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Update on Current Affairs on Choachan: From the Choachan Mod Team Anonymous 05/15/2021 (Sat) 22:54:39 No. 135393
ATTENTION! The mod team of choachan has an important announcement to make. The board owner has been revealed to us as a MAN! Scrotes are simply not welcome in our community It is in the rules of choachan.cafe that this would be an exclusive female only imageboard and we stand by that assessment, with or without our board owner. Hopefully we the mod team can find a way to replace the board owner for a new one We are taking anyone, ANYONE who can run an imageboard Please apply as a mod as normal in the pinned post, and we will contact you right away!
>>135396 you have autism
>>135393 i suspected this from the start
>>135396 We shouldn't have to make a statement for a post that wasn't even made by staff and if you're gullible enough to fall for a post without a staff capcode then that's on you.
Board owner is a traitor a scrote
>>135400 If you have nothing to hide why not A simple yes or no is enough very suspicious
>>135402 take your meds tumor
why would a man start an imageboard for women only? how did people find out about this?
>>135402 We've already been asked before if we're male and we've already answered no. The answer isn't going to change and we shouldn't need to keep repeating ourselves because some people can't detect obvious troll posts. But to answer your question, once again, the answer is no.
>>135404 the reason some people fell for this is because it actually happened on lolcow, crystalcafe and the radfem site some lc anons made. i guess some moids simply find pleasure in tricking women, invading their space, posing as women (but with different, "red pilled" opinions), whatever.


no cookies?