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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators CCC second annual survey now live!

(892.92 KB 3000x1997 obama.jpg)
Thoughts on ccc Anonymous 01/03/2021 (Sun) 23:13:12 No. 12204
Post your thoughts on particular ccc threads,posts,posters and boards. No a-logging,also don't take any of this shit seriously.Let's go!
>>20182 >active lsa members are here yikes
>>20182 >>20226 god no I really don’t want to deal with flawed intersectionality of retarded exo and sujuhags who go to lsa of all places to claim war over uggos for 70+ thousand page threads with a blackplague avatar and onika petty reaction gifs. There’s enough smfags here as it is. Unless it’s based jinkishitter ezra miller.
>>20182 post screenshot pls, i couldnt see it
(164.95 KB 750x1244 IMG_5171.jpg)
>>20283 >Unless it’s based jinkishitter ezra miller. stop shilling yourself here no1curr about lsa and their retards
>>20309 >shilling yourself nona pls I’m not her I just want more shinee posting
ugh i hate it when there are 2 threads!
chinafag what's her story
>>265935 unhinged mental illness


no cookies?