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K-dramas thread Anonymous 10/27/2020 (Tue) 19:58:07 No. 102
Anyone here watch kdramas? What is your favorite one? Discuss dramas and korean actors you like in here.
did people really like Goblin? I tried to watch it and found the plot soo dumb. I was also grossed out that the main character was in highschool and the main lead is so much older (the actor at least). Maybe it jumps to the future but I didn't wait to find out...
>>104 Watch the movie Along with the Gods, it has the same supernatural element in it and it doesn’t have cheesy love tropes, or love lines at all.
>>105 I'll check it out anon. I hated how comedic the main guy and the reaper were. Of course it's a dumb kdrama but still, it went too far with that and made the whole situation so much more ridiculous. I feel the inmortal gods never work, like the vampires, it just brings up so many plot holes like why a God would even find a teenager interesting in the least.
>>102 I've seen a few but I'm still not super into them yet. First drama I loved was reply 1997 honestly it was so good. I cried at the end of the last episode because I loved the characters so much. I'm currently watching Reply 1988 and I already know the endgame couple due to being spoiled in the past. Honestly I expected to get second lead syndrome but watching Jung Hwan is just frustrating. Feels like he's rarely in the show now since he doesn't want to interfere with Deok Sun and Taek. I really liked Hello, My Twenties too. Can anyone recommend any similar shows?
(257.44 KB 385x549 Because This is My First Life.jpg)
>>108 I really liked Because This is My First Time, it's on Netflix. It was slightly more mature but has some comedic moments as well. I also really like the main actor, I was not sure at first because he's a bit weird looking but I ended up watching other dramas with him because I loved him so much lol It reminded me of a jdrama which I feel are a lot better plot-wise than kdramas.
>>108 Ah I just read you wanted similar shows, I don't think they are similar, but you may like it still.
It's Okay That's Love is the only Kdrama I've watched and I enjoyed it.
The first drama I ever watched was Exo Next Door and I'm not even an Exo-L, it was just the only drama I had ever heard of. Tbh I unironically like it, it's a good hangover watch.
I've seen a dozen or so by now and my favorites so far are Stranger, Kingdom, and Mother. Stranger season 1 had really slick directing compared to my expectations, the 2nd season felt unnecessary honestly.
(27.75 KB 739x415 images-15-1.jpeg)
> My ID is Gangnam beauty Got acroos serious talks like: EDs, Lookism, Plastic Surgery, Feminism (a little) with cute romance Do you guys know a more mature (adult problems lol) dorama?
>>561 i liked The World of The Married although i think the writers got a lil overboard with all the super dramatic plot twists lol but you could say that about many k-dramas
>>571 I hate this son of a bish but i also want to fuck him. Re: dramatic twists -- the drama was pretty loyal to the source which was the BBC Dr. Foster >>561 Besides The World of The Married, I recommend Flower of Evil. It's a thriller about a husband hiding dark secrets from his wife. I don't even like Lee Joongi normally but he was very hot in it (picrel) kek
(395.29 KB 800x1140 WmXwXf.jpg)
>>561 love affairs in the afternoon is also a more mature drama. follows 2 couples having affairs (surprise surprise) similar premise but it's more melodramatic than >>571 which was more of a thriller
>>102 I mentioned it on confession thread but I liked so many of Yoouchun's dramas and the fucker ruined it. Rooftop Prince, The Girl Who Can See Smells, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. They are super dumb but so fun. Also Nam Goong Min is so hot on that drama, serial killer babe
Also Love in The Moonlight's lead Park Bo Gum is so cute I literally had to take breaks watching the drama because I was crushing so hard. The main female lead is so pretty too, I really like her.
>>710 sungkyunkwan scandal is my fucking shit god I hate park yoochun so much if he kysd I would probably not give a shit
(1.43 MB 1000x1417 Mr._Queen-P1.jpg)
Anyone watching Mr.Queen? It's so funny and I love the main actress. She's awesome, it's always nice to see a period drama and the lead is acting in a modern abrasive way kek I just love she/he does whatever she wants the whole drama and people keep thinking it means something else lol such a jab at the typical political battles in joseon dramas
can we also talk about japanese dramas here? and chinese, I don't personally watch them though. I can't get into them because of the vo.
Gonna sound lame but I legit screamed in happiness when I saw this. I definitely noticed their chemistry in CLOY--a lot of people actually did as well but they denied the dating rumors back then. They're super cute and I'm very happy for them.
>>11250 Same, this was pretty wholesome. Everyone already knew they were dating but the satisfaction of them doing it officially and in public was missing.
>>11250 same, though i thought it was pretty obvious they were dating kek it wasn't something all that shocking
>>11250 late to this news but this is very cute
(138.71 KB 1118x1400 EnodRx_UYAESRTI.jfif)
I'm watching True Beauty and it's really bland but Eunwoo has such a sexy ass voice, why did I never notice before? Eargasm... I like the second lead too, I'm a sucker for sharp eyes like his.
this shit is so true and annoying https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2021/01/theqoo-surprisingly-lot-of-people.html there were quite a few taller actresses in the past but nowadays all dramas seem to start like a bad wattpad story, on the one hand you have a 150something uwu girl and on the other hand dudes who soon gonna hit 190cm. What's romantic about being like a defenseless child next to your partner? are only oldfashioned ladies watching this? something like a 163cm girl and a 173cm guy would be much more realistic for a young korean couple nowadays.
(124.20 KB 640x960 unnamed.jpg)
>>20926 I agree with you. Eunwoo also looks a bit buffer than I'm used to of him and it's kind of hot ngl
>>20926 is the show's mc just as obnoxious and mary sue-ish as she was in the webtoon? is there a good coherent plot and not just a slide show of pretty clothes and pretty makeup aimed only at praising the mc's looks?
(146.76 KB 1080x597 IMG_20210114_235647.jpg)
>>20974 "a bit" is an understatement lol
>>20976 ok might start watching true beauty...
>>20975 The plot is pretty bland yes, she is as obnoxious as most female leads but I don't hate her that much, she's just the typical clueless, bad at grades, airhead lead. It's not that centered on the makeup (mostly just references that she needs it desperately to live and her giving a makeover to another "ugly" girl) it's just the typical romance triangle with the male leads having daddy issues and such. The cold aloof guy and the rebellious one. You also have the "I'm so ugly" plot were the girl is really pretty just has like three zits and some rosacea. It's definitely a by the numbers highschool drama and I doubt the webtoon is that different. It's every anime you've ever watched. I'm just watching it from time to time because Eunwoo's sex voice (he talks very low and soft the whole drama and mmmgh) and the second lead kek Also expect the typical misunderstandings over and over, "Oh no she was hugging her! That must mean he didn't really like me like he said three minutes ago but I won't ask him because I'm an idiot". Am I the only one that watches dramas skipping like 10 seconds constantly? kek
>>21010 also I read a couple of chapters of true beauty and I mostly think it got famous because of the humor not so much the plot, which both are lacking on the drama (I'm sure they changed the plot too). Kind of hard to use internet humor like picrel lol
>>21010 i skip whole scenes tbh skipped every family fight scene in record of youth until i finally dropped it
>>21012 haha yes I do that too, especially on the chaebol dramas when the family members are plotting shit. Same for Joseon dramas when they go too heavy on political stuff and I can't even remember who is who. I prefer doing that than dropping them because I have a huge collection of dramas that I leave in the middle and I have a hard time finishing later and it's annoying. As well, am I the only one that loses interest when the leads kiss? Like around episode 8 I'm bored, because it's all downhill later, they already know they like each other so it's just going to be a series of misunderstandings and stuff now. I want a drama where the leads don't have a kiss until the end, some jdramas do that.
>>21014 depends if/how much i like the couple or not... i dropped Her Private Life around episode 10 because of that. It became just boring couple doing couple things and that uninteresting biological mother mystery
>>21015 took me a while to recognize him from Coffee Prince. Damn he aged really good. I also really like the female lead on that drama, but I also dropped it for the same reason.
This is so pathetic but here goas...I can't watch It's Okay To Not Be Okay bc I love the male lead so much and hate the female lead. I'm like 3/4 episodes in, idk what redemption arc they're gonna give her but she doesn't deserve such a sweetie. I'm like legit in love with KSH's character lord help. >>20976 I don't support the porn industry but if he made an OnlyFans...wheww
>>109 I'm watching because this is my first life rn and finding it very relatable tbh minus the marriage part. I'm surprised... by the poster I'd never guess that it would tackle some of the themes
>>21210 i felt that it was very overhyped, i stopped watching around 7 episodes in. it was last year's equivalent of hotel del luna which i feel only got hype because of IU, the pretty outfits and nice cinematography.
>>21221 same for me. I found very overhyped plus their fans are annoying af shilling it as something avant-garde deep and profound when it's just yet another romantic comedy full of clapped tropes
(1.71 MB 480x347 giphy (1).gif)
>>21221 At least Hotel Del Luna gave us Lee Do Hyun in a long wig with a bunch of cute smiley gifs. Tbh I think he's way cuter with the long hair, his face looks kind of off to me with short hair.
>'True Beauty' webtoon writer Yaongyi confesses to being a single mom "I have a son more precious to me than my life" wow didn't expect that the stigma about single moms is still quite bad in korea and nevertheless she made it
(278.89 KB 1600x1200 81Xta2T1t5L._RI_.jpg)
Anyone watch the original princess hours? how do you feel about it getting a remake? i liked it but it's a drama i really can't see working out again, maybe it's because i generally do not like remakes but romcoms have changed a lot since then and not sure how a 2021 version would pan out.
(75.92 KB 1000x872 074.jpg)
Was watching "my ID is gangnam beauty" and God the female lead's voice is grating.It was very annoying and nasally.why do korean girls speak like that ?
anyone here following what's going on with kim jung hyun? he pissed off his agency and now they're airing everything out, starting with the reason why he left time early. even staff from the drama are coming out and saying that he burdened the writer/staff and made seohyun cry on set
>>95858 Saw a bit about it and the dude seems to have some issues mentally. I feel bad for seohyun and that the essentially fucked up the drama by dropping out early but based on his interview and stuff he seemed very mentally unwell for a while.
>>95920 knetz are saying his agency is out to sully his name, they prob parted on bad terms. saying he burdened fellow actors is super weak (as if anyone working in k-ent never burdened anyone else with being late, dating scandals, being ill) because it's not like he did drugs, fucked escorts, gambled, or did anything morally wrong. if he did they'd expose him already
(286.57 KB 1200x1719 Vincenzo-tvN-2021-07.jpg)
i can't believe they delayed the episode 17 and 18 of vincenzo, i need to know what is going to happen next damn, but at the same time is good because there's been some ass pulls like the pigeons coming out of nowhere that doesn't fit that well. Also taecyeon's character is fucking scary the way he just so cold and emotionless
(120.47 KB 720x981 EyvLJX3U8AUdugV.jpeg)
now dispatch is revealing that seo yeji was the reason he refused to do skinship/romantic scenes in the drama. they are both entirely too old to be acting like this. the original article is in korean but the texts have been translated https://twitter.com/dispatchsns/status/1381416680341966852
(137.00 KB 900x550 EyvHEO2UYAUTOl0.jpeg)
>>96605 some more (i used papago so it might be wrong): Kim Jung-hyun: Only you can touch my hand. Seo Ye-ji: Keep it firm. Whatever. Change it well. No skinship. Kim Jung-hyun: Of course. Clap! Clap! Seo Ye-ji: How are you doing? Kim Jung-hyun: Of course. The teaser director, the girl, is doing it, and it's hard. Kim Jung-hyun: I didn't even make eye contact with girls. Seo Ye-ji: Change it without romance and without touch. Kim Jung-hyun: It's time to shoot Seo Ju-hyun, so guys are talking. Kim Jung-hyun: I just asked director Jang (Junho) to remove all romance. in a logical way Seo Ye-ji: How did you say hello? Kim Jung-hyun: I didn't say hello at all. Seo Ye-ji: You're right not to say hello. Kim Jung-hyun: I've been reading the script. I'm not doing anything else. Seo Ye-ji: Correct it without romance. Seo Ye-ji: You are happy because of me. So make me happier. Kim Jung-hyun: I'm going to read the script. Seo Ye-ji: Yes. Fix it well. No touching romance. Kim Jung-hyun: Sure.
>>96609 the absolute entitlement of these two to have a drama rewritten for their little romance
>>96611 the writer was hospitalized and they had the nerve to tell him to rewrite scenes to their liking
>>95923 >as if anyone working in k-ent never burdened anyone else with being late, dating scandals, being ill i get your point but it's not exactly the same thing. actors in those cases weren't asking for scripts to be rewritten because their partners were uncomfortable with romance.
>>96614 both of them need to face consequences that is absolutely ridiculous
>>96617 lol coming from the cdrama thread. it's not uncommon for actors to include script changes in their contract (e.g. more or less action scenes, no kisses or skinship etc) or bring their agencies' writers to rewrite scenes. ultimately you can't force workers to do work they don't want to, e.g. skinship. the drama wouldn't sack seo yeji since she's star who brings viewers so they give in to diva attitudes
* a star
>>96627 she wasn't in this drama though, she was just kim junghyun's gf at the time
>>96609 lmaooo not at this bitch being a psycho irl
>>96609 also is kim junghyun really dating cloy seodan (forgot her real name) or naah? why are all those things about kim junghyun being published by dispatch now? omo...
>>96639 apparently he’s trying to leave his agency before his contract is up and now they’re playing dirty
seo yeji is beautiful and skinny and still one insecure little bitch. the patriarchy make women go crazy girlies
>>96640 ohhh so it's probably true that he's dating seodan now lol and probably why they denied too. i feel bad for him.
>>96639 wait is he dating seo yeji or seo jihye? >>96636 yes but he can change the script if he doesn't want to do skinship, and there shouldn't be consequences because labour rights. if this was hollywood and a female actress got forced to do kiss scenes you'd be #metooing
>>96642 unless he's a pos then i dont kek i dont know much about his personal life
>>96643 but don’t actors have an idea of what the role they’re playing entails ie: skinship or not. if he didn’t want to do skinship he shouldn’t have taken the role.
>>96644 nobody gives a shit about actors and their personal lives. joo jihoon does/did drugs and he's acting in kingdom and other big productions, what this fella did isn't even near a crime and he will continue to get jobs.
>>96609 not super thrilled that they seem to be blaming a woman for the behaviour of a man but if these texts are true this sounds abusive and manipulative on her part
hold up this drama is kinda juicy let me fetch some netizens comments
>>96651 how is this juicy? lol it's just a jealous partner
>>96649 im not arguing anything kek im just saying that im sympathetic towards his situation unless he's a pos and im just unaware of it
>>96652 are you pressed over people getting entertained by gossip
>>96647 this is what i'm confused about, he knew the drama was a melo when he took the role so why even accept it? >>96650 two people can be wrong. she was jealous/insecure for telling him not to interact with other women but she didn't force him to wipe his hands after touching a woman. he did that all himself
IOTNBO fans are kinda unhinged not surprised people here are up in arms
>>96639 he and seo jihye (CLOY seo dan) were seen together but both companies denied that they were dating, which is kind of what set this whole issue off. they said that the two of them were just friends meeting to discuss his free agency
lmao this is worse for seo yeji than the dude. bet he leaked those texts to dispatch to save his skin
(114.67 KB 700x1050 unnamed.jpg)
>Staff reveals the reason why Kim Jung Hyun abruptly left the ‘Time’ cast and treated Seohyun rude back in 2018 A former staff on the set of ‘Time’ revealed startling details related to Kim Jung Hyun’s abrupt leave in the past. On April 11 KST, staff ‘A’ spoke to ‘Sports Chosun’ and revealed that actor Kim Jung Hyun had left the cast of MBC drama ‘Time’ back in 2018 due to his troubles with an actress girlfriend at that time. Allegedly, Kim Jung Hyun had lamented to the production team for including ‘melodramatic scenes’ in the drama, when he had been told that the series would be of a non-romantic nature. According to ‘A’, a serious argument eventually broke out between Kim Jung Hyun and a staff during a dinner outing, during which the actor was severely “mistreated”. The event had led to his leave when a staff suggested the idea “merely to create a shock effect”. Staff ‘A’ also added that Kim Jung Hyun did experience some health issues back then due to this series of events. “There were rumors everywhere that the reason for his denial of melodramatic scenes was because of his girlfriend. I wanted to reveal these new details since they were missing from the reports that accused him of behavioral issues during the press conference back then,” shared Staff ‘A’. cr original post: theqoo 1. Why did he treat Seohyun so badly? Is he crazy? 2. So if he touches the other actresses, does he wipe his hands with wet towels? He’s trash 3. He didn’t even know what kind of drama was talking about.. He has no sense of professionalism 4. So the staff is saying that Kim Jung Hyun is just a kindergarten student and that he has problems with reading comprehension 5. If he didn’t like love scenes, he shouldn’t have been an actor 6. Poor Seohyun 7. ?? He said he was an actor and he didn’t even read the script?? 8. If you are not satisfied with the production crew, why are you getting angry with another actress? 9. Just retire 10. I got goosebumps..ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
>>96656 agreed. i think he’s an asshole. but the way the texts messages were revealed makes it seem like they’re going to dump the blame of seo yeji to take the heat off his own asshole behaviour
>>96658 do you guys believe they're just friends?
>>96659 she'll be fine imo, she was already accused of being an iljin and her company swept it under the rug. actor images are pretty hard to tank. nothing will really happen to kim junghyun either, he'll just get comments about his unprofessionalism but i don't think it'll stop him from getting roles. actual criminals are still getting jobs like >>96649 mentioned. though this issue, combined with the fact that he was in mr queen, might make him take another hiatus to get the heat off of him.
>>96663 what's wrong with mr queen? it had great ratings, was it because it copied go princess go?
>>96665 china controversy
>>96662 even if they're really dating there's no way her side will admit to it now
>>96665 it's funny how it got amazing ratings throughout the whole series and then immediately after wrapping up people were like "actually we hated it"
every girl has had a guy friend who became distant when he got into a serious relationship. months/years after they broke up and he rans to you to tell that "ohh my ex wouldn't allow me to talk to you crazy huh". no bitch you had the free will to tell her off dont ever talk to me again dipshit
>>96666 what china controversy? moon lovers or scarlet heart ryeo was also a copy of scarlet heart.
>>96660 seohyun is also his senior (she debuted as an actress in 2013 vs. him in 2014) which is why a lot of netizens are upset
>>96670 guys will always prioritise the girl who is giving them pussy
>>96671 sorry i dont know in detail people have talked about it in the last couplw of kpc threads. i think it was something about being historically inaccurate + sponsored by chinese companies
>>96672 i doubt seohyun cares anymore. the acting industry is made up of people who give 0 fucks versus the idol industry, you have scandalized stars like jang dong gun, lee byunghyun and joo jihoon helming big productions nobody cares about who was mean to who.
Seo Yeji: Why don't you tell me how you did it today? Kim Jung-hyun: I didn't even say hello to the female staff today. It's so hard to other people. Yeji Seo: (To the staff) How did you say hello? Kim Jung-hyun: (taking a video on site and sending it) I didn't say hello. Yeji Seo: It's true that you don't say hello (to the staff) Seo Yeji: If they (staff) do it first, you just have to make it hard. Seo Yeji: I feel bad right now. Take a picture of the situation and send it Kim Jeong-Hyun: (Send on-site video) Yeji Seo: Wasn't it the set that sent the video to me? Kim Jung-hyun: It's inside the set. It wasn't in the studio.
>>96676 lmao seo yeji wasn't acting in iontbo
>>96671 it wasn't just the historical inaccuracy but also the writer of the original chinese material said negative things about korea iirc. but like >>96674 said they're in the last kpc thread
>>96675 she took a long hiatus to get help for the mental damage this drama caused her it’s not like she just brushed it off
>>96679 yes but it's not the idol industry where your fans can start wars against a rival kpop group. seohyun is just any other actress now and what happened happened, plus lots of men get jealous if their actress wife/gf does skinship so it's not that weird what happened to her.
>>96676 he's a jerk but she's also ridic for talking like that at her big age kek idk might be cultural differences~~ but still
>>96670 >"ohh my ex wouldn't allow me to talk to you crazy huh". no bitch you had the free will to tell her off this. i don't doubt that he was also struggling with his own disorders at the time but he is still an adult man with free will who can control how he acts.
>>96682 he prob put up with her and bailed once he could. thankfully
>>96682 which disorders?
>>96680 girl what
>>96684 he had an eating and sleeping disorder at that time, which is the official reason he left the show and took a hiatus
>>96686 seo yeji is also rumoured to have an ED... two mentally unwell people together furthering their issues yay
even more information is coming out about seo yeji now, so if kim junghyun's goal was to get the heat off of himself, it seems to have worked: a reporter revealed that the old blind item >Actress G is infamous for dominating her celebrity boyfriends' physical and mental completely. Since she was a rookie, she only dated popular male celebrities. There's a famous story of how a hallyu star H jumped into the road when G broke up with him. After getting dumped, H would go to G's agency and go on a diet when G would go on a diet. Another handsome star I even attempted suicide after breaking up with G. A man she's now dating is a close friend of a top star J. Like what she does usually, G is controlling him by dominating his physical and heart. But the problem is that the top star J is also dominated by G and is acting like a fool. Those who don't know well even suspect that G is dating J. What could G's magic be? was G=seo yeji, H=tvxq yunho, J=kim soohyun, handsome star I=kim junghyun
>>96714 seo yeji was also said to have "celebrity syndrome" because of her looks, and is known for her manipulative behaviors towards exes (apparently an open secret in the industry) the video was actually put up 9 months ago but it is going around again among k-communities. https://youtu.be/4x1Hu4n0F70
(68.83 KB 600x516 p153180995-1.jpg)
seo yeji also had extensive surgery
>>96714 not yunho this is not his year lmao
>>96714 2 ex boydriends attempting suicide and picking up her ED... she must have some manipulative personality disorder like borderline something like that... this shit is not normal
also yeji apparently lied about studying in spain for no reason kek what's wrong with her
>>96932 when she did extensive surgery and disappeared to recover she needed an excuse
(253.82 KB 540x2254 Eyx0UmjVIAMroIx.jpeg)
sorry she is a complete lolcow there's no way to focus on the other dude being rude kek
KJH's behaviour went beyond just "being rude"
it was a good move on kjh's end to leak the texts. now all the heat is on syi
>>97004 what did he do guess i missed something
>>97042 nta but he was very cold and rude towards seohyun when they did a drama together. he acted super cold at the drama's presscon and refused to interact with her. he even wiped his hands off with a wipe after touching her.
>>97061 (continued) but it wasn't always like that. he acted nice and normal but then according to texts seo yeji made him stop doing any and all skinship
ok so just very rude
>>97066 tbh it's a weak scandal. nothing they did was a crime even if people are shocked seo yeji is a total jealous control freak. this isn't burning sun where someone filmed molkas of sex with their gf, plus korea doesn't have a policy of blacklisting scandalised celebs like china. i'm 100% sure lots of married kactors and kactresses have spouses who force them to stop skinship, distance themselves from costars and go home once filming is over. korean men are known to be controlling.
>>96932 her spanish is extremely good tho, doesn't sound like she learned it just by studying in korea idk "she's a master manipulator who turns all these grownass actors around her crazy!" sounds a bit odd to me, she hasn't been that big since fairly recently, sounds more like she's very cute and therefore they do pathetic shit to get her pussy. if you're in your 30s and risk your career by acting like a jerk in front of dozen cameras in a press conference just because your girl told you to do so, then that's completely on you.
also made the scriptwriter rewrite scenes to remove skinship/romance while said scriptwriter was in the hospital
>>97116 she did go to spain she just didn't study, it was more like a long vacation i guess she seems like a truly manipulative person. she tried to fake a DUI to get into a role and put someone else's life at risk. of course, everyone has a choice on whether or not they listen to their partner and KJH should take some accountability. but syi deserves criticism too. just because she's female doesn't mean she can't be an abuser
(666.16 KB 500x857 1594083978142-1594083978142.png)
>>96719 People say that pic is fake and she's mostly natural. I feel like her jawline as to be fake though but her predebut pictures look similar except for a nose job.
>>97116 not a mastermind just mentally ill but yeah men who get into bpd women cant complain after
>>97143 >she seems like a truly manipulative person. she tried to fake a DUI to get into a role and put someone else's life at risk wtf where is that
>>97102 >comparing every celeb scandal to burning sun bitch we dont even want every scandal to be crime section worthy news kek much more prefer this mild stuff than hearing about women being raped
>>98393 okok what seo yeji did isn't as bad as zheng shuang
I don’t know if anyone posted this but this blind item has to be syj. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2020/07/6-blind-items-released-this-year-no.html?m=1
>>98387 from last year: >She explains, "There was this scene where I was driving under the influence with Kim Jaewook by my side. To make this scene looks more real, I purposely drove over a line, but then a bus came along. We almost died. We almost got into a big accident. We didn't expect that bus to appear of all the sudden". She continues with her surprising statement, "Of course, I was so scared we might get into an accident. Both Director Jo Changho and Kim Jaewook were so shocked. I was thrilled when I realized I made them shocked". Kim Jaewook responds, "Seo Yeji totally enjoys driving. We weren't really close (when we filmed the scene), but we laughed a lot as we filmed. I remember telling her that I don't think she's in her right mind"
she also threw a tantrum during another relationship that caused a drama to be shelved >Apparently Seo Ye Ji and the Four Men pd were dating + SYJ was supposed to get the FL in 4Men but Nana was casted instead. So SYJ made sure to make the PD's life a living hell during the filming of the drama, to the point where the pd was hospitalized (because she didn't want him working with Nana)
>>98520 ok so it's not what you said... she already had the role and was shooting where the character was driving under the influence but she decide to adlib her way and almost got them hit by a bus
>>98524 this is interesting because the timelines of this drama (nana withdrew in august 2018, drama started filming in january 2018) and time's filming (july-september 2018) overlap, so either she broke up with kim junghyun and started dating this drama's pd immediately after, or she was dating them both at the same time
>>98526 i didn't post that comment kek but i think what the anon meant to say was that she almost got into the accident because she was trying to immerse herself into the role, not that she did it because she was trying to get cast in the drama?
what if she's just a misandrist and want all men dead? pretty based of her except the bus incident which was indeed trash and irresponsible to say the least
>>98530 cringe
>>98530 Saying this on an image board where 99% of the thirsting is for manlets
Seo Yeji's past bullying scandals brought back to light, skips movie press conference attendance today Source: Everyday Economy via Naver 1. [+7,343, -282] I don't understand Kim Jung Hyun more than this woman. He knows how much work, time, and investments it takes to produce one drama episode and yet he ruined it all just because a woman told him to.. People like them should never show on TV again. 2. [+3,741, -65] Exile her from the industry forever 3. [+1,806, -42] Just another nugu who thought she could manipulate her boyfriend into causing chaos and controversy on the drama set... 4. [+1,442, -30] I don't even care about her. The public can hate on her but now that the industry knows the damage she's caused, I'm sure they'll know better than to ever cast her again. 5. [+1,299, -427] She's not even pretty. How can she act like this while looking like that? 6. [+674, -2] She may have beautified her exterior through plastic surgery but her insides are still a rotten mess. This is why celebrities can't be trusted on image alone. 7. [+629, -6] Seohyun's a true saint for putting up with this all this time. I thought it was so weird how they didn't link arms in their wedding scene... Please make sure that Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Yeji are kicked out of the industry for good. 8. [+580, -16] I'm so disappointed. I was a fan because she has a talent and beauty that's rare to see in the industry these days. I can forgive the bullying as a childhood mistake but I don't think her image will ever be able to recover from the malicious things she's been exposed of doing. 9. [+534, -4] Poor Seohyun ㅜㅜ 10. [+477, -3] Face is plastic, lied about her college education, rock bottom character
>>98753 https://pannative.blogspot.com/2021/04/comments-about-seo-yeji-being-school.html "There's this Iljin who used to bully and steal money from me and my friends and never gave it back to us, she debuted as an actress. She changed her whole face. My friends showed me her face and it looks completely different now. I thought it wasn't her, but it was her. Her image now? She has a very kind and cheerful image. She's really shameless. She's often seen in CFs lately and it always pisses me off to see her on TV.ㄴSYJ. If you ask people who were born in 1990 and went to Yeongwon Junior High School in Yeongdongpo about this girl, they'd know who you're talking about. She has always been pretty ever since her school days. She had monolids, but she's very tall and slim. Her image on TV looks really fake (She doesn't look good in her yearbook pictures). She has a very husky voice, I used to be scared to talk to her.I went to the same junior high school with her, I was wondering why no one talks about her. She was such a bully. There was literally no one in our school who didn't know her. She bullied her friends, took their money, had problems with the seniors, etc. The girl in the yearbook picture you see is really her, not just some girl who happens to have the same name. "
Kim Yongho already spilled tea about Seo Yeji 9 months ago: https://pannative.blogspot.com/2021/04/ ... about.html "... Seo Yeji dated this guy for quite a long time. I don't know him well, but he's Kim Junghyun from Crash Landing on You. I asked around about the two of them, and they all said Kim Junghyun was totally head over heels for Seo Yeji until the point people are questioning, 'Isn't he going to get himself in a big trouble at this point?'. He was that crazy about Seo Yeji. Seo Yeji often shows off her charms in front of men, she tends to be the one in control...? For example, there was this story about Seo Yeji. It's not about Kim Junghyun, but another boyfriend of hers. She would call him and said, 'There's a fire!!', and end the phone call right away. The boyfriend would come over to her house, just to find her completely fine. He would ask, 'What did you mean by that phone call?'. And she would say, 'I called you saying that there's a fire in my house, and yet it took you this long to come over?? This is not it"Hearing that story makes me realize how amazing of a woman she is."" He also implied that she may have lied about studying abroad in Spain.
Seo Yeji's old interview about her DUI scene in the movie Another Way regains attention: "As Kim Jaewook and Seo Yeji gain attention for their chemistry in the movie Another Way, a story from behind the scene of the movie also gains attention from netizens. In the 20th Busan International Film Festival that took place October last year in Busan Haeundae Megabox, Seo Yeji talked about how she almost got into an accident when she filmed her DUI scene. She explains, "There was this scene where I was driving under the influence with Kim Jaewook by my side. To make this scene looks more real, I purposely drove over a line, but then a bus came along. We almost died. We almost got into a big accident. We didn't expect that bus to appear of all the sudden"She continues with her surprising statement, "Of course, I was so scared we might get into an accident. Both Director Jo Changho and Kim Jaewook were so shocked. I was thrilled when I realized I made them shocked"Kim Jaewook responds, "Seo Yeji totally enjoys driving. We weren't really close (when we filmed the scene), but we laughed a lot as we filmed. I remember telling her that I don't think she's in her right mind". And he laughs."
>>98761 "Seo Yeji talked about how she almost got into an accident when she filmed her DUI scene. She explains, "There was this scene where I was driving under the influence with Kim Jaewook by my side. To make this scene looks more real, I purposely drove over a line, but then a bus came along. We almost died. " "I remember telling her that I don't think she's in her right mind". And he laughs." She seems legit psychopathic. Not caring about your own well being/survival and neither the ones of others is definitely psychopathic or sociopathic behaviour. They seek thrill and risks and arent very good at thinking about the dangers nor consequences of what they do.
>>98759 I cackled with this one. "There is a fire!!!" topkek you gotta admire her commitment to driving men crazy... she might just have some galaxy brain and in the future we will recognize her for that...
>>98738 just because we like watching gooks dancing doesnt mean we actually like men as a whole topkek
>>98738 >>98735 oooownnn sowwy that she fucked your oppar and drove him into insanity... basada
>>98824 Nah she just sounds exhausting and not in her right mind
Its really weird, she must have had Kim Junghyun under complete control. I mean before they became a couple he was acting normal.
Seo Yejis company put out a statement. Hello, this is Gold Medalist. This is an official statement regarding recent reports about Seo Yeji, an actress under our company.First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in this official statement release. After checking with Kim Junghyun's reps, we confirmed that the controversy regarding the drama didn't happen because of Seo Yeji. He also delivered that he would be releasing his own statement regarding this matter. However, it may take him some time to release the statement because it involves various issues. As the controversy keeps getting bigger, he told us that it is alright for us to release this statement ahead before him, so here is our statement. Once again, we would like to apologize for the delay in this official statement release. We also would like to apologize to all the staff, co-stars, and reporters who are harmed because Seo Yeji was unable to attend the press conference for the movie 'Recalled' that took place today. We are releasing our own official statement separately from Kim Junghyun's. Logically, it would be hard to understand with common sense for a leading actor to do everything as someone's orders and not have his own free will at all, just like the statement that becomes controversial. Besides, it's practically impossible for someone to participate in a filming without having his own free willIt is not included in the leaked conversation, but at that time Kim Junghyun also made a request to Seo Yeji, who was filming a different drama, to not film kiss scenes. Seo Yeji responded, 'You shouldn't do it either, then', showing jealousy towards each other's physical contact with other people in the conversation. This often happens in relationships between fellow actors/actresses in the industry. However, all actors/actresses would proceed to film normally regardless of their quarrels. We think Kim Junghyun must have had another personal issues at that time. In addition, the leaked information contains private conversations and shouldn't be publicized, and it's causing a great misunderstanding among the public. Regardless of their personal matters, we are reflecting on the immature behavior that has caused concern to the public. We also have received a lot of questions regarding Seo Yeji's educational background, we would like to clarify that matter as well. It is true that Seo Yeji was accepted into Complutense University of Madrid, she was preparing her enrollment. However, she wasn't able to attend the university normally after starting her career in South Korea. In addition, we would like to deliver that none of the bullying scandals made about her was true. Once again, we would like to apologize for causing trouble.
>>98958 seo yeji holding all her exes captive as we speak and making them a write a statement to clean her image
regarding kim junghyun, some people are just weak willed so it’s not fair to assume him being abused is a kink thing. no it doesn’t read like a BDSM fic unless you’re talking about 50 Shades, which the BDSM community unanimously agreed is abusive bs. i’m starting to feel bad for him, he sounds like a complete wreck and it’s creepy
>>99315 it sounds like a classic abusive relationship. except the abuser is a woman so people are turning it into a #girlboss situation
(21.76 KB 320x240 download.jpeg)
>Seo Yeji's former staffs reveal violence and proofs >If she left the car to go to the restroom and we're not coming behind her because we're in the middle of having our meal, she would abuse us verbally and say 'What if someone tries to abduct me?'. She would tell us to protect her and block the road if there are any cars coming in her direction. She didn't treat us like humans. She ignored us as if we were dogs and pigs. >And we're also unable to eat if she's not eating her meal because she's not in a good mood. >We weren't able to record anything because she checks our phone occasionally. Lately, I realized how important recording things are in this industry. Source: https://pannative.blogspot.com/2021/04/seo-yejis-former-staffs-reveal-violence.html?m=1 ok she really is trash
>>99646 physiognomy is science ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
girlies so much has happened since ccc went out of service... i think its over seo yeji. the cloy dude might come back though
>>100234 Yeah she is completely over. All her sponsors have left her, companies have cancelled working with her. She is not gonna recover from this. Which is a good thing. Junghyun might make it. I agree. But I dont know if he is deserving of that. I mean he is a victim to Seo Yeji but an abuser at the same time to Seohyun and the staff of "Time".
So many shitty people in these industries. I wonder who else is a pos behind closed doors. Who always gave you a weird vibe?
Seo Yeji creeps me out. With all these infos coming out about her. I mean being a shitty person/bully is one thing, but she sound completely deranged mentally and unwell. I think off all these recent scandals hers is the most extreme.
>>99646 >We weren't able to record anything because she checks our phone occasionally. so she knows she's a piece of trash
>>100234 i think it's over for junghyun too. people think he's weird and a coward but the spotlight isn't on him because yeji is worse
>>100922 her movie is selling alright though like 30k prereservations... so its not as bad to the point people call for boycotts i guess
>>100927 kim soohyun, i remember when he dated yoona and she broke up with him because she thought he was weird. apparently she called him a psycho kek but everything that happened with seo yeji reminded me of him, he seems a bit off to me as well. i don't like park seojoon, kim youngkwang or yoo yeonseok, mainly cause they seem like assholes. there's probably more i can't remember rn but those come to mind right away
>>102153 I agree with you on Kim Soohyun. He is a weirdo. He also once posted an incelesque, "edgy" cyworld post about the type of girl he wants. "I want you to be sad, want to die, and be regretful because of me. No matter who you look at, you should only think of me. You should never suspect anything of me. You can't concern yourself with my matters because it bothers me. I'm good at swearing. You need to always be there for me because I crave attention. You have to be quick on reading me because I have a hot temper. I'll kill you if you try to school me. Ah.... buy me some medicine. I get sick frequently. I have an irregular pulse and need surgery for it. Now, try and love me. Throw me away if you can't. So at least I can cry sorrowfully." Give me serial killer vibes
>>102535 Sounds controlling and abusive. Something Seo Yeiji could have written. Did these two ever date? They seem like a perfect match
>>101208 I saw some people theorizing that this was Junghyuns plan. That he leaked these messages and got the shit storm for Seo Yeji rolling to take attention away from him and his shit behaviour towards Seohyun. I dont know how I feel about this theory. But even if it were true it wouldnt work. I dont think he will be forgiven either, the way he behaved
>>102537 yes it is said upthread they broke up and she started dating a friend of his
>>102535 cyworld? but then that was before he became famous, right?
>>102153 lol the comments from the old blind item: > [+104, -34] It's real. Kim Soo Hyun and Yoona dated, but he's a psycho so Yoona turned to dislike him and they broke up. > [+40, -4] It's true. Kim Soo Hyun and Yoona dated, and the journalists caught it. They asked Yoona and she said he's a total psycho. > [+12, -0] I also heard the same thing of the previous comment... She called him a psycho > [+56, -1] You can tell that Kim Soo Hyun is an attention seeker and a psycho from his pre-debut photos. I don't understand why people praise him so much ㅋㅋ > [+26, -1] I heard about Kim Soo Hyun and Yoona so many times. Years ago, I saw a picture of a female idol and a male actor with masks at a theater, and they looked like Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun. > [+29, -5] Looking at his past, I find it very easy to believe that Yoona broke up with him because he's a psycho > [+35, -0] I don't know about other things, but it's certain that Kim Soo Hyun is a psycho and with bad personalities. Kim Soo Hyun attended an acting academy while studying for university entrance for the 3~4th year when he was 23 or 24. It was "pan acting academy" or something. You can see the posts about him before he debuted. The people and the teachers who attended the same academy said he's very hard-working, but his personalities are a total turn-off ㅋㅋ > [+44, -0] It's true ㅋㅋㅋ It's a really well-known fact... Kim Soo Hyun says a lot of risky things in interviews so his company boss worries everytime he does an interview ㅋ > [+48, -2] I don't know about Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun but I know that Kim Soo Hyun has psycho personalities. During his debut days, when he had no popularity, the pastor in my church knew him so he told me about it. He was dating someone when he debuted and she broke up with him. He rebelled, said he was gonna kill himself and made all sorts of mess, so the girl had a really hard time. > [+40, -0] Kim Soo Hyun has weird personalities for sure ㅋㅋㅋ He proudly talked about setting fire in his school. > [+27, -0] Yeah my teacher in my speaking academy has a friend who works in the entertainment industry. He said Kim Soo Hyun's personalities are psycho and perverted so Yoona couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him.
>>102542 Yeah, the poem is a bit older. Doesnt really change the weird vibe the poem and he gives me though.
>>102538 it's very clear he leaked the messages in order to save himself, he saw he was going down and took her with him. it was a smart strategy because it worked in the sense that the attention was (mostly) taken off of him and focus shifted to her, but like you said it probably won't save him. people still want him to retire and live a normal life since he is suffering from the many issues that he discussed in his statement.
samefag but how he and his team essentially left sulli out to dry when real flopped and she was getting so much hate for appearing in it (after mediaplaying the movie by saying she would appear nude in it) really is what rubs me the wrong way. i remember him saying that her and her instagram posts were more controversial than the movie, or something along those lines. and openly admitting to wanting to marry a 21 year old when he's 41 is just odd.
>>102153 Does anyone get bad vibes from Lee Dohyun? I find him so attractive and love his acting.
i know it's been a few hours but that sipperofhottea account still exists
I’ve put off watching Vincenzo bc the mafia premise makes me cringe, but the ratings are making me wonder if I’m missing out. Thoughts on the show? The last ep just aired.
not watching it either because of the italian-korean thingy however a friend of mine has picked it up recently and is complimenting it... our taste in kdramas are not that similar though so idk. might read about it on reddit now that you've mentioned ratings. >>117569
i dont get how ratings work honestly
>>117993 I think the most common one you'll see is the percentage of how many Koreans within the country are watching the show. So 2% means that roughly 2% of the Korean populace is watching. >>117570 My favorite drama is Extracurricular followed by Sweet Home and Strangers from Hell so I'm guessing that I probably won't like it
>>119700 >My favorite drama is Extracurricular followed by Sweet Home and Strangers from Hell so I'm guessing that I probably won't like it have you watched White Christmas nona? I fell like you would like it. That and Secret Forest are amazing. Especially the first season on Secret Forest.
>>119700 do you know what rating is considered good? is it 2%
>>120672 tv ratings are just viewership figures, they have nothing to do with whether a show is good or not, it's more about how many people have watched it. in korea a drama with above 20%(or 30%?) viewership is a national drama
>>120185 No I haven't but I've seen them suggested before. I'll add them to my list on MDL, thank you nona! >>120672 As >>120675 says, they are just viewership figures. 2% is considered average for a drama. Good ratings are probably like 8-10%, excellent ratings are 10-20%, and groundbreaking are 20-30% as the other nona mentioned. Hope that helps.
(90.68 KB 646x465 image (9).png)
>[theqoo] 2021 BAEKSANG ARTS AWARDS' CURRENT TOP 3 FOR THE POPULARITY AWARDS Men: 1. Kim Seonho 972K 2. Song Joongki 764K 3. Kim Soohyun 278K Women: 1. Seo Yeji 567K 2. Shin Hyesun 409K 3. Kim Sohyun 175K original post: here 1. Are the women's ranking for real.... 2. What's up with the women... 3. Kim Seonho, fighting 4. I like Kim Seonho 5. Song Joongki seems to have the biggest advantage here no?? His drama ended the latest so his votes are fewer than I thought. He is the most buzzworthy right now and has the biggest advantage so I thought that he would be #1 for sure 6. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seo Yeji 7. We can't win over the foreign fans' votes if they get together 8. Hul I thought that Song Joongki would be first for sure ㅜㅜ 9. What's up with the top 1 and 2 for the women... 10. Song Joongki, fighting!💙 11. Huh? What's up with the comments?? Did the #2 in the women have a controversy recently? (T/N: we're not too sure about Shin Hyesun's controversy but recently, she got into a controversy for acting in Mr. Queen which was in a similar scandal as Joseon Exorcist) 12. Who picked the women.. 13. The top 1 and 2 for the women though... 14. Shin Hyesun is even more unlikable than Seo Yeji. I f*cking hate her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't understand 15. Look at the #1 and #2 for women🤮
>>128437 IOTNBO ifans have fucking cultish behavior... that drama wasn't even good lol
>>128438 such an overhyped drama, i'm really not sure why ifans latched onto it so much. even when the drama was airing i remember seo yeji fans claiming that she was the only reason the show was doing so well and that she was carrying the rest of the cast, so her fans have been very insufferable even before the recent news. imo the one actor who actually deserved any of the praise was oh jungse, who never gets mentioned i do find the criticism of shin hyesun in >>128437 to be unfair though, grouping her in with seo yeji makes no sense. it's a double standard too as no one cared about male lead kim junghyun acting on mr. queen until his behavior on the set of time was revealed
>>128440 imo the drama was a hit because >mental illness theme >tim burton/coraline heavily inspired art direction >hot leads with chemi (no wonder they had dated irl kek) the woke twitterfag really latch onto it just like they do with kpop groups who exploit such themes
>>128442 you're definitely right about the mental illness theme selling it for ifans, no wonder it did far better internationally than it did domestically. the outfits too, remember seeing more praise about her outfits and her ant waist than i did about any other part of the drama kek
i wish i could talk about world of the married in kdramas without outing myself as a misandrist bc i think ji sunwoo is pretty based except for when she started showing taeho pity at the end rip. every discussion of the characters is always trying to say that both of them were bad when it doesn’t even come close.
>>128721 he's worse but she definetly had a shit ton of bad parenting moments kek no wonder that kid flew that being said, the og dr foster is worse
i wonder if yeji will actually go to the baeksang awards. knetz think people voted for her just to see if she has the guts to show up kek
>>128819 the knetz in that comment section are blaming international fans
>>128821 it's probably ifans but it wouldn't surprise me if some trolls were involved
>>128721 i hated that she started to show pity towards him at the end it really pissed me off kek. people love to insist that both characters are morally gray but i don't think it's that simple, maybe for sunwoo but i wouldn't argue there was any good parts about taeoh at all. dude was a scumbag >>128819 if she wins, i wonder if they will invite her or televise that particular award? doesn't seem like a good move on their part to do so when her image is so tarnished
seo yeji said she won't be going to the baeksang awards after all. smart choice, if she dared to show up she would be crucified
(123.06 KB 1080x1222 E1R2BHmVkAcRgzU.jpeg)
baeksang award winners from yesterday -looks like they really avoided giving iontbo most of the major awards (best drama, best actor/actress, best supporting actress). wonder if it had anything to do with what happened, though i don't think that seo yeji/kim soohyun would have won best actor or actress anyway as kim soyeon was practically a shoo-in with her performance in penthouse -i thought they'd go with song kang or na inwoo as best new actor, especially song kang who was great in sweet home and is practically everywhere now. that being said, i haven't watched 18 again so maybe lee dohyun was better than both of them -might give beyond evil a watch, missed it while it was airing but it was a big winner last night
>>132206 IOTNBO wasnt a hit in sokor with its less than mediocre ratings so i really didnt expect it to win anything... i dont think it has much to do with seo yeji im happy to see flower of evil won something. it was a consistently good show.
>>56318 To me old kdramas were the best And princess hour was amazing
just finished ep 3 of penthouse and how the fuck is this drama referred to anything but sky castle opera edition similarities (major spoilers, don't read if you plan on watching either one) main cast is rich older people with teenaged kids, connected because they're neighbors within some prestigious neighborhood/building parents will do whatever it takes to get their kids into some elite program (SKY university and the arts high school) parents want to get the best tutor for their kids for this purpose (Kim Jooyoung vs Cheon Soyeon) there's a kid who is a threat to those kids because she's naturally talented despite being poor (Kim Hyena vs Min Seola) the poor smart kid ends up being murdered and is revealed to be actually an illegitimate child of one of the main cast members (Kang Joonsang and Shim Suryeon) ep 3 had me floored because of the last two points, the comparison seems really obvious to me but can someone tell me if i'm crazy? i don't want any major spoilers because i'll probably continue watching it--just want to know what you all think of it generally.
>>132206 these results are excellent and well deserved. ik awards are typically bought but it's hard to imagine that any of these people would have needed to have done that. they all match up with what was in headlines from 2020-2021 and what netizens were saying online.
>>135840 but everyone says its similar to skycastle though kek its just even more makjang than skycastle... wait and see
>>135840 you're not crazy, there's a lot of parallels that can be drawn between the two. the joo twins in penthouse reminded me of the choi twins and bae rona reminded me (kind of) of hwang woojoo. the main difference between the two of them is that sky castle was always satirical, a social commentary with a side of makjang moments. meanwhile penthouse is completely makjang and makes no effort to hide it, just wait until cheon seojin eats a sim card. i like penthouse because it's fun to watch and speculate about what will happen next, but taking it at all seriously is not something i'm about to do kek
Is there a kdrama website where koreans rate dramas on how goood they are and leave reviews? something like imdb or douban which also rates kdramas, international films and dramas. even middle eastern and latin american films and shows get rated on douban
(159.79 KB 842x862 unnamed.jpg)
>Actress Kim Jung Hwa Receives Backlash From Korean Christians For Portraying A Lesbian Character >Her husband says she goes “back to normal” at the end. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/kim-jung-hwa-backlash-christians-lesbian/
>>146378 and this nonas is why your oppa will never come out
>>146378 >*We* as a married couple are against homosexuality! ...is writing the dude who isn't even in the movie. I bet girlie is bringing home the money while he's just sitting on his ass all day. You better ask yourself why she took that role, maybe she doesn't share your views as much as you think she does...
should have added that other koreans call them mentally ill for being so backwards
Has anybody seen Navillera? I'm currently watching it and it's slow and cute, and Song Kang looks cute and beefy
>>146396 nona the husband is a christian missionary and songwriter, please read the article. his "fans" and fellow churchgoers are asking why his wife is acting as a lesbian and trying to guilt them into saying they're anti-lgbt. kim junghwa also met him while doing missionary work so she is into protestanism/evangelical christianity >>146378 korea has a high percentage of evangelical christians and cults. there was a drama called "save me" starring seo yeji which was very good at portraying life inside christian cults. this is also why korean doesn't have bl dramas and novels kek unlike atheistic china, even a pseudo-lesbian character gets called out.
(194.03 KB 712x971 IMG_20210525_165129.jpg)
>>146813 korea has bl web dramas though
>>146857 SA and a bunch of gay shit in their cinema
>>146489 i watched it, it's very wholesome and made me fall in love with song kang. i also cried so much watching it
(56.28 KB 1200x676 bl.jpg)
>>146813 this isn't bl I guess
Watched "She was pretty" yesterday and i honestly hated the way the male lead treated her at first, he was so fucking mean for no reason, i basically kept watching just to see his face when he found out the woman he treated like absolute dirt was actually his precious first love but it never happened, they completely forgot how shit he treated her at first. Imho he said some things that couldn't be taken back i really hated him lol
every time i've tried to watch one i couldn't - like everything's so fake, and all the stupid effects are super annoying, and like i can't get into the story or anything (even w the sorta serious one's like goblin). idk, should i j like turn my brain while watching them or smthg?
>>152317 no. watch good tv instead
>>152317 Same. Don’t force your brain to accept shitty television Nona. Watch something you genuinely enjoy.
>>152317 how is globin an example of a "serious" kdrama lmao
>>152317 you should try extracurricular on netflix, it’s really good. it’s quite different to the usual kdrama
Tried to watch Mr Queen and the premise seemed like it could be entertaining and it seemed to get super glowing reviews online, but the 2nd episode was so boring to me zzzzzzz. Would not recommend, there's better stuff to waste time on that doesn't go limp and dry in the 2nd episode
song kang getting dragged through the mud but eunwoo gets off scot free why why why
>>200305 people are mad he's spamming by doing so many back to back dramas kek. also he can't hide behind his costar in this show since han sohee is also a weaker actress. i didn't think he was bad in sweet home or navillera but he's kind of wooden for romance >eunwoo gets off scot free tbf eunwoo does get criticized when his shows are airing and no one wants him to accept that role in island kek
>red velvet yeri and pentagon hongseok starring as leads inna webdrama will we die of secondhand embarrasment?
also snsd tiffany will be playing a korean-american on an upcoming drama too
anyone here still watching penthouse? it's so bad but i've invested so much time in it already that i feel like i should just see it through to the end kek. so sick of seeing joo dantae win every episode, when will this end? i give up hoping for him to get sent to jail because he'll just end up escaping, the only way he'll get rightfully punished is by either shim suryeon or the real joo dantae, maybe jenny's dad too but i doubt it. cheon seojin killing yoonhee was such a dumb move after she was crying and begging yoonhee to save her daughter. then all of a sudden she looked at yoonhee and remembered that she hated her and let her fall off the cliff? hmm.. i think logan is still alive and he's the one who called dr. ha to save someone (probably oh yoonhee). even though we saw yoonhee's autopsy i still suspect they'll somehow bring her back just because this is penthouse and no one ever really dies speaking of dr. ha did the writers forget that his hand is supposed to not work anymore after he got beaten up, why is he performing surgery again?
>>200305 am i the only one who doesn’t dislike him? i thought that he was good in sweet home. But tbh seeing him all over netflix makes me wonder if he has a sponsor who’s high up at netflix? istg he’s the lead in so many netflix dramas within the last few years between love alarm 1&2, sweet home, navillera, nevertheless. the last two aren’t technically netflix but they have some deal where they’re aired on netflix after they air on the networks (tvn and jtbc).
>>231851 i couldn’t get through season 1 but what you’re talking about is the sunk cost fallacy (picrel). highly recommend that you drop it if you don’t enjoy it. i noticed the plotholes early on and couldn’t get into it for that reason. from what ive seen the majority of viewers are watching penthouse bc they enjoy the shitshow of a plot and find terrible writing funny. if it makes u feel better nonny i watched all of gossip girl except for the last episode and have done the same with plenty of other korean dramas that lost my interest. speaking of, beyond evil is one i currently am struggling to finish, i guess it’s just me bc r/kdrama loves BE but i find BE’s plot to be so generic. i think im on ep 14 and i have no desire to finish it because i can already predict the ending. i predict (spoilers): yeo jingoo’s dad is responsible for the crime, loses his job, and goes to prison. a scandal of corruption within police shocks korea. a wave of resignations and arrests happen across the police. the mayor and the gangster dude go to prison. the mayor’s son isn’t responsible for hitting the lead’s sister but an actual deer so he and the lead become friends again. the development of the town doesn’t kick off like the mayor and gangster planned bc of their scandal but it’s okay because the town is happiest as it currently is. the male lead comes to terms with his sister’s death. yeo jingoo and that pretty restaurant owner become interested in each other. yeo jingoo probably apologizes to the male lead and his dead sister for what his dad did. yeo jingoo either leaves the town or he stays and continues his work as an inspector.
>>234717 Netflix tends to stick with certain actors they have worked with previously. Song joonki and JU jihoon too.
>>234717 i thought he was good on sweet home too. to be fair it's not a role that requires a big range. i also thought he was good on navillera but i guess the older actor had to talk to him several times on set because of his acting
a little off topic but i can’t stand the way characters act when they’re mad. the agressive yelling is so gratinggggg
https://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2021/07/netizens-marvel-at-han-so-hees-clean.html Didnt know she had tattoos? Were these real or for a role? She looked so cool!
I've been watching winter sonata and it's really good even though the plot is silly Minhyung is much better looking without the hair and glasses though
(156.87 KB 900x1273 XJWdX_4f.jpg)
anyone watching light on me? i'm two episodes away from finishing the show but i think it's pretty nice. i'm honestly surprised how more korean BL's are being produced. i thought after the backlash seonam girl's highschool investigators got for showing a lesbian kiss on tv to the point that the show was investigated to find the "agenda" behind it there wouldn't be any gay dramas of any sort
i’m loving cha cha cha but kim seonho is so botched it’s distracting. shin mina is one of my favorite kdrama actresses so i picked it up for her and the plot, and his character is nice too. but sometimes they have shots of him from a low angle and all you can see is his nose. his acting is really good though i get the show is meant to be lighthearted but episode 4 made me emotional. i didn’t exactly like the tone they put with something so serious, especially when they were crying in the jail. i don’t like how afterwards it got turned into the lead’s romance plot device either. but the resolution was good enough for what the show is supposed to be
>>386262 haven't watched but bl seems to be way more accepted/represented than wlw in general.
>>401158 bl is more represented cos fujos. wlw is more accepted as titillation or lesbian porn but less represented as a form of true love
>>401280 spot on nona. even in western medias i struggle to find good wlw that’s not clearly written by a scrote or ending tragically.
>>401348 i dont know a lot of lesbian stories but i love tamen de gushi for how wholesome it is
>>401158 >>401280 >>401348 “wlw” as in lesbian? seohyun played one in hello dracula not too long ago, and there was a kdrama about a group of high school kid detectives one of which iirc was either bi or a lesbian. i can’t recall the name, but those are the only 2 main character instances i can think of in recent years
(48.52 KB 455x674 images (1).jpeg)
this netflix drama is so good. not even "good for a kdrama", but im absolute terms, in comparison to any regular us/uk series. the topics are really heavy and it leaves you drained/enraged when you finish it but it's worth it.
>>405194 i couldn’t get past the first 3 minutes. it looked like his head was going to hit the pin so i exited the videoplayer it does sound really good though, i still want to watch it
>>405198 it didn't kek but there are more violent scenes ahead so beware of that...
>>405220 are they the same level/variety of visually a close call? iirc a guy commits suicide by jumping so i thought i knew what degree of it i was going into, but when that scene was happening i thought i could feel it reeeeeee it was so uncomfortable. like a terrible headache. this genre of violence is hard for me to stomach i thought the worst of the prolonged stuff would be getting beat up, not potentially high impact puncture wound to the cranium REEEEEE
I know that you girlies here aren't her biggest fans but come on, isn't she miles above him? he looks creepy and bloated af >1. [+209] The visual combination is amazing.. >2. [+116] Kim Sun Ho owns this country >3. [+82] Oh, I always thought the two looked good together!!! Happy to hear this news ㅠㅠ >4. [+58] They both have identical vibes >5. [+22] They look alike
>>406352 yoona may be a plastic monster but she's still very pretty. koreans have seriously low standards for men though so i'm not surprised
>>406352 he's so uncanny looking. every part of his face doesn't match.
>>406352 fetal alcohol syndrome face
>>405194 i fell in love with junho
>>405230 I just finished it and don't remember any other scenes exactly like that. The beatings are pretty graphic though, lots of punches where you can see the face getting ruined... >>406588 I already liked Jung Haein a lot hehehe and he is great in that role. If you haven't watched I recommend Tune in for Love, it's a cute but more mature romantic movie. Can't wait to see him on Snowdrop too, but I'm really scared for Jisoo's performance not gonna lie... >>406352 Lol i love Yoona. Seonho has a very weird plastic face but he is honestly adorable if you watch his clips. He is popular relying on his charisma alone. My friend watched start-up and most people were rooting for him and the male lead was that super hot actor. I guess women just dig his "beagle" personality
The other main actor in DP Koo Kyohwan is so good at acting. Watching their interviews I learned he does a lot of indie movies so I might check some out.
>>406352 >isn’t she miles above him duh >>406735 based yoongshitter and seonho appreciator. he’s so fucking sweet in cha cha cha. i’m looking forward to how it will progress, i can see why it’s doing well. thank you for the info nona, i’ll tune into dp <3
>>406764 >Global Rules >Do not use emojis.
(140.46 KB 750x1125 FAafe9MWUAMZCpB.jpeg)
>Jung Ho Yeon overtakes Lee Sung Kyung and Song Hye Gyo for Korean actress with the most followers on Instagram >Article: 'Squid Game' Jung Ho Yeon has the #1 most Instagram followers out of all Korean actresses 1. [+2,659, -16] She hit complete daebak just by landing one good show 2. [+1,103, -55] She shows that you can't have plastic surgery if you want to stand out 3. [+606, -33] There's something unique and stylish about her. She has this aura that makes her look like something out of a fashion magazine. It wasn't a surprise when I looked her up and found out that she has years of experience as a model for famous international fashion brands. She's just begun her acting career but she's already so good.. I support her!! 4. [+658, -225] Her looks were the perfect fit for her character. I found her acting ot be weird, though... especially with how weird her North Korean saturi was. 6.[+107, -1] I was pretty surprised to hear that she's Lee Dong Hwi's girlfriend too 7. [+108, -4] I like her because she isn't the typical plastic face ㅋㅋ with the bulging forehead, bizarrely sharp V-line chins. She has a very natural face. 12. [+51, -2] She used to be known as Lee Dong Hwi's girlfriend and now Lee Dong Hwi is known as Jung Ho Yeon's boyfriend 13. [+41, -2] I didn't find her acting that particularly good. If she doesn't want to be a flash in the pan star, she's going to need some more method to her acting. She lucked out with her 'Squid Game' character but since that character's dead, it'll be a toss up to see how she does her next character~~
coffee prince is so good i'm kinda shocked. i expected it to be cringe and outdated but i think it was actually ahead of it's time, i don't think there's been a korea drama since that provided half as good of a portrayal of a character going through a sexual identity crisis and accepting he loves another man obviously the audience knows she's not a man but nevertheless. gong yoo is an amazing actor and the beach scene deserves so much recognition
>>472827 why are they so sure she hasn't had work done
>>495249 because they all get the same stuff done if they have PS, but this model/actress doesn't have any of those typical plastic features. I also thought she was natural when I watched squid game.
>>495249 She's tan, has freckles and as a SEA Chinese, her face is typical of Koreans: single lids, high cheekbones. Many Koreans do mandible reduction to get smaller cheekbones (makes the face feminine looking, Chinese men have lower cheekbones and look less manly than Korean men) & double lid surgery. She didn't. Her intl popularity has to do with Asian stereotypes too: Hoyeon has the type of face Asians don't find charming but Westerners love (e.g. Choi Sora, Liu Wen, Ju Xiaowen) because single eyelids/tan skin/small eyes are in line with how they envision average Asians to be. Her fame is down to her likeable role plus only Koreans can tell her satoori is weird. If her English is good she'll have more of a career in USA than Korean tbh.
>>495473 >Hoyeon has the type of face Asians don't find charming speak for yourself. knetz are praising her for her natural looks here and most female korean models have her type of face. if these women weren't "charming" to asians, they wouldn't get any modelling work in korea but they do.
>>495473 her not having the absolute ideal facial features by current korean beauty standards doesn't mean they don't think she's good-looking, just like a white actress can be considered good-looking in the west despite not being tan with big lips and a giant ass moroni
(6.46 MB 1720x2276 singlelidmodels.png)
>>495481 ??? For me the unplastic look is most charming, i'm the antiplasticfag from c-ent. Singlelid Asian models have a cooler-than-thou vibe that makes them unique worldwide, it's why Korean models are popular in the West over Japan's models (Koreans/Mongolians/Northern Chinese very commonly have single lids versus Japan/SE Asia/Southern China; also why plastic surgery exploded in Korea) or why Liu Wen & Ju Xiaowen are Estee Lauder & Loreal faces over doublelid models like Sui He, Du Juan, & Ming Xi. I love that the cookie-cutter plastic look doesn't fly in highend modelling where having a unique memorable aura is key. That said, it's hard for a 1.76m tall model to break into Asian dramas/films, she'll play side roles mostly because 80% of K/C/Jdramas focus on lovelines where the main CP has to be shippable; height differences and making loveydovey eyes at each other is key lol. In China MingXi and DuJuan did a few films & dramas but MingXi focuses on varieties because it's hard to be cast as an FL in dramas when you don't have typical doe-eyed features, look more "cool" than warm and tower over everyone else in the cast.
http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2016/03/pann-more-of-lee-sung-kyungs-pre-double.html NB is back? Lee Sungkyung was a model pre-acting and got her lids done to get the doe-eyed FL look.
>>495580 Usually fat lips make you look older but for her it somehow took years off...?
>>406352 another one bites the dust ladies. his ex gf said he made her get an abortion rip https://mb.com.ph/2021/10/19/kim-seon-hos-agency-issues-statement-on-accusations-by-his-alleged-ex-gf/
>>500539 yikes
the dude who i find too uggo and creepy to star alongside my unnie turns out to be a scrote pig? lmao
samefag but I'm actually shocked. i was fan of so many who later got cancelled and now my bad male radar is suddenly working??
https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2021/10/theqoo-kim-seonhos-instagram-right-now.html his stans & ifans are so gross. Celebs are assholes because of asskissy thirsty fans who'll forgive everything.
>>503578 i saw he also went around calling suzy and kang hanna ugly and saying they hit on him what a two faced ugly bitch
>>504138 sauce?
>>504141 it was on the ex gf original post, koreaboo (i know kek) translated it
>>504138 kek the post also implied that he also said nam joohyuk can't act which i agree with. he has a lot of nerve calling anyone else ugly though, especially with that uggo plastic face. anyway, i don't think he'll be too hurt by this, especially because his agency is still behind him. his braindead fans were insisting that this news was made up by his company so that he'd renew with them but the company just confirmed he's still with them and that it's not even contract renewal time. he did just get kicked off 2 days 1 night so i suspect he'll go into hiding for a year or so and come back like nothing happened, he is a male actor after all.
>>504142 i don't see the suzy, nam joohyuk or kang hanna bits, link? I checked kboo https://www.koreaboo.com/news/kim-seon-ho-apologizes-inconsiderate-actions-towards-ex-girlfriend/ He's admitted it was all true, ugh rot in hell.
https://www.reddit.com/r/kimseonho/comments/qaldyn/what_is_going_on/ Lmao there's a Reddit thread with >3000 comments freaking out and stan saying they fell in love with his character, holy cringe. Just another Handsome Men Being Gaslighting Fucks 101
>>504144 nta but here: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/gaslighting-forced-abortion-accusations-actor-k-taking-internet-full-translations/ "He commented on the second lead actress’s appearance, saying she is ugly and old-fashioned." referring to start up, aka the drama that made him famous - the second lead in start up was kang hanna. i think this is the original post, kboo just took it from here. this is where he says supporting actor can't act (nam joohyuk, assuming this is about start-up) and said bad things about the director who gave him the role of his life (in start-up). https://dailynaver.blogspot.com/2021/10/netizen-comes-forward-with-alleged.html?m=1
>>504158 thanks. wow he burnt his industry bridges too huh. he did surgery and made his tv debut late just for all the effort to go to waste jeez.
>>504143 i used to agree about nam joo hyuk but i saw this movie called josee and i was super impressed. i guess that’s what a good director can do for you who knows, he wasn’t that established and he’s practically a new actor so hopefully he at least doesn’t get a good role ever again
>Alumni B reveals testimony that Kim Seon-ho was a violent bully who enjoyed drinking, clubbing, and women https://dailynaver.blogspot.com/2021/10/alumni-b-reveals-testimony-that-kim.html?m=1 Seems like it's a Seo Yeji situation everyone is gonna come out to expose his ass now
>>508236 dumb how people seem to think Kim Seonho is bad based on 1 testimony or good based on another. People are never black or white, i know someone who is a pious Protestant convert, a 40 year old youngish CEO of multinational listed company started by his uncle, his dad was a big shareholder/investor and when he graduated he joined his uncle's firm to work his way up. He married his 1st gf from high school. He counsels prisoners on weekends and has political ambitions. I've known him since he was 18 when i was 7 and he used to visit me when i was ill. Sounds like a good guy yes? Well he's my cousin-in-law and brother's best friend. He used to frequent room salons & KTV on biz trips, is kinda lecherous (my brother sends me their chats since eons ago), he tried to force my cousin to abort their 3rd kid due to a physical birth defect and threatened to divorce her if she didn't, he eventually accepted the kid thankfully (he's a bubbly 8 year old) and converted to Christianity. Recently tried to convert me to his Brethren church which is very sus (i'm a lapsed Catholic who's teetotal, never fucked around, doesn't cheat , why do Protestant converts get a holier than thou attitude?), so depending on who you ask he can be a good or bad person. That's most human beings.
(52.13 KB 750x484 FCVD1BeXoAUbudH.jpeg)
>Various individuals step up refuting rumors that Kim Seon Ho was notorious for having a bad temper and enjoyed alcohol and women >One classmate is willing to reveal his identity and meet the other classmate who talked shit about Seonho heol... the plot thickens
>>509293 You can be a good buddy to your best pals and treat women like shit fyi. In my line of work it's not uncommon to see men pay legal fees for their gd friends yet many still engage in adultery. KSH is prob the same.
>>504138 >>504158 these parts of scandals always feel hypocritical and overkill tbh. if you are not supposed to shittalk your coworkers with your SO/friends/family then when/where are you supposed to do it. everyone does that so outrage is just self-unaware. on another note, it seems like he's cancelled -- yes but the issue has been more divisive in korea than with previous similar scandals. lots of korean fans still supporting him too. and some instagram account was made promising to expose the issues around that relationship as an impartial third party (in other words will most likely drag the woman). with his college friends also having his back... idk i think he might bounce back who knows
nonas recommend me some kdramas to gym to, i usually gym to cdramas. last kdramas i watched were tale of nokdu & flower of evil. lee joongi pwns all under 30 actors but he's too ahjussi for me, pls recommend some young dudes with good acting lmao.
>>509902 school nurse files when the camellia blooms its okay its love save me master sun jealousy incarnate my love from the star sorry i love you
>>509902 how is flower of evil? i’m considering picking it up
>>512067 watch it! great cast & suspenseful plot. k-actors from the 1980s like lee joonki yoo ah-in kim jihoon have more distinct looks & vibes than kactors from the 90s; e.g. song kang & rowoon, yeo jingoo & kim minjae look alike to me lol
>>512067 Flower of Evil is one of my favorite dramas. The screenplay is so good it leaves you on the edge of the seat every episode, there are interesting twists and turns and the female lead isnt a damsel in distress. Only the finale was kinda disappointing but not terrible.
https://www.soompi.com/article/1495362wpp/dispatch-reveals-details-about-kim-seon-ho-and-his-ex-girlfriends-relationship so dispatch got two of her friends to say she she was lying... hul. at this point i think he was probably pushy and a dick about the abortion but she was sneaked in some lies to end his career
(298.42 KB 2048x2048 FClnWqlWQAAcKBd.jpeg)
brief summary of the relationship timeline according to dispatch
(248.30 KB 1080x1634 FCmMCDHVkAA4ppX.jpeg)
>Article: Kim Sun Ho's friend B-ssi makes another statement "He is taking on the responsibility of the majority of contract penalty fees for his CFs" >Source: Everyday Economy via Naver >1. [+2,296, -103] His agency put out news of their contract on September 12th, 2018. A few days ago, they put out news that there's still a year left in the contract and that they will be with him until the end. If there's a year left, then that means his contract expires in September or October of 2022, and yet this article says 2023, which just exposed them of their lie. It's funny how this agency never said a word during Kim Sun Ho's scandal but anything about their own agency and they put out a statement at LTE speed. It's all coming out, now. I guess the rumors that the agency is working with his ex-girlfriend to screw him over are true. >2.[+1,540, -52] I have a feeling of what's going on now~ So Kim Sun Ho's provisional contract with them ended in October but he's blown up huge in the meantime and it was obvious to them that he was going to transfer to a larger agency so they dumped all of the CF contract fees on him, exiled him from the industry, and waited for him to hit rock bottom before they decided to step in and act like they're "saving him". Their contract with him is until 2023 so they can save him in that time and make more money off of him. They're trash!!! http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2021/10/netizens-question-why-kim-sun-hos.html?m=1
Kim Seonho updates: >Chinese fans paid for huge billboards in Seoul >Brands/magazines that have put back ads/posts featuring him so far:Arena; Canon; Miima Mask; Elle Korea; W Korea; Cosmopolitan Korea; Everwhite id; Nau; Edition Sensibility; Foodbucket quickiest bounce back I've seen
>>522283 lmao chinese fans = force to be reckoned with OUTSIDE china where the ccp doesn't care what shit they get up to. can't buy billboards in china so they do it in korea. it's like the crackdown on idol spending in china didn't happen at all.
>>518065 This. The fact remains that the abortion happened. That's the main issue, that KSH made her abort despite the fact that she's older and she may never have a kid ever again. I dont think it's also consistent that they painted her to be obsessed with KSH but she also aborted her baby?....That's literally the opposite of most cases. So though I believe the girl mixed lies or exaggerated some parts of the story (btw I also wonder if she had Postpartum Depression, it also happens after abortion or miscarraige, not a justification ofc but she actually has more to lose), I still cant trust KSH totally nor believe he's totally the victim here.
>>522952 It was the same with Goo Hye Sun: people find out that she lied/exaggerated some part(s) of her story = she's completely crazy, he's totally innocent, let's boost his career!!! The video of him talking about his wife's "uggo" nipples still exists...
eeeehhh...at the end of the day, this was probably not the best case to be trialed in the court of public opinion. she should have sued him for damages before a court of law and have the lawsuit protected by confidentiality. it's the old proverb of dont get mad, get everything. she wanted to have his career ended due to lack of character while also having her own big skeletons in the closet and she is too a public figure so... this was not the best course of action.
>>523265 yeah wanting to cancel him for his lack of character when she had an ex husband sitting on the information that she cheated on him with 3 different men - 2 of them being sponsors - right there... just like she thought "the audacity of kim seonho to be on tv" so would her ex upon seeing her pann post
>>523289 just because she was a sloot doesn't mean kim seonho can treat her like shit yknow. i saw knetz saying her baby may not even be his and well, they're making shit up. gp lose all sympathy for women if they cheat but idols like yunho, chanyeol, lucas, se7en will be forgiven for cheating and whoring, they can even continue to milk their fans money. the whole kim seonho shit is a mess, reminds me of kim hyunjoong who battled his pregnant ex too
>>523536 >just because she was a sloot doesn't mean kim seonho can treat her like shit yknow absolutely no one is saying that. it's just not smart to air this in public when you know people have legitimate -- as in proved in a court of law -- ammunition against you. subjecting your private life to public scrutinity when you're not squeaky clean yourself will most likely lead to unwanted results and you don't even need to have read the thousands of studies about this to know it beforehand.
>>523564 people absolutely have been saying that. go to the very first articles when he just got cancelled. people knew zero about her faults, yet there were comments with 100s of likes excusing his behavior by saying "but she's already in her 30s, not a young innocent girl".
>>523874 i mean no one itt, post wouldnt even make sense if i were denying that the public is attacking her
(154.44 KB 1200x630 unnamed.jpg)
lmao so pathetic but totally as to be expected i wonder then the true beauty copy will come
>>533913 it's a variety show where they play kids games not a remake lol
>>533913 they already changed the logo but with a super flimsy excuse.
>>533986 still plagiarism
>>533998 that's like saying TVN's Journey to the West is plagiarism. Mr Queen and Scarlet Heart Ryeo were remakes too.
>>534005 look at the pic, they copypasted the design you dimwitt
>>534008 it's a variety show where they play kids games and they changed the logo after complaints. imagine cnetz crying plagiarism over the korean flag and taegeuk symbol, or hanja in general.
>>536158 it doesn't matter what the show is about, they completely copied the design of the atm most popular show on earth, that is pathetic plagiarism.
>>536161 at least they changed it unlike sm and their plagiarized concepts every comeback.
>>536209 You trying to change the topic into "t-they did it too!" isn't making it any less pathetic.
here's the entire story: not just the logo design, also the name >10/20 Youku released news of its newest variety show 鱿鱼的胜利 (Squid's Victory) >Most Cnetz are embarrassed at how blatantly similar it is to Squid Game and are demanding the show to change its name/logo >10/21 Youku explains that the variety show is actually 游戏的胜利 (Game's Victory) and the scrapped design draft was used for finding investments. >Basically, they used Squid Game's name for getting investments and this discourse for traffic
(618.43 KB 653x836 image.png)
squid game itself was accused of plagiarism by knetz of 'as the gods will' https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2021/09/theqoo-as-gods-will-vs-squid-game-green.html but then it got successful and koreans decided it was better to celebrate it than focus on plagiarism because it was going to embarass korea. i watched it and felt it was like a draggy drama version of japanese film battle royale which came out in 2000. my brother said the social commentary reminded him of hunger games.
so china plagiarized a plagiarism of a japanese show lmao
(1.32 MB 1004x2590 squidgame.png)
>>536223 they didn't plagiarise the show, they plagiarized art design for a typical variety gameshow log which is a dumb thing to get mad about since kpop companies do it every single week. JYP copied Monsta X's logo https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2021/11/enter-talk-jyps-new-group-logo-is-too.html pAtHeTiC pLaGiArIsM
>>536235 it's not just any typical logo, it's the logo of the most famous show on earth + they also plagiarized the "squid" part of it's name, it's more than just obvious that china also wanted a piece of korea's cake and this thread is about dramas, not music, stay on topic
>>536222 >but then it got successful and koreans decided it was better to celebrate it than focus on plagiarism because it was going to embarass korea. lmao
>>536223 china can't plagiarise squid game lol, there are a lot of popular death game genre c-novels and manhua that are more unique but no tv firms are keen to adapt into a drama in case the gore scenes gets censorsed and cut. squid game scored 7.5ish on douban which is above average but not top tier (the best kdramas score above 9) due to plagiarised aspects from manga and jfilm that cnetz have seen before.
>>536254 it's not even officially available in china and nevertheless chinks went crazy over it. just go and ask your friends
>>536239 >most famous show on earth did you sperg and start a squid game thread kek it's a viral netflix show that plagiarized other works, most people will never rewatch it like friends, simpsons, the wire etc. battle royale went viral in the 2000s too. on douban there was a good discussion why squid game went viral even if cnetz found it so-so. FYI reply 1988, high kick, signal, hospital playlist, my mister are the most popular kdramas on douban lol, idk if theres a Korean ranker site. cnetz speculate that unless asian dramas and films involve gore & violence the global audience won't like it because it doesn't conform to their stereotypes of asians being violent e.g. kungfu masters, or asians being uncivilised gangsters or scammers. e.g. parasite, battle royale, squid game, oldboy, kungfu films, kill bill, infernal affairs and hk triad movies are super popular in the west due to the unabashed violence. tarantino's kill bill copied bruce lee's outfit and was just japanese themed gore, yet westerners lapped it up. on one hand cnetz are upset that their CCP censors gore so deathgame c-novels will never get adapted, but on the other hand plenty of cnetz think death game tv shows are just gorebait for western audiences who love to see asians kill each other onscreen which isn't really that deep or worth celebrating.
>>536350 >never rewatch >friends >simpsons jfc you're dumb
>>536361 nta and just saw this from overboard, but you should read that part again
>>536372 so you can't read, another anon corrects you and it's my fault? fuck off sperg >get called ccpfag for translating good douban discussions boohoo they didn't think squid game was worth a high score unlike you! douban is more insightful about the best kdramas even the kpop gossip is fresher than here, cnetz are organised resourceful motherfcukers other than for overthrowing the CCP but if they wanted to they could.
no one knows what a douban is
>JTBC's newest action comedy-drama "Inspector Koo," is a comic mystery drama that follows Koo Kyung Yi, played by Lee Young Ae, an amazing insurance investigator who was once a police officer, who winds up facing a female college student who is actually a notorious serial killer. I love Lee YoungAe. i’m so glad she’s back on the small screen in something fun and entertaining, her performance has been fantastic. i love her witty femcel gamer character, the whole cast is great
(62.90 KB 1200x718 FDM2yzpVgAIUcyh.jpg)
>think wow actors are simply much more refined than idols, especially compared to brutish rowoon with his annoying tone >2nd lead is a nugu idol wtf he's really elegant
>>550289 Nona I read this thrice but still have no idea what you are trying to say. The one in the dark outfit has a nicer profile.
>>550289 voth uggos but nugu
>>550305 i thought the one in dark must be an actor because of the way he looks and acts compared to idol rowoon turns out i was wrong and he's an idol too, just not as shit as rowoon
>>550289 omo that's my victon husbando byungchan. is rowoon really a shitty actor?
looks good. will give it a watch https://youtu.be/0UScVxBt4QE
(1.09 MB 720x720 v05yntRGggfeO2Yg.mp4)
>>552095 i dont plan on watching the show but this brief preview of rowoon's acting doesnt say great things to me
(4.37 MB 720x720 wg7qQGqoHIG3Ommn.mp4)
>>552213 >>552214 kek, could be worse (like baekhyun). also i love it when tall manly handsome idols with a 'chic' aura play silly, clumsy, clueless himbos
>>552213 >>552214 his face is an uggo unsettling mix of huge oaf and tranny and his behavior/way of talking isn't adorable-sexy himbo but ooga booga caveman
never got the hype about song jihyo but she's so cute in her earlier days https://youtu.be/h1srjnHGRKc
there's a petition with over 200k signatures to stop snowdrop and advertisers are distancing themselves from the show. might be the new joseon exorcist
>>683208 why do people wanna stop it
>>683249 jung hae ins character is a nk spy posing as a sk university student who returned from germany. in reality lots of uni students protesting for democracy in 1980s were rounded up and tortured for "being nkorean spies sent to destabilise south korea", which was a lie sk's dictatorship made up to arrest student protesters. hence jung haein playing an actual nk spy is problematic since he legitimizes the lies of chun doohwans dictatorship. the only way it can avoid getting canned is for jung haeins character to be not north korean in a twist. i dont plan to watch but the dumb scriptwriter should have written jung haein as a typical student protester after the initial criticisms.
if anyones interested in history, the gwangju massacre was south korea's tiananmen square incident, possibly worse. in the 80s east asia saw a viral democratization wave like the arab spring; sk student protests led to democracy, taiwan protests led to taiwan democratizing, china's tiananmen student protests got brutalized sadly, that was the big chance to topple the ccp. in my country nobody ever died protesting for democracy, we kinda take voting for granted sometimes.
>>689538 what the actual fuck
>>542809 i'm enjoying this drama
im enjoying the jtbc drama, doubt they have any ccp links since korean rightwingers are pro-usa and the current ruling left party/moon jae in is more pro-china & nk. snowdrop's plot, nsa, and democratization is even being discussed by cnetz carefully or in code to refer to tiananmen protests which they cant openly discuss online in china.
>>690583 the drama is being criticized preciselu for skewing to the right wing who made up all that students are helping north korean spies bullshit. i dont know where the fuck did you get the idra that the problem is "chinese connections"
>>690638 koreans are complaining that jtbc/disney is funded by the chinese and hence responsible kek. that's a stretch, moon jae in's leftist party is way more pro-nk and china
>>690699 oh you'll always find in those comments sections the brainlets who can't stop the anti-china vitriol. this show clearly feeds the red scare conspiracies those idiots just want to sperg about china endlessly
>>691776 well jtbc's next drama is going to be about making the ccp look good and it's based off a book written by a guy who made fun of the hong kong protests
has anybody watched my girl? is it good? i came across a nice song on tiktok...kek and turns out it's the ost of an old drama with lee dongwook and lee jungki
watching the last empress right now and i think i won’t watch any drama that’s not makjang from now on ive tried a few highly recommended ones (goblin, it’s okay not to be okay, flowers of evil...) but i always drop them midway through, i think it’s just not for me. the only one i enjoyed are my mister (proper tv show imo), sky castle and penthouse. dramas are just too nonsensical sometimes and it gets me out of it if it’s not pushed to a ridiculous point where it starts being entertaining and cathartic. all that being said do you have any other makjang recommendation?
>>697230 if you tell us what a makjang is
>>697300 i mean if you don't know you'll probably not be able to help me it's a genre of drama that's really over the top, with lots of twists, very dramatic scenes and acting, involving tropes such as baby swaps, character being put in a coma, changing identities, secret twin, faking one's death... it's a bit like telenovelas as it takes thing to an extreme, playing up on the melodrama and ridiculousness of it all. there are also a lot of tables flipped and various objects thrown on the floor
currently enjoying snowdrop despite the online lashings. it has high paced action and got starting at ep 4. if it keeps it up it will be one of the best kdramas ever
has anyone watched happiness? i found it slow burn and a bit messy at times but it left me with a best feeling. the whole plot and the love story was so smoothly done
>>697230 maybe try vincenzo? it has several over the top parts since the main character is an ultra rich korean italian mobster, but it takes 3 episodes or so to really get going
>>697309 i fucking hate makjang, world of the married is that genre i think? i haven't seen it, my mum and older women seem to love those types of drama ugh, especially when they feature cheaters and mistresses. >>697590 makjang is the type of drama where women slap the shit out of each other and men cheat on their wives with hoes, etc etc just awful for me.
>>697300 makjang is aword that stems from the hanja word 夸张 means exaggerated dramas. many korean & chinese palace harem dramas have makjang tropes like torture, revenge, scheming, baby swaps if you are into that shit. yanxi palace, haolan, zhenhuan, even dae jang geum are like that (korea doesn't make makjang saeguk long epics anymore because it's too costly and can't be done in <16 episodes), my mum loves them and i usually close the door due to how hysterical it sounds.
>>697628 world of the married is the adaptation of the bbc series dr. foster
>>697424 to a right wing retard maybe
>>698171 its definitely a makjang melodrama though, a lot of these married cheater dramas that delve into dumb tropes like murder, revenge, fake pregnancies as if adults cant divorce and move on.
>>698218 *are the definition of makjang. at least palace harem melodramas make sense because divorce wasn't a thing in ancient times. modern marriage makjang dramas are ridiculous.
>>698218 >>698224 you sound alienated from reality if you think it's that simple specially when the couple was married for years and has an offspring. also divorce is current day south korea is still not the same as in the west so it makes even more sense in their cultural context.
>>698218 you're grossly oversimplifying maybe you'll understand when you grow up
>>698270 >>698296 nona, makjang dramas are called makjang dramas for a reason. watch them if you like it (grow up? you mean grow old because all those housewives love to watch this shit) but pls don't tell me how unenlightened i am for finding them trashy kek
>>698296 are you from an arab country where men have up to 4 wives or a catholic country where divorce is stigmatised? if so, poor you, watch your makjang dramas (i recommend palace harem dramas since makjang is getting phased out even in korea, in the 2000s there were a ton of makjang dramas, now it's mostly crime, comic adaptations, aka kdramas that don't show women fighting other women over men or for status or unhealthy marriages) but don't try to pretend that this genre is super shitty and portrays women in a bad light.
>>698670 *isn't
>>698633 i dont like kdramas i just saw this on the overboard and found that take retarded. it's only normal for women to not be spineless when cheated on. no need to gaslight and gatekeep babygirl
>>698633 >proceeds to make fun of middle aged women tastes >pretends to not like makjangs for feminist reasons you have to be more consistent with your character girl
>>699960 judging but how easily triggered and misogynistic comments it's that girlie from dst who likes shitnary you and call women past 21 hags
(159.41 KB 1242x1956 FIUmVyhVgAIxJgX.jpeg)
>According to a report by Osen, actress Kim Mi Soo, who has a supporting role in currently airing K-Drama Snowdrop, has passed away at the age of 31
>>730119 r.i.p
>>730119 rip what happened
>>730561 the agency statement says it was sudden and they didnt tell the cause of death so i'm assuming it was suicide
nonas have you watched love revolution? how was tbz younghoon as a main character? i read the plot and it seems too cliche but if his character and acting is decent i'll give it a shot
i’m really enjoying our beloved summer, the leads have good chemistry and the plot is not boring
>Jung Ji-Woo (Seohyun) works for a large corporation. She has feelings for her co-worker Jung Ji-Hoo (Lee Jun-Young), but she hasn't expressed to him how she feels. One day, Jung Ji-Woo receives a package. The package was intended for her co-worker Jung Ji-Hoo, but the delivery was mixed up due to their similar names. When Jung Ji-Woo opens the package, she sees a dog leash in the box. At that time, Jung Ji-Hoo runs over and tells her that it is his package. The dog leash is intended for S&M use and belongs to Jung Ji-Hoo. He tells Jung Ji-Woo about his S&M fetish and his interest in playing a submissive role. Jung Ji-Woo does not pass judgement on Jung Ji-Hoo, which touches Jung Ji-Hoo. He asks Jung Ji-Woo if she would become his master. Jung Ji-Woo accepts and they promise to have a temporary three month relationship with Jung Ji-Woo becoming his master seohyun of uri soshi fame jun from u-kiss and the unit netflix movie, feb 11 release date 1hr57min runtime based on a completed webtoon The Moral Sense (alt. title “The Sensual M”) https://series.naver.com/comic/detail.series?productNo=3630664
>>745173 did you end up watching it? he's a second lead right? i kinda wanna watch it but i'm assuming he doesn't get the girl in the end since he's a second lead and not main so i'm put off by that kek
all of us are dad the cgi baby is disgusting. i kek’d when they fake killed the nice one. they almost had me there
>>820082 which scene? that happens a dozen of times throughout the show
>>820325 the first time with the window
>>820082 i'm wondering what happened with the baby and the little girl the detective saved. last time we saw her she was all by herself in quarantine also nam ra was useless
>>822523 kek i was just wondering this, rant ahead i finished it yesterday and the plot and characters all seemed so underdeveloped. there was so much potential and opportunity to develop relationships and give the mean people redemption arcs. for example the girl with the pink sweater (i'm bad with kdrama names sorry), instead of killing her off like that they could've made her turn into a halfbie and made her bring food and water up to her friends on the roof as an apology, or save them from that crazy guy that made his way up there. instead she just dies like that without fulfilling her teacher's wish. let's not even get started on cheongsan and how he died. he promises onjo's dad to protect her which is a great plot point that could lead to him remembering that moment during an intense action scene and save onjo from dying. if he at least died like that, where he was saving onjo in return i wouldn't have been that disappointed. but instead they kill him off for literally the stupidest reason, that crazy guy attacking him. and then he goudges his eye out before he dies too? the least noble death possible that is totally unnecessary and stupid. also it made no sense to me that they made the ending all about the halfbie girl dying but everyone just forgot about cheongsan? he seemed like a much more important part of the drama all throughout and then at the end everyone cared much more about the class president that wasn't even dead. they could've at least made cheongsan appear somewhere on the rooftop when they went to check out that campfire thing. anyways, i'm done now kek i liked the drama but the last two episodes just ruined everything for me
>>822524 tbh i didn't mind na yeon (pink shirt girl)'s death. it reminded me of game of thrones and how everyone can die and stories don't always have happy endings. but i agree about cheong san. i refuse to believe he died like that. if there's a season 2 i think he will be back
(1.07 MB 2806x4096 xbfsor4vu4i81.jpg)
>“Crazy Love” is a sweet yet savage and chaotic romance story about a rude but skilled instructor who receives a death threat and his terminally ill secretary. >Kim Jae Wook stars as Noh Go Jin, a narcissistic character who is the CEO of the education company GOTOP and the top math instructor in the country with an IQ of 190. One day, he suddenly finds out that his murder is being planned. >Krystal plays Lee Shin Ah, Noh Go Jin’s secretary who does not have much of a presence. She is a hard-working and responsible employee but is extremely quiet and introverted. Lee Shin Ah manages the struggle of being Noh Go Jin’s secretary for over a year, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out that she does not have much time to live.
anyone watch the king's affection? i finished it yesterday they had me convinced the main female lead was dead and i was crying for a solid 10 minutes until they were like "sike she's actually alive" kek. i'm glad the ending was a happy one but i feel like it would've been more impactful if it wasn't so unrealistic
>KBS drama 'Dear M' was still put on hold for 2022. It is expected that broadcasting Dear.M in the first half of 2022 will be difficult. >KBS: "For now, it seems that drama will be difficult to be aired in the first half of this year. I think we will be able to discuss the formation only after the police investigation results come out." well i'm happy they acknowledged the drama exists at least. maybe there's still hope of it airing someday
(448.26 KB 1280x576 172252.mp4)
a business proposal will be hard to beat, bros. adapting webtoons targeted at the female audience was a great idea
>>963320 omo... i need to watch this show
>>963320 i started watching the show after seeing that clip and i'm already up to date. the MLs are written by women 100%
(164.31 KB 650x796 FPJm5ElacAANMUY.jpeg)
im so happy nonniesss. they are perfect
(338.57 KB 1638x2048 FPJsVfZaQAEEijp.jpeg)
>>981053 >>981052 wahhhhhhh so cute i'm so happy for them
>>981052 her dress is gorgeous
>>981053 cute, i wish them the best
>>981053 to think that she was chasing snsd yuri 10 yrs ago....
is anyone watching 2521?
>>963320 where do you noonas watch this show (or in general your kdramas?) this one is unfortunately not in my netflix region
>>981297 i've been thinking about it, is it good? i've always liked nam joohyuk
>>984164 i’ve been liking it a lot, i love every relationship and dynamic the show has established which is super rare and nam joohyuk is super charming in the role imo
>>981297 me! been waiting for a new episode to come out weekly ever since episode 6 i think. i love the slice-of-life and coming-of-age portion of the show but i find myself skipping many romance scenes except for the ones with ko yu rim and moon ji woong, heh. they say the drama is inspired by nam hyun hee’s life but idk much about her to say anything about that. can’t wait for the last two episodes aaaah
i put a reminder to watch the first episode of our blues when it comes out. doesn't look totally promising but i love shows that kind of center on a small community of people and their every day problems. almost reminds me of reply 1988, if anyone was into that or watched it
>>985292 oooh i can see why people don’t love heedo and yijin but i really like them together and i’m going to be heartbroken if they don’t end up together and it’s looking like that’s the case it kind of reminds me of the reply series, it’s such a comfy show
>>989364 i'm fond of them but realistically i just don't see yijin as the one heedo marries and has minchae with. not only does minchae refer to yijin as heedo's ex boyfriend in the first episode, heedo herself is not on speaking terms with her husband. also the show kept showing "before sunrise" so maybe that gives away the trajectory of the ending? spoiler if you haven't watched the movie but in before sunrise, the male lead marries someone else and has a child (like heedo?) but the female lead and the male lead reconcile years later and by the ending, the male lead realizes that it's over with his wife, because the love of his life was the female lead all along. theory aside and whether or not they end up together, i trust that the writer will give them a good, justified ending. and i agree, after watching the first few eps i immediately thought it was like the reply series <3
twenty five twenty one watchers, how are you holding up after the ending? i’m this anon >>990619 and i made sure to accept whatever the outcome but i’m so frustrated and i’m a sobbing mess i love and hate this la la land-esque ending!! it reminds me that real life is so dumb and sad reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but well done writer-nim!!! the execution of the breakup was great and i actually felt like i was in their shoes. i felt the terror and uncertainty and the inability to answer “where do i go from here?” anyway gonna cry myself to sleep i hope to hear your thoughts lovely nonas
>>998910 i felt the exact same as you. i still cry a little when i think about their breakup scene , it was a beautiful tv show with a really well written ending very realistic but i don’t care about realistic i just wanted to see them happy and together even though i knew it wasn’t going to happen reeeeeeeee i was one of the few people who wasn’t disappointed with the reply 1988 ending but 2521 is going to leave me sad forever
(6.22 MB 540x540 twitter_20220404_110203.mp4)
oh god im down so bad im gonna neck myself
(369.71 KB 1446x2048 20220428_222619.jpg)
my unnie is back
>>1078932 cringe
i finished watching season one of pachinko, which is 8 episodes long. it ended up doing several things differently from the book parts it adapted and dramatized some aspects but i didnt mind it, the main themes are there so far. it's a well made show i think, but softens a little on a few of the more bleak or harsh aspects of the book. the one main thing id pick at is how sunja, the mother, is portrayed in older age. in the book she's more cold and stoic as a person (for good reasons) but in the show shes more of a stereotypical kinda fussy grandma at times. steve noh the actor is handsome, and i liked his parts either the show or book is worthwhile for anyone whos interested in the premise of what it was like to be a poor korean immigrant family struggling in japan, during the volatile periods of the 20th century.
>>1078932 this drama is wack
why is most music rom my country ponrnographic reggaeton reee
>>1246671 wrong thread my bad
>Rumors are pouring out regarding actress A (40s) that was attacked by her husband B (30s). >Husband B was arrested by police on 14th after stabbing his actress wife with a knife in front of her kids before school. A is currently separated from B due to an emergency temporary measure. >According to police, investigations revealed B bought the weapon in the morning and waited for A in front of her house and committed the crime. He stabbed her in the neck and she was rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment. It's known that her life is currently not in danger. >Hints from media: Supermodel-turned-actress, supporting role, victim in her 40s, husband in his 30s, recently re-married in secret, has one child under her wing. But its not Choi Ji-woo, Jang Yoon-joo, Choi Ji-yeon.
>>1248604 if theres been a full blown crime why would they report it as rumors instead of a news article? but if true i hope the criminal is locked up forever for that
(2.32 MB 3000x2000 yumis-cells-season-1-review.jpg)
has anybody watched yumi's cells? i fell in love with ahn bo hyun on i live alone (the perfect kind himbo...) and this looked quite fun
>>1252018 streets say it's chae youngin a former idol, the victim is a celeb and the perp exhusband is a non celeb so they may be respecting her privacy while shes in hospital
>>1255019 oh i see, if they want to wait until shes more recovered and can tell them what she wishes
(515.16 KB 819x512 FWTe5wjaMAAPWZY.png)
https://www.pannchoa.com/2022/06/theqoo-cha-seowon-x-gong-chan-hit-bl.html so bl is the new big trend? after semantic error was so successful immediately a new drama that's the only thing that china still had going for them and now that was snatched away by korea too kek
>>1277928 china softbanned/froze bls before korea got into them, but cdramas are so different to kdramas which feel more like 12-16 ep miniseries. untamed had 50 eps and other bls like husky and white cat, heaven official's blessing are sagas that need >40 eps to do the story justice. cdramaland is now making 12 ep crime miniseries but it's a still novelty, kdramas are shorter and cdramas are longer so they don't compete since most historical/fantasy cdramas need 16 eps just to lay down the first arc.
>>1278751 sis it doesn't matter that they're supposedly so different, they're never gonna see the light of the day. the market is open right now, korea reacted fast and in a short while they're gonna dominate the bl live action industry.
>>1278984 my point is chinese bls are mostly 40 episode hour long historical dramas about immortals, cults, monsters, korean bls are all 30 min 12 ep modern school or workplace webdramas it's made for completely different audiences. watching a drama like semantic error (it's basically a typical college drama except it's bl not bg) will not scratch the itch of fujos or novel fans who want to watch a live action of heaven officials blessing for the story. a kdrama bl is about boys kissing, a historical cdrama bl has everything except boys kissing lol people like untamed and woh for the plot even if theres minimal skinship.
imo korean drama bls are very similar to taiwan or thai bls where it's a short modern drama featuring hot dudes kissing, it's basically a more respectable version of gay porn. cdrama bls have minimal skinship and get adapted for their storyline believe it or not lol
>>1279175 nona the cdramaS you are talking about are literally two, 2! that's it. and the government stopped any new ones from ever airing, the bl industry in china is done for. taiwan is too small for anybody to care about, japan is still too lazy for subtitles and girls outside of sea don't watch thai bls. there's gonna be a ton of bl and gl content made in korea now, it's gonna sell greatly, they aren't dumb to let that chance go.
>>1279205 those 2 are the only ones you know, there are many popular bl cnovels or comics with fandoms: - priest's novels https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priest_(writer) : word of honor and guardian got adapted into popular bl dramas that shot its leads to fame. silent reading (ive read it, it's a darkfic crime thriller bl), kill the wolves, and guardian of the lands also have been filmed but cant be released currently. priest is a very popular bl/bg author because her novels are plotdriven and not skinship driven - chai jidan's novels: modern bls with gratuitous skinship, e.g. addicted and advance bravely had bed scenes in the dramas - mxtx novels: the novelist behind untamed, heaven officials blessing which has a netflix anime, and scum villians self saving system. - meatbun bls: husky and his white cat shizun is their most popular bl, it was adapted into immortality which has been filmed and will be released - wu zhe bls https://www.novelupdates.com/nauthor/wu-zhe/ act wildly got adapted into chasing the light but hasnt aired - yuzheng's winter begonia was a bl too i think. there are other lesser known bls/gls like s.c.i and couple of mirrors. some bl dramas like league of noblemen and seizing the light are trying to air by being ambiguous about the gay and focusing on the plot.
>the bl industry in china is done for. taiwan is too small for anybody to care about, japan is still too lazy for subtitles and girls outside of sea don't watch thai bls. jeez, im not a bl fan but taiwan and thai bls have better visuals and sexier skinship than korean bls that cast nugu idols for 2 awkward kiss scenes thats the climax of the entire series. even cdrama addicted had bed scenes with mild bondage, kdramas dont go as far and jaehyuns drama was shelved iirc. korean bls still are low budget indie dramas, they need to differentiate themselves from taiwan and thai bls which dominate the modern bl miniseries market and show gratuitous abs, muscles, skinship lol its also not like china will stop publishing bl novels or manhua, chinas r18 webnovel industry is massive and cant be censored. they cant police everything lol. a-list c-actors like leo luo, huang xiaoming have done bls, even top producers like yuzheng adapt bls into expensive dramas, their govt cant hold back an entire industry if even mainstream producers and actors want to bring bls to life, c-ent folks will just work around censorship like they did in the past. korean drama firms may also adapt bl cnovels given that mr queen (mildly bl; the protagonist is a man in a woman's body) and scarlet heart ryeo were popular since the korean writing industry isn't as prolific at historical, fantasy, or philosphy genres.
(6.64 MB 475x267 history3.gif)
https://subtitledreams.com/2022/03/13/bl-dramas-which-country-does-bl-best/ the main reason why taiwan and thai bls dominate is also because lgbt acceptance is higher in those countries than korea. before you shit on taiwan, pls realise they are the only asian country that has legalised gay marriages unlike unprogessive korea where lgbt is still taboo
chinafag kys
>>1279205 there are subbing teams for japanese bldorama. i like them and korean bl the most kek
>>1279884 chinafag is so easy to spot and you still failed
>>1279361 >those 2 are the only ones you know i know all of them ccpfag and there's exactly two who aren't just as "typical" as korean ones. >there are many popular bl cnovels or comics madam, this is the korean DRAMA thread...
(460.08 KB 720x699 image.png)
most beautiful unnie
(503.23 KB 720x699 image (1).png)
(1.96 MB 1080x1539 image (2).png)
>>1296787 one comment said: "that's what not having kids does to you" kek
>>1296795 was her divorce because of not wanting kids
>>1279205 korea only jumped on the bl train when they saw the success thai, chinese, taiwanese and japanese bls got internationally. not to mention korean bl actors look like they are being held at gunpoint for a drama with no skinship because of attitudes in korea. >Wavve is planning to release 'Merry Queer' and 'Others Dating' in July. >I only watch BL, I don't wanna watch LGBTQ. Don't get ahead of yourselves
>>1301054 >korea only jumped on the bl train when they saw the success thai, chinese, taiwanese and japanese bls got internationally based, i hope to see sageuk-style bl as a result
>>1301103 think theres an idol fantasy bl saeguk already? but proper saeguks like empress ki have been dying since the 2000s due to budget issues and low interest (theres just a few centuries of k-history records so most saeguks are remakes). i know you want korean versions of untamed or word of honor but unless k-writers publish fantasy saeguk bl novels and build up big fandoms like chinese bl writers, its hard to get funding for historical sets and actors who speak well enough to make saeguks watchable. it may not matter to kboos but koreans wont watch saeguks starring idols with slureed speech. even taiwan, japan, and thailand don't do fantasy historical bls due to the costs and lack of popular source novels to adapt.
what did nam joohyuk do? whats kakao talk prison?
(29.92 KB 1280x720 kakao.jpg)
>>1304664 https://tinyurl.com/namuwikikakaohell http://m.asiatoday.co.kr/en/view.php?key=20210321002335325 it's alleged that he participated in "kakao talk hell" aka kakao talk prison which is a form of extreme cyberbullying usually the victim is invited to a chatroom and once you enter you can't leave because the kakao setting made it difficult to leave the chatroom easily, but you can leave through some manual setting i believe. but if you do leave you get constantly invited back as well. basically in the chatroom they curse at you and insult you and every unthinkable thing you could think of all day every single day. the second linkrel details a young girl's experience being the victim of said cyberbullying
>>1305030 thanks, it's confusing and intriguing how his friends and teachers keep attesting that he wasn't a bully, yet koreans aren't on his side and believe he's guilty. guess it's possible he bullied someone on kakao with his friends and the teacher didn't know.
>>1300984 no idea but she's already in her 40s, so it's unlikely
Shamelessly have been watching My Girl because of Lee Joongi. It's alright but oppar makes it worth it
>>1322149 i'm a hag but this was my first kdrama ever, good memories
(182.40 KB 600x860 Strange_Lawyer_Woo_Young-Woo.jpeg)
currently watching extraordinary attorney woo and enjoying it very much
>>1334824 will definitely watch this when it comes out. i enjoyed this actress's other drama with rowoon
>>1337095 sorry i meant when more episodes come out kek
called it, soon korea is gonna be churning out bls like there's no tomorrow >"Recently, male idol members are flooded with offers of BL dramas casting. There are so many scripts and planning going around." He explained, "At first, agency executives reacted in a very conservative manner, but recently, watching the success of BL dramas, prejudice against BL is gradually disappearing." >"Actors can get recognized for their acting skills in BL dramas and gain popularity, expanding the pie." Another official comments, "BL dramas have a solid consumer base and can quickly spread word of mouth online," and explained that the actors [who played in BLs] formed a solid fandom. >"These days, actors even talk about wanting to fist appear in 'bromance' or BL genre."
It's a shame Rooftop Prince stars toilet oppa because it's actually pretty good
i got to season 3 of the penthouse and i had to turn it off
>>1338278 finally
when will korea make gaming dramas? k-esports is big so how come theres nothing like king's avatar, love o2o or sungso's falling into your smile?
>>1406532 i don't think even e-sports webtoons are very popular, much less gaming with romance
>>1406556 >esport webtoons, gaming with romance esport dramas is a genre where kdramas can outshine cdramas since it doesn't need plot depth, big budgets or >20 episodes to be enjoyable, nor require actors with wire stunt skills. almost every esport cdrama has been a intl hit like crossfire, love o2o, gogo squid, kings avatar its wrong to assume koreans won't enjoy esport dramas when yangyang is popular in korea due to his esports roles. >>1301103 re: saeguk bls, what kdramas lack is plot depth because a story has to be told in under 16 eps and there's a preset sequence of premise->leads fall in love->conflict->resolution and rarely any non-linear storytelling like in untamed. non-romantic kdramas like crime or social commentary genres are less stereotypical and better imo because they are episodic, case based or game based like squid game. what makes bl or bg historical dramas like untamed or word of honor great is the indepth backstories, well elaborated side character plotlines, past lifetimes, important character deaths for pathos, and actors who do wire stunt fights. wonder why kdramas don't feature more fight choreography since this is what makes cdramas popular even in korea. hard to imagine a modern or saeguk bl kdrama being anything other than a fluffy romance when they cant do more than 16eps, no important character dies, and they follow the usual kdrama linear storyline.
usually attitude scandals are something mild that wouldn't be considered worth an article in hollywood, but this...wtf https://www.pannchoa.com/2022/08/enter-talktheqoo-sung-hoon-lined-up.html?m=1 >6. He was in the middle of eating and suddenly started headbanging, turns out he wanted to get rid of his sweat...;;; is this drugs? drug withdrawal? or just rich moid illness? https://youtu.be/LWxVHQf-YUY watch the video, it's a miracle no staff jumped him
>>1457044 for whose who don't know him: he's the chad in i live alone
>>1457044 timestamp for the headbanging?
>>1474952 13:25 gross
i love the female friendship in attorney woo
(83.40 KB thrh.jpg)
was there any outrage from knetz or koreaboos that alchemy of souls is copies chinese xianxia right down to the costumes, and plot (heard it was similar to ever night), its hilarious how knetz get their panties in a twist if something vaguely looks like kimchi or hanbok on chinese tv even if it's worn by ethnic koreans living in china. and theyre ok with koreans wearing hanfu lol it isnt the first time the scriptwriting hong sisters do this (a korean odyssey was based on journey to the west), its surprising that kdramas either based on manhwa or written by scriptwriters (they dont have to appease novel fans but scriptwriters dont know how to worldbuild like proper fantasy authors), instead of prolific historical novelists or modern writers.
just watched the first episode of little women and it was really good, i highly recommend it
>>1568959 i watched this show with my mom who likes cdramas and she really liked it and wants to see korea make more shows like this. all the characters wore korean and western fusion clothing and western styled hair it was really cool
>>1609525 how is saying words worse than assaulting a woman
>>1609620 nta he assaulted a woman?
>>1609881 how was all this hidden from korean gp this long? i feel like if a western celeb has marks like this on their record its a known thing about them
>>1610600 it wasnt hidden they just dont care. there is an older actor who was convicted for having sex with a minor and he starred in 5 dramas this year. men can get away with anything.
>>1610664 oh... thats awful but not that surprising either
>>1609620 what he said may have caused his friend to consider suicide. its worse because hes proud of what he said and repeated it to the press in an 'i told you so' tone as if he's right that gays who dont stop being gay will all meet a bad end.
samefag, pretty sure lee jungjae was at least ashamed of his duis and assaults to cover it up from the pujlic
what do you think of, exo kyungsoo's and got7 jinyoung's acting? good or bad?
>>1656349 i watched ksoo in two movies several years ago, hyung and pure love. he was really good, hyung made me tear up and pure love made me cry
(3.85 MB 500x300 1.gif)
can't believe that this masterpiece is already 17 and lee joongi oppar already 40 years old...makes me sad nonitas... i recently came across an old episode of him on this chinese tv show and his popularity was so insane, even big chinese stars fangirled over him. if they didn't ban hallyu, no chinese actor would have stood a chance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqZ9MxwoA6E of course there's many hot actors now too but nobody is as outstanding as him, jang geun suk and lee minho back then.
(126.22 KB 900x600 Kingandclown13.jpg)
>>1784203 the only moid allowed to crossdress
>>1784197 >>1784203 >>1784208 i freaking loved this movie... did you watch scarlet heart ryeo nona? was eye candy for the eyes. i liked lee joongi way more than jang geun suk
(210.85 KB 800x1144 Little_Women_2022-p2.jpg)
based on the promos i thought little women would be a gritty, realistic family drama. it's much more flamboyant than that. i've seen people call it a makjang and while i don't feel it quite suits that category the show is very theatrical and twisty. realizing the writer worked on the handmaiden (2016 film) and the director was responsible for vincenzo explained a lot. but. the main reason i stuck with this show was the female relationships. i frequently drop kdramas over fl/ml relationships hogging the screentime. this drama is light on the romance and only employs the male characters when necessary. yay. instead, the show is, at its core, about intriguing relationships between women. if nonas like female friendships, family bonds, rivalries, enemies, or f/f shipping potential... this show is for you.
loved the glory. skipped through the bullying scenes though bcs those were quite discomforting. i like the woman who played the main female antagonist.. sucks to find out that she seems to have a shitty personality irl kek this was back in 2016 tho >Look at her personality towards her staff... >Even on variety shows, she makes it so obvious that her personality is bad. I feel like her personality doesn't match Lee Yooyoung's personality at all. It's so obvious that she hates her that she made it uncomfortable to watch


no cookies?