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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

(59.42 KB 540x492 n.jpg)
Newfags 05/17/2021 (Mon) 09:47:21 No. 1251076
Have a stupid question? Don't know what this means? How does this work? Ask here and maybe someone will explain it to you
Edited last time by REDACTED on 09/11/2022 (Sun) 12:19:41.
I have a stupid question How to make a new thread?
>>1251077 you are the nona who's been asking for a sasaeng thread since months already, right? girl, you simply go to either /ot/ or /kpop/, then you see a posting form right at the top, it will say "mode: thread", then you simply fill in your text and a pic as if you were making a normal post and add a name in the very first line next to "name", that's literally it.
>>1251077 it's similar to posting, except you need to go the main page of the board you want to post on. it's right there at the top
>>1251079 similar to posting a comment i meant*
are there archives of the threads bc i really want to go thru the tbz one since the beginning/ where are they and how can i access them
>>1251081 we dont have any archives for choa now
>>1251082 like at all?
>>1251083 they all got wiped recently
>>1251083 >All threads will automatically 404 after they fall below page 10 (adjusted from page 5) this was only done because we were running out of server space and our current host has complications with upgrading the space so we would have had to switch to a new host after reaching a certain amount of GB stored. for now, only kpop critical is getting archived: https://choachan.cafe/archives.js
Are we really not supposed to use idols’ real names? Is it to avoid ccc getting found in search engines?
>>1251086 kek no somebody lied to you sis
can someone tell me who tumor is
>>1251088 some gaypg personality
>>1251086 no lol we have nicknames cause its fun they naturally occur you don’t have to censor them
>>1251088 gaypg personality with a vtuber channel she used to shill here
why do people get called israelites on here? what is that supposed to mean?
how do i change font size using css? i tried copying codes from google but they didn't work. help a dumb nona out please
>>1251094 what are you trying to do?
>>1251095 change the font size on ccc
>>1251096 how? by uploading a custom theme or by using your browsers inspect element?
>>1251097 by using the css feature in the settings
>>1251098 Put in body { font-size: 10pt; margin: 0 8px; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px; } and change >10pt to whatever you want it to be
>>1251099 thank u so much board owner nim ♡
What is zzz?
>>1251101 idk? snooze? what's the context
>>1251101 ateez straykids and the boyz
what does P, I and F mean in front of a thread? I’m assuming R means replies/responses
>>1251104 p - pages i - images f - files
>>1251105 P is for the page it’s on
how do people hide posts that option isnt available to me
(3.88 KB 388x71 hide.png)
>>1251107 click on the Ø then hide post
who is goblin in nct threads
>>1251109 xiaojun
what's up with all the proana weirdos
>>1251076 >>1251112 i keep seeing thinspo fatspo etc and these people have proana minor from twitter vibes
>>1251113 it's half earnest half joking. we have a lot of anachans so it's just entered ccc parlance.
(3.16 MB 300x100 1617356943616.gif)
can a kind nona explain all of the references in this banner?
what's omo
>>1251116 it means oh my
>>1251116 oh my ovaries
where do all the old threads go? are they just deleted? and how many posts are needed before a new thread is made?
>>1251119 old threads get deleted but milestone threads are archived (#100, #200, etc) as well as kpc. the thread limit is 1000 posts
>>1251115 late but >>531
who's dawn?
>>1251122 english speaking cre.ker staff
>>1251123 thank you
>>1251122 she's just a shitposter from 4chan and a twitterfag. the nonitas from gaypg like to ignore the anonymous part of anonymous imageboards
dang it why can't we see older (deleted) threads
y'all want money to upgrade? i will happily deliver... i can't let these threads just disappear
if you really like a thread just use the internet archive https://web.archive.org/save from what they said on the complaints thread its more about the migration to another server being a pain in the ass
anyone know how to do strike through text on ccc? i cant find it it anywhere
>>1251129 ~#test#~
nope... that doesnt work ~*test*~
hm... ~test~
..... test
>>1251129 ~~ this at the start and end of your sentence nona is it working
mods are you gonna post the hidden thread for the ssngfags
why is renjun's nickname lonjin in nctg
what happened to the archives?
>>1251140 nothing theyre still there
why is yeonjun (?) nicknamed fed
>>1251142 yeonjun is nicknamed fed because translating tools such as google translate and papago translate his name as "Fed", to hilarious results.
>>1251143 >hilarious debatable keep your opinions to yourself
>>1251138 It’s the Korean pronounciation of his name
>>1251148 thanks unnie i thought it was some pun i didn't get
why do you guys type in all lower case most imageboards prefer proper capitalization
>>1251152 some nonas discussed that they wanted to stray away from lc culture and it went from there, i believe plenty of nonas typed with capitalization and proper grammar in the beginning but most opted for lower case
>>1251153 ahh i see, ty another question, how come we cant delete our own posts? sometimes i accidentally double post but it says enter pw
>>1251154 used to be able to and now you can’t. button’s just for uri mods
>>1251154 if you're a nyufag avoid using paragraph spacing like you did, there are some nonas who will get on your ass about it kek
what is gaypg
>>1251157 a thread on /trash/ where a lot of users came from
>>1251076 can i get banned for shit talking trans people
is ot really closing?
(21.29 KB 480x360 thestate.jpg)
>>1251163 coward
*yawns* once again i was right
>>1251165 who are you
>>1251167 joe mama...
can only admins and mods redtext?
>>1251169 no. use == around your text the way you would use ** to spoiler and it will show up big and red. source: i am not a mod
how many of you posted on gaypg/kpg at one point? i sometimes see the word "moroni" and it reminds me of choaposter spamming choa every thread
>>1251171 ccc's core userbase comes from lolcow, crystal cafe and gaypg
>>1251171 i found ccc through kpg kek
>>1251173 there's something nice about women making their own imageboards and linking them together. i don't know why
>>1251175 theres not that many girls only spaces so its like a little bit of solidarity i guess. especially since more well known places like womens subreddits tended to have more men always trying to creep into then
>>1251171 gaypg yes, but i've also been around since the keklo days
nonas what do we do in dumbass shit thread?
anons how to use yellow text? if there is any other type of text function, please tell me
>>1251178 it's a free for all
what does it mean when a nona's "anonymous" name is dark pink instead of the regular one
>>1251182 they typed something in the email field
why is the site called "choachan.cafe"? is it a shoutout to keklo
>>1251184 it certainly is not
>>1251184 it's based of stray kids hyunjin dancing with coffee singing how he likes americanos
is namefagging bannable if you only do it a few times (not consistently to identify yourself)
>>1251187 i think its fine if you do it as a joke once or twice in dst
what are the ateez members' nicknames here
>>1251189 >hongjoong midget, shrimp >seonghwa birdie, milf >yunho sasquatch >yeosang alien >san just san, maybe sannie >mingi mango >wooyoung raccoon, wooby, woobert >jongho manager
who in bts is liz
>>1251191 jimin. liz is short for lizard, one of his nicknames.
when archiving threads on the wayback machine/web archive, how do you keep the images and videos intact?
how do you filter?
(59.42 KB 350x302 19.png)
what does it mean when someone replies jesse
>>1251196 it's based on a meme from the tv series breaking bad where a character says "jesse what the fuck are you talking about". it's shorthand for the post being a non-sequitur or out of pocket.
>>1251076 just checking if this works
who is unu?
>>1251199 cha eunwoo from astro
>>1251199 chai eunwoo
>>1251200 >>1251201 thanks nonas
Whys is Wonka popular on here and literally nowhere else? why does he appeal more to choachanfags?
does saging for on ccc and just no one does it or does it not work at all
>>1251204 work on ccc*
>>1251204 it stops threads from being bumped but you cant hide saged posts so its pretty useless
>>1251203 autistic women on a niche board loving an autistic man its self explanatory, also the dreadlocks wig scandal turned away a bunch of ‘fans’ on sns but nobody cares here
>>1251207 >>autistic women long an autistic man ooooh
what does it mean when someone gets banned with the tag 'integrate'? what did they do wrong?
>>1251209 you shouldn’t stick out from other posters, people who fail to integrate don’t lurk enough to analyze how others write or learn basic ib terminology. the whole purpose of an imageboard is to be anonymous, people shouldn’t identify you from how you speak ex. talking like a sjw twitterfag who takes offense to everything or someone who c3ns0rs w0rds like this
>>1251209 if you had read the rules page you'd know it https://choachan.cafe/.static/pages/globalRules.html
why does everyone post at 8pm in the tbz general
>>1251212 it's just one person trying to keep the thread alive because the rest of us forget its there and post updates in dst instead
what is meant by calling a group 'hiv'
>>1251214 hiv = nickname for hybe
what is the site named after? aoa choa?
>>1251216 skz meme
what's the difference between Report and Global Report?
>>1251218 there's board specific janis and global janis so if you report for kpop only the ot-only janis wont see it but global report shows it to every jani
what does calling something kino mean
how do u make a thread
lurk more
>>1251220 that it's really based
why can't we delete our own posts anymore? it just says "flood detected" even when I type in the right password.
>>1251223 iirc the function never worked properly
>>1251223 >anymore it was turned off after like a week of this place opening
>>1251225 don’t ruin her oldfag larp
what is saging and why are some anonymous names dark pink
>>1251227 saging allows you to post without bumping a thread to the first page or to the top of the overboard. how it's used changes depending on the imageboard but it's usually used here by people who are in the habit of it from lolcow. putting anything in the email field will slightly alter the color just to indicate something is in the email field
>>1251228 someone told me that dark pink anonymous names are also mods, is that true
>>1251229 no. take a look in the suggestion thread on this board to see what it looks like when a mod has their role on
>>1251229 moroni just put smth in the email field see if youre a mod then
why are they called moacripples
>>1251232 it's self-explanatory
>>1251232 back on gaypg whenever moas got peak weird/annoying someone would post the picture of a handicap sign with the verbiage, "ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, the moa" and the name moacripple stemmed from that
>kyeotda. the orange mike n ike is orange flavour~ what's this mean? someone replied to my "schizo theory" post with it
what does nona/nonita mean
>>1251237 female version of "anonymous" or "anon". basically how you address other girls on the board
how do some anons here know that staff turn off their capcodes when posting anonymously on threads?
>>1251239 its common sense
>>1251240 wdym common sense unless they call themselves out how would one even know
>>1251241 if they couldn't turn off their capcodes you would just see constant posts staff, they don't just sit there and watch
>>1251242 posts from staff*
>>1251241 members of staff are regular posters on the board and they don't want everyone to know it's a staff posting when they post. so they turn of capcodes and post regularly like any other user on the board
can someone explain the spanish in the threads, i don't know why they are there and i can't understand spanish
>>1251245 ay dios mio is oh my god, mi esposo/esposa is my husband/wife and jajajajja is hhahahahha that's pretty much all you need to know
why do hiv posters love to joke about that txt guy with bang pd? it is distasteful and some seem to actually be turned on by it, very mental
>>1251249 i agree they're underage
>>1251249 they are underage and clinically retarded
>>1251249 it's the type of fan txt attracts there is nothing we can do about it
how do i use filters on mobile?
>>1251258 in your browser settings click to display the site in desktop mode. you'll have access to the settings button and once those are in place you can disable desktop view again
why are threads ending at 900s now instead of 1000
why did the bump limit change
just wondering, is this site hosted by DigitalOcean, LLC? this isnt a troll post btw im genuinely curious
>>1251262 i mean you can just look this up by googling choachan host... but yes
>>10 (7)
~test~ test ~test~
what is mingiling?
does gaypg still exist?
>>1251271 there are still a handful of posters keeping it alive but it's very very near death. it's mostly schizo's diary for her trauma dumping and racist and homophobic ramblings and people commenting on the sorry state of the thread
>>1251271 theres still a thread called "gaypg" on trash but it's now the home of schizo's diary and another ghoul that taunts schizo who somehow manages to be more unsettling than schizo herself
>>1251270 ateez mingi but trillions of them and tiny, working together like ants or pikmin
>>1252071 ??? who came up w this concept...
>>1255504 the illuminati
why is hiveposting banned in dst?
>>1344078 dont come back we mean it
>>1344078 once upon a time there was a woman named goofag she posted this in dst every single day to the point that hiveposting became a bannable offense in dst
>>1344078 moas were very disliked on gaypg and armys have been consistently the most notorious posters on this site with their thread being locked multiple times for instances of racism/misogyny/pedobaiting. hybeposters were always bullied out of dst but it only became a rule a few months ago when armys started spamming in multiple dst threads straight on top of some moatranny constantly spamming a txt member and eventually even making a ccc tiktok account in the hopes of flooding this site with underage retards
>>1344095 >woman >she
>>1344107 is goofag not a woman? heol
>>1344112 no slowsis it's the same avatarfagging wonytranny who was shitting up the site for months
why does dst have id numbers now and what are those
wtf is lemon pie
>>1355277 your mom's puss when she pisses herself
>>1355277 pay de limón
>>1355286 i wish i knew french
why is chanhee pink shit?
>>1355306 it was my nickname for him on gaypg when he first went pink and it just kinda stuck
>>1355306 thankss
why do people say eric is obsessed w boobs? is there some origin or people just made it up?
how do girlies know, how do they know when a thread is ending and are you gatekeeping this information
>>1370607 threads end at 1000 posts
test ~test~
>>1373150 <span class="redText">based</span>
>>1373227 <spanredText>no</span>
>>1373236 <strong>n</strong>
>>1373243 what in the world are you trying to do
>>1373493 looks like a very desperate newfag attempt at this
the absolute state of this thread
>>1373518 why do you need to flex on her like that in the newfag thread
>>1373525 it’s always a good idea to encourage newfags to lurkmoar
>>1373521 look at what thread you're in
>>1373518 kek oldfag on newfag violence
kind of mourning the year i lost to the pandemic. i didn't get to go on my senior trip or graduate with my class, no prom, nothing. it's been two years since then but i still think about it and the loved ones i lost. i feel like i haven't adjusted to adulthood at all
>>1374318 ma'am this is the newfag thread
>>1374319 i just realized i posted this in the wrong thread kek my bad
what's the story behind fatbin hating japan
>>1375754 its a flanderization based on how he said he just cant get interested in anime and doesnt like it despite hannie getting him to try an anime several times. and his dad has a job in samsung and so hes the only samsung phone user in skz. theres also a screenshot where fatbin says something like "ah, the beauty of korea" while looking at a traditional building
>>1375775 ohhh kek thanks
does dst threads still get archived or no
>>1376004 you can just click on the archive and see it for yourself
>>1376004 do you mean milestones? if so i imagine 1500 will be the next one, otherwise dst has technically never been archived
>>1376005 thanks for answering my question lazy
>>1376006 oh i just meant like every thread after it reaches it's limit. if it's just milestones then nvm
>>1376005 if you're not gonna answer her question why even bother responding
>>1376009 its one thing to ask a newfag question the other is not even bothering to learn how to navigate the board
>>1376011 it's the stupid questions thread not newfag questions thread. you don't make the rules and how about how about you get that stick out of your ass cause there's no need for you to act like a bitch. if she asked that question anywhere else she would get the same response like yours so at least she tried to navigate where to ask
>>1376018 >thread name is newfags >Ask here and maybe someone will explain it to you pretty sure this thread was created by the board owners and they are telling you are not entitled to an answer so cry more about being so stupid you can't find your way on a website. seriously how fucking dumb do you have to be you can't find the rules, help and archive page? just go to the homepage and click all the buttons before asking to be spoonfed on how2ib
>>1376037 get her ass
>>1376037 im not even that anon dumbass. unclench and pull the stick out
>>1376037 ayeeeeee
>>1376037 get their stupid asses
am i allowed to ask what fed is
whats with innie and idle? is he a fan or something?
>>1377201 use ctrl + f or click your browser settings and "find in page", it's been answered
>>1377239 i think theres a nona or two in dst who pairs up idols randomly for no particular reason. like two gaypops who have never even looked at each other
is it true that if i say 'among us' 3 times in the mirror at 4:20 am, eric will appear from behind and fuck me?
>>1377201 terrible israelite moacripple invention in place of "blobfish" because the underagedfags thought it was hilarious yeonjun translates to fed
what is a mentalcel?
>>1381691 i looked it up and i still dont get it. but thank you nona
>>1381690 ask your grandkids
>>1381705 im a zoomer but thank you nona
>>1381707 holy fucking kek
>>1381708 REEEEEEEEE i knew none of you would answer my question
so it isnt the mods that see ips, just the admins and board owner right?
>>1382148 samefag and mods only see post history?
>>1377239 i'm pretty sure nonas were just making a joke that innie will hook up with them at isac
>>1381690 someone who is an incel because of their mental illness
>>1382452 those are called dery
who is egg
>>1385458 egg, née kyungsoo (alias d.o.)
>>1385458 kyungsoo or D.O from exo
test test
who is zayson supposed to be
>>1386526 how did you do this
>>1382452 thanks nona. now i know for sure this applies to my husbando
>>1386538 malaysian producer who is friends with taeyong nct
where can i get the archive of previous dst
>>1387693 why do you want to go through 1335 threads
>>1386617 ' 'italic' ' ' ' 'bold' ' ' remove the spaces
>>1387693 ctrl + f or find in page if on mobile, this has been answered
why do some girlies say malepops instead of gaypops
>>1392856 it's interchangeable, gaypop is just more commonly used
why is jop slang for masturbating
whats mukpg
>>1403432 the kpop thread on 4chan's music board
what's gaypg
= =test= =
KEK wait test
ah finally
>>1404407 /trash/ is a 4chan board btw
>>1404461 for the nus, trash is a containment board for exiled stuff that does not fit others so its full of weird porn so youd be best avoiding it, gaypg is practically dead nowadays
>>1404261 =how can i get those big ass letters= omo heol kek
i noticed this is one of the few places where bgs are discussed more than ggs
>>1405878 i only only know a little bit about the lolcow threads but i do know they at least discussed sm boy groups often at the time. as for gay, it stood for "gaypop general" to primarily discuss boy groups. a lot of that ended up carrying over
>>1406178 gaypg*
>>1405878 that's cause this is a female only board and women tend to be more into boy groups than girl groups
(297.29 KB 800x900 1436061044771.png)
girlies, how do you get the videos from youtube/twitter/instagram and turn them into mp4 or webmd
>>1411905 for twitter i use https://snaptwitter.com/ and for tiktok videos i use snaptik.com there are similar sites for other social media platforms just type in download videos from x and plenty should come up! there is a max file size of 7mb so bear that in mind though if you see it’s gone over
>>1411912 thank you
what was the bangsana incident
>>1414686 a couple years ago sana surprised chan by showing up to a vlive and got visibly flustered for a bit. then last year they had a christmas vlive together with someone else (i forget) where chan said sanas nickname for him is koala
>>1414744 thanks
whats an nlog?
(393.54 KB 640x369 nlog.png)
>>1414797 not like the other girls. girls/women who think they're the only girl/woman in the world who doesn't conform to rigid, shallow, misogynistic stereotypes.
what are txt's nicknames?
>>1415502 fed - yeonjun bean - soobin hue - huening kai goo or bumgoo- beomgyu bot or taebot - taehyun
i feel stupid for asking this but what does sa mean
>>1415755 samefag you can use it when you comment something and then need to add on to it so other nonas know you’re the same person
>>1415758 thank you that makes so much more sense than what i thought
>>1415755 same anon, its a way indicating that you are replying to yourself
>>1415502 yeonjun is also sometimes called blobfiah
>>1415869 blobfish*
who is tumor? could i have a link to their stuff?
>>1419389 sa i mean if her channel is still up please share the link thanks
>>1415502 hendery blobfish white creature botched soob
what does 4wi stand for?
>>1419492 ...why hendery?
>>1420635 shes trolling, id like to tell you the real answer but i dont know
>>1420009 a poster didn't want to type out "fuck with it" so she swapped the F with a 4 (four) and it became 4wi >>1420635 not trolling, anyways it's because they both shared having a strange/uncanny phobia and reacted similarly when they read the same live comments. coupled with his autism, it lead nonas to speculate he's just a drone operated by him, if not an extension of himself given his lore
what does shinyeo mean
what happened with felix's purity ring
>>1426604 it shattered into pieces when he stopped being pure
>>1420635 the first answer you got >>1415561 is the correct one. and yeonjun is also blobfish sometimes
is it true eric's balls are the size of basketballs and weigh like sandbags?
>>1436084 shut the fuck up eric
>>1436084 you should get that checked eric
>>1421913 hannam girl
what does nta mean
>>1436439 not that anon
please someone tell me how to filter the mma poster
>>1446059 unfortunately nothing you can do. you can hide all the pics and it saves that you've hidden them so they don't show up when they're reposted
what's vc
>>1446848 vigilant citizen, a deranged site for illuminati conspiracies its like tin on steroids so you better restrain from visiting it or taking it seriously
>>1446972 kamsa
how do i quote post on a closed thread on the newer thread?
>>1446993 if it's on the same board you just copy the number of their post and make your reply on the new thread. for example >>1447014 if it's on a different board, you do the same thing but you add whatever board it's from before the number, example >>/lqk/9498
>>1447027 sorry, three slashes when quoting from a diff board, like >>>/lqk/9498
>>1447031 thank youuu
>>1479026 first of all stop capitalizing things and don't press enter after every sentence >I have no clue where to find the search function. you click on the catalog which is the 2nd symbol from the right at the top right of the screen >No sage to bump a question no one sages here at all so don't do that no matter what you post
Why is the userbase of this site so transphobic? I have never seen a K-pop community like this
>>1505357 because trannies are abominations
>>1505357 can you give an example of “transphobia”? no, you can’t, you fucking retard. don’t you ever call me that again
>>1505357 because trannies are disgusting
>>1505370 >>1505371 >>1505372 can you girls make a new dst instead of freaking out over here
>>1505373 someone else will make it
>>1505373 >one reply >freaking out it’s called clicking overboard idiota
>>1505357 because it was made by two lolcow users who are presumably radfem leaning and that set the standard
>>1535337 also because they are gross
reminder that ywnbaw
>>1251150 >test
test test
why nonas call me helen when i make a specific post?
>>1535366 that's the main reason, yeah
>>1596797 spotted the uggoposter
>>1596797 they're calling you helen keller
>Trans activist pours urine over "herself" outside EHRC office in protest against women's rights
who the fuck is stacy
>>1613581 the one with the hot mom
>>1613581 a valley girl
>>1613581 JJ! Mulbul an garineun type I never jeoldaero dodo Manggajil su eomneun sai Aljana, I'm not a poser Hoksirado jalmotdwaedo jeoldae neoreul tathaji ana Geuge eodirado wanna be there
>>1613581 hyunchin
>>1613773 based
>>1613581 hyunjin from stray kids
what is acg
>>1614639 nvm tray lids fags you are annoying
>>1614639 anti chan general >>>/lqk/9078
back here again. who is hiv
>>1616589 man i didnt know LOL will i get banned for posting jake in dst
>>1616593 depends how much you piss them off in dst
>>1616593 sometimes you get away with it but general rule is no hybe idols except soobin
>hivtards spoonfeeding and failing to lurkmoar yeokshi
>>1616930 the point of this thread is literally to spoonfeed
where does rhino roasties are so unfunny originate from?
>>1624998 nowhere kek someone just started saying it one day
im >trying >to >test
im >trying and i failed
what are aidens exactly
>>1653098 kek girl, ftm troons
>>1653098 transgender "men". incredibly obnoxious girlies and the name comes from how so many of them have some variation of the name aiden, jaden, kai etc.
what does roastie mean..
>>1654555 seriously
>>1654555 derogatory term towards women (referring to their vaginas as roast beef), like the female equivalent of calling a guy a scrote. here it's used sort of casually to refer to other posters sometimes, so don't take offense if someone calls you that kek
why is soobin the only acceptable hiv on dst (besides bernon)
>>1662885 board owner-nim likes him
>>1662885 privileges for being board owner's husbando
>>1662885 board owner is infamous soobin akgae gasahara
>>1662885 because he's the only based member
>>1655742 scrote and roastie are in no way equivalent, kek. roastie is much more derogatory.
i keep getting autobanned but idk why. at first i thought it was for specific words but i'm not using any of the same words in these posts
>>1667421 auto-ban is to try and catch spam before it's posted, especially from the ones posting and advertising illicit content. no one knows what's on the list but that's probably for the best so whoever or whatever's posting the content has a more difficult time bypassing it. they're usually lifted fairly quick if you appeal
i tried to hide post and accidentally hit filter name and now i can’t see anything
>>1675397 you'll have to remove the filter. if you're on pc that's as easy as hitting the settings but if you're on mobile you'll have to enable the desktop version of the site in your browser to access the settings and get rid of the anonymous filter, or reset your browser data
>>1675441 thanks, it worked! :)
is there a way to prevent /hiv/ threads from showing up on overboard? also what is megadorm please i missed an entire arc of ccc
>>1704458 filtering hybe related words or the thread titles will prevent them from showing up when new ones are made
what is dst
>>1729476 dumbass shit thread
>im >trying >to >see something
>okay >it >works
what does heol mean?
>>1805353 koreans say that to be like "wow" "omg" it's like the korean equivalent
(1.79 MB 720x720 woodzz.mp4)
i just cant take her anywhere
>>1810762 i posted on the wrong thread ccc you will pay
how do you guys archive past threads?
(127.32 KB 719x1038 Screenshot_20221028_125122.jpg)
>>1823940 >go to wayback machine at https://web.archive.org/save >paste the link >check the boxes in picrel, uncheck the second one if it doesnt want to archive or if an error happens sometimes you may have to make an account or save mulitple times to make sure all the images are saved in a thread
>>1823982 love you nonita <3 thanks
how can i quote and link a thread
what is lsa?
>>1925628 lipstickalley though I'm sure you read it on btsg in which case they're just using it to he racist because you said something that sounds "black"
>>1925633 it wasn't a reply to me but thanks nona
are most women here actually autistic or is that just the vibe we’re going for? im just curious
>>1937770 t. turboautista
>>1937788 hopefully this means yes and i am among my mentally sick sisters kek
what does jesse mean
>>1950913 jesse comes from “hey jesse!” the disney channel tv show, when nonas say jesse they are saying “hey, jesse” addressing the poster in question as if she were the character jesse. nonas do this because jesse is the main character of hey jesse
eight ish months here and cant figure out who is dilfsoob is he from txt or what do tell
>>1950995 we’re talking about his dad turbo newfriend, it should be obvious
>>1951006 oh ok thanks
>>1950979 but is it supposed to be negative or positive
>>1950995 ignore the nona saying it’s his dad, dilfsoob is his older cousin who debuted as a singer a while ago. back when txt wasn’t universally blacklisted some schizo did a deep dive into his family (and kai’s) and found him and his group. no one remembers his name so we just call him dilfsoob, because he’s super hot
>>1951024 he must be quite cute then are the pics still available?
>>1950995 hey friend ignore all the other responses, he's called dilfsoob because he looks like soobin from txt but much older and.. dilfy. he's a kpop idol and his name is minhyuk
>>1951021 a couple episodes were streamed so it has various meaning, usually that you’re retarded. but it’s exclusively meant to be used against staycels because of the reference episode where there’s a character who acts 1:1 like bang chan. literally just watch the show
>>1951040 he's from btob
hmm so what is the truth :/
i now need a pic of dilfsoob, the real one
>>1950995 ignore the other nonas kekmao, dilfsoob is just jyp. the gag was that if soob was going to become a ceo to fund kai’s debut, which one would he be. everyone picked jyp so he could fund bebe and the white creature in a unit since jyp is the only big company with a promoting ceo + that does mixed sex collabs
>>1951061 stop it. this is literally a thread for newfags and you're spreading misinformation retard
you’re all talking shit because i invented dilfsoob and he’s in qatar right now playing footie with a mask on >>1951066 hard word, this isn’t helping anyone
>>1951066 >>1951074 this is cracking me up
why DON'T we like trannies? is it because they're too attention seeking and won't shut the fuck up with their annoying sjw speeches
>>1953050 why do you need to be told
>>1953050 because what is there to like
>>1951041 this is so wronh
(90.76 KB 750x562 jesse.jpg)
>>1953050 >attention seeking >annoying when they pollute young troubled minds into believing that genital mutilation is the answer to all their problems and rape girls in public restrooms that they gained legal access to and make a mockery of the plight of women it is more than just "annoying" it is harmful and disturbing. now we have retarded parents supporting and even encouraging their children to troon out
>>1953050 we hate trannies because they are zero value men
>>1951021 this nona >>1950979 is lying and being annoying cause she thinks it's funny. the real answer is here >>1251197
>>1956684 so basically when someone tells you jesse they're telling you what you're saying isn't making sense
i am testing this
who is jokercito?
>>2012006 choi in from elast
>>2012102 thank you
what is nta and sa?
>>2039639 not the anon and same anon
>>2039739 thank you sis
who is mEeEe and why does every post of hers gets clowned
>>2048703 she's a user on onehallyu (kpop forum) and she posts in their "which male idols do you think are gay" thread. basically she's known for making unhinged posts about nct taeyong and about how he's bi/gay (she changes her mind about it a lot), she lives in that thread and posts about him constantly. and people there clown react her posts because she's usually too unhinged for the other users (who are mostly normies) to take seriously
>>2048703 she's a severely autistic scammyshitter from onehallyu who can't seperate fanservice from actual social interaction to save her life and she shits up the oh gay thread multiple times per week with essayposts about scammy's sexuality/gender identity/neurodivergencies
(2.12 MB 1080x6880 essay.jpg)
>>2048718 nta but kek
is there any list of archived ccc threads on archive.org? i want to just match the number to a name. i can filter it there myself, but it does not say the name so clicking on any is a lottery and "previous"/"next" linking was abandoned at some point.
>>2049220 i’d like to help you but i’m not sure what you’re asking for here
>>2049220 as far as i know there is not, the only way to find threads is to painstakingly go through all of them. if you roughly know the date of any specific archive you're looking for you can narrow it down by clicking around a bit because the archive "wheel" does display the threads in chronological order clockwise, but it's still a major pain in the ass finding anything
>>2052997 uhh like, i know people archive deleted threads on wayback machine and I can see them here: https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://choachan.cafe/kpop/res/* the problem is that the url is not indicating what thread it is, just "116760.html" etc (which is the number of first post in the thread) so I am asking whether there is any archiver nona who ever kept track of which number is what, e.g. "116760.html = nctg #123" etc so that I don't have to click semi-randomly. old threads used to have the "previous >>number" links, but when ccc stopped archiving, nonas stopped with that (and lc threads have often the whole list of previous threads in the first post)...I know it's a farfetched question, I just want to read through old nctg for the lols without spending 35min looking for a consequential thread amongst the random numbers i'm sorry those were funny as fuck and i miss them >>2053115 oh thanks..i know it's chronological, i just hoped someone might save me the pain..it's a pity i didnt catch the decision to delete old threads in time because I would have archived them into pdfs (or something) by myself, I actually ragequitted ccc for like half a year bcs of that decision lol
>>2053153 iirc there was an nctg master doc at some point that had links and edits and other stuff saved. maybe if you ask in the thread someone can help out
>>2053271 didn't know that, thank you nona, i'll try there
>>2053153 speaking of archives, we could have a shared google doc or spreadsheet to link to archives of threads. idk is that a good idea?
is jennie really dating gabink from jwiiver?
>>2075768 maybe
>>2075768 i don't know
>>2075768 can you repeat the question
>>2075768 yes and hanbin is their love child
what and where is the secret board?
>>2079603 howd you hear about that
>>2079603 wouldnt be a secret board if we just told everyone
>>2079603 it’s called twitter i hope that helps :)
how do you properly embed links here
>>2079963 you really couldn't click on the faq for this?
when did the whole jwiiver thing on ccc start? i know that an idol called gabink is objective funny but i haven’t heard anyone even talk about them anywhere else.
>>2091484 like a few months ago? someone just posted their names and as we know they are all ridiculous so it went from there
>>2091484 its just a dst joke like many others
what does staycel mean?
>>2092491 if you lurked just a bit more you could easily find the answer to this question
>>2092557 thank you i have already figured it out it was actually in vain to write it in
why is the atbo thread on the site board?
>>2092557 yet another unfunny forced nickname amongst many others
>>2097582 weird it isn’t for me
>>2097611 retard
what's the reason nonas are relating tbz eric and boobs so much? like, is there a specific reason?
>>2099686 it's a joke on posts that sound a bit moidy but done in a lighthearted way because we are all anonymous and someone posting show boobs in dst is probably not actually a guy >tldr >eric is admin and wants to see your boobs
>>2100277 i get that part, but why eric in particular?
>>2101253 no particular reason eric seems like the type of guy that would ask girls to show their boobs
how do you report multiple posts at once?
(73.89 KB 530x235 multi.png)
>>2106229 multi track post reporting
>>2106229 click the white box at the left side of posts on as many as you want to check them off then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "show forms" then report it there
>>2106818 is that why youre here?
>>2106640 kek >>2106775 thank you!
nonas i've never understood why sometimes some post numbers don't add up, like in some cases if i post 3 consecutive replies in a thread they're numbered 30577, 30530, 35534 even though there aren't any replies in the middle
>>2117851 the post numbers add up for one entire board and not just a single thread, so in other words your post was the 2.117.851th one to be posted in /ot/ as a whole
>>2117867 thank you nona
What does getting banned for 'twtfaggism' mean?
>>2123650 it means that you post like a twitterfag and need to integrate. seems pretty self-explanatory to me
>>2123656 i've never had a twitter account, but thank you for explaining
>>2123668 we don't use 'bias' here sis, lurkmoar
o ~ o ~ ~o~


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