation with the cabin crew lady standing next to me was that the cabin crew lady in the car knew we were going to crash, and that it was going to be slow and painful, so she was choosing to die by driving out of the plane instead. later one of the kids who was on the airplane wrote a book about it and was showing it to an adult at some sort of sidewalk fair but the adult scoffed and said it was all a child’s fantasy/how would a child know better than the airline. some other people were asking us why we chose that airline [i think the airline name in the dream was indiana, started with an i] and basically blamed us for choosing a shitty airline.
had a dream i can remember for the first time in a while. i went to a huge mall to go to a bookstore there. but i got distracted by how the side areas of the mall were littered with unusually large unlocked storage closets that had 2 floors in them and were in disrepair or falling apart in some way. in one of them i heard the pleading questions of a woman in the distance asking whos there over and over. i got scared and ran out of the closet and back into the mall. there were also small unlit square pits around the edges that had random junk piled in them and were like separate rooms without a door. i went into one and saw what looked like someones cluttered workspace with a computer. i saw a sticky note next to the screen with a phone number saying "call slomo". then suddenly a man who i didnt know was there because he was behind a pile of clutter sat up from a makeshift bed and saw me. i scrambled to get out of that pit and he started chasing me. i sprinted around the mall so fast to get away from him i felt almost superhuman
the dream started out fairly normal with me as an omniscient observer watching an anime (the 'art style' of the dream was anime, but it was a 3D environment that i floated around). it was a slice of life plot about the patrons of a manga shop. the show explored their buying habits and genre preferences. slowly, the personal reasons behind their habits and preferences were revealed. one of the characters was a stoic woman who always purchased ero manga. she befriended a nerdy guy at the shop. one day they left the shop together and she pulled him into an alley and pushed him against the wall and pulled down his pants and stared at his dick while it got hard. i entered both of their minds and saw through both of their eyes. then SUDDENLY the dream shifted and the nerdy guy was taeil and the woman was a group of women and we were in a small italian alley and also doyoung was there. instead of being omniscient i was now myself, and from where i was standing further down the alley i couldn't see anything. but one of the women, in an effort of female comraderie i guess, told me how taeil's dick was bigger than expected when hard. meanwhile doyoung was sipping his drink and chilling next to taeil waiting for the dick inspection to be over. once we got out of the situation doyoung commented “wow, that was so embarrassing” in his usual exasperated-but-smiling way and i tried to say something but the gum i was chewing had melted to a goop on my front teeth so i sounded like a retard. doyoung tactfully ignored me. we split up and went our separate ways exploring this italian city, with me trying to find some members of our group who we hadn't seen in a while. when it was time to meet up with everyone again the shock had faded and the reality of what happened earlier set in. i thought to myself i shouldn't blush when i see taeil. we met up in the city square, taeil was totally fine like nothing had happened (he was singing something with the few people in our group who had already gathered because it was sunny and cheerful and pigeons were flying around and it was a lovely scene) but of course i started blushing and couldn't look straight at him. t;ldr this dream sucked reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i had a dream i was living on a small farm with seonghwa and there was rumors in the neighborhood that he had a massive cock, it got to the point where everyone marched to our shared house screaming ‘show us your cock!’ and he reluctantly pulled out yeosang in a chicken suit with a basket of ostrich eggs
my little brother found a huge white scorpion on his body and i kept finding small little bugs
werewolf mermaids. it was ye olde days of sail and on a ship that would take nine years (!?!?!?) to reach the island we would call our new home. one of the werewolf-mermaids was a muslim man who was analyzing a religious text. he was a newbie and the two more experienced muslim men on board criticized him for not incorporating jewish text into his analysis.
i had a dream a couple of nights ago about me living in paris with the guy of my dreams. i can’t remember what he looked like because nobody in my dreams has a face but he was seriously beautiful. i tried to recreate the dream the other night and i was desperately searching for a face that would suit him and all that would come to my mind was *poocas*
the ancient egyptian gods were coming back and i was helping them revive
>>1413553 sa i had another dream after this that was a sort of fucked up game show where people had to face their worst fears. it played out dungeon style with one entry door to a themed room and one exit door, with the goal being to make it to the exit. think a cross between saw and mckamey manor but nobody was seriously maimed and the budget for the games was of squid game proportions.
an old friend took me through a local secretive store in someone's backyard where people put things they wanted to give away for free. i asked her why there were rolls of money tucked throughout the shelves of the store (which resembled a shed), and she shrugged. i picked up one of the rolls of money, and it was fake christian money created by a rich local man with his portrait and quote printed on the non-facing side. there were some perfume samples in a bin and i took a few, including an indie fanmade perfume inspired by hendery. it was a simple/light perfume and one of the notes was raspberries. i took the perfume samples to my new job teaching at an international school in thailand. it was snowing when i got there, and there was an outbreak of disease at the school. during my first lunch break it was night(?) and i followed the sound of wailing. a girl had died. people were hurriedly lighting candles to gather for a procession to the impromptu funeral. i picked up a candle off the snowy ground and joined in. there were two girls whose candles i helped light who were native english speakers. both were white, one blonde and one brunette. at one point the wax started overflowing onto my hands so i dumped it out, and the blonde girl who was in front of me complained that it hit her legs. a nun/teacher appeared and started explaining the procedures of the funeral to us while we walked. she was short, black, and wearing a yellow head covering. she used a lot of body language while explaining in thai, so later as we approach the place where the funeral would be (this was still a part of the school) i explained to her i didn't speak thai and asked if i understood correctly that i should put my left hand on the coffin while saying something. (in my head I had planned to say i was sorry she died so young while she was only known as the quiet girl, because her being quiet was all any of the students were talking about.) the teacher/nun switched to her native english and told me there wouldn't be a coffin, at which point we approached the family in a covered area, and she indicated to me to look at the body. she said something along the lines of "congratulations on seeing your first dead body," at which point i said, "what makes you think i haven't seen a dead body?"
chenle started posting female mma videos on bubble on bubble and nonas debated
>>1423790 too many on bubbles i just woke up and omo remembered another part of my dream, a pumpkin patch appeared near my house and the pumpkins were the size of cars
just woke up from a nightmare. hybe had taken over all other agencies. groups like twice and nct had to do variety in bts' old costumes and bts were stuck with fatman forever. fatman was incredibly rich and nothing could stop him
dreamt soshi's forever 1 sounded like a classier/more mature version of oh my girl's cupid. in cupid's pre-chorus they sing 'boyeojwoyo' and 'boijyo'; in my dream those words were replaced with 'forever one' and 'forever', respectively.
i had a dream mingi, me, hongjoong, my cousin, and ateez's manager went to the mall of america and walked around. mingi then quoted my bisexual cousin by saying "and she said to the mall cop 'i don't give a shit! i'm a lesbian!'" and i had to pretend i wasn't a fan so i just nodded and smiled and him but i wanted to record this conversation so i could keep it forever. mingi kept looking into my eyes when he said it as if i was going to give him words of encouragement if he messed up. then yunho came and sat at the table with us. hongjoong was there and he looked annoyed but also embarrassed
i had my wisdom teeth out years ago, but i dreamed taeyong was hanging out with me after my wisdom teeth extraction. he was very sweet and helped me feel better. the recovery was very fever-dreamlike, with my neck swelling to over twice its size and a huge soft glob of flesh swelling up in my cheek, so big it filled my whole mouth and slid down my throat every time i swallowed. taeyong had a rivalry with doyoung throughout. at one point he referenced doyoung being "cucked by temperature". this was due to the fact that when taeyong touched me i felt cold (a great feeling, in the context of my pain and swelling) whereas when doyoung touched me i felt hot. at one point i had two huge stickers -- the size of a4 paper -- one showing taeyong, one showing doyoung. i put the stickers on either side of a cereal box. later doyoung's sticker got torn, so i decided to take both stickers off -- they were part of a set, in my mind -- it was both or nothing. which offended taeyong, who felt it showed i didn't love or value him as an individual.
had a dream that me and 3 others were exploring a dungeon and kept diving deeper and deeper down its floors, similar to something like an elder scrolls game or dragons dogma. and everyone agreed with each other to keep going deeper. eventually we arrive at the boss room where a rotting giant lich like monster is waiting and we defeat it. when it collapses, a dark cloud escapes from its body and rises upwards out of our sight. once we make it back to the surface with treasure we try to travel back to the main city with the treasure. and we find out that at night a thick dark fog shows up, out of which nasty rotting monsters come out when before nothing like that happened at night time. we survive at night by climbing up large trees to escape the dark fog. we're back in the city and theres a lot of unrest and panic about the night time monster situation, because how are normal people and merchant caravans suppossed to make it anywhere now? then one of my groupmates, someone armed with a sword, suddenly turns nasty like hes possessed and blames me for the situation once we're alone together even though we had all agreed to keep going deeper in that dungeon and defeat everything in there. he chases me and tries to get to me as i try to get away from him while precariously standing on a side structure of a tall building. somehow another groupmate rescues me by lethally wounding the bad one. as hes dying he looks at me with so much hatred in his face it contorts his previously normal face to look demonic. the groupmate who rescued me looks at me with worry and pats me on the back and then i wake up
had a dream i went back to nine years old with all of the knowledge i have now. it was fun and chaotic, and i got out my dreams of telling my parents to invest in certain stocks. and it ended with my dad and i having a screaming fight... yeokshi.
i went to dragcon my parents were watching drag race last night, i don't watch it myself. the actors who played john snow and renly baratheon were stamping hands at the entrance. the men there seemed fond of renly's actor, telling him his character meant a lot to them as they passed into the venue. i put my fist out in front of john snow's actor five times and he stared past it. after the sixth or so time trying to make him see my hand his eyes finally locked onto it, and he grumbled under his breath asking what took me so long. earlier in the dream i realized i only had uninteresting/plain clothes to wear to the con. as i walked around the con alone, seeing all of the impressive costumes, i felt bad for myself and envisioned a new project i would start working on. creating a persona, becoming an underground goth-adjacent fashion figure, with a distinct costumed style involving exaggerated bustled dresses and giant hats. i even made up a nickname for myself, which i can't remember now but i wish i could because it was a weird yet clever pun.
there was a lot going on in my dream, in terms of family drama thriller murder mystery twists-and-turns (the babysitter my family briefly considered hiring at the beginning came back later disguised as a major player! the mysterious antagonist woman and her mysterious female assistant (who looked like anna wintour and anna wintour (smaller, millennial version)) hacked the wi-fi at the diner my family crashed at and intercepted our communications as evidence!). my subplot mostly involved me trying to pre-emptively escape a home invasion/murder scene i knew was going to happen (by cutting a hole in screen mesh and jumping out the window and running away without being caught) and lay low during the subsequent drama despite being dragged along with it. it also involved crushing on renjun, who in the dream seemed to be an international student at the local uni. i worried what my friends would think about me dating a younger guy. the place where he lived seemed like a safe place to hide away from the main plot, but i never got there. i sent him a vaguely flirty message (at the diner; i didn't have anything incriminating on me, and felt comfortable knowing the only thing the mysterious women could get on me was that one message) and woke up shortly after.
does anyone else have dreams about having children? i have dreams about being pregnant and giving birth in hospitals or where i have a baby
had a dream ateez announced a surprise concert that sold out immediately and i tried to just bulldoze past the security but they stopped me. i went to the ticketing booth to see if they had any tickets left. a girl behind me tried to tell me which kpop joe rogan slept with but i didn't care. i was finally up, asked for my ticket and then the view switched to the backroom where i watched the ticket booth guy disassemble the paper shredder and piss on the bits of paper only to come back and tell me it's sold out. i then went into my car to go hole but my car was like a big van with a sink and there was water all over the floor from the sink leaking
i was a park ranger. there was a bear named john who we had raised as a cub before releasing him into the wild. i was sitting in the forest with three other female rangers, showing them john's range on a map of the park. i highlighted how initially he circled close to the place we released him, however over the years his range expanded. recently he even made the journey to the far edge of the park to where the salmon spawn.
>>1485167 the first and last time i had a dream about having a baby was in high school (i'm 29 now)
the night before smtown i dreamt poocas and 2lose came back. their presence at the concert was introduced via a vcr. poocas was sitting in a computer chair and 2lose was sitting on his lap. 2lose appeared to be retrocomputing a pc game while poocas just sat there being his seat, kek. the blocky vintage computer was desaturated pastel blue and the backdrop of the scene was pastel coral, with no set dressing -- it was like they were floating through space. poocas and 2lose were wearing matching desaturated blue-grey uniforms in a lighter tint than the computer. winwin was wearing a beret in the same color. poocas proceeded to do a sort of strip show that revealed he had gained weight and bulked up while winwin showed off his visuals. even in my dream i barely recognized poocas because his face had gained so much weight. he looked like a completely different man. 2lose was extremely gaunt and pale, clearly malnourished.
>>1512172 you paint a vivid scene, haunting in a way
had this dream a while ago. xiaojun died in a car crash and the dream involved me realizing i had been looking at old photos and videos of him for the past six months.
i got mugged by a man with a gun. during a scuffle on the ground i snapped the mugger's neck, killing him. johnny ran over and i was surprised but happy to see him. turns out johnny was an old high school friend. we got on a bus that did a loop of the area and rode idly, talking. his notable body heat made him comforting to sit next to. he asked if i wanted to see a movie with him. i told him i was actually waiting for my mom, sister, and niece to get done with something so we could all see mulan. he accepted an invitation to see the movie with the four of us. i knew in the back of my mind we'd hook up later, and probably start a sexual relationship now that i knew he was in the area.
i was a journalist writing a book about the connections between little people mythology in ireland and the u.s. deep south
i dreamt i was in a foreign country having to do school assignments. instead i went my own way,walking around the city. i was walking on the street when a car sped up behind me, it barely missed me and i started chasing it hurling slurs at the people inside of it. turned out it was the british royal family driving that car, and the bald one kept turning around acknowledging my curses at them kek. then i went back in the bus with all the other kids but everyone seemed to have an animal with them. the guy behind me had a tiny little sloth with clown makeup in his hands and it was frothing at the mouth. i was afraid he'd run lose and jump on my head. the end
there was a johnny cash-esque country song with the lyrics "you were born a distant stranger / and you will die alone / with an empty sky above you / in an unmarked grave son"
typical zombie apocalypse dream. except zombies remained cognizant. i realized i couldn't beat them and had to join them. i had a zombie friend who volunteered to turn others into zombies. she bit me a few times, i turned into a zombie. went to live with a group of peaceful zombies who were holed up to avoid the roving bands of violent zombies. the violent zombies hated zombies who chose peace. for various reasons. violent zombies often weren't zombies by choice, while the peaceful zombies always were. when humans chose to become zombies, they were removing a food source from the ecosystem (fresh humans), depriving the violent zombies of food. most of the dream was about us gathering food. we could eat any flesh so long as it was live, so the abundant wildlife in the area were fair game. apparently we could still eat human food, but we weren't able to subsist on it solely. we went out to gather old grocery store food alongside trapping animals like deer and small game.
there was a movie made in 1917 about a very kind woman who wins over a man who is already in love with someone else. the POV of my dream switched between me being the actual woman, and me researching about the movie. when i was researching the movie i found out that one of the actresses lived until she was 120. they thought she might be lying about her age but they tested her teeth and found documents to support it.
i was watching a movie screening with a small group of people at an abandoned warehouse hosted by keb, i think it was a slapstick horror one, when it ended we exchanged and drew on each other’s sketchbooks. afterwards i decided to take a nap on a mattress laying around. i slept probably an hour or two because it was approaching sunset, i started walking home on the side of the highway and stopped by a street vendor with a huge line wrapping around the block to buy an 2 esquites and tamales. when it was my turn to pay my 20 dollar bill was blown by a gush of wind and into the parking lot, i jumped over the 7ft tall gate and ran back to pay. after that i made it home, dropping my stuff at the front door, grabbing a chair to put it against a huge dresser i climbed to the top and started to tape my drawings from earlier on the ceiling. the end of the dream was giving the extra esquite to my roommate yunho
jennie confessed to me and kissed me. i'm not even a blonk wtf.
i was feeding my baby cucumber and tomato slices
had a dream where i had a syringe full of filler and was injecting it with no numbing in different areas of my face. and then when i looked in the mirror nothing actually changed despite the effort...
this girlie kept harassing me for no reason, she really had it out for me. i'd walk and she'd harass me on her bike. it was too unsafe to walk home (too far away) so i went to a friend who lived nearby. she lived a few stories up, and the next day we wanted to go outside, we had to climb a ladder down the building, but it had been tampered with and my friend almost fell to her death. when i finally decided to go home, i looked out my window and i saw the girlie on her bike circling my house with a bazooka aimed at me. i had a lot of family over so i got fed up and straight up shot her several times and she disappeared. i was outside with my friend when a mysterious limo came and it turned out that was her dad, he gave us an item to thank us for killing his daughter, who was kind of a cunt. turned out she had been harassing a lot of people. i wasn't sure if i should trust him, but we decided we did. when he left we opened the item, turned out it was a bomb and we and the people surrounding us burned to death. the death scene was eery because the initial explosion damaged our ear drums so we couldn't hear anything, we just saw each other in flames. then my dream took a completely different turn where i was doing unrelated things, only for me to later think, wait a minute, i'm supposed to be dead. i shrugged it off and continued eating dinner. there was also a part where a dumbass local celebrity dirtied our couch because he just had to fuck a hooker on her period and they didn't clean up the bloodstain
>>1645390 halfway through i forgot this was just a dream. very vivid
laurie anderson was going to do an album with michael jackson's estate nct 127 appeared on john oliver and wrote a chill r&b song about socialism yangyang got a bunch of features including a song by an indonesian indie r&b artist, the cover of her album was a picture of cadburry eggs
the first half of my dream is fuzzy but i think i was walking around a campus of prestige status past midnight with another person. while walking around in the darker side of the campus behind the dorm building one of my sandals broke so i had to walk back with one foot bare, i don’t remember what happens after that but the morning after i try to find my sandal in the rubbish and i ended up getting electrocuted by the fence that wrapped around the facility
i was a starbucks employee and our workplace was chaotic and filled with drama, we had constant changes in staff with multiple groups of people leaving and joining us at a time. eric was part of the staff before i joined the team, it was a sequence of rush hours, shitty customers and clean ups. i left after awhile but came back to the same starbucks location as a customer, eric was still an employee, i sat in a chair with my back towards him unaware that he was there during his lunch break. he turned around with sandwich crumbs over his apron and tapped my shoulder to get my attention then cried that he missed me as a coworker
had such a vivid dream where sheep and i were hanging out and vibing with so much sexual tension but i was still dating my bf in my dreams so i felt major guilt during the dream and post-waking up but also a little sadge nothing spicy happened in the dream kek
a nona was dumping renle gifs in nctg. one of the gifs was renjun kissing chenle's ear. it was hot and i coomed. there was an old thread deep in /ot/ with the subject "goth choachan dot cafe". the file attached was a picture of mark in an egl-style maid dress. however, the thread message was "funny choachan posts" and the 80+ replies seemed to be a mixture of people copy/pasting ccc comments they found funny and general-purpose shitposting.
why do my dreams keep being so weird, i was in physics class (i'm not underage fyi) and there was a surprise test. there was this one question that showed a penguin on fire and we had to answer how it got on fire in the first place. the answer to this question could only be obtained by directly asking the professor, i got it wrong cos i didn't ask the teacher and then i had a meltie because my answer of the penguin being on fire because it was frostbitten was wrong
my parents and i were in the car looking for a town on a highway in the american southwest. my sister had told us the town was on the highway. we passed by great red cliffs and vast desert plains. the town we were looking for had a name, like, say "bixby". we passed through a town called (say) "backsby". i wondered if there was some confusion and that was the town we wanted, but my mom unrolled a huge map and bixby was on the map but far off the highway. i told my mom i thought i had been to that town we drove through -- backsby -- before. dream!me believed my mom went to a conference there and i traveled with her but dreamer!me knew i had a previous dream set in that town. the main feature of the town was an expansive strip mall with a huge kohls. there was a water tower with the town's name on it. for some reason the town reminded me of the vibe of the mulch joke from bojack horseman but i don't know why. later we finally arrived at bixby, which was a seaside town. the architecture of the town resembled whimsical munich oktoberfest tents -- picrel. briefly i watched chris and rose from get out relaxing in bixby. me and a random dream!woman were put in charge of renovating an apartment. rather than spreading out, the apartment spread down. the apartment was essentially a stairwell with small landings. the landings provided what little floorspace there was. the upper landing was big enough for a bed, and the middle landing was big enough for a couch. it was dangerous moving around the upper landing especially. we painted the walls teal blue but the paint started bubbling and peeling off.
i had a dream twice were part cat and needed to be fed by their managers and woke them up by jumping on them it sounds scrote-y now that i type it out but it’s because my cat interrupted my twice dream by meowing for food and when i fell back asleep my brain combined it
i was a fat, bearded, male journalist. my friend got mega-rich but we stayed in touch. this mega-rich man was young, brown, with a shaved head, always wearing a suit. we were on zoom. i realized my friend kept adopting kids. i thought it was suspicious so visited him under the pretense of a friendly visit. he lived on the top floor of a skyscraper. as we went up the skyscraper the floors became more lavish, until the very top floor was darkly golden, gleaming and luxe. at that point i switched povs to a buddhist monk who was the rich man's assistant. while the friends visited i took visitors and sorted out their complaints. one of the visitors was the rich man's adult bio-daughter, who was involved with a lawsuit in indonesia involving spiced pineapple ice cream. i read the recipe for the ice cream in the dream... i wish i had written it down when i woke up.
i was riding a camel through the streets of cairo
had a dream in which i fell in love with a really sweet guy (no clue who it was, he also didnt resemble anyone i know). he also liked me back. it was nice..
i don't remember too many details, but i dreamt that i was in my garage and trying to start one of my parents cars. i got one of them to run before i realized that the garage door was still closed, and i started panicking thinking that i was going to die.
>tribe of people sitting around my backyard okay cool >they're telling me about their minor deities interesting, i love learning about other cultures >in honor of their major deity a festival is about to start alright... wish they would tell me who this major deity is already... >deity is black and shiny and comes from above ... >it's a fucking xenomorph dozens of xenomorphs descended on my house the bloodbath began. the dream ended the first time with me in the bathroom holding the door closed, obsessively looking at the bottom of the door and seeing that a large xenomorph was still standing behind it. i got up but when i went back to sleep the dream started again. now i was scrambling over fences to escape the general vicinity. two xenomorph cultists were following me. one man and one woman, smiling, chasing me. the cultists were different from the tribespeople... seems like a lot of people were into worshiping the xenos. the man touched me with an object and i realized it had the queen's scent on it. now she could track me. i incapacitated/possibly killed both of them and fled again.
i had a dream i was in aespa. i cried while thanking snsd and fx, but snsd was rude to me so i said to sohee “WOW THIS IS WHY WG KEEPS WINNING” while monitoring their tell me performance. i screamed for tiffany because she was dancing with nichkhun and taeyeon was slacking off with kangin in the back rooms mocking everyone. i greater dbsk and junsu was the best looking one. then i walked around backstage looking for tray lids because i wanted to meet chan
pootin took over the building i was in and i didn't question it and then i headed to russian/cyrillic class and i did not question it even tho i never chose to pick that class everyone was really cool with him being there i hate my dreams
>i’m so mad. i just woke up from a nap. i was having a dream about chan. i can’t remember how it started, it was something about a surfboard. eventually i was at his house because i was his neighbor, and his dad let me in from the garage to bring in banana bread. then chan and i started talking in the kitchen, but moved to the couch. i told him i was an occupational therapist and he let me examine his wrist. it was incredibly erotic. because of how we were seated, his arm was resting on my bare thighs. i had to shuffle my legs in a natural way so my skirt would cover my legs better. it was very intense. i tried not to show him the tattoo i had gotten for 20 quid because it was husbando related, and i didn’t want to freak him out. thankfully he didn’t notice it among my numerous other tats. i noticed the tent building up in his sweats but nothing happened because there was a loud noise outside, so i went to cut the bread
went to china with a few friends because bts had a concert there, except we didn't actually see them live it got livestreamed in a stadium next to the stadium they were performing at. two hyperfaggots approached us and one turned out to be hannie sis. she was implied a woman but on the outside she looked like han. her friend was also a dst poster. han decided to stalk me so i dove into the crowd and then she stalked my friend instead. han's other husbando was moonbyul and i thought no wonder they both look like rodents. we could barely enjoy the concert because the equipment was crap and there were many technical difficulties. the crowd consisted of normies and they thought bts sang like shit. auti was singing in english but you wouldn't be able to tell because he sounded like a marbled mouthed mess. the whole experience was so bad the concert got cancelled
per request my two hyunjin dreams >the first it was a while ago so i don't remember too many details but in the first one we were together and i kissed him while we were in bed. he was being kind of shy/hesitant and i was being more playful and making the move on him but after i kissed him he got really into it and it was hot. his lips were super soft and he was good with his tongue. i remember thinking maybe big lips aren't so bad after all (irl i prefer liplets) >the second this dream had more plot... i somehow found out that hyunjin had a bad childhood because his mom was cold and somewhat abusive towards him and i felt bad for baby hyunjin and realized current hyunjin was misunderstood. when i was with older hyunjin i squished his cheeks with my hand and was laughing at him saying he was cute and then all of a sudden he kissed me >bonus felix dream i was on a bus with felix and he was being super cuddly and i was surprised because we were in public but he kept teasing me and blowing into my ear which really turned me on for some reason. the first time he did it it felt so good i almost came and i told him to stop but he kept doing it knowing that i couldn't control my reaction. the last time he did it i think i did come and then i woke up
>>1743593 hnng... i wish i had dreams like these
hakkie's solo song had the lyrics "i thought you would scold me for being childish, instead, what a baby kind of love" then, later, "step on me, let's move to seattle and eat salmon".
>>1753904 sa in the dream i listed to a few songs, including chanhee's solo. chanhee's was short with a chorus that just repeated the same (long) line over and over. i also listed to drama by 9muses, though in the dream it sounded nothing like the real song and the chorus went "we bring the drama and the music".
rataro sex dream. 10/10, pretty wholesome + i came + i couldn't see his face.
had two memorable dreams last night. >about to pick a vacation spot but the location is booked because we picked it on too short notice. for some reason i still go anyway but leave my partner at home. it's a beach town and everything's nice but it gets hit with a sudden earthquake and i watch the water pull in and form a cataclysmic wave. i stay put for the first one and watch as the surge enters the place i'm staying in so i have to start running. the waves keep getting bigger and bigger and i just keep narrowly miss getting swept away by the surge until i'm running pretty deep inland on a rich man's lawn and he has security bots whirring and tracking me in a most threatening manner. i'm also blocked in because on the other side is a canal with yachts. i wake up shortly after that anyway >after falling asleep again i had a dream where i was being held hostage in someone's house in an area where people like me (some nondescript grouping) were being hunted. i had to hide in the house as i escaped and watched people near and dear to me being killed but i did escape, was spotted and i had to run into the woods and ran and ran and ran with bullets just whizzing by me until i got to a clearing where people of my kind took care of us and preserved our culture (in this case our "culture" was just a bunch of toys boomers had played with or wooden lamps kek) and then i also shortly woke up after that weird, very vivid
was traveling alone on a ferry. saw my parents. they weren't supposed to be there. i left them in the cafe area and went to a different part of the ferry with the promise that i'd come back to them later in the hours-long trip. later i realized it might have been because the universe wanted to do something nice for me as it would be my last time seeing them (and maybe they weren't really t here at all). the ship started rocking. at first people chattered saying it was an earthquake. me and a few others got beneath tables. however, through the window we saw a flaming ball hurdling toward the ship. the ship was hit and rocked again. in some ways the dream was very realistic insomuch as people weren't panicking. in this part of the ship there were only a handful of people and we talked amongst ourselves and shouted out new information as we gathered it, with some people running and leaving. we realized it was the russians. they were firing missiles at the ferry, the missiles resembling meteors for whatever reason. at that point we all started running to the place where we could disembark the ferry, near the center of the ship. while running through the hall i looked out and saw that the other ferry that was on the water with us had rolled onto its side. as the dream ended i had made it to the disembarking location. loading the smaller boats/liferafts was taking a while and i kept thinking about the other ferry on its side. i was close enough to the water that i could survive the jump, and i considered jumping, but the dream ended before i could take action either way.
i had a dream that a relative? got two ferrets. the ferrets had the faces of cats though so i was kinda disappointed and asked why she didn't get a white/gray one or a brown one aka a standard ferret. when i searched them up on google to show a pic though all that came up were the cat-ferrets
i was at my old highschool campus and got stabbed in the stomach, i ran to the bus stop i used to take to get away but there were a ton of locals at the stop, they didn’t let me sit when i was bleeding
i just woke up from a dream and it honestly has me quite distressed. i dont even want to talk about it because i dont like speak things into reality like that but in my dream i literally ran away out of my house on foot to a relatives house out of fear for my life. i dont want to have scary dreams like this anymore
had a dream i was to check into a hotel for a work function. i ate with some of my direct coworkers first before we picked up our keys since it wasn't time for check in. luckily there's not much of a line by the time we finish but we go and the line builds and builds and builds behind us and everyone is started to get irritated. it turns out an epidemic turning people into monkey zombies has broken out and the hotel staff is affected. in addition, john goodman dresses as jason voorhees is also trying to shoot us. i take cover beneath some chairs and manage to make it through with not getting shot and got a little revolver pistol of my own somehow and broke for the filing office where i climbed a ton of really tall file cabinets and hid above with my gun. the swat team came in and took care of the zombie monkeys and evil john goodman and then i could finally get my room keys but they were out of my rental car, so we had to go to the function by bus the next morning. we ate breakfast and chanhee was there and forgot his jacket as his team was lined up to call for his bus. when it was our time they were out of actual ground busses so our bus was just a plastic boat that looked tiny and disorienting. i climbed in and it would barely stay stable and it felt like i was spinning and then i woke up
had a dream rhino was casually snorting coke at a party, like picking it up on some card and just inhaling it through his nose, very weird. he was doing it all the while i was talking to him, then he got distracted mid-snort by some loud noise or something
>>1762528 sa heol had another rataro sex dream. admitedly, it was a pre-sex dream. however, the entire dream was very horny and he showed up at the end as a friend of a friend. i wanted to approach him and talk to him because i knew we would bang it out but i woke up before i could.
copypasting from dst i asked to watch husbando masturbate. he was clearly embarrassed. he ended up doing it face down due to shyness. i pet the back of his hair and encouraged him. his whimpers were very cute.
the dream was unrelated to kpop but i experienced it through taeyong's pov. it was interesting to experience life as a handsome man. i (he) was in the bathroom spraying a perfume that reminded me of zoologist bee -- very strong, hot honey. then i encountered some sort of mystery element and after that interacted with the woman who was also in the bathroom at the time and a woman who was in the hall outside when the thing happened. the whole dream occurred in the bathroom with some peaks at the small hallway. it was inside a huge building (research facility maybe?) but the building wasn't busy at the time. might have been night. claustrophobic vibe.
africa was named jafrica and was inhabited by black jews. a lady broke into my hotel room but i was too distracted by the fact she was listening to war of hormone to do anything. the sky turned from pitch black to bright daytime and jimmy fallon appeared in the sky saying, this is saturday night live. the camera panned to several people on the street but kept focusing on a stereotypical weeb couple, and i couldn't help but think, this is what america has come to
i went to a kard concert and they sucked
beyonce announced she wanted to collab with jungwoo for charity and i was responsible for telling him, he was super happy
i had a dream i showered with my clothes on
under spoilers for gruesome a serial killer was murdering people at an abandoned sawmill in the cascades. there was a piece of machinery that wrapped a long chain around the center of a log which was then suspended in the air. the killer used this chain to create a pendulum. victims were placed on the far side of the pendulum from the killer, who backed the log into the air as high as possible before releasing it. the logs reached such a high velocity that they cut clean through the victims. this left huge holes in their bodies. one of the victims we discovered was sitting on their knees with the top of their skull and brain shorn off, leaving a crescent of their lower face. i was one of the detectives on the case. we had just learned of the sawmill and rushed there with the whole team. alongside the detectives there were forensics and police on the scene. i have a sense of smell in my dreams. it smelled how you'd expect. most of the bodies were putrefied-black, red, and covered in pine needles, dirt, and other detritus. after we arrived there was a dawning realizing the bodies placed through the sawmill on machinery were only the start. there were bodies in the trees. i wondered when the killer would return to the sawmill. i was nervous, but confident we could catch him.
(4.04 MB 1536x2048 image_2022-11-19_082955344.png)
various nct happenings in last night's dream >blushy makeup a nona posted picrel in nctg with the message "if there's no blushy makeup in dream's winter album what's the point". >the foot hierarchy fans were calling doyoung's feet ugly so he took to bubble and posted a picture of himself sitting barefoot on his bed. he captioned the image "your aunts and uncles have ugly feet". later he posted a facial mask selca with the caption "respect the foot hierarchy". >no renjun edition there was a new edition of nctg, fittingly named "no renjun edition." an image of renjun giving haechan a piggyback had been awkwardly cropped so as to only show haechan.
my most common and most reuccuring dream is that im trying to orgasm but cant. its actually really frustrating kek and a recent one ive been having is that i try flirting with a man and am rejected. i never flirt with men and have no desire to so its weird. i think its my middle school trauma. one of them was with jaehyun from nct and he turned me down and i cried but most of them are just random men
>>1891450 another happening i forgot >apology szn has started the message "apology szn has started" was posted in nctg alongside an image of a forlorn-looking shotaro receiving headpats from a member. szn was understood to mean season. kfans were mad at shotaro for manhandling their husbandos on the new rookie show.
i was a prostitute who finally was escaping my job. i remember finding my husbando in a room having sex with another prostitute and feeling disappointed. the cleaning lady live-streamed everything so my teammate and i set her up with a billion yen to survive. i don’t remember what else we did but i drove away in the middle of the night with my handler/wife after we took one last photoshoot with the help of my old prostitution mentor. i remember really wanting to take the photos because only top tier models could, it was themed to be floating on the clouds in sleepwear
husbando sex dream wherein i was wearing an oversized tee and crawled on top of him and jerked his cock through the fabric of the tee. he was a masochist and enjoyed the rough friction. when i got bored of jerking there was also ball-squeezing occurring through the tee.
>>1891450 >no renjun edition there was a new edition of nctg, fittingly named "no renjun edition." an image of renjun giving haechan a piggyback had been awkwardly cropped so as to only show haechan. kekking so much at this
it was the early 1920's. i escaped my abusive family to become a silent film actress in hollywood. i rented a shabby room and made friends with the other girls in the building, all of whom also wanted to break into the entertainment industry. we got a gig as waitresses catering a charity dinner for an elderly society. we discussed what dresses to wear and how to act to appeal to these rich old ladies who grew up in the victorian era. we all had short hair, so nothing we could do about that, but we decided to at least wear dresses that covered our shoulders. i wore a yellow dress that resembled a cheongsam. later in the dream i got lost on my way to the dinner. i wandered around the public square, responsibly bypassing a concert being performed by my favorite band. i ended up completely lost, in a building that cared for people with intellectual disabilities. while i was there i considered putting my name in for a job but saw how worn down and miserable and sadistic the employees were, and i realized how lucky i was to be living my life freely.
i was a crow that helped my human friends solve mysyeries by flying and spying around places they couldn't go
my mom was really broke and my sister texted me to say she had 0 dollars in her bank and we all needed to give her money
i was walking down a dark road at night, it was pitch black but the power lines above my head where sparks were flying off of. i thought to myself i really shouldn't be walking near these they don't look safe. it became daytime and the area FLOODED with people to the point i couldn't move, the arm i was holding my phone in got stuck. i had the camera on and it pointed at a person. turned out it was jin from bts. we made eye contact and he thought i was a fan so he kept posing at the camera making kissy faces. and i was like no no i'm not taking pictures my arm is stuck. i felt bad so i tried taking pics anyway but a ghost filter was turned on ruining all pictures
had a dream that i wanted to go trick or treating with a group of kids i knew in highschool. after school i usually took a nap so i was waiting for the group at our preselected location in front of someone’s house and slept on the pavement. when i woke up, we were migrating to the nearest pizza place to eat before venturing out in the neighborhoods, i waited there awkwardly shoved in a corner. one guy wanted to see the costume i brought so i showed him but when i wasn’t looking he actually stole the costume from my backpack. then i realized they dined and dashed leaving me to deal with the bill, my husbando (in nerd attire with stereotypical thick framed glasses) was on his way home in the same street as the pizza place and saw how distressed i was, he came in and helped dispute the bill. afterwards he offered to comfort me by taking a walk in the park before it got too dark, he held my hand the whole time and then took me home
>>1973250 freaking cute husbando ending
me and my friend were being chased by two demons. the demons resembled middle-aged women. only me and my friend could see them. the curse of these demons worked in such a way that neither me nor my friend could stop moving our feet forward (walking/running), not even for a second, or the demons would kill us. my friend was overweight and became too exhausted and stopped moving. i watched her demon rip her jugular vein out with her teeth, chewing on the vein. i continued on for a little more then decided i should give up now because i would have to give up eventually. my demon approached and bit my throat, at which point i had a semi-lucid-dreaming moment where i was very thankful that the dream didn't let me feel pain. as soon as i died my ghost appeared next to my body, and a different demon was there to escort me to hell. i rode to hell in a yellow school bus. everyone in the bus was buddied up, and i had a card stating who my buddy was but i was too shy to approach her. we arrived at hell which resembled a normal university campus. different buildings were dedicated to different punishments. for example, there was an indoor track that shot licks of fire from the floor and had hot coals scattered about but otherwise resembled a normal indoor track. in any case our whole group was receiving an orientation from a man who resembled neil patrick harris in a cheap looking three piece suit sans the jacket, who i took to be the devil himself. i finally talked to my hell buddy, who was a meek 30-something woman in a blouse and floral skirt; think pam from the office. i wondered what she did to wind up in hell. we learned that there was a points system and if you amassed enough points you could go to heaven.
i was regularly sacrificed to a creature that lived in a massive cave accessed by a long staircase running beneath a thrift store. the creature, which resembled a man's giant head surrounded by fire, gained sustenance from eating me. despite being chewed and spat out, after each sacrifice i emerged unscathed. the process wasn't painless and to avoid being sacrificed again this month i schemed to sacrifice my roommate instead. my roommate was a black girl with afro puffs, not resembling anyone i know. over the course of the month i fed her large amounts of marshmallows and marshmallow fluff, which would make her more appetizing to the creature. then i tricked her into descending the thrift store's staircase. while this was happening i waited in the thrift store, aimlessly wandering the racks. when she finally emerged she was enraged. fiery red eyes, her words captioned by speech bubbles in all caps (i'm just realizing this portion of the dream had no sound), she had even increased in size due to her fury. despite feeling immense guilt about breaking her trust i had no regrets. because at least this month it wasn't me. at this point i noticed that i looked like anthy himemiya from utena. the thrift store was on a forested road in the middle of nowhere and it was getting late. later in the dream some vans were leaving the store. the woman who was driving the van i was supposed to get on misinterpreted something i called to her from next to the van, thinking i had stepped onto the van. but i wasn't on the van, and it left without me. i didn't have a cell phone. the rest of the dream was a stress dream about having nowhere to go/stay as night fell.
got the worst haircut known to man, i was crying then i woke up
went on my old windows 95 computer. it got infected and pop ups kept littering the screen. i tried to desperately close them to no avail, tried to turn off the computer which barely worked. the computer was connected to an arcade looking machine. on the screen there was antisemitic propaganda and it kept printing several pages of that same propaganda. now i had bundles full of depictions of happy merchants on my floor
>>2008536 sa in the same dream i found out i was related to bubzbeauty and also in the same dream i participated in a sled competition. you had to lie down on a mud road and your body would start slip and sliding. the other participants laughed at me because i couldn't continue on. there was an obstacle where you had to pass orangutans, gorillas and wild tigers and i was too chickenshit to walk passed them.
i walked mingi home because it was raining and he didn't have an umbrella and i thought his dorms wear near where i lived but they weren't and i got lost on my way back home and spent most of the dream wandering familiar but unfamiliar highway areas with zero fucking sidewalks earlier in that dream i fucked yangyang in the back stacks of a university library his cocklet kept slipping out so i told him to just grind on my pelvis which he did i was so horny i almost came just from that
>>2026362 sa if it wasn't obvious i had an umbrella which i shared with mingi iirc we were all uni students it was one of those dreams where i'm slightly lucidly frustratingly aware i got my degree years ago
daisy ridley got banned from dst for no real reason which pissed me off so i started passive-aggressively posting about her bypassing the filter by calling her names like lavender didley
i had a dream a few weeks ago that i was on here on my phone and i guess i fell asleep and woke up an i had accidentally spammed a thread with a bunch of random messages and got banned and then one of you guys hacked my computer then i woke up
i had a scammy sex dream it was surprisingly hot despite me not being very attracted to him. i told him not to touch me then gave him a lapdance which he thought was unfair but i explained the lapdance was to turn me on, not him. after that i relaxed in his lap and told him he could touch me now and he fingered me while i played with his hair.
i had 2 dreams back to back >dream 1 enduring an unexpected pregnancy and it was a dreadful montage of at home prep before delivery, i had the typical symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headache and high body tempt, etc… but just before i was taken to the hospital i visited some kind of shaman to analyze my condition and they concluded that i wasn’t pregnant but had to deal with my problems internally. i astral projected and went into the my body to defeat fragments of a tumor in a old school rpg style video game, it was about 7ish major parts. afterwards i went to the hospital and the doctors surgically removed a black sack of rotten flesh from my lower ribcage and stomach area. >dream 2 i was living in an upscale dormitory, i was watching one guy at the shared kitchen cooking something on the stove, he tried to flip whatever was on the pan but it missed and the gas flames went out of control. the first floor of the dorm was on fire and everyone inside had to evacuate in the rain but it wasn’t strong enough to put out the flames. we had to wait for the institution to relocate us and meanwhile we had to pair up for meal benefits. once people found out the guy who set the fire, they jumped him and took his meal tickets
i attended a shitty kpop festival in a huge warehouse, it was dark, crowded, had no organization. the food offered at tents by the stage was overpriced i spent like 25 bucks for a dry chicken sandwich with hot sauce that could burn your tastebuds off not including a drink. i left my 3rd front row seat for 5 minutes and some roastie took it, the seats weren’t even good they were the cheapest plastic chairs from home depot. supposedly there was going to be a ton of 2nd and 3rd gen acts but the hosts failed to notify attendees that most of the acts couldn’t come due to them not paying a deposit for the acts to show, so they scrambled for cover group replacements. the only idol that came was bobby, he did the shittiest and low effort rap with lisp. he practically drenched the front row in saliva, i dont remember leaving
my class was learning about the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki and an earthquake that was caused by the bombings. (this earthquake isn't real, my dream made it up.) then there was a low, rumbling hum, like the ground was breaking. some of the students starting getting under our desks before the teacher told us to. we knew it was an earthquake. all of the students were under our desks gripping the legs and waiting. the sound increased but there was no shaking. everything was perfectly still. i got out from under my desk and looked at the ceiling of the classroom. it was molten red. i realized this wasn't an earthquake. a volcano had erupted. all of my movements in this dream, the moment the hum started, were painfully slow. now it took all my effort to put one leg in front of the other and even then i was moving in slow motion. i don't know if i was actually moving slowly or my panic was just messing with my perception. i exited into the hallway hoping to jump off the balcony. a huge volcanic bomb was hurdling at me. i tried to outrun it, the balcony in my sights. i woke up with a jolt.
(145.64 KB 880x616 226-2269917.png)
in my dream i was browsing a website that cataloged every kpop lightstick. i was surprised to see that orange caramel had a lightstick. it looked like a classic bright orange creamsicle with two indents, see picrel. (but with no bite taken out, it's hard to find creamsicle images that don't have a bite taken out.) directly beneath theirs was a lightstick for an early 3rd gen nugu girlgroup called my high kisses marsiomelle, active for two years. mhkm's lightstick also looked like a creamsicle, but it was in pastel hues, slightly more rounded, and didn't have indents.
my family house got raided by a paramilitary organization and i was separated from my parents. i considered how i could have escaped this situation, such as by tunneling into the ground, but concluded the soldiers had equipment that was so sensitive they could pick up the sound of my breathing underground. i was taken to a facility that was behind an innocuous building in the industrial part of town. i tried to memorize where the facility was in case i escaped. inside the facility i was given a white uniform to wear and soon got into day-to-day life. there were about a dozen other disappeared people in the facility. we had areas to sit and talk and play games. i learned their stories. one of my old childhood friends was there. night was spent in my room. when i went to sleep i would slip into other dimensions, with the ability to hop between these dimensions. i always found myself in natural landscapes, without any people or human development. there was animal life and the animal life was a bit different from our world but i can't remember the details.
do you ever dream of dreams?
a bunch of neighborhood kids stormed my house. apparently my parents used to give them computer lessons 10 years ago. except now the kids were wilding monsters acting like violent zombies. i had to fight them off with a stick. in the end all the beaten kids turned into one amalgam in the shape of a small monster kid head, it still tried to attack and the only way to defeat it was to drive a stake through its open oozing scalp. i used a broom to impale its head and finally the evil had been defeated
me and my family + 2 kids i cared about (but don’t exist irl) were walking down the subway station when i slipped and fell, almost landing in a pile of human waste/sewage. someone warned me that it’s good i didn’t fall in because if you do, you die from an illness with no cure. i kept walking and when i turned around the check on the kids they were playing in the sewage. they died later in a hospital and we lobbied for fences to be built to prevent it from happening again
this woman who was 30+ was detailing her brother being in love with her when she was a teenager culminating to him sucking her toes consensually..she told the story like it was a positive one. then i tried on my grandmothers wedding dress and my mothers wedding dress me no one liked them
>>2100371 on occasion
in the span of 1 week i dreamt about my dad trying to kill me twice. first dream i apparently asked him too many questions, we both were calm then he announced he'd kill me and left the room. i told my mum i was going to call the police but she told me not to, implying he's just saying things and it'll only get worse if i involve the police, so i didn't. then my dad entered the room trying to stab me with a pencil, i could evade with my head but my hand and arm were punctured with holes and scratches. i looked into his eyes and there was nothing but hatred there. i tried to call the police during the ordeal but for some reason i'd type in 911 in google or instagram and i forgot how to actually operate the phone. in the second dream i can't recall what happened. i just remember he made the same threat, me wanting to involve law enforcement, mum convincing me not to, then him coming back with a weapon attacking me. i died in neither dreams but i felt very weird waking up
im convinced dreams are our consciousness connecting with glimpses of other lives we had, have and will have in multiple timelines
the second or third time i have dreamt that i am converting to islam because of my boyfriend who is a uighur
i has a dream my kpopfag friend got mad at me because i had bought a husbando pc for her as a gift, but it was a pc that gave her “bad memories.” she ran to my room and started sobbing. i tried to console her, and as an apology she gave me a strangely shaped grape. i accepted it and i went to celebrate mardi gras in new orleans, only to find out megan thee stallion had requested i be a backup dancer. i rejected her offer because i had a flight to catch. then i took pictures with rico nasty, my friend, and ducky the model. at breakfast i met french gaypop podcast streamers and they were insufferable. i explained to them that i happened to know french but they still spoke english. they were comprised of one short scrote, one tall scrote, and one modelesque woman. i wanted to leave the whole time, but the food was good


no cookies?