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Weight Loss/Fitness Thread Anonymous 01/05/2021 (Tue) 16:33:51 No. 12990
Share your goals, progress and methods in regards to weight loss, fitness and living a healthy life! Please encourage healthy habits and be supportive of other anons (i.e. no encouraging eating disorders or screeching at others for being fat).
>>1543132 i've never had cauliflower rice but i fucking hate cauliflower. mind the smell when you heat it up, my roommate eats it and it stinks up the whole house kek
i made a post here like 8 months ago and since then i pretty much yoyo-ed up until a little over a month ago when i actually started sticking to my diet and losing weight so i'm down a little more than 15lbs since. i'm under 150lbs which i haven't been in yearssssss. my next goal is under 140 which will officially put me in the normal weight category. wish me luck nonas
>>1570146 you don't need luck sis you got this
>>1570146 nicely done nona, hwaiting
very interesting reading on metabolism and weight lost (great website by the way) https://darebee.com/fitness/guide-to-metabolism.html
another inch down on both my waist and hips. i don't have an specific goal but i'm just happy to see the progress
nonas what do i do? i used to mindlessly eat a lot. just to keep my mind off of stuff, especially when the lockdown happened. i cleaned up my act and diet but now i find that i get full easily, i barely eat 2 times a day and i dont get in enough calories to lose weight healthily. should i increase the calories in my meals so i can make enough to lose weight at a healthy set calorie amount? i just get full really fast since i actually listen to my hunger cues now and im not used to it.
>>1671664 on a dead appetite day for me, to add some easy calories without having to increase volume ill put some melted butter on the veggie part of my meal. smoothies with coconut yogurt, almond milk, some fruit, and spoonfuls of peanut butter is my go-to to make it easier to get some added calories, and im sure theres many other smoothie combos that might be helpful. sometimes tasting something sweet like honey gets my appetite feeling better and more hungry, but other times it doesnt work so well and makes the problem worse so i stopped that
>>1671668 thank you nona, your tips have helped me. my appetite is super dead now and just adding some butter to veggies or olive oil really helps


no cookies?