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(128.33 KB 791x800 flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg)
Venting Thread Anonymous 12/21/2020 (Mon) 17:12:57 No. 1170 [Reply] [Last]
Come here to bitch, come here to listen, come here to offer advice where applicable. It's the holidays and a stressful time for all.
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spilled tea on laptop so stressed. i am lucky enough to be able to afford a new one but i am not wealthy or even middle class by any means, i just have leftover funds from scholarships + am living at home still the guy at the repair place was like "uhhh i dunno man :) shot in the dark here :)" and i know some tea got through the keyboard because when i opened it up there was some tea near the very bottom of the casing. but fuck i hope everything works out okay. don't want to spend any more money nonas
everyday the urge to kill myself increases i hate this bitch ass earth
urghh i got stood up today, spent hours preparing all for nought. i approached him as well, i haven't been interested in anyone since i was in primary school and the one time i try i fail. whats worse is that i was looking forward to it all week, the only other plans i had were cancelled bcos my friend went to hang out with her bf instead. i feel like such a fucking loser, no one makes time for me, all my friends have either left for uni or have bfs that they hang out with. I understand that validation should come from within and that you should "date yourself" and i did that for years straight, ive been to fancy restaurants, movies, museums, exhibitions, concerts and on multiple holidays alone, all it did was make me hate living in london. i hate living here, everything is so ugly, everything costs money and if it doesnt then ive experienced it multiple times already. im so tired of looking at the same shit and no one else seems to get it.
ive been a neet for quite some time now and even though ive recently taken up new courses and opened up slightly to the opportunity of meeting new people, i still feel like im completely still, losing my time and my life. my mind is filled with ideas and things i like but i dont do anything or very slowly, its easier to just imagine them being done. id love to be both laidback and daring as i imagine myself to be, but when it comes to practice i just cant do it. ive developped fear and annoyance when i have to go outside for any other things than a walk around the neighborhood. i just feel intense relief whenever i can do something from home. i feel worthless and useless not only for me but for everyone i know
>>1882714 i was you not so long ago. it took me a while but i finally became productive and i have promising job offers lined up and am going back to being a productive member of society. i think i needed that time of being a neet and i don't feel as if i really lost anything, i've been hanging out with my friends more lately and planning trips and doing normal people things. the only advice i can offer you is that even if it doesn't feel like it, you are in control of your life and if you feel like you need more time to be secluded at home then take it and when you're ready go back out into the world - if you really want it, it shouldn't be too difficult

(36.13 KB 500x433 marina.jpg)
SONG RECOMMENDATIONS Anonymous 12/10/2020 (Thu) 17:03:50 No. 184 [Reply] [Last]
Recommendations that arent kpop/jpop/cpop
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synthwave-ish song inspired by the trope of the final girl https://youtu.be/GzKlcX2BR6M

(1013.12 KB 638x629 rock tha town.PNG)
Japanese Entertainment General J-pop General 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:47:32 No. 25 [Reply] [Last]
Post anything relating to Japanese Entertainment here.
Edited last time by REDACTED on 07/14/2022 (Thu) 09:23:36.
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>>1847544 saw some tiaras saying that kinpuri were the closest to takki. i wonder if he really is going to make his own company and those three will join or something. a bunch of rumors and conspiracies are going around, some jokes sho will join kpop kek all i can say is johnnys is really retarded for letting someone like sho go because they refused to have an overseas tour, if thats even true
i find it keky that hiromoot is talking about kinpuri
>>1857140 what did he say?
i dont if nonas know about garcy aka ガーシー but he's been exposing japanese celebs since earlier this year and exposed the accusations against mackenyu being an abuser and rapist. ever since sho/kishi/jigu announced their leaving theres been a lot of rumors floating around and garcy had a livestream with tatsuya yamaguchi's (former member of tokio who got kicked out for forcing himself on a teenager) younger brother yesterday and said kauan okamoto (a jr. under johnny’s until 2012-2017) made these accusations: >Accusations by Kauan: >1. When Yamaguchi kissed the underaged girl, Tanaka Juri was in the same room too. Yamaguchi didn't name Juri to protect him. >2. There's a room called "Jun Matsumoto" room that's next to Johnny's room. Kauan was raped by Johnny in that room. >3. Johnny raped Hirano Sho too when Kauan was 16. >4. Julie's favorite is Naniwa Danshi (surprise surprise)

(303.45 KB 1170x1700 Fb53Fi3XEAAxBz5.jpg)
Formula 1 thread Formula 1 thread #a4ayc/ 09/16/2022 (Fri) 03:16:57 No. 1644167 [Reply] [Last]
#shebad edition
Edited last time by REDACTED on 09/16/2022 (Fri) 20:02:58.
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(289.87 KB 1280x1505 charles leclerc.jpg)
don't know anything about F1 but i think this guy is neat
>>1867543 charles is so good looking
are air fryers wireless
girl wtf is this thread. how did i get here
>>1867547 wrong thread? i have one and it’s not wireless though

(408.64 KB 850x637 quiet-Favim.com-6501230.gif)
gratitude journal Anonymous 08/10/2022 (Wed) 13:45:56 No. 1456307 [Reply] [Last]
share things you are grateful for today, be it big or small. caught up in life, we often forget to take a breather and count one's blessings. no negativity, only positive thoughts.
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grateful facebook is almost dead so i dont have to feel bad when telling people i dont use it. people call tiktok users dumb but what can be dumber than billion of fb users uploading personal photos, real names, school or work emails, locations, birthdates onto a site that misuses and leaks or sells their data? so grateful i never used fb
grateful tea exists, always soothes my soul, can't live without it
today i cried walking to uni because i was so happy and the weather was great
grateful i can have time to myself, grateful that i can enjoy silence and just relax
so thankful for my mom always being there in clutch when i really need her. love her even if she does drive me nuts sometimes

Korea discussion Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 02:20:42 No. 12 [Reply] [Last]
Post about Korean social issues that don’t have to do with idols >Suggested sites for these things Koreabang.com (Leave recommendations below)
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>>1827462 why is halloween bad but baseball and kpop ok? other than usa, japan, and korea nobody takes baseball seriously. kpop is inspired by hiphop. japan and korea happily ate americas shit for the last century to get military protection but want to act like they are not americas bitch.
an australian who was there at itaewon that night talking about a recent news interview he had and how they refused to put anything he said about the government
>>1840635 >>1840667 i looked into more accounts after watching this and found out clubs that were on the perimeter of the stampede had bouncers pushing people back into the crowd if they got near the entrance. as in, if you wanted to escape the stampede, you had to pay or do whatever to get the door opened for your entry. it’s insane how this was so preventable
>>1841725 not all of them, some clubs let people in and saved them https://mothership.sg/2022/10/singaporean-eyewitness-itaewon-stampede-cpr/ apparently a pakistani man saved 4 people with cpr, a black us soldier pulled 30 people out from the crowd, and lee youngae donated money to send russian victims bodies home. im very cynical but it is nice to see different nationalities work together

(293.90 KB 655x327 kpop-workout.png)
Weight Loss/Fitness Thread Anonymous 01/05/2021 (Tue) 16:33:51 No. 12990 [Reply] [Last]
Share your goals, progress and methods in regards to weight loss, fitness and living a healthy life! Please encourage healthy habits and be supportive of other anons (i.e. no encouraging eating disorders or screeching at others for being fat).
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>>1829903 means she hasn't taken a shit in a week. fucking ew
>>1829964 just a word of advice, try not to weigh yourself so much. that’s why i thought it sounded sus is all. it could be water, it could be a turd. bodies fluctuate by a few lbs all the time.
i don't get it is your goal a number or looking a certain way? never look at the scale you don't need to. just look in the mirror and keep going until you're seeing what you want to see
>>1829998 exactly kek no normal person cares about the number. fat distribution looks different on different people and seeing as you can’t target fat loss, your best bet is some vague goal like fitting into an old skirt or some shit.
>>1829994 sorry i know it sounded weird but i have to be at a certain weight and i feel pressed on time. ive dropped a pants size and my band size has decreased which honestly matters to me more but yeah

Videogames/Gaming Thread Anonymous 11/03/2021 (Wed) 01:12:38 No. 536379 [Reply] [Last]
talk about anything related to videogames in this thread. what have you been playing? what do you want to play? have any of your favorite or least favorite games been on your mind recently? do you have questions about a game? or even post some of your favorite videogame art/memes/screenshots/clips
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>>1675565 picked up instantly. please tell me everything i need to know about him and or direct me to any resource to absorb more of him besides playing the game unnie
(30.47 KB 524x524 Tumblr_l_898172427032685.jpg)
in short i originally thought he would be a stereotypical annoying shounen-esque character, but him being a cringe weird schizo endeared me to him, and i loved his relationship with tama.
>>1675569 sadly he's just in that game with no additional side content as far as i know.if you don't want to play it yourself, i recommend watching someone else on youtube. there's in game character profiles with a tiny bit more information (likes, dislikes, stuff like that) if you want to know more about him, but other than that there's not much else unfortunately.
(129.23 KB 1089x692 v.jpg)
Too many save patches. I'm gonna blow it all on childe and possibly his weapon on his upcoming rerun.
>>1827488 god i see the self control you have granted others

No Stupid Questions Anonymous 08/18/2021 (Wed) 23:45:04 No. 344066 [Reply] [Last]
no question is too stupid, no answer is too dumb
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>>473851 big hit has some government connects for a while now, since before txt’s debut. fed’s relative individual network is also proof of that. i wish i still had the pdf but if you start from the passports you should be able to find the trail pretty quickly if you need to check yourself. he went to a training camp when he was younger and also had to be versed in international communications. he’s slipped up mentioning names a few times too >>474360 it’s funny you say that because his (suspected) post history on the korean equivalent of mpa also revealed his nicknames for himself and other members, including cruel ways to call certain members fat
what’s your most favorite single color of all time?
>>1809001 #FCF695
>>1809001 i like blue
>>456687 Oh, that takes me back like 5 years. Look for "chicken chest" (or breast, I forgot) along with his name and that's how Mark used to call his condition.

K hip hop Anonymous 01/30/2021 (Sat) 21:25:47 No. 25473 [Reply] [Last]
I really didn’t want to like the genre and this guy too much but I did. Anything k hip-hop, smtm related thing or recs are welcome.
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>>1252202 take it to tin hes had gfs and seems messy with them
>>1252748 ok but what's the tea sis just one more before the tin thread
>>1252748 are they pretty
>>1277017 he has a new rumour now with meenoi
>>1465310 wasn’t this for the new song


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