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(666.76 KB 1600x1347 1cdda2318a5b9285a889c425a236d73b.jpg)
Astrology Thread Anonymous 05/05/2021 (Wed) 03:31:59 No. 120479
a place to discuss anything involving kpop birth charts or your own personal astrology
sagittarians assemble
cap bros run this shit btw
libra stacies leggo
>>120486 B A S E D
going on https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php and looking at idols' amount of feminine vs masculine planets can be fun and enlightening. so far the male idols suspected to be gay have more feminine planets and this theory has yet to be disproven
some meta
>>120491 felix has 9 masculine placements and 1 femenine placement...
>>120494 wtf... felix hyperchad??? or just REALLY gay?
>>120491 >chanhee 5 masc planets and 5 fem planets >kevin 4 masc planets and 6 fem planets kevin gayer than chanhee I can't breathe
>>120499 chanhee bi!
(14.75 KB 523x587 images (45).jpeg)
>>120494 Felix gigachad.
>>120505 ironically lacking in jaw...
redpill me on scorpios
>>120513 i would if i could but... they're better before you actually get to know them because their aloofness is attractive. once they open up you wish they didn't
>>120513 Most of them seem to have bpd from what I have observed.
>>120517 holy shit yes i just figured this out like last week
>>120513 miserable, self-destructive edgelords who fuck well
>>120520 they're sexual doesn't mean that they're good at it though and i also always reeeeeeeeeeee when people say they're sensual because they're not ruled by venus you dumb bitches
>>120522 true. scrotes suck at fucking no matter the sign
are venus geminis turbosluts?
all the goyz have pluto sags. what does this mean?
>>120527 that's a pretty slow moving placement so people born from 1995-2008 will all have that. they value truth and knowledge above all else
can i tell how big my husbando's peepee is from his chart?
>>120491 man astrology is like some anti vaxxer shit. pls seek help
>>120524 depends on what you mean by slut... they usually grow tired of their partners pretty quickly
>>120533 me dropping my husbandos at the speed of light...
felt compelled to search johnnys chart. aquarius everywhere. repulsive.
>>120530 it would help to know his birth time, like if jupiter is aspecting his 8th house in a considerable way.. jupiter makes things bigger, 8th house rules sex/sex organs in addition to death and all things taboo. check for mars-jupiter aspects too
>>120532 we're just having fun nona
does ur chart change drastically if you dont know ur specific time of birth?
>>120540 samefag i have an estimate around 7 pm ~ 7:30pm i wanted to know
What does "opposition between venus-pluto" mean ?I am a noob when it comes to astrology.
>>120540 i think that's a small enough chunk of time that the houses wouldn't shift. it was an hour then it would probably be more inaccurate. i think you should be safe but the more specific you can get the better
>>120540 afaik from surface level it only affects your rising sign
>>120542 so venus and pluto are in opposite signs. like gemini and sagittarius are opposite signs for instance. bascially the person is more likely to become possessive or jealous in relationships and be attracted or committed to people much faster
i present to you a ranking of nct from most to least chad based on masc and fem planets >bread 8 masc 2 fem >jarmin 8 masc 2 fem >poocas 7 masc 3 fem >fullanal 7 masc 3 fem >jisung 7 masc 3 fem >wonka 7 masc 3 fem >2yang 6 masc 4 fem >jeno 6 masc 4 fem >chonlo 6 masc 4 fem >2lose 6 masc 4 fem >shotaro 6 masc 4 fem >sungchan 6 masc 4 fem >jawnee 6 masc 4 fem ~bisexuals~ >weewoo 5 masc 5 fem >mork 5 masc 5 fem ~~~~~~ >lonjin 4 masc 6 fem >scammy 4 masc 6 fem >hoyoung 4 masc 6 fem >xiaojun 4 masc 6 fem we gottem ladies >ten 4 masc 6 fem >kun 3 masc 7 fem >yuta 3 masc 7 fem >taeil 2 masc 8 fem
>>120548 more like from straggot to limp wristed
>>120551 that too. i'm surprised at how accurate it is
>>120548 what the fuck does masc/fem planets even mean
>>120556 probably associated with the greek/roman mythology? venus is a woman and mars is a man for example so they would be fem and masc planets respectively
>>120548 damn taeil.... maybe that retard who said he had a male sponsor was onto something
>>120557 yes but how do you even count planets??? how does it all work i thought your sign was just based on date of birth
>>120556 how many of the person's planets are in masculine or feminine signs >masculine signs: aries gemini leo libra sagittarius aquarius >feminine: taurus cancer virgo scorpio capricorn pisces
never made sense to me that libra is the masc venus ruled sign. iirc some people even debate if taurus is ruled by venus at all or some other planet
>>120561 >How is a Libra considered a masculine sign when their ruler is Venus? There is an alternative way of deeming the genders of the zodiac signs, and this alternative system is based on the symbols themselves - and logic. The logic is that two opposing signs should have different genders, because they are the natural partnership signs. Aries is ruled by Mars - the symbol of masculinity - while Libra is ruled by Venus - the symbol of femininity. Furthermore a ram is a very masculine symbol. So, Aries is masculine, and Libra is feminine. A bull is a very masculine symbol - so Taurus must be masculine. No, Taurus is not ruled by Venus - Taurus is ruled by Eris, which was discovered in 2005. As a logical consequence the opposing sign, Scorpio, is feminine. No, Scorpio is not ruled by Mars, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which was discovered in 1930. Gemini is opposing Sagittarius, which is usually depicted as a stallion, not a mare. So, Gemini is feminine, while Sagittarius is masculine. Cancer is the sign of motherhood, while Capricorn, the sign of fatherhood, is depicted as a male goat. So, Cancer is feminine and Capricorn is masculine. Leo is clearly a masculine symbol and hence a masculine sign - and as a logical consequence the opposing sign, Aquarius, is a feminine sign. Virgo is clearly a feminine symbol and hence a feminine sign - and as a logical consequence the opposing sign, Pisces, is a masculine sign.
>>120562 thanks. this make much more sense in my opinion. aries is the epitome of mars just like libra is the epitome of venus
>>120546 Thank you.
skz's chad ranking >felix 9 masc 1 fem >alien 8 masc 2 fem >cumsquirrel 8 masc 2 fem >bang chan 7 masc 3 fem >seungmin 7 masc 3 fem >fatbin 5 masc 5 fem >hyunjin 4 masc 6 fem >rhino 3 masc 7 fem
>>120568 opposite day~~
>>120568 dan felix..... ur masculinity...
>>122687 damn they're all moody af
i know it's unlikely, but does anyone here like vedic astrology/nakshatras?
>>122713 don't know too much about it but i've been meaning to get into it
>>122719 i'm not an expert myself but i like watching claire nakti on yt, she does a lot of videos about astrology in pop culture. if you get bored of western astrology you can check it out https://youtu.be/fK8vzc4EjYI
>>122750 sweet i'll take a look, thanks nona
BTOB Minhyuk - 30/11/90 >sun: sagittarius >moon: aries >mercury: sagittarius >venus: sagittarius >mars: gemini ofc he's a sag... gee it's kind of amazing how all my husbandos are either capri or sag without fail. also he's a walking sag stereotype being turbo athletic and active.
what do you all think about aries
>>125935 hate them with a passion. snooty conceited brash and pervy
>>125935 it's known as satanaries
(172.81 KB 1080x1493 Eb0BFQkX0AEmdAo.jpg)
>>136150 cursed
>>136150 christ, i've never seen that happen before
>>136150 My chart is the same except I have taurus in my sun.
right now i'm assigning birthdays to fictional characters based on what placements would fit them best. my life has indeed fallen apart
>>136369 Not really.A lot of spiritual growth if he’s cancer rising
>>125415 Bet you anything this guy is a player
>>136369 why ?
>>213641 im kinda new to astrology so take this w a grain of salt but all that sag means he probably likes being free, and not controlled or held down by commitment. plus the gemini mars means he probably gets bored easily, andv is not good w long terms projects at times. aries moon could mean hes impulsive/impatient but doesnt hold grudges,, other placements/aspects could change this tho. i wanna revive this thread so are there any idols that have the very similar birthcharts as you? for me beomgyu from txt has the same sun, moon, venus, mercury and possibly rising as i do. the difference is he's a sag mars and i'm an aqua mars which i would say means we think + feel similarly but carry out plans/actions wayy differently which i can see since i would def not do half the shit he does. also confirms hes the homo of the group.. not proven but i have a hunch abt his weird ass
>>240531 kek nona i was not asking about minhyuk i was talking about hoshi
>>242339 oh whoops, free reading ig
>>243195 can you do a reading on hoshi please his birth chart is similar to mine
>>243202 sure heres a word vomit that is probably very biased since i love geminis (& its my rising sign) air in general, is the more social element, with geminis usually referred to as the "communicators." having that many gemini placements (a stellium) makes him a really creative, clever, and calculating person (ccc what i did there.. ha..) the sign is known to be youthful and these ppl like fun (flirting, games, etc) along w/ being stimulated and engaged. if u watch their variety content u know that hoshi is one of the more hyperactive members in svt but not completely an air head (last pun i promise), and proves this during their mafia/wit games. you can learn more abt the stellium by what house its in. hoshi likely has an 11h stellium (house of society/social groups, group interactions, goals, the future, finances) which is why hes naturally an inventive person and creative artist (exhibit a: his solo 'spider' which you are obligated to stream if reading this.) all that gemini (and the planet mercury's) influence means u guys overthink a lottt and are really indecisive, like ur brains are always going 90 mph lmao. yall are also fast paced people who probably get moody when other cant keep up with you. moon or venus in gemini is also why the sign gets a lot of bad rep: craving stimulation > restless & impulsive > inconsistency, easily getting bored in relationships > commitment issues. also u LOVE to talk and get ur ideas out there (again, communicators of the signs). so yeah sorry if u wanted gemini slander </3 but i suggest u look up more stuff specific to ur birth chart, or hoshi's, if u wanna know more.
>>249343 thank you nonnie
>>243202 gemini is one of the most hated signs along with aries and cancer
any readings on victon members or links to in-depth readings
>>249441 usually you can find those birthchart analyses on tumblr or twitter but i couldnt find any for victon sorry nona heres a thread of their placements tho https://twitter.com/nugustrology/status/1151648739960008704?s=20
>>120548 omoo me mark and weewoo are the same
there are some tarotsis here so i bet some astrology nonas are here too, manifest yourselves. i'd love to sperg about idols' charts but i don't know how reliable they are, like do idols disclose their precise hour of birth or do their birth certificate leak?
>>412391 sometimes theyll disclose it if ifans keep asking them about it kek
whats a gemini sun cancer moon cancer rising like
hmm i am in the mood to insult some sun signs
>>808243 i'm a pisces sun roast me
>>808243 i'm an ariew
>>808253 pisces are not uwu sensitive baby people think they are.you are probably a degenerate but attempt to hide it from society.you like to act all nice and cooperative in your relationships but deep down you seeth a lot and don't show it to the outside world.twofaced. probably into degradation and toxic partners.only a feminist when it benefits you.
>>808256 no your anger issues don't make you look hot.you instead come off as retarded and extremely immature.you need to accept that other people are not obliged to listen to your opinions.also slow down a little with your impulsiveness you might end up crashing into a wall someday
>>808335 nta but damn 90% of this was spot on
>>808369 forgot to add that you are a tryhard "girlboss"
(742.07 KB 220x220 flrtren.gif)
>>808335 bravo nona. i have been read to filth
>>808564 kek i am sorry if i hurt your feelings
>>808784 i actually kek'd because i haven't heard these insults before aside from the feminist one i think if you can though nona can you share any good traits of pisces suns?
>>808984 sure,pisces suns are dreamy,they are least likey to be judgemental(unless they have earth signs in their chart),would try to understand the opposition's perspective if any conflict arises,open minded and empathetic
>>808243 cancer sun?
>>808243 libra
>>809335 emotinally manipulative,likes playing mind games with people because you are insecure,probably fat as fuck .either that or you are a butterface,also a hoe for shitty broody scrotes and into degradation like your watersign sisters.the sign most likely to be into DDLG.you guys like to think of yourself as this harmless angel when in reality you are the complete opposite of that,people actually don't like you as much as you like to think,mental illness like bpd,narccissm,depression are common
>>810355 you go to great lengths to appear nice which makes you look like a spineless faggot kinda similar to pisces but you are manipulative in a different sense you know how to play people and earn their trust with your lies,fake and shallow, most people wouldn't even know if you secretly hate them but you like to keep it that way,clingy
>>808243 scorpio
>>811960 nta but none of this is accurate for me except for depression
>>812281 sorry, i tried my best also i have noticed that most of you are "mistresses" is this perhaps true?
why most guys im attracted to turn out to be sags? cap venus pisces mars btw
>>817643 sags men are nice afaik
>>812401 nta but my female cancer friend hates stable, healthy relationships and likes relationships where there is a risk of a third party or relationships where the guy has a girlfriend. of course this is only a sample size of 1 but she is the only female cancer i know so it’s possible
are all capricorns really damn boring
aries is simply the best sign
>>811960 kek i know this post is old but which girl born in the summer who happened to have bpd hurt you
(68.81 KB 1200x1600 graphic.png)
hour accurate
>>1640771 true that, entitled to money and severly depressed talks
>>1640771 All earth signs are boring


no cookies?