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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators

Korea discussion Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 02:20:42 No. 12
Post about Korean social issues that don’t have to do with idols >Suggested sites for these things Koreabang.com (Leave recommendations below)
Thought we needed to have this place after seeing the ilbe discussion on CC before lol
>>13 Can someone give us a rundown about megalia and ilbe? About why they're both crazy?
>>14 Megalia is pretty calm these days compared to its pedo counterpart Womad But basically Megalia are hardcore man haters and Ilbe are alt right hikikomoris and incels Megalia and Ilbe are just as bad but the fact that Megalia gets more backlash than Ilbe is just funny and ironic to be
>>15 huh, Womad is pedophilic? I just thought they were terfy
>>16 Some, but many posters justify pedophilia by using this saying “lolicon is a crime, shotacon is a preference” And there was a huge stir over a woman who apparently posted that she was gonna drug this kid while she was vacationing in Australia and she posted “evidence” which ended up just being a fake YouTube video but a lot of Womad users were in support of this Somehow along the story Ilbe gets connected to it https://www.koreaexpose.com/child-abuse-pictures-gender-war/
>>17 man that's disgusting. i dislike scrotes as much as the next poster but there's a limit to this stuff
>>12 does anyone here know about the # EscapeTheCorset movement that went on (or is still going on) in korea? i think it's pretty based
>>19 It’s been going on for a while right I remember Yeeun and Luna got grilled by Korean incels lol If more female idols came out in support it would probably blow up Too bad the feminist movement is so suppressed in Korea and a celeb even having a tshirt with feminist written on it gets criticized.
>>20 >I remember Yeeun and Luna got grilled by Korean incels lol Part of the hate Sulli received was because she's a feminist.
>>21 Yes I feel like Sulli’s was way more complicated There were even threats made towards her to rip her vagina, wishing she would die and the choiza sexualisation I guess that’s why the defamation law in Korea is so serious
if you guys want to know more about ilbe and megalia (basically they mirror ilbe extremist) I recommend this article http://europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article46392 https://www.mic.com/articles/184477/inside-ilbe-how-south-koreas-angry-young-men-formed-a-powerful-new-alt-right-movement
>>21 this. it's really upsetting to see fans of male groups throwing around sulli's name if they see their oppa getting criticized online, considering that a male idol will probably never be held to the same standard that female idols are held to. sulli being a public figure that was vocal about specific issues probably pissed a lot of male knetz off and it's evident in the endless vitriol she received up until her passing with that said i don't agree with some of the shit sulli did, especially the weird pedo shoot with a photographer that received a sentence for sexual assault
(137.37 KB 672x476 6616025758838399.jpg)
I wonder what's happening with the Nth room scandal investigations. The ringleader had court earlier this month, but I'm surprised there hasn't been more information about the others involved considering how widespread it was. http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/965602.html
>>28 shit like the nth room scandal (along with the burning sun and molka scandals) made me realize that a lot of the insane resentment korean feminists have for men comes from a righteous place
>>28 lol this dude will be in prison for what, 3 years and then he'll go back to managing his CP/rape network
(529.38 KB 482x757 wtf.png)
Why do some of the models that korean clothing brands hire look so uncanny, what's going on with this guys lips?
(236.66 KB 1079x1354 EpAf9xbUYAANhWd.jpeg)
based koreans >pedo who raped an 8yo girl to death gets an angry mob after him after he got out of jail sauce: https://twitter.com/notnetizenbuzz/status/1337604196351107072?s=20
>>937 about what exactly
(212.63 KB 1080x932 IMG_20210106_115631.jpg)
http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2021/01/seoul-city-put-out-sexist-pregnancy-and.html?m=1 this is what taetae and all the other "it's not a crime to be more traditional, everybody is allowed to have preferences!1!1"-oppars would have you do.
>>13304 this is what most male idols want (especially those that can't cook) but nowadays they are hyper aware of feminists and are afraid of getting dragged so they don't say anything but there will always be female simps ready to worship them
>>13304 There are more details in this twitter thread : https://twitter.com/koryodynasty/status/1346661912054960129 Korea is really fucking backwards, I've seen a lot of anons on this site criticize Korean feminists but I think the existence of radical feminism in Korea is actually a blessing given the weight of patriarchy
(371.10 KB 1080x1598 IMG_20210106_174500.jpg)
>>13321 i don't even know what to say, this is so fucking cruel and disgusting
(66.92 KB 600x399 ErBgQ-vVEAMK5On.jpeg)
>>13322 the people who came up with this shit, only men (and 2 conservative hags) on a womens health board
>>13322 asian men like to talk like they are some alpha males who need all their needs met, meanwhile this hot sex they keep mentioning is just them underperforming and being sexually frustrated
>>13321 >I've seen a lot of anons on this site criticize Korean feminists Where? All I've seen is them bashing on men (as they should).
>>13431 If my memory is good, there were a few posts in the old Kpg/kpc threads that got deleted, plus >>17 (Womad posters are not pedos, they've explained time and time again that they are only reposting shit from Ilbe with reversed genders in order to underline how disgusting Ilbe users are) But yeah, this is not 'a lot', I was exaggerating, sorry about that. Maybe I'm too in awe of K feminism to tolerate the slightest criticism lol
>>13447 nona a megalia poster who worked as a teacher literally got arrested because she said she was going to abuse her minimoid students yes they're doing genderbending hate posts (kek) but there's no denying they attracted people who took it a step further
>>13453 Yeah that's fair, but still I don't think we should throw the baby out with the bathwater
>>13453 and you only know about this because a woman doing bad things is always getting a shitton of publicity because it's so against the norm - the norm being men commiting 100s as many violent crimes
reverse searched the sooman rothschild pic, found these instead enjoy
i do not condone hate and murder.
oops double post !
hi scrote. the chances that another male attacks you and rapes you in the ass is over 300 times higher than a girl/woman accusing you of rape. yet strangely you don't go around in fear of your butt virginity getting stolen, why is that?
shitty bait ! bye.
Megalia (and feminists globally) is actually so tame, men deserve what was written here >>45269. Too bad it was just moids overreacting and being triggered little babies because Korean feminists violently lashing out via anti-freeze never actually happened on a massive scale. >>45268 Cute how this was written nearly 2 years ago and nothing predicted in it has yet to come true in even the next five years from now. You could argue that women are in an even worse place than before, given how many men are trying to downplay the Nth room, how ilbe is still continuing to grow, and how things like molka and workplace sexual harassment still have yet to be addressed by the Korean government. Why are men so fucking retarded?
Dumb question potentially but how come Moon Jae-in hasn't done a suneung reform during his time in office? Whoever fixes the stress of college entrance exams will easily, easily be one of the most well-liked presidents. Granted the majority of SK presidents have history of corruption in some way. Obviously SK has more issues than suneung but it's probably the biggest stressor for the youth demographic. If Moon Jae-in was to implement multiple testing dates per year then that'd already be much less of a burden on kids. Maybe also some application reform too because iirc the biggest determinant of your acceptance to school is your score. Any actual Koreans please contribute your thoughts, I'm a burgerfag who has no ties to Korea aside from my own interest in the SK economy.
>>12 Has any of you anons been to Korea? This is so dumb but... How are average/normal korean people? How rare is it to find people as pretty as the ones in kdramas? Are they completely different and that look is only achievable through ps? Or you can easily find above average people walking down the streets? Discuss pls, I'm curious about it
>>48593 how old are you nonie... nowhere in the world regular people look like the hottest celebs. Would you see some ScarJo walking on the streets? Never If you want to get a glimpse of it watch street interview from asian boss and similar channels
I'm cooling off Kpop a lot due to the bullying scandal. It's so widespread that i think K-entertainment is more fucked up than it used to appear which was already kinda bad. All the age hierarchies, lookism, misogyny can't be healthy ugh it's no wonder there's so much suicide in Korea
>>51316 Actually made me feel grateful for my own childhood. I was bullied a bit in high school but it only lasted a few months and was really nothing compared to hardcore bullying. Korea seems so high stress and high tension, younger me wouldve been too easy to target
>>51726 it's kinda fucked up that even pretty but quiet kids like aoa mina and april hyunjoo get bullied by jealous coworkers and instead of punishing the culprits, it's the bullied member that quits. not to mention mingyu's friend/hyunjin's teacher/yena's sister/dsp being apologists for the bullies, ew. Korean society is messed up but i already knew that due to the nth room and burning sun scandals. but i see why everyone clamours after major plastic surgery (to avoid lookism and bullying like the plots of Gangnam Beauty or True Beauty dramas) or why suicide rates are so high, because if you're ugly and don't have money or parental help to get surgery, you are screwed
https://www.koreaboo.com/news/koreas-first-transgender-soldier-found-dead-in-home/ So sad I bet she got bullied a lot after her MtF surgery
>>52498 Are you from twitter ?
>>52858 I mean with the tranny sympathizing its kind of obvious
why are there so few or no professional porn stars in korea (and china) versus japan where porn is a mainstream industry?
>>53718 its illegal to produce porn in korea
>>12 Do korean citizen see being an idol as something good/to aspire to be or something toxic because of the restrictions/abuse/lack of control over their lives like some people in the west?
>>86194 You are never going to find some actual koreans here honey I'm the Asianfag from the cpop thread and there are millions of Asians, some will wanna be scientists, others idols. In Korea there are performing arts schoola and college majors for idol wannabes so it's definitely not a toxic career? Every industry has abusers and kpop is not different. A higher up who molests kpop trainees could also be a higher up who molests nurses or a teacher preying on students.
i would also say that in my country singapore which is more westernized than even Hongkong, the idol industry in japan and korea is seen as restrictive (having to apologise for dating wtf), abusive (sex favours), low musicality (too much lipsyncing even if the dancing is good) and childish (kids/teens in Singapore queue for days to get BTS/BP/Twice tickets) versus Western music, or even Mandopop. Chinese folks in Singapore prefer China's solo singing talents like Zhou Shen, Liu Yuning, Hua Chenyu, and like that Cpop doesn't shove idol groups everywhere because lipsyncing is banned in China. The general consensus is that individual singers/rock bands are more respectable and authentic in personality than idols can ever be, so parents here won't encourage their kids to aspire to be kpop idols unlike thailand/vietnam etc. But Singapore is very Americanized/Britishised so people prefer rock bands or singer songwriter types who have musical control over their releases and don't fake smile or do aegyo
>>51316 not trying to be snarky but, nth room/seungri/open world etc. were all fine, yet bullying is where you draw the line?
>>88539 Thank you anon for taking your time to respond, i appreciate it i found it interesting
(39.57 KB 512x400 1630565310850.jpg)
South Korea is a bizarre ultra capitalist hellhole with a worse working culture then Japan, ruled by authoritarian nationalist military dictatorship for 40 years and an image material population that has no ideology or religion to ground them, all the worst aspects of Western and Eastern cultures in one nation I remember a screenshot of an account by some North Korean defector woman, while she still preferred the South over North Korea, she was just shocked the long working hours and office culture of South Koreans, also levels of misogyny and harassment she had to deal and the lack of communal bond compared to the North(If anyone could help me find this, account I'd appreciate it)
>>691809 it sounds like literal hell the more i actually learn about this place
>>691834 wait i recant that statement somewhat (note: it's 2:30AM right now and i am out of it), the more i learn about sk, it just seems to get suckier and sukier - all while having such a weird airbrushed surface
>>691809 in a way i wonder if being a "middle place" where it absorbs the larger influences of the times into itself is simply koreas destiny. it was the middle region for centuries between larger powers geographically (china and japan) where things streamed in and out culturally. and now nk/sk is kinda like the buffer between the burger hold over the pacific area and mainland china. it was only in the 00s up to now with the internet that korea could use ideas/strategy and forms of entertainment like kdramas/kpop to exert some kind of larger soft power influence out there globally. taking advantage of youtube or other streaming
>>691838 Most Korean entertainment and media is funded by the State, especially any that leaves the state It might have western aesthetics but its run more like it would be in China then the west
>>691843 the korean govt don't fund kpop or kdrama it's mostly privately funded and many companies are stock market listed, the govt supports it and subsidize it but it's mostly funded by chaebol families (e.g. amore pacific, samsung, cj, lg, lotte and many are related due to intermarriages) who benefit from kpop or kdrama pushing kimchi, korean beauty brands (amore pacific owns a bunch of these), samsung or lg appliances etc. Korea is an oligarchy and like USA, the chaebols have more power than any state leader or ministry. 90% of korean presidents have been convicted of bribery and all these chaebols regularly get presidiential pardons for tax evasion and drug use due to how many workers they hire. in china the ccp regularly makes an example out of billionaires and ultra rich tax evaders like jack ma, huang youlong, guo wengui, ma huateng, zhao wei, fan bingbing. also china is pretty decentralised despite being authoritarian. cctv is the state media broadcaster but every province has its own tv channels, radio, web streaming services. thats how so many web dramas or bl dramas get aired. lots of shit is privately made and can be aired as long as it passes censor checks. nevertheless in china "chaebols" or "wall street" won't have as much power, communism is dead but the ccp still has the business industry by the balls. they forced the evergrande ceo to sell his shares recently instead of offering a buyout. in hypercapitalist countries like korea where yg has links to the korean police or usa, the government will use tax money to bail out unprofitable banks even if it contravenes free market rules e.g. the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, to socialize the losses and allow bank ceos to keep their million dollar bonuses. or that's how you know wall street runs the show.
(68.84 KB 512x337 1633246893307.jpg)
>>691838 >>691809 Someone of the blame of the state of SK goes to the US as well, Its founding fathers i.e US appointed dictators and his cronies who ruled for 2 decades was part of the Japanese puppet Manchukuo Imperial Army who mostly just committed ethnic cleansings in Manchuria, those that weren't WW2 era Japanese war criminals were responsible for some of the worst atrocities in western allied nations The Jeju uprising, the Gwangju massacre and the Bodo League massacre, where suspected "communists" were murdered without trial in the tens of thousands and that's not even mentioning the war crimes committed in Vietnam
>>691982 every country has their dark history, pros & cons korea: vibrant pop culture, great food, but unresolved north/south war, bad intergender relations (megalia v ilbe), mandatory conscription, age hierarchy, widespread prostitution, hypercapitalist, highly materialistic & appearance focused so plastic surgery is very common and suicides due to social pressure are common, controlled by us military bases. china: cultural hotbed, amazing ancient history, digitalised economy, big internal market that isn't export dependent but had terrible commie purges, unresolved civil war, authoritarian govt, extreme censorship, 1.4b populace makes people expendable, less misogynist than china/japan due to communism and one child policy but male kids are still prized. japan: ancient culture, great food, more accepting of imperfect appearances than korea, but lack of ww2 remorse, ingrained porn industry and culture that sexualises children (lolicon, hentai, exaggerated anime boobs picrel), yakuza, bad gender relations (waifu pillows, otakus), stressed salarymen and women, married women are pressured to be homemakers, controlled by us military bases. taiwan: vibrant culture, great food and weather, freedom of speech, but unresolved civil war, used to be authoritarian with commie massacres, mandatory conscription, gangs and triads are related to politics, low gdp vs japan/korea/singapore, lack of recognition as an independent country which impedes their financial sector. . hk: intl financial hub, great food, but decaying city, lack of development due to skyrocketing property costs and ccp promoting shenzhen next door, fractured politically, hypercapitalist, money laundering hub, shortfused natives angry at money issues/politics but hk can't become independent due to their reliance on china for water, military, food, power. best gender rights in east asia due to british colonialism, like singapore. glad i was born in singapore even if there's mandatory conscription and the pop culture scene is tiny due to media being state-funded. people here aren't ethno-nationalistic because it's too diverse, the chinese are westernised and mixed (peranankan, eurasian, chindian), the indians are more civilised than in india, the indigenous malay muslim aren't extremists. there's 4 national languages plus dialects and everyone speaks english, no age hierachy, no bowing, women have more freedom than even hk. east asia is too traditionalistic to be good for gender equality.
(94.42 KB 640x714 utrdxxw7dm681.jpg)
(very ot but as a non-fan of anime, are huge boobs drawn on all female characters, to the point china has to censor them for "morality"? wtf) Most of east asia is deeply influenced by Confucianism, without understanding Confucianism it's impossible to understand East Asia. It's like Christianity and the West. China is like the Roman Empire of the East and Confucius is like Jesus except he was a philosopher from 2300 years ago, aka Confucianism is older than many religions. Traditions like ancestor worship, patrilineal lineage, celebrating festivals with your hometown/family clan, women's roles primarily being good wives & mothers, civil service exams, education being important, memorization of poetry, knowledge of music/chess/classic literature/painting 琴棋书画 being essential, age hierarchy and listening to elders in society for wisdom, societal harmony, rites, rituals etc etc all hails from Confucius. South Korea is the most Confucianist society today after China underwent the Cultural Revolution and communism elevated China's women to become workers on par with men, not just mums and wives first like in Korea/Japan. Japan is highly neoConfucianist. China had a female doctor win a Nobel prize medicine solo for her work under Mao (Tu Youyou), Taiwan/HK also have female leaders in East Asia that got there on merit (Tsai Ingwen my bae) without any family help. Confucianism is still regarded as important in China but not as much as in Korea, where Shim Saim Dang (the only woman on Korean money bills) is viewed as the model female for giving up her career to be a good wife & mum. The reason why HK is way better for women is due to British influence and Singapore is even freer due to British influence plus the lack of Confucianist norms in Southeast Asia (the Chinese immigrants had Confucianism ingrained into them, but they adapted to local Malay society and gave up Confucianism to embrace more Western ways), even today Confucian influence is still visible and the reason for the work ethic and wealth, similar to the Protestant work ethic.
(341.83 KB 800x1140 Kim_Ji-Young-Born_1982-p1.jpg)
all nonas should watch kim jiyoung: born 1982 and/or read the book it was adapted from. it's about how women in korea live. it's on netflix
>>781879 Haven't watched the movie yet but did the read book I really loved it, mostly cause I have never been fond of the flashy in your face feminism that comes off as tone dense and cringy I think a simple effective narrative with factual data is far more effective more then anything else
(76.57 KB 1464x411 Screenshot 2022-01-30 162656.png)
https://www.independent.co.uk/asia/east-asia/metoo-south-korea-elections-outrage-b1994585.html any nonas heard of what's going on with the presidential elections in korea? one of the candidates is yoon seokyeol, is extremely conservative, wants to pardon park geun-hye, believes in shamanism and wants to shut down the ministry for women and family if he becomes president. his wife also made fun of the me too movement on a phonecall with a reporter as well and blamed the women for being sexually assaulted. his ratings apparently went up after she said that. dkdktv touched on the topic as well at 7:21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZSc7rkc02c&t=1141s&ab_channel=DKDKTV
>>807618 Fucking crap really, sad thing is that there's a chance he will likely get elected the neo-liberal period of President Moon has proven to be both unpopular and ineffective
>>781879 can i get a qrd on this/why it's good
>>809625 like that nona said, this movie is the movie everyone should see. korean radfems talk about the book and the movie a lot. it's the reason why hannams started burning irene's photocards a few years ago when she read the book. the movie is based off how in 1982, the most popular name for baby girls in korea was 'jiyoung'. i watched the movie when it was first released so my memory is fuzzy but it basically shows the things korean women go through as they grow up, and the jiyoung in the story starts to disconnect from reality and go through a type of psychcosis or personality disorder (?) because she is extremely unhappy as a housewife, and is left to deal with her child alone while her husband works. the experiences she went through when she was younger, having to quit working, being looked down by society for being a housewife despite that being the expectation, being looked down on other moms and her MIL takes a huge toll on her. she starts to become like her mother, mimicng her actions and mannerisms, and speaking like her iirc. the movies shows the hardships of what korean women go through, how they are treated by men, how society just dismisses everything and blames everything on women. the movie does have a good ending. sorry nona i could give a better rundown if i rewatch the movie
>>809625 >>810667 i didn't watch the movie but i did read the book. when i remember most was how the main character was treated growing up by her parents & grandparents versus how her younger brother was treated. her and her sister had to do so much more where her brother just got to laze around and do nothing just because he was a boy.
(1.23 MB 480x480 unnamed.gif)
>>810713 due to confucianism and paternalistic traditions east asian cultures prioritise sons over daughters because sons pass down the family name and daughters marry into other people's families when they grow up. Koreans are the most trad-Confucianist society, moreso than Japan (they film porn kek) or China (communism was pro-feminism and anti-Confucius in the 1960s-1970s, now Confucius is not demonised anymore but China is more gender equal than before); Confucian traditions dictates that only when a son marries do they get written into the family genealogy book along with the wife's name, but daughters never get the right to be written into their own family's descendant book. Sons and their wives are expected to care for their parents when they age, so in Korea parents treat the sons better from birth because they expect to be cared for in old age by him. daughters marry out of the clan and become some dude's +1 and then they are "Mr X's wife" or "Child Y's Mom" and care for their husband's parents. If you watch Korean dramas many female characters are called so-and-so's mother i.e. they aren't known by their given name once they get married and have kids. It all depends on your family, my maternal grandma born in the 1920s doted on sons over daughters and it extended to the grandkids too. Grandkids of the male child are seen as higher status than grandkids of the female child; depending on your family it's typical that your paternal grandparents care more about you. All this contributes to why daughters are lower status in Korea and other East Asian families but even then, everyone knows it's worse in Middle East due to Islam and South Asia due to toxic masculinity and dowry systems where a bride's family needs to pay the husband's family money (e.g. cash, goats, gold) when they marry because their daughter is going to be fed and housed by the man's family. in south asia daughters are seen as a burden, many female babies are killed due to parents who don't want to pay dowries and if the bride's family pays a meagre dowry the bride gets abused or belittled by her husband and his family for leeching off them. ultimately asian cultures are quite shitty toward women, the only way is to immigrate to the west and become diaspora but even that is a mixed bag due to racism. happy lunar new year!
>>810713 tldr: daughters get treated worse no matter what by a subset of society because sons are seen as the primary carer of their parents when they age. it's a social contract, Koreans expect their son to marry a woman who happily waits on her parents in law. even in 2022 when sons are born, everyone is more delighted ("one more for our clan!") and when daughters are born it's like a grudging or muted congrats because she doesn't belong to her family, you're raising her to go care for someone else's parents and bear some other clan's kids.
>>811055 Is there any sort of happy medium between fucked up (western) hyper individualism and fucked up (eastern) intrusive ‘concern’
>>811103 hmm... maybe central/eastern europe?
(474.82 KB 870x1305 20220206_082625.jpg)
>South Korean streamer BJ Jammie who was suffering from depression due to malicious comments and rumours including being "accused" of being a feminist and "hating men" has reportedly died by suicide. Someone identifying as her uncle said so on her blog, blames the online bullying. rest in peace. hannams are fucking awful her mother also committed suicide as well due to the harassment her daughter was getting
>>825293 it’s important to note that misogynist youtuber PPKKa (뻑가) is responsible. his content is solely about bringing women down and criticizing public figures for being feminists. he has caused chuu to private a ‘chuu can do it’ video before because his mob of viewers wouldn’t stop leaving bad comments
>>818230 eastern european countries face another problem, they're too religious
>>825293 I'm trying to figure out how did anti-feminist in SK get so fucking out of control. >>825437 >1m+ views per video on average grim
(3.67 MB 3237x5105 joseonjok.png)
>>834682 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koreans_in_China i really try to stay neutral and historically accurate about korean society and criticise the influence of chinese confucianism, its spread of misogynisy or ccp policies but it's a fact that kboos here don't understand korea or the societal dislike of yanbian joseonjok who live in korea or china, i.e. if they wear the type of hanbok that skoreans wear they'll be accussed of copying sk culture. even allkpop users are shocked by recent comments https://forum.allkpop.com/thread/82215-naver-sm-stocks-drop-after-aespa-s-ningning-congratulates-china-on-controversial/ 3.8k upvotes about blood and kicking out korean-chinese. > 1. [+3,813, -33] You cannot hide blood! I will be voting for the next candidate who promises to kick all of these Korean-Chinese out from our country ultimately even if pureblood joseonjok move to south korea and have the same korean ancestors they are tainted by having lived under chicoms; 100k suspected commies once got executed in south korea in the 1950s and the nk-sk war isn't settled yet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodo_League_massacre
(2.68 MB 5318x2273 hanbok.png)
>>834898 that picrel is a joseonjok user who regularly explains to kreddit why joseonjok in china wear hanbok and ask if they are accepted only to get shit kek. due to all the recent sinophobia someone even made a post addressing chinese people in korea and there was an esl teacher saying that his colleague "hated" a joseonjok student for having a yanbian mother and chinese name so he tried to get the student to quit the hagwon, or how someone's korean father is extremely sinophobic despite being married to a taiwanese thus that user wants to change their surname to the mum's taiwanese maiden name. that thread is a mindfuck kek
>>834898 WTF, that comment section is filled with old timey racism that you wouldn't expect in the 20th century
>all this sinophobia hm i wonder why... fact is that chinese are allowed in the korean entertainment industry while china banned them all, it's obvious who's more extreme. >kboos here well this is choachan, except you we're all here because we like kpop and not because we made it our mission to spread how mean korea is to poor wittle china
>>843111 >America allows black people on tv that must mean there are no racial issues or barriers for them that's what you sound like
>>844304 nta, but at least not as bad as somewhere they aren't even allowed on tv
>>843111 koreans don't want to appear on chinese tv anyway and they rarely bring up the anti-kpop idol ban in china as a reason why they dislike china.
>>844606 There are three Chinese nation, Taiwan, Singapore and the PRC and korean media is allowed in all but 2, just cause the shitty PRC government which everyone acknowledges is authoritarian bans kmedia doesn't mean the people support it
>>844916 >There are three Chinese nation and korean media is allowed in all but 2 ...so in 1??? lmao anyway poor park shin hye recently got married, is freshly pregnant for the frist time and of course gets ruthlessly attacked for wearing her own country's clothes, how shameful. hopefully she's ok, i've loved her since you're beautiful.
>>847971 Yeah kpop only recently banned in HK but Taiwan still allows kpop and there's little animosity between the 2 nations
>>847971 kpop sites play up the "cnetz bully idols" bullshit while ignoring real life sinophobia in korea because it makes koreans look bad. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/skorea-police-probing-assault-chinese-man-amid-olympic-skating-furore-reports-2022-02-11/ https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20220211006300315 Kboos should ask themselves: 1. Are Chinese citizens attacking Koreans in China or burning the Korean flag? No. 2. Do Chinese celebs wear the hanbok, or show it in dramas? No. The only folks in China who wear hanbok are ethnic Korean Joseonjok from Yanbian. NO. ONE. ELSE. 3. Why do SKoreans claim China is stealing hanbok when Joseonjok wear it? Joseonjok get discriminated in Korea where they are seen as folks with peasant accents, commies, halfbloods, criminals despite having lower crime rates than regular Koreans. Here's an editorial that says it isn’t cultural appropriation for a Chinese Korean to wear hanbok next to other minorities https://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/english_editorials/1030269.html 4. Why doesn’t China care if ethnic Chinese folks living in Korea rip off Hotteok, jjampong, tangsuyuk, Zhajiangmian?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jajangmyeon there's even a Jajangmyun museum in Incheon. Imagine how mad Koreans will get China opened a kimchi museum, they may burn the Chinese embassy down. Don't wanna say inferiority complex, but why does Korea have no chill versus China? 5. Why don't Koreans remove all the Taoist symbols in its flag, stop practising Confucianism, remove all the hanja, stop using chopsticks, destroy all their traditional architecture and the gayageum if they are so damn sensitive about cultural appropriation? If shit got flipped and it was China using Korean Shamanism as a religion i bet 1000% koreans will be saying China stole Korean religion kek. When it comes down to it, Koreans are OK with themselves stealing Chinese culture and rebranding it as Korean, but get mad enough to burn flags and beat up folks if ethnic Koreans in China wear hanbok. All while they accuse China of being jealous of kpop, as if China hasn't been furiously banning idol shows and sasaeng fans. Cnetz (rational ones) are saying that Korea isn't the most polite or grateful country having appropriated so much Chinese culture, i.e they steal a ton, then call you a thief. Others say Skorea isn't even the size of a Chinese province so nobody cares if they burn flags, people in china hate japan mor
(4.26 MB 3145x5191 redditkorea.png)
https://quora.com/Do-Chinese-Koreans-Chaoxianzu-Joseonjok-feel-closer-to-Korea-or-China https://quora.com/How-are-Chinese-Koreans-treated-in-Korea https://quora.com/As-Chosunjok-I-get-traumatised-by-interacting-with-South-Koreans-What-can-I-do until the hanbok hooha i didnt know that Skoreans treated ethnic koreans from outside SK differently, or hated Japan, China and ethnic chinese folks. it's because korea historically was a vassal state to china (imagine how much chinese culture they imbibed and how much they now "hate" china without removing all the traces of chinese influence, the cognitive dissonance kek) and a japanese colony, nevertheless there are korean nationalist subreddits saying shit like 1. "don't marry non koreans it's not worth producing mixed kids" 2. "in a few decades japan will become a weak country korea can use as a satellite" as if korea's birth rates and dislike of halfbloods isn't as bad lol. They don't seem to realise China got 1.4billion big by assimilating different races into the majority; e.g. top celebs date/marry minorities much less normal folks e.g. Hans Zhang & Gulnezar, Purba Rgyal & Liang Jie, Madina Memet & Jiang Chao. Meanwhile monoracial countries like japan and korea see race-mixing as degenerate and top kpop celebs will only marry fullblood koreans. On a recent r/korea thread about taiwan that devolved into bashing, someone called taiwan a former dictatorship(so just like S.korea no?) that admits inferiority and subordinates itself against Japan (just like S.korea & USA?) but dislikes how Korea outshines them (? TSMC is way bigger than Samsung) and doesn't give a shit about them (just like how China doesn't give a shit about S.Korea REEEEing?)... They don't seem to realise they are describing their own relationship to China lol. Most of Asia just want North & South Korea to resolve their dumb war and stop putting everyone at risk of a nuclear fallout, but SKoreans dislike NKoreans as much as Joseonjok and don't want to reunify due to the high cost on taxes from what I've read. SKoreans rather ignore the elephant in the room (NK reunification) and harp on about how everybody is jealous of Korea, for what? Having nukes aimed at Seoul? Glad my country has a much higher per capita GDP than SKorea or else we'll also hear the "Singapore is jealous of us" bullshit kek
>>850294 taiwan is so tiny, it doesn't matter, meanwhile the china with a billion inhabitants doesn't allow koreans.
>>851106 uhm ackshually Infiltration of Catholic priests Jean-Baptiste Cécille. Initial French involvement in the 19th century focused on facilitating and defending the spread of Catholic Christianity in Korea. The first French missionary to Korea, Father Philippe Maubant, arrived in the country in 1836.[4] After that date, missionaries would continue to come to Korea from China, often at great risks. In September 1846, the French Admiral Jean-Baptiste Cécille sailed to Korea in order to obtain the release of an imprisoned Korean priest named Andrew Kim Taegon, but Kim was soon executed.[5] In 1847, after various involvements in Vietnam and Okinawa, Cécille again sailed to Korea to try to infiltrate some missionaries, but his ship ran aground and he had to be rescued by a British ship.[5] French Campaign against Korea (1866) Edit Main article: French Campaign against Korea, 1866 French landing at Ganghwa Island. The French frigate Guerrière commanded by Admiral Roze was the lead ship in the French campaign against Korea. Here the ship is photographed in Nagasaki harbour, circa 1865. In 1866, reacting to greater numbers of Korean converts to Catholicism as well as the humiliations suffered by China at the hands of Westerners during the First and Second Opium Wars, the Korean court clamped down on the illicit French missionaries, massacring French Catholic missionaries and Koreans converts alike. That same year France launched a punitive expedition against Korea, invading and occupying portions of Ganghwa Island in the fall of 1866. At the first battle, the Korean infantry division lost heavily, and General Yang Heon-su concluded that only a large cavalry division could stand up to French firepower. An ambush by Korean forces on a French party attempting to occupy the strategically located Cheondeung Temple 傳燈寺 on the island's south coast resulted in French casualties. French realization that they were far outnumbered and outgunned forced them to abandon the island and their expedition. The entire incident later became known as the byeong-in yang-yo, or foreign disturbance of the byeong-in year (1866).
>>851117 and anyway, it's not like i'm on any side or trying to defend them but you're just delulu Japan's invasion of Korea led to a break in Franco-Korean relations. For more than 40 years, from 1906 to 1949, France did not have a diplomatic representation in Korea. Yet, despite the fact that the embassy was closed, this did not mean that relations ended altogether. In 1919, a delegation of the Korean government in exile was opened in Paris in 1919, which acted as the liaison between the two entities during those difficult years.[8] In 1949, the embassy was officially re-opened and a new ambassador took office in Seoul. Unfortunately for him, he was taken prisoner and spent three years, from 1950 to 1953, in North Korea until he was released and granted a diplomatic post in a different country. Korean War Edit The Korean War was a turning point that helped strengthen relations between the two countries. Before that time, relations had always been more or less limited to a few individuals at the governmental level. The war introduced Korea to the French public as a whole, as the war raged on. From 1950 to 1953, 3,200 French soldiers assisted South Korea by taking part in the Korean War; 270 were killed.[6] French participation in the Korean War improved cultural and economic links between the two countries. Indeed, while the history of South Korea would be quite charged for the following decades, the two countries still maintained normal diplomatic relations. 2002 was the first time that the number of French citizens present in South Korea surpassed the number seen during the Korean War, as 6,000 to 7,000 French citizens claimed residency in South Korea.[9]
did anyone try the chicken? i thought the chicken was lovely
>>851117 >>851122 your point being?
(670.05 KB 1296x2690 Hanbok.jpg)
>>851106 china has 2.5 million koreans in yanbian who wear hanbok and study in ethnic korean schools e.g. renjun's alma maters, how are koreans banned unless you're referring to the thaad kpop ban? https://youtu.be/fJje8dm6nhk https://youtu.be/_7J0zump3Lo https://youtu.be/7xzj7wMzB2I https://youtu.be/UZY-6MXyH9U banning kpop and kdrama isn't banning koreans, china didn’t ban joseonjok did they? china even let a chinese korean woman wear hanbok in the olympic ceremony so how did they ban koreans? they let chinese koreans be represented on tv but south koreans got pissed that a joseonjok woman wore a modern hanbok and claimed "china is stealing hanbok" because skoreans view joseonjok/chinese-korean disapora as halfbloods diluting "real Korean culture". i have much respect for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hankyoreh for being the only korean paper that published an editorial to support korean diaspora who wear hanbok instead of jumping on the knationalist bandwagon like everyone else and REEEing about china stealing hanbok. afaik, nobody outside of korea who isn't of korean ethnicity is really that eager to wear a complicated multipiece poofy bell-shaped outfit that makes one look pregnant and toilets difficult to use... qipaos and kimonos get appropriated a lot in anime cosplay but not hanbok.
>>851106 >taiwan is so tiny, it doesn't matter taiwan is about half the size of south korea, if you think they don't matter.... do you now see how mainland chinese see south korea a country 1/28 the size of china? "so tiny doesnt matter" "yaps nonstop about kimchi & hanbok as if its the only culture theyve got" koreans belittling taiwan calling it a small country with inferiority complex don't seem to realise that they are describing korea in relation to japan/china too, i.e. korea is a small insecure wartorn country surrounded by bigger nations like Russia Japan China.
>>851179 uhm did you mean kung pao...? because that's actually chinese... insecure koreans only claimed it as korean, but originally it's from china... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Pao_chicken https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sichuan_cuisine https://youtu.be/mQufT9XjimY
>>852073 korean fried chicken it's very good honestly, you should try it
>>852131 sorry but fried chicken isn't korean tho
>>852141 it is otherwise it wouldn't be korean fried chicken
they named kfc after korean fried chicken
(233.76 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>852159 yet another thing korea stole from china
>>852185 no kfc was first sorry
so here's my understanding of this shit-fest the government of china is racist against koreans but people aren't, while the goverment of korea isn't racist against chinese but the people are
not to start up the conversation again but i thought this whole thing started the year before because chinese people were directly claiming hanbok and kimchi came from chinese people/were chinese and it made koreans angry
>>852239 samefag, so i assumed koreans freaked out when they saw the korean-chinese woman wearing a hanbok during the olympic procession not knowing she was an ethnic korean and assumed china was trying to "claim" hanbok. but now ive seen koreans insulting ethnic koreans in china so its kind of sad and disappointing
>>853447 this was extremely informative. thank you
>>852254 >>853447 there are only about 2.5 million chinese korean's, not even 1% of china's total population, the CPC chose a chinese korean woman to cause controversy
(797.38 KB 420x2891 image (2).png)
yes korea is racist and china solely consists of angels. those comments with 1 million likes telling somebody to gtfo their country? government propaganda the haters on ig? bots >[+207, -0] China's land is so wide so even if they burned down most things during the cultural revolution, they must still have a bunch of things left. Why don't they focus on trying to preserve what's left instead? because they're helpless oppressed little victims
(4.19 MB 1587x1923 Minorities .png)
>>854177 they didnt pick a chinese korean girl to be the star of the show... she was the 56 official groups of minorities like Mongol, Kazakh, Uyghur, Zhuang, Manchu who wore their traditional costume and passed a flag for a few seconds... but of course Koreans acted like she was the star of the show LOL Why do koreans have to make everything about themselves? The mongols, kazakhs in mongolia and kazakhstan don't give a flying fuck if their ethnic diaspora in china wear traditional costumes and don't throw a bitchfit. Same with Manchu people, they don't throw a bitchfit that qipao is cosplayed worldwide.
>>854234 if you watch any chinese historical/wuxia/xianxia drama or listen to cpop they do show their own culture well enough and none of it features hanbok so how are the chinese stealing the hanbok? Ethnic korean diaspora living in china wearing hanbok isnt theft. Koreans are fucking evil to claim "cultural appropriation" when a joseonjok woman wears hanbok as if ethnic koreans lost the rights to practice their culture. It's so fucking awful that non-Korean kboos are defending South koreans on this, imagine if you are a Vietnamese American and Vietnam Viets foamed at the mouth if you wore an AoDai? Why do south koreans lose their shit at their own disapora wearing hanbok and are other countries' people so sensitive too? I really wanna know. That said those cnetz trolls spamming kpoppy IGs are dumb, they are pissed that kpop idols keep posting hanbok photos to "claim back hanbok for korea" as if china ever claim it jn the first place but it's better to ignore than engage.
>>855495 >>855525 NAYRT you may be right on this specific matter but defending anything chinese on a kpop board is futile. korea has done very well cultivating global soft power through pop culture whereas china has never even started. that makes anything a korean says automatically have more credibility than anything a chinese says. I have no real horse in this race by the way, I just like both korean and chinese media and these korea vs china fights annoy me kek
>>855730 one is america's vassal state, the other is america's current global rival
>>855525 >It's so fucking awful that non-Korean kboos are defending South koreans on this you're a singaporean posting dozens of "china loves minorities!"-posts, miss us with that shit go find a piece of grass somewhere in your city or cry yourself to sleep, you're fucking pathetic. many nonas here said they would be interested in chinese dramas but your insane chinese superiority sperging is scaring everybody off.
>>855795 nta but you can like kpop while also criticizing some of the fairly awful aspects of sk culture, like the colorism, bullying and misogyny
>>855795 ?? what they are doing to the uyghurs is horrid but it doesnt mean everybody should hope China start mistreating minorities? Why cant they let their other minorities take part in a dumb opening ceremony, this is such a non issue Koreans are making into an explosive topic. Some country invites minorities to an olympics ceremony >>> "REEEEE HANBOK THEFT" Frankly speaking most people in Singapore (just like HK and Korea) including myself look down on china due to their poverty and obviously some still do, it was especially bad in the 1990s and 2000s due to all the Mainland women who would come to work in Singapore at karaoke joints and try to fleece old dudes of their savings or become mistressses causing families to break apart. Mainland China women were derogatorily known as "crows" (i.e. women attracted to shiny things) in Singapore and they dont behave or sound like Singaporeans at all. My sister in law hates that they talk super aggressively and yes they def have a peasant vibe if they arent from urban cities. That said ever since China started to get richer (2010 - present), those Mainland "crows" stopped coming in droves and stay in China instead which is a relief for everyone in Singapore. There are definitely Mainland Chinese folks still working as escorts in Singapore and shit but most are professionals if they come here. The political side of the hanbok/kimchi/china debate you guys don't understand is, Korea is near a presidential election and the top 2 candidates Lee and Yoon are stirring the China issue for their own benefit. Yoon is the rightwinger and more anti-china candidate so he and his associates (he and PPP are affiliated to Shincheonji) are using the whole hanbok/olympic nationalism to grab more voters from Lee who is from Moon Jaein's leftist party. Both candidates are awful (linked to shincheonji cult or mafia, covered up corruption, horrible wives who threaten to jail critics) All the dumb kboos are getting played by Korean politicians who are magnifying the issue to grab votes (e.g. the flagburning was done by a rightwing group) because Yoon wants to make China the issue that decides the korean presidential election. Lets just say China is important enough in Korea's eyes to be a decisive issue for the presidential selection, but Korea isn't even in the top ranking issues or countries that China cares about geopolitically, for them it's USA, EU, Russia, even Japan. Not Korea lol.
Friendly reminder this is how Korean TV introduced other countries back in Tokyo 2020. Too much sperging about China here in a thread titled Korea discussion, honestly. Regardless of whether China's in the right or wrong, if Koreans demand their own country and culture to be treated with respect then they better start practicing what they preach.
>>859357 >Too much sperging about China here in a thread titled Korea discussion, honestly. girl you're literally the one doing the china sperging
>>859357 fucking kek that entire thread is a gold mine https://twitter.com/koryodynasty/status/1418600598631436293?s=20&t=vms5BahLryE9oUXSRIfvMQ i love your insane ranting if it wasn't so off topic all the time
>>859357 >>859575 KEEEEk the audacity. can i still find somewhere the full list of images? i wonder what they used for my country
>>859552 What? It was my very first fucking post in this thread.
(215.62 KB 1080x1274 1643012281768.jpg)
I really don't get how east asian countries governments wonder about their birth declines and do everything from offering money to creating anime for it, but never seem to address their horrendous work and study schedules If I was Korean and not even the least bit pink-pilled and wanted to get married, have kids and be a housewife, I wouldn't even have any time to get a boyfriend and even then my husband's single income wouldn't be able to support us either same with China and their 996 culture
>>862691 >eight hours that's a bit too long, but the final high school exams in my country last around 5 hours and we had breaks between every test. i thought that was normal.
>>866036 8 hours is just a "bit" too long, WTF also there aren't any breaks
>>866040 nta but i too would prefer 1 day 8 hours instead of 5-6 hours 5 days in a row
>>867540 that's a you thing, the vast majority of people would find that way too mentally straining
>>868957 how long do final exams in your country last?
>>868957 they only have 8 hours, while i had close to 30 hours + having to endure the nervousness on multiple days, that's not any better, i think many would prefer the korean version
>>869134 my country has like 15 hours worth of exams. an 8 hour exam with no breaks and the anxiety of bombing it while it's your only chance would be too much
(1.15 MB 732x1436 rrrrrrhhhhhn.png)
i want to kill the stylist for trapping his belly in like this
>>868997 Like 3 sours over the course of 2 weeks
Idk how old everyone here is and whether you understand politics but the rightwing candidate Yoon is super popular among 20-30 year old Korean dudes who hail him as an anti-feminist/Trump figure because he wants to abolish the ministry of gender equality and family http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20220112000732 he also has a wife who threatens to jail journalists https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/south-korean-presidential-candidates-wife-kim-keon-hee-promises-to-jail-critical-journalists-6267glfsg The leftwing candidate Lee http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20220112000759 has whistleblowers linked to his scandals drop dead. Idk why anyone here thinks korea isnt corrupt as all hell, everyone one of their presidential candidates is linked to chaebol corruption and gets exposed for taking bribes while in office but the current 2 frontrunners are legit dirty fucked up dudes even before they get elected which is awful. Like r/korea has photos of them hanging with mafia and shit. Korea is a country run by chaebols like samsung, lg, hyundai, lotte, so technically it doesn't matter but still...
>>870110 It's odd though, cause ask any boomer, gen-xer and older millennial and they will tell you and they will tell you that the precception of korea was that it was a corrupt shit-hole filled with crime and shady dealings Korean has reinvented it's self as basically Japan+ but without the War crimes and imperialism
https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/01/world/asia/south-korea-diversity-muslims.html >Roughly 150 Muslims, mostly students ​at the nearby Kyungpook National University, started building a mosque in a lot next door to their temporary house of worship about a year ago. When their Korean neighbors found out, they were furious. >Last year, an anti-China uproar forced a local developer to cancel its plan to build a Chinese cultural center west of Seoul. >The arrival of 500 Yemeni asylum seekers on the island of Jeju in 2018 triggered South Korea’s first series of organized anti-immigrant protests. The government responded to fears that the asylum seekers were harboring terrorists by banning them from leaving the island. “Their rules on the hijab alone are enough reason that they should never set foot in our country,” said Lee Hyung-oh, the leader of Refugee Out >In Ansan, south of Seoul, all but six of the 450 students in Wongok Elementary School are immigrants’ children because Korean parents have refused to send their children there. >Ms Park’s neighbor, Namgung Myeon, 59, said he opposed an influx of foreigners as South Korea’s own population declined. “It will unsettle our national foundation,” he said, “enervating our national character and values.” Japan is the same or worse than Korea, in China the Hui muslims wear hijabs but they are a really big country with all sorts of ethnicities https://youtu.be/T87NcGjv-ig
korea goes to the polls and the anti-feminist opposition candidate yoon is slated to win after another right-wing candidate pulled out to merge his voters with yoon's. the majority of his voter base are young men (20-30s) who like his anti-feminist rhetoric.. dont understand what they hope he will achieve but gender relations in korea will only get more polarised.
>>904480 samefag, the leftwing candidate is also kinda antifeminist and a mess (corrupt, donated 1000 bucks to ukraine, seen as pro-china, seen as a worse version of moon jaein) https://www.asiapacific.ca/publication/south-korea-election-watch-2022-part-three wonder why these old fogeys blame feminism for the low birth rate not the financial costs or poor gender relations.
>>904510 feminism is easier to tackle i guess. stomping out women is simple and natural, all that other shit is not.
>>904875 korean men feel entitled to take molkas of women (see that halloween costumed dude who stoop down to take photos of a girls panties in public and got thumbs up from other men), idols get bullied for reading feminist books or using girl power phone cases, the Nth room scandal, miryang rape scandal, some dude got released from jail despite perforating a kids intestines during rape and feminism is being targeted as the problem... tragic. recently a korean speedskater lim hyojun who got kicked off the korean team who pulling the pants of his male teammate down switched to chinese citizenship (koreans didnt mind him leaving) and the first thing he did was to comment on chinese women's looks. Anyway moon jaein's leftist party is supposed to attract feminists/women but got plagued in Metoo scandals e.g. presidential candidate ahn heejung got jailed for sex assault and seoul mayor park wonsoon killed himself after accusations of sex assault. their deeds get blamed on their party and women may not turn up to vote the democratic party now so yoon the antifeminist will win ew.
https://youtu.be/6iy77uceunk for nonas that are curious about watching the presidential election live. they just covered the current results to next level
ppp won by a narrow margin, it's almost a 50:50 split so the next 5 years will be very polarising because half the sk population are unhappy that yoon won. in this case the women https://bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-60643446
>>915682 arent the votes still being counted? im holding onto small hope lee will win
>>915759 samefag, nevermind. i feel horrible for all women in korea right now
(3.33 MB 1128x632 mhs.mp4)
JTBC's segment during the election where they interviewed former presidents through AI on democracy. this is roh moohyun, the 9th president of korea who committed suicide. i find this really strange
(3.33 MB 1128x632 mhs.mp4)
>>916388 and here is the same anchor interviewing park chunghee, the 6th president/dictator of korea who is also the father of park geunhye, the 11th president of korea. i find this incredibly insensitive considering a lot koreans are still suffering because of his actions and can't even bear to see his face. koreans on twitter were saying they should've only shown him again if they were going to shoot in the head again since he was assassinated the same way kek another anchor at JTBC, jang hyeyoung actually criticized this segment and said that she >"appreciates" their creative efforts" but it is hard to agree with the depiction of someone suppressed human rights & rolled back democracy
(2.77 MB 1128x632 pch.mp4)
>>916456 fuck wrong video here's the right one
(317.66 KB genderwar.png)
>>915806 lee jaemyung is also a turd, he has gang links and once shared an article blaming the low birth rate on feminism. problem is the winning candidate yoon courted young men & incels with pledges to abolish the ministry of gender equality because a comfort woman activist embezzled money. they literally wanna abolish the ministry and punish all kwomen over the wrongdoing of 1 woman, it's like shutting the ministry of law because of a bribery scandal. yoon will just further worsen the gender war, he has a very slim margin so lets hope he can't pass too antifeminist legislation. example of moids who voted for yoon: >http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20220210000628 Jun Hyo-seong, a former member of K-pop girl group Secret teamed up with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for a campaign to raise awareness on dating violence. Her remarks were soon met with anger from members of online male communities who felt “betrayed” as her fans. The backlash spilled over onto the street, “New Man On Solidarity” -- a prominent right-leaning anti-feminist group who claims they are not misogynists -- took to the streets to denounce feminism and called on politicians to abolish the Gender Equality Ministry. During the protest, a poster depicting Jun wearing a maid costume appeared with the caption, “You can’t get the femi coin, sister.” moids can't even hide that in their eyes, hyosung and women's role are just as maids and lower in status than korean men.
>>916388 >>916456 this is so deranged, I kinda love it just for the audacity
(227.76 KB 2048x1152 FNeZuvYaUAAxYL3.jpeg)
the red dots = places where sex work is exploited
(241.77 KB 2048x1152 FNeaX5facAAIrsK.jpeg)
(56.18 KB 751x509 ok!.PNG)
found this thread detailing the election situation, if anyone wants to read accounts from an actual south korean woman. https://twitter.com/allyjung/status/1501555856156024840?s=20&t=2CNdeMKL12s_OH5WO9ea3g
>>919144 >moon jaein's leftist party is supposed to attract feminists/women but got plagued in Metoo scandals e.g. presidential candidate ahn heejung got jailed for sex assault and seoul mayor park wonsoon killed himself after accusations of sex assault. their deeds get blamed on their party and women may not turn up to vote the democratic party now so yoon the antifeminist will win ew. lol i got a ccc ban for predicting the outcome of the election correctly and stating the same as what that journo said. all those issues are valid but it doesn't matter because lots of passive women didn't turn up at the ballot box to vote against yoon. in all countries even a conservative chaebol empire like skorea, leftists are more fractured and likely to ditch a leftist candidate with dislikeable traits (e.g. lee jaemyung, hilary clinton) than rightwingers who will turn up without fail to vote for the rightwing candidate (e.g. yoon, boris johnson, trump) even if he's a racist misogynist liar. yoon promised biz friendly policies like ending minimum wage to get the rightwing bloc out and won over the incels as well. pre-election the ppp leader even said women only complain online but don't vote and pann girls called him misogynist (i laughed because yoon was gonna win), but it's the painful truth. politicians ignore or downplay womens issues because women aren't reliable voters, many are apathetic or easily turned off by politicians (leftist politicians must be perfect and have zero controversies) so if the leftist candidate is boring, dislikeable, or shady like lee or hilary, they won't show up to vote even if it means an antifeminist like trump wins. women don't pay enough attention to poltiics to realise it's important to vote to block a rightwing antifeminist from coming to power, the way rightwingers turn up like clockwork to block a leftwing candidate who proposes taz hikes. rightwingers will turn up in droves to vote for a dog to run the country just to block tax hikes. i wish women were as united.
>>919593 you probably got a ban for being a china spergie
>>921312 it's a korea thread so how does china even come into play, are the janitors are nationalist hannams? seriously as someone who has volunteered a whole year writing letters for a member of parliament (yuck), women need to vote more. all the "you go girl" "intl womens day" "mothers day" empowerment bullshit is a just feelgood bullshit aimed at getting women to spend money, if women wanted to be on top they should be a silent voting block and vote like clockwork, e.g. in Uk there's a phenomenon known as "shy tories" aka people who deny their rightwing affiliation but vote conservative every 5 years. women need to understand the only power you have to make the system fair and entrench women's rights (unless you become a politician) begins and ends at the ballot box. women outlive men due to biological causes (testosterone causes more cancer & heart attacks) so if women actually got out to vote, it would be the most significant voting bloc politicians couldn't ignore and must pander to. all the intl womens day/grrl power advertising (including kpop) society throws at us is just aimed at making women feel valued or significant without actually instituting any meaningful change. girlcrush pop concepts doesn't improve the lives of female professionals, sex workers, housewives, single mum divorcees, sex assault victims etc other than giving women the impression that strong women are represented on tv so "society is now equal", which isnt true. ultimately there has to be more campaigns to get women to vote and feel invested in their country (men vote more especially those who do military service and feel very invested in nationalism), i will do my bit but you girlies gotta realise women's suffrage was so hard to achieve but many women take it for granted.
korea is clearly on a nationalist bent recently but it's weird, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantou#Variations_in_meaning_outside_northern_China the word mandu orginated from the chinese mantou, the mongols conquered china in the 12th century and introduced chinese mantou throughout their empire from korea(mandu), turkey (manti). don't koreans see the irony that they can eat and talk about mandu without anyone chinese screaming cultural appropriation, the way koreans do about kimchi or hanbok? https://www.pannchoa.com/2022/03/theqoo-reason-korean-mandu-are-more.html
>>941613 >edgelord tries to bait >all korean comments: "you're being nationalistic, let's not stoop this low" >ccpfag: "look how gooks are culturally appropriating chinese food!" heol...
>>941695 >you're being nationalistic, let's not stoop this low exactly koreans seem to get that it's dumb to be nationalistic about food, so why are they so butthurt over kimchi while they eat gimbap (based on sushi), mandu(mantou), even the paris baguette franchise is a copycat of french food but nobody in france is accusing korea of stealing or profiting off french culture. in any case ive spoken to koreans irl (ccc is for kboos who defend korea kek) and to them, it's fine to "steal" chinese/italian/french culture and not acknowledge it because nobody cares plus those cultures are established. but it's not fine if korean folks in china wear hanbok or eat kimchi because china is a big multicultural, multiethnic country they are threatened by (they also feel uncomfortable if the koreans in china get too uppity about their perceived rise in status, to them joseonjok are lower and should stay low) so everything has to be framed in a "korea is a historically poor small bullied colonised by japan country" lens they are taught in school, the same way ccp teachers their kids that china got invaded by the 8 nation alliance and opium wars. despite the rampant sinophobia, china is korea's biggest trade partner at 25% (my country is at 12% only, china's biggest partner is usa kek) so on one hand they depend on china to keep themselves employed but they also hate china lol. korea needs to put their money where their mouth is and wean themselves off chinese trade, but they can't. they love to talk tough and vote for politicians who sound tough but don't rock the boat though kek
>>941880 >ccc is for kboos who defend korea kek So why are you here if you’re so much better than the rest of us
>>942017 understanding korea more helped me get over kpop and the whole korean wave thing lol. there's a post on r/korea rn about prominent feminists, i swear it's written like a burn book but the poster claims it's not. users are shitting on the women for looking unfeminine (like the Olympic archer an san got bullied for short hair), it's like they are so tone deaf that it's why feminism is needed in korea. my asian country has conscription for men like korea and thank god gender relations are not so fucked although i think conscription should be for both genders. tbh koreans dont seem to realise that being overtly nationalistic or misogynist will hurt them when there's more fellow asians (e.g. china accounts for nearly twice the amount of trade for korea than usa, 132bn vs 70bn, which is why SM maintains a c-line) who would listen to kpop if they weren't always shitting on c-idols or foreigners in hybe's new bg. once you get into kpop and realise koreans are xenophobic, it's hard to ignore it. western media is also starting to focus on feminist bullying and suicides like sulli or jangmi while kmoids claim conscription means feminism is evil. kpop is supposed to make korea look better than it is to outsiders, not worse lol.
>>942341 you still didn't answer the question
>>942341 That’s a lot of words to say you’re just an attention whore
http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/03/pachinko-actor-jin-ha-under-controversy.html I was gonna praise this dude for defying gender norms but he had to be a granny molka perv too wtf
>>965344 i think i'm going to throw up scrotes are so disgusting heol
>>965344 >I was gonna praise this dude for defying gender norms ...nona, dudes like him or harry styles or ezra miller are normal moids who throw on some ugly skirt or nailpolish to profit of their female audience, nothing feminist or progressive about that it's no surprise that he turns out to be the most degenerate
so is it really just waiting for the weekends for the rest of my fucking life?
fuck sorry wrong thread
>>979382 is he gay? its quite obvious he isn't and just wore the dress for attention.
>>916388 Lol I actually lost it seeing Roh Moohyun, such meme potential
mindlessly ranting here im tired, but damn conscription is such a dumb idea. the majority of korean moids don't want to enlist but do so anyway, which leads to huge resentment towards korean women, not to mention putting uninterested bitter and violent young men together is never a good idea. they blame women for the low birth rate, but also want women to start enlisting in the army in the name of "gender equality", which imo would make their birth rate drop even lower. with the way their country is and the way it is heading, i'm expecting a significant brain drain from youngsters who don't want to deal with this backwards shit who'll immigrate to the west. young women will also move away, which means only the less fortunate and the seriously dumb sexist and hyper religious koreans will get left behind. seriously hoping korean women find a way out of this mess and for korean moids to stop misplacing the blame (they won't) thanks for reading my blog
>>1027757 if anything female conscription will lower the rates of inceldom among men & women. everyone in israel has to enlist and israelis typically marry young. the idf is like a coed camp where people sleep around and switch partners a lot because they are all young, bored, horny and theres too much boring downtime in the army. because the gender ratio is super balanced versus the us army it feels a lot more like summer camp. my close friend from uni who served in the idf used to show me photos of his exes who were all super pretty in army fatigues. he said they got plenty of condoms because everyone was so bored and you bond over repetitive drills. that said korea will never conscript women because the idea of muscular unfeminine women who learn how to fight goes against the dumb confucian values they hold sacred kek. korean parents and even moids think its unbecoming for women to behave like moids roughhousing or doing pullups. so unless it's enlisting as nurses i doubt itll ever happen.
(394.84 KB 800x1388 1634036825710.png)
>>1027757 >>1027809 I don't even think its an issue of just male conscription either, my country has mandatory conscription and my father and brothers were all conscripted. My dad's description of conscript life was him hanging out with his friends, watching movies on tv, driving a tank and a lot of PT exercise, the way he and my brothers described it was mostly kinda mundane, like University life but replace learning with exercise and military drills and there haven't been any issues that korean conscripts have
(404.77 KB 1125x1612 20220524_015505.jpg)
did any nonas watch cyber hell? i'm going to watch it soon. it details the nth room telegram case that happened in 2020
(6.02 MB 608x1080 63FkWZo4G1r0-kJh.mp4)
the types of spycams/molka there are. this is incredibly fucked up, don't think i will be visiting korea anytime soon
>>1191972 fuck poor korean women
>>1191972 it's sick, you can not even notice them unless you have hawl eye are these smart cams? like, are they linked to a computer via bluetooth or internet?
>>1161749 i watched it a couple of days ago. it's pretty interesting because you learn that it was mostly jouranlists doing 99% of the police work and catching these guys and the women involved were fantastic. it's a bit shlocky and lacks depth but it was a good intro to the case for people who've never heard of it
>>1191972 what the actual fuck lmao
>>1191972 this is so fucked up >>1192297 either they have a device connected that records which can be later connected to computer and retrieved. im guessing if it has to record real time then the device might be bigger and should be connected to computer via bluetooth
>>1192297 like >>1194913 said, i'm sure it's connected to a computer. i think there was some kind of article that said how footage of women using the public restrooms were being posted online
wish i had the source on hand, i remember reading that when you're in korea at your hotel, turn off the lights and open your phone camera app and try to see if your camera catches light rays that you can't see with the naked eye. apparently the molka emits some kind of waves your phone camera can catch
>>1194913 yes iirc that is how it works. this happens everywhere in the world btw but obviously not as often as it does in SK. but i saw those cameras explained on some german vice thing because people upload women using public toilets at music festivals to pornsites a lot in germany
>>1196077 thats so disgusting. why would any sane person want to see people using bathroom. its so sick what lengths these creeps would go to
>>1196554 it's the century of smartphone porn, lots of moids are addicted to porn and it influences their behaviour, i'd argue voyeur porn isnt as bad as snuff, gore, bdsm or rape porn. i handled a case where a teacher in his late 30s was filmed upskirt vids of students and he confessed to a voyeurism porn addiction and unsuccessfully sought a psychiatric evaluation to reduce his jail sentence. the court sent him to jail and ordered mandatory treatment for porn addiction because he said he watched voyeur porn since his teens and was inspired to film students to satisfy his kinks.
*was caught for filming
>>1197690 kek nona why didn't you post this in the c-ent thread, is the the korea thread
>>1196554 it's about control, exploitation, power, access, and an addiction to rendering women's boundaries pointless
(147.80 KB 700x394 gwj.jpg)
>In Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and Daejon Cities candlelight demonstrators called for the resignation of Yoon Suk Yeol and for a special prosecutor to investigate his corrupt wife Kim Kun Hee. They vowed to make the President truly fear the people, not the reverse as in the past.
>>1517351 do these demonstrations even work
>>1546527 these same demonstrations are how koreans impeached park geunhye in 2016. they picked up in protesters/demonstrations asking for her to be investigated and became huge. filling entire streets. if the same happens with yoon it can work
>>1546536 freaking based i hope it works out for them
>>979384 sure is! i hate being alive
wtf happened in itaewon??
i didn't even know halloween was a thing among the general public in korea
halloween is a big deal in korea and japan due to american influence and us military bases since ww2. shibuya and itaewon hold huge parties every year.
>since ww2 I've also seen other people on the internet say that halloween wasn't a thing until 10 years ago. Who am I supposed to believe?
https://www.douban.com/group/topic/277282371/ a chinese survivors leg after escaping the crush >>1827470 itaewon has always been the go to haunt for foreigners and american soldiers stationed in korea, itaewon halloween parties probably started as a way to make money from foreigners looking to celebrate then began influencing the locals as well.
(190.33 KB 1024x1024 20221030_130157.jpg)
>>1827507 she posted her story
>>1827568 there was an afreeca tv streamer who was in that crowd filming from above in that exact spot and everyone was just screaming... this is genuinely so awful no one should have to experience that
someone posted a picture of dead bodies, uncensored. it was fucking horrible (and disrespectful). and the videos… they are something i’ll never forget.
>>1827568 poor girl, it's one thing to see the videos and pictures, it's another thing to read what this did to her psychologically. people are saying this is yoon suckyeol's fault for overworking the police (thus less availability) and the mayor of seoul who didn't think it was necessary to provide extra safety measures during the first post covid big event
(102.28 KB 768x489 20221031_075724.jpg)
https://twitter.com/gatamchun/status/1586709618985672704?t=8Me2XU1cZ_eGHs9T5S3I4A&s=19 >Hankyoreh now reporting the *actual* number of police present on the scene was 137, not even 200, and the majority were plainclothes at that, not uniformed. yoon should be scared, this tragedy reminds me so much of sewol and how this all could've been prevented. apparently he decided to leave the blue house and reside in yongsan, and would have 700 police follow him, when the blue house had all the people he possibly needed for that in his duties so the yongsan police were understaffed causing there to not even be 200 police in itaewon that night with a crowd of 10k people. he also has some weird shaman that follows him around that has his own controversy and told him not to move to the blue house because it had bad feng shui ??? and his wife is a whole other story. ive seen some koreans criticizing the memorial set up for the victims because it just says that they're victims of the accident instead of displaying their names, faces, ages etc. he didnt even try to apologize or take fault before announcing the national mourning period..
listen, idg what police presence could have done to prevent this. it has nothing to do with police not being there in abstract, there was no protocol to follow if they were there. they would have gotten crushed too. people want to blame one person for it instead of the entire seoul bureaucracy. it's not the president's responsibilty to manage crowd control procedures in a city kek altho he is awful and all of that stuff
>>1832764 >they would have gotten crushed too. people want to blame one person for it instead of the entire seoul bureaucracy koreans are blaming them and the president. the overworked police that were in plainclothes were told to look for people giving out drugs while the others tried to regulate the crowds with the staff they had. in 2017 itaewon had double the crowd they had yesterday on halloween
there was a protest against yoon earlier this month its not looking good for his administration
(126.63 KB 1080x559 IMG_20221031_220445.jpg)
pathetic but many predicted that right afterwards, because they immediately started calling it a "western" festival that is at fault...
>>1832764 some semblance of crowd control or shutting down the subway station due to the number of people on the street could have helped even a little
>>1834306 agreed, again, not the president's responsibility
>>1835852 nta but the president played a part in this though. he still thinks he's a prosecutor and selfishly left the blue house to live in his house in yongsan because of what his shaman (who is allegedly a criminal by the way) said, so the police department there has to assist him with protection on all fronts. they've been shorthanded as a result. if there were enough policemen there that day in itaewon maybe no would one would have had to die, a person from yoon's cabinet stupidly said that the police wouldn't have made a difference and was immediately forced to apologize. i'm glad the head of the police department apologized and acknowledged that they need to change the law and need better policies for crowd control though. would be great if yoon could do the same as he is refusing to answer questions because of the mourning period. don't understand why you're defending him.
>>1835902 samefag that guy relies on his shaman for everything and so does his wife. this has extremely similar parallels to park geunhye so he's already got koreans on edge besides the whole anti feminist thing.
>>1835902 no, it's on the municipal government
(559.13 KB 1276x2909 0.jpg)
>thread rn
>>1836321 it's a combination of things... the president was draining the resources of the municipal government, preventing them from having access to adequate resources that undoubtably would have prevented the incident. more than on person and/or agency is at fault for this
>>1827462 why is halloween bad but baseball and kpop ok? other than usa, japan, and korea nobody takes baseball seriously. kpop is inspired by hiphop. japan and korea happily ate americas shit for the last century to get military protection but want to act like they are not americas bitch.
an australian who was there at itaewon that night talking about a recent news interview he had and how they refused to put anything he said about the government
>>1840635 >>1840667 i looked into more accounts after watching this and found out clubs that were on the perimeter of the stampede had bouncers pushing people back into the crowd if they got near the entrance. as in, if you wanted to escape the stampede, you had to pay or do whatever to get the door opened for your entry. it’s insane how this was so preventable
>>1841725 not all of them, some clubs let people in and saved them https://mothership.sg/2022/10/singaporean-eyewitness-itaewon-stampede-cpr/ apparently a pakistani man saved 4 people with cpr, a black us soldier pulled 30 people out from the crowd, and lee youngae donated money to send russian victims bodies home. im very cynical but it is nice to see different nationalities work together
https://youtu.be/PiL94XZmq14 this isn't about korea but i wonder if koreans do this too, especially the stage parents
>>1939339 wonyoung had surgery before she became a trainee. kids do it in burgerland. parents gift them implants or a nose.
>>1839992 we should absolutely pull out and let them play with china. we have our own problems.
>>1939339 yeah, double eyelid surgery is the most common underage procedure
https://www.pannchoa.com/2022/12/marriage-in-lawstheqoo-marriage-hell-is.html >[marriage & in-laws/theqoo] MARRIAGE HELL IS HONESTLY TOO SHOCKING *TRIGGER WARNING: CHILD M***ESTING ft. RESPONSE > [+2,044, -9] We can literally just submit those clips from the broadcast directly to the police???? > [+1,760, -9] I hate this. Why is he forcing the kid in between his legs? This is seriously shocking. Even if he was her real father, at 7 years old, these kinds of actions are cautiously made. The mother needs to wake up >In the 20th episode of 'Marriage Hell', which aired on the 19th, the concerns of a couple who are in conflict over raising their 7-year-old daughter were drawn. The couple was a step-married family, and the daughter called her stepdad 'uncle'. >The wife, who even reported the violent husband's behavior as child ab*se, said, "It's so painful. Others can see it as a joke, but the sound of the child saying, 'Please help mom' is so painful." >Dr. Oh Eunyoung, who watched this, said, "I always tell my children not to touch other people's underwear and not to show their own underwear. When they are over 5 years old, I tell parents of the opposite sex not to directly touch their child's genital area when taking a bath. You need to show the child that you respect them and that this is clearly not something "symbolic"". >In the midst of this, the scene was deleted from the rebroadcast. We also couldn't find Dr. Oh Eunyoung's firm advice for married couples either.
(1.33 MB 1300x5932 4833.jpg)


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