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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

(892.92 KB 3000x1997 obama.jpg)
Thoughts on ccc Anonymous 01/03/2021 (Sun) 23:13:12 No. 12204
Post your thoughts on particular ccc threads,posts,posters and boards. No a-logging,also don't take any of this shit seriously.Let's go!
alright everyone get the soobfag hating out of the way early
i want to pet infiniteanon on the head
i unironically like kevinposters
>>12240 I nominate soobfag for worst poster
i seriously enjoy all the conspiracy shitposts lmao and idk why it is that way but dumbass shit thread isn't as funny anymore
(85.19 KB 431x358 wise words.png)
>>12268 one vote from me too
>>12271 i know why you feel that way but all i will say is be the change you wanna see in those threads
>>12264 thanks fellow kevinposter
>>12271 they're pretty comfy for me
(43.29 KB 486x680 kevmoon.jpg)
>>12298 kebby! >>12261 her dedication..8000+ posts bruh
kevinposters we need you back in the dumbass shit thread...
>kevinposters >posters it's literally just 1 (one) anon spamming
>>12332 excuse you there's two of us
>>12332 it's kebbybros and there's 2 of us. maybe 3 on a good day
>>12355 it's actually chinguz and you know it
conspiracyfags brought a lot of joy to /ot/
that one poster who keeps talking about conspiracyfags
i miss mathfags and chemfags
>>12404 not me but i miss them too, their schizo antics were fun lol
i love the first dumbass shit thread <3
I want to attract more fellow gaypg sisters but they hate you
>>14445 why?
>>14448 Some have built an autistic alternative reality that thinks this place is like twitter and others hate lolcow posters, the way they speak etc
gaypg smells like POO POO and CUM CUM BEGONE SMELLIES but seriously if you want a gaypg style thread minus the moids just make a kpop banter thread where OT talk is allowed. stick to site rules
>>14453 They could post on the dumbass shit thread that's not a problem, they just don't feel comfy And some said the dumbass shit thread doesn't have a lot of real ot conversation, it's mostly kpop related
>>14454 dumbass shit threads don't sound like the best place for conversation tbf
i honestly think the nctshitters from lc/cc are more retarded and annoying than the gaypg posters
>>14466 No posters bother me but soobinfag, let's get along everyone~~
>>14466 how can you tell them apart? t. nctfag
why is there a nct thread where they are all bitchy to each other and a dumbass shit thread where nctfags act retarded with each other?
>>14495 the dumbass shit thread has everybody, mostly smfags though
>>14495 war zone and peace zone
>>14505 Btsfags dont have the courage to be roasted
>>14468 nta but it's pretty easy gaypg posters are the ones that spam degenerate horny shit nctfags are the ones that overanalyze and criticize things constantly
rip dumbass shit thread,, i can't believe nctCHADS lost to gaypg girlies
>>17141 what happened to dumbass?
>>17160 most posters moved to the gaypg thread to funpost, or back to their generals
>>17141 they lost because they became gaypg themselves traitors
>>18091 feel free to take them back
>>18111 no thanks you can have them
the gg threads move so slow but it doesn’t bother me. I like how comfortable it is.
Somene posted a choachan screen cap on the lsa asian celebs thread
>>20182 >it's my post nice
>>20182 cringe
>>20182 but why would someone do that is what i ask myself
>>20182 >active lsa members are here yikes
>>20182 >>20226 god no I really don’t want to deal with flawed intersectionality of retarded exo and sujuhags who go to lsa of all places to claim war over uggos for 70+ thousand page threads with a blackplague avatar and onika petty reaction gifs. There’s enough smfags here as it is. Unless it’s based jinkishitter ezra miller.
>>20182 post screenshot pls, i couldnt see it
(164.95 KB 750x1244 IMG_5171.jpg)
>>20283 >Unless it’s based jinkishitter ezra miller. stop shilling yourself here no1curr about lsa and their retards
>>20309 >shilling yourself nona pls I’m not her I just want more shinee posting
ugh i hate it when there are 2 threads!
chinafag what's her story
>>265935 unhinged mental illness


no cookies?