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Book Recs Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 20:08:26 No. 21908
book recs
(150.72 KB 645x1000 71fWNpQMi4L.jpg)
made me insane >Looking at it this way, the major losers of the twentieth century were those who believed too sincerely in the existence of a liberal international order, those who trusted too much in democracy, or too much in what the United States said it supported, rather than what it really supported—what the rich countries said, rather than what they did. That group was annihilated.
>>1464772 based and truthpilled
>>1464772 this book is really amazing
this book sucks. it's literally just "dude imagine if gender roles were reversed misandry would suck and it would be identical to current and historical misogyny" which is idiotic for many reasons and it throws marginalized oppressed women under the bus it's poorly written none of the characters are compelling and should've been a short story no more than 10k words. don't read it
>>1464772 anyone from a third world country could have told you this, the fact that democracy developed over the course of centuries for western European nation states and later the united states, you can't just apply that model to made up post-colonial Frankenstein states and expect it to work, pretty much all the rural population will vote for whoever their local feudal lord tells them to vote for, the urban working population will vote for whoever can give them a hot meal at the end of the day, so the rich parasites that devour my nation don't even have to give an incentive or promise for votes, they know they'll get votes without any effort or having to do anything for the people and the state,
>>1465574 somebody didn't read the fucking book
compared several chapters of two popular english translations of war and peace: maude translation (oxford world classics) and briggs translation (penguin). briggs i like a good amount more and id recc this translation if anyone else plans to give it a shot one day. im more compelled to continue through it now after trying the briggs translation, since i had started out with the maude
(33.06 KB 270x379 Suicide_(novel).jpg)
read a novella called suicide by édouard levé. it's a brief novel in which the narrator itemizes selected fragmentary details of the life (and death) of a friend who killed himself some twenty years before; these details vary from anecdotal to philosophical. what makes the book especially interesting is the fact that the author committed suicide only ten days after he submitted the novel to his publisher. it makes you wonder about if this friend ever even existed (maybe the book was more auto-biographical after all?). thought it was very moving (even though the non-chronological order of the book was a little jarring at first)
someone suggested i drop a rec for these in this thread. its great ya magic with female leads and i love the world building. basic premise for the first book is a girl who has been trained as a necromancer (the good kind) but raised in a boarding school with limited magic goes in search of her missing father who is head necromancer (known as Abhorsen) in a magic-ruled land. she’s heroic but not unbelievably so and even though it was written by a dude, he isn't creepy about or dismissive of the female characters.


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