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Experiences In Korea Anonymous 12/12/2020 (Sat) 11:55:17 No. 231 [Reply] [Last]
Anons who have been to Korea, how was your stay? Did you like it? Would you consider staying for a long time there?
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Okay I'm overdue on this. I went a year ago to Korea and stayed for around a month under a school program at a top 10 university in Seoul. I absolutely LOVED it there but I second guess a lot of it now because I was so naive. During my time there I was able to visit all sorts of historical sites, cities, businesses, tourist traps, with Korean people to help us get around so the experience was possibly the best one you could have as someone who spoke like zero Korean. Now my personal experience comes as a good looking white woman bc I think the way I was treated was a bit different than some of my classmates. Expect to be treated well there if you fit their beauty standards, if you're wondering about mine and other white women's 'looks' then think of the women who are selected for those videos where the Korean kids meet a 'foreigner' which is just generally thin, pale, brown/blonde hair, light eyes. I think this phenotype is what gets most recognized in Korea when they think of attractive foreigners. I've got like zero spatial awareness but I can recall how whenever I went somewhere, all eyes would be on me because I stuck out as a white person (and bc they overhyped my looks). One thing I remember is one day where we had three(?) events, I got picked as the audience member to come on stage or w/e for all of the them. I can assure you that I am not an exciting looking person (like a jokester or w/e), they just picked me bc of looks. Throughout the trip, Korean men would talk about me according to my classmates but I had no idea what they were saying. I was filmed by some guy who was following me around Namsan Tower but idk if he was Korean, since we did touristy stuff we also ran into a lot of Asian tourists from other countries. I had men follow me at a sporting event, COEX mall, and probably other places as well. Creepy men there will follow you but never approach you which I should be thankful for bc one night I walked back to my dorm drunk as fuck across my giant campus in Seoul and thankfully was not assaulted or anything. Yes that was extremely stupid but the point is that I didn't feel as unsafe as I do in America. I even spent days by myself traveling in Seoul and Busan and never felt unsafe. I wanna say that yes, they do kind of overhype average to attractive thin white people's looks (especially if you have lighter features like hair/eyes/skin). This is just my experience. One of my friends who is tall, blonde, and light eyed was also told by randoms that he was handsome and also got asked if he was Russian kek. Something I noticed is that they very clearly pick attractive people to do stuff like be in pictures and participate in events--do you all recall anything similar in the West? I really can't personally and was thinking that this might be because their culture is very looks focused. I'm a huge homebody in America so at the time I loved the attention bc it was totally not what I'm used to, but looking back, reading WOMAD and other Korean Feminist stuff I have to wonder how much of what was said about me was degrading. Sure I got picked for things and was treated well but I assume a lot of the men I was around were sexist as hell and were probably saying disgusting things about me that I couldn't understand. Oh I also was dumb enough not to remember to check for spycams. I peed in Hongdae station so I'm definitely on some gross porn site now. That being said I want to do a research study pertaining to Korea and would love to intern overseas to get insights on my studies. I would live abroad but I wouldn't stay there. Foreigners in Korea make it pretty clear that no matter how long you live there, how well you speak Korean, etc. you will never be regarded as one of their own.
>>21209 Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you happen to know how overweight white people and white people with darker features are treated? Cause you said you may have been treated differently than some of your classmates. Like if you're a brown-eyed brunette gal, do Koreans just ignore you in favor of blonde girls?
>>21209 >Foreigners in Korea make it pretty clear that no matter how long you live there, how well you speak Korean, etc. you will never be regarded as one of their own. Even koreans born in another country are treated like that.
>>21215 Sure! We had a girl who was very pretty imo but had brown hair and eyes and while she was complimented, I feel like myself and a few other classmates got priority for the token foreigner role bc of our lighter features. They definitely thought she was pretty though and that she was a model and tbh I don't think that they'll exclude you though if you're brown haired and brunette. I think generally men find western women attractive there but that stuff like light eyes and hair is fetishized or especially uncommon to see in Korea which is why they fawn over those features in particular. But there's other stuff obv that Koreans fawn over like nose bridges, head size, proportions, so I can assure you your world isn't gonna be over and you'll be ignored because you're a cute girl with brown eyes and hair. Men can definitely tell by your facial structure that you're foreign and will probably follow you bc of other stereotypes in general. The shittiest experience hands down that I have to include bc I want to make this known is the treatment of us versus kids of SEA heritage. I don't wanna out myself here but MNET was looking for "non Asian" foreigners to be in a program. There was partially a reason why they excluded them to do with culture and psychology but tbh it was also evident that when MNET and other people cast for foreigners they just mean white, hispanic, and black people. I don't have any experience with the treatment of overweight white people but I assume they're the foreigners that would automatically be assumed to be obnoxious bc Koreans have a pretty narrow perspective on how foreigners are. Either they think you're annoying and loud af (because everyone there is super quiet) or they think it's cool that you're visiting. Hope this answered some of your questions. >>21216 My point was that if you're Korean passing then people aren't going to constantly head turn to look at you. When you're visibly not Korean you stand out, people will openly stare. Obviously being a gyopo or non-native Asian in Korea sucks for other reasons but my input on that is irrelevant bc I'm white.
>>231 Went a few years ago with my parents and stayed for 10 days. If you don’t plan on talking to any natives and you just wanna visit, it’s pretty fucking great ! The streets are so clean, the “dirtiest” streets were in Itaewon btw, but as long as you just plan on visting historical sites and shopping malls etc you are fine. You can find good food everywhere and for cheap. In regards to how they treat foreigners , viewing you strictly as a tourist that is just visting, you get treated quite good!! I also remember being offered help by korean people without asking when looking lost (and older people too, I thought that they would “hate” us the most) . The assistans in the shops were very nice and spoke very “cutely” to me. I bought a bag and this cute lady helped me pick it and when I left we just kept waving at eachother and smilling, all the women there were very nice to me. Now keep in mind I was a none-threating innocent-looking teen, and also like 5’11 and from a slavic country, so I guess you could confuse me for a russian. Looking back, I think that the fact that I was mostly always next to my parents protected me in a lot of ways. If I were to go again, by myself, looking like a woman in my 20s, I would get a different treatment... But as long as you stay away from ... personal conversation? and just enjoy it as any other country you visit, you won’t meet any problems, I felt much safer there than at home in a way, it’s full of cameras everywhere, and there’s little chance of theaft. People just leave their belongins on the table and go out to smoke without a care in the world. They would leave their wallet and laptop and just step outside. Also, so many people smoke there, the ban they have going on tv seems like a joke. People smoke just like in any other country, idk why they try to seem holier than they are. Great country for short travel, but long-term..... I’d rather not...

DMT THREAD Anonymous 12/11/2020 (Fri) 12:37:35 No. 205 [Reply]
To discuss this mysterious molecule and it's relation to the 3rd eye
(11.71 KB 330x221 eg25xp0pg3c51.jpg)
This is the DMT seed from Acacia
(1.92 MB 3875x2800 d14r0yhvck361.jpg)
An artwork showing an DMT dimension

(2.31 KB 248x90 this is a pen.png)
Korean Language Thread Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 19:00:01 No. 42 [Reply] [Last]
Probably will be a dead thread but worth a shot for those of us interested
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>>111 Any resource recs for korean grammar?
>>112 i learned through a frankenstein of different resources, but gobilly korean is really great at breaking down the grammar from the perspective of a native english speaker. where i really recommend starting is learning sentence structure first just to get used to how sentences look, but a lot of translating a korean sentence comes from understanding what its grammar does to the meaning of a sentence.
>>111 lol the thing is, it's not just us foreigners who complain about how awful koreans are at enunciation. ever noticed how every single video in korean has subtitles? they can't even understand each other kek (but it's good bc people who have trouble hearing can watch most content w/o any problems). even most k-drama actors have to work with a tutor in order to make their pronunciation as clear as possible. also, nowadays young koreans tend to speak v nasally. not only does it sound annoying af but just makes it harder to understand them.
>>116 you're right there. i saw an article where natives even complained they had trouble with the pronunciation in feature films. i actually do tend to understand younger koreans better than older koreans, but it might just be exposure to a bunch of stupid kpop content lol


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