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(1.95 MB 640x960 wu-lei-2-data.gif)
Chinese Entertainment General #3 Anonymous 05/24/2022 (Tue) 12:48:40 No. 1162139
uncensored edition
(209.97 KB 745x551 Screenshot.png)
this nugu rumor account that i follow usually gets ~10 likes but as soon as she posts about bts...
the tiktoker candiselin86 ruined c-ent for me ke
>>1162149 what did she/he do?
>>1162159 she has a series of videos called "how fake are chinese dramas/actors" and she roasts the industry kek and how lazy and cheap it is. actors don't even work out they wear muscle suits, don't pretend to cry, don't even say their lines because of dubbing, the cgi sucks even though the budget is millions of dollars, etc i recommend checking it out
>>1162175 looked at it and meh, it's nothing new. that's like all those kpop accounts making videos about "this female idol starved herself!" yeah we know...
>>1162175 she gives me weird vibes
why is the threadpic so unflattering, leo wu has nipples and looks less derpy
>>1162204 my first thought was >86 >tiktok ...kek
>>1162217 thank you!!! >>1162232 because it's funny, nona at first i thought about making a gorgeous edition but then decided to go for this instead
what upcoming shows does leo wu have? he's in the same bfa graduating batch as lareina song who's not filming until she graduates this summer, is he also on break from filming?
(228.23 KB 1036x2048 FTCO9ajagAE7GJ7.jpeg)
>>1162363 he's working with hu ge again!
>>1162422 why do they give chinese babies this hairstyle
(118.56 KB 1000x658 saostar-ghmqviata15lk1pc.jpg)
>>1162472 kek nona, he had that for a role
>>1162586 lay from exo also had that hairstyle in one of his baby pictures so i figured it must be a common baby haircut in china
>>1162636 nta kekkk nona i was about to say the same thing. i always thought this a normal hairstyle since my fellow exohags said it was normal for babies to have this hair in china but i remembered lay was a child actor
>>1162670 lol it's likely a costume too in most other pics he has normal hair
(210.30 KB 620x2132 p961751374.jpg)
i was browsing through videos of brigitte lin unnie and came across this clip of her and leslie cheung making out this movie is 30 years old and leslie is gay and nevertheless that's the by far most erotic scene i've ever seen in chinese cinema how come they did this back then and now just kissing is already considered raunchy?
(5.41 MB nezha.png)
>>1162703 thats a common kid's hairstyle in ancient cdramas, leo's portraying nezha who some versions like zuer's portrayal has space buns.
does anyone know where this gif is from? usually winwin looks too twinky for my taste but he looks so good with glasses, that's the kind of styling he should go for in a lead role if he can bag one
>>1163823 that's hongkong cinema, but films will always contain more raunchy shit than tv even in china. thats not even that erotic or controversial kek lust caution is worse, and there used to be semi nude scenes in mainstream hk films. leslie also starred in wong karwai's happy together with tony leung, it's probably the best gay asian film considering it features an actual gay actor as the ml. lan yu starring hujun and liu ye is also good for a chinese gay bl film from the 2000s, there was partial nudity iirc.
(3.37 MB lanyu.gif)
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lan_Yu_(film) both are a-list film actors in china (not hk where censorship is less strict than china) so they were pretty brave
>>1163848 i want him to do one of those cheesy romcoms
>>1164051 nevertheless amazing that a gay dude is better at acting as a lover than countless fuckboys and cheaters in the industry
(3.12 MB joeywong.gif)
>>1167182 love leslie as a singer but hes kinda meh in romance roles maybe because i know hes gay lol, his best roles were the ones where hes flamboyantly gay like farewell my concubine, happy together, hes a woman she's a man. his costar brigette lin is just a super sensual actress in general, she did sexy androgynous roles with gl kiss scenes, her dongfangbubai is legendary
(1.80 MB 0.gif)
kek there are def sexy scenes in cdramas esp web cdramas or taiwanese dramas. picrel is vic song and johnny huang in moonshine & valentine i think
Apologies for being off-topic but what is the appeal of these LGBT-themed movies assuming that you're straight?
>>1167660 for gay audiences, what is the appeal of watching dramas about straight people? do you expect gay people to shut off titanic because it's a het romance, or to avoid watching a drama that sounds interesting to them just because it features a het romance?
>>1167660 you wouldn't get it
(994.35 KB bishonen.gif)
>>1167660 kek we arent even discussing bls? it's just that someone asked about sexy scenes in cfilm >most erotic scene i've ever seen in chinese cinema, how come they did this back then and now just kissing is already considered raunchy imo most of the envelope-pushing and censorship-testing is done by lgbt films because sexy hetero scenes are dime a dozen in chinese cinema. its good to see directors test censorship boundaries, if not for older gay films like bishonen in picrel inspiring content creators, scriptwriters and productions firms wouldnt be making raunchier cdramas like addicted.
(670.56 KB iswak.mp4)
its not an lgbt discussion anyway. iswak is apparently more out there than the jdrama version even though i haven't seen both.
>>1167660 2 pretty boys instead of just 1! kek
>>1167577 well you said it, in taiwan... it's definitely been ages since anything really erotic came out in mainland people were freaking out of dilraba and yangyang's kisses, some even saying "it's too much, is that really neccessary to show this..." when they were fully dressed, just touching their faces and shoulders/back
(6.19 MB kitchen.gif)
>>1168108 moonshine and valentine is a cdrama. not reposting addicted bl gifs from the last thread but that series was just johnny huang and xu weizhou all over each other. you can find more risque cdramas just by googling, some of rosy zhao's romcoms used to be kinda... e.g. love in the kitchen
(4.62 MB loveredemption.gif)
i still have yet to watch love and redemption...
(2.39 MB loveissweet.gif)
haven't watched love is sweet as well but the leads are doing another drama which is sus kek
(6.96 MB gogoprincess.gif)
c-webdramas are always going to be more out there, the best one is still go go princess (it was adapted into kdrama mr queen but the original is sexier), it was laugh out loudly funny and all the costumes were stupidly risque because it's a low budget parody of ancient cdramas AND had gay bl undertones. crystal zhang went from being a nugu to doing films and starring in jackie chan movies thanks to go go princess.
>>1167879 kek how disingenuous. Titanic is a Hollywood classic for reasons that aren't even related to the romance plot. Things like Nicolas Sparks movies are more comparable here. >>1167885 Sure but I don't get how any of what you said relates to my question, unless you're saying that you watch these movies solely to analyze where the media regulatory agencies drew the line?
Who rules the world was such trash at the end. I heard something went down with the writer towards the end and the production team changed and I 100% believe it because the dynamic and cunning characters became so one dimensional and flat towards the end it was horrific. The best part about this drama was the interesting characters who lived in that grey line between being good and bad. The characters were also smart and there wasn't that typical dumbassery known to live in cdramas like an obvious woman dressed as a man and somehow nobody knows even though she has obvious boobage underneath her robe.
(843.44 KB 738x730 w4h768d54hb.png)
i found this on a wlw rec list i don't usually watch c drama, do you maybe know where i can watch it?
>>1172375 just watch it on yt nona https://youtu.be/fpjGGiQw_uw
(2.96 MB goprincess.gif)
but what about us non numberspergs who just want to post funny gifs or bl content to piss off >>1170333
seems like now jingtian's career is over too i wonder how many celebrities will be left by the end of this year
I literally thought they were the same person for years... I was so excited Hongyi was getting so many roles after Love better than immortality only to realize just now that that's chegyi in those dramas....
>>1177187 she isnt over or cancelled, her dramas are still airing and she just got fined for advertising a banned dietary supplement.
>>1173070 this is the most ideal moid body somehow he always ends up in similar roles lol tho i think i prefered him in oh my general some say he isn't handsome enough but i really like his face, it's very classically asian (a bit like lee junki?)
It's so sad how many older actresses clearly starve themselves in order to stay relevant. Their faces are still beautiful but their bodies are all shriveled up.
>>1195303 Carman Lee clearly has some kind of exercise addiction
>>1195308 Even Reba already went from slim with curves to absolutely nothing
(63.83 KB 500x308 IMG_20220603_150743.jpg)
(2.10 MB 4000x3000 17464823628.jpg)
>>1195318 The only one doing it right is Joey Wong, she always had a little more meat and thanks to that still looks as gorgeous as she did 30 years ago.
>>1195343 wow she looks amazing. when i was younger, i found myself wanting to be as thin as ju jingyi, but i realized being so thin isn't good for your health. at all. are there any c-actresses that are healthy? it makes me really sad to see all of the jiejie's i like are so thin
>>1177188 well today i learned something new. i also thought that was the same person and he only did some ps after love better than immortality kek
>>1195368 ju jingyi isn't even that thin, she's just child-sized in general and always wears giant heels and voluminous hair. the only other actress that comes to my mind is fan bingbing. some younger girls like zhao lusi are also still a little heavier but that'll likely change too once they come close to 30.
>>1195302 >>1195314 Bobleheads is the look in China I guess
>>1177188 >>1195383 kek but it's true, they do look alike while in costume chengyi is already 32, rather short but has a more delicate face (and much better acting skills) hongyi is 23, very tall and imo better looking in modern clothes. he's a richkid, has bad rumors and is a former sm trainee
(141.79 KB 259x384 Ip_Man_4_poster.png)
can someone explain this me I was watching Ip man 4 with my brother, so I'm not Chinese or American so I can't really fully comprehend the cultural factors that have causes this, but there's one big thing that I don't frankly understand about this movie and also Ip man 2 and the other Chinese martial arts beating westerners/Japanese films is that it doesn't really do a good job of portraying Chinese men as capable action heroes in Ip man 4 every white guy is depicted as a giant muscular ubermensch with a granite jawline that the smaller Chinese guy has to beat through superior knowhow, like say what you wanna say about American propaganda action films, they show the protagonists as being competent, fit and virile actions heroes, Ip man and master Z have these old skinny men winning through magic marital arts essentially and Ip man 4 is perhaps the weirdest one about this, All the Chinese get BTFO by white Americans using literally any style(sidenote there's even one marine whose part of this group of racists that's clearly meant to he half Japanese) only bruce lee and Ip man are the one's capable of challenging a western white man in a fight I swear you could literally frame this film as sort of nazi propaganda, like what gives
>>1197692 >every white guy is depicted as a giant muscular ubermensch the smaller Chinese guy has to beat through superior knowhow i dont get it, you expect the caucasian baddies to be racistly portrayed as weak nerds like how hollywood films portray asians as twinks? us/hollywood propaganda has brainwashed you and you're surprised that ip man doesnt do it...? lol kungfu protagonists as usually underdogs, if they were big sized the audience wouldnt root for them. the white dudes casted in kungfu films are oft professional stunt men who do their own fight scenes with donnie, jet li, jackie chan without a double. a caucasian stunt man could make more $$$ and fame in asia as the antagonist fighter in kungfu films. fyi donnie yen, jet li, wu jing, jackie chan, vincent zhao, bruce lee,max zhang all started as martial arts champions before they became film actors, people go to cinemas not for their visuals or the plot, it's 100% for the fight scenes and choreo thus they arent going to cast a white prettyboi who cant fight. all the caucasian baddies are played by famous stuntmen who collaborate with jackie or donnie in multiple films like brad allen and darren shahlavi, theyre jacked from years of mma training. the selling point of chinese kungfu films is the hd fight scenes, even behind the scenes vids of fight choreo have millions of youtube views. https://youtu.be/EECJepgBEkk https://youtu.be/AhkVC8bRJJs https://youtu.be/wH9c-o7cmgQ https://youtu.be/FO0fzgy0ys8 https://youtu.be/vn17Hb73mX8 https://youtu.be/YhCHw0Ovqf4 https://youtu.be/tZRvrHLsEO4 https://youtu.be/QLL9plgz0pg https://youtu.be/9T_UL6GlsnE
(5.52 MB ipman.png)
*kungfu protagonists are usually underdogs
>>1197692 imo it's because a jacked asian dude bigger than americans wouldn't appeal to the average chinese boy, because they know that they're simply physically smaller and weaker. instead they advertise martial arts. and at the same time american movies promote big jacked superheroes, so that american boys watching will also want to become as strong as them. whatever is more attainable and realistic to the audience.
>>1195933 So many are obsessed with having a small head and face, and yet they fail to see the connection of skelly arms and shoulders and a bony chest -> make your head look even bigger
(366.77 KB 725x460 1650843490516-0.png)
>>1197829 not weak nerds, but there usually almost always portrayed has huge beasts and I'm talking about modern propaganda film, which usually has some racial element against the west >>1197861 >>168723497 I'm taking about scenes like this, where the old and physically weak chinese masters get beaten up and overpowered by large and muscularl white americans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cG92WqIAqc
(5.52 MB ipman.png)
>>1198026 as i said, action/kungfu films like ip man are made for action fans and privately funded, they are commercial films and not ccp propaganda films. ccp films exist too, e.g. 1921, Founding of A Party, Founding of An Army, Founding of A Republic, kek see a pattern? Ccp propaganda films are usually chinese government-funded and related to the Chinese Civil war, ww2, korean war but the main character is always the ccp and its leaders not some kungfu dude unrelated to CCP. ip man was cringe imo because of the white baddie stereotype (doubt the real yip man ever fought any british boxers, it's subtle propaganda to express how colonial overlords bullied the locals), but at least they don't go full racist and portray the white dude as a weakling? ultimately it's a kungfu movie and the fights are supposed to be evenly matched for excitement, you think asians want to see ip man beating a weakling like paul dano or? one of the movies starred mike tyson, the plot had ipman using wingchun kungfu against skilful boxers like tyson and darren shahlavi and proving wingchun is great self-defence (iirc the real ip man is supposed to be anti-violence and is forced to fight, and wingchun is used for self-defence) so there's no way they'll cast a skinny white twink. as i said, donnie yen worked with darren shahlavi over decades, authentic kungfu films dont use stunt doubles and cast only skilled fighters or mma dudes. why is it surprising that they are jacked? apparently darren shahlavi died recently at age 42 due to a heart attack triggered by his hip injury medication, as i said these dudes are actual mma trained stuntmen who have fans and are casted for their skills. it makes no sense to cast a skinny twink to make caucasians look bad, when moviegoers dont want to see jackie chan or donnie yen beat up a weakling for fun. people want to see the kungfu hero get picked on and then retailiate, saving innocent people from the big bully (usually a japanese war criminal, european colonial overlord, chinese gangster, thai drug lord etc etc kek), if the white baddie isnt a big burly bully how do they make the kungfu hero look like a nonviolent underdog who is forced to use his fighting skills? asian societies are all about espousing anti-violence as a moral value, so even if martial arts is popular, every single kungfu film has the hero as an underdog unwilling to fight but forced by a bigger bully in order to teach children that fighting is only OK in self defence.
(3.15 MB 827272w.png)
oops not recently, shahlavi died in 2015 according to donnie yens fb. from his name you can tell he's iranian so he's not even white even if he acted as a british boxer. >Shahlavi was born to Iranian immigrant parents at Stockport, Cheshire, England, on 5 August 1972. At the age of 7, he started studying Judo in a rented acting theatre, where he would arrive early to peek at the actors performing. After discovering the films of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, he dreamed of appearing in action films. At 16, Shahlavi started to pursue a career in film and got the attention of Hong Kong action cinema expert Bey Logan in the early 1990s. Shahlavi later moved to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. there's not so much a racial propaganda element as much as these stuntmen wanting to work in kungfu films and traveling to asia to audition and having mma training to choreograph fights or do improvised action scenes.
making foreigners into the bad guys, no matter whether it's done in american or chinese movies, is always racial propaganda most countries have stopped doing that ages ago, and for a good reason
>>1200591 >making foreigners into the bad guys is always racial propaganda do you also think it's racial propaganda for german nazis to be portrayed as evil for terrorising vichy france in inglorious basterds or for a jewish death squad to be glorifed for killing nazis? or for korean dramas like gasiktal or pachinko to portray japan as a colonial bully? some south american films address the brutality of spanish colonisation, e.g. aguirre too. it's not propaganda for a hongkong film to portray colonial powers that be as bullies if you studied history or the opium wars, and understood how hongkong came to become a british colony.
(2.64 MB hollywood.png)
>no matter whether it's done in american or chinese movies, is always racial propaganda you need to differentiate between hongkong films and chinese films, maybe you can't tell but ip man is a cantonese language film and that makes it fundamentally different to a mandarin chinese movie. it's like english and french, they are both descendants of latin but different. hongkong cinema has declined a lot because after 1997 hk directors, crew and actors realise the mainland chinese market's potential and cheaper labour costs, and relocated their production studios to beijing or shanghai. hongkong is just 7 million, china is 1.4billion so cantonese films are getting outnumbered by chinese films but ip man is a cantonese film aka it's uniquely from a hongkong perspective. a ccp propaganda film would only be in standard mandarin chinese, never a regional dialect like cantonese or sichuanese. also the difference is that hollywood films use racist stereotypes to justify us wars and military intervention abroad, theres no reason for white americans to hate asians, latinos, europeans or blacks considering asia or africa never colonised usa. white americans are descendants of colonisers and their victims are the american tribes, but how often do you see an american movie portray the tragic history of native american massacres & land seizures and show the european coloniser's bruality? never. instead hollywood portrays russians/germans/asians/latinos/brits/arabs as baddies even if usa is the one waging wars around the world and americans have never experienced invasions in mainland usa unlike native american tribes, hongkongers, chinese, koreans, even japanese who got nukes. theres nothing wrong with a formerly colonised country portraying their own painful history but usa portrays the european colonisers as heroes and foreigners as villains when they should be showing white americans as villains and native americans as the victims of colonisation who lost their voice and is still currently unable to show their own perspective of their tragic history in hollywood.
(4.27 MB angelababy.gif)
>>1195299 joey wong and carman lee are almost 60 and semi retired since the 90s, its harsh to judge them for muscle loss due to aging. truth is, actresses like dilreba, angelababy, carman lee, joey wong are mainly known for their beauty and not their acting skills, they have to maintain their youthfulness as long as possible to maximise their casting opportunities in "pretty FL" roles. if you're a serious actor you can get leading roles even if you aren't conventionally pretty and bigger-sized and the general public will praise you e.g. sandra ma in you are my hero although she mostly does film roles. i mostly watch c-indie films and awardwinning dramas; most active older c-actresses who are popular or awardwinners look pretty normie: qin hailu, ma yili, yolanda yuan, fan bingbing, zhou xun, hai qing, hao lei, ma sichun, tong yao, sun li, liu tao, jiang xin (she's known for being chubby), wu yue, sandrine pinna, jiang wenli (china's most charismatic older actress and doyenne along with kara hui), vicky chen, song jia, tang wei (heard she was amazing in park chan wook's latest film decision to leave), bai baihe, yao chen, yan ni, yu nan and gwei lunmei (i'd watch her in anything). google them, they are charismatic actors even if they aren't skelly like angelababy (who relies on her visuals not her acting to get roles, and who can blame her).
(5.07 MB dreamofsplen.gif)
speaking of chubby older c-actors, anyone here watched liu yifei's dream of splendor? it has rave reviews for its female director & screenwriter combo tackling a novel based on lower class women in ancient china, and chenxiao & liu yifei's steamy chemistry. it's rated 8.8 on douban which surprised me considering yifei is known for weak acting despite her beauty, is she finally turning into a serious actor?
(6.08 MB splendor.gif)
https://dramapotatoe.com/c-dramas-airing-may-28-june-3-first-impressions-a-dream-of-splendor-ordinary-greatness-and-miss-buyer/ >A Dream of Splendor is actually partially inspired by a Yuan Dynasty zaju by playwright Guan Hanqing. The story tells of a young courtesan named Song Yinzhang, who finds herself tricked and trapped in an abusive marriage with Zhou She. She writes a letter to her good friend Zhao Pan’er, a prostitute, who comes up with a plan to trick Zhou She into signing divorce papers and freeing Yinzhang. In other words, A Dream of Splendor is inspired by a story of women who are considered to be of low status in society, using their intelligence and courage to help and save each another. And since the initial announcement of the project, the production team has promoted this as a female-centric drama, with a female director-scriptwriter team leading the way (which, believe it or not, is a first for a prominent female-centric drama, modern or historical). the only annoyance is that they changed yifei's role from a prostitute who paid for her fiance's studies and got abandoned to a 'teahouse owner' lol, but chen xiao's great in ancient dramas and always smexy ill prob check it out.
(93.52 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpeg)
What are some of your best Cdramas of all time nonas? I'll narrow mine to 5 that are must watch. 1. Love and Redemption- This is just liked by almost everyone and its for a reason. The side characters and plots are interesting and it grapples with the question of good and evil. For some reason this one remains so deep in my heart despite there being similar dramas around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XR_N0HKaRok 2. Tribes and Empires: storm of prophecy- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz6kLWsEsAg This is excellent and dreamy and very well done. Has different protagonists and tribes/clans and a lot of warfare and politics mixed in with magical/mystical elements. 3. The longest day in Changan- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4jyzHIKEEA This is a top tier drama with top tier acting, costumes and cinematography. The characters are more realistic than the typical dreamy C-leads and villains but it's a must watch. More historical and political than having mystical elements. 4. The Untamed- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ldvydu34Is Loved by almost everyone and for a reason. This is a drama with no romance but a mystery that unfolds throughout. It's a very mystical and beautiful drama with tons of dreamy and heartbreaking characters. 5. Princess Agents- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc9UjvrSGQs A very interesting plot and pretty heartbreaking. The plot and setting are kind of traumatizing ngl. The male lead is swoon worthy and there is lots of politics and rage in this one.
(2.15 MB leoluo.gif)
>>1209902 zanilia and kenny lin are collaborating again i think? loved princess agents until shawn dou's prince turned dark, the evil eyeliner was ?! and his original persona was so cute. my top 5: >war: battle of changsha https://youtu.be/q_HqKViUHA4 led me to discover yangzi, daylight entertainment, kong sheng, hou hongliang. the whole cast was amazing. from this i discovered other daylight ent dramas: nirvana in fire, minglan, minning town, the bond, but only battle of changsha makes me cry on rewatch. >seminal novel: white deer plain https://youtu.be/5vy7XXLPpY8 an ambitious and successful adaptation of a novel that spans 50 years and for me is chinas best literary work in the post ccp years along with yu hua's 'to live' and mo yan's 'red sorghum' which was also adapted into a great drama starring zhou xun https://youtu.be/zh55pwzBNag love red sorghum but seeing white deer plain faithfully adapted is amazibg since the movie was ehhh. sadly nobody wants to make 'to live' into a cdrama due to how amazing the film is. >crime: the long night rare drama featuring prosecutors that doesnt make me cringe, johnny bai went from promising talent to serious actor in this. bad kids, day & night and burning ice are also great crime dramas. >time-travel: starling by each step https://youtu.be/_ipr0-l1uvg so good i bought the novel, still havent seen the kdrama remake scarlet heart because of the ending. >xianxia: ashes of love https://youtu.be/EfsvIfwNB14 everyone acted their socks off to elevate the characters which were less likeable in the novel, leo luo and allen deng went from nugu to top mls. my previous fantasy fave was journey of flower, zanillia acted her socks off.
i am loving chengxiao on great dance crew. i'm a casual fan and i wish she would stick to traditional dance and music activities like this instead of acting so badly
>>1218553 Why not both? I like her actibg
>>1223892 *acting
(91.05 KB 536x1057 FU90yYmVEAAYK8H.jpeg)
god, i just watched the tanshang video and it's beyond horrifying. the scrotes attacking her are the worst of chinese moids, ugly, smoking, sweaty meatheads...ugh whenever shit like this happens in china people bring up the good samaritian law, but that absolutely has nothing to do with that. it's one thing to be too scared to step in, but a completely different story to actually get up and join in on the beating! while going in he said that he's gonna rape her at the side of the road. when he started assaulting her, immediately men from outside ran in and smashed her friend with a chair, then they dragged them outside by their hair and men from 2 tables joined in and later more men from inside went out and joined as well! one was in such a "must!beat!more!femalez!"-frenzy that he brutally decked his own gf on her head from behind. another lady tries to help but her bf bodily drags her away. the restaurant owner is some aunty who also tried to step in (and luckily wasn't hurt). so only women helping women - but in the end it's useless against many more moids... i want to vomit. this comment is so true >As many users are pointing out: this isn't a woman who was by herself. She wasn't wearing revealing clothing. She wasn't provoking anyone. She was just with friends, minding her own business, enjoying a meal, at a restaurant. but nevertheless... and this is what moids don't get, women have to be scared of going outside, eating, literally just existing because of them!
>>1224784 nona is this about the girl who was getting harrassed the resturant by scrotes and when other women tried to help her they started to attack them as well? i can see why there are so many chinese feminists who practice 6b4t. this is horrifying
>>1224810 what is 6b4t?
>>1224810 yes i didn't post the video because it's really brutal
(72.15 KB 828x704 20220612_113702.jpg)
>>1224816 its basically a radfem movement where women remove patriachy/men from their lives in response to extreme misogyny. a lot of korean radfems also follow it too
(164.65 KB 1673x417 Screenshot (280).png)
just saw that there was another similar incident in shanghai there a man hacked a woman to death on an open road while nobody did anything but film. there absolutely must be stricter laws to protect women and to force people (men!) to step in obviously don't click if you can't see blood https://twitter.com/ppppppwha/status/1535278965375619072
>>1224822 >>1224784 i just watched this video and i’m genuinely speechless. i just feel so sick and helpless for that poor girl and the other women who tried to help her.
>>1225103 what the actual fuck. no one even tried to call the police to get him to stop? that poor woman
>>1225262 they eventually stopped him but most say the lady died, so it was too late. way too many passed by without at least trying to distract him.
>Immortality trended again because more supporting cast were added to the list on Tencent Video i'm so pathetic sisters, i keep being delulu hoping that it airs...
never saw that bts pic before cute
who would be your dream cast for svsss nonas? shen yuan would fit luo yunxi again but i feel like luo binghe is too unreal for any actor. nobody who's both that much of a chad but also young and cute comes to my mind
(50.70 KB 791x565 3765406635.jpeg)
back when kris' scandal broke my first thought was that hopefully he didn't do anything to the little girl he was on a variety show with. turns out he did creep on her but angelababy protected her multiple times >Kris saw Jinmai trying on a new outfit and praised her cute looks. When Kris took Jinmai’s hand and said he wanted to take her home, Angelababy interrupted, “Is she your daughter?” as if she was trying to emphasize their age gap. >As Kris was responsible for driving the cast around the city, he tried to get Jinmai to sit in the passenger seat. Netizens noticed that she may have been uncomfortable, and tried to deflect the invitation by asking, “So I would be focused on talking to you?” Angelababy also made a snide comment that she did not think Jinmai wanted to sit in the front. >Kris was busy setting up the scene while Jinmai was chosen to work outside. Through the camera angles, a hand was seen trying to reach out to Jinmai but when Kris saw this, he rushed over and tried to touch the actress. Angelababy, who was sitting nearby, spoke out to stop the unnecessary physical contact. the worst thing is that back then she got shit for this, got called jealous of their cp and so on
>>1248212 nah iirc angelababy got praised by everyone online for standing up for jinmai, and she got praised again after kris wu's scandal. she looks like a princess but is quite tomboyish
>>1248212 man how old is she? it would be bad even with an older girl but she looks v young
>>1248336 zhao jinmai is 19 years old
>>1248456 but during this show she was 17!
i recently skipped through an episode of angelababy's and lai guanlin's drama and their age difference isn't really that noticeable. i haven't yet watched a full drama of hers but i feel like she's in the same situation as unu, not really good at acting but way less cringy than people make it out to be. she doesn't stand out in a negative way at all, the rest is just as mid as her, she just gets that much criticism because she's so pretty and popular. for somebody who's on tv so often she also didn't really have any scandals or attitude controversies, while even somebody like (usually) classy yangmi was already caught hitting.
>>1248653 yes, that's what makes this even more disgusting. i share the same birth year with angel, and as a former fan of kris when i was younger it made me sick. it's really gross and disturbing how he had zero shame to leer at her on camera. i'm glad that angelababy protected her. god knows what he would try to do off camera if he had the gall to do that while filming
>>1248874 i always saw kris as the mature member in exo. to find out that he sees girls younger than me as too old...ewww even back then i already found all those fans saying he's like a big bro taking care of her kinda weird
(78.97 KB 1060x596 20220604193809-2ef61dac.jpg)
>>1248745 angelababy is ok if you ignore the rumors that she married huang xiaoming to build connections in china's acting industry because she had no acting background. most people myself included think shes a bad actress who gets jobs via connections, there was one episode of Adventure Life https://youtu.be/Mb55AnZZg_g where she was supposed to follow a 70+year old poor rural farmer who cycles around the world for charity and angelababys attitude was so awful everyone got on her case and questioned why she was recruited for the show. Adventure Life is a ratings champion because it's about ordinary folk doing extraordinary things and each episode a celeb joins their cause to go on the journey of an environmentalist, a youth campaigner, a charity cyclist etc. angelababy said she had her period and refused to camp outdoors, overslept, gave up while cycling halfway because she wanted to hitchhike, to the point the director asked her why she agreed to join the show. the grandpa cyclist cycled by himself because she overslept and camped outdoors by himself because she wanted to sleep at a bed and breakfast. most of the episode focused on angelababy not the old dude. it completely shattered her good image and although shes tomboyish and outdoorsy (she recently posted a skateboard gif and everyone praised her for being cool) it just shows shes just a spoiled princess
https://www.jaynestars.com/news/angelababys-princess-syndrome-revealed-in-variety-show-adventure-life/ kek i actually watched that episode and her attitude was so bad it seemed the director was worried the show would catch flak and started criticising angelababy on camera and the crew aired it. >the show’s director was dissatisfied with Angelababy’s performance, saying, “I realize you give up very easily; are you guys here to cycle or sit in a car?” He also berated her for affecting the schedule by taking much time to prepare and do make-up, which went against the spirit of the show to reveal the genuine side of artistes. To this, Angelababy rebutted by saying, “This is respecting the viewers she shouldve been given an easy mission distributing flyers for campaigners in cities, not shadowing a cyclist in the outback but she def hoped to create a tough girl image on the show and it backfired. after that nobody was willing to hire her due to her unprofessionalism hence why she's filming with lai guanlin not other famous actors her age
(1.50 MB 676x1080 3634538363847.mp4)
yangmi's bad attitude really surprised me, i always thought she maintains and monitors herself really strictly. during one incident she was late for an interview and then proceeded to slap away the camera. her costar then told her that it's a live recording. to distract about her previous behavior she got up two times more and again pushed the camera away (acting as if it's just a joke? trying to destroy evidence?) then she called over a dumbfounded reba like some mean big boss and told her to anounce something. and afterwards the poor staff who did the livestream got fired thanks to her... some say she's an alcoholic (she certainly acted that way) or she's just arrogant with a god complex. at first i always thought that the criticism she gets for not raising her baby is unfair, because this shouldn't be solely a woman's job but she should also not act like some bad deadbeat dad.
(3.22 MB 1142x1080 583638447384.mp4)
>>1250210 so uncomfortable their age difference is supposedly just 5 years but i always thought she must be older. at least she acts that way
>>1250262 >>1250210 why are you suddenly bringing up yangmi, are you angelababy fan? yangmis way more respected in the industry than angelababy because of jaywalk studio is a successful film production business. as for dilreba, dilreba's boss/ceo is yangmi regardless of their age. dilreba got signed to her agency after graduation along with vengo gao, leon zhang, vin zhang and yangmi let them debut in supporting roles in her own popular dramas.(10 miles of peach blossoms), then promoted them into lead acting roles by producing dramas for them. vengo, dilreba, leon and vin are all stars in their own right and not flops so yangmi has done well to debut younger talents and turn them into stars (lots of actors try to start their own agency but fail unlike her, even professional agencies like huayi brothers cant guarantee success), without yangmi dilreba wouldnt have achieved her fame as easily and could've turned out to be a nugu like hanikezi. rebas role as the fox fairy in TMOBP is what shot her to fame. people watched that drama due to yangmi acting and producing it, and yangmis firm produced the pillow book with reba as the lead too. im sure reba may leave jaywalk studio someday but yangmi is one of the very few actors both male and female who successfully started her own production firm and talent agency and made stars out of younger talents. she continues to act despite having a huge net worth and successful biz, most likely because her dramas are popular and she can debut new talents in side roles. more actresses need to aspire to be successful production firm ceos so the industry is less male dominated.
>>1250210 have you heard of the rumor of yangmi liking women? what do you think nona
>>1250741 her new beau is actor wei daxun
>>1250661 wtf girl, you sperg out like you're on her paycheck yangmi was mentioned just a few posts ago and i wasn't saying anything about her talent/fame? but personalitywise she's an asshole just because yangmi made her doesn't mean that she can treat reba or the others like some regina george
if you praise her to the heavens that she's such a successful businesswoman, then you also have to accept that she's 99.9% likely to be ruthless. she's simply a classic diva, you can admire her but caping for her would be dumb. for example pic is her lowly assistant squatting down and wanting to put on a shoe - and then having to wait for ages til the queen was gracious enough to lift her foot.
(255.25 KB 1600x1066 30c9b360adbd1c7379974166d465ea4d.jpg)
>>1251307 >ruthless >lowly assistant squatting putting on her shoe shes no better or worse than 100% of celebs who hire personal assistants. all kpop artists get babied the same way, they have assistants buying them food they want 247 because they cant go in public. it's fishy that after a comment about angelebaby's unprofessional attitude and refusal to cycle alongside a 70 year old guest, someone posts a long tirade against yangmi for 1) looking 'ruthless' whatever it means 2) appearing snooty on camera. what does ruthless even mean, did she kill someone? kek you can't even post a controversy where she did something wrong objectively and are making up shit like "she looks arrogant in front of her employees" like duh she's a boss do you expect her to grovel. vengo gao is older than yangmi and i bet he treats her like a boss too because shes a majority shareholder of jaywalk studio and signed him when he was nugu.
>>1251371 >you can't even post a controversy where she did something wrong objectively Slapping the camera out of a staff's hand thrice and then getting her fired IS wrong, nona.
>>1251453 is there an article on what happened? the only thing i know yangmi gets criticised for is not going to hk often to see her daughter who lives with hawick's parents. back then yangmi moved to hongkong and gave birth there like a lot of rich chinese folks because hongkong residency status entails better lifestyle standards and less censorship than china, but i doubt they'll ever let yangmi get custody as hawicks parents dont want to have to travel to china to see their grandkid and the girl is raised by her grandparents to speak cantonese already.
the entertainment industry needs more female ceos; yangmi owns her own production company where she buys the ip rights of content to create dramas centred on strong FL roles (she said she started her company because she wanted better roles for herself and was worried lead roles will dry up as she aged) and instructs scriptwriters how to adapt plays. if you think shes ruthless, well sadly most older actresses in c-ent, kent, hollywood aren't as ambitious or capable as yangmi to ensure that theyll get plum roles by starting a film production company. every actor male or female would copy her if they can, which actor wouldnt want to pick their own script and cast? nobody calls male ceos ruthless but when it's a woman people get misogynistic. if gidle soyeon became an agency ceo and successful soloist while producing songs for othere, is she ruthless too? more women need to be ruthless then, what loser shits on female ceos in a male dominated industry? yangmi doesn't even plagiarise unlike yu zheng, idc if shes arrogant at least she creates jobs and passes skills down to young actors. entertainment is so male dominated nobody calls out jay park, lay zhang,kris wu or old scrote ceos for being useless lechers, its not like she raped a minor or plagiarised anything. she also showed she's more capable than most agencies or celebs her age by signing dilreba and tailoring roles for her, all the dramas that made dilreba famous were produced by jaywalk studio https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiaxing_Media#Television_series >pretty li huizhen, flames daughter, eternal love, eternal love of dream, sweet dreams most actors aren't even capable of turning themselves into stars,if a top star is willing to create roles and dramas for a nugu uyghur actress and mould her into chinas #1 young actress, she deserves plaudits for her eye for talent. no other actress of dilreba's age has got so many memorable lead roles, 100% of actresses eveywhere not just china wish they had an agency that produced tailor-made dramas for them the way jaywalk gave dilreba lead roles since 2014. most talent agencies don't produce dramas and just sign up their actors for auditions. without jaywalk dilreba is nothing.
>>1251474 sa, theres definitely still beef between her and hawick plus his family because he was caught by paparazzi inside a female costars room at night and claimed he was just rehearsing. his parents are famous actors and defended his behaviour to reporters saying hawick didn't cheat but yangmi and hawick divorced shortly after. most cnetz view her as the victim and see hawicks parents as biased and mean to their daughter-in-law, hence even if yangmi is criticised for mostly skyping her daughter and not visiting much, cnetz think its awkward for her to visit hawick's parents because they defended his cheating. yangmi also can't uproot her child to china if she's happy in hk and speaks cantonese not mandarin, if shes like most hongkongers shell be raised to dislike china lol
>>1251487 meds yourself. tbh i cant even stand yangmis acting, it's why she got typecast in eyecandy roles before she founded her own company, but starting her own firm is a boss move. bae yongjun's keyeast is just a talent agency and he's hailed as a big ceo, yangmi's firm produces quality dramas for talents in her own agency and people shit on her for being 'ruthless' as if she isn't keeping many families fed. shes done a lot more than most actor or idol agencies by guaranteeing tv roles to talents who sign for her firm, most of them debut in jaywalk dramas then branch out to non-jaywalk dramas once they are popular. yangmi used to be in yuzheng's agency (huanyu's producer ceo) and he's credited for turning zanilia zhao, yang mi, xu kai, wu jinyan into stars because his studio produced dramas for his talent agency. its a very profitable biz model so yangmi started her own firm after learning from yuzheng. both their companies centre on female focused dramas as well.
https://theqoo.net/index.php?mid=hot&filter_mode=normal&page=2&document_srl=2496040385 kuanlins kiss scenes with angelababy trended on theqoo, hes still a maknae baby in everyone's eyes
>>1251951 the maknae baby willingly fucks 30yos in his free time, no need to feel sorry kek yang mi x xu kai look more awkward, reminds me of kate beckinsale x pete davidson, an angry mom getting her son from the principals office
>>1252007 wiping his mouth in front of her after their kiss oof
>>1252010 isn't it probably to not have her lipstick on him
>>1252016 probably but fans still found it rude or at least very awkward
(6.23 MB 1228x3859 abym.png)
https://dramapanda.com/2022/03/yang-mi-greets-gal-pals-liu-shishi-and-angelababy-on-their-birthdays.html it's silly to pit ab against ym, theyre always together at events and are close pals who hang irl, even moreso after their divorces.
(6.34 MB 1316x3829 ymab.png)
zhao lusi's dancing, flying and fighting is so embarrassing, just her giving us nothing and a bunch of special effects. her sleeves in who rules the world did nothing but make people compare her to liu yifei who was just a teen yet did already everything by herself.
>>1254126 this is before the editing
>>1254117 lusi is an amateur gymnast i think. are people not tired of pitting ab v ym and now lusi v yifei jeez
(4.68 MB 600x338 67aa11a891.gif)
https://youtu.be/XSoDQch7OeE does anybody else hate this too? it's as if "jokingly" complaining about the actress' weight in the bts is mandatory now. so pathetic, especially when super tall moids like vengo gao or chen feiyu do it. even the heaviest actresses are hardly 50kg, that's like a mother claiming she can't carry her 5yo child. my friends are certainly fatter than zhao liying and i nevertheless can easily lift them. luo yunxi is the only respectable one, he's super short and likely weighs at most 10kg more than his female partners and nevertheless always tries his best without ever complaining. with the amount of effort actresses put into their looks, the least actors could do is go to the gym sometime.
is there any dirt on yixing? i feel like there must be, at least some rumors but i never see anything on twitter/ig etc
I never saw anything either. Back in the day he had that infamous anti-fanclub with over a million members who mostly accused him of faking his personality. Nowadays he also gets called fake-nice and fake-patriotic but he always immediately sues. Other than that his fans are fighting with Yangzi's fans because of their dating rumors and with Yibo's fans because Yibo won a dancing show instead of Yixing. And supposedly he demands extra editing because he's a perfectionist. But that's it. So, at worst he's an ass, dates Yangzi and doesn't care about China.
>>1258331 is that dilraba carrying yang mi?
>>1258331 reba jiejie...
(1.77 MB 4000x3000 764685976579575.jpg)
>>1261188 ages ago they said they want to do a gl, but it never happened
(6.84 MB 600x269 jggfhkgfhghghghg.gif)
this drama is giving next level shit acting
(363.77 KB 1064x471 kssjbgjsdsjb.png)
>>1274532 and next to her overating you have this pumped up chinese kardashian who doesn't move a single muscle but pop open her eyes and let some fake tears run down her beat face kek
>>1274541 she looks like if kylie jenner played the female lead in a british period drama. her face looks plastic and unrealistic as fuck. i'm so disappointed she got cast in every upcoming xianxia drama i'm interested in.
(44.17 KB 1012x617 t01863c18945967db33.jpg)
>>1275562 your pic is probably her best in years she already looked sus in the untamed, but now at only 26 she reached scary ps addict level
>>1275642 completely unrecognizable she got ps so early before she had any career, her parents must be rich
can i talk about genshin here
jackson yee of tfboys was exposed for having scary godlevels of privilege and backing: >his dad is the chairman of the biggest company that sells weibo accounts. in total, he owns 6 water general companies. this means fans of other celebs pay his dad to hype up their favs >'taking over the comments' and 'data work' (mass comment/like/forward posts) for idols started with tf boys >he got a position in a government theatre group and mysteriously before he applied the written exam requirement was removed >changed his age to be able to attend elementary school (weird?) >middle school: he failed 2 classes but entered a top high school that only allowed A/B grades. The school also is only for students from Changsha, while he was from another city >High school -> uni: he had a private exam, no published grades or performance video (which other idols have) for anybody who isn't either a little child or a pedo it was always a mystery anyway, how 3 random little boys could get so fame
>>1315613 if it was the other 2 tfboys roy or karry wang, it may stick but jackson yee could be kicked out of beijing film academy rn and still be a successful top actor due to his acting skills. just watch better days, longest day in changan or nice view, he's the fugliest tfboy but its what makes him a great actor with the ability to do both teen or 30+yo roles. thus even if he flunked some exams his fans will prob say it was because he was an idol (true idk how tfboys manage school since nct dream dropped out of sopa) and his acting talent is clear to see which explains how he managed to ace his auditions. im gonna go out on a limb here and say he will be the most successful actor in his graduating class no question, and will become a multiple best actor award winner since hes already been nominated thrice at age 21
(3.15 MB 349x451 ecac81484708ae56f719.gif)
>changed his age to be able to attend elementary school makes sense if hes older because he doesnt look like an 2001er in films. his schtick is doing fug roles that contrast from his idol image, but hes already one of the actors the gp will go to cinemas to see because of his acting, so hes a big box office draw he doesnt need acting school kek
(1.19 MB 185x320 yyqx.gif)
hes one of those cute kids who grew up to be kinda fug
(725.53 KB 1080x1426 FWe1t1TVsAIHyff.jpeg)
so sad, the legendary life of queen lau was the first drama i enjoyed in a while and now it got taken down for using japanese costumes
(385.30 KB 1119x1080 FWe1O9hUAAARS77.jpeg)
>>1317007 and love like galaxy is in trouble too now for the same reason. why can't movie makers just stick to chinese clothes?
zhao lusi is so cute that she makes me seethe and the way he looks at her...hopefully she won't shit on him https://youtube.com/shorts/zNq8lsFnWp8?feature=share
>>1317009 >>1317007 costume designers need to take a history lesson or two before they work on cdramas
>>1317007 >>1317009 so is japanese clothing also getting crucified by cnets now? i saw something about a taiwanese singer should be blacklisted because she wore a kimono. is that the new thing now?
>>1318674 there a gazillion chinese dramas released each year (chinas drama output is like korean dramas x4 because theres just so many provincial channels) and the dramas that get into controversies are oft the historical fantasy dramas not based on accurate history or lowbudget webdramas. some dramas do it deliberately for attention e.g. go princess go. >>1318928 who?
(1.20 MB 2305x2048 7A1zMNbtxapZ.jpg)
https://dramapanda.com/2022/07/yang-mi-was-injured-during-filming-for-great-escape.html yangmi had to get stitches on her eye for an injury, wonder if itll affect the filming of fox fairy matchmaker's live action drama. this will sound mean but im bored of seeing yangmi as a fox for the billionth time even if she's the human fox spirit, was hoping someone else got casted as the lead in the first place.
(384.25 KB 1080x1511 FXXmpLNVUAAaJ9b.jpeg)
>fight on weibo between gaypop and cent fans >cent fans say they used uggo pics on purpose how are those unflattering? they just look more mature maybe i'm biased against bts (i definitely am kek) but i hate that no jaw fat lip look so much
>>1326972 when i see pictures like this i understand why gaypops need plastic surgery, left pics hardmog the right pics but only because of the surgery and makeup
>>1326974 pretty sure the chinese side also wears makeup, just a very different way more subtle style
(3.30 MB P882.png)
>>1326972 >left vs right >idol styling vs actor styling >2 block bowlcut vs visible forehead hairstyle >reddish lip gloss vs nude lips >earrings vs no accessories k-actors arent styled like idols too, its a given that c-actors don't wear red lip gloss or get bowlcuts to appear younger or feminine like idols. c-idols will def look more prissy.
(169.68 KB 1242x1541 EZo-Y_GUEAIBPDC.jpeg)
do you guys think reba got stuff done (other than different makeup/styling and losing lots of weight)? to me she looked much more "exotic" (sorry for the wording) when she was younger. here she looks like an arab girl
(146.45 KB 1000x1500 dilireba_renmeijiaobai-2.jpg)
>>1327497 and here like some white teen
>>1327497 i think reba is natty. just the makeup style and whitening and being a grown woman makes her look slightly diff in my opinion
(747.97 KB FIi3QLzVIAAO0_F.jpeg)
dilreba debuted in a uyghur drama on xinjiang tv before she was signed by yangmi's company, she looks the same as she did back then in long ballad, her brows and makeup looks more trendy now ofc
>>1327497 i've always thought her nose is fake. i mean, it looks fake, but maybe i'm wrong.
Welcoming our newest Chinese queen Jang Wonyoung into the thread. The girl just has just a lucky af fortune. One in a million body for an Asian and she can now fuck off to China and make 182830404 the money
>>1327498 she looks nothing like a white teen here... and no, i don't think reba got anything done. she just looks less exotic with chinese style makeup and hair.
>>1258331 Gengxin is an enormous man kekk he’s easily three times the size of any actress
>>1328136 idk if trolls are flooding the cent thread to diss c-actors or wony, dilreba's nose is infamously imperfect due to a dorsal hump, her side profile got snide remarks for being manly next to guan xiaotong but she never fixed it because it's unique. liu yifei also has a dorsal hump nose
>>1318554 Zhao Lusi is adorable and I hope she does dramas forever. I love seeing her on screen!
>>1327452 I hate the chinesevskorean looks debate. Honestly Japanese male actors win. Their looks are God tier and I have no idea how Japan keeps coming up with such insanely good-looking male actors. Korea only has Cha Eunwoo and Chinese male actors are a hit or miss. Some are good-looking but some are downright fucking ugly tbh.
(864.60 KB lyfdlrb.png)
both liu yifei and dilireba are known for being natty beauties with imperfect noses
wony being chinese is no surpise due to her face and skellyness, its clear shes tols to downplay it since p101 when mnet showed her chinese name as chang yuanying. her nationality is korean she wont ever work in china so please keep it to /kpop/
>>1328338 Nationality doesn't matter, she’s fully Chinese despite being in Korea for a couple generations. Plenty of Chinese actors have nationalities outside of China and are doing fine in China. If wony is smart she will enter the Chinese market. There are way more opportunities there and more money to be made.
>>1328306 love my jiejies >>1328338 nta i know you said keep it to /kpop/ but what part of china do you think her family is from nona? i wonder if this will boost her popularity in china even more. she has a bunch on chinese fangirls that are always on her fansign calls
>>1328380 >fully Chinese ??? aren't her parents mixed
>>1328397 >>1328380 >if wony is smart shell work in china she'll get hate from koreans if she works in china please stfu. also shes taiwanese chinese, so her parents or grandparents were most likely from southern china (taiwan was originally a country of austronesian aborginals until southern chinese immigrants sailed from fujian or guangdong) like um kuanlin tzuyu shuhua xiaojun kun svt jun? doubt she'll work in china not everyone wants to court controversy
>>1328430 Not 100% confirmed but latest rumors say that her dad is fully Chinese and her parents were part of Chinese organizations in Korea. Also I highly doubt they she’s mixed 1. She looks Chinese. Especially in early debut she straight up looked Chinese. 2. Koreans hate Chinese in Korea and intermixed marriages to a Chinese are not something desirable especially in her grandfathers generation. Her dad could have married a Korean woman but usually when a group is discriminated against in a foreign country they tend to stick to their own group and rarely intermix.
>koreans hate chinese in korea and intermixed marriages to a chinese are not something desirable bs, wony is prob mixed even if her dad and granddad are chinese. chinese are called hwagyo and form a sizeable minority in korea (as do koreans in china like renjun, the joseonjok); jun jihyun is ethnically chinese even former south korean presidents like roh moohyun and roh taewoo are ethnic chinese which would be impossible if chinese were hated in the past. koreas antichinese/hanbok/kimchi issues caught on due to the thaad fallout in 2015 that led to china banning kpop, korean exports and caused koreans to experience economic loss due to an export shrink. before thaad koreans saw china as a lucrative neighbouring market to trade with and liked china more than japan, now koreans hate all their neighbours lol. nonkoreans also didnt hate china until trump's trade war heightened us-china tensions and made us allies like uk canada japan korea distance themselves from china. people l act like china was always hated for some odd reason when korea itself consumes a ton of cdramas (heechul was a fan of bambi zhus wuxia drama), chinese culture like chopsticks, traditional art, hanja names, confucianism, taoism to the extent the korean flag has chinese yinyang and trigram symbols. many of the most popular food in korea is chinese: jajangmyun, ramyeon, jjampong, hotteok, tangsuyuk, mandu, bubble tea. weirdly enough despite frosty relations with china, malatang is the trendiest food in korea rn and baek jongwon a korean chinese chef is very popular.
i prefer earlier reba with cute/plain styling being so skelly does her no favor, same as her new makeup. she already has strong features, no cheek fat and stark white foundation just makes her look harsh and the bright red lipstick everybody wears nowadays makes your lips look thin af >>1328204 and yet he complains...
>>1328509 >chinese culture like chopsticks, traditional art, hanja names, confucianism, taoism honestly i think with things like these it's like ancient latin/roman influence in europe. they set a lot of the foundations that we could build our identity off of but in no way do i identify myself as roman or a modern day italian that's just silly
>>1328598 >identify as roman or modern italian thats a dumb take, nobody expects koreans to identify as chinese. the point is that koreans always consumed a lot of chinese culture and still do. popular cdramas air in korea on cable tv with korean subtitles. nationalists even claim koreans dont need to attribute the hanbok to ming dynasty clothes because the ming dynasty is no longer around, many koreans like to ignore how much chinese culture they appropriate and even when chinese relations are bad recently, malatang, glass noodles, bubble tea spread like wildfire in korea https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/2022/02/24/culture/foodTravel/malatang-korea-2022-beijing-olympics/20220224164048840.html in the last couple of years many idols film themselves eating malatang, even chenle's family opened a malatang biz in korea to capitalise on the trend. maybe chenle plans to settle in korea like wony's parents since he bought a house and has a business. a lot of chinese or joseonjok work, date, or marry it just isnt news.
>>1328688 oh so thats why dream often mentions malatang kek
(931.32 KB 929.png)
>>1328281 >japanese male actors win you troll but even one of the fugliest young comedians liu haoran can mog kento yamazaki (and zhou xun mogs yu aoi despite being way older), j-actors are cute and quirky but their visuals are homelier than korean/chinese actors. even in kpop j-idols are rarely visuals (asahi , sana, mina) but c-idols are often the visuals: 2win tzuyu xiaoting yanan jun luhan tao hendery jackson lucas kuanlin victoria yiren yibo kyulkyung sungso shuhua. >older k-actors (won bin, song seungheon, go soo, jo insung, kang dongwon) mog older chinese actors (hu ge, eddie peng, shawn dou, kenny lin, han dong, luo jin, zhu yilong) >younger chinese actors (simon gong, xu kai, leo luo, song weilong, jing boran, joseph zeng, deng lun, yibo, xiao zhan, greg hsu, leo wu, yangyang, arthur chen, xing zhaolin, zhang linghe) mog younger korean actors (yeo jingoo, song kang, rowoon, unu, nam joohyuk, ahn hyoseop, 2pm junho) that's q prevailing sentiment, even knetz sites question why older koreans actors like song hyekyo, jun jihyun, song joongki are more striking than the post90s batch where eunwoo, han seohee, bogum are standouts and the rest are soso. china has more diverse and competitive visuals than korea due to its size, j actors are cute but tiny even yamapi is short. their styling is also too scruffy.
>>1329545 >you troll but even one of the fugliest young comedians liu haoran can mog kento yamazaki nta and not agreeing with her general statement but you're blind too. you say he's a comedian, reality is that he's an only 24yo actor starring in romances. yamazaki kento is older, slimmer, has a smaller face, bigger eyes, full lips, nice skin, not a pig nose, not a longass philtrum, and so on...he has tons of fans in china too. liu haoran is only tall (much taller than chinese entertainers), but that's it. and zhou xun can mog every chinese actress as well. normal people can acknowledge that every country has both normies and beautiful people.
(160.20 KB 600x899 Shotasometani.jpg)
>>1333924 ??? kento yamazaki is hailed as a top visual and would be mogged worse by any other chinese heartthrob. liu haoran is bashed for his looks and privilege, hes popular for the detective chinatown comedy series directed by chen sicheng (he debuted in chen's 1st film beijing love story, since then liu haoran starred in all of chen sicheng's comedies because chen is his mentor and the dude behind his fame. everyone knows liu haoran isnt particularly talented or handsome but gets huge roles because chen sicheng sees him as someone who he plucked from obscurity and polished himself. fyi chen is the smarmy cheater exhusband of tong liya, who also starred in all his films), if not for chen sicheng he'd be a nugu. liu haoran is 2wins classmate in both beijing dance academy and central academy of drama, 2win mogs him visually but liu has a rubber face and can play an everyman due to yaeba teeth (how japanese) that he doesn't fix because it helps him do naive idiot roles in comedies like wang baoqiang, another top comedian who stars in chen sicheng films. it wouldn't surprise me if chen told liu haoran not to fix his teeth for comedic effect even if cnetz mock him endlessly, liu haoran treats chen like his own dad which is sus since chens an unrepentant cheater. i use to wonder why liu haoran gets big film roles when his visuals are very midtier compared to leo wu, xu kai, song weilong, oliver chen, ryan ding, arthur chen, xu kaicheng, well chen sicheng is well connected and gets a cut from his gigs having discovered him. this whole arrangement is exactly the same as liu haocun's relationship with zhang yimou, im not a fan of either since they feel like industry plants. at least liu haocun has the looks. >japanese actors are short manlets who look homely picrel huang xuan isn't known for his visuals at all in cent (hes a serious uncle actor not a heartthrob) but he mogs shota sometani despite being way older. dont even have to look at actors, in nct wayv mogs the japanese neos, in pentagon as well. japanese girlpops are adorable and less brutally mogged ill give you that.
>>1335490 >m-muh superior chinese genetics! fuck off hitlerchan
>>1336851 well this is the c-ent thread but a jpop fan was sperging about god tier japs in >>1328281, either trolling deliberately or wanting to see mog pics kek >Honestly Japanese male actors win. Their looks are God tier and I have no idea how Japan keeps coming up with such insanely good-looking male actors. >hitlerchan kek the irony, as if japan isnt a country still denying ww2 crimes for subjugating half of asia with yamato race supremacist theories? this is japans 1st prime minister post ww2: >https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobusuke_Kishi One of Kishi's closest friends and business partners, the yakuza gangster Yoshio Kodama, summed up his boss's thinking about the Chinese as follows: "We Japanese are like pure water in a bucket; different from the Chinese who are like the filthy Yangtze river. But be careful. If even the smallest amount of shit gets into our bucket, we become totally polluted. Since all the toilets in China empty into the Yangtze, the Chinese are soiled forever. We, however, must maintain our purity". japan really thinks they are different from the rest of continental asia due to an isolated islander mindset, japanese generals claimed they were freeing my ex british colony country from colonialism so we would not be slaves to white people while massacring millions of asians who werent japanese and forcing girls to become comfort women sex slaves for the japanese army. china isnt some saintly land but chinese leaders are all about oppressing other chinese citizens since its a huge country of >1.4billion and controlling china is hard, india is the same. you dont even have to genocide chinese people the ccp caused famines and created the one child policy with enforced abortions kek, do you think thats a country with racial supremacism? india is the same with female infanticides.
>>1337440 tldr jmoid hitlerchans need to stop posting how god tier they are, jfoids are cute kumbaya world peace shalala
ccpfag i explain it slowly >1 nona posting 1 post about japanese actors being better =/= sperging >you posting a gazillion longass posts spewing racist shit = sperging
ANYWAYS is anyone watching Love like the Galaxy? It's not all what I expected and I really like it so far. The only issue is taht I kind of dislike the male lead. Usually the male lead is very dreamy but Leo's characters is just so stone like and brutal I don't even want him to end up with Lusi at this point.
(304.91 KB 210.jpg)
why are schizoweebs who have zero to say about c-ent trolling the c-ent thread about godtier jmoids or posting racist offtopic gifs of black-dudes-not-reading? fuck off to the dead j-ent thread if you love jmoids, not everyone finds them hot and for the nth time japanese girls are attractive dont racialise it kumbaya >>1337720 apparently its by the team behind story of minglan? i dont watch dramas that are airing in case the ending sucks, but yep leo wu's role as a general here is too similar to long ballad. he should be doing more films (over liu haoran, yes) because hes tried almost everything in dramas be it wuxia, xianxia, disabled gamer, retro entrepreneur, gay dude, general.
>>1337656 she'll never understand nona, don't bother. she hasn't stopped since the kris wu case happened
>>1337816 malding
we are saving up for kazuha and klee
>>1337915 we are saving up for heizou actually
>>1337915 >>1338805 you are both wrong we are saving up for zhongli
(563.19 KB 1190x486 548z498594.png)
watched the trailer for the longest promise and xiao zhan looks sooo good. but the heroine... i'm so tired of most dramas casting tall and elegant beauties as side characters and making babyfaced next-door-girlies the lead. if wang churan got the main role, her and xz would have been a godlike couple. sometimes i even find it hard to root for the main pairing because then 2nd female/villainess is so much prettier and often has a more normal personality.
(2.18 MB 4096x2666 E77b5L5VUAAPWj3.jpeg)
the only one who comes close to liu yifei
even from a distance and with a mask on she still has an elegant aura
next to other (aspiring) actresses of her age group
(2.49 MB 2480x3307 xiaoxiao.jpg)
a happy belated birthday to my jiejie
(2.79 MB 2480x3307 xiaoxiao3.jpg)
(3.19 MB 2480x3307 xiaoxiao4.jpg)
(2.28 MB 2480x3307 xiaoxiao2.jpg)
>>1344321 hul idk how this happened sorry
(151.05 KB 960x1281 FXMSfI_aAAAE54S.jpeg)
queen lau getting taken down is so fucking dumb i don't understand either why they took japanese style clothing, thinking nobody will notice. but all the other accusations of "japanese elements" are bullshit. yes she eats sushi, but the emperor also has mom fans, they constantly wink and do finger hearts, it's a comedy not some historical documentary. at first i thought i wouldn't like the drama because of the unrealistic handsome boy falls for the uggo duckling shit but it's so good. her character is so likable, you really forget her unfortunate appearance. and li hongyi got even more handsome (so he looks even more like cheng yi lol) and acts really well. contrary to his sour face at the booting ceremony, they do have chemistry. now it will be even more difficult for dramas to air, not only can there be no bromance, no zombies, no whatever, they will also pick apart the clothes and props for historical accuracy.
(2.64 MB 4000x3000 6576576576.jpg)
i feel like li hongyi is gonna be the next big thing, he has so many promising dramas coming up: >shao nian ge xing: novel with plenty of fujofans >winner is king: based on popular bl novel sha po lang >the fated general: filmed ages ago, rumored to air soon >wulin has pride >flying up without disturb
>>1346031 if he didn't leave sm, he'd be in nct/wayv now i wonder whether he sometimes thinks of that
>>1346035 he dodged a massive bullet kek
>>1346369 but as an actor rn he's still rather small and unknown while in nct he could have been the favorite
(144.92 KB 720x1280 FX2yjtWWQAAmh90.jpeg)
wow, zhang zhehan had a fanmeet at his mom's cafe today
(190.87 KB 1276x1702 FX4kCZjUcAAkB-x.jpeg)
(179.88 KB 1157x2082 FX4WouSUYAA8qMC.jpeg)
(334.77 KB 1043x1854 FX4kB38VUAAsC6r.jpeg)
>>1346591 >>1346594 my former husbando... i wonder what cpfans will say now. he's preparing to release some music now too i believe
(163.54 KB 879x1333 FX4kBl0UIAEKMHO.jpeg)
(177.63 KB 1280x1706 FX4fKuJaMAAbixN.jpeg)
>>1346603 daebak even xiaoyu is there. he looks well
(298.33 KB 1415x2000 FX4UFZtWAAQmapb.jpeg)
>>1346606 i'm too lazy to download them, but there's tons of videos too and nevertheless there's already hordes of crazy cp/gj stans trying to claim this is fake
>>1346607 who? i don't think he looks that handsome but this is just his natural self without having gotten beauty treatments and without having had personal trainers and stylists in a year
(66.12 KB 577x1027 FX22RdpWQAAJnQn.jpeg)
he looks aged but genuinely happy at the support
(214.79 KB 1152x2048 FX3JQqragAAOxOd.jpeg)
(395.41 KB 1180x2048 FX3RPd5UYAAKiwW.jpeg)
>>1346625 >who? xiaoyu is zzh's friend from childhood, and his assistant that would be on set with him when he was filming and going to schedules. i think he looks great and happy, like he doesn't look sickly. so many cpfs keep saying he looks weird and ugly, because they believe that isn't him. he lost weight and takes meds for ptsd and other stuff now because of everything that happened of course he won't look the same he did in editorials or woh
(155.05 KB 960x1280 FX2mSI_XgAAKCmf.jpeg)
>>1346720 even zhangmama is there
(82.05 KB 660x1041 FX2zVxOaIAMlQY7.jpeg)
those accounts retardedly analyzing those blurry phone camera vids are so disgusting they even claim the way he holds his pen is wrong and therefore he must be fake >>1346716 thanks nona
>>1346742 no problem. they are so retarded it's unbelievable. they're either going to the covid route or saying that xie yihua got someone to get ps to look like zzh while they aren't even addressing the fact that zzh's mom and xiaoyu are there. >>1346774 >>1346779 glad he has sane people and fans on his side. i hope zzh can reveal the people who hurt him one day and that cpfs will stop making him suffer even more
(127.30 KB 1284x1135 FX4hcuxXoAQDJx8.jpeg)
the answer to everything is always money this account is probably the worst on twitter and over 400 people liked this. i'm also a fujo but how can you be so dumb? not just dumb, i think they're downright cruel by still denying his existence/presence.
>>1346779 i’m happy for him, he seems well and i hope everything turns out ok
>>1346840 august 13th hurt a lot of people mentally including myself who was a former cpf. a lot of these women put their entire happiness on rps and real people, and worship them as idols. i also did that so i was hurt a lot when zzh was essentially canceled, and obviously realized junzhe was not real. woh fans from the beginning were trying to oblige everyone to only ship the chracters in the show and people went too far and started shipping the actors. key opinion leaders who spread false rumors and candies to fool fans, and actors who also participate, really got a lot of cpfs in deep and they're too afraid to give it up. to realize everything is fake and they've wasted a whole year of their lives doing this shit. being a non-rps fujo is the best thing you can do for yourself.
>>1346492 li hongyi looks cold and standoffish even if hes tall, like others have said li hongyi looks like a meaner chengyi (very popular actor) or a shorter liu yuning (very popular singer turned actor) both of whom are more famous, so its hard to stand out plus li hongyi looks mean. its like how xing zhaolin looks like a colder meaner version of yangyang, nobody will like xing zhaolin over yangyang who is more famous. c-ent is very competitive so looking unique is advantageous, it's not like k-ent where actors get similar haircuts or conform to a similar style on the red carpet to fit in.
>>1347365 nona you forgot to mention that he looks cold and mean
>>1162139 idk anything about chink media. why doesn't this guy have nipples?
>>1355500 he has nips, that annoying op posted his censored nips as a joke or smth
(127.46 KB wl.jpg)
(134.50 KB leowu.jpeg)
idk why theyd censor leo's nips since he shows them practically every drama even his new one with rosy zhao, but theyre kinda assymetrical
>>1355500 because china censored his nipples
>leo kicking the censorship out of chinar
(1.06 MB 2000x2666 liu_yifei_liu_yan_jelly.jpg)
i finally have the time to watch a dream of splendor and it's definitely worth the hype. the production, the story, the acting, everything is much better than your usual idol drama. and while liu yan and lin yun are also cute, whenever liu yifei appears...it's just wow, she truly deserves being called fairy sister. the female characters aren't strong as in badass warriors who can kick ass, they're normal women who get treated like shit by men but they're smart and proud and stand up for themselves and each other, and that's really refreshing to see. i wouldn't even have needed any romance, the scenery of their small town and teahouse in the beginning was so nice and peaceful lol
>>1361891 a small backstory to the scene of liu yan pushing a guy into the water: i read this ages ago and was so shocked. she was originally known as an actress with a rather big bust. during the wedding of 2 other celebrities the groomsmen attempted to throw her into the pool - obviously to see her drenched while wearing a sheer dress. amongst those moids were stars like hangeng and the fat guy from happy camp. but instead of her getting an apology she got massive criticism and had to apologize to the groom, no idea what for exactly. so it's quite a sweet touch that the actress got to have her belated revenge for that humiliation back then.
(4.61 MB 4000x3000 sfhbvvdifvdifvh.jpg)
immortal samsara is finally out! the most perfect face for costumes
>>1362643 YES! I watched 5 eps on youtube and it has so many similar characters/actors as L&R that I almost feel like it's a prior lives/universe plot to L&R.
This actor plays a character that is like a heaven realm version of his previous character. Not complaining I had a major crush on evil star jidu
>>1363038 and how is it so far nona? i read that many are disappointed because the cgi is so bad and because the story is so cliche, like just another ashes of love i love chengyi's look and even tho yangzi once again plays an idiot i still find her cute, so i planned on watching but the reviews are really underwhelming...
>>1364304 It's not bad so far. The typical Cdrama beginning where everybody is introduced and the male and female lead start of not liking each other kek. I like that there are many characters and we will most likely see side stories ( those are sometimes my favorite). The quality is pretty mid tier tbh, not the worst but definitely not the best. It really does feel like the characters are just playing their pervious characters from their breakthrough dramas. I'm going to give it a chance to surprise me because I started off watching L&R and thinking it was cliché and grew to love it towards the end. Its definitely not as good as Love like the Galaxy, which has a gripping storyline and amazing visuals.
(6.02 MB 540x290 ezgif-2-fd086d6429.gif)
>>1364428 i watched the first episode now and rather than the cgi being bad it might just be too much cgi for me. maybe i'll continue later but now i'm at around ep 10 in 3 different dramas so i'll have to see what i'll finish first. love like the galaxy does indeed look quite expensive and mature/serious (e.g. the costumes and the color scheme it's filmed in) but i like watching on yt and starting at ep 8 the subtitles became absolutely unintelligible.
>>1364428 is Yu Mo a demon or evil character? heard that he was the original protagonist in agarwood crumbs, did they change the novel ending? everyone's raving about love like the galaxy but so bored leo portraying fierce general roles hes just a 99er he can do those in his 30s
still not over leo's movie with zhang zifeng last summer
(582.75 KB wulei.gif)
i much prefer leos youthful roles, he reminds me of that korean child actor yeo jingoo(?)
>>1366924 I didn’t know he was the original ML! He’s a tortured secondary character. The plot has potential to be really interesting or really boring.
>>1366924 ...boy is 22 and you wonder why he's obsessed with playing muh manly warriors? kek maybe he'll go back to other normal roles once he's more mature i never watched any school/youth drama of his, i'm too old for that now
(17.80 KB 496x280 496.jpeg)
wu lei's face is somewhat bothering me lately. when he was still younger and chubbier it wasn't so noticeable, same for when he has wilder hair like as ashile sun but here he looks so odd, especially from the side. his philtrum is so long and protruding, his upper lip so nonexistent and his nose is so short and upturned, nearly a bit monkey-ish.
(6.95 MB leowuu.jpg)
>>1369167 >>1369291 think its his styling, i know its a serious drama but he looks so staid in love like the galaxy versus his fighter styling in other recent dramas even the disabled gamer one with luhan. >never watched any school/youth drama check out upcoming summer it isn't a school cp or romance film, he plays an ambiguously gay boy unsure about his sexuality and the object of a crush. kinda realistic and the closest he'll get to a bl role
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDn8Qk1AiMk so many older, bigger moids with skinnier co-actresses keep complaining but wu lei is giving his all reba also said he was the very first actor who didn't make her feel insecure about her weight if wu lei turns out to be a shit scrote i'll never believe in men ever again kek
i remember seeing pcy accused of wearing fake pecs and thinking no way, why would this exist but here we are...
>>1375016 even yangyang
meanwhile jiejies
>>1375016 >>1369447 can a nona tell me why male actors are so thin? i know in china being thin and straight legged is the standard but not being able to lift anything is concerning. the nerve of any scrote to make reba feel bad about her weight is astonishing
>>1375108 nona the point is that some of these actors aren't short or thin at all, they're huge men yet so lazy that they don't do any exercise. or they just enjoy complaining. >>1375016 this guy is over 190 yet didn't shut up about reba being too fat. pic is also nearly 190 and twice her weight yet breaks down under 40kg zhao liying. i saw so many posts about this because obviously chinese girls watching also feel pissed and timmy xu seems to be the worst, telling the actresses he works with to lose weight and constantly mentioning it in much later interviews. normal healthy people no matter their gender can lift somebody who's their own weight (or much lighter like in the case of those actors and actresses).
>>1375169 i also read that many actors are so weak that for scenes of arrow shooting they have to change the shape of the bows because they can't even pull a prop bow same for horseback riding. sorry but being an adult man and have somebody help you get up on a fake horse...pretty lame
(6.22 MB 203.gif)
>>1375108 >>why are male actors so thin even the ridiculously skinny ones like bai jingting and leo luo can lift girls, leo lifts or piggybacks female costars easily thanks to ballet training. if actresses can lift fellow actresses theres no reason men can't, either they have injuries, bad technique, are lazy, or just unchivalrous (kenny lin drops his costars once the scene is filmed, unsurprisingly hes known for being cold and unfriendly)
bai jingting who is twiggier than a lot of actresses probably
even luhan can lift em it's not dependent on weight since women can lift women too.
idk why lifting chicks is even a thing in cdramas it's so cheesy and not worth an actor pulling a muscle, western and korean dramas rarely do such scenes.
>>1387236 luo yunxi is really impressive for how short and skelly he is. but luhan called reba fat plenty of times on keep running (maybe having a bigger gf changed his attitude?) and this girl >>1387239 is such a tiny doll, any woman could easily carry her as well
>>1387464 because some women are obsessed with men being unfathomably strong and women being petite and weightless and seeing men lift women like this gives them that visceral thrill
>>1387464 it's seen as romantic, like a princess carry-thing. also >>1392096's reasoning as well
>>1392096 the princess lift is a cdrama trooe fr, every drama has 1 such scene theyre even coming up with creative new carry methods
nonas who find mls carrying fls scenes heartfluttering, watch johnny huang it's all he ever does
his bl bottom timmy xu showing off
willian chan showing off. i find lift scenes unnecessary (pls stahp leo wu will spain his back doing 286373 carries) and too cliched, unless its a bl drama princess carry lol
despite the criticisms immortal samsara is so watchable. first time im getting chengyi's appeal, hes a good actor.
(6.60 MB chengyi.gif)
cdramas inventing new ways to make chengyi spit blood
(6.64 MB samsara.gif)
he acts as his own evil dad later on (you can see where this is going)
>>1392924 I finally understand what jiejies mean when they say heart fluttering. He’s the top of the top heart fluttering male leads. Lusi is the female version of him and was born to play adorable and likable female leads.
A band from Hong Kong just had a really awful stage accident about 5 hours ago. Anyone interested in Mirror here? Just wondering because there isn’t other suitable thread
>>1395483 A dancer is in critical condition and many fans and band members are traumatised.
>>1395483 regret watching the video that dude straight up looked cut in half
(991.35 KB 20220729_050643.jpg)
this is information shared by siblings of the members, apparently both aren't in a life threatening condition and are concious without needing oxygen support but one has a severe spine injury and is in the icu. may take months to recover like wendy, but this is already a very fortunate outcome.
>>1395948 im surprised no one died, the close up vid looked really bad
(215.09 KB 20220729_052126.jpg)
no idea who they are but apparently the dude who's worst injured is on the right and the boyfriend of a popular idol soching of hk gg collar, the girl on the left. https://www.thestandard.com.hk/breaking-news/section/4/192857/(Video)-Three-dancers-injured-as-big-screen-suddenly-falls-off-at-Mirror's-concert
>>1395948 shocked hes alive
https://www.thestandard.com.hk/breaking-news/section/4/192858/Mirror-concert-accident-'a-fortune-out-of-misfortune':-expert >Lo Kok-keung, a chartered mechanical engineer and a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said, “Estimating the monitor weights 90 kilograms, and at 10-meter high, and if it hit the dancer with its corner, it will create 708 pounds of force, which we could not rule out causing the dancers to death." >But he added that since the monitor first hit the ground, and then crushed the dancers like a chopper, the force created is only one-third of the estimated. >The accident happened at Hong Kong Coliseum Thursday at about 10.35pm, where a big TV screen suddenly fell off and land on at least two dancers. They were sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital consciously.
(6.95 MB samsara.gif)
>>1394353 lol i don't find chengyi heartfluttering in other dramas except immortal samsara, he only looks good only in historical costume?? he needs to do more wuxia or xianxia dramas with post95 actresses like rosy zhao, lareina song, zhou ye, wang churan, he's so soft he'd be the perfect foil for lareina.
(6.93 MB is.gif)
the first celestial arc of immortal samsara is done, wish theyd upload the whole drama the mortal arc is so much livelier.
(6.92 MB is2.gif)
is it only cfantasy dramas that do live action hadouken moves? wish there were more harrypotteresque western fantasy dramas
the last time i saw chengyi in modernwear was on a survival show for new actors eons ago, meng ziyi was also on it. chengyis got the best career out of all the contestants.
(4.46 MB giphy.gif)
he'd be slayin pussy in ancient times and he knows it since its all he ever does
(1.80 MB oLyaPcZ.gif)
(500.91 KB lltg.jpg)
>>1369291 >wulei's face he's working hard to maintain
>he's working hard to maintain
(195.62 KB fuckccc.jpg)
(3.00 MB 480x366 -eJb-hpevhcm6830106.gif)
hanikezi is getting more tv appearances now but i'm disappointed by her new look. she looks so plain and washed out with normal cutesy (han) chinese styling, i wish her and dilraba would go back to their early more 'exotic' look. i get that she doesn't want to dress colorful or sexy all the time but pls at least chose makeup that fits your natural features.
(120.89 KB 5wg68e716pe61.jpg)
>>1401663 breaking the exotic stereotype is needed if she wants better roles. looking too girly or exotic is an obstacle to good roles(madina, tong liya always play beauties,both are semiretired), contrary to expectations it isnt advantageous to look uberfeminine to resemble han girls because modern cdrama FLs are written as cool tomboys who can outwit or fight to appeal to 21st century audiences. dilreba with her 'manly' hump nose, doe eyes, and suave fighter roles is way more popular than gulnezar who gets stereotyped in useless beauty roles. unlike gulnezar, hanikezi isnt as modelesque, never attended bfa and never got a big agency's push so at best she'll have a career path like gulnezar but in lower profile dramas. another example: reyizha is a kazakh single mom who's popular because she picks meaty roles that don't fit exotic tropes and was nominated for best actress.
>>1392480 moids dig this too, he's on a new variety show (with gongjun) and all they ever do is try to provoke him into attacking and manhandling them kek https://youtu.be/tB0Z7D2oLh4 https://youtu.be/LCMTOB-wIfU https://youtu.be/bDg8GVXGxuA
same goes for wang churan, theres a nona here who likes her but she got stereotyped as the 'great beauty side character' in historical dramas so its hard to upgrade to female lead roles. shes starring opposite yangyang in a firefighting drama in a bid to change her image, but i find wang churan boring vs spunkier actresses her age like su xiaotong, zuer, lusi.
>>1402466 i simply find it a bit unfair that all kind of male leads exist while for girls it's still mostly just the small cuties while tall/elegant girls forever have to be the unimportant side character or villain
>>1399648 while it's true that excessive exercise can make you look more gaunt, this would be the case for most actors yet their faces don't look like his. ding yuxi has the same problem of small pig nose + protruding mouth = monkey appearance meanwhile for example yangyang and chengyi are 10 years older, also have abs but their natural bone structure is strong enough to withstand dieting and long work hours
(962.26 KB wuleo.jpg)
>>1402503 lol you dont have to pick a photo where his mouth is half open, either leo's finally hit adulthood at 22 and lost all his babyfat (sadface) or his bodyfat is crazy low so he can do shirtless abs scenes. im not even watching lltg but on tumblr posts his eyebags look severe in some scenes like the last panel. >>1402473 don't worry nona, wang churan is on her way to leading lady status, cnetz are always suggesting her for the lead when a popular novel or manhua is about to get adapted (rn cnetz are arguing over who should play ML/FL in the upcoming drama for https://novelupdates.com/series/the-guide-to-capturing-a-black-lotus/) and her face has a righteousness vibe like liu yifei so she can do female hero roles as long as she acts well. >all kind of male leads exist while for girls it's still mostly just the small cuties gina jin, tang wei, nini, sun yi,. gulnezar, tangyan, qiaoxin, guan xiaotong are all above 1.7m, it's about acting skills
>>1402568 >gina jin, tang wei, nini, sun yi,. gulnezar, tangyan, qiaoxin, guan xiaotong are all above 1.7m, it's about acting skills all of these are older and guan xiaotong is pretty hated all young girls who hit it big now are the typical tiny bratty cutie
glad more nonas love chengyi now kek he's such a mystery, he looks like a small thin plain boy in modern clothes, yet as soon as he puts on long hair he's godlike
(3.04 MB 543x543 ezgif-3-e3991e82ba.gif)
(5.64 MB 720x788 ezgif-3-c95ebe5bc7.gif)
(1.31 MB 819.jpg)
>ding yuxi has the same problem of small pig nose + protruding mouth = monkey appearance the main similarity between ryan ding and leo is their natural tan skintone, if they were fair you won't say they look like monkeys its so colorist. people dont expect leo to contest for the #1 handsome actor against xiaozhan, song weilong, yangyang xukai or lin yi; he's popular not for his looks but because he grew up onsceen like korea's yeo jingoo (leo kinda mogs this guy so hes already grown up well) or kim yoojung. there are prettier/handsome adult actors but they won't be as popular as certain charismatic child actors like leo.
>>1402672 this isn't my invention, there's pently of people calling them monkey because of their features, wang hedi too doesn't mean they're fug, just not good in costume for example here www.sohu.com/a/492798283_120104151 not everything is racism
>>1402688 you miss the point; other than jackson yee (and other tfboys maybe) leo is the most popular c-actor under 25, even if leo looked more fug like yeo jingoo he'd still get good roles because of his industry cache. unless he has a scandal people may nitpick his visuals, but he's known to be very considerate and kind. yangzi is someone most consider way more unaesthetic than leo, despite her antis she's as popular as dilreba because 1) she was a child actor 2) her roles + skills 3) her irl personality is good, shes very real about the industry. she has a reputation for bringing out her costars acting skills and boosting their fame (it's happening with chengyi); in behind the scenes her animated nature makes it easy for costars to immerse into their role. but if she ever gets into a scandal she'd lose her child actor cred and cnetz would dogpile her looks even more. i cant even imagine that happening to leo if he has a scandal he looks like a skinnier hiroshi abe.
>>1402744 he's so popular despite being mediocre in looks and talent because he's a moid yangxi, guan xiaotong and co are also "kind" yet that still doesn't protect them from people acting as if they're uggo freaks
(6.85 MB 0.gif)
>>1402758 >mediocre in looks and talent looks are subjective but cccnonas are so hard to please, he princess carries all his FLs unlike some actors upthread, does his own horse stunts, is kungfu trained, dubs his own lines, rarely rests during or between dramas (for long ballad he lifted weights during the filming to look older and more general-like https://youtu.be/V1xBBqnDEpY) since childhood, he even looks in need of a break lately. leo doesnt even need to do stunts given his fame but hes a thrill sport lover.
>>1402758 >hes so popular because moid leo isn't even signed to any agency unlike most celebs. cnetz used to say his mum being his agent would hamper his career and endorsements deals, he should sign with an agency that helps him get film roles like how yuehua helps yibo get roles beyond his skill level sheesh. >yz and gxt are nice yangzi got called out for playing the victim when she implied zhang xueying was a 3rd party to her breakup with qin junjie (all 3 were popular child actors and the other 2 never recovered from cheating accusations), no one in c-ent will date her since she airs her grievances a lot. gxt gets hate for dating luhan, for her acting (cnetz tell her to get married and quit acting) and for endorsing mock meat when she eats meat. its hard to avoid controversy but yangzi let her drama ratings do the talking.
all this over saying a moid hit the wall, chill
>>1403189 kek can someone explain what's going on in gifrel
>1999er >hit the wall pedonoonas out pls. im not even a leo fan but implying hes untalented is nuts >>1403386 https://youtu.be/nnynoE4-eQc lusi was frightened on the horse
>>1403386 reminds me of jennie poorly acting as if she's crying like a baby because sooo uwu scary
>>1403468 what does this have to do with my post nona? please take your hateboner for bp somewhere that isn't the c-ent thread
>>1403481 zhao lusi is also clearly crying that way to appear cute
this is probably the first drama in years during which rosy's phone wasn't "hacked" yet kek she's probably too scared to shit on leo because his (grand)ma fans would be absolutely ruthless if she tried anything
what's a good cdrama for someone who's never watched any before
>>1403500 i didnt think she looked cute at all though she looked like she was sobbing her eyes out kek
(977.52 KB cd.jpg)
>>1403543 love like the galaxy is becoming 2022s summer hit (it ratingsmogs immortal samsara, but dream of splendour was arguable also a hit drama) so rosy may become the top gp-recognised post95 actress over guan xiaotong, zhouye, lareina song, liu haocun. she'll keep her bitchy side quiet for now but i foresee drama kek >>1403558 picrel is good if biased against modern dramas (i also like reset, day of becoming you, remembrance of things past, go princess go) but check cdrama reddit or mydramalist
>>1403758 thank
(5.99 MB gongjun.png)
>>1402456 thanks for the tip. didnt realise gongjun was casted for go fighting l, in the newest episode hes's so pretty in republican era styling omo
>>1405223 i didn't even find him that handsome in this episode but with hats in the earlier episodes he looks so cute he's even taller than johnny but sooo skinny
(232.81 KB 1245x1794 cb340e82eddd4dad8490555135d70f1e.jpg)
(6.67 MB 81wiksksjsjzi.mp4)
>>1403558 arsenal military academy, xu kai and bailu have the visuals and comedy
xukai is so funny
(5.32 MB 600x340 7687267.gif)
>>1406739 >>1406752 all dramas of those two are so fun, they were rumored to be dating and whether true or not, their chemistry is great. xu kai is always this flirtatious behind the scenes and i guess they allowed him to do this in his dramas too. and bai lu's roles are usually strong and atypical. she's very beautiful and gains so many fans so quickly thanks to her personality lately, but she sadly still isn't considered for the golden eagle award. imo she'd be the most deserving this year.
cute, she even said she'll protect him kek if they have this dynamic in their drama, it could be good
(4.22 MB 556x556 6062edc538.gif)
(2.07 MB Lltg.jpg)
>>1407273 isn't bailu popular rn due to Ordinary Greatness? its between her, liu yifei or rosy zhao for 金鹰奖. rosy has 2 top dramas, who rules the world did well(IMO its meh, but it's an intl hit even knetz like it because kdramas lack fight scenes or long indepth plots), and lltgs a summer hit. she may be the 1st post95 actor to be a tv ratings queen like reba, yangzi, cecilia liu, yangmi, zanilia zhao (rosy always aspired be like zanilia in terms of bringing ratings and acting skills despite never attending drama school) didnt wanna bandwagon Love Like The Galaxy but it's becoming one of 2022s best; the plot, production values, intrigue and acting are all top quality even if its a slowburn. immortal samsara is so dumb comparatively despite chengyis acting being very watchable. >wu lei's face having caught up, leo's gauntness is part of his revenge-crazed ling buyi character similar to how lusi's childishness in >>1403189 is due to chen shaoshang being 15yo (lusi really looks like a kid, great casting). leo's an orphan adopted by the emperor out of pity because his mum went mad (but not really) and his 'dad' marquis ling yi divorced her, but truth is his 'dad' ling yi killed his real dad general huo and exterminated the huo clan. his demented mum isnt his mum, shes his aunt and is his only other surviving huo relative. she saved general huo's baby son, acts like she's his mum and raises him as ling buyi the son of his dad's killer, and pretends to be mad so the man who exterminated her clan would divorce her. ling buyi is raised to plot revenge against those who exterminated his clan including his 'dad' lingyi. he's meant to look gaunt, bitter, unloved and neglected. the reason he falls for chen shaoshang is because she too was neglected (lltg is very popular because the family dynamic where both parents are busy working and neglect their kids who feel unloved resonates in china). picrel leo looks even worse in later eps when his revenge goes awry and he gets punished(due to css? hes so patient with her when she ruins his plans despite showing his crazy bloodlust when killing enemies in picrel), im glad leos character is finally showing all his pent up emotions as he takes revenge because authoritarian, staid leo who pretends to not be crazy with bloodlust for revenge is so boring versus shaoshang's other bfs. im so relieved it was all an act and ready to bandwagon ling buyi's revenge plot.
(1.00 MB lltg2.jpg)
>>1421436 apparently the novel ip rights behind lltg costed a bomb to purchase and im beginning to see why, the plot has depth and is written to resonate with modern audiences. 1. i really like that lltg shows a historical female protagonist falling for different men, dating them, and experiencing puppy love, mentor-disciple love and true love between parties of equal statuses (what shaoshang really wants from the start but takes some time to understand about herself) and then sacrificing everything for that mature relationship she eventually gets into. shes going to wait a long time for leo's character to come back from exile after fucking up his revenge plot or smth, and im glad we'll get a whole arc of her scheming tutor getting to date her because in some ways he's a good match, he's a booksmart fella attracted to her street smarts even if he's a super annoying knowitall he's still willing to marry shaoshang after 2 failed engagements which shows his enduring loyalty to her. 2. her parents are awesome and her mum is a great woman in her own right and shaoshang's a great child yet mother and daughter have a lot of irreconcilable differences despite being good people. this is so true for many families, and her mum still knows her best despite not raising her, and shaoshang is more like her mum that she'd admit. kek i fastforwarded some cheng family scenes because i can't stand the dramatic grandma (reason why i hated lltg at first) but the family plotline is very realistic and felt like i was seeing my own relationship issues with my own working parents.
(83.56 KB 843x756 a.png)
quite interesting imo, found this on an english site a while ago: chinese celeb followers and their activity rate this is from earlier this year, so the ones who had popular dramas now (eg liu yifei), likely have more activity but nevertheless luo yunxi, xu kai and especially cheng yi surprised me. their followers aren't very good but they get lots of likes and trend often a general trend is also that actors have more followers (exception: tfboys) while idols have more activity. and of course activity also falls as they age.
>>1421436 >isn't bailu popular rn due to Ordinary Greatness? its between her, liu yifei or rosy zhao for 金鹰奖. this years rumored nominees are angelababy (never!), yangzi (most likely), guan xiaotong (just no), tan songyun (cute but no goddess), guli nazha (not big enough yet), li qin (most deserving), wu jingyan (no), jiang shuying (?), li yitong (unlikely)
>>1424572 question, does freezia have some chinese ethnicity or is she just popular on chinese sns
>>1424631 i think this refers to a different song jia (but not sure?)
>>1424631 >>1424641 it's https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Song_Jia_(actress,_born_1980) shes a very popular awardwinning actress, similar to yaochen. freezia is a zlist celeb in korea no? >>1424627 >yangzi (most likely) she deserves it, but its ultimately a dumb popularity award and not even an official best actress or best supporting actress award worth anything of note
>>1425268 there's an actress in her 30s called song jia who's more popular. >its ultimately a dumb popularity award nevertheless exciting kek
>>1425395 >there's an actress in her 30s called song jia who's more popular yea thats her, 小宋佳 has a lot of fans because she does fierce jiejie roles. >dumb popularity award >nevertheless exciting why isnt there a golden eagle king award for men? i wanna see actors beg for votes to win a meaningless popularity award and get bitchy online like yangzi or lusi and claim their hand slipped if they finish 2nd kek. bailu and xukai are probably ready to fly the coop and leave huanyu like song weilong now that theyre famous, wonder which actress yuzheng will sign next since he rarely misses, he's already pushing a 2002er wang xingyue as a leading man https://douban.com/group/topic/243721448/?_i=9725366AwSSajH he was just 18 when he acted as the king in One and Only, everyone doesnt believe his age kek. he was probably the youngest on set and mogged everyone including allen ren, apparently he entered central academy of drama in 2017 at 15 and graduated in 2020 at 18, he's speedrunning and will get popular as he's yuzhengs latest ml.
(6.52 MB wxy.gif)
how does this look like a 2002er? lol he's around 184cm
>>1435188 there is no way hes not lying about his age kek. and if its true than im kind of sorry cause dude already looks mid to late 20s. but his acting is fine.
>>1435188 >>1437507 nonitas...02liners are 20 now, we just getting old
do you think li qin and xiao zhan are dating irl? they match so well imo even if not, their chemistry looks so natural, their new drama might be good. they worked together so often already, yet never got their happy end.
>>1437776 they even look a bit similar lol
(3.07 MB wangxy.png)
>>1437589 >>1437507 he was featured in news about notable central academy of drama freshmen in 2017 under his real name 王涛 wang tao https://m.sohu.com/a/159658045_674735/ if you search his old name and school there's even his 2017 uni id and class photos, it's dumb for him to lie when he's from a high profile uni and he should lie that he's older anyway so he can act opposite older jiejies. people are surprised at his age also because he's the only lead to use his real voice in One and Only. the problem holding back actors like song weilong (there's talk that yuzheng "dumped" swl after signing wang xingyue, who resembles yuzheng's OG leading man chen xiao + kenny lin's bigass nose), allen ren, and even chengyi from toptier serious drama roles is their reliance on voice actors to dub their lines. for instance chengyi is dubbed as usual in immortal samsara >>1402620 like yangzi which is disappointing since his alma mater is known for producing actors with good voices.
(2.07 MB yuzheng.jpg)
>>1438222 >*unlike yangzi (yz has the one of the best emotional voice acting skills in cdrama) re: song weilong, he's unable to film anything til his lawsuit to dissolve his huanyu contract is resolved, bet he has a big agency waiting or he wouldn't sue yuzheng. it's rumoured he was unfavoured and didn't get leading ML roles for in-house huanyu productions (theories why: 1. Untouchable Lovers flopped 2. swl's not a natural actor in historical or comedic dramas which yuzheng specialises in producing) thus swl mainly did non-huanyu modern drama productions like Go Ahead and Find Yourself. yuzheng posted last year that he was casting "new talents who are trained actors" in a jab to song weilong then annnouced wang xingyue, and gave him 3 ML roles in his 1st year. huanyu jiejies bailu and wu jinyan dote on him and he's treated like the main character even when xukai is around so i can see why swl thought it was better to leave for greener pastures. even if he's wooden, song weilong still face/heightmogs 99.5% of actors let's hope he gets his desired freedom.
(2.72 MB jingting.jpg)
>>1387239 bai jing ting's prettyboy babyface is a total fraud, glad Reset was a success he needs to flaunt his guns more.
>>1439709 he needs to flaunt his cock too
>>1439709 he's one of those people who look a lot smaller with clothes when i watched go fighting, while gongjun is taller than him, bai jingting's face is sooo tiny and his skin so smooth, it's as if he permanently has a filter attached lol
>permanently has a filter attached
(4.64 MB bjt.png)
>>1440049 gongjun mogs but bjt deserves cred for gymming hard to rebel against the milk puppy twink 小奶狗 image he hates. hes a role model for other babyfaced twinks like ding chengxin, tfboys, wang yibo, lin yi
(5.08 MB Clj.png)
dylan wang's canglangjue dropped and cnetz are already using it to shade immortal samsara. the art direction is unique enough to stand out among the 2872992 xianxia dramas that have been released. >good - refreshing plot where the evil demon is the ML - good artistic direction (chinese painting scene, eclipse scene, novel cgi that looks unlike other xianxias) - dylans acting, he's born to play villains tbh - speedy pacing unlike immortal samsara >bad - cnetz are shading esther yu, saying the ml, 2nd ml, even random fairies are prettier than her. shes like yangzi but without acting skillz. - the fl is written as someone so dumb shes hard to like, i get why they casted esther. prettier actors can't act stupid as easily.
(6.87 MB dylanw.gif)
dylan is more natural in villainous roles due to his asymmetrical eyes
>>1445562 I started watching it because of your comment ( thought it sounded dumb af before) and wow the cinematography and cgi is sooooo good. It's a very beautiful drama.
>>1446332 Update SOME SPOILERS: the female lead is insufferable. I can’t believe someone would write a character like this in 2022. I don’t mind cute and innocent female leads but this one is just so stupid and horribly unlikable and the actress can’t pull the character off at all. Lusi has played dumb and cute characters but she’s so cute naturally that it works and doesn’t make you hate her. This actress relies on opening her eyes wide and giving a super ugly gummy smile in an attempt to be perceived as cute and it’s just not working for her. I’m disappointed because the plot is interesting and the costumes and visuals are gorgeous but how can I enjoy the show when the female lead has no redeeming qualities. She doesn’t even have any of her own principles or thoughts besides her love for a man. Leo’s character is also pretty one dimensional so far, although a pretty interesting take on a demon lord. Immortal samsara has way worse costumes and visuals and cgi but the characters are wayyyyyyy more interesting.
Esther yu is way worse than Yangzi in both acting and the looks department. In Eternal Love Poetry the FL was shaded for being ugly but she just owned that character somehow and I can’t image anyone else playing Shang Gu.
(221.42 KB 500x325 Dylan-Wang-Miss-the-Dragon.png)
>>1445562 i already read before that the cgi is good which is strange, i thought this was gonna be a super low effort production (and immortal samsara super expensive). i really like esther, at first i thought she's just some spoiled rich girl who bought her career but in produce she really made the show. dylan isn't that big either, so i thought she was just lucky in getting the main role here but now she's filming with xu kai. guess she's considered a normal idol actress now. >>1445570 people in older times having had different bone structure is a fact and dylan has one of the most modern looking faces ever, he just doesn't fit costumes. people complained about this being yibo's problem in the untamed as well, to look good with long wigs your face can't be too long and dylan's face is super long and narrow. in miss the dragon the fl also got the most hate although she looked and acted very inoffensive while dylan stood out like a sore thumb, so i suspect that this is gonna be the case here as well.
(2.98 MB 270x480 wulei.gif)
they need to stop dressing leo so faggy with tons of glittery jewelry, he looks much better like this
(5.61 MB CangLanJue.mp4)
>Immortal samsara has worse costumes, visuals and cgi but the characters are more interesting the difference is that immortal samsara is a s-tier tv drama with established actors, big budget, and a top xianxia director https://wiki.d-addicts.com/Guo_Hu (IS looks like his other dramas, it's nothing new) and CangLanJue is iqiyi's low budget webdrama adapted from manhua/anime, starring noob idol actors who are learning their craft. everyone expected CangLanJue to be bad like dylans dragon webdrama (kek @ his styling >>1448240) but vidrel the cgi comicbook aesthetic is refreshingly done so it looks nothing like the 98810 xianxia dramas coming out this year. the ML is a demon from the start which is rare, and esther yu, dylan wang, zhang linghe (checked CLJ out because i wanted to see how he acts, he's the ML of Heaven Official Blessing!), wang yueyi all have anime character visuals irl. also canglanjue is only 36 35min episodes, the length of a kdrama miniseries. immortal samsara has 78 eps and the mortal arc is a repeat of the celestial arc... sigh >Esther yu is worse than Yangzi in acting and looks agreed, can't stand idol turned actors and she's so fug even dylan's pet dragon actor Shangque mogs. her ability to get FL roles is due to wealth and connections. >>1448240 even if she's real and funny on varieties (esther should be a tv host like XieNa then), prettier trained actors like su xiaotong, tian xiwei even hanikezi (anyone from this masterlist of wellknown
>(anyone from this masterlist of wellknown <25yo actresses https://m.douban.com/group/topic/243921819/ even if a few are too famous to do webdramas with dylan) deserves the FL role more than esther. it's bad enough she does FL roles in modern dramas, her CLJ character Orchid keeps stating how ugly she is omg, jiejie pls spare yourself and leave fairy roles to trained actors. xianxia leads should at least look celestial like NiNi, chengyi, deng lun/ yangzi/leo luo in Ashes of Love, yangmi or dilreba in 3MOPB. if a multi-awardwinner like zhou dongyu got flak for her visuals in Ancient Love Poetry, esther deserves it too. she doesn't even have acting talent. watching Immortal samsara also made me realise Yangzi & Chengyi are kinda going through the motions of their previous xianxia roles. a xianxia drama should feel fresh and ethereal not stale. blame this year's xianxia 101 for the overload, there's more such dramas like xiaozhan's Longest Promise on the way.
(3.14 MB dylanw.jpg)
>>1448240 his demon lord visuals has rave reviews, his narrow face isn't an issue so long as he has regal mannerisms, see this badly translated vid about posture lol https://youtu.be/VZ9HZRxIFuo even his asymmetrical judgemental eyes don't affect the etherealness and adds to a celestial vibe. >dylan’s character is pretty one dimensional so far spoiler: his demon lord character bodyswapped with esther at the start and later on again, due to this dylan feels all the emotions of a clumsy lowly orchid fairy infatuated with zhang linghe even if his father destroyed his ability to feel emotions. dylan feels horrid when esther is sad or ill (thus he begins doing everything to ensure the Little Orchid is happy so she can do his bidding and repair the lifebook), even when esther is blissfully in love he doesn't get why he stays unhappy (it's jealousy!) because he doesn't comprehend any human emotions. he later becomes regretful when esther dies for his schemes to revive the dead female war god. its still mostly a comedic xianxia comic and you can watch the anime version on iqiyi. dylan's biggest obstacle to good roles in big-budget dramas opposite better actors is his thick sichuan accent and manner of speech (he sounds like a hick irl lol, but hes endearing on varities and proud of his humble beginnings as the son of a grill shop owner), he has to be dubbed forever unless he studies how to modify his accent and manner of speech. films and good quality tv dramas don't use voice actors. he attended aviation college so he's learning acting on the job, but he's still young enough to learn acting proper and expand his range i hope he considers it (he can do the tv/film roles jackson yee is doing, they are both idols who look like villains or hoodlums but dylan is handsome while jackson is a good actor). didi's making effort to show his range like that picrel law drama, CLJ, or upcoming war drama with zhouye even if his fls arent all that popular (shen yue, qin lan, bambi zhu, ironically esther yu is his most popular costar), i tend to dislike untrained actors and thick accents but his humble unassuming nature on varieties and willingness to destroy his image makes everyone want to root for his improvement https://youtu.be/mf-xwvn-5XI or he can just keep doing varieties.
(2.71 MB canglanjue1.mp4)
>after resuscitating little orchid underwater, the frozen tree in his heart begins to crack some of the cgi is too manga-like for my taste (webdramas need ingenious methods to handle budget issues) but the summery eternal sunset effect in the celestial realms is pretty
>>1451658 This video on posture is enlightening. I kind of want to incorporate this into my own life and look more regal lol. In Who Rules The World all of the actors had that proud and straight neck and back posture I guess it was to indicate their ambitious and regal selves kek
(6.65 MB shangque.mp4)
>showing off your lamborghini diablo ride, ancient fantasy ver. ep 9 was good: fights between the demon and 2nd ml, demon lord rescuing little orchid from torture (finally someone saves a xianxia lead who's getting whipped, pls help chengyi next), the celestial realm collapsing, angry dylan randomly weeping water from his eyes because esther is bawling, shangque morphing into a dragon for a ride
(6.35 MB clj.mp4)
spoiler: while she isn't entirely dumb, she doesn't get that hes emotionless and only saves her out of self-interest because when she gets injured he gets hurt, and if she dies he dies
(3.66 MB bodyswap.mp4)
>dylan fangirling zhang linghe after a bodyswap lol
>>1453979 The drama is really fun, despite the FL annoying dumbness.Most of the male characters are also really beautiful. The 2ML is gorgeous and the little bro is cute. People harp about ugly and plain FL but ugly ML or 2ML happens all the time and ruins dramas for me just like an ugly FL.
This is one of my favorite heavenly costumes ever
I love the headpiece so much it looks ethereal and doesn't look cheap
Dylan's costume wasn't as good and looked so clunky but scenes like this show how ethereal and powerful he is
(4.73 MB fight.mp4)
>>1454103 esther gets progressively less dumb, shes the reincarnation of the missing xilan goddess that's bethrothed to the 2nd ml, vidrel zhang linghe's 2nd ml is the typical sacrifical heroic immortal male lead in xianxias (e.g. sifeng, yingyuan) except he doesn't get the girl because this time the demon is our guy yay
(821.03 KB clj.jpg)
>>1454103 in the trailer esthers character looks so sad though https://youtu.be/NwDecVXn7xY the english title too cheesy, can't it be 'destiny and the devil' lol picrel from https://www.tumgir.com/natahjikio canglanjue is now a dark horse to be a summer sleeper hit even as lltg is airing to acclaim, cnetz are annoyed that lltg airs 6eps a week and happy that canglanjue is doing 2eps a day and will finish airing in august. even though clj's young director's last drama was a hit, nobody expected much due to the cast (all idol actors = limited budget; zhang linghe is praised as a future star but dylan's acting rep took a hit after MTD and hes more popular internationally due to meteor garden, imo MTD was a blip he did well in rational life) but the plot is refreshingly based around an antagonist and everyone was well casted. cnetz are speculating that it cost around rmb200-300m (low budget in china, where big budget dramas like lltg, immortal samsara or the novoland series cost >600m with a established directors and cast to show for it) with a bulk going to set design and cgi, even the costumes look so-so especially the fairy outfits. xiaozhan's highly anticipated Longest Promise is cleared to air in august and will get big ratings due to xiaozhanfags, so youku, iqiyi, tencent will be doing a xianxia 101 summer battle. im currently in clj's corner, hope plot, acting, pacing stays tight.
im tempted to watch this drama because it looks really pretty, but i dont like xianxias, they are all too similar to each other.
(4.29 MB swapped.mp4)
i think esther's cute voice is meant contrast sharply with her deep voice when the devils soul is in her body, spoilers in vidrel. pahaha dylans real voice is used when he soulswaps with esther, everyones praising his alpha baddie portrayal but he looks more at home prancing around like a little girl. >>1455831 theres plenty of kissing and comedy, it's not as highbrow as most xianxias lol
(1.30 MB hellfire.mp4)
>dylans gaze changing once they switch back omo lol @ esther worrying about some selfrighteous immortals who just wanted to sacrifice her to kill the devil, when only the devil would sacrifice the world to save her
i love ding zhen so much nonas. when i first read an article/saw a video about him i didn't get it at all, but now... the tv show he's a mc on will have an episode of them visiting his hometown and the previews look so fun, it's so enjoyable to see him being so happy and eager to show everybody everything nicholas tse also visited him for a couple days and the scenery and the life there seems so great. ding zhen is always with his big family and friends, eating, dancing or riding with his brother. he even cutely showed nicholas his scars and said he'll protect him from bears kek on the one hand he's been physically working all his life, but on the other hand mentally he was allowed to stay young and carefree much longer, it makes you so jealous (and that's why moids are still seething hard after 2 years)
>>1459559 >At the end of the variety show, Nicholas Tse pointed to two eagles flying in the sky and asked Ding Zhen: >"Do you envy them when you see how free they are?" >"I don't envy." >"Why?" >"Because I'm also free." i hope this is not scripted
>>1455831 wait for it to finish airing? it is english subbed on kissasian with english subs up to ep 12 only >>1459572 he is now a variety star, tourism and un ambassador, he is not free and has to manage his image like celebrities. it's rumoured he hides a wife and kids for popularity reasons because tribal rules forced him into a teen marriage. >>1459550 nobody is seething, tribal nomads are like european gypsies, normies assume they are less educated and live by archaic tribal customs. european gypsies are "free", they raise horses, live in the grasslands, dont study much and marry early, but are urban europeans jealous of gypsies and want to live a lifestyle where they herd goats and marry at 17? how free can one be if you have to quit school and marry at 17, 99.999% are trapped in tribal customs and dingzhen is the lucky 0.001% born with good looks to become a celeb
how many nonas are watching hedi wang's new drama? kinda sounded like one nona thought it's gonna be really shit and now somebody seems to be enjoying it, are you the same person? >>1459863 ding zhen has been getting millions of hate comments by han chinese men (similar to cai xukun when he debuted), because they're jealous that some dumb and dirty brown boy get's rich and famous just with a smile while they study for ages and then slave away in boring office jobs. plenty of them also post their own pictures to try and convince everybody that they're better than him. lol
>>1459550 >>1459558 he's so cute, i remember seeing him on that variety show with fagjun the moids hating on him can continue to seethe even harder
(627.56 KB dingzhenfag.jpg)
>>1459946 >ding zhen has been getting millions of hate comments by han chinese men because they're jealous that some dumb and dirty brown boy get's rich and famous just with a smile while they study for ages and then slave away in boring office jobs. dzfag are you ok, you already posted the exact same comment in the last thread when you brought him up. the hate comments are from people who said he shouldnt be given an official government tourism ambassador job within the ccp for being a handsome tiktok influencer when other people take civil service exams. at the end of the day dingzhen is a puppet used by the ccp to shill for causes like environmentalism or minority representation, he is "free to do what the ccp tells him to do" to quote bill hicks. he is uneducated, illiterate and mainly on tv for his visuals and token tribal minority status; there are popular tibetan entertainers with longevity like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngawang_Rinchen , https://globalcenters.columbia.edu/events/public-talk-yangshik-tso-celebrated-tibetan-singer , https://mydramalist.com/people/19224-lopsang or other minority entertainers like ayunga, dilreba, gulnezar, merxat, hanikezi, jike junyi (known for getting fake tans to flaunt her exotic vibe) and sa dingding (originally a nugu singer named zhou peng, her fame exploded when she changed it to a mongol name to because shes ¼ mongol), maybe its rude to say but i don't think dingzhen has variety skills or talent to stay on tv after the novelty factor wears off. you are naive if you think university graduates working in tech or even an iphone factory drone is jealous of dingzhen, they only envy his looks and find it unjust that he's using it to coast through life. chinese normies dont want to marry at 17 and or live in rural areas. normies can study or work abroad, immigrate if they wish. even if dingzhen is rich he will be controlled by the ccp because he's that token minority who acts like everything is dandy in tibet.
>>1459968 ccpfag i'm 100% certain that you still praised him too in the earlier threads (i just can't prove that because i'm not some creep who screenshots old posts to use them half a year later...) you simply love being contrarian so much that you have to jump in and educate everybody who likes something or says anything positive about somebody or a drama and no matter how much you pretend to be against ccp, it's still super obvious that you're ride or die for han mainlanders and look down on all the minority groups
kek i find it kinda creepy that there are dingzhenfags who don't seem to recognise he is the epitome of a ccpshill or puppet because he's uneducated and can be easily manipulated by his local ccp offcials due to a lack of other opportunities in life: 1. hes photogenic 2. he looks like the perfect tourism ambassador 3. he dropped out of primary school and probably lacks critical thinking skills to do or say anything controversial about tibet, nor would he ever dare to speak up due to getting an official government ambassador position at 19 or something. there are so many talented minority entertainers like ayunga who graduated from beijing dance but is the #1 musical actor in china due to his baritone voice https://youtu.be/uy1WCwJO-j8 , tanned diva jike junyi https://youtu.be/nxVETNwsXGA , ost queen sa dingding https://youtu.be/HiK5FHzcC9Q , tengri https://youtu.be/H2mvc0miJ-w , tibetan ost queen alan dawa dolma https://youtu.be/jJfCI3FL9WI etc i dont know why people are infatuated with dingzhen who barely does anything except smile on varieties and is obviously being used for pr purposes by the ccp because the possibility of him travelling out of china or speaking for tibetan causes is almost 0. even if i posted about him before i can recognise hes a useful idiot and it's creepy that nonas are posting shit like 'i love dingzhen so much' unironically lol
>>1460009 i have no context for what goes on in this thread but i liked that alan dawa dolma video, great voice
>>1459979 >you're ride or die for han mainlanders and look down on all the minority groups ??? im a realist not a contrarian. ive more respect for any chinese minority that speaks up abroad at risk to their own safety in china, that is not the case for any celebrity. my own country is multicultural and ive lived in europe as a minority enough to empathise deeply with minorities, its creepy to fetishize a tibetan herder because hes tanned and gives the image of being 'free' whatever that is in your mind. perhaps you are unhappy about having to study in college and fantasize about being like dingzhen since you keep posting about him and liziqi (another influencer that's clearly sponsored by her local ccp government) but thats the equivalent of some uni kid in ireland or england fantasizing about being born as a gypsy traveller and not having to study hard since its gypsy culture to quit school early, marry young, sing or do boxing. there are many gypsy celebs for that reason. anyway dingzhen was said to have hired a language tutor because he wanted to act and needed to learn how to read scripts, lets hope he succeeds but my prediction is that unless he starts pulling his weight on tv, his fame will die down just like that pair of girls who sang/lipsynced the national anthem at the 2008 olympics. both girls are now nugu adults even if they went viral and became overnight child stars. >>1460040 the context is that someone who probably doesnt even know these talented minorities is accusing others of looking down on minorities, fucking kek. alan famously sang the scarlet heart ost with hu ge https://youtu.be/iIuyo0QSA3k she's a tibetan barbie doll
>>1460009 damn nona some of us just think hes cute
>>1460194 thats fair, hes exactly like a panda in terms of being a cute posterchild even if pandas are more trusted abroad. that said sichuan is really home to a lot of goodlooking celebs
Damn Nonas this is Chinese ENTERTAINMENT not political discussions on China
>>1461544 chinafag always does this shit. you cant say anything without her turning it into something political
(2.76 MB dylan.MP4)
>>1402688 >calling them monkey because of their features, wang hedi too yes dylan is so monkeyfaced in lbfd, anyone of him, leo wu or ryan ding is perfect to play the monkey king sun wukong. so funny how dylan's impish face gets derided and his popularity is still low-midtier (although his role in lbfd has a high chance of become a classic character like ashes of love's runyu) because small faces arent uncommon and china prefers visuals like yangyang, louis koo, xiaozhan, or gongjun. if he was born in korea they'd hail his tiny face and cast him in movies.
I like faces like Dylan's since they stand out and are unique. yangyang looks perfect, though. Like I couldn't believe how perfect he looked in WRTW. He's the perfect combination of feminine and masculine features. China's Cha Eun Woo?
lbfd's tumblr screencaps are so aesthetic versus other airing dramas, cnetz are even comparing the visuals of the 3 suitors in lltg to lbfd's devil, his bro, and weakass war god changheng... lbfd only started airing 5 days ago lol picrel dylan can play a mad emperor role too... whats so refreshing despite the soulswap trope, is a hilarious plot device yet unseen in xianxias where they're cursed by a spell to share their feelings and bodily injuries so the emotionless devil gets swamped by her moods and learns to feel and empathise, who on earth doesnt love a badboy redemption arc? the author https://novelupdates.com/nauthor/jiu-lu-fei-xiang/ also wrote zhaoyao (the legends) and blue whisper, all her novels will be in demand like priest and feiwosicun.
The brother is too pretty to die
(1.84 MB vampirific.png)
>>1462672 >china's cha eun woo unu and 2yang are boring even if handsome, dylan is younger with crooked jaw and eyes (looks like a vampire even in unedited shots) but he expressionmogs them onscreen. dylan's acting was lampooned hard after MTD but even more than the Wen Kexing role in word of honor (lbfd shows signs of going viral like WOH), his role is easily one of the most likeable xianxia characters ever created; the devil subverts xianxia tropes by asking the orchid fairy why she'd risk her life for an exam just to become a maid for higher immortals, and repeatedly tells the war god he's too self-righteous to protect the fl from getting punished by fellow heavenly immortals. 5 days in and there's countless threads of his outfits https://m.douban.com/group/topic/272799957 , visuals https://m.douban.com/group/topic/272796164 like simon gong when WOH popped off, didi owes the director for coaching him to act if he starts getting ml roles in big-budget productions like simon. god knows he needs it, his next role is a eunuch in a comedy lmao >>1468576 bet the nosy orchid fairy will save smexybro like she saved her horrid 'friend'
>>1468576 looks like the untamed zombie
>>1468867 >dylan expressionmogs them onscreen. girl he became a meme for his absolute expressionlessness in miss the dragon the nugu 2nd lead stole the show despite this being his very first role
(2.79 MB 498x280 dylanwang-missthedragon.gif)
(2.47 MB 690x294 f8ed-kpzzqmz5531665.gif)
this one is the most iconic lmao
>>1468920 idk what the make-up artist was smoking, he looked so ashy and unflattering in this drama
(6.92 MB swap.gif)
>>1468920 can you read or did you pretend not to see the part where i said >dylan's acting was lampooned hard after MTD >he owes the director for coaching him to act if he gets ml roles in big-budget productions like simon even if dylan's acting is vastly better in lbfd thanks to how expressive his character can be (his role is going viral due to this), china wont acknowledge him as a skilled actor until he learns to speak without a sichuan accent and dubs his own lines. reliance on dubbing isnt an obstacle to good ML roles though, even a trained actor like chengyi needs dubbing in all his dramas because his voice is soft. like it or not he'll get a popularity boost like gongjun did after WOH, and pre-2021 gongjun was more nugu than dylan is rn.
>>1469064 >his role is easily one of the most likeable xianxia characters ever created oh come on nona, this is just delulu. him not acting terrible once will still not undo his work beforehand, he will forever be known as one of the worst acting gigs ever, you won't find a single bad acting article without the mention of this iconic scene >>1468930
unrelated to the actor talk, are there more artists like lil ghost? i love deadline
(6.67 MB arsonist.gif)
>>1469101 omg improve your english comprehension, what does dylan have to do with the likeability of the role, i.e. the dongfang qingcang novel character? do you understand how legolas or hermione can be very popular characters even orlando bloom and emma watson are so-so actors? jfc wen kexing is a popular xianxia character even if gongjun himself isn't regarded as a great actor, but even the wkx character isn't powerful enough unlike dongfang qingcang who is invincible AND willing to destroy the entire world to save a nugu fairy like his own life depends on it, because it actually does. that itself makes his character the most likeable xianxia ml (so many douban threads are discussing this) because a highly overused dumb xianxia trope is how the ml watches the fl get tortured for breaking immortal rules or laws without saving them because they too are afraid of falling afoul e.g. yehua in 3MOPB, yingyuan in immortal samsara, bai zihua in journey of flower. cnetz are racking their brain to come up with another similar xianxia character who is willing and able to destroy the hypocritical heavenly realm just to save their girl and 99.9% of xianxia mls are not invincible enough (the fucking war god is a punching bag in lbfd kek) or lack the will to be the world destroyer. can you name a better xianxia ml? do you even read? lol cnetz arent even fangirling dylan who has a longterm gf, they are fangirling the role itself and how well it's been brought to life just like wen kexing, runyu in ashes of love, or baiqian in 3MOPB.


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