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(1.95 MB 640x960 wu-lei-2-data.gif)
Chinese Entertainment General #3 Anonymous 05/24/2022 (Tue) 12:48:40 No. 1162139
uncensored edition
(209.97 KB 745x551 Screenshot.png)
this nugu rumor account that i follow usually gets ~10 likes but as soon as she posts about bts...
the tiktoker candiselin86 ruined c-ent for me ke
>>1162149 what did she/he do?
>>1162159 she has a series of videos called "how fake are chinese dramas/actors" and she roasts the industry kek and how lazy and cheap it is. actors don't even work out they wear muscle suits, don't pretend to cry, don't even say their lines because of dubbing, the cgi sucks even though the budget is millions of dollars, etc i recommend checking it out
>>1162175 looked at it and meh, it's nothing new. that's like all those kpop accounts making videos about "this female idol starved herself!" yeah we know...
>>1162175 she gives me weird vibes
why is the threadpic so unflattering, leo wu has nipples and looks less derpy
>>1162204 my first thought was >86 >tiktok ...kek
>>1162217 thank you!!! >>1162232 because it's funny, nona at first i thought about making a gorgeous edition but then decided to go for this instead
what upcoming shows does leo wu have? he's in the same bfa graduating batch as lareina song who's not filming until she graduates this summer, is he also on break from filming?
(228.23 KB 1036x2048 FTCO9ajagAE7GJ7.jpeg)
>>1162363 he's working with hu ge again!
>>1162422 why do they give chinese babies this hairstyle
(118.56 KB 1000x658 saostar-ghmqviata15lk1pc.jpg)
>>1162472 kek nona, he had that for a role
>>1162586 lay from exo also had that hairstyle in one of his baby pictures so i figured it must be a common baby haircut in china
>>1162636 nta kekkk nona i was about to say the same thing. i always thought this a normal hairstyle since my fellow exohags said it was normal for babies to have this hair in china but i remembered lay was a child actor
>>1162670 lol it's likely a costume too in most other pics he has normal hair
(210.30 KB 620x2132 p961751374.jpg)
i was browsing through videos of brigitte lin unnie and came across this clip of her and leslie cheung making out this movie is 30 years old and leslie is gay and nevertheless that's the by far most erotic scene i've ever seen in chinese cinema how come they did this back then and now just kissing is already considered raunchy?
(5.41 MB nezha.png)
>>1162703 thats a common kid's hairstyle in ancient cdramas, leo's portraying nezha who some versions like zuer's portrayal has space buns.
does anyone know where this gif is from? usually winwin looks too twinky for my taste but he looks so good with glasses, that's the kind of styling he should go for in a lead role if he can bag one
>>1163823 that's hongkong cinema, but films will always contain more raunchy shit than tv even in china. thats not even that erotic or controversial kek lust caution is worse, and there used to be semi nude scenes in mainstream hk films. leslie also starred in wong karwai's happy together with tony leung, it's probably the best gay asian film considering it features an actual gay actor as the ml. lan yu starring hujun and liu ye is also good for a chinese gay bl film from the 2000s, there was partial nudity iirc.
(3.37 MB lanyu.gif)
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lan_Yu_(film) both are a-list film actors in china (not hk where censorship is less strict than china) so they were pretty brave
>>1163848 i want him to do one of those cheesy romcoms
>>1164051 nevertheless amazing that a gay dude is better at acting as a lover than countless fuckboys and cheaters in the industry
(3.12 MB joeywong.gif)
>>1167182 love leslie as a singer but hes kinda meh in romance roles maybe because i know hes gay lol, his best roles were the ones where hes flamboyantly gay like farewell my concubine, happy together, hes a woman she's a man. his costar brigette lin is just a super sensual actress in general, she did sexy androgynous roles with gl kiss scenes, her dongfangbubai is legendary
(1.80 MB 0.gif)
kek there are def sexy scenes in cdramas esp web cdramas or taiwanese dramas. picrel is vic song and johnny huang in moonshine & valentine i think
Apologies for being off-topic but what is the appeal of these LGBT-themed movies assuming that you're straight?
>>1167660 for gay audiences, what is the appeal of watching dramas about straight people? do you expect gay people to shut off titanic because it's a het romance, or to avoid watching a drama that sounds interesting to them just because it features a het romance?
>>1167660 you wouldn't get it
(994.35 KB bishonen.gif)
>>1167660 kek we arent even discussing bls? it's just that someone asked about sexy scenes in cfilm >most erotic scene i've ever seen in chinese cinema, how come they did this back then and now just kissing is already considered raunchy imo most of the envelope-pushing and censorship-testing is done by lgbt films because sexy hetero scenes are dime a dozen in chinese cinema. its good to see directors test censorship boundaries, if not for older gay films like bishonen in picrel inspiring content creators, scriptwriters and productions firms wouldnt be making raunchier cdramas like addicted.
(670.56 KB iswak.mp4)
its not an lgbt discussion anyway. iswak is apparently more out there than the jdrama version even though i haven't seen both.
>>1167660 2 pretty boys instead of just 1! kek
>>1167577 well you said it, in taiwan... it's definitely been ages since anything really erotic came out in mainland people were freaking out of dilraba and yangyang's kisses, some even saying "it's too much, is that really neccessary to show this..." when they were fully dressed, just touching their faces and shoulders/back
(6.19 MB kitchen.gif)
>>1168108 moonshine and valentine is a cdrama. not reposting addicted bl gifs from the last thread but that series was just johnny huang and xu weizhou all over each other. you can find more risque cdramas just by googling, some of rosy zhao's romcoms used to be kinda... e.g. love in the kitchen
(4.62 MB loveredemption.gif)
i still have yet to watch love and redemption...
(2.39 MB loveissweet.gif)
haven't watched love is sweet as well but the leads are doing another drama which is sus kek
(6.96 MB gogoprincess.gif)
c-webdramas are always going to be more out there, the best one is still go go princess (it was adapted into kdrama mr queen but the original is sexier), it was laugh out loudly funny and all the costumes were stupidly risque because it's a low budget parody of ancient cdramas AND had gay bl undertones. crystal zhang went from being a nugu to doing films and starring in jackie chan movies thanks to go go princess.
>>1167879 kek how disingenuous. Titanic is a Hollywood classic for reasons that aren't even related to the romance plot. Things like Nicolas Sparks movies are more comparable here. >>1167885 Sure but I don't get how any of what you said relates to my question, unless you're saying that you watch these movies solely to analyze where the media regulatory agencies drew the line?
Who rules the world was such trash at the end. I heard something went down with the writer towards the end and the production team changed and I 100% believe it because the dynamic and cunning characters became so one dimensional and flat towards the end it was horrific. The best part about this drama was the interesting characters who lived in that grey line between being good and bad. The characters were also smart and there wasn't that typical dumbassery known to live in cdramas like an obvious woman dressed as a man and somehow nobody knows even though she has obvious boobage underneath her robe.
(843.44 KB 738x730 w4h768d54hb.png)
i found this on a wlw rec list i don't usually watch c drama, do you maybe know where i can watch it?
>>1172375 just watch it on yt nona https://youtu.be/fpjGGiQw_uw
(2.96 MB goprincess.gif)
but what about us non numberspergs who just want to post funny gifs or bl content to piss off >>1170333
seems like now jingtian's career is over too i wonder how many celebrities will be left by the end of this year
I literally thought they were the same person for years... I was so excited Hongyi was getting so many roles after Love better than immortality only to realize just now that that's chegyi in those dramas....
>>1177187 she isnt over or cancelled, her dramas are still airing and she just got fined for advertising a banned dietary supplement.
>>1173070 this is the most ideal moid body somehow he always ends up in similar roles lol tho i think i prefered him in oh my general some say he isn't handsome enough but i really like his face, it's very classically asian (a bit like lee junki?)
It's so sad how many older actresses clearly starve themselves in order to stay relevant. Their faces are still beautiful but their bodies are all shriveled up.
>>1195303 Carman Lee clearly has some kind of exercise addiction
>>1195308 Even Reba already went from slim with curves to absolutely nothing
(63.83 KB 500x308 IMG_20220603_150743.jpg)
(2.10 MB 4000x3000 17464823628.jpg)
>>1195318 The only one doing it right is Joey Wong, she always had a little more meat and thanks to that still looks as gorgeous as she did 30 years ago.
>>1195343 wow she looks amazing. when i was younger, i found myself wanting to be as thin as ju jingyi, but i realized being so thin isn't good for your health. at all. are there any c-actresses that are healthy? it makes me really sad to see all of the jiejie's i like are so thin
>>1177188 well today i learned something new. i also thought that was the same person and he only did some ps after love better than immortality kek
>>1195368 ju jingyi isn't even that thin, she's just child-sized in general and always wears giant heels and voluminous hair. the only other actress that comes to my mind is fan bingbing. some younger girls like zhao lusi are also still a little heavier but that'll likely change too once they come close to 30.
>>1195302 >>1195314 Bobleheads is the look in China I guess
>>1177188 >>1195383 kek but it's true, they do look alike while in costume chengyi is already 32, rather short but has a more delicate face (and much better acting skills) hongyi is 23, very tall and imo better looking in modern clothes. he's a richkid, has bad rumors and is a former sm trainee
(141.79 KB 259x384 Ip_Man_4_poster.png)
can someone explain this me I was watching Ip man 4 with my brother, so I'm not Chinese or American so I can't really fully comprehend the cultural factors that have causes this, but there's one big thing that I don't frankly understand about this movie and also Ip man 2 and the other Chinese martial arts beating westerners/Japanese films is that it doesn't really do a good job of portraying Chinese men as capable action heroes in Ip man 4 every white guy is depicted as a giant muscular ubermensch with a granite jawline that the smaller Chinese guy has to beat through superior knowhow, like say what you wanna say about American propaganda action films, they show the protagonists as being competent, fit and virile actions heroes, Ip man and master Z have these old skinny men winning through magic marital arts essentially and Ip man 4 is perhaps the weirdest one about this, All the Chinese get BTFO by white Americans using literally any style(sidenote there's even one marine whose part of this group of racists that's clearly meant to he half Japanese) only bruce lee and Ip man are the one's capable of challenging a western white man in a fight I swear you could literally frame this film as sort of nazi propaganda, like what gives
>>1197692 >every white guy is depicted as a giant muscular ubermensch the smaller Chinese guy has to beat through superior knowhow i dont get it, you expect the caucasian baddies to be racistly portrayed as weak nerds like how hollywood films portray asians as twinks? us/hollywood propaganda has brainwashed you and you're surprised that ip man doesnt do it...? lol kungfu protagonists as usually underdogs, if they were big sized the audience wouldnt root for them. the white dudes casted in kungfu films are oft professional stunt men who do their own fight scenes with donnie, jet li, jackie chan without a double. a caucasian stunt man could make more $$$ and fame in asia as the antagonist fighter in kungfu films. fyi donnie yen, jet li, wu jing, jackie chan, vincent zhao, bruce lee,max zhang all started as martial arts champions before they became film actors, people go to cinemas not for their visuals or the plot, it's 100% for the fight scenes and choreo thus they arent going to cast a white prettyboi who cant fight. all the caucasian baddies are played by famous stuntmen who collaborate with jackie or donnie in multiple films like brad allen and darren shahlavi, theyre jacked from years of mma training. the selling point of chinese kungfu films is the hd fight scenes, even behind the scenes vids of fight choreo have millions of youtube views. https://youtu.be/EECJepgBEkk https://youtu.be/AhkVC8bRJJs https://youtu.be/wH9c-o7cmgQ https://youtu.be/FO0fzgy0ys8 https://youtu.be/vn17Hb73mX8 https://youtu.be/YhCHw0Ovqf4 https://youtu.be/tZRvrHLsEO4 https://youtu.be/QLL9plgz0pg https://youtu.be/9T_UL6GlsnE
(5.52 MB ipman.png)
*kungfu protagonists are usually underdogs
>>1197692 imo it's because a jacked asian dude bigger than americans wouldn't appeal to the average chinese boy, because they know that they're simply physically smaller and weaker. instead they advertise martial arts. and at the same time american movies promote big jacked superheroes, so that american boys watching will also want to become as strong as them. whatever is more attainable and realistic to the audience.
>>1195933 So many are obsessed with having a small head and face, and yet they fail to see the connection of skelly arms and shoulders and a bony chest -> make your head look even bigger
(366.77 KB 725x460 1650843490516-0.png)
>>1197829 not weak nerds, but there usually almost always portrayed has huge beasts and I'm talking about modern propaganda film, which usually has some racial element against the west >>1197861 >>168723497 I'm taking about scenes like this, where the old and physically weak chinese masters get beaten up and overpowered by large and muscularl white americans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cG92WqIAqc
(5.52 MB ipman.png)
>>1198026 as i said, action/kungfu films like ip man are made for action fans and privately funded, they are commercial films and not ccp propaganda films. ccp films exist too, e.g. 1921, Founding of A Party, Founding of An Army, Founding of A Republic, kek see a pattern? Ccp propaganda films are usually chinese government-funded and related to the Chinese Civil war, ww2, korean war but the main character is always the ccp and its leaders not some kungfu dude unrelated to CCP. ip man was cringe imo because of the white baddie stereotype (doubt the real yip man ever fought any british boxers, it's subtle propaganda to express how colonial overlords bullied the locals), but at least they don't go full racist and portray the white dude as a weakling? ultimately it's a kungfu movie and the fights are supposed to be evenly matched for excitement, you think asians want to see ip man beating a weakling like paul dano or? one of the movies starred mike tyson, the plot had ipman using wingchun kungfu against skilful boxers like tyson and darren shahlavi and proving wingchun is great self-defence (iirc the real ip man is supposed to be anti-violence and is forced to fight, and wingchun is used for self-defence) so there's no way they'll cast a skinny white twink. as i said, donnie yen worked with darren shahlavi over decades, authentic kungfu films dont use stunt doubles and cast only skilled fighters or mma dudes. why is it surprising that they are jacked? apparently darren shahlavi died recently at age 42 due to a heart attack triggered by his hip injury medication, as i said these dudes are actual mma trained stuntmen who have fans and are casted for their skills. it makes no sense to cast a skinny twink to make caucasians look bad, when moviegoers dont want to see jackie chan or donnie yen beat up a weakling for fun. people want to see the kungfu hero get picked on and then retailiate, saving innocent people from the big bully (usually a japanese war criminal, european colonial overlord, chinese gangster, thai drug lord etc etc kek), if the white baddie isnt a big burly bully how do they make the kungfu hero look like a nonviolent underdog who is forced to use his fighting skills? asian societies are all about espousing anti-violence as a moral value, so even if martial arts is popular, every single kungfu film has the hero as an underdog unwilling to fight but forced by a bigger bully in order to teach children that fighting is only OK in self defence.
(3.15 MB 827272w.png)
oops not recently, shahlavi died in 2015 according to donnie yens fb. from his name you can tell he's iranian so he's not even white even if he acted as a british boxer. >Shahlavi was born to Iranian immigrant parents at Stockport, Cheshire, England, on 5 August 1972. At the age of 7, he started studying Judo in a rented acting theatre, where he would arrive early to peek at the actors performing. After discovering the films of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, he dreamed of appearing in action films. At 16, Shahlavi started to pursue a career in film and got the attention of Hong Kong action cinema expert Bey Logan in the early 1990s. Shahlavi later moved to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. there's not so much a racial propaganda element as much as these stuntmen wanting to work in kungfu films and traveling to asia to audition and having mma training to choreograph fights or do improvised action scenes.
making foreigners into the bad guys, no matter whether it's done in american or chinese movies, is always racial propaganda most countries have stopped doing that ages ago, and for a good reason
>>1200591 >making foreigners into the bad guys is always racial propaganda do you also think it's racial propaganda for german nazis to be portrayed as evil for terrorising vichy france in inglorious basterds or for a jewish death squad to be glorifed for killing nazis? or for korean dramas like gasiktal or pachinko to portray japan as a colonial bully? some south american films address the brutality of spanish colonisation, e.g. aguirre too. it's not propaganda for a hongkong film to portray colonial powers that be as bullies if you studied history or the opium wars, and understood how hongkong came to become a british colony.
(2.64 MB hollywood.png)
>no matter whether it's done in american or chinese movies, is always racial propaganda you need to differentiate between hongkong films and chinese films, maybe you can't tell but ip man is a cantonese language film and that makes it fundamentally different to a mandarin chinese movie. it's like english and french, they are both descendants of latin but different. hongkong cinema has declined a lot because after 1997 hk directors, crew and actors realise the mainland chinese market's potential and cheaper labour costs, and relocated their production studios to beijing or shanghai. hongkong is just 7 million, china is 1.4billion so cantonese films are getting outnumbered by chinese films but ip man is a cantonese film aka it's uniquely from a hongkong perspective. a ccp propaganda film would only be in standard mandarin chinese, never a regional dialect like cantonese or sichuanese. also the difference is that hollywood films use racist stereotypes to justify us wars and military intervention abroad, theres no reason for white americans to hate asians, latinos, europeans or blacks considering asia or africa never colonised usa. white americans are descendants of colonisers and their victims are the american tribes, but how often do you see an american movie portray the tragic history of native american massacres & land seizures and show the european coloniser's bruality? never. instead hollywood portrays russians/germans/asians/latinos/brits/arabs as baddies even if usa is the one waging wars around the world and americans have never experienced invasions in mainland usa unlike native american tribes, hongkongers, chinese, koreans, even japanese who got nukes. theres nothing wrong with a formerly colonised country portraying their own painful history but usa portrays the european colonisers as heroes and foreigners as villains when they should be showing white americans as villains and native americans as the victims of colonisation who lost their voice and is still currently unable to show their own perspective of their tragic history in hollywood.
(4.27 MB angelababy.gif)
>>1195299 joey wong and carman lee are almost 60 and semi retired since the 90s, its harsh to judge them for muscle loss due to aging. truth is, actresses like dilreba, angelababy, carman lee, joey wong are mainly known for their beauty and not their acting skills, they have to maintain their youthfulness as long as possible to maximise their casting opportunities in "pretty FL" roles. if you're a serious actor you can get leading roles even if you aren't conventionally pretty and bigger-sized and the general public will praise you e.g. sandra ma in you are my hero although she mostly does film roles. i mostly watch c-indie films and awardwinning dramas; most active older c-actresses who are popular or awardwinners look pretty normie: qin hailu, ma yili, yolanda yuan, fan bingbing, zhou xun, hai qing, hao lei, ma sichun, tong yao, sun li, liu tao, jiang xin (she's known for being chubby), wu yue, sandrine pinna, jiang wenli (china's most charismatic older actress and doyenne along with kara hui), vicky chen, song jia, tang wei (heard she was amazing in park chan wook's latest film decision to leave), bai baihe, yao chen, yan ni, yu nan and gwei lunmei (i'd watch her in anything). google them, they are charismatic actors even if they aren't skelly like angelababy (who relies on her visuals not her acting to get roles, and who can blame her).
(5.07 MB dreamofsplen.gif)
speaking of chubby older c-actors, anyone here watched liu yifei's dream of splendor? it has rave reviews for its female director & screenwriter combo tackling a novel based on lower class women in ancient china, and chenxiao & liu yifei's steamy chemistry. it's rated 8.8 on douban which surprised me considering yifei is known for weak acting despite her beauty, is she finally turning into a serious actor?
(6.08 MB splendor.gif)
https://dramapotatoe.com/c-dramas-airing-may-28-june-3-first-impressions-a-dream-of-splendor-ordinary-greatness-and-miss-buyer/ >A Dream of Splendor is actually partially inspired by a Yuan Dynasty zaju by playwright Guan Hanqing. The story tells of a young courtesan named Song Yinzhang, who finds herself tricked and trapped in an abusive marriage with Zhou She. She writes a letter to her good friend Zhao Pan’er, a prostitute, who comes up with a plan to trick Zhou She into signing divorce papers and freeing Yinzhang. In other words, A Dream of Splendor is inspired by a story of women who are considered to be of low status in society, using their intelligence and courage to help and save each another. And since the initial announcement of the project, the production team has promoted this as a female-centric drama, with a female director-scriptwriter team leading the way (which, believe it or not, is a first for a prominent female-centric drama, modern or historical). the only annoyance is that they changed yifei's role from a prostitute who paid for her fiance's studies and got abandoned to a 'teahouse owner' lol, but chen xiao's great in ancient dramas and always smexy ill prob check it out.
(93.52 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpeg)
What are some of your best Cdramas of all time nonas? I'll narrow mine to 5 that are must watch. 1. Love and Redemption- This is just liked by almost everyone and its for a reason. The side characters and plots are interesting and it grapples with the question of good and evil. For some reason this one remains so deep in my heart despite there being similar dramas around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XR_N0HKaRok 2. Tribes and Empires: storm of prophecy- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz6kLWsEsAg This is excellent and dreamy and very well done. Has different protagonists and tribes/clans and a lot of warfare and politics mixed in with magical/mystical elements. 3. The longest day in Changan- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4jyzHIKEEA This is a top tier drama with top tier acting, costumes and cinematography. The characters are more realistic than the typical dreamy C-leads and villains but it's a must watch. More historical and political than having mystical elements. 4. The Untamed- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ldvydu34Is Loved by almost everyone and for a reason. This is a drama with no romance but a mystery that unfolds throughout. It's a very mystical and beautiful drama with tons of dreamy and heartbreaking characters. 5. Princess Agents- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc9UjvrSGQs A very interesting plot and pretty heartbreaking. The plot and setting are kind of traumatizing ngl. The male lead is swoon worthy and there is lots of politics and rage in this one.
(2.15 MB leoluo.gif)
>>1209902 zanilia and kenny lin are collaborating again i think? loved princess agents until shawn dou's prince turned dark, the evil eyeliner was ?! and his original persona was so cute. my top 5: >war: battle of changsha https://youtu.be/q_HqKViUHA4 led me to discover yangzi, daylight entertainment, kong sheng, hou hongliang. the whole cast was amazing. from this i discovered other daylight ent dramas: nirvana in fire, minglan, minning town, the bond, but only battle of changsha makes me cry on rewatch. >seminal novel: white deer plain https://youtu.be/5vy7XXLPpY8 an ambitious and successful adaptation of a novel that spans 50 years and for me is chinas best literary work in the post ccp years along with yu hua's 'to live' and mo yan's 'red sorghum' which was also adapted into a great drama starring zhou xun https://youtu.be/zh55pwzBNag love red sorghum but seeing white deer plain faithfully adapted is amazibg since the movie was ehhh. sadly nobody wants to make 'to live' into a cdrama due to how amazing the film is. >crime: the long night rare drama featuring prosecutors that doesnt make me cringe, johnny bai went from promising talent to serious actor in this. bad kids, day & night and burning ice are also great crime dramas. >time-travel: starling by each step https://youtu.be/_ipr0-l1uvg so good i bought the novel, still havent seen the kdrama remake scarlet heart because of the ending. >xianxia: ashes of love https://youtu.be/EfsvIfwNB14 everyone acted their socks off to elevate the characters which were less likeable in the novel, leo luo and allen deng went from nugu to top mls. my previous fantasy fave was journey of flower, zanillia acted her socks off.
i am loving chengxiao on great dance crew. i'm a casual fan and i wish she would stick to traditional dance and music activities like this instead of acting so badly
>>1218553 Why not both? I like her actibg
>>1223892 *acting
(91.05 KB 536x1057 FU90yYmVEAAYK8H.jpeg)
god, i just watched the tanshang video and it's beyond horrifying. the scrotes attacking her are the worst of chinese moids, ugly, smoking, sweaty meatheads...ugh whenever shit like this happens in china people bring up the good samaritian law, but that absolutely has nothing to do with that. it's one thing to be too scared to step in, but a completely different story to actually get up and join in on the beating! while going in he said that he's gonna rape her at the side of the road. when he started assaulting her, immediately men from outside ran in and smashed her friend with a chair, then they dragged them outside by their hair and men from 2 tables joined in and later more men from inside went out and joined as well! one was in such a "must!beat!more!femalez!"-frenzy that he brutally decked his own gf on her head from behind. another lady tries to help but her bf bodily drags her away. the restaurant owner is some aunty who also tried to step in (and luckily wasn't hurt). so only women helping women - but in the end it's useless against many more moids... i want to vomit. this comment is so true >As many users are pointing out: this isn't a woman who was by herself. She wasn't wearing revealing clothing. She wasn't provoking anyone. She was just with friends, minding her own business, enjoying a meal, at a restaurant. but nevertheless... and this is what moids don't get, women have to be scared of going outside, eating, literally just existing because of them!
>>1224784 nona is this about the girl who was getting harrassed the resturant by scrotes and when other women tried to help her they started to attack them as well? i can see why there are so many chinese feminists who practice 6b4t. this is horrifying
>>1224810 what is 6b4t?
>>1224810 yes i didn't post the video because it's really brutal
(72.15 KB 828x704 20220612_113702.jpg)
>>1224816 its basically a radfem movement where women remove patriachy/men from their lives in response to extreme misogyny. a lot of korean radfems also follow it too
(164.65 KB 1673x417 Screenshot (280).png)
just saw that there was another similar incident in shanghai there a man hacked a woman to death on an open road while nobody did anything but film. there absolutely must be stricter laws to protect women and to force people (men!) to step in obviously don't click if you can't see blood https://twitter.com/ppppppwha/status/1535278965375619072
>>1224822 >>1224784 i just watched this video and i’m genuinely speechless. i just feel so sick and helpless for that poor girl and the other women who tried to help her.
>>1225103 what the actual fuck. no one even tried to call the police to get him to stop? that poor woman
>>1225262 they eventually stopped him but most say the lady died, so it was too late. way too many passed by without at least trying to distract him.
>Immortality trended again because more supporting cast were added to the list on Tencent Video i'm so pathetic sisters, i keep being delulu hoping that it airs...
never saw that bts pic before cute
who would be your dream cast for svsss nonas? shen yuan would fit luo yunxi again but i feel like luo binghe is too unreal for any actor. nobody who's both that much of a chad but also young and cute comes to my mind
(50.70 KB 791x565 3765406635.jpeg)
back when kris' scandal broke my first thought was that hopefully he didn't do anything to the little girl he was on a variety show with. turns out he did creep on her but angelababy protected her multiple times >Kris saw Jinmai trying on a new outfit and praised her cute looks. When Kris took Jinmai’s hand and said he wanted to take her home, Angelababy interrupted, “Is she your daughter?” as if she was trying to emphasize their age gap. >As Kris was responsible for driving the cast around the city, he tried to get Jinmai to sit in the passenger seat. Netizens noticed that she may have been uncomfortable, and tried to deflect the invitation by asking, “So I would be focused on talking to you?” Angelababy also made a snide comment that she did not think Jinmai wanted to sit in the front. >Kris was busy setting up the scene while Jinmai was chosen to work outside. Through the camera angles, a hand was seen trying to reach out to Jinmai but when Kris saw this, he rushed over and tried to touch the actress. Angelababy, who was sitting nearby, spoke out to stop the unnecessary physical contact. the worst thing is that back then she got shit for this, got called jealous of their cp and so on
>>1248212 nah iirc angelababy got praised by everyone online for standing up for jinmai, and she got praised again after kris wu's scandal. she looks like a princess but is quite tomboyish
>>1248212 man how old is she? it would be bad even with an older girl but she looks v young
>>1248336 zhao jinmai is 19 years old
>>1248456 but during this show she was 17!
i recently skipped through an episode of angelababy's and lai guanlin's drama and their age difference isn't really that noticeable. i haven't yet watched a full drama of hers but i feel like she's in the same situation as unu, not really good at acting but way less cringy than people make it out to be. she doesn't stand out in a negative way at all, the rest is just as mid as her, she just gets that much criticism because she's so pretty and popular. for somebody who's on tv so often she also didn't really have any scandals or attitude controversies, while even somebody like (usually) classy yangmi was already caught hitting.
>>1248653 yes, that's what makes this even more disgusting. i share the same birth year with angel, and as a former fan of kris when i was younger it made me sick. it's really gross and disturbing how he had zero shame to leer at her on camera. i'm glad that angelababy protected her. god knows what he would try to do off camera if he had the gall to do that while filming
>>1248874 i always saw kris as the mature member in exo. to find out that he sees girls younger than me as too old...ewww even back then i already found all those fans saying he's like a big bro taking care of her kinda weird
(78.97 KB 1060x596 20220604193809-2ef61dac.jpg)
>>1248745 angelababy is ok if you ignore the rumors that she married huang xiaoming to build connections in china's acting industry because she had no acting background. most people myself included think shes a bad actress who gets jobs via connections, there was one episode of Adventure Life https://youtu.be/Mb55AnZZg_g where she was supposed to follow a 70+year old poor rural farmer who cycles around the world for charity and angelababys attitude was so awful everyone got on her case and questioned why she was recruited for the show. Adventure Life is a ratings champion because it's about ordinary folk doing extraordinary things and each episode a celeb joins their cause to go on the journey of an environmentalist, a youth campaigner, a charity cyclist etc. angelababy said she had her period and refused to camp outdoors, overslept, gave up while cycling halfway because she wanted to hitchhike, to the point the director asked her why she agreed to join the show. the grandpa cyclist cycled by himself because she overslept and camped outdoors by himself because she wanted to sleep at a bed and breakfast. most of the episode focused on angelababy not the old dude. it completely shattered her good image and although shes tomboyish and outdoorsy (she recently posted a skateboard gif and everyone praised her for being cool) it just shows shes just a spoiled princess
https://www.jaynestars.com/news/angelababys-princess-syndrome-revealed-in-variety-show-adventure-life/ kek i actually watched that episode and her attitude was so bad it seemed the director was worried the show would catch flak and started criticising angelababy on camera and the crew aired it. >the show’s director was dissatisfied with Angelababy’s performance, saying, “I realize you give up very easily; are you guys here to cycle or sit in a car?” He also berated her for affecting the schedule by taking much time to prepare and do make-up, which went against the spirit of the show to reveal the genuine side of artistes. To this, Angelababy rebutted by saying, “This is respecting the viewers she shouldve been given an easy mission distributing flyers for campaigners in cities, not shadowing a cyclist in the outback but she def hoped to create a tough girl image on the show and it backfired. after that nobody was willing to hire her due to her unprofessionalism hence why she's filming with lai guanlin not other famous actors her age
(1.50 MB 676x1080 3634538363847.mp4)
yangmi's bad attitude really surprised me, i always thought she maintains and monitors herself really strictly. during one incident she was late for an interview and then proceeded to slap away the camera. her costar then told her that it's a live recording. to distract about her previous behavior she got up two times more and again pushed the camera away (acting as if it's just a joke? trying to destroy evidence?) then she called over a dumbfounded reba like some mean big boss and told her to anounce something. and afterwards the poor staff who did the livestream got fired thanks to her... some say she's an alcoholic (she certainly acted that way) or she's just arrogant with a god complex. at first i always thought that the criticism she gets for not raising her baby is unfair, because this shouldn't be solely a woman's job but she should also not act like some bad deadbeat dad.
(3.22 MB 1142x1080 583638447384.mp4)
>>1250210 so uncomfortable their age difference is supposedly just 5 years but i always thought she must be older. at least she acts that way
>>1250262 >>1250210 why are you suddenly bringing up yangmi, are you angelababy fan? yangmis way more respected in the industry than angelababy because of jaywalk studio is a successful film production business. as for dilreba, dilreba's boss/ceo is yangmi regardless of their age. dilreba got signed to her agency after graduation along with vengo gao, leon zhang, vin zhang and yangmi let them debut in supporting roles in her own popular dramas.(10 miles of peach blossoms), then promoted them into lead acting roles by producing dramas for them. vengo, dilreba, leon and vin are all stars in their own right and not flops so yangmi has done well to debut younger talents and turn them into stars (lots of actors try to start their own agency but fail unlike her, even professional agencies like huayi brothers cant guarantee success), without yangmi dilreba wouldnt have achieved her fame as easily and could've turned out to be a nugu like hanikezi. rebas role as the fox fairy in TMOBP is what shot her to fame. people watched that drama due to yangmi acting and producing it, and yangmis firm produced the pillow book with reba as the lead too. im sure reba may leave jaywalk studio someday but yangmi is one of the very few actors both male and female who successfully started her own production firm and talent agency and made stars out of younger talents. she continues to act despite having a huge net worth and successful biz, most likely because her dramas are popular and she can debut new talents in side roles. more actresses need to aspire to be successful production firm ceos so the industry is less male dominated.
>>1250210 have you heard of the rumor of yangmi liking women? what do you think nona
>>1250741 her new beau is actor wei daxun
>>1250661 wtf girl, you sperg out like you're on her paycheck yangmi was mentioned just a few posts ago and i wasn't saying anything about her talent/fame? but personalitywise she's an asshole just because yangmi made her doesn't mean that she can treat reba or the others like some regina george
if you praise her to the heavens that she's such a successful businesswoman, then you also have to accept that she's 99.9% likely to be ruthless. she's simply a classic diva, you can admire her but caping for her would be dumb. for example pic is her lowly assistant squatting down and wanting to put on a shoe - and then having to wait for ages til the queen was gracious enough to lift her foot.
(255.25 KB 1600x1066 30c9b360adbd1c7379974166d465ea4d.jpg)
>>1251307 >ruthless >lowly assistant squatting putting on her shoe shes no better or worse than 100% of celebs who hire personal assistants. all kpop artists get babied the same way, they have assistants buying them food they want 247 because they cant go in public. it's fishy that after a comment about angelebaby's unprofessional attitude and refusal to cycle alongside a 70 year old guest, someone posts a long tirade against yangmi for 1) looking 'ruthless' whatever it means 2) appearing snooty on camera. what does ruthless even mean, did she kill someone? kek you can't even post a controversy where she did something wrong objectively and are making up shit like "she looks arrogant in front of her employees" like duh she's a boss do you expect her to grovel. vengo gao is older than yangmi and i bet he treats her like a boss too because shes a majority shareholder of jaywalk studio and signed him when he was nugu.
>>1251371 >you can't even post a controversy where she did something wrong objectively Slapping the camera out of a staff's hand thrice and then getting her fired IS wrong, nona.
>>1251453 is there an article on what happened? the only thing i know yangmi gets criticised for is not going to hk often to see her daughter who lives with hawick's parents. back then yangmi moved to hongkong and gave birth there like a lot of rich chinese folks because hongkong residency status entails better lifestyle standards and less censorship than china, but i doubt they'll ever let yangmi get custody as hawicks parents dont want to have to travel to china to see their grandkid and the girl is raised by her grandparents to speak cantonese already.
the entertainment industry needs more female ceos; yangmi owns her own production company where she buys the ip rights of content to create dramas centred on strong FL roles (she said she started her company because she wanted better roles for herself and was worried lead roles will dry up as she aged) and instructs scriptwriters how to adapt plays. if you think shes ruthless, well sadly most older actresses in c-ent, kent, hollywood aren't as ambitious or capable as yangmi to ensure that theyll get plum roles by starting a film production company. every actor male or female would copy her if they can, which actor wouldnt want to pick their own script and cast? nobody calls male ceos ruthless but when it's a woman people get misogynistic. if gidle soyeon became an agency ceo and successful soloist while producing songs for othere, is she ruthless too? more women need to be ruthless then, what loser shits on female ceos in a male dominated industry? yangmi doesn't even plagiarise unlike yu zheng, idc if shes arrogant at least she creates jobs and passes skills down to young actors. entertainment is so male dominated nobody calls out jay park, lay zhang,kris wu or old scrote ceos for being useless lechers, its not like she raped a minor or plagiarised anything. she also showed she's more capable than most agencies or celebs her age by signing dilreba and tailoring roles for her, all the dramas that made dilreba famous were produced by jaywalk studio https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiaxing_Media#Television_series >pretty li huizhen, flames daughter, eternal love, eternal love of dream, sweet dreams most actors aren't even capable of turning themselves into stars,if a top star is willing to create roles and dramas for a nugu uyghur actress and mould her into chinas #1 young actress, she deserves plaudits for her eye for talent. no other actress of dilreba's age has got so many memorable lead roles, 100% of actresses eveywhere not just china wish they had an agency that produced tailor-made dramas for them the way jaywalk gave dilreba lead roles since 2014. most talent agencies don't produce dramas and just sign up their actors for auditions. without jaywalk dilreba is nothing.
>>1251474 sa, theres definitely still beef between her and hawick plus his family because he was caught by paparazzi inside a female costars room at night and claimed he was just rehearsing. his parents are famous actors and defended his behaviour to reporters saying hawick didn't cheat but yangmi and hawick divorced shortly after. most cnetz view her as the victim and see hawicks parents as biased and mean to their daughter-in-law, hence even if yangmi is criticised for mostly skyping her daughter and not visiting much, cnetz think its awkward for her to visit hawick's parents because they defended his cheating. yangmi also can't uproot her child to china if she's happy in hk and speaks cantonese not mandarin, if shes like most hongkongers shell be raised to dislike china lol
>>1251487 meds yourself. tbh i cant even stand yangmis acting, it's why she got typecast in eyecandy roles before she founded her own company, but starting her own firm is a boss move. bae yongjun's keyeast is just a talent agency and he's hailed as a big ceo, yangmi's firm produces quality dramas for talents in her own agency and people shit on her for being 'ruthless' as if she isn't keeping many families fed. shes done a lot more than most actor or idol agencies by guaranteeing tv roles to talents who sign for her firm, most of them debut in jaywalk dramas then branch out to non-jaywalk dramas once they are popular. yangmi used to be in yuzheng's agency (huanyu's producer ceo) and he's credited for turning zanilia zhao, yang mi, xu kai, wu jinyan into stars because his studio produced dramas for his talent agency. its a very profitable biz model so yangmi started her own firm after learning from yuzheng. both their companies centre on female focused dramas as well.
https://theqoo.net/index.php?mid=hot&filter_mode=normal&page=2&document_srl=2496040385 kuanlins kiss scenes with angelababy trended on theqoo, hes still a maknae baby in everyone's eyes
>>1251951 the maknae baby willingly fucks 30yos in his free time, no need to feel sorry kek yang mi x xu kai look more awkward, reminds me of kate beckinsale x pete davidson, an angry mom getting her son from the principals office
>>1252007 wiping his mouth in front of her after their kiss oof
>>1252010 isn't it probably to not have her lipstick on him
>>1252016 probably but fans still found it rude or at least very awkward
(6.23 MB 1228x3859 abym.png)
https://dramapanda.com/2022/03/yang-mi-greets-gal-pals-liu-shishi-and-angelababy-on-their-birthdays.html it's silly to pit ab against ym, theyre always together at events and are close pals who hang irl, even moreso after their divorces.
(6.34 MB 1316x3829 ymab.png)
zhao lusi's dancing, flying and fighting is so embarrassing, just her giving us nothing and a bunch of special effects. her sleeves in who rules the world did nothing but make people compare her to liu yifei who was just a teen yet did already everything by herself.
>>1254126 this is before the editing
>>1254117 lusi is an amateur gymnast i think. are people not tired of pitting ab v ym and now lusi v yifei jeez
(4.68 MB 600x338 67aa11a891.gif)
https://youtu.be/XSoDQch7OeE does anybody else hate this too? it's as if "jokingly" complaining about the actress' weight in the bts is mandatory now. so pathetic, especially when super tall moids like vengo gao or chen feiyu do it. even the heaviest actresses are hardly 50kg, that's like a mother claiming she can't carry her 5yo child. my friends are certainly fatter than zhao liying and i nevertheless can easily lift them. luo yunxi is the only respectable one, he's super short and likely weighs at most 10kg more than his female partners and nevertheless always tries his best without ever complaining. with the amount of effort actresses put into their looks, the least actors could do is go to the gym sometime.
is there any dirt on yixing? i feel like there must be, at least some rumors but i never see anything on twitter/ig etc
I never saw anything either. Back in the day he had that infamous anti-fanclub with over a million members who mostly accused him of faking his personality. Nowadays he also gets called fake-nice and fake-patriotic but he always immediately sues. Other than that his fans are fighting with Yangzi's fans because of their dating rumors and with Yibo's fans because Yibo won a dancing show instead of Yixing. And supposedly he demands extra editing because he's a perfectionist. But that's it. So, at worst he's an ass, dates Yangzi and doesn't care about China.
>>1258331 is that dilraba carrying yang mi?
>>1258331 reba jiejie...


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